February 1, 2004

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Good. Now, there are either people here who are totally dead, or a lot of empty spaces. So, are you chickens? Aye, braver and braver all the time. Good girl. Ah, yes, and may you not be sorry for it. So, one more here and one more there. All right, claimed.

So this is a very important month. Why?

Because you said so.

S: I think that’s a lovely reason. Not the one I had in mind though. A very important month.

[. . . ] birthday.

S: Actually, I think there are several. Who has birthdays this month? Look at this. Look at this. Now what do you think that’s about? That’s not what I’m talking about tonight, though.

Let me change the way I said that. Rather than “What do you think that’s about?” it is Guardianship energy, here at this place, taking part in this work, and this many within the audience celebrating a power day in the next few weeks: what do you think that’s about?”

Perfect timing.

S: I like that answer, that’s a good one. And, again, I will ask you: This is a big month; what’s going on?

Well, there’s Imbolc.

S: That’s a good one.

Valentine’s Day.

S: And Valentine’s Day.

It’s a it  year.

S: It’s a leap year. What is a leap year?

It’s an extra day.

Instead of February having twenty-eight days, every four years it has twenty-nine days.

[. . .]

Or it doesn’t, if it’s divisible by four hundred.

S: And the reason that I laughed is, you know there were some perfectly good calendars in the world before you ended up with this one, where every few years, or every few hundred years, you’ve got to adjust everything.

Well, leap year isn’t exactly what I was thinking it was, but that probably fits in there with some of the other things you’re coming up with. What does February mean for you?

It’s a heart month.

S: Say it again, Janette.

It’s a heart month.

S: A heart, not hard, a heart month, a month in which very, very often people are thinking of relationships and love. And not having relationships and not being in love. That brings balance to the world, you see. Heart month, all right, and I suppose also for some of you it could be heart: pay attention, use it as a signal to think about your physical heart. Yes, heart and heart.

For me, it’s . . . I think in January I set the goals that I’d like for the coming year, and February for me, traditionally, is a time where I’m starting the beginnings of taking steps toward those goals. Planning and writing out what could be the first step I can take toward this goal, and kind of beginning the action toward what it is that I want.

S: And I’m going to just stop right there, because she is so “at” where I was going, that I’m not going to keep torturing you.

The energy of the new year shows itself up in January, and in January you learn about what you want. And in February you learn about what you are. In January, you are thinking, All right, new beginning, new start, time to take on these resolutions—thank you—and you have hopes, goals, you are challenging yourself. This year I am going to . . . Over the next few weeks I am going to . . . Here is what I want this year.

So the first thing that I want you to take just a little bit of attention to right there is even if what you chose was not to have those resolutions—I always want to say revolutions—what were you seeking in January? What did you think you wanted to change? What did you think about as a goal? What were you looking at with that energy of beginning new?

Now, don’t answer me. Think about that for a moment. What did you set up for you?

[. . .]

S: And that’s very good, that’s important, but that’s only the beginning. And that’s very important.

Once you are looking at what you are looking at, why did you choose that thing, those things. Now, again, don’t answer me. Just think about it for a few moments, because I’m going to smack you on top of the head in just a moment. Maybe you don’t really like having a hint of that to begin with. All right, I’m not going to smack you on top of the head in a moment. Forget that. I’ll grab you by the heart. Smack you on top of the head with that. Wrong life, never mind!

In January, you are looking at what you want. In February, you’re looking at what you are. Now, of course, there are a lot of ways to say that, and if I’m doing it well I will say it different ways each time. With the point that what you did in January is important, but what you did with what you did in January is more important. Did you get that? What you did in January was important. Those goals, those thoughts, those new beginnings, those ideas for change, those are important. But what you did with them is more important.

And February tends to be the proving ground, the “How is it working? Did it work? Are you doing it? Did you stop? Did it change? Did you?” It’s the proving ground for what you think you want. And that’s a very important statement.

So many people, so many Guardians, waste vast amounts of their life seeking what they don’t truly want, choosing to set goals that they think they should be wanting to have, doing activities that they think will bring them something they don’t have. January is a really good month for trying to break patterns that don’t work for you, but it’s not until February that you’re going to see the patterns that really don’t work for you. And some of them might be: It doesn’t work well to set a goal you don’t believe in; it doesn’t serve you to seek a change beyond what you are willing to become for. I’ll get to that one in a moment.

Look at January, and now standing at the doorway of February, what have you done to bring those things about? What have you done or not to not bring them about? Was it conscious change or sabotage? Were you the victim of the Fates or the master of yours? What is February telling you about what you really want or don’t really want? What is February telling you about the plan that you put forth to get what you really want? What is February telling you about you?

And if what it’s telling you is that it might be good to turn the calendar back and start again with a more reasonable, workable, possible goal, or if it’s telling you that you’ve got it, you know how it’s working for you, keep it up, go ahead and add another goal, perhaps, because you’re right with the system, or if it’s telling you it doesn’t go this way at all, seek balance.

When last we were together like this, I talked a lot about balance. Breaking your life up into segments and figuring out how much of your time was going into each of those segments while you were seeking balance, rather than extremes. And, ideally—and many of you did—ideally, you left that meeting looking to see how you could bring greater balance into your life.

And February is a mirror saying here is how it worked [makes Bronx cheer], or here is how it worked, three cheers! February is all about change, and it does not matter where you are in this world, February, whether it be a change that thanks to rodents is about longer winters—I never quite get that one right. It’s one of those that means so little to me that it just does not make sense. And, you know, there’s so many things that don’t make a lot of sense here.

Punks-to-wannie. Is that what you’re saying there? Punks-to-wannie.


S: Punksatawny. Tawny. All right, let’s say it again.


S: Punksatawny.


That’s the name of the town.

That’s the rodent.

S: Punksatawny, who crawls out of his burrow, looks at the light and says, “Aaaah!” Right? Scurries back in. And although, theoretically, that somehow predicts weather patterns for the next six weeks, days, months, something, anywhere you are in the world that prediction can come true, because it might be that February is bringing a change toward springtime or it might be that it’s bringing a change toward autumn, but it’s change. February is about change. And, sweet love, your life is about change. Change.

The difficulties that you run into in your life, I will say it very clearly, any situation that you’ve had in your life that has brought difficulty is the result of resistance to change. There’s nothing else that follows that. Change happens. And how you work with that change determines how it happens to you.

What is February going to tell you based on January? Perhaps it’s going to say that some of the change that you might be seeing on the road with you is going to be change to do with some habits you’ve picked up that don’t serve you, and it would be helpful to look at them in a different light. What’s the best light to see change in? Trick question. Be careful. That one was one you can answer. Jennifer.

It’s “Oh boy, what is this going to bring for me, what opportunity is there?”

S: That works. That’s good. An attitude of positive seeking, rather than fear, helps. An attitude of curiosity. That’s good. That works.


S: Flexibility, adaptation.

Embracing with love.

S: Embracing it with love.


S: Gratitude. Good. Good. Yes.

Your world is making profound changes now—probably more than any other year in your life—and some of you have had a lot of those years. You are going to find that this year brings more change into the world as a whole, and I would like to say into your life, because you’re a part of the world, but the fact of it is that’s not always the case. Some of you have learned how to partition off your experience, how to not be a part of what’s going on around there, and that can be a very good thing at times, as long as it’s not running. You are in the world, you are not of it.

This year from beginning to end is about trust and hope and remembering the promise. It’s about the awakening of that which has been sleeping. It’s about activating those parts of you that you have chosen to cover over, hide it, to keep it safe or protect you from embarrassment—for whatever reason. This is a year of remarkable power available to those who are not afraid and who are clear enough to make use of it, clear enough to make use of it.

February is an opportunity for you to take a look at the patterns that work, and to make changes in the ones that don’t. It is an opportunity for you to arrange your life so that you are better able to serve love. Big platter. Drive through window. They’re not my pictures, they’re yours. I say serve love, and interesting little things start coming my way.

And now I want to warn you, if you choose by conscious action or inaction, if you choose not to change, your physical life will begin to die this year.

Now, what do I mean by that, because that’s sort of a threatening thing to say, isn’t it? And I’m not threatening you. But the first thing that I want to say is that, of course, death is what? Change. One of the larger ones. And there are ways that you can be living, walking, breathing, heart beating and be dead, aren’t there? There are ways you can be vital, strong, healthy of spirit and yet not of body, can’t you? There are a lot of ways to be alive and a lot of ways to be dead. Your physical experience is one hundred percent a response to your function with the flow of energy in this world.

Now there ought to be better ways for me to say that. Let me try a few. Your physical experience is fully governed by your ability to make use of life force around you. When your physical self is not strong, not well, you’re unable to make use of the life force around you. That’s pretty simple. Yes? When you are vibrant, alive, energized, you are using that life force in a way that amplifies life for you. Yes? Not so hard.

You have habits, patterns, systems of thinking, as well as eating, moving, speaking, that work as a life force filter. The life force around you comes through to you and transforms into viable energy. And the filter it goes through that determines the transformation, the tranfiguration, if you will, of that energy from simply pure life force into a force used for life is made weak, unworkable, unhelpful, by those patterns and behaviors that are not a part of the greater journey, flow, function, of life force in this world.

Those behaviors of yours—for the plain version of it—those behaviors of yours that are not adding to your life are killing you. Those behaviors, those activities, those patterns, beliefs that are not working as a part of the greater—I’m going to get airy-fairy here now—cosmic flow, aligned with your purpose in this world, those are killing you.

And here is one of the most important things you need to realize—you know it. You know what it is that does it to you. If I were to say to every one of you in here, much as I have those who are taking part in the Guardianship Program, just take one thing out of your diet—that’s an easy one, right? Oh no! Take one thing out of your diet that you know is not good for you, you know is not working for you. Now, how many of you could quickly think of more than one? Absolutely.

Think of one behavior that could change to be a more positive, rather than negative, behavior. Now not only could that one be a general, “Well it would be a whole lot nicer if I was conscious with my use of positive language with everybody”—something like that, yes—but tune it even finer than that. In your work life, what is a behavior that could change for a more positive flow? In your home life? In a specific relationship? In all of them, one at a time, look it over. What positive change do you know would help you live more fully?

Although it does not seem that to say consciously putting forth positive actions means you will then have a positive life, that sounds good, it’s not really accurate. But it is accurate to say—listen to it, it’s a promise—it is accurate to say by removing the negative conditions in your life, you are left with positive ones. It’s not the final grand and glorious end, but it’s a beginning.

Now, why is it, you think, that I say by amplifying the positive you’re going to be guaranteed a positive outcome. Even though, by negating the negative, it gives you a positive start? Why do you think that’s sort of turned around in there? Mary Claire.

Well, you can do that, and it could help, but if you’re not releasing the negative, the negative the positive or not allow it to manifest in your life because they’re kind of working resistance there. So releasing is an important part of it, as well as magnifying the positive. 

S: Very true. Very good. More.

In order to make room for the positive, you have to release the negative to have space for an energy for the positive.

S: That’s good, that’s good. That’s also true. The making of space for it creates a whole different sort of awareness, the conscious function of it. Yes. Very good. David.

One dag nabbit’s worth about five attaboys. We tend to dwell on the negatives, so whenever we think about the negatives, we look back, we often see, oh, I did that, I did that. It has a more pervasive spot in our life, even if timewise it’s not that much.

S: Again, very true, very true. And that’s unfortunate, but it’s very true. Jennifer.

A lot of times we don’t see what we’re doing that’s right or good for us, and we think that we’re not successful so we continue to sabotage ourselves saying that we can’t overcome whatever, when in fact we really are. It’s just the little oopsies that we see that show us that we’re not good enough. And it’s a sabotage.

S: And yes, that’s true. I’m going to shift it a little though. It’s not so much the negative stuff you see, it’s the negative stuff you don’t see that tends to be your greatest danger. It’s those issues that you have justified so well for so long that you’ve made them a truth for you. Well, that’s just how I am. Accept it or don’t, this is truth for me, this is right for me, this is how I am.

And what I usually say to that is take a look. Are you happy? Are you flowing in the abundance of joy, of right power, are you enjoying good relationships, are you down to the bottom of your toes filling up your heart with light, are you experiencing a life of love? Experiencing that life of love doesn’t mean that everything in your life is perfect. But I can guarantee you that if you don’t have that life of love going, there is no hope of having it perfect.

Those things that you have allowed to take root in your life for reasons that have very little to do with who you are now, but you’ve invested so much of yourself into that person, that personna, that costume, that it’s a whole lot easier to just be almost happy, not quite miserable, than it is to risk change.

February’s about change. Change is not needed if you are where you want to be. Change is not needed if you have what you want to have. Change is not needed as long as you will make sure you find a good cave and you can wall yourself off from the rest of the world so that you can keep doing things your way.

But if you’re at a place in your life that you’re dealing with—and these are two forces that are big right now; I’m putting a label on them; you might have thirty other labels for them—you’re at a time in your life right now where more than ever before you are activating. This year is about activation. You are activating. You are seeing parts of you you’ve not seen before. You are recognizing—and it’s very possible that what Kathy sees, D.C. wouldn’t see at all. And what D.C. sees is not something that Kathy would see. That’s the lovely thing about humanity, you see. Ideally, you’re not all alike. Ideally, where one is weak, another is strong. And you are here to create that bridge—I won’t bite—to create that bridge of “what you need, I will give you, if I have it; what I need, you will give me if you have it.” That’s how it works. This month you have the energy of life force as a whole working with you becoming what you know you need to become.

The second force that you’re dealing with this year, this month, tonight—now, I want to say this carefully, because I do not want you to misunderstand, and I do not want you thinking that I’m talking about a negative force as a whole; I’m not—you’re going to be dealing with the strength of blindness. Your ability to justify a behavior, a thought, to be . . . to not see light, but to seek the comfort of dark.

Now, again, I’m not saying light, pure, good, dark, bad, evil. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that this month you’re going to find it is so much easier to follow the old negative, unworking pathway that does not feed you, that does not bring you life. It’s going to be easier. The siren song of “I am so tired, I just can’t do it. I am so weak, I’m not enough. I have tried before.”

There are two great forces in this universe—I say that carefully, of course—in this universe. Easily said, they are what?

Love and fear.

S: Ah, love and fear. That’s nice. I like that one.

Attraction and repulsion.

S: That’s the one I was after. Attraction and repulsion, which is love and fear, isn’t it? Those are the forces you are dealing with very much this month, because this month is what you’re doing to help yourself be what you’re here to be or fall off.

Now, what did I say earlier? It’s about trust and hope, and yet I am saying it’s the forces of attraction and repulsion, of your willingness to look at your activities and your thoughts, your beliefs, those structures of life, and shift aside the justifications for what is not working, but heavily invested, to move forward in the unknown based on a few patterns that seem to have worked, because, as David said, you know a whole lot more about the patterns that don’t work. You’ve got a whole society that gives you all sorts of versions of what’s wrong with you, and how desperately you must fix it.

Where were you today? That very, very large bookstore. Joseph Beth. That is the name of the bookstore? All right. Sounds like somebody’s name, doesn’t it? Joseph and Beth. And you walk in and there are five thousand versions of here is what you need to do to be acceptable in this world, because you are definitely broken, and I have what you need to be fixed. Makes me want to do this. Get the one that says, get the one out of there that says, I am enough, I just need a little help believing that, because you are.

If you spend this month focused on the ways you’re broken, I will assure you you will amplify and strengthen all the breaks. If you spend this vital month focusing on what is not broken, on what works, allowing that flow of life force to feed life force, you will come out of this month with a better understanding of the flow of life. You will be moving into springtime here with the door of abundance open to you, rather than not only closed, but you’re about eighty blocks back wandering around in circles, wondering how somebody made this happen to you. Got that? Good.

This month is an important month for you. No, no, no, no. Look at me. This month is a very important month for you. It is opportunity. It is opportunity unlike what has come your way before, because you are unlike what you have been before. This month you have the chance to link up with cosmic change. In January you set out the “if onlys,” and as you look back on January—open your eyes, you can see it—you can see what is and isn’t working for you in those “if onlys,” you can see what is and isn’t your best use of energy, of thought, you can see the emergence of patterns you try not to see, and rather than let them grow in the dark, you can link into life force and open the door to change.

This is one of the most important years of your whole life, and you know it, don’t you? Everything you have ever done has brought you to where you are right now. And the good news, and the powerful news, and the blessed news—and ranks right up there with new birth news—is that all of those things in your life that have brought you to right now are a statement that says you did not let your compact, your mission, your promise, die by purpose or a multitude of fortuitous mistakes in a lifetime filled with—if not for your own self for many around you—confusion, frustration, sterile, painful, angry, people and times. In a life filled with broken hearts and broken journeys, you have not forgotten that small voice inside of you that constantly says, “Don’t stop. It’s about love. You can’t go wrong there. Don’t stop. You’re here to help. Don’t stop. There’s hope.” You may have given up hope on your own life, but you’ve not given up hope. It still beats.

And that’s the part of you that needs to do the work this month. Give yourself, for a lark, give yourself just for fun, a month in which you focus on the positive and not the negative, in which you express gratitude every day, in which you choose to see the beauty, in which you play with the magic of saying it out loud.

You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in a human being. They’re glorious. And they are, by the way. Well, it wasn’t just the person in the front getting stuck with it all. It was really true. Have you looked at them, or do you not look at them any more, you just . . .

I try to avoid them.

S: A lot of energy comes out of there. Nice, very nice.

But, do you see that? This month, see what happens if you speak those things out loud to people. See what happens if you, on a whim, put love first, on a whim, don’t knock yourself down or anyone else, on a whim, acting whatever way you think a fully activated master would do. Maybe you’ll find it’s easier than you thought. Maybe you will begin amplifying with life-force power the mastery of you. Maybe you will find it’s not nearly as hard as you have led yourself to believe, and maybe—maybe—you will turn over the pebble that changes the whole flow, not only for yourself, but for this world. It happens that way.

February is about change, and you are going to see a lot of change in your world this month. I beg you—and I mean that—please be a force that makes that planetary change a function of love and the right use of power. If you live that, that is what will follow.

This is the month in which there is celebrated in yours and many other western societies a radical priest who did not agree with what the government had to say and who chose to allow the joining of those who were considered improper matches. Well, of course, they strung him up and killed him. But you still celebrate Valentine’s Day.

[. . .]

S: Aye, you’ve got it so easy here.

Be willing to be the change. It only helps.