February 3, 1991

(Via video recording)

Samuel: Greetings, dears. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity—through truly the marvels of this technology—to have the opportunity to continue this program for you, your own steps to power. This would be, I suppose, in a Part II, would be the second set of steps.

But the first thing that I think it is necessary to do, as always, is review what some of those first steps were. We began with an awareness of what humanity is about—why you’re here, what it’s for—and if you remember what was discussed was the purpose of human beings. What your inner self is constantly striving to do is to be able to express love through form, because, indeed, that is the work of the soul upon this earth dimension. Manifesting—expressing—love means putting the idea of love first, doing the best you can where you are with what you have at the time, and that the only beings who are capable of doing that, of consciously choosing love, are those who are awake. And awake, as I use it, means those individuals who are at this point in their experience aware that they’re more than simply the functional human being.

You see, the individuals with whom I work are those who are awake. You are here now because you listened to something within you which said, “Go ahead, check it out. There’s got to be more out there.” And at the same time, you were willing, open—but not so open your brains fell out—open to getting that information on what else might be out there from sources that are not the usual safe, secure sources that you may have been disappointed with enough out in the world. Those are the individuals who are awake, because you’re hearing that still, small voice within you, and you’re willing to follow it through, even though it’s not what the world may tell you is the safe path. I ask you, how many of you out there are fairly tired from the inadequacy of the safe path? Aye.

So, those beings who are awake are wanting now to know what can be done with it. And so, in that first presentation, what was discussed were ways to maintain that awakened state. Several things were discussed, such things as getting in with others who have an understanding as you do, for, in doing that, not only do you recognize that no longer are you alone out in the world, and a different one, but you also are able to recognize a camaraderie in thought, knowing that you’re not so much under the bondage of those whose depressing, negative thought patterns are going to affect you, but you’re able to be with those who think in more positive and uplifting ways.

Look around you right now. Go ahead, look around you. What you are surrounded with are individuals such as yourself who care about becoming happier, becoming better, doing their best; and that in so doing they will not only change themselves, but have an effect—a positive effect—on the world they live in. Individuals who want to make a difference and who are choosing to take action that will make that difference: you…others like you.

And allowing yourself to get into that presence is very, very important. Learning what you can, learning that checking out what’s about out there—a lot of good books, a lot of awful books—and by finding out what works for you and running it through your own heart, saying, “Is this good for me right now? Is it good for me later?”, allowing yourself to check out your own belief systems, remembering that when you’re five years old it’s very good to have somebody hold your hand as you cross the busy street, but when you’re forty years old it’s not so necessary to have that same hand holding you as you cross the busy street. And determining which beliefs were necessary at a different part of your life, and which ones are still necessary for now, and fearlessly learning to just cull out those that aren’t any good for you, and accept new ones that fit who you are now, where you are now, and what you recognize yourself to be now. Working with the mind to monitor your own thoughts, to think as positively as possible, to allow yourself to challenge like a game, to find the most positive aspect of the things going around you, to not get back into the rut of seeing the […], remembering the story of the child who was the optimist and the child who was the pessimist. The parent gave the pessimist child a whole room full of toys, hoping that it would change that attitude of constant pessimism, and gave the child who was the optimist a whole room full of horse manure in order that it might recognize how to be more realistic out in the world, a world that didn’t always have just bright, shiny things for you. And when the parent went back into the pessimist’s room, with all of those bright, shiny toys, the child was sitting in the middle and crying, “I will not touch the toys.” And the parent said, “Oh, come on now, child, what’s wrong? Here’s everything you could ever want.” And the child said, “Oh, it doesn’t matter. I can’t even touch them, for I’m afraid I would break them, and they won’t last, and then I’ll not have anything.”

So many of you have lived your life that way: “I’m not going to risk, because it might not work out,” or “I’m not good enough. I’m not enough.” And being that pessimistic child, absolutely surrounded with bright and shiny and beautiful opportunities, and not trying any of them lest the toys not work the way you expected them to, and then you’d just be disappointed.

The parent then went on to the room full of realism, the horse manure, and asked the child, who was gleefully playing and digging through it, “What in the world are you doing?” And that optimist smiled up with the brightest grin and said, “Oh, look here, through all of this manure it must mean that there’s a pony somewhere.” Well now, that’s the sort of thinker that allows you to see the brighter side and keep moving until you create that pony.

All right, I talked about such things as working with your diet and the importance of putting the best possible foods within your system. Having talked specifically about diet, I’m not going to go into more detail about that now, but I want you to be aware that that information is available for those of you who have missed Part I or need a refresher course on what that’s about. Remember, no matter how strong, vibrant and clear your spirit self is, no matter how ready you are to serve in this world, without an alive and ready and optimum healthy physical form for that spirit to work through you’re not going anywhere. So the importance of consciously putting the best possible foods into your body to nourish it, just as you’ve been nourishing and working with your mind, you must also nourish and work with that body, and that includes a consistent exercise program, which can be as easy as a consistent, brisk half-hour walk daily.

We spoke about meditation, and I went into quite a bit of detail about the five minute meditation program. The five minute meditation program is truly a miracle worker in this current society. It is a meditation that you busy individuals can easily put into your life, which has a very positive effect upon your own self within as well as your world and your relationships without. It’s using those passive and active meditative techniques and, without a foundation in that program, the information that I’m going to be giving in this recording cannot be effectually used in your life.

So the five minute meditation I’m going to briefly go over again, that you may have it, and have it until it becomes such a pattern in your life that you find not only are you consistently upholding the time that you have put aside for it daily, but you also find that you’re automatically giving yourself active meditation and passive meditation throughout your day. When it is that sort of habit, you’re ready for these next steps.

So, in just a moment I’m going to discuss the five minute meditation one more time, in order to be sure that it’s as clear as possible. And I want to put out this reminder: the program that I’m giving to do, the sitting program, is not a replacement for the five-minute meditation. It’s not a replacement, and that five minute meditation program is meant to become an active part of your constant life.

All right. The five minute meditation first requires a commitment within your own self, a choosing that you’re going to put this into your life, because, I assure you, it’s one of the greatest changes you can bring into your own self. Five minutes is all you need, but you need to choose a consistent time for it. I don’t mean a consistent time on the clock—nine o’clock every morning, because there are going to be some mornings that at nine o’clock you’re still going to be asleep and some mornings in which you’re in the middle of a work day at that point. But, instead, consistency in such things as the first thing I do when I wake up, or the first thing I do right before I go to bed at night. After I’ve brushed my teeth I’m going to sit down for the meditation. Or every day as soon as I get home from work. That you’re choosing that consistent time for it.

The five minute meditation is divided into two minutes and two minutes, with the additional minute being the time in which you are allowing yourself to prepare for the active and prepare for the passive time. It does not matter if you choose the active or the passive to be first. However, if you allow the passive to be first, then you might find that you get yourself a bit too relaxed for those of you that choose that to be the time first thing in the morning, and you might go right back to sleep. The active time gets your mind stimulated, so you may find that by choosing the active to be the first two minutes, that’s the best for you.

All right. Get yourself in a comfortable position, one in which you’re not needing to twist around and be listening to your body, but in which you’re fairly comfortable but still alert. Close your eyes so that you’re not being distracted by any outside visual messages, and say to yourself, “All right, I’m going to give myself two minutes of active meditation time. For two minutes, anything that comes into my mind I’m going to send my best loving energy, I’m going to give it a prayer for success. I’m going to think about its outcome in the best way possible, remembering to always say ‘this or something better for the highest good of all.’” Take a deep breath through your nose, exhale through your mouth as if you’re blowing out a candle, and simply relax. Into your mind is going to pop some sort of information, something like, “Oh, goodness, what am I going to have for breakfast this morning. I feel my stomach rumbling.” Because it’s true, your mind does wander, but you’re teaching yourself to use that, to raise it up to the highest, so you might say, “Body, I love you, and I am going to nourish you, and I’m going to remember that I need to constantly nourish myself.” The next thing that comes into your mind is your lover in the bed next to you, as you hear that one turn over or grumble to you, “What are you doing awake so early?” And at that point you send love to that one. You might surround them with a beautiful bubble of love. Your boss comes into your mind as you start thinking about work, or some of your coworkers, or situations that you have going on in your work. You just send the thought, “May everything be as well with them as possible. I love you. Let the situation turn out for the highest good of myself and all involved.” And for two minutes—go ahead, set an alarm; let the beeper go off in two minutes—let anything that comes into your mind be raised up to the highest level possible, and consciously think those thoughts—murmur them aloud, if you wish.

Once those two minutes have passed, stop. And that’s the discipline, because you’re going to be finding that you enjoy getting into that. Stop. Take another deep breath in through the nose, exhale through the mouth very slowly, as if you’re blowing out a candle, and release your energy. At that point, move your thoughts to, “All right, I’m now going to be giving myself two minutes of passive meditation. I’m going to allow that those things that pop into my mind are giving me information, information that I can use, but it’s coming to me symbolically.” You’re not going to be sending anything. You’re simply receiving, making note of it. And at that point, it’s two minutes of quieting down. You might allow yourself to be aware of what you’re saying, and you might say it out loud. You might say, “It’s just a lot of darkness right now, but it seems that there are a few flashes of color.” And slowly you become aware that you’re ready for breakfast again, and eventually you just feel quietness. Perhaps your mother comes to mind, and then the beeper goes off and you’re finished. At that point you simply allow yourself a few moments—that’s all it takes—to translate the information. The colors—”Well, I saw some blue, and I know that blue means communication. I also saw some orange, and for some reason orange represents the second chakra, deals with healing and life force, so I’ll be aware of taking better care of myself. I became aware of breakfast, and I remembered then to feed myself, and I’ll be aware this day of feeding my own self. And especially, when I thought of my mother, perhaps that means nurturing.”

So let yourself work that through. Get yourself in the habit. Five minutes is all it takes. It goes very quickly. Don’t give yourself more time than that five minutes, but consistently discipline yourself into it.

All right, that five minute meditation process very much opens the door to the time when you are ready for what I am speaking about through this video, which is the working of the sitting process, for sitting is the next step. Once you have learned, through the five minute meditation, how to enable yourself to connect with what you’re about, then you’re ready for the sitting process, which allows you not only to connect with what you’re about, but to then be able to connect with those energies not only that are you and within you, but those energies that are around you and working with you. Sitting means you’re learning to communicate, within and without.

So, before I discuss sitting too much, I want to remind you of a very, very important factor. Spirit does not communicate with words. When I am using the form in this fashion, I’m absolutely transforming it in a system that is extremely rare, because it burns up so much energy of this form. Many of you know that, in the very recording of this right now, this form is quite ill and—herself—has no voice. But because I am totally using the body system, I am overriding a fairly neutral—to the life system as a whole—system, the voice. I’m overriding it and using it with power. Because of that, you have words. By using this system, I am using the brain, the tongue, the lips.

Spirit does not do that for you. Your guidance counselors, those energies who work with humanity, give you seed thoughts. The thought is given to you within, but your subconscious, as it takes that information, translates it into something the conscious mind can use, which means it translates it into words. Remember that the subconscious and the conscious minds are workers of your own physical form, which means that those words are translated through a filter system that is limited by your own beliefs, your own thoughts. It’s why so many individuals say to me when they first start working in sitting and such, “I’m sure that I made contact with deva, that I had direct contact with the hierarchy itself.” And of course the actuality is they’ve not. The reality is they’ve made contact with their own higher self, which is such a higher vibrational quality than their own mind self that it’s translated into the highest, most sacred vibration their conscious self knows of, which might be devic energy or the Christ or the spiritual Hierarchy that works on this planet. Remember that.

However, in sitting, what I am encouraging you to do is to create that sort of conversation. I’m asking you to create a situation in which your mind is doing that translating, but I’m also asking you to be very, very careful with it, not get carried away into thinking that this is what happens all the time in spirit connection.

Sitting is spirit learning how you work, and your being aware of how it works. Most of the communication is not words. It tends to be pictures that you translate into words, and it tends to be flashes of color, or feelings within the body, because it’s trying to learn what your control mechanisms are. Here is how it works. In a sitting, which you do not do alone, that you do in groups of one other—three is the best—no more than five or it starts getting a bit complicated. In a group of three, hopefully, you’re going to sit down, close your eyes, and you’re going to make a statement. That statement is, “I am sitting because…,” and you’re going to state your reason. Your reason might be, “because I desire to get in touch with my higher self,” or “because I desire to better communicate with my own self and those energies that work with me for my highest good,” or “because Samuel has said that this is something that is very good,” or “I need to relax right now.”

“I am sitting because I desire to get in touch with my higher self and those energies that work with me for my higher good. And in order to do so, I call on those energies that do work with me.” Call on me, dear ones, because my energy is a very protective force with you. I work, as many of you well know, with those of you who have called already upon me. You are not strangers to me. And so we already have that communication line open. Your desire is to learn how to become more aware of it. So, “And I call on Samiel, my higher self, and those energies that do work with me for my highest good. And, to raise my vibration and the vibration in this room, I will perhaps do three aums.” An aum is, “aaaah-ooooh-mmmmm.” Perhaps it would be to do an ah-hu. Perhaps it would be to sing a bit of a song or take three breaths and find your heartbeat and center on yourself. But it’s an action that allows you to center your energy, to prepare, and you’re going to do it with the group you are with. So what you’ll be saying is, “And to raise my vibration and the vibration in the room, I will do …” whatever the three of you have pre-specified. “I will do three aums with the group as soon as everybody has made their call.”

At that point you take a deep breath and the next person makes the same statement. “I am sitting because I desire to get in touch with my higher self to better know what is going on with me spiritually. And to do so I call on Samiel, and those energies that work with me for my highest good. And to raise my vibration and the vibration of the room I do three aums with the group.” And then finally the last does the same thing.

“I am sitting because…” is a very powerful statement. “I” is a call. “I am” is a recognition of your connection with the great I Am Source. “I am actively doing something.” “I” is will. “I am” speaks of that Source expressed here on this earth as love, so it expresses that second characteristic of Love/Wisdom. “I am sitting,” an active work of intelligence. “I, I am sitting,” is a statement of the first three characteristics of Source energy, which creates a link. And so that important first statement, “I am sitting because…” puts you in connection immediately, as a beacon sent out to the universe: “Pay attention here; something’s happening. I am sitting because I desire to make contact with this universe I’m a part of.”

And then you set up your security system, because greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world. “And I call on those energies that work with me for my highest good.” The time may come when you begin to say such things as, “I call on that energy that seems to show up when I am sitting as a green light that hovers about me. But I’m calling on that energy.” It may be that eventually the time comes when you’ve actually gone from naming that as a blue-green light to saying, “Just for my human self, let me call you Arundiel, because that seems fitting. And you begin to say, “and I call on Samiel and Arundiel.” It doesn’t matter what those who are sitting with you think about that, because you’re doing it for your own self. “And I call on those energies that work with me for my highest good. And to raise my vibration and the vibration in the room, I will do three aums, three ah-hus, a group breath and a centering on the heart chakra. But I’ll take action to do something to get myself prepared.”

At that point, after the group has then done those ah-hus or aums or whatever the choice was, for five minutes you sit quietly. You sit quietly, determining, “All that I’m doing is a receiving,” just as you did in the passive meditation. “All I’m doing is receiving.” Pay attention. What are you feeling? Is there anything going on? Are your feet tingling? Do you have a ringing in your ears? As your eyes are closed, are you seeing any lights or any sorts of thoughts that are showing up as a visual? What are you hearing outside? What’s disturbing you? What’s coming in to your consciousness during these five sacred minutes? Let the beeper go off at the end of five minutes and say, “Thank you.”

And then take turns discussing briefly what you got. You are not getting anything for anyone else, all right? You’re getting for you, and you’re translating it for you. “Well, I heard the fire engine go by and the dogs barking, and that reminded to stay awake, stay aware, stay alert, to move faster and get out of the way of things that are rushing through my path that aren’t anything to do with me. I also felt very, very relaxed, and had a sense of peace flow over me. And I want to remember to keep that sense of peace. And, finally, the only other thing that happened was, I kept seeing flashes of blue.” And at that point, spirit is laughing and saying, “Well, we’ve got the fire engine heard, we got the dogs barking. Interestingly enough, she didn’t hear the cat, so we have to work on getting more sounds in.” Or perhaps it’s “Good, she didn’t hear the cat and didn’t hear anybody else rustling. We’ve got the ability to get sound differentiated, but, darn, we don’t have colors in yet. We were sending green, and it was translated wrong.”

By speaking out loud what you got, you’re allowing the fine tuning process within and without to happen. You’re translating what you did receive as information of importance, and spirit is learning how you translate.

Sitting is that simple, and that important, and that important. There are sitting groups that are available in every city that I work. Get in touch. Find out how you can become a part. It’s very important.

That is perhaps one of the greatest of second steps along the path, but there’s more, because what sitting does is it gets you in touch with your inner world, and it makes you more aware of the work going on around you, which means that, on a constant level, you are going to become more and more aware of an inner sort of chatter. If you have been consistently meditating, then you are much more aware than most of the difference between your personal mind inner chatter and the inner work that’s coming through that still small voice that whispers within you, which you might call intuition. As you begin sitting, you are going to hone that voice into a very clear pattern of understanding when your spirit self is actually speaking to you.

This is a form of channeling. And I’d like for a moment to discuss this, because it is the means of channeling that is important for this time. The channeling that is going to be used the most in this coming age is not this sort of work. Transformational channeling burns out the channel that is used. It’s also a very sensational sort of work that has a lot of its own limitations as a result of the sensationalism that’s a part of it. Your work at this time is to learn how to be in the world you have chosen to be a part of, to be the best musician, the best plumber, the best teacher that you possibly can be, living, to the very best you can where you are with what you have, the highest spiritual principles that you know, which will allow you, therefore, to be a bridge from this world of reality to the world of spirit, being the example for those who are beginning to wake up, wondering if it’s possible to live these spiritual principles in the world. You become that bridge only when you are successfully living in the world in a sacred fashion, in which all of your moments are conscious ones, aware ones, love-filled ones. This is the work and the service of this coming time. I don’t need monks up on a mountain. I don’t need more gurus out teaching ten thousand. Your ego might need that, but that’s not what this world needs. What the world needs is a consistent example: “The water’s OK. Jump on in. It’s possible to live love, and by doing so it changes the world.”

The channeling that’s going to be the most effective for this coming time is the ability to hear that spirit and pass its message through, translated in a way that any audience you are with—one to one to one, to five, to fifty—can understand it, while your eyes are open and your speech patterns are being used. That’s the sort of power that’s going to be needed. That sort of flow. So do not be fooled. I do not teach that the sort of channeling you need to be practicing is what’s happening here. Although there are a few who have those capabilities, that’s not the work of this time. Don’t get caught up in it. Don’t get tied into that. That’s not where your service can be best used. By learning the sitting program, you’re going to be learning the sort of channeling that will allow you to be out at the forefront rather than in the background where the sensationalists are going to be in the next few years. Be aware of that.

Along that path, you are going to be learning how to get in touch with your spiritual connection and also to do this work I just mentioned, but it’s also going to allow you to get in better touch with the whole world about you. You’re going to become aware in this second step that there’s a whole body of information that is personally useful for you, information such as how to make your spiritual work useful for the planet, and you might find yourself becoming more aware of such things as how to work with the planet, how to recycle. You might find yourself with your niche oddly enough teaching others how to plant trees, how to promote peace, how to separate garbage, and you’ll think, that’s not service in this day and age. But it’s the service of this day and age. You might find that in your channeling that you put forth that what you end up doing is not teaching the great metaphysical truths of the seven rays and the initiations, but instead your teaching is what a life is like when those principles are already into effect, how to cope in the world, how to keep moving with it. These are the aspects of the second steps into power. It’s the putting the second line of defense—perhaps it’s the second line of offense—into effect by moving into that world of communicating easily within, being able to translate that into what is needed without. The service of today, the service that is needed now, is a very workable, conscious effort to put those teachings into effect. Learn what they mean in today’s world, and teach people how to meet those effects by a new system of causes. And that new system of causes is your unique pattern that you work through, what you learn through the sitting, what you experienced through your growth that brought you to be able to know here are ways to be happy, here are ways to overcome depression, here are ways to be successful. Because that’s what these metaphysical and esoteric teachings are about. But in this day and age, it’s taking them to the practicality, and that’s the issue.

Finally, I want to remind you that the second stage has very, very much to do with the higher levels of your own chakra system and energy system, which means that, when you first begin the work, very, very much you are dealing with learning to discipline the self, learning to control the body, learning how to find what you’re good at, learning to control anger and such things as that. At the higher levels, through the systems that I have taught you just this day, you are learning how to reach into your own self and beyond. But you’re also going to be finding that very many of your lessons have to do with learning how to express your love, learning how to consciously choose to touch another with a loving thought, to communicate the higher thought, even when it’s not what your lower self is still wanting to use. I want to remind you, this is the time when it is most important that you commit to surrounding yourself with those of like mind, because you need that help more than ever. Get involved where you can put your time and your efforts to seeing things change and get better, be that Phoenix, where there is always a place for those who are wanting to get involved in an organization that’s helping the individual and helping the world, or be that some other fine organization out there that has to do with helping others. You want to get involved in such things. You want to put your time into making things happen, getting out of the old ruts, making yourself better consciously.

Be aware of your speech patterns; be aware of your mind patterns. The second stage means you are constantly on the alert for changing old patterns into new beliefs that allow the abundance of growth that will allow you to be the examples for the world you have chosen to serve in.

What I have given you this day is something that many of you are already very familiar with. And I hope that those of you that are very familiar with this program are willing right now to raise your hand and say, “I will teach somebody who doesn’t know how to sit how to do so, if you wish.”

Sitting is the most powerful exercise there is in the second stage of growth—the most powerful exercise. And when next I do a video for you, it will be the third stage, which is, as you know, where the rocket booster sends you belong and out of this stratosphere. It’s when I will talk to you about such things as the second stages of sitting, of the use of chanting and certain physical exercises to change the flow of the energy through the body. Once you have established your meditative program, gotten your body and your mind as clear as can be, started sitting and begun the communication with your inner self and those that work with you for your highest good, and then begun a conscious effort to put yourself out into the world as an example of manifesting love through form, then you’re ready to begin those third steps, which are taking you into that further boost into hoo-manity. I look forward to sharing those teachings with you.

As always, my darlings, these times are very, very special. There is not a word given that is given without specific meaning. And I talk without the limitations of time, knowing, even in the big picture, all of those who are seeing this recording and experiencing the words on this videotape, this is for you, whether you’ve heard it five times before or for the first time, you’re hearing it now because there’s something your higher self needs a refresher on, needs the reminder of. You are the hope to change this world, and it’s time you get back on track to make that happen.

Commitment. That’s what you’re about, that that’s what you’ll do.

It’s been my pleasure, my souls, and I wish you all the most wonderful of evenings, of lives, a life in which you recognize the power you are, a life in which you become so aware that you truly, truly know what I am saying when I tell you, I love you, more than these worlds express, more than words can say.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.