October 3, 2004

Samuel: Greeting, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Well I’d say that you’re either more energized than usual, or the room is more clear than even usual. Which one do you think that would be?


S: Both. Do you think both? Well, good. It’s a good thing.

So how is your new beginning going?

Very well.

S: Aye. And how have you been working with manifestation these last few weeks? What are you manifesting in your life around now? And what you might want to do to look that over is to think about the last few weeks. What’s been going on in your life, because ultimately that is what you are manifesting.

So what is it you are manifesting these days? And realize that the creation energy that has been flowing through the last few weeks has been bringing you, truly, you. So do you like what you’re finding? 


Pretty much. I’ve been manifesting opportunities to see where my fears are. What’s been really neat is that I see it fast, I see it quickly.

S: Yes.

And I mean within minutes. Not days quickly, but minutes quickly, which is really helpful.

S: And that is mastery, by the way.

Thank you, I’ll remember that. And then when I see it as fear, and I’m working through financial fears for instance. After waiting six weeks, I finally got my first paycheck at LCC, you know, and they’d warned us that it’s a new system that might be wrong. So I’d done all my figures, I knew to the penny what they were going to pay me. And I looked at it, and sure enough it was wrong. So, that . . . and I was afraid because the payroll people weren’t there. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it right and all that kind of stuff.

So I searched out the people, and as I sat there, I realized, waiting for this person, that I was afraid that I would not get what was due to me. And I thought, “Well, I need to trust.” So I just was sending out trust, called the toning circle to me, and sent out trust. Well, in about one minute she went over my shoulder, she said “Okay, now what’s the problem?” And she read it through me, and she says “Oh, don’t look at these, look at this line. Isn’t that right, just exactly what you’re supposed to be paid?” And I said “Yes, it was.” It was right there all the time. That’s been happening to me. When I ask for the trust then it happens very quickly that I see that it was right there all the time.

S: I love that.

So do I.

S: I love that. And I like the part where you said you were afraid you were not going to get what was due to you, because most people are afraid they’re going to get what’s due to them. So it’s nice to have somebody with the sort of confidence that they have been doing what they’ve needed to be doing, and therefore it should be a good thing. Aye. That’s really good. And I very much appreciate your willingness to see that as working through your fears and getting through very, very quickly and easily, because the fact of it is, manifestation is all about releasing those fears.

The fewer fears you are living through—I did not say working on; I said living through—the fewer fears that you are living through, then the more you’re going to be finding your manifestation process to be easy and—dare I say it?—good. Everything you do is a manifestation of everything you are. And when what you are is filled with fear—well, I would say God, Source, the Universe, but the fact of it is, it’s you—when what you feel is fear you prove that out in your life, because your whole life is about proving out what you think.

So if you must prove out your fears, your awareness changes it from being that “you’re right to have them” to “you’re right to let them go.” Either way, you’re going to be right. One is just a lot easier to deal with than the other. That’s good.


I just wanted to understand the distinction between fears that you’re living through and fears you’re working on.

S: When you’re working on something, it’s in the very top of your mind. You’re consciously—hopefully—putting to it the technologies that allow you to move beyond that fear. But the reason you are aware of a fear at all is because there is a principle or a belief behind it that you are living through. It’s the filter through which you act. It’s that chink in the brain that causes all of your thoughts to first run through that “what if that.” Good to ask.

Now, I was talking about manifestation. Aye, love.

For the last month I have just felt so much love from everybody. I’ve been in contact with a lot of people in Phoenix, but also friends that I’ve known before, and I’m just overflowing with love. And I guess that’s manifestation.

S: I would say that that’s the whole purpose of manifestation.

Now, be aware of what I just said there. And this isn’t even really where I’m going tonight, but it’s important. It’s very important. The manifestation of those loving people and loving feelings and giving and receiving of love, that’s really what it’s about. Now, what does that say? This isn’t one you have to dig down to figure out. It’s right there on top. It’s obvious. What does it say? And now that makes everybody afraid. Kathy.

You’re in the flow of love.

S: Good. Yes. Good. More.

You are love.

S: Yes. Right there. One of the easiest things that it is to do is to forget that this is one big costume party. And you’re going as . . . I don’t know, I just usually think of it as entertainment and watch. I was going to say that you’re going as the clown, right? But then I thought that that might be an insult to Cam, and I did not mean it to be.

It’s a costume party, because you put on the costume of humanity. And it’s a nice costume. And it takes a long time to get it to where it fits well, but there does come a point in which you realize, “It fits well. I like it. I’m enjoying it. I can wear it without stumbling around in it much.” Hopefully. And because of that, it’s easy to forget that that’s not what you really are about. It’s easy to get caught up in how the costume allows you to slide easily through the world, and then to get caught up in thinking that’s what you’re all about. And the problem with it is that when you start thinking you are the costume, you begin forgetting what you really are.

And what are you really? Love, yes. Magnificent, brilliant, beautiful, powerful beings of light and love, here at this time to help bring about positive change in this world, and you know it because you’ve felt that since you were a baby, haven’t you? You know it because your whole system works toward that. Everything you are, everything you do, everything you feel good about, every success, every leap in awareness is the result of your living the love you are. That’s all there is. And although that sounds perhaps trite and simplistic, especially to those who know that living love is one of the hardest things that there is to do, because it goes against the whole social security system . . . wait a minute.

Not that one [Social Security].

S: Not that one, that’s right. The security system culturally, how about that? The cultural security system—although I really liked social security system better.

It’s not easy, but it’s not hard. And the reason it’s not hard is because it is your natural function, it’s your fertilizer. Oh goodness, how many places could we go with that one!

Living love. Living [long pause] love, because it’s what you are. It’s all you do. And every act, consciously given, brings to your consciousness more knowledge of what you really are. It’s all the difference.

Yes, Harvey.

Is there any difference between what we call energy and what we call love?

S: Yes and no. Yes, there is a difference only in the way that it’s used. The contextual use of it in any particular way—you are energy; you are love—well, you can say you are energy and specifically be referring to the non-form essence, with love being the working out of that energy in form. You can use it as energy being “I need more energy.” Some of you ask for “energy for energy” and you’re using it two different ways there. You are saying “I would like to receive the flow of energy to give me more activity and strength and whatever for the day.”

You can use love as a reference to All That Is, Source, the connection of perfect flow, God, Goddess. You can use it as the feeling that you have one to another.

So, contextually, it all depends upon how you’re using it, but essentially love is the word for God, Source, All That Is. Love is the focus of Source energy functioning in this world, and everything that you do to further define love in your life, by your knowledge, connects you back to that source of original love. Love is a thing and love just is.

And as your science is becoming more and more aware that there is a sort of cosmic glue that is a part of every one and every thing, you who choose to call that love and make it an active function of your life become naturally, as if there was no work involved, you become naturally touched into Source in a way that is unavailable otherwise. It’s ultimately the key. So, both ways.

Now, here is where I wish to go tonight. Ready? When we were together last like this, we talked about work, yes? And how has work been for you? Interesting, good, testing? How have you thought about work in your life? Have you made changes in the way that you think about the work that you do and the work that you are, the work that needs to be balanced a bit better, the work that needs to be functioning a bit differently? Have you been thinking about your work? And adding manifestation to that, have you been making changes in your life, in your work, with regard to allowing it to become potentially an easier place for manifesting those things that you need and want in your life?

Because this is October, and for all practical purposes October is the end of your year. It’s the end of a very simple cycle in your culture, in your part of the world. What cycle would that be, and why am I saying it’s the end? And I want to ask you to be careful not to think of this seasonally. I’m not talking seasons. This is autumn, and that’s not what I’m talking about. What am I saying here? Don’t all jump at once. There’s plenty of time for everybody to have a chance. What is it the end of?


S: It could possibly be the end of harvest, yes. But I’m not talking about the harvest of grain and vegetables.

The end of an inordinate amount of light, and it’s an entering into a period of darkness.

S: That’s very true. That’s very true. In a lot of ways you find where you are situated on this planet, you find that your days are getting shorter, and you know that, but about October you become aware of a radical shift in light and dark balance. So, sure, that’s true. It’s a different sort of light and dark balance that I’m going with though.


Isn’t it a time when we’ve come out of a very active period, and activity in terms of manifestation, and activity in terms of just our own sense of self and our world, and we’re getting ready to go inward and to start preparing for the new.

S: Absolutely. Absolutely. And a lot of that can seem to be seasonally related as well, because you’ve got the day that is longer, more light that is longer, the season of growing and harvesting and all of the personal lessons you can take from that. You’ve come from a time of manifestation. Manifestation which brings you to an awareness of what you believe about you. In every sacred year—and I’ll get to that in a moment—and those who function at the higher frequencies of awareness function in a sacred year, a spiritual year—again, I will get to that in a moment. Remind me if I don’t. You have a very natural cycle that with every other function of your body, your brain, your activity, flows and ebbs. It’s a part of the very natural function of energy in this world—receiving, giving, moving, not moving, not moving. You never know how accessible this brain is. Accessible, not accessible—a part of a greater flow, and that flow has what you might consider high points that are good and low points that are not good, and that is what I’m talking about tonight. What is that?

The low points that don’t look so good.

And the high points.

S: The low points that don’t look so good and the high points—can you work with me a bit here? Frank.

By being aware of the cycles, we can make the best use of them. By knowing where the high cycle [is] or being aware of it, we can use that energy. And if we’re heading into a low cycle, we can recognize that it’s a low cycle and not judge our life and our surroundings by that low cycle, and use it for whatever would be best for us at that point.

S: And this is good, this is all very good. It’s the technology that helps you in the ins and outs of everyday life—knowing your cycles, knowing your functions, knowing your rhythm—but what I’m talking about is the tendency to put what appears to be a flow of high points and low points—which are a judgment—putting that into gear so that you judge your life in compartments, rather than allowing yourself to learn to live as it is.

This is the point in the sacred year in which you become very aware of the need for two things: to refresh—pay attention to that word; I’m using it purposefully—the need to refresh your nature, and release your nurture. I’m using those words carefully. Refresh your nature. Now what does it sound like that’s talking about? Don’t dig hard. It’s pretty obvious. Aye.

It just means to me just to feed that part of ourselves that’s connected to spirit.

S: Absolutely. Absolutely. Refresh your nature means to let that part of you that is a function of spirit clear up, clean out, let go of what’s no longer needed, make room for what’s coming your way.

Refreshing your nature is a natural process for every function of life force in this world. You are constantly doing it in one way or another. But the nature that I’m talking about is the part of you that has absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with the egoic personality that expresses itself in the world as—fill in your name here—as Suzie, as Matthew, as Lisa. Your truest, essential nature.

When somebody is good-natured that means they are happy and kind and don’t get down quickly.


S: Aye. All right, that’s not what I’m talking about. What am I saying by nature, your nature.

The spiritual essence of Source.

S: Spiritual essence, the source of who you are. Good. Good. Sorry for being so basic with this, but it’s so important now. And I don’t want you to misunderstand what I’m saying.

How do you refresh the essential Source in you?

[. . . ]

S: Hang it out on the line for a while and let it get aired out.

By releasing that which is not your nature.

S: Perfect the first time. Yes! Yes! And that, therefore, leads you right into . . .

Your nurture.

S: Your nurture. What is nurture, as I’m using it there? Now, think about what was just said. By releasing those things that you are not. And I am saying release your nurture. So what am I saying there.


It’s releasing who you really are. It’s putting that out into the world, living it.

S: And I would say that that’s refreshing your nature, because indeed putting it out there in the world has the effect of increasing all of the power with it. But you’re releasing your nurture.

Stuart and then Harvey.

What’s coming to my mind is that we’re nurtured to do certain things throughout our life that keep us safe, to please others, to not risk being vulnerable whether it’s to help somebody that you see that’s in need but you choose not to act because we’re taught to keep it safe.

S: So in that context, nurture then . . . you said we are nurtured to do these things. What would be another word rather than nurtured there?


S: We are self protecting. We are . . . again?


S: We are conditioned, that works. We are . . . again?


S: We are approval-seeking. Nurtured. We are . . .


S: Socialized, yes, yes. Trained. Conditioned. Taught. Nurtured. All right, back off just a moment from that. Harvey.

I was going to say accumulated experience.

S: Good. Good. Nurtured. Release the nurture. Now, when you think of somebody who is nurturing, two questions: What are they doing and what are they nurturing in the typical context/ Colleen.

They could be taking care of somebody.

S: Probably has to do with taking care of somebody.

Well I usually see that, nurturing, is to encourage something in some way to grow on its own, or to start to accomplish on its own what right now it may need help with.

S: To provide what is needed to help another person or thing or idea or event to function as fully as possible. And I am saying release the nurture.

Release our need to help somebody else.

S: I don’t think you can. But what I am saying is—right along with all of those—your nature as a being of spirit often contradicts the nurture or survival skills, if you will, the skills given to you in order that you can function wholly in this world, often conflicts with those technologies for making it through the day. Or, to say it another way, the things that you are here to do in this life often give way to the things required to get you through the day. And at this point in a year, at a time in which the calendars you work by say “not over yet,” you have a natural cycle within you that is activating instead of winding down. You have within you—without a doubt I can say it for every one of you in here—you have a sense of anticipation starting to perk up. Now, that can be because you have a new job or a new life or a new friend or awareness or belief, and you think that’s what this is about.

But give yourself a few moments to think about October. More or less every year you find yourself naturally getting perky.

Never mind. Well, I was thinking of perking up, but then getting perky is not the same thing at all, is it? So we won’t go there.

And the reason that that comes about is because when your planet is shifted in its usual rotational circuit—that works—the nature of the cosmic energy—I’m so sorry to be getting airy-fairy on you here—the nature of the cosmic energy flowing into your world—and I mean literally cosmic energy, stars and planets and every function of form having its ripple in the greater ocean life—every one of you are responding—thank you, love—to a greater outpouring of pure physical energy. And your body reacts.

And it reacts in a couple of ways—well, a lot more than a couple, so don’t say one, two. One of the most obvious things that it does is it begins picking your energy up. Now unless you have some physical difficulties that cause that to be less easy to recognize—and that is true for some of you in here—but as a whole your physical energy begins shifting about now. You begin feeling a little more active, whether that is an imagined activity or not, it’s there. You become anticipatory—is that a word? Now it is, all right? You become anticipatory. You find yourself looking at things in more of a fresh way.

Now, right now you are in an election year, and about this time in an election process, it’s a little bit harder to think fresh, isn’t it? And, in fact, some of you are getting rather obsessive, discourage—any of the above work—within that process. Just try to put that aside for a bit and move into the larger view of it.

This is a time in which the holiday rush hasn’t hit you. The change-of-season physical maladies have not hit you. And the human brain says, “A break. Got a break. A good thing. Got a bit of relief. Now is the time that I can catch up on some things and get ready for things, and plan and prepare.” It’s that sort of anticipation, because what you have coming into your world, in a way not unusual but stronger than yesterday, and stronger tomorrow than today, for about six weeks, about—middle September to end October—you have stronger life force flow.

Now, another thing that that does is provide a lot of opportunities to leave. Now, that does not mean that if you do not have a portal you all of a sudden will have one and you can go. But it does mean that you are very likely going to be touched, in one way or another, of [sic] death, the passage. The passage of people, ideas, events, the passage, the death, of your life’s boxes. What do I mean by that? Again?

The costume.

S: Some of the costumes, that ever-changing mask, generally a clown, sometimes a happy one. Sometimes a sad one, sometimes an excited one. All right, all of the different costumes, that works. What’s another way to say that?

The limiting beliefs that hold us back.

S: The limiting beliefs that hold you back, as well as . . .

The ones that work for us.

S: Yes. Yes, yes. Don’t forget that. That’s very important.

Life boxes means all of the compartmentalizing that we do, all the labeling and judging we do, like “this is good, this is bad, this is fun.” All of that. So by saying the death of those, is to act to sort of create chaos of the world and within our life.

S: Is that a good thing?


S: It’s a very good thing. It’s a very good thing, but as with so many other things in your life, it’s a good thing because you’re not resisting it. Otherwise, it’s a painful, hard thing. Chaos is pure creation force energy. Somebody give me the explanation of chaos that I often give. Mary Claire.

Chaos is all the potential out there. For instance, you’ve given the example of going into a grocery store where you have thousands and thousands of possibilities, and finding within all that chaos that which you want to create.

S: It is unlimited potential. It is a thousand possibilities called into shape by your intent. It’s the unknown, not the unknowable. It is the means by which manifestation flows through to you.

“Samuel, are you just with that saying that without chaos we don’t manifest in our lives?” That’s right. That’s exactly what I’m saying. “Well, wouldn’t that sort of mean that chaos was a good thing? And we have always been taught to avoid chaos, to seek regimentation and safety in being with each other, and not stepping forth and be. . . .” Oh, release the nurture, embrace the nature. Chaos.

Stuart, what sort of signal were you giving me here.

About ten minutes.

Did you get to that part of talking about the sacred year that you wanted to talk about, and everything.

S: No, but do bring it back.

You have a great flow of chaos coming your way, and your ability to make use of it is all based on your judgment of it. Now, on one hand what I’m saying there is—going back to the very beginning where I was starting—your tendency to look at the world as “these are the highs and these are lows,” that judgment process, that effectively limits your world; that judgment process needs transformation. And the key there is transformation, because what this function of chaos is about this time of year, this work in front of you, is about transformation.

You’ve just come from manifestation—making real—now you’re moving to transformation. Do you see how right that flow is? Do you see how the one opens the door for the other?

You walk into that grocery store and you have in mind chocolate cake. And so you know that out of all of the items that are available, you are going to pick those that become chocolate cake. You choose what is needed and then you transform it. How do you transform it? Think cake.

You put it together and you bake it.

Focused intent.

S: Very definitely. And truly focused intent that leads to action, but ultimately what you’re doing is you’re putting it all together. You’re combining, you’re unifying it. So, to go back again, what you are in the midst of right now is that over the last—well, I was going to say few weeks, but for most of you it’s been actually the last few months, and for a couple of you it’s been the last few years, hasn’t it?—you have been looking at chaos. That’s not a bad thing. Try not to automatically put that wall up. I’ll say it another way, you’ve had lots and lots of doors opening, closing. Your life has been coming to a point, like a pencil has a point, that focused intent that makes something out of pure possibility. Over the last few weeks,—definitely months for a few of you, years for a couple of you—you have been bringing into your life those things that you have needed [in order] to find you in the midst of you.

Now if this was an interview for the newsletter, I would be saying to Paula or David, “That is ‘You with a capital Y to find you with a small y.’” Yes. See how trainable I am?

You have gone through, be it a long full life, a short full life, you have gone through the stages through which you have defined yourself in the world and you are turning over now to that time in which you are going to be defining your spirit in the world. Defining You in the midst of you. And the chaos that you have been experiencing over this period of time has been the ingredients that are needed for the transformation before you next—before you now, but before you next. The transformation—and here is where the sacred year comes in—should be a new beginning, an opportunity to begin again, rather than a fluffing up of the old.

It works when you release the nurture, when you release those tried-and-true systems that have brought you safely here. When you keep yourself from the idea that “it’s gotten me this far,” or “everybody else does,” or “it’s how it’s done.” When you keep yourself from looking through old eyes, the eyes attached to the costume, the mask, and instead allow a transformation to occur, a transformation in which you do not automatically look at the world through your fears, security systems, boundaries and boxes, through successes or failures, and the technologies that brought them to you, but instead are brave enough to face the day with “Give me your best shot!” Some of you actually got sweaty hands with that thought.

And that must change, because this cycle, this cycle that’s about transformation, this time that’s about magic—really—magic, that’s what your world calls transformation. Because right now in your life you are in a process of awakening your planet in a way that has been cut off, inaccessible, for all of your time. That’s a little y.

You are the cook for your tomorrow. And if you bring into this world the fears of yesterday, if you bring into these opportunities that are going to be opening in front of you, that are going to be raising you up in awareness of what you are and why you are, if you are going to be capable of making use of this sacred power, you must not handle it the same old way. New eyes. New understanding. New function. All right, Samuel, I’ve got my pen out. I’m ready! How should it be then? How should I look?”

Stuart are you asking something or trying to say shut up?

Well, I’ve noticed during this talk that I’ve nurtured within myself to respond a certain way mentally and physically to chaos. I stress myself out. I worry about it. I get blinders on, and I get obsessed with achieving my goal. I forget other people’s needs. So I see that I’ve nurtured within myself a whole slew of things that I have associated with chaos. And what I’m hearing you say is that I need to transform that part of myself so that when the chaos is happening I don’t allow those things to rule me.

Like I was seeing on this vacation tour leaders that I knew were dealing with total chaos and they seemed so relaxed and so attentive to all the people who were asking them the same question a hundred different ways or a hundred times, and I was marveling at that and thinking “I want to be like that when I grow up.” You know, to be able to flow in that chaos but not personally let it affect my ability to connect with other people or to keep me from being in my now because I’m worrying about “what if.”

S: And so there it is. I could just say goodbye, because that’s it. What is the result, do you think, of changing the life-forged habit of seeing chaos as a negative function? What do you think will happen if you change that life-forged habit of seeing chaos as a negative function?

All possibilities become available to you.

S: But say it louder.

All possibilities become available to you.

S: Yes. And that, that, is going to be your defining moment. You like it better when it’s neat and consistent and all the sentences start with the same word. And you avoid those situations that are unknown in which you think you might fail. And so you build a life up, you build a life up of trying not to fail, and that’s a miserable life.

When the possibility, when the idea of “all possibilities are open” frightens you, you transform to a state of death. And for many within mass consciousness at this time of year, this becomes various versions of death. Instead of seeing opening, opportunity and transformation, they see fear. They see an inability to handle all of these things that they think are going happen to make things complex, to make things hard.

Like no other time in your life, this is the time to function in the flow of pure cosmic power, because the planet you are on is in the midst of transformation beyond what your human mind can imagine. But with that mind that is beyond human within you, you cannot only see, but you can be the power of transformation into a power of spiritual awareness that will allow you to see through the chaos, through the fear.

A sacred year is a constant reflection of the basic force of energy. It is move, it is stable. It is shift and plateau, shift and plateau, shift and plateau. A sacred year is the physical expression of a spiritual cycle, and when I say physical expression it is a collective function of life force, as opposed to an individual’s experience of it.

You are going to be seeing, need to be seeing, perhaps are already seeing that you have the ability to control your personal chaos, to see it not as opportunity but as transformation, and that’s an important difference. Think about that. And by recognizing your ability to make changes in your personal chaos you are going to see that you have the ability to affect creation as a whole.

Tell me, please somebody, what the ancients have said a dragon represents. All right. Mary Claire.

Wisdom. Knowledge. The treasurer of what that is, that holds it and maintains it and keep it.

S: Good. That works. More.

A guardian.

S: Again.

A guardian.

S:  A guardian. Very good. They are shape-shifters. Magical creatures. They are transformative.

This October you are awakening dragon energy, because the dragon holds the key, guards the treasure, is the change. It’s a function of transformation. You are awakening your dragon spirit now, because the treasure that you have been holding within you is coming forth. And it will go right back into hiding if you let that dragon choose which box it’s going to have to sit in because you are unable to release your nurture.

Transformation—personally, physically, spiritually, the anticipation you are feeling, experiencing, that you are aware of now—requires you to release judgment, to be open to new, to be open to old, to be ready. Those things that come up in your path through these next six weeks or so, give them over to the power of transformation. Practice. Practice on the little things until you’re confident with the big ones. How can this transform? How can I see this differently? Do this differently? How can I stop fearing and boxing, but transform?

You feel it. You know it. Do something with it. Don’t let it go by again.

When you take off the mask, it’s Source you see. I highly recommend that you look for that Source.