June 3, 2007

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Well aren’t you just a wired group tonight? Oh well, I meant actually meant more of the dancing color that you’re putting out all around you. How are you?

Good. Great.

S: Good, great, awesome. That’s nice.

Dancing. Doesn’t that sound like it should be a city in ancient China? Dan-zing? And you were dancing last night.

Wonderful, fabulous, family and friends. Matthew’s birthday graduation party.

S: And I suppose that’s sort of an oxymoron? They’re both graduations, yes? Aye? And how was it for you?

It was too good for words, I think, for me. It was another step in the initiation, I think, one of the final steps. It was a celebration of all . . . I mean, but not only for me, but those who have helped me along the way, and have been a part of my life along the way. Like I said to the group, I went to bed smiling and woke up smiling. So . . .

S: Well, may you go to bed smiling and wake up smiling every day for the rest of your life. It’s a good choice.

So, got anything more awesome than that? All right, give it a try. Hello, Love.

Well it’s a little different, but I wouldn’t want to try and trump Matthew, because that was great. I thought I’d give it a try. I helped my sister move from Santa Fe to Chicago.

S: And those are not close, are they?

I can tell you the exact mileage if you want.

S: Sure!

Fourteen hundred and sixteen miles.

S: That was a lot of miles, isn’t it?

It is a lot of miles. But it was really awesome, an awesome time, because I agreed to become part of her vision, to pack up all her belongings, to put them in a truck that was too small so we added on a trailer, and to drive that truck across the country and just do what had to be done no matter what it was. It reminded me a little of a Samuel trip in that way, although the hotels weren’t quite as fancy.

S: Well, that’s a shame.

I know! And then once we got there, to help her unload. And then Michael met us and we got a treat in a very nice hotel of our own and had our anniversary dinner in a wonderful vegan restaurant in Chicago, and then came back last night. So I really felt like I had fixed some of my karma with my sister and I was just in a good place.

S: So it is possible to release karma amongst siblings?

Or to repair, or to heal things. It was really exciting to be able to help her in a way that really no one else could. And she told me over and over every day how she wouldn’t have been able to do this without me. And it was true, it was obvious! Or without somebody there. I was constantly asking for miracles from this group, and they came through, and she congratulated herself on her manifesting ability, and I thought that just worked really well. It was very good. I was able to do exactly what I wanted to do.

S: I am so glad you’re back.

If you had no restrictions, no body, no thing telling you could not or should not, what would you do tomorrow? Now, I’m not asking you to answer that out loud yet. What would you do tomorrow if you could do anything? And the first thing that I want to say is, for those of you that are using too many things as an excuse for not coming up with one yet, that’s an interesting lesson to take a look at. If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do? And what is it you’re saying you would do? [References the dog Oma.] She says she would do nothing more than what she does already. She would only wish to serve Cindy at her very best, but it would be nice if Devon came around more often. That’s a dog for you.

As you’re thinking about what you would do, I now want you to play with it just a little. Now I want you to imagine that your fairy godmother or the wish fairy or genie—whatever—sprinkled magic onto it. How does that magic change that day? For instance, instead of flying to Tahiti, you are now flying first class on a private jet to Tahiti. That’s what I’m saying—the magic is sprinkled onto it, does it. If so, how does that change things?

Now, I want you to continue with your mind sort of playing on that piece there. I want you to think about, if the magic changed/amplified/in some way affected the if-I-could-do-anything-here’s-what-I-could-do, I want to ask you why you did not come up with that to begin with? Why did you not come up with flying first class in a private jet to Tahiti the first time rather than needing the magic sprinkled onto it to be able to do it? And not “I have another piece of it.” Is that typical of you? Do you only let yourself go so far? Do you stop yourself before it’s absolutely perfect? And one more: Is that vision, with or without the magic . . .

(Dog barks) Always exciting isn’t it? All right, Hapi child, now you get to go to prison. And he says, “I just wanted to be an energy barometer! Oma said it was easy; it’s her fault!”

As you’re looking at that original vision of what you would do tomorrow if you could do anything, and then the magic is sprinkled upon it, does it make a difference? And if it makes a difference . . . just catching you back up from the commercial break there . . . the last one is, What are you doing in your life right now that brings you, if not that pleasure, similar pleasure? If not that long distance, a similar but shorter distance. How in your life are you giving yourself a piece of this vision? And if you’re not, why not? And if you’re not, again, is it because you do not really believe that that dream or hope or desire or vision is accessible for you?

Tell me something, Harvey.

Well, I was thinking perhaps go one better and fly there yourself without the aid of an airplane.

S: Hmm . . .

I got a first class seat on the way out here, but my notion was to bop back in by teleportation, give Fred a wonderful few hours, heal him, magically, right? Then bop him back here with me so we go to the second toning of the day on Monday, and the first one was before I left.

S: I think you should sit with Harvey. You’ve got that same sort of vision happening together there. And in reality, that’s a very important part of making your vision a reality. Now Harvey’s sitting there, thinking, “Whoa, this is a wild kind of thought. All right, I’ll go with it. Let’s have fun.” Good. Thinking that “It’s not really possible,” or thinking “It’s probably just something that he’s the only one that would ever be thinking about it.”

By the way, anybody else want to fly, without an airplane that is? And those of you who have that desire, do you ever dream that you’re flying? And does that add to it, that desire to want to do it when you’re awake as well? There’s an interesting thing to pay attention to in your dreams. Particularly—and I’ll get into this in a bit more in a few minutes—but there’s an interesting thing about the dreams of those who generally function at a very high frequency, and that is, things that you want, your dreams/visions/truest inner thoughts, high frequency thoughts, even though sometimes your fearing ones as well, but they show up in your dream states not simply as a part of that a little bit of flight here and then skipping down the road into the school classroom. No. Where you’re doing it and know you’re doing it, and you may even know when you’re doing it—riding the horse or flying in the clouds, or whatever it happens to be—you know you’re doing it and you know you are dreaming that you are doing it. That’s pretty high-level stuff, but very interesting, because that is not the only sign, nor is it always meaning that you’re on the road to manifesting it. But—to try to say it carefully—that means that your ability to visualize what you want is done well enough that it has created this thing you want in your heart, has created a clear enough path in your mind that even your brain cannot talk it away.

Now, do you know what I mean when I say even your brain won’t talk it away? Because your brain says, “You can’t fly. Try that, and you will crash on your head and die.” So you say, “All right, well, I’m never really going to try it so it’s all right.” But the “want” is strong enough that the brain has to give way a bit. And certainly for something like that, when you are pretty much tied into the physical laws of the universe, or at least of this planet as they’re known at this point—and the reason that I make a point of saying that is because when they are better understood it will open up doorways that aren’t currently open—and all of these things—“I just knew I could do that”—you’ll be able to do. And of course you could do them now, but you really can’t, because you think it’s a part of the physical working of the universe as you know it and therefore it cannot be changed. But you get it. Nobody’s looking at me confused here. Nobody’s sending me, “What did you say?” You’re sending me a “this is a comic book.”

You have the ability, I am saying, to add to your manifestation power by that high-level visualization ability, and when your dreams are providing you what, at this point anyway, what the world is not, and you know that’s what’s going on, then you need to take a look at your beliefs, because you should be manifesting very well what you want and need in your life. You want to fly and you do in your dreams? Hmm. Well what else do you want, because you’re getting it.

Now, that was coming off of the statement that another very important part of bringing into his world what it is you’re looking for is to say it out loud and seek others who have the same sort of vision. Now, Harvey said, “I just want to fly.” And what part of the word did you use, Marion? Did you say teleport?


S: Teleport. Different version, same end-product. Coming together to further discuss what it is that you are wanting to see brought into your life with those who also want to see such things brought into their life is going to add energy into the creation process, sort of like putting heat to water. It accelerates the change that you’re looking for.


One of the thing I wanted to do was to get physically fit and healthy, so I found an exercise partner, it was Mary, and she inspired me, took me under her wing, and she would actually call me and get me out of bed at five in the mornings, and I would actually go to the gym . . .

S: . . . and you’re still calling her a friend.

. . . but by knowing what I want, and seeking out help, and being willing to accept it . . . I fell off the wagon for awhile then she would call me again for a couple of days so she’d get me out of bed. It worked out very well.

S: Was she ignoring the phone those couple of days??

I’d answer every time.

S: Answering it and saying, “Go away!”

I got up and went. So anyway, I changed my physical health quite a bit, so.

S: All right, look. I was playing with you while you were doing that and I don’t want people to miss out on what you said. Your vision was to change how you felt about your physical body. You wanted to change how you felt physically as well as mentally-emotionally. Correct? You knew that one of the things that you needed to do to make that happen was to start into the torture—it must be torture because so few of you are willing to do it; you tend to run from it—start in to the torture of eating more healthfully and exercising more regularly. Yes? However, knowing herself she realized, “I’ve tried this on my own before. I have a fizzle rate. Right?” Fizzle! All right. “And therefore being on to myself, I am going to ensure that I get help.” Now, a quick aside: It’s one thing to look around and say, “I need somebody that can help me, that knows about this, motivate me, give me a hand.” And you look around, you spy Oma and you say, “Say, Oma, can you be of help to me? Guess not. Oh, well. Not a good idea. Try something else.” Or maybe even staying in contact with somebody that’s going through the same difficulties you are. And I know, I know that all of those lovely get-healthier plans have you contact each other. “I drank too much alcohol.” “Well, I did, too, so I can help you with it.” There’s a problem with that. Got a thought?

They haven’t mastered the same challenge yet. So maybe you’ll master it together, but more likely you won’t, ‘cause you just added to your own habit burden by engaging with somebody else who has it, so you may reinforce it.

S: Good. Well said.

You could share the same excuses.

S: Yes! And learn lovely new justifications for not doing what it is that you really thought you should be doing. Sure.

You contacted somebody that was in great shape, that was—all right, I’m going to curse again, I’m sorry—disciplined. And I’m certain that it was to your absolute delight that she said, “Why, of course!” instead of your hope that she would say, “Why, of course not . . . I cannot do that . . . I do not have the time . . . I can’t help . . . it’s too hard.”

You could have found somebody that would have ensured that, after the first two calls and the one meeting, other things got in the way and you could not have done it. You actually connected with somebody who not only could, and who would, but would happily.

Now another little aside here: I’m talking about manifesting tonight. So just in case you’re thinking I’m not where I’m going to be going, I am. And just in case you’re wondering if I’m going to mention anything about what is my absolute begging hope that you will work to manifest in the next six months, I am. But I want you to remember that it’s what you do together that has the power now. It’s not the, “Well, I have decided I’m going to fast one day a week and exercise everyday and hope I can get through it.” It’s the getting together with those who have the same vision, it is putting yourself in the hands, the heart . . . of somebody that is willing to share wisdom and time to help you reach that vision.

So now, going back to this: So you connected in with Mary, and you worked out an agreement, a compact, yes? And that compact said what?

She would call me to get me out of bed in the morning.

S: And why?

Because I’d rather just sleep in, but if I had someone holding me accountable and reminding me that I’d made a commitment to something, that would help me persevere.

S: Made a compact. What did you get from it, Mary?

The enjoyment of seeing how much she enjoyed the process, and how happy she is with the changes she made in her life. And not just physical. She’s gained a lot.

S: Aye. And this compact, which was made by both, based on what she knew her weaknesses were, what the pattern was, what did not work in the past, and probably wouldn’t work this time, they made this compact, and every day without fail, exactly on time, Kathy was up, thanks to Mary, and exercising her little heart out every day. Right?


S: It’s all right. You already said there were a couple of days you didn’t. Of course, after all the buildup it’s a little embarrassing to hear it, but actually, it’s my point. It’s my point! She just wasn’t able to fulfill her end of that compact now and again. Very few “nows and agains,” but still. And so, because it is human nature, she realized that she was a total failure and that she had not only been wasting her time, but she had been wasting Mary’s time, that she should have known better because she knows how it has been before. And besides, her toes had not lost the tiniest bit of weight and she was having to cover them over to make them look stronger and trimmer. She recognized that strong, healthy and trim is not in her blueprint. And so rather than face more failure, she would just let it go. Ritualistically, of course. She would make a tiny little doll and write upon it what she wanted it to become because that was about the only hope of it becoming anything, and she put it into a flowing river and send it off on a great trip of “I am a Failure and Can’t Make Anything Happen in my Life.” Right? No. No. And that’s a real pity, isn’t it? Not at all! She said, “All right. Tomorrow.” And tomorrow came, and she got up and worked out. How much are you going to let me embarrass you here?

It’s okay.

S: Good. Stand up.

Twenty-five pounds!

S: Twenty-five pounds, you say?


She lost it in the right places.

S: How good of you to notice. There’s a great glow that goes with it all. That’s the health part, of course, right? Or maybe it’s the “Oh my gosh. We did it.” There are multiple lessons of manifestation.

When I asked you no limits tomorrow, what are you going to do? That wasn’t to see if you could come up with something, really. What do you think it was for? If it wasn’t to see what you could come up with, what do you think it was for?

To see if we could come up with anything.

S: And I did allude somewhat to that. You need to take a look if you’re giving yourself excuses—”There’s so many!”—or that there’s not at all. That’s good, but that wasn’t exactly . . .

You said this is one of the most powerful years of our lifetime, or any lifetime, for most of us.

S: Much more so than last year.

And we’ve gone through almost six months of it, and we have six months ahead of us. And you’re trying to get us to recognize where we limit ourselves, and understand that we are limitless, we are unbounded, we can fly. And to put ourselves out there that way.

S: That was so good I really wish it was what I was after. Because that was really good. Again, absolutely in there. That’s good.

For me, it’s looking at where am I going, what is my vision, and how do I get there? And tomorrow I get to do that. I start a new job that I’ve been wanting to do, and it’s because of the love and support I have, and Martin. He’s going to take me on.

S: He’s afraid you’ll stop playing tennis with him if he doesn’t hire you.

And so actually making a vision come true. It’s a beginning to an even greater vision. I’m supporting Kathy, but we support each other. We all work together. It’s so much bigger than any one of us.

S: I wish I’d said that, too. It’s very powerful awareness you have. But sometimes you don’t have it when it comes to what really, really matters, do you?

It would be Lakshmi and then Eileen. Give it a whack. What am I after?

The way I am seeing it is, starting this year you asked us to write down our priorities—what really mattered—and to come with things we want to manifest this year. And through many of the times we’ve met with you, you’ve sort of homed in on some of those things, and at the retreat you also helped us work with what it is we want to manifest in our lives. So if we’d thought through those things, it should be pretty easy for me to bubble out what my focus was. My focus was on manifesting, what I’m asking, what I’m asking energy for, to see the connection of how I was connected to what really matters.

S: And that leads right into it.

There’s several aspects to it. One of the things that strikes me so much about this particular time, and where I think you’re going is, you’ve always said the first half of the year is planting the seeds; the second half of the year is action. So, actualizing those things that both stop us and those things we desire to manifest are critically important, because we’re going to be seeing the action part, like it or not. So we better know what it is, specifically, that we wish to manifest.

S: That’s good, very good.

I wonder if some of it has to do with that we’re getting ready to be a part of the summer solstice, an in pouring of energy and we need to have our vision and what we want to manifest ready to make use of that energy that comes in.

S: Also very good.

I realize when it popped into my head, that I wasn’t including that. […]

S: Aye. It makes great sense to me. That’s good.

The world needs hope and we are the doorway. And if we can’t do what our hearts are pushing us to do, then we don’t have a chance.

S: I’m going to a change that just a little, all right? You are the hope. You are the hope because everything you do goes into what, for the sake of all of the therapists in here, could be called the collective unconscious. I call it the Grid. What you do, what you think before you do, what you want, what you visualize, what you dream about, goes into the grid and becomes the example for all who come behind. That’s really good news and really scary news. Really good news because indeed, what you focus on you are going to see the world focusing on. And your world needs your focus.

I was after every one of those things. They’re all perfectly fitting, absolutely correct, a piece of a greater whole. But in addition to those things, I wanted to know if you could think for yourself. And I’m asking you, looking back on that, looking back on how long have we been going on—Stuart, can you tell? Forty-five minutes or so—I have been talking a lot about what do you want, can you get it.

I wanted to know if you can think about you in the context of what you want. Not “What I want when I grow up”—all right, for some of you, “if [I grow up].” Now, the most spiritual thing I could be saying is, “My vision is peace on earth and the completion of Sacred Status for all life force on the planet.” Very holy, very good, very rote. And somewhat unnatural for the human part of you. I wanted to know if you could—but I should change that and say if you would—keep up with the idea of having a way to make good happen. While I talked it through other people’s dreams, were you relating it? Were you seeing how “Well, that’s the same thing; I can connect there”? Were you strong enough in your vision that you could turn someone else’s into yours for the sake of getting the information in a way that helped you apply it? Would your mind let you do that?

There are a lot of things going on in this world right now. A lot of very painful things going on in this world right now. And as magnificent and beautiful and love-filled and powerful as you are, the fact of it is, some of the painful things going on in this world are going on in your own lives. Now, that’s not saying, “I’ve got such an awful life, I think I just should end it all. It’s not very fun anymore, I’m not . . .” Maybe your pain is that much. Maybe it’s more like just a realization that you don’t trust as much as you’d like to. You don’t laugh as much as you ought to. Maybe the pain is because of someone else that you love so much who hurts so much.

There is a lot of pain in this world, and you can focus on that. You can read the newspaper until you cry, you can go over your diaries and repeat the years of injustices until you can’t stand it anymore. You can focus on the pain totally—big pain, little pain—and it will serve you to do that if what you want is more pain in your life. Some do. Some only feel safe when they are tied up tight enough to be miserable—another thing that all the therapists in this room are aware of.

It’s easy to focus on what doesn’t work because it’s the one that, when it smacks you right in the face, you can’t miss it. And in your world right now there’s a lot that’s not working so well, in every kingdom of life force. Even rocks are having a bad time these days. You laugh. I’m not kidding, it’s true! I’m not kidding. But the world does not need, the world cannot use . . . the plan, the work, your life . . . does not need one more person just looking at the pain and adding to the already general consensus that things are pretty hard out there. The world doesn’t need another person focused on their own misery, as if there is no hope, putting into the Grid lives of quiet desperation. But neither does the world need a bunch of sacred, happy, fakes, frauds. There was a time—and it was several fusions ago—there was a time that a very real function of manifestation was “fake it until you make it.” But when you are working at a higher frequency, that doesn’t work for you. “Oh, is that the reason?” Yes. Because, you see, when you do that you are being a fraud. You are lying. It’s not all right to say, “I’m just fine, are you? Life is good.” It is all right to say, “Things have been better, but I’m working on it. Mary calls me at five in the morning; I’m flying in my dreams.” What has not changed . . .

(Dog interaction) There are those who say, “Samuel, why have you made this a doghouse? What is the purpose in these dogs everywhere you go?” I like ‘em! I like you. I want both. I think they are such excellent reminders of life.

But back to my point. “Is there a point? Will he go there?” What has not changed is the reminder, given for many, many years now, that you are in charge of you. There are only two things you control. “Wait a minute Samuel. You’ve only told us one. What are two?” You can control what you think and what you do. All right, that was a real tricky way just to stick back to that one, but it caught your attention.

The world needs those who can focus their minds—what you think—and focus their actions—what you do. Functioning at, if not the very highest you can at any given time, at least not focusing on what doesn’t work, what causes pain, what is not working, what is impossible.

I want you to imagine that in front of you there is a large still pond. Got it? You just have a tiny, tiny little rock and you toss it into that pond. Now, I want you to imagine that perhaps the person sitting next to you is standing next to you at that pond you are imagining—which is sort of an interesting thought, isn’t it?—and they throw one in as well. And you have little ripples going across the pond from your very good toss—because it is your imagination, after all. And you have ripples intersecting your ripples. How dare their ripples get in the way of your ripples! But there you go. Even the smallest piece of gravel—the kind that you put into a little fish home? That little tiny gravel, yes?—it is going to affect what’s in action, somebody else’s ripple. And in your world right now, and over the next few months, you are going to be seeing the evidence of some very big rocks that have been thrown into the cosmic earth pond, so to speak. I wish that there was a way—I really do, but form rules—that I could say to you, “Here is what’s happening. It’s going to be this. Look for it.” All I see is the result. And the result is much death, much destruction. Not here in your country. It would be nice actually if it was because you would be a little less likely to forget about this and more likely to keep putting your mind to it. Regularly I am seeing more moving toward this, and it isn’t meant to be an “Oh no! Scary. The world is going to end next month” sort of thing. It’s “Oh no, scary. Great challenges ahead” for those who love, for those who care, for those who are sending thoughts and prayers for the best within all of humanity to rise up and function at their best.

It’s challenging times. And right now I’m looking at maybe July. And so I’m talking to you about manifestation, and I’m trying to find out if your brain can focus on what you want, and I’m trying to remind you that what you do together has a greater effect than what you do alone, because you see, if what’s beginning to show up in your futures is that big rock, you holding that tiny fish pebble doesn’t do much. It does have an effect, but if every one of you—if every one of you, every one of you, every one of you—threw in your pebble, even that tiny rock would make a difference.

Blunt and harsh, all right? You cannot do anything useful if you are not healthy in body and mind . . . hello?! Emotions and spirit. Please, this is the time of year in which it is easier for you to get healthy living food than any other time. Make use of it. Go a little overboard with the getting-in-better-shape stuff. Not crazy, don’t hurt yourself. But stop with the excuses already. Stretch. Being flexible physically requires daily work. Fortunately, not a whole lot of daily work, but daily work. Stretching physically creates, then, because of the daily work it requires, a constant reminder of being mentally flexible, spiritually flexible. Stretch just a little—five, ten, fifteen minutes. Those of you familiar with yoga, the Salute to the Sun massages you inside and out.

This is going to be a really big one: Start working on releasing your addictions. “Samuel, I’m not addicted to anything.” What are the kinds of things that people, not you of course, can be addicted to?

Sugar. Work. Exercise.

S: How did you know that, Marion?

Well, I’m not supposed to say I’ve ever been addicted to any of those, am I?

S: Yes, absolutely, white sugar, and natural bee-spit sugar. Honey. Sweetie Pie. Refined carbohydrates is an easy way to say it.

Work. Many of you work obsessively. How many of you did just a little bit of work this weekend? You can be addicted to television, to shopping, to “I’ve got to have the same routine all of the time. You’re getting in my way, don’t do that!” That’s a good one, too. My morning routine. “I do not wake up easily.” Addicted to gossip, addicted to sex, drama, pain.

Is it just this side of the group that’s awake? Oh, it’s just that you’re hotter, is it?

Ask yourself, and over the next couple of days you’ll get your answers, I promise.

Simplify. “Samuel, what does simplification have to do with getting better, eating healthier, taking care of my body, getting rid of addictions. How is that going to save the world?” I’m getting it all over, though. A lot of TV watchers in here.

Everything you do matters. Everything you don’t do matters. Your ability to function at your best requires you to be as alive as possible. When you go to your home tonight, before you turn on the light, or if the light’s already on, turn it off. Close your eyes and wander around the room you’re in. You will realize that because things are so simple most of the time, meaning light’s on, sun is up, or you’ve got electricity, that perhaps you forget how much tension it takes when something big is thrown off. You have to be a little more resilient because you might run into the corner of a table. You’ve got to be willing to think a little creatively so you can work out in your head without the benefit of your eyesight—Cindy, we should have you keep your eyes open—without the benefit of your eyesight, the way to navigate without hurting yourself. That’s what you need over the next six months: that ability to easily move when needed, shift to avoid the knock on the head.

There was a poster that has become a part of the American psyche, I think, and so I want you to know that I’m making a joke based on the poster, which is a finger being pointed right at you saying, “Uncle Sam wants you!” It’s the poster, it’s where I’m going. I want you to imagine that the picture is of your planet and it says, “All of Earth wants you, needs you, needs you able to think clearly, act quickly, function beautifully with love, compassion, courage.” This world wants you happy and whole so that there is always the hope that happy and whole is possible. Wants you functioning, and falling down on your face and getting back up and going on. It’s a wagging tail. Will you be ready? And if you’re ready, will you be any good?

I would like to ask you to visualize something. I don’t mean make yourself comfortable and here we’re going to go into a visualization. I mean maybe just the next few minutes, but maybe the next few months, I want you to visualize that still pond and instead of a big rock splashing into a lot of ripples and waves, I would like for you to visualize that rock breaking into many, many tiny pieces. Like a vision that you don’t think is possible to change, “I can’t get this, I’m not worthy of it, I’m not capable, “too big” because you don’t trust it. So one huge event can disempower many.

Visualization as part of the toning circles?

S: Perhaps while you are toning B-flat?

But even a lot of small things can be more easily handled with the kinds of actions that your governments and communities are capable of. Maybe picture it breaking into little tiny sand, little tiny bits of quartz sand. You cannot stop the hurricane; you can stop it’s ferocity. You cannot stop the epidemic, you can stop its hopelessness. Look to see what you can do every day in your life to represent, to put into the Grid, breaking apart the big things and making them small and manageable. One day at a time. One moment at a time. Little bites, little steps.

And remember what I asked as we started, “What would you do, what would you want? Now add magic to it. How does it change?” And ask yourself for this world, “What do I want?” With no limitations, what do you want for this planet? Now sprinkle the magic on it. How does it get even better? What can you do that only you can do, what can you do to help make it manageable? Share that vision. Be with those who think like you do, if how you think is positive and hopeful. Pat yourself on the back for the successes. Don’t focus on the failures except for how they gave you one more thing: it doesn’t work so that you don’t have to waste your time on it anymore. Keep your life simple and healthy and as happy as you’ll let yourself be. Love without hesitation. You are here, and you listen to your heart with this. You know it: you are here to help, to make it better. And there’s never been a better time to put yourself into action.

Thank you for your patience.