July 2, 2000

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: So how are you these days?



S: Thinking that long are you? I’ve got two goods and the rest of you going [makes face]. Is that because you’ve got to think about exactly how to define it? I’ll try it again. How are you these days?

Hard to believe how good it is.

S: I like that. Hard to believe how good it is. So hard that you just don’t have the words for it. Aye. Because right now things are absolutely, stunningly wonderful in your world. Without a doubt, without the slightest doubt, it is the best it has ever been, and I will also say one hundred percent it’s exactly as it should be. And the reason? Because what you experience of your world is a reflection—absolute, direct, reflection—of you. How you interpret what’s going on around you is a direct reflection of what’s going on within you. And however it is that you might translate that, I’m here to tell you that you are magnificent beings of light primarily, and love totally, capable of marvelous works. Ready and waiting, waiting and willing, willing and acting to be what you are, where you are. And that would make, therefore, a wonderful experience, as I see it.

Now, are you going to fight that? Are you going to live that?

And, of course, that’s the tricky part.

Tonight I’m going to be talking about freedom. Sort of. A little bit. Freedom. And I’m going to be talking to you about freedom by starting out with something that’s going to create a separation in the evening, a separation so that there is this part that I’m using as the beginning example and then this part where I go into what it’s all about. And I’m going to begin it with a story, a story that’s familiar to all of you, but which has a lot of different versions to it. So, you just start chiming in to help when you begin recognizing it. All right? And I’ll warn you ahead of time, it has nothing to do with magic beans.

Spot the cow.

S: Spot the cow’s not in it.

Once upon a time.

S: But it does start there. Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a magnificent ruler. It was a ruling couple. As was always the case there was the masculine and the feminine expression. And the masculine and the feminine expression, in this particular case, were called king and queen.

This king and queen were the best of all you could wish to help create a society, to rule a little world. And as they were so good at what they did, there came a time in which, essentially, all of the difficulties within the kingdom had been taken care of, and they had a bit of time to start thinking about themselves and their own relationship. And they thought, You know what would be really nice? If we had a child to carry on this lovely thing that we have going here. What do you think? Shall we do that?

And upon agreement, lo and behold, time passed and eventually there was indeed born to this king and this queen, this masculine and feminine representation of the ultimate kingship and queenship, of god and goddess, a child. And as was very often typical in your childhood tales and in old civilizations which had rituals that bespoke times even further back than the oldest person could remember, there was a ritual to be had when a child was born. And that ritual was to show the child unto all of the people, and say, “Look here what we did!” or something like that. At which all of the people would come and give a gift to this child.

You have much the same sort of customs, don’t you? Look at what I did! Give me presents!

This was a girl child, and a very lovely child. And the gifts that were given were lovely things that a king and a queen of a magnificent kingdom would never need, but it’s nice to have and put around the nursery, and say, Look, that’s your stuff.

Except part of the ritual involved inviting the thirteen wise women to come and give their gift to the newly born child. The thirteen. The twelve and one. Well, there was a bit of difficulty. Is this story not ringing any bells yet?

Oh, yes.


S: All right. For some. All right. Keep your head open, Gwendolyn, I’m needing it. Usually about this time you’re telling the story for me, you know.

Unfortunately, the king was a bit concerned about this, because as much as he desired to have all thirteen of the wise people come and give a gift, the tradition was that he would also give a gift back. And unfortunately they all had to be the very same thing, and the only thing that he had in number were golden plates. He only had twelve, though. So they figured out that what they’d do was only invite twelve wise ones. And not tell the thirteenth, presuming, I guess, that that wise one wasn’t quite as wise as the rest.

So at this lovely event: Look what I did, I helped! Now, somebody in here could do that one a lot better. Right? Look what I did!

I helped!

S: That’s the one. That’s the one. Soon there was a lovely pile of baby bubbles. A lovely presentation of gifts from the wise people. One, two, three of the wise women came forward and gave gifts such as wisdom, a beautiful heart. And what are the sorts of things that you would say would be gifts from wise people.


S: Compassion. That’s a lovely one. That’s a good one, that you would wish for a child coming into your world as a representation of the great kind and the great queen. Generosity. That’s a good one, too.




S: Fairness. Balance. Patience. Funny you should mention that. Patience. Ten of them had given their gifts. The eleventh came to give the gift, and about that time, at the giving of that gift, there was a bit of a rumble heard throughout the room. Everybody got quiet, and in through the back door swishes forth the thirteenth wise person, who said, “How dare you think that you could have an event like this without me! I will not give a gift to your child. I will give a curse to your child.”

Don’t mess with wise people!

“This child and everybody that she loves will die on this child’s fifteenth birthday.”

Poof! Gone. Well, don’t you know that number twelve that was waiting there to give the gift before that incredible interruption said, “I know that that was a terrible experience, but I want you to remember that I’ve not given my gift yet, and although I cannot totally eradicate the damage that’s been done in that particular wishing, what I can do is change it so that it’s not death that happens to the child and all that she loves, but instead she will sleep. She and all she loves will fall asleep for a hundred years. And only one thing can awaken her.”

Well, of course, it would not be a proper story if you got to find out what it was that would awaken her. And that is what opened the door for different versions of this story, because as you may know I am speaking of your tale called …

“Sleeping Beauty.”

S: “The Sleeping Beauty.” And as I continue with this story, I want you to think of a beautiful planet, a planet of such promise and such beauty that had been gifted with the best of all things, that had been prepared and waited on. A planet that the whole kingdom had been watching for, and that, not because of evil curse—all right—but nonetheless a part of that planet’s story [was that] it had been sleeping for a long time. Keep that in mind as we continue with this story, all right? Because what goes on in this story is, the child is marvelous, bringing delight to all around her. Her compassion and her love and her patience, of course, her willingness to function at the highest possible frequency of her blueprint, her very essence, was love.

But, sure enough, on her fifteenth birthday. . . . Now, I’m going to stop for a moment, because at this point, depending upon what story you read, there are a number of things that have happened. For instance, if the angered wise person said, “If she will touch a spindle, she will bleed and upon that drop of blood—for ever the blood and the sacrifice—she will die.” That could be one version of the story.

And with another version of the story, it is that she will simply drop off and fall asleep and nobody will know what is going on. And in another one it was something like it was recognized that it was time for all of the life force to function on its own, and as a result the energies that were there to help—ahem—her function at her highest and best, moved back and surrounded her with . . .

Moving back to the story. Now, Bonnie, are you keeping up with all of this? All right.

. . . with, in the case of the sleeping beauty story, a wall of thorns.

Now, let me just back up a bit. My preference in this particular case would be just to go with “she fell asleep,” but do recognize that in the early days of the Christianity of Europe, the story in its version was that there would be a blood sacrifice. And in the story of that beautiful planet, there also is a lot to be said for the choices of the people involved determining the future that would be had.

And in that particular version of the story, the king and queen, as any mother and father would do, did everything they could to make sure there was never a spinning wheel, never a spindle to break one’s finger upon to be found in the kingdom.

But the nature of a prophesy is not changed so easily, for in that story, on the fifteenth birthday of this child who had thus far managed to be far away from anything that might make her bleed, the parents—what?—left town for a while, leaving her to herself, and she went wandering about the castle and found a tower that she hadn’t explored yet. Walked up the stairs into the tower, and there, who do you think she found but that thirteenth, uninvited guest to the party saying, “Hello there.” And this beautiful child said, “Hello, it’s nice to see you. What is it you’re doing? I’ve never seen anything like that.” She said, “Well, I’m spinning here. Come. Here is what you do. Put your hand right here.” She put her hand right there and, of course, oops! Blood sacrifice. There we go.

Just tuck this away in your head for some other time. What is it you think your society is telling you with that version of the story? At the most crucial point in this child’s life, the very thing that her parents had been saving her from, they left her abandoned to, and sure enough exactly what they feared came about. Are you going there? All right. Just making sure.

We will go back to where she lay down to take a nap, and did not wake up. But when she lay down to take a nap, it does seem that everything within the castle did as well. The king. The queen. Every serving person. Every chicken. Every dog. Every horse. Every groomsman. Every thing went to sleep.

And as time passed, a hedgerow of thorns grew up the walls and eventually encased the whole castle area, so that eventually that princess became Briar Rose. Yes. Briar Rose. Is this not the story as you know it? Some of you, yes. Some of you, no. It would be Br’er Rose. Do you know it that way?

Of course, all of the neighborhood kids thought it was absolute fun to see if they could get through the thorns, and they could not. And every young knight, every young prince, every young hopeful determined that he was going to be the one to rescue the princess, that he was going to be the one that could make it through the thorns and save her. But the fact of it is, it was going to take one hundred years.

Eventually there came—as these stories would be—a handsome young prince—aye—who happened to get the desire right around the time of the hundredth year. Now, there’s a lot to be said for that. We’ll go back to it in a bit. And when he set forth, “It is my desire to go for myself and see if I cannot rescue the princess,” and he marched forth to the walls of the castle, all of those thorns turned to white roses. And that which had been a barrier for so long opened up to make the way possible for that sweet young prince to go into the castle, where he eventually found what could be none other than the famous Briar Rose. And he leaned over—what? Did what?

Kissed her.

S: Kissed her. How do you imagine that? Walt Disney style?

Well, he was so impelled by the beauty that he just had to make contact with her. He became almost obsessed, and had to make . . .

S: Obsessed. Good word.

. . . and had to become as intimately involved with it as he could.

S: That’s right. This prince had been in love for a long time. This prince knew this beauty was his.

She was a hundred and fifteen years old!

S: And did not look but fifteen! But older women, there’s a lot to be said for that. And exactly why is it there’s so many women laughing in this audience now?

This prince was made for that princess. He knew that. This prince had been dreaming of that princess. This prince knew this princess, which is why he went straight through the wall of roses, straight through the castle doors, straight up to the chamber where the sleeping beauty lay waiting.

Well, we consider this to be a family event tonight, and therefore we will simply say, he kissed her, and she woke up and said . . .

She said, “you’re a great kisser!”

“Give me a cigarette!”

S: And said, “Go away. I want to stay sleeping. I’m not ready for this. I’m not prepared. Go away! I don’t want you here. You get in the way of my own dreams. I have been having such a wonderful life here, and now look—reality. Go away.”

And so he did, and nobody lived happily ever after.

All right, maybe that’s not the way the story went. Maybe instead, in your version of it, what the story did is, after this marvelous kiss—which at the time this story was written was not a very common thing to have happened in love, you know. But nonetheless, there was this marvelous kiss, and she awakens and says, “Oh, my prince, you are here at last. I am finally away from the curse of sleep and I have awakened at last. Let us go and make many, and make merry, and make more many from that.” And from there they live happily ever after. Right?

As I said, this story is only a leaping board.


S: Springboard. Thank you. That’s the one.

Because the story I’m talking about is the one in which the kingdom is your planet, and you are the beauty. The beautiful, magnificent beings of love gifted with so much. Capable. Loved by so many. Really. Who bears a burden. The burden of knowing your future—to a point. Like that princess, you know that you were born here for a reason. That you are a walking, talking function of love.

And, yes indeed, like that princess, your shelves are filled with all sorts of nice stuff. You play with it, you eat it, you wear it. You play with what you eat and you wear it, too. Some of you more than others, but you get the hang of it eventually.

You are the absolute pride and joy of the great expressions of masculine and feminine, of god and goddess, that you are. Depending upon the particular time frame, you could say you are the child of the goddess, the child of god, the child of God and Goddess, All That Is, Source, the Universe—take your pick, they’re all correct—who has the weight of the future on your shoulders. The future that says there is going to come a time there in which you’re going to fall asleep, and when you fall asleep, everyone around you will also.

And many of you are perfectly happy to believe that that’s the end of the story. I have this great responsibility in this world, but I am burdened by the veil through which I cannot see to know how things are going to come out. I have the prophecies which say, these are the times of the end, these are the times of the great change. And, indeed, I do see all around me everything that appears exactly as those prophets did say. You say that. You see that. You know it. But there’s nothing I can do because I’m going to go to sleep, no matter what.

And so, when everything opens to that doorway that says, Curl up in a ball and close your eyes and just don’t look, you fell asleep. And in your dream, you imagined yourself shining and knowing and unlimited. You saw yourself as capable and ready. And you opened your eyes and there you were, starting the dream all over again, born into a world with a curse upon your shoulders that said, You will know, you will not do. You will die before you can. And yet knowing that you were there to do, and that there was more. And, sure enough, eventually the time came in which all of the doors opened to that which you knew would eventually happen.

And you covered your eyes, and you curled up in a little ball, and you fell asleep. And you dreamed that you were magnificent and filled with light, and you knew all there was to know. And this time you also knew that there was something there at that incredible beautiful kingdom, in that galaxy far, far away, that called to you as if there was a part of you still there. But you knew that everything there was asleep, that there was nothing you could do. And immediately, about that point, you woke up, and there you were again, born to the great king and the great queen, and by now you knew the routine. You were going to live, loved and happy and oblivious and stupid, and you were going to allow your life to direct your path so that you never got out from under the curse that said you will not have the power to change things.

And something in that baby child’s heart of yours said, It doesn’t have to be. But in the living and loving and the doing and the allowing of the world to run your life for you, you eventually forgot that little baby voice that said, There’s more than this. You can do more.

And when fifteen had passed, or fifty years had passed, and the path was getting so obvious that the only thing you could do was close your eyes and curl up in a little ball and let the world win by going to sleep, you did. And you slept, and you dreamed. And when you dreamed, you dreamed that you were filled with light and filled with knowing .

And you felt the pull in your heart to that beautiful kingdom in that galaxy so far away. And you saw that this time you were going to change things, because this time you remembered the process, and this time you determined that what you were going to do was change the prophesy.

And so you woke up, and there you were, a small child in the arms of the king and the queen, the god, the goddess who loved you, and who said, “Go into the world with the gifts that you have been given. Go into the world and allow those gifts to grow and shine in you, because time is short” And throughout your life you could not really remember why it was time was short, but you knew that you could just remember, “Wake up! Don’t give up. Time is short.” And that became your bywords. Wake up. Don’t give up. Time is short. Wake up! Don’t give up! Time is short! Wake up, don’t give up, time is short.

And the reason that you could do that is that you ensured that when you were there, magnificent and knowing and ready and willing, that planted into your heart was the seed that there would come to you the way out of the great sleep. Goodness, you had watched the story play through enough times that you should know it. Imprinted into your very genetic structure it is, you do know it. Living it out day by day, most of you—sadly—that same process, every day its own lifetime. Starts out good, but there’s a weight that shows itself up eventually. Watch out for those flying monkeys. And you start preparing to just go back to sleep. It’s a lot easier. Every day you’ve lived that, until that day you woke up and said what? That’s right. Said what?

Time is short.

S: Yes. What else?

Don’t give up.

S: Don’t give up. What else?

Wake up.

S: Wake up. Now, Briar Rose had a prince, and you do, too, in that, for the purpose of my point this night, what woke her was the touch of love. Obsessive love, perhaps, nonetheless.

Well, we have more than one prince when we have each other, so many.

S: Well said. But the key to “wake up, don’t give up, time is short” that moves this from a nightmare to “happily ever after” is that what changed everything was the touch of love. Of love.

In particular, in this case, I want to remind you that it wasn’t sending love—that’s nice; that’s a good thing; do that—it was the touch of love. In your life, anytime you have had a major change for the better, it is because you have been directly touched with love. In the guise of a lovely flowing prince, maybe; likely not. But touched with love. And in your work here, that which wakes up the rest of the kingdom is your touch with love.

This is a holiday about freedom, about breaking the bonds, the shackles, of tyranny. It is a holiday that celebrates a united coming together to establish a common vision that eventually became called America, the United States of America.

For the last five months your planet has been moving through cycles of energy, transitions that you’ve been experiencing in your own life in so many ways. And depending upon whether you have been experiencing them awake or asleep or dreaming—and I will tell you, a whole lot of you have been dreaming—whether you have been experiencing it awake, asleep or dreaming, as long as your focus has been “There’s nothing I can do; this is how it is; this is the prophecy. I can do nothing. I’ll just close my eyes, curl up in a ball and sleep,” you have been shackled. And any function of freedom is only a function of freedom as it relates to a parallel state of bondage. You who wish to be free think that it simply means the absence of bondage, but freedom is the recognition of responsibility to do within the parameters of the common vision. You are free to drive your streets; you are not free to drive down your street going a hundred and twenty-five miles and hour. It is within the parameters of the common vision.

And so it is with this kingdom in this galaxy. You are awakened now for a reason. You have been touched with love over and over and over. You know that is so if for no other reason than because you have the capacity to love. And you are in a world of sleepers and dreamers. And nothing will change without the doers.

The castle will stay asleep without the touch of love that awakens. And those who awaken will go back to sleep if there are not those willing to lead out of bondage those who sleep. And that asks for leaders, organizers, doers. It asks for those who are awake to live what woke them up, because I will promise you, the visitation of the thirteenth wise one is indeed here. The prophecy has been altered, but there’s not time to sleep on this job. You’ve got to remake it.

Do it with love. Do it. Do it. Wake up! Your prince has come.

Happy trails.