During this fun and insightful meeting Samuel talks about the only two laws we need to know to bring financial prosperity into our lives. After a brief discussion about activities in the month of April, he focused on US tax time to transition to his main message about using Creator energy to bring prosperity into our lives.

Unlike many current teachings about manifesting abundance, Samuel says there are only two steps—two laws—to financial (and any other kind) manifestation. He begins with a discussion of fear that, he says, repels positive creation force. Within this framework he talks about masculine energy (as experienced through money, father figures, and this culture’s version of God) and our relationship of fear surrounding that energy. He then moves to positivity and its manifestations in our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual energy fields, and its importance in our directed-consciousness behaviors.

He discusses ways to bring the attraction principle of positivity into our daily lives, and how to recognize the negative repulsion principle so we can release it. Throughout his talk Samuel uses audience interactions for real-world examples of both laws, explaining what doesn’t work and why.

He playfully closes the meeting with jokes about tax time.