Friday morning: During Samuel’s first meeting of this life-changing Retreat he explores: the symbolic nature of life and its connection to the universe; preparing for times of change and transformation; the importance of recognizing the patterns in our lives; and the power of embracing our true selves beyond our external appearances.

Friday afternoon: During his second meeting Samuel discusses: the need to bring balance to our lives and seven practices to achieve it; our need to love ourselves and fill our spiritual lives with high-frequency activities; giving without ego involvement and serving others from a place of love; the energy coming from Lyra and Andromeda; an explanation of light body activation; assessing whether our current path aligns with our true desires; and the world shifting into a time of the Warrior Goddess and of embracing personal power.

Saturday morning: During his third meeting Samuel discusses: our individual experiences and realizations as exemplifying the importance of communicating with our bodies before invasive procedures; the significance of not overthinking it when we establish communication with the Universe; how our past actions and decisions impact our personal growth and spiritual fulfillment; global changes, including shifts in education, workers’ rights, gender identity, the push for presenting a truer history, the changing financial world, the rise of cryptocurrency, and the movement towards free markets; and the importance of questioning governments and seeking positive alternatives to replace old constructs.

Saturday afternoon: During his fourth session, Samuel discusses: stumbling blocks to honing our skills; being in contact with unseen help; the connection between past pandemics and societal changes; concerns about fear-based behavior in the current pandemic context.

Sunday Morning: During his fifth session Samuel’s discussions include: the importance of being present, self-care, and giving ourselves high-frequency time; exercises and experiences related to serving others and the pitfalls that can hinder personal growth. Samuel then shifted and covered topics ranging from time management to the impact of events like January 6, and the protection provided by the Watchers and the Warriors.

Sunday afternoon: And during his final meeting of the Retreat Samuel focuses on raising our energy frequencies and using rituals to connect with higher-dimensional beings; the importance of not limiting ourselves to old patterns and beliefs; stepping into our true power and moving beyond apprenticeship; Guardianship and the role of the Watchers; the idea of creating a special universe during high-frequency energy work; and, finally, an illustration of how our power and capabilities evolve and expand over time.