• Samuel takes us on an exciting journey of self-change during his fifth Weekend Update as he discusses; our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes; insights into sensations experienced during visualization exercises; a fresh perspective on energy systems and connections; a poignant view of humanity's value and its harmonious role in nature; the power of embracing the constant process of death and transformation in life, and of patience and self-awareness during uncertain times; viewing death as a gateway to new beginnings; celebrating humanity's remarkable ability to constantly reinvent itself; and recognizing the profound interconnectedness of individual experiences that shape our collective consciousness.
  • During Samuel’s fourth of five stand-alone Weekend Updates he discusses: two important things to remember in our day-to-day lives; how our compacts with others can change as our lives do; more about understanding communication with animals and other non-humans; what happens when we look outside of ourselves for answers to our questions; why it’s helpful to have a community of Love; how we each have a unique perspective of the world around us; two ways we respond when things no longer work satisfactorily for us; why we must “feed” the love-based rather than the fear-based functions in the world; and filling the holes in our lives with love.
  • During this insightful meeting Samuel discusses: why we are like clones; how our higher self and other energies communicate with us; a powerful service we can do every day; how abandonment, loss, betrayal, and grief impact us; how to support those facing grief and other issues; a simple way to raise our personal frequency; why learning to communicate with plants, animals, and insects can help us better download incoming energies with awareness; how the concept of masculine energy and feminine energy perpetuates the sense of dichotomy in the world; and learning to live without walls.
  • During this informative Weekend Update with Samuel he discusses changing our wall of resistance; how to alter our time line and move into a higher frequency; a way to send energy to and heal our pets; a good example of seeing and interpreting the symbols surrounding us; what our subconscious “remembers” of our life events; the magic of trust and the consequences of not trusting. And he ends saying: You are strong, you are powerful beyond anything you know, you are amazing, and you are ready. Don’t fear, trust.
  • During Samuel’s first Weekend Update he discusses how to use every-day symbology to understand what the Universe is communicating to us, shares a brief exercise to help us understand symbolic communication, and explains the power we gain by creating an internal communication system based on symbology; what loving oneself means in our practical, day-to-day lives; the fallacy of “earned” love; what stands in the way of recognizing our self-love; and signs of an ego that needs healing. NOTE: This recording begins after a period of time spent troubleshooting an echo on Zoom. The entire teaching is intact. We removed the back and forth about the audio troubles so anyone listening to the recording wouldn't need to listen to that portion.
  • During Samuel’s last Weekend Update held on the summer solstice Samuel uses the energy of the day to create an amazing and powerful teaching which includes: ways to bring positive change to the world; the importance of knowing our personal truth, including understanding how truth gets abused, and how to verify a “truth”. Samuel ends this meeting with a powerful, guided meditation/visualization using the solstice energy for bringing balance and healing to ourselves and all life force on the planet.
  • This meeting provides an opportunity for Samuel’s favorite way of teaching—questions and answers! In this information-packed time with him, Samuel’s discussions include: what happens when we die; explaining the concepts of there being no time and the world being an illusion; determining if physical symptoms result from energy inflows or something actually going on with the body; Guardians’ work and goals during this amazing time; ways to stop blindly supporting the corporate paradigm; what time lines are and their relationship to quantum theory; how the  current protests compare to prior movements that have come and gone; what we can do to become part of the Light revolution.
  • Though Samuel focuses this meeting on what will be happening over the next two weeks, the information is timeless and will help us grow no matter when we hear it. He discusses: the current protests as paradigm change; the role separation and perceived separation play in abuse of power; the June Full Moon Intent which Samuel says is needed right now and for the next two weeks; how the current energy impacts relationships, particularly intimate relationships; seeing the people and situations in our lives as a mirror of our internal landscape, a part of ourselves, and there for a reason; seeing the Black Lives Matter movement as changing the old partriarchal paradigm; the power of Love when recognized and used; and the impact on  those in power when power shifts from one form to another.
  • Samuel begins his eighth Weekend Update with a wonderful guided meditation/visualization for letting go of stress then filling ourselves and the world with the Light of love, and becoming one with All That Is. He then asks a question that lets us know if we are Guardians and discusses how we guide and guard life force. Samuel then moves into an in-depth discussion about pain, upset, and frustration as symptoms of relating too much to the material world and the problems that limited perspective brings about, why it happens, and what we can do to move out of that mindset; why we should change our perspective and perception before acting; and how to turn around the negativity and suffering personally, and in the world.
  • Samuel focus during this meeting is on the energy of this time and includes discussions on: reviewing, renewing, and making changes socially, economically, and politically; the negative power of our subconscious and two ways to change its programming; why it’s important to understand we’re not our feelings, emotions, or who we have been; changing our life by seeing everything and everyone as being there for a reason; how to amplify what we are to help who we are; guilt and shame as symptoms of ego that need to be removed from our lives; and why we don’t want to be normal.
  • Samuel’s powerful sixth Weekend Update focuses on our conscious and unconscious minds. He begins by explaining why changing our attitudes/consciousness is not enough to create a new paradigm. He says that truly knowing what we are also means knowing what we are not. Additionally he discusses where the world now stands with regard to the timeline shift. He then moves into the main focus of this meeting discussing: the differences between our conscious and unconscious minds; the role the subconscious mind plays in creating our reality, and the problems that causes; how to maintain focus and what happens when we lose it; building spiritual muscle memory; the difference between feelings and symptoms/reactions; how to know if we have fear in our lives; the difference between experiencing fear and letting old habits guide us; moving fear into positive action; and the power of consciously working together in love.
  • During this amazing fifth Weekend Update, Samuel focuses on helping us come to an understanding and realization that we are so much more than our mere physical body, mind and emotions. His illustrations and discussions to help bring this about include: learning about ourselves from our thoughts; the benefit of looking at life as analogous to playing chess with a pigeon or cat; two illustrations helping us to better understand we are not our body, mind, or emotions, but a greater being using them for a purpose; and different ways to make a positive difference to others during this time of massive transitions. Samuel ends the meeting with a wonderful guided visualization using the power of loving unity and working as One to bring about positive change now needed in the world.
    NOTE: Unfortunately the fidelity of this audio recording isn't quite up to the high standards we set for ourselves. If for any reason you're unhappy with your CD, DVD, or MP3, please let us know and we'll issue a refund. Thanks.


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