September 16–18, 2022

During this amazing Retreat Samuel takes the participants on a transformative journey, exploring deep inner connections, healing from trauma, embracing authenticity, and envisioning a world of compassion and unity. Samuel’s teachings provided a comprehensive guide for personal and spiritual growth. Here are further meeting-by-meeting descriptions:

Friday Morning: Samuel teaches us how to: connect with our inner light; ground ourselves; activate our energy centers; navigate conflicts; make choices that open higher possibilities; view challenges as opportunities; embrace adaptability; strengthen prosperity; and understand the current state of the Source Field. He also shares a profound meditation to awaken our inner selves and activate our energy centers.

Friday Afternoon: Samuel talks about the importance of unity amidst separation and challenges, and how to work through trauma for personal growth and re-creation. He teaches us how to: balance our emotions; understand Divine Neutrality; and let go of old ways that no longer work.

Saturday Morning: Samuel discusses the need to remake ourselves due to the current energy shift and how to activate new aspects of ourselves that are more aligned with our truest selves. He teaches us how to: function in 5th Density living; embrace change and unity; heal from trauma; and consciously recreate ourselves.

Saturday Afternoon: Samuel explores various topics related to personal growth, healing from trauma, and spiritual development. He emphasizes the importance of: recognizing our authentic self beyond our human experiences; releasing trauma and transforming it into healthier behaviors; understanding our place in the Universe; and spiritual evolution from awakening to mastery.

Sunday Morning: Samuel reviews and elaborates on some of the topics covered in the earlier meetings such as: self-discovery; healing from trauma; spiritual awakening; embracing our authentic selves beyond external influences; practical distractions for healing; and he unveils the path of spiritual development.

Sunday Afternoon: Samuel uses the metaphor of a squirrel’s acrobatics to reach a bird feeder to discuss the human condition, the power of energy, and the need for change in the current economic and social paradigms. He encourages us to manifest our desires through strong intent and emotional positivity while envisioning a world built on love and compassion.