A video for showing on April 5, 1992

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

It is a lovely opportunity at a very important time to be able to take questions and answers about what’s coming up. I have David Thomson and Paula Mueller. You cannot know how difficult it is for me to remember names, simply because it is not the tag I know you by. Nonetheless, you know them, David and Paula, as editors of the newsletter, Phoenix Rising, as major contributors on the Board of Directors and as very good brains to be able to ask questions about what went on at 11:11, what’s coming up after 11:11. It’s going to be a very good time, and I’m very, very glad that you’re here to see it.

Ready? Very good. Let’s go.

David: When you mentioned, throughout the whole 11:11 period, the concept of ascension, you talked about it for some length of time, but I wondered if you could review the concept of the ascended body, remind us what that means, and give us any further information about it you might want to.

S: Always good at getting in the most questions possible as if it’s one, eh?

Remembering that ascension essentially—at its most basic—is a synthesis. It’s a new creation. It’s a synthesis. It comes out of the spirit and the form coming together. Now, in order for the spirit to come together, it needs to have mastered the degrees, the rings, the characteristics, the rays, of spirit. In order for it to work firmly in form, that must be done, but remember, you have accomplished that, or you would not be in form. The trick, if you will, for you, is to master form. And the seven rays of form, which are—and I’m going to do it in the story of its progression—which are [1] Choosing [2] Love in your [3] Actions, which creates [4] Harmony, allowing you to better [5] Learn the world that you’re in and a part of, then allowing the opportunity to [6] make your choices as to what specific direction you’re going to go to and balancing that out into the highest possible [7] Magic. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? The spirit self is the motivating force behind those choices. Essentially, ascension is reached at the point that you are living consciously, choosing—here it comes—to do the best you can where you are with what you have. Not trying—but choosing to do the best you can where you are with what you have.

That creates the mind-set, the vehicle, but it doesn’t mean that the vessel is fully ready. The work of 11:11 was to seed physical bodies. For those physical bodies that had already been seeded—and that would mean those that were not primarily earth energies—for those that were already seeded, that seeding would be further nurtured and more strongly awakened. Therefore—be aware of this—right now, after 11:11, those individuals who are primary earth energies—meaning no matter where they are in the scope of growth here, this has been the first place for that growth—for those that are primary earth energies, they are recognizing a new seeding, and they are going to want to move through the highest levels of human experience, meaning specifically the psychic, then into the ascended levels. Those of you whose energy is not primary earth experience—again, you know, I’m not saying you are a Martian—for those who are non-earth—nonetheless working through the wheel—that seed has already been a part of you, and you are going to find that the psychic focus is not so much a part of your desire, because it is easy [for you] to accomplish. And you’re going to find yourselves more directed toward the work I’m giving in the workshops right now, the ascended work.

All right, amongst those questions, have I answered most of them?

David: Yes. I think some people might have anticipated a shift in perception of their bodies around the time of 11:11 with the ascension process that took place then.

S: And I believe there were very many who did experience that, and very many who are yet experiencing that, in fact.

David: In general, what is that experience like, for those who don’t know what they’re experiencing?

S: If you are happening to wander by and you are getting this particular video, and yet you feel like you’re just new to all of this, the first thing you need to know is that you’re not. The second thing is, you are likely of late to have been experiencing certain changes within yourself. One of them, Paula, you mentioned a bit earlier. It seems like since 11:11 your whole digestive system has changed; your diet is changing because your body is telling you it’s going to change. That’s one of the things you’re going to be finding. Your physical body and your physical world are both responding to what is going on with your spiritual world. Accordingly, the first thing that you’re going to be seeing physically is, about mid-January and perhaps all the way through as late as this showing in April, you are finding that the physical body is clearing out and cleaning up. The mental and emotional body is doing the same thing. Particular symptoms of that experience are that you may be finding that your—how to say this nicely—your digestive tract is cleaning out a lot. You may be finding that your food is making some radical changes, that you simply don’t desire [some things], or on the other hand that you do desire some things you did not before, that your body is acting like—and I mean this—a pregnant woman, because you have been seeded and you have new life growing within you.

So, for all of those women who have wished a man could experience some of that, they are. Emotionally, that’s also coming through. You are finding yourself at such a heightened state of sensitivity that your emotions are not as consistent as they have been. Even when you are able to think, when you are able to consciously choose how you are going to act, you’re hearing the process happen, you see it more clearly—and you catch it more quickly.

All of that’s very good, but those are symptoms of such things you’re experiencing. More than that, although it would seem that this was easy to dismiss, I don’t want you to dismiss it. I said early on, one of the things that you are going to be experiencing was you were going to hear that still small voice inside of you that no longer was a still small voice. But you are going to be very aware of when you are not behaving in an ascended fashion, when your patterns are old and non-workable, that you could not help but be honest with yourself. This is perhaps the greatest sign of that ascendancy, because, remember, choosing love in your actions—the first three rays spiritualized—create the basic foundation of life force on this planet.

Now, I’m going to toss in something that could be of interest, especially if Pittsburgh should ever get hold of this and hear it—they are such goddess-oriented individuals. The energy that has perpetuated the patriarchal movement in this society of god, as a part of cycling around from the strong goddess energy that started this particular society, has, through the opening of this Gateway, begun a very strong push back to its origin. Spirit attached to choosing love in your actions, which are very masculine in this society, spiritualized, becomes choosing the loving actions in ascendancy. It’s the goddess work in manifestation.

Again, I realize that there are many things to talk about, and here I am going off on something fairly different, but be patient just a minute, so you can see the importance of this, because world-wide it’s having an effect. By fall it’s going to have a very strong economic and governmental—political—effect. Feminine energy is moving into a very strong statement right now. Now, every thought needs an action for completion; every action began with a thought. So, on its own, there is always perfect balance, but your society has been working in a very strong masculine, patriarchal imbalance. Now, with the opening of this doorway and the strong surge of spirit energy, allowing that spirit energy to touch you—move over, so that you can be used—to touch you, then your spirit energy, which is a feminine energy, is being that much more charged, becoming, therefore, essentially this: you, with your spirit energy—you in form (masculine energy), with your spirit (feminine energy) creates balance.

With the strong push through from 11:11, you have an abundance of that feminine, creative energy, allowing goddess energy back into the realm. It’s going to show up as problem solving, meaning the weight off by fall, the difficulties, the challenges that so many of you have been facing—problem-solving ability, new markets, new understandings, new governments, new—rebirth, review, remake.

Finally, coming back around to the original question—so how do you know if you’re working in ascendancy; what does the body feel, if anything? One of the things the body feels is a light—dizzy, you might think of it—a light energy flow pounding from the inside, rushing the blood through from about the heart up. You can move into that fairly easily, fully activated in the system’s higher chakra centers, so that you’re moving as if the heart were the root now—and it is—up through the chakras in the etheric. Your chakra system has changed, explaining the physical response to all of that.

Paula: You had said that 11:11 was going to be a weekend like we had never experienced before. Afterwards, I know a lot of people felt let down. You know, there was this wonderful experience, this peak, and afterwards people wanted to keep going on it, and they couldn’t maintain it.

S: Why?

Paula: I’m not sure. That’s what I’m asking. A lot of people felt or expressed a feeling of, “Gee, I wish I could feel that way again. I wish I could retain that.” And somehow the world intrudes.

S: Do any of you say that? Do any of you feel that? And don’t do this [raising a hand], so that anybody can see, because you’re about to get picked on for it. There is absolutely no reason in the world to experience the post-partum depression that many of you have allowed yourselves to indulge in. It’s only when you’re allowing yourself to fall back into the old patterns and you’re being hit on the head for it that you feel the guilt that sucks your energy from you and moves you into a depression. Remember that—depression is not an emotional response; it is a biochemical response. It is literally the body taking charge, and the body takes charge because of several things. When you are acting in patterns of routine, the body no longer has to put out those chemicals that make you feel good, because you’re acting in routine. It’s not having to respond, it’s not having to anticipate, it’s not having to stay ahead of you and be active. Inactivity—oh, this is going to get all of the doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists out here on the edges of their chairs and gritting their teeth now, but inactivity—or rote pattern activity—is the major cause of your clinical depression. Of your non-clinical depression, it’s the cause. And I mean that.

So the answer in that case is to get yourself active and to not fear to step out and learn to try these new wings that you’re starting to bring on.

Now, having said all of that, let me also comfort a bit with this. That particular experience of great love and profound energy that you experienced at 11:11 that allowed you, for that weekend or that day or that ritual, to be your ascended self, when you went to move that into the regular world, all of a sudden you did not have the help of 200 people—or 300 people, or twenty people, wherever you were—adding to that energy; your lover was out of sight, essentially. The key is to learn to remember, to visualize. All right, let’s get personal here. When your lover is gone and you really miss your lover, what do you do? You lie down, you relax, and you think about the last time you were together, and it can be almost as satisfying, can’t it? So, point made?

David: During the 11:11 ritual or just prior to it, you made an aside remark about Guardians of the 33rd degree. Could you clarify just what that meant, who are they—the Guardians that you spoke of, what does the 33rd degree mean, 33rd degree of what?

S: What I was doing was invoking . . . and my invocations are a bit different than the ones that I’ve taught you to do, because essentially my invocations are invitations. And indeed, yours will also be, as you become more comfortable with the energy that you’re working with now on a much more regular, consistent basis.

Essentially, the workers of the 33rd degree are the Els, whose specific service is [to] this planet, to you, to humanity. Until the doorway was opening, there was no way for their work and their mission to be accomplished. I chose 11:11 as the opportunity to let them know that the time was now.

Paula: I’d like to talk a little bit about the workshop of January 25.

S: Wasn’t that fun, surprising all of those people?

Paula: It was wonderful, but it was a real change of direction. You know, for the past few years I’ve been with you and watched you and worked with you, and you’ve always steered people away from phenomena; you’ve always had people concentrate on their own personal growth, their personal lessons, how to triumph in their difficulties. And here suddenly you’ve done a complete change of direction, and you are teaching people how to find auras, how to read them, how to look at the colors. Can you explain why the change—why have you done that turnaround—and what it means?

S: If there were a change, there would be something to explain. But actually there’s not a change. I am still directing people away from phenomena. I am still directing people away from the detours that physical experience can give. I am not teaching—although I am not denying its power, nor am I moving away from recognizing that it is a part of a beginning pathway—I’m not teaching the highest levels of human experience, which is learning to define—perhaps that would be find, define, and use your psychic gifts—meaning your mental gifts. I am specifically working now to make you comfortable with the ability spirit has through form. And the reason that I’m doing that is because, in order for you to use it, you’ve got to know that it’s there, and you’ve got to stop being afraid of it.

You use the example of teaching auras, but the reason that I was moving so strongly with the teaching of the energy fields and learning to see them and learning to use them is not because I want you to be able to see auras. It is because, by understanding your energy, knowing the feel of it, and being able to leave it and merge with other energy, you are going to be able to make greater use of the abilities spirit has in you, such as a higher level of healing—as I began to talk about—such as the ability to bi-locate, such as the ability to experience firmly—let me change that to realize—your unity. Now those are very important issues, based upon what I began over the last two years with the idea of the victory journal. Essentially, this is a time of change. You need the babe to learn how your new body works, what else you can do. But the only way you can use it—unlike your psychic abilities—the only way you can use your ascended abilities are when you’re working in higher mind and with ascended mind, so they cannot become a detour, they cannot become a phenomenal side-track.

Does that answer?

Paula: I think so. How would someone know they were misusing those abilities?

S: You cannot misuse them, because it simply will not appreciate into its highest realm if you are not clear, if your intent is not pure. You’ll just be sliding into the psychic, and who cares?

David: One thing we like to treat in the newsletter every year is the year’s focus. You’ve spoken of this as the Year of Completion. Can you give us more of an idea of how to put that concept to use and how it relates to 11:11?

S: Good. The first thing to let yourself do is to let yourself think for a moment about what is completion. It is not ending. Remember that—completion doesn’t mean end. Completion means raised, used, functioning at its highest level of awareness, or not in the way. Therefore, the energy of this coming year is that of, first, having the most keen focus you’ve ever had, using your abilities to the highest level possible—and if you’re not, you’re [at least] not allowing them to create guilt, you’re not allowing them to hold you back, you’re not storing them to the side to judge yourself with later.

Completion speaks of another step, not ending what was, except in the very real sense that, with 11:11, what you have done is ended the old and opened the door to the new. Remember that.

And in that sense you completed what humanity needed to complete, in the sense of finish. But now the work is to complete, as in complement, in a full knowing. It’s that realized self that I’m pushing so hard right now—in a full knowing, choosing what you do and don’t need, and acting on it. It’s recognizing your wholeness, realizing it, being it, living that wholeness.

And that’s very, very important. As this year progresses, you are going to be finding yourself in situations in which you are recognizing that you no longer have the choices, and indeed, you’re even at the point where you’re realizing that your happiness is based upon a bigger picture, something you’re moving toward, rather than the immediate right now. That’s not to say that you’re moving out of the teachings of knowing what makes you happy, taking the right action. It does say that you’re moving into that next dimension—literally—of experience, in which on the earth you are aware of your spiritual mission. You are complete with what you were, and humanity and your planet is ready to move into what it is designed to be.

Paula: So what about next year? If this is Completion, what are we moving into?

S: [With irony] Another great year of doubt.

There are so many roads open to humanity at this point, right now, so many roads open. It’s rather premature at this point to suggest the particular doorways and what they’re going to mean. Good try, though, good try.

David: Coming into 11:11 you stressed the feeling and vision of Unity, for us to go through the Gateway as one. I’m sure the time for that ideal is not past, but is there another concept that is more pertinent—something we should focus on as highly as we focused on unity at that time, during this year?

S: I do not want to bypass that the most important thing that there is is unity. But that unity shows itself up perhaps in a different way. Although what I desire is for you to reach the point that unity with one another—meaning peace; I’m not getting into one another’s way and choosing the loving path—is a very natural response; that is the human response. There is a need for peace marches yet, because you still have war. That coming to unity—a lack of prejudice; no longer a need for judgment based upon something other than human to human—it becomes my skin is better than your skin, and my income and my bank account and my job and my upbringing is better than yours; it becomes a game. That sort of unity is always needed, and just to prove it I have a very quick exercise for you. Take the hand of the person you are sitting next to you—on each side, if you’ve got somebody on both sides of you. Now, having done that—and that’s very good; I’m glad you did it—you can let go. I want you to pay attention: did you hesitate? Was there a part of you that wondered if you’d be accepted if you did it? And if you had great ease, is it because you are surrounded by people you are very familiar with, of like mind? You see, that’s easy. What’s hard is to get out there in the world, and with the checkout clerk to be able to send love and give love.

Unity in an ascended experience becomes not only the choice of loving action, but it’s the work of a loving mind. Unity in that point becomes “my energy focuses in and meets with your energy”—and that’s why in the workshop I’m teaching you to learn how to move yourself into the basic essence of your energy and allow that to mingle with another. When you then find out what is needed for them because you ask what you yourself need, then you’re in that state of union. That is that next step.

But there is unity beyond that. It’s the next phase, and that becomes the unity of allowing yourself literally—in the very same way that you learn to unite in action and then unite in mind and etheric energy with others: humans, plants, creatures—to allow yourself the opportunity to unite fully with the guardianship that you have been here to work with. And in that unity, it becomes a stepping aside that is different than a releasing of ego. I am not talking about letting go of who you are, because, sweet soul, I need who you are. The quirks, the wild upbringing, the interesting versions of how you see things—I need your ego. I don’t need your resistance, that’s all. It is instead a choice of—and hear this—channeling with your eyes open—or you function walking through the world—which is what it’s about.

It is allowing yourself consciously, as I have been saying, to move over—as Peggy says, to get out of the way—to allow the light to infuse you, to allow the angels, the Guardians to use you, to move into your energy and, by your willing acquiescence, moving over beyond what you even think of as your personal choice, uniting with the mind of the Source and acting as a planetary overlord, as a guardian.

So would I say, is there another direction to go, another work. Well, perhaps so, David. Perhaps the word would be forgive, for in order to experience unity you must first forgive yourself for being human, thank yourself, see its purpose. And, once you’ve allowed yourself to accept, then you can experience those higher realms. And, of course, on the most basic level, that forgiveness might be in relationship with others, things that have been holding you back from that active, loving forgiveness—unity. Then to the next level, to the specific mental unity, which requires forgiveness. And finally, as I mentioned just a moment ago, the forgiveness of being in form—allowing yourself to experience this earth in order to be best used.


Paula: You talked a little bit, in the past Sunday night meeting, about the resistance that some people may feel to the Gateway that’s opened and the flood of incoming energy. My sense is also that there are going to be people who are now waking up. You know, there’s a whole earth full of people who have a kind of spiritual emptiness that have always focused on the material, and my sense is that this energy is now going to bring to life that spiritual awakening in them. Phoenix is your work, and it seems that here you have a group centered around you who have been specifically trained to understand that awakening, to know themselves, to know how to deal with their own difficulties and what the world has to offer them. How do you see those two things coming together in Phoenix’s vision for the next year or two years?

S: Phoenix is going to be making a stronger presence out in the community. It’s going to be inviting others in. Phoenix has never been, nor will it be, a New Age center of “Bring your thoughts in; let’s see how they fit.” That simply isn’t the nature of what this is about. It’s more of a “Come in and I’ll push you around and put you in situations where you see the dross and you turn into gold. It’s the fast track.” And it is indeed the fast track.

What I’ve been doing is working on pushing individuals, pushing you to serve and to experience what comes to you when you know that you’re serving; pushing you to teach, to get out there, to know what it is you think, to know how you present yourself. And, of course, knowing that what that means is asking individuals to get out there and stumble and fall on their faces. And for many of you, you have also seen yourselves get up and dust off your wings and shine. Sometimes you had to fall several times before you finally got up and shined, but you are learning to shine.

My work has been very strongly toward getting you out there to become the greatest example there can be that love works. Now the direction I’m moving with is, figure out what it is you are doing, pull it together into a system, and put that out there. And so what you are going to be seeing quite a bit now is my saying to you, come teach, because you have a perspective no one else has, and by inviting more individuals in, hooked by your particular perspective, it’s going to open the door for this to become more of the communal learning experience that it’s designed to be. It requires getting a good amount of individuals who have that foundation before something can be done with that foundation.

Does that answer that, do you think?

Paula: I think so. I guess what I hear you saying is, by living the teachings out in the world, . . .

S: That’s step one.

Paula: . . . people are going to look at you and say, “Why is that person so positive; why are they always able to get over their problems so easily? You know, they seem to be so happy.” Then they come here and they learn.

S: Exactly. But what they need then is your step two, and your step two is, perhaps they won’t come here to learn, although there will be offerings for them. Perhaps they will say to you, “What is it you are doing? Here’s what’s going on with me.” And you need to know what it is you did, how it worked, what the teachings were. Somebody says to you, “I’ve tried every diet in the book, and I just can’t seem to lose this weight.” Well, you know that the weight is just the wall they have built from the world, but there’s something else going on there. And you know some of the things that will help them touch in to that. What is it? Why is it? How do you know it works? Your story.

The things that I have been working with in my sitting group—the warriors, the assistants, the training they have had very specifically for that service early on is the sort of thing you are going to be giving out in a very powerful process. Here is the book, the manual for living it, and it’s taught here.

You see, ultimately the thing is for you to get your feet in here where you’ve got people to feed. You have your group in Richmond or St. Louis or those who call and say, “I want more, and I’ve got a couple of people together. Will you come tell us what you have going on?” So I need to teach you how to market yourself, how to get out there, how to do that. But first it begins with your knowing what it is that you do.

What do you think? Shall we stop?

It is always such a delight. I love you both. You are very, very dear to my heart. You are doing wonderful work here. And here, right now at this moment. Thank you.

And thank you, Stuart, for your technical ability, and Frank, for your support, and you who have come here and put this together, and are coming here and putting it into your lives. This life’s for you.

Happy, happy trails. Glochanumora.