Samuel says one of his favorite ways to teach is through question and answer sessions because it allows him to address specific questions that are on the minds of those involved with his teachings. During this evening’s intriguing teaching, the topics of Samuel’s answers include: the difference between being activated and being awakened; the filtering, or step-down process, our energetic frequency goes through as we move from Source to work here on earth; a solar system that intersects ours, and its implications; global warming vs. climate change; ways to detach in order to have a more joyful experience; how animals dream; why Toning is no longer the most important thing we can be doing between now and the completion of the Plan; why no one is “new on the path”; how to communicate with the Shee or Tuatha De Danann; the current financial market situation; why the energy in Lexington, KY, is very special; and what Samuel means when he says “you are all ETs.”