June 1, 1997

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: So are you ready for this? You have coming up before you an opportunity to—let’s see, how can I say this without putting a lot of drama into it, and still get the point across?—to save the world. How about that? And it’s my desire this night to talk to you about some things you can do to help that happen.

But before we get too far along, how about a couple of opportunities to share thanks, praise, this great thing happened in my life, and need for energy sent to you. Aye.

I would like to say thanks in that, as the parent of a child, I am often feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. But recently I’ve been having talks with my son Benjamin, who’s nine, and he’s very interested in the fact that he’s a spirit. This is finally getting across, and he’s really excited that he’s going to live forever, because he really likes that. And I realized as I was talking with him that he has really gotten this to a level that I hadn’t when I kept saying, Yeah, when you die, your spirit keeps going. And he says, “Not my spirit, Mama, me. I’m the spirit.” And I went, “Yeah, that’s right.”

S: How different do you think that your life would have been if you grew up knowing that? I like that. Aye.

I received a report from my agent yesterday, and she has a publisher that is interested, but cannot commit to publishing my book yet. But they are interested in my book. That’s very exciting.

S: Yes. Yes. And that’s both thanks and energy, yes? Aye. Aye. Could tell it. Aye. Good. Good. Aye. Hi, Cam.

Well, I’d love some energy to raise my energy for the clowning that I do, and then to find my way in writing.

S: Aye. Good. Good. How many of you need energy for energy? It’s an epidemic, isn’t it? What are some things that help get energy moving in your body?


S: That’s a good one, a very good one. I think that it’s one of those resistances that the form has. The comment usually is, “I just hate it, but it works.” But it is so … getting your body moving. More than that, keeping it flexible. The stretching, being flexible, helps your internal energy system work better, and that makes your body feel better. Sure, that’s a good one. Exercise helps. What else?


S: Diet. Yes. And that does not mean eat less; it means eat right. What is eating right for you? And don’t answer that question, because the key to it is what is eating right for you. There are things that definitely make a difference, but if it is not something that works for you, you’re not going to follow it through. So making the changes that when you just stop for a moment and say, Hmm, what should I do? and you start thinking of things, just do a couple of those consistently. That ought to do you enough for a while. Yes. Changes. Positive changes in the diet. That’s good. Aye.


S: Yes. Yes. Non-resistance. Adaptability. Acceptance. And you may be thinking, Wait, what does this have to do with my ability to get out of bed in the morning, or the three o’clock slow-down? And yet the energy that you expend fretting, resisting, not embracing, the energy that you expend going against the flow is taking up your valuable life. It’s a very good one.

And with that I’ll stop, because those are some very, very good examples of some things that you can do to help increase your energy as long as it is as epidemic as it’s appearing to be.

Any more praise or power? Stuart.

Last month I made a request for some energy for a recording project that the band I play with was doing, and over the course of the month many people have asked me how it was going, and I wanted to report back my gratitude for all the energy that was sent to me by the group. I really felt it and appreciated it, and just to let everyone know, Samuel talked yesterday about plans for cosmic intervention, and we talked about how plans sometimes change when the free will of others gets involved. And we do not have a CD at this point, but we do have a very successful recording of six songs, and I just wanted thank everyone for the energy that they sent, and I appreciate it.

S: Very nice. Aye.

I’m very grateful for the five people in this group on Sunday that have literally made my life a spiritual gift. I kind of like that idea a lot. It’s made some profound changes in my life. […] more ways than one […]

S: Very nice. Molly.

I wanted to tell you that my daughter, who’s been sick for years, and two years ago couldn’t walk across the street, is currently in New Mexico on a month climb—it’s ten thousand feet—and I’d like to have energy sent to her. I have no idea when she comes back whether she will have new inner and outer strength, or will be a limp rag.

S: Well, I think it sounds like a little sent to you as well.

Yes. But there’s no contact while she’s on this.

S: That’s some good work. And let’s stop with you. Aye.

I have been sending energy to my family. I’ve been doing the five minute meditation regularly, which came out of the […] commitment. And in that time since we started doing this my brother has quit drinking, quit smoking, become Mormon, [..] of ten years standing who also became a Mormon. I came back from a […] weekend and found that he was getting married on Tuesday night, so I took a couple of extra days off, and I was very glad that I had listened to the Talk Your Walk tape on the way down, because I went and had Mormons throwing themselves at me for about three hours, and I actually enjoyed it. [Laughter] And I’m very happy and very thankful that my brother is apparently getting his act together, and he will have such a magnificent support structure. That’s just wonderful.

S: Yes. And what a marvelous attitude. Good. Good. There’s so much that goes on in your life to be grateful for. And everything that you open your eyes to you see more of, so it just fits, don’t you think, that everything you open your heart to, you will have more heart experiences of.

Take just a moment to think about any of those requests, and those of you who have a request, raise up your hands so that the individuals can see that again and remember. And as you see them, just send off that thought: Universe, help here. And all of those who are wanting a bit more energy, raise your hands again. Aye. And just for the fun of it, let’s continue in this process, as long as you’ve got the Universe on the line. Hello, Universe, pay attention here. These people are needing help.

And how many of you would like a bit more focus? And how many of you would like to feel that you’re doing something that’s making a difference in the world, that’s fulfilling to you and allows you to feel that you are helping in a real, true way? And how many of you are willing to do something about all of these things? It’s the old “buy the ticket” you know.

In a meeting some years ago, a dear friend gave the story of always wanting to get money, and in order to get money he figured the way was to win the lottery. And so he was constantly buying lottery tickets. And it reminded him of the story that he ended up telling about a fellow in the same circumstance waiting and praying constantly, “Let me win the lottery. Let me win the lottery. Let me win the lottery,” and finally a voice boomed in the room that said, “Buy a ticket!” Meaning, of course, that what you do counts. What you think about doing does not. Put feet on your prayers. And I think that one of the easiest ways to think about it is to remember that it’s much easier to direct something that’s already in motion than it is to get something in motion.

Now, having said all of that, I have a particular purpose this night, and that is to prepare you for this month. You have an opportunity to take part in making a change in the world you live in. But what I wanted to do before I specifically went into what merging is about, how to do it, and what was going to be asked of you was to literally take a few moments and ask those of you—and many of you were—those of you who were at the workshop yesterday to summarize some of those teachings. Please. Just call out something that you remember that stuck. Aye. Thank you, Mary Claire.

I remember lots of the stuff was incredible, but one of the things was that we have free will and that free will is part of the experiment to help … well, actually in separation of us from Source. And it’s also a vehicle for us to learn how to get our own selves back to Source.

S: Good.

And that all-knowing was the other alternative, which I thought was a real good idea, but we didn’t end up with that.

S: Oh, sure, she says that now.

And that the journey back is … it’s about one heart, and it’s about synthesis, and it’s about the journey back in the process of […]

S: Good. Aye.

Well, as you remember I learned this merging technique under your tutelage here in this room, and it was interesting because the person who I first was involved in this with—this merging experience—was someone I didn’t know exceptionally well, and there was some discomfort between us, and even some, maybe I would say “philosophical at-odds” or something like that.

S: No!

Yeah. And the interesting thing about it though was that this technique, which is short and simple, it seems very straightforward and so on, in an instant, and I mean almost an instant, I felt in love with the other person. So instantaneously […] it was just shocking and kind of surprising how such a simple and straightforward technique could bring me, of all people I guess, so quickly to such a deeply rewarding space.

S: Good. Aye. And that’s so very much the result of an individual who’s at that high level taking an action that was always available, just simply unknown. It is you. That’s good. Aye. More. Aye.

The more knowledge we have, the more we become … the less free will we have.

S: Yes. Interesting, isn’t it? The more you know, the less choice there is, because you know what you should be doing. More. Aye.

It all comes down to everyone and everything is one. We start from one. Everything is branching out, and it keeps branching out, but it’s all a piece of the original soul. In actuality, we’re still all the One.

S: Yes. Yes.

And if we treat everyone as if we are one, there can’t be any problems.

S: Very good. What would your world be like if you felt rather than knew that when you hurt another person, you felt it? When you made them laugh, you got the joy? What do you think would happen in this world if, in any interaction you were in, you immediately felt in you what you were giving them?

Well, surprise, beloved ones, because that is what is happening, and the spiritual path is nothing more than coming to a place where you feel it, because it is happening. You stand across from another person, and you send love to them, one of two things or maybe both is going to happen. One of them is, they will respond lovingly. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence you see that change happen. Soften. Or the very next interaction you have, or just a slight bit later that day, you get to have the love returned back to you. Maybe because you gave love, someone else got it back. You are a part of that process. And one of the things that I brought out yesterday was, the Universe is needing you to do that.

In speaking of that you talked about the intervention that … the help that humanity has had over the ages through beings who have come to help teach humanity or the seeding process, of seeding information with the planet or within individuals, but I think that you left everyone there—at the seminar—you left us with the thought that the intervention now is not the embodiment of one being coming to the earth to bring about a change; it’s us, with our free will and our choice intervening.

S: Yes. Aye.

When you were telling us to breathe out, and the forces being given in creating … or the way of creating this experience, I got to feeling like they were all up there looking down at us as though we were their babies, and that they cared deeply for us, and that they were there guiding and teaching, like a parent does with a child. And those are the feelings that I have for my daughter so it was real easy for me to understand that.

S: Good. Good. Aye. Good. The great cosmic sneeze.

This is a month in which you have coming up one of the power days of the year. Out of four solstices and equinoxes, and then power days which have to do with spiritual days of the earth, as opposed to geologic, cosmic, time events, you have a whole schedule of earth holidays. But the summer solstice represents, ultimately [someone in the audience sneezes] … that was the cosmic sneeze—whole worlds are created now … out of the recognition that this is the day within this arena of your world in which you have the longest day of the year. Or, as I like to remind you, the day in which the earth has the most amount of light, as you would see it. And, of course, I’m always encouraging you, and you can look back through the years to remember that you are the light, and to shine as brightly as possible, and to allow yourself to connect perhaps with a greater heritage, a heritage that across the planet has been recognized with equinoxes and solstices, and therefore in one way or another representative of sacred. To allow yourself to connect into that in whatever way would work best for you. And now and again there are rituals that are performed, and all of that works, and all of that’s there.

Well, last October you came together to help recalibrate this world. And things are very different now. You cannot put forth the vibration that’s coming into this earth right now—which you are responding to. That’s what the epidemic of tiredness is so much about. You cannot put forth an energy change that has been put forth without having an opportunity to make great use of it. And as I spoke of yesterday, trying very hard to be very clear that masculine and feminine energy and creative Source and Being Source, there really are no separations. I want to remind you as well that the feminine outpouring or the goddess aspect of the energy that this particular solstice is about is not saying that the energy is only creative. It’s not saying that the energy is only goddess, in fact. Somebody explain that circle.

Well, the process of creation begins with intent, and it develops into an idea, and it goes out, and as it goes out it needs to be carried through in action. The beginning and the creative aspect is the feminine which goes into the masculine, but they both need each other. The masculine cannot act without the guidance and the creativity of the feminine. The feminine cannot act out in the world or it can’t be carried through unless the masculine carries it out. And after it has been carried out, it again opens up into more creative process, because when action goes out or when something is done, then more opportunity opens up for more, and more ideas. And then it’s in a cycle that is a circle.

S: Perfect. Excellent. Exactly. And so when I discuss, in a few moments, that it’s going to be a great outpouring of goddess energy, it’s very important that you be aware of what I’m saying. And you are already recognizing that as a first Sunday, I’m using this night quite differently than I usually do for Sundays. You’re not getting the sermonette for Christianettes tonight, are you? I am desiring instead to use this time to talk very specifically, and my whole purpose tonight has been building. Beginning with an opportunity for you to be aware of things that are going well—things that need particular energy—so that you might be reminded from the very beginning that you have an effect in this world, and that you, as a group, have an effect. I have asked for help with this, and this happened—thank you very much—I need help with this.

Moving from there to very, very briefly reminding you about the teachings of the workshop, which is something I usually do not do, because if you weren’t at the workshop you get to feel left out, right? And that’s unpleasant, don’t you think? And those who went to the workshop are smirking. Ha, ha, ha. And yet I wanted to bring that energy back into this room in order that the information that I’m going to give could be very much better set up.

And then I reminded you that there is a very old day that has been ritualized and celebrated in very, many fashions for thousands of years coming up very quickly. And since you are now working on a recalibrated calendar, it speaks that there’s something that can be done toward that recalibration that you can do. And it has to do with a technique that Steve said very clearly, very simple, and radically changing. But that technique goes to another level. There is another step that I’m going to add this night.

You are here tonight for one purpose only. Whatever it is you think brought you here, you are here without resistance because you could have. You are here instead of at home, out to dinner, at the cinema, out to lunch, for one reason only, because you do have choice and you could have done something else. You are here because you are not of this world. That plainly. That bluntly. Run it through your heart, not your head. Your head will tell you all of the reasons why that does not work. And there’s not time for me to mess with that. Not now.

You are here because your energy functions at a level that puts you in the position of guardianship. All of your life, in one way or another—I’ve spent enough time, I’ve looked at everybody’s energy in this room, I mean everyone of you—all of your life, in one way or another, you have known you have wanted to help people, you have known that you were here to do something. You’ve had—and your modesty fights it—but you’ve had within you lodged very clearly a knowing in your heart that maybe you were going to be famous or something that allowed people to pay attention. You knew that you had something special to offer, whatever that might mean. You have known that.

You have known the sorrow of living in this world, and I mean that. To some of you I make a joke out of it and say “Welcome to the club” when you express how sad it is that people don’t even care to change, that savagery and inhumane living is acceptable. The sorrow that comes from having so much love to give in a world that does not know how to accept it. And the sense of humor you have developed to cover that pain, to learn how to fit in and laugh. This world has been waiting for you.

Twenty-six and a half million years ago, twenty-six thousand years ago, two thousand six hundred years ago—it does not matter—give or take six months, when this planet was allowed to incubate on its own, when that shift—that was not a polar shift, please—when that shift of the energy of the planet and the energy in the cosmos, that when it matched worked to create portals, arenas of transport, if you will, of energy from other dimensions to this one, when that shift occurred in order that this world might be able to grow up, it was always, always known that it did not mean help was cut off altogether. That those who had obtained mastery in other arenas would still come. Some absolutely for that purpose of major change, some to support those, and some to help bring it about in many other ways. You tend … you tend to fear the power you know you have, because you could not have the compassion to do the work in this world if you did not understand the abuses that were possible, which is why in your heart you tend to be afraid of punishment and of misusing power, and very, very, very wary of anyone or anything that smells of manipulation and misuse of power—because you’ve done it, and some of you continue to do it.

You have come to this planet now, not because there would be massive change in mass consciousness and the opportunity for sacred status, but because the potential was here. And you took the cloaking of the form you have, and the personality that you give the world, and the situations that you have grown up and lived in in order to make you the person you are now just in case this would happen.

Now what is it that you have lived through? Who is it you are in this world? What is it you have become? How do you use the power of the spiritual being that you are? What have you experienced to make you who you are, able to offer gifts unique from anyone else in this room? Have you had a really cushy life that has allowed you to be able to know that you would get everything that you deserved, being the high being of power that you are? And you know even those of you that others might look at and say “They had a cushy life,” it wasn’t, was it?

Whatever did you do to deserve this? Do you ever wonder that? Do you ever find yourself looking more forward to leaving here than to being here? I’ll tell you what you did to deserve this, you proved yourself to have a warrior’s heart, meaning an ability—and more than an ability, a willingness—to love the unlovable, to continue when the odds are not for you. You have lived the lives, you have experienced the mastery that allows you to give what this world needs right now, which is not teachers and healers and writers of books, but people who can, who will, who do, love.

Love is acceptance, which means love is blind. And love is a natural part of your experience. And what you have experienced in this life has been, without a doubt, experience after experience after experience that has taught you to trust or not to, as the case may be. To trust that you have help, that you’re not alone, be it a community of those who have the spiritual connections that you desire to be a part of, be it the Universe that you’re a part of. To trust that you are enough. Or not to trust. They’re both the same lesson, you know. But the ones who choose not to trust tend to be those who are bitter and have learned to erect, maybe transparent but nonetheless, walls of safety and separation.

This world can no longer function under a dichotomized system and you are here to show the way. And if it had not been this place at this time that you made this connection into, it would have been another, because you are here to make a difference and you know it. And although it is true that your energy will have an effect, if nothing else, it would be a pity, don’t you think, to not take a more active role in what you came here to do?

As humanity, mass consciousness, began making its path toward this planet reaching sacred status, many, many things began coming into effect. And across all stages of humanity, all types of society, over the last hundred years your world has known more change than the last thousand, because individuals who are holding the rudder on this ship came here to do that, to help direct. Your soul knows it, doesn’t it? Your soul knows it. And it’s time for your soul to begin deriving some satisfaction so that it will stop nagging you, saying, More, now, please, in order that you might feel more satisfaction. I said very recently, and I wish to remind you of it, because of the nature of what you are—no matter who you are—because of the nature of what you are, there is nothing on this planet that will give you satisfaction, joy, contentment, deep heartfelt happiness, there is nothing on this planet save one thing, and that is your consciously serving. And serving you could translate very simply by saying purposefully, consciously giving love, raising every experience to the highest possible level that you know at the time. Nothing else will satisfy you, and if you look back at your life, you’d agree that indeed nothing else ever has.

It’s those opportunities in which you have been able to give love without thought of what you’ll get back for it. You like to give. It’s the sorry truth of it in this world, and it’s the sorry truth because this world doesn’t get it, does it? It’s embarrassed when you give. It wants to put some sort of sick motivation on you for doing it. It does not understand, and as a result you’ve probably learned how to hide it. How to give in and not do it, because it does not get accepted anyway. But that’s not true. It does. It’s the only thing that changes this world.

And individuals such as yourself across this planet who work at a higher frequency are finding two things particularly coming forth to a point this month. That which you have been working toward—the visions, the goals, the dreams—are being laid open this month. You’re finding out what you’re really about. I hope you like it. They’re being laid open in that you might find yourself questioning what was once satisfactory and is no longer, or what was no longer and now seems to be what you want. You might be finding that you’ve been working toward this thing, minding your own business, doing all the right stuff, and all of sudden out of the clear blue it’s been shut down by those you thought were helping you.

The other thing that you’re going to find happening is that you’re more clear than you’ve ever been. And that’s the good news and the bad news. I promise you, beloved, you can’t run these next few weeks. You will find yourself pretty clear about what you need to do to make things better, what that next step is, but what will you do with it?

And here is what I want to pass along to help you as you go through these next four to six weeks:

A means of having the opportunity to touch into the greater you. To get feedback, if you will, on levels you might not have suspected before. Merging is an act of love, but more than that it is an act of synthesis—letting go of you to expand into more—and is that not what this path is about? Learning to recognize that you are at one, that you are the creator as well as the creation?

You’re going to be finding that the world wants to ask a lot of you. Give them this. Merging requires an altered consciousness, but it’s very, very simple to do it. All you’re doing essentially is looking for that day-dreamy state. Some of you live in an altered consciousness already, and you can find that it’s fairly easy to move to that sort of dreamy state, but the easiest way to bring it about is simply to change your focus from a hard focus—where things are clear and distinct—to a soft focus. That might mean that you slightly cross your eyes. Is that done? Or it might mean that you close your eyes just a bit, and make things a bit fuzzy by squinting a little. It does not matter. For some of you, take your glasses off, that’s all it takes. Things will be fuzzy enough. You’re not very focused then. It works. Aye. Doing that takes the edge off of the input coming in. That’s all it’s for. Simply that. Very safe. Very easy. It’s just a different means of gaining input. The merging process begins at this point.

The first thing I want to talk to you about is primary merging which some of you are familiar with. Then I want to talk, very, very quickly, about the second level of it. What is needed for this coming time.

Sorry Stuart, I just don’t think it’s going to happen [referring to length of video tape].

Here is what I’d like to ask you to do. Practice this, because what I’m going to suggest to you is something that’s also going to be done by those who are in Ireland, particularly for a specific work creating a sacred circle, an opening, a heart portal. There is no time. There is no space. Every time you practice, every time you think to do it, just send a thought that it go to that working on the summer solstice.

Here is how merging works. You soften your focus as you look at an object. If you begin with an inanimate object, it’s probably a bit easier for you to learn to practice. Then move to something that’s not going to talk back. A plant, something like that. Move then, perhaps, to your creatures, and then to other humans. With that focus, ask permission, that is a click for you. It’s not really something going on with them, because merging is an act of love. It is a means of moving back into your truest self, and so there would never be a rejection of it, except by your own self. So by saying May I merge with you? you are effectively clicking into your head. The process has begun, and you’re setting into motion that you’re working in something that’s for higher good. You’re not desiring to interfere, to manipulate. You’re working to manifest a greater love, a oneness. Remember that.

Next, you’re going to think about all of the things that are the same with you and that object. You’re looking at a tree, so you might be thinking, well we’re both hard on the inside and soft on the outside—perhaps that should be the other way around, but you know you better, don’t you? I too can reach toward the sky. I get my balance from deep within the earth. Perhaps you are looking at your cat and you’re thinking, We both get hungry and we both make a lot of noise—look for what is the same. That’s a very important step there, but it’s very quick. It’s just a mental process. You’re looking to find commonality. You are excluding what is not the same, what does not work, and you’re looking for common ground. That’s a very unusual thing for a human to do, you know. Most of your life is punctuated by moments that are different. You remember what’s not a part of your normal flow. That’s why, more often than not, earliest memories are not happy. I was standing in my crib, beating against the bars, very, very unhappy, because that was not the natural state. Looking for commonality is an act of higher consciousness. What are all the ways this is the same? How can I relate?

And then the merging happens when you move that simply to—still soft focus—What do you need? You’re asking the tree that you’ve merged with, What do you need? You send it love. You allow yourself to receive. It’s a mental process that stimulates a cosmic happening, and although I would love to say that every one of you would have the same experience Steve did—you would just fall in love, no differences, everything is fine—that really would not be the case for everybody. Truly. Truly. But you will find that with practice what does happen is that you begin to get a sense that there really are not barriers, and better than that, fairly soon you’re going to have an interesting thing happen, and that is that you’re going to start having a sense that everything around you is talking back to you. Maybe not so much in words, but when you look at those flowers you have a sense of them greeting you or saying something like, I could use a bit more water. And when you merge with another person, particularly when you’re doing it purposefully together—because you can stand in the grocery line and merge with the person in front of you and they won’t know it, although they might turn around and stare at you because it can be felt,particularly when it is two merging purposefully together—you might find that you come back to sharp focus with tears on your face or you might have a sense of great love, maybe great sorrow.

It’s an act of creation, and the more you practice it, the faster it comes to you until that point that very easily and very quickly you can automatically merge with those around you. And you can merge with a couple of people at the same time, and there’s only until the solstice to get good at this, because it is at the solstice that the second step comes into effect. To move then from primary merging now, to the recalibrated work in which what you are doing is you are merging with a concept. And that concept is One Heart. You will have two or three or ten or twelve people together, and the first thing that you’re going to do is merge with the group. And merging with the group, you have created one single entity, and that entity—that one group—is going to then merge with the sacred earth. A place that you have put yourself that you recognize as sacred.

And of course this is an easy one, but you might have a place that is particularly more meaningful for you. So that merging then with the sacred aspect of that earth—get that, mind you, the sacred aspect of that earth—you now have created another entity. The entity of the group has merged with the entity of the sacred earth, and then those two will merge. It’s a three-step process. One heart into one earth, so that that merges to create one being. It’s an act that will require this [the head], and that makes it hard, because when the head has to be involved, you get to think, I’m making this up; nothing’s happening. I like it better when it makes me shiver and quiver, and I feel the earth shaking. Which of course, you know very well, is the least reliable sign. What it is, actually, is a very reliable sign that spiritual work is not normal to you because it feels so abnormal.

And here is what you could be thinking while you’re doing this process. You could be imagining a great light coming to this planet on which you are the center, and that light spreading out to encompass the whole circle straight out from you, so that the whole group together creates one great light. You might then, for that second stage, imagine that light moving in and connecting to the very center of the earth. Some of you are already visualizing it and doing quite a good job with it; I like that. And that light covering the planet so that it is all one great light, you and the planet. And at that point you want to give love—you thought there was no reason I told you that was what you were here to do?—and you want to ask, What do you need. Because, beloved ones, you are asking the working of life force energy at that point. And mass consciousness is affected by that.

You may find that focussing on creative goddess energy and imagining yourself being the embodiment of goddess here is helpful, and if you do choose to imagine it that way, ask What can I do to put that energy into my world? Not the world. What can I do to put this energy into my world? And see what you get.

And that sounds like a very simple request. Hardly worthy of imagining that you have come here and put up with all of this to do that, but the door has a lock on it, and you have the key. And, yes, I can continue working for another thirteen years, battering that lock, or you can just use your key. Don’t walk on water when you can take the boat. And of course you’ve got to be warned, you’ve got to be warned, this work will change you. You cannot take part in an event of this magnitude where so few are holding the key. You cannot take part in such an event and not be changed by it. And so it’s important to warn you, how do you deal with change? How satisfied are you right now? How much are you willing to do in recognition of guardianship of this planet? How many other keys do you want to know you hold?

Your world is changing this month. Geologically. Climactically. The constructs of government, and the constructs of economy, and your personal life. You need one another.

Be well, beloved friends. Practice will make perfect. Glochanumora. May the passion of fire infuse you, the wisdom of air make available to you all that you need to know. May the eternal flow of water, which represents the eternal flow of love, fill you and spill forth from you. May the safety and balance of earth hold you and keep you from fear. And with the elemental working of those magics, may the spirit you are and the power it has move through you and through your world. So it will be. Happy, happy trails.