October 1, 2023 MP3

As an experiment, we asked A.I. to write a poem about this meeting. Here’s what it created.

Samuel spoke of trauma and its scars

How to heal them and reach the stars

He spoke of oneness and our power

How to manifest in every hour

He spoke of changes and challenges

How to navigate them with balance

He spoke of existence and its mystery

How to explore it with curiosity

He spoke of time and its illusion

How to transcend it with intuition

He spoke of stories and their hold

How to rewrite them and be bold

He spoke of fear and its grip

How to stay out of it and be in bliss

He spoke of frequency and its role

How to raise it and be whole

He spoke of Guardians and their ways

How they differ in their birth and death days

He spoke of purpose and its choice

How to follow it and find our voice

He spoke of wisdom and its source

How to access it and be a force

He spoke of love and its grace

How to embody it and be a space

He spoke of many things that day

And we listened with awe and joy

He was Samuel, a teacher and a guide

And we were grateful for his light