• May 2, 2021 A description of this teaching will be posted soon.
  • You Are an Avatar

    April 4, 2021 A description of this teaching will be posted soon.
  • 2021 Spring Retreat

    Samuel’s Spring 2021 Retreat is packed with life-changing information given in the way only Samuel can do—with clarity, humor, and love. A few of the topics he discusses during this amazing event include: the energetic consequences of being anxious or worried; how to appropriately deal with racially insensitive comments; what happens when we allow our past to hold our present “hostage”; ways to deal with the wounded masculine and wounded feminine within; the positive and negative affects of our survival mechanisms; the impact of our life's 7-year cycles of growth on our Divine masculine and Divine feminine selves; our divine masculine and feminine aspects; the Plan, Ascension and why the planet won’t Ascend until Guardians do; several mind-body breathing exercises to better control the behaviors we want; Samuel’s wonderful new and in-depth Crystal Palace visualization, as well as additional information about how to use specific "rooms" to learn about different facets of our life; and the big key/secret to manifesting.
  • In his second Saturday Chat of the winter, Samuel’s general focus is on ways to learn more about ourselves so we have better control our lives. During the first half of the meeting, Samuel helps us recognize whether our lives reflect our passion, who we are, or what we want to do. From there, he discusses our need to be prepared for the high energy that will be coming after the equinox. He devotes the second half of the meeting answering two questions from participants. First Samuel talks about how we project ourselves onto what we see in the news and the surrounding world; the gift of public protests; and how to feel more involved in the world around us. Second Samuel discusses how to answer: “what do you want?” and how to go about bringing it into our lives. He concludes his answer, and the meeting discussing how we can hone our intuition.

    NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the audio recording of this meeting contains some intermittent popping and crackling.
  • March 7, 2021 Focusing on March, Samuel gives important teachings that will serve us during every month of our lives. He begins by discussing the significance of what we surround ourselves with. He then moves into a long discussion about updating and renewing every aspect of our lives and spiritual practices. This requires honestly looking at our lives, ways we justify where we are now, and sabotage where we want to be. Following along the same thread Samuel talks about our choice to “strip ourselves naked” and run into the future or to protect ourselves with armor and padding. He concludes the meeting stressing the importance that we stop hiding our eyes and educate ourselves about racism, which has its tentacles in every change required for ascension.
  • During Samuel’s first Saturday Chat of 2021 he shares very practical information to help us be our best selves. His discussions include: a brief exercise allowing us to expand our energetic/auric fields; how to recognize patterns that reflect our high frequency strengths and those areas that we want to change; 2021’s major theme for those working at high frequencies; a paradigm change that will bring about transformation of financial, educational, and health care systems; how to avoid adding to the problem of divisiveness; and three powerful ways we can best use the energy influxes.

    NOTE: The DVD contains the entire teaching but unfortunately the first 20 minutes is audio only. Someone forgot to press the record button on the video camera. His pay will be docked accordingly.
  • The Rocks We Hold Dear

    February 7, 2021 During this fun and informative meeting Samuel focuses on the importance of “cleaning up, clearing it out, and starting fresh” as he discusses: why it’s especially important to know how we define ourselves and be willing to let that all go; a touching story of a man who spends his life carrying rocks that illustrates the consequences of living someone else’s dream, and defining our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual selves by it; also recognizing the “rocks” we carry in our own lives, and how they hold us back; and the importance of always choosing Love first.
  • Incubating 2021

    January 3, 2021 Samuel explains the multiple opportunities for growth and change we'll face in 2021 during this forward-looking meeting. He discusses: the type of energy we’ll be functioning with; the similarity between a new year and a new baby; the importance of patience and self care; how to reset our spirit and physical systems; why healing the wounded masculine is so important this year; the necessity of self-love; understanding the perceptual nature of truth; why it’s critical to get our “stuff” worked out; and knowing when we are loving ourselves.
  • December 31, 2020 During “A Gathering of Friends,” Samuel’s amazing New Year’s Eve teaching, he focuses on the dramatic changes of 2020, and what the new year holds in store. His discussion includes: recognizing skills we’ll need in 2021; the massive changes 2020 brought to us and multiple paradigms; that for those working in higher frequencies, the coming year will show them their super powers; the exciting changes that will happen if the paradigm of racism is turned around; why those here with white skin must see their own racism; why healing energy will be especially needed throughout the new year; and what will be changing g in 2021.
  • December 6, 2020
    During this important and timely message, Samuel focuses on the upcoming energy bursts, the best ways to respond to them, and the Light of the Season. The topics he covers include: ways to overcome being down or depressed that we can experience during times of high-energy releases; the amazing effect light-hearted music has on our brains; the impact of the upcoming energy influxes, especially those around the Solstice, and the positive ways to respond; and the importance of celebrating the holidays and of being a beautiful Light that emanates throughout this world.
  • A description of this Retreat will be posted soon.
  • November 1, 2020
    During this powerful meeting Samuel delves deeply into to concept of personal power and the basis of our emotions as he helps us: understand that our emotions are actually illusions that keep us in our past; learn the steps that will retrain our mind and emotions to move us away from negative emotional states to positive ones; recognize what is behind our concept of personal power; and learn what our true power is.