Samuel’s Spring 2021 Retreat is packed with life-changing information given in the way only Samuel can do—with clarity, humor, and love. A few of the topics he discusses during this amazing event include: the energetic consequences of being anxious or worried; how to appropriately deal with racially insensitive comments; what happens when we allow our past to hold our present “hostage”; ways to deal with the wounded masculine and wounded feminine within; the positive and negative affects of our survival mechanisms; the impact of our life’s 7-year cycles of growth on our Divine masculine and Divine feminine selves; our divine masculine and feminine aspects; the Plan, Ascension and why the planet won’t Ascend until Guardians do; several mind-body breathing exercises to better control the behaviors we want; Samuel’s wonderful new and in-depth Crystal Palace visualization, as well as additional information about how to use specific “rooms” to learn about different facets of our life; and the big key/secret to manifesting.