• Incubating 2021

    January 3, 2021 A description will be posted soon.
  • December 6, 2020
    During this important and timely message, Samuel focuses on the upcoming energy bursts, the best ways to respond to them, and the Light of the Season. The topics he covers include: ways to overcome being down or depressed that we can experience during times of high-energy releases; the amazing effect light-hearted music has on our brains; the impact of the upcoming energy influxes, especially those around the Solstice, and the positive ways to respond; and the importance of celebrating the holidays and of being a beautiful Light that emanates throughout this world.
  • November 1, 2020
    During this powerful meeting Samuel delves deeply into to concept of personal power and the basis of our emotions as he helps us: understand that our emotions are actually illusions that keep us in our past; learn the steps that will retrain our mind and emotions to move us away from negative emotional states to positive ones; recognize what is behind our concept of personal power; and learn what our true power is.
  • October 4, 2020 A description of this teaching will be posted soon.
  • What We Need Now

    September 6, 2020 Samuel uses audience comments as a teaching tool to cover a wide-range of topical information. The discussion includes: how we respond when the unexpected happens, including the root of entitlement issues, the consequences of being overwhelmed, and the ways the day-to-day grief we experience can create frustration, anger and overwhelm; why finding a “new normal” or fixing the old paradigm will not bring about a new paradigm; the importance of knowing our inner truths; and the need to take action rather than fighting, fleeing, or freezing.
  • August 2, 2020 Using the ancient Celtic fire festival of Lugnnasadh as a backdrop, Samuel’s discussions include: how to ground ourselves and double anchor; the meaning of Lughnasadh; how to take part in a ritual that has already been completed; the meaning and use of the pentagram when smudging; the life cycle of the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting our work into the cyberworld; Education and Light, the two things that can change a government; the current status of climate change on the planet; how to shift the economy to one based on the greater good; and helping bring forth a peaceful revolution.
  • During this meeting, Samuel focuses on how we can help usher in a new creation, a new world. His discussions include: how being in a tornado is similar to the massive changes we’re currently facing; what the old normal looks like; two things that will hold us back from a possible new normal; the illusion of reality and how we bind ourselves to it; the number one way to change the corporate paradigm; why we need to amplify the Divine Feminine to bring it into balance with the Divine Masculine; an exercise to discover the qualities we want to see in ourselves; and the decision we each need to make now.

  • During this eye-opening meeting, Samuel discusses changes he sees happening in our lives and in the world. The discussions include: ways to experience the Light and Spirit we are; the aspects of society that will experience large changes during the Summer of Shift; the relationship between how we see ourselves and how we handle money; why the new economy starts with us; the positive role Guardians can play during these times; the economic shift coming this summer; the only thing about the coming times that is “written in stone”; why we don’t want to “fix” the economy; the importance of living and speaking what we believe in; how our ratio of love and fear impact our perspective; and how the COVID-19 virus will continue to affect the near future. Samuel ends the evening with a brief visualization for sharing Light and Love.
  • Manifesting a New World

    During this empowering meeting Samuel gives a primer on manifestation for ourselves, others, and the world as he discusses: ways to actively, outrageously Live Love; the importance of dispelling the fear of being different; creating the most effective Intent for manifestation; the roles Thought, Word, and Deed play in the manifestation process; the differences between thinking once of what you want to manifest, creating a detailed emotion-filled visualization of it, and sending thoughts to it repeatedly; how the process for a healing visualization done by a group and one done by an individual vary; ways to “speed up” the manifestation process; and what the world needs us to create.
  • Will You Be Ready?

    During this crucial meeting Samuel focuses on this year’s massive paradigm shift coming through upcoming energy transmissions. He talks about their likely effects, how to be ready for them and how to be a guiding Light of Love in response to them. His discussion on these topics include: an exercise for reviewing and learning from January and February; why it is important to continue working on our core issues and knowing how we respond to change; what could be an amazing tool to help us; five things to remember during the coming shifts of energy; and the imperative of trusting ourselves.
  • Questions & Answers

    One of Samuel’s favorite ways of teaching is through Questions and Answers. During this fun and informative evening of questions, Laura Reed functioned as “Source” relaying questions to Samuel. Among many topics Samuel discussed: if the Watchers had a response so far about what is going on with the planet; the Scotland and England Star Gates and their impact on the planet; how opening the Fire Gate in November will effect the planet and life force on it; what “Light” means in Samuel’s 22 Releasing Statements; the difference between civilizations on earth and on other planets; if it ever makes sense to ask for less energy; the corona virus and its possibility of mutation; what it will take to end the political polarization in this country; if calling food sensitivities and veganism an “allergy” is honest; the fifth force and it’s function; using “Vesta Helios” in Star Weaving; Sun Gazing; more about the cosmic shift we’re feeling; and coordinating our priorities, short, medium and long range.
  • Be Outrageous!

    During Samuel’s first meeting of 2020, he focuses on the many ways giving and receiving love impacts our lives and our prosperity. His discussions include: the effect of permitting ourselves to not do things expected of us; the power of knowing what we truly need; the key to the abundance we want; the way to realize that people love us, are forgiving and accepting; the body language of resistance, and of being willing to accept love; a quick visualization for protection from “psychic vampires”; the universal trick for bringing prosperity into our lives; the currency of love, as well as ways to gather love; and the power of being outrageous.