November 3, 1985

… I ran in a race this morning and won a trophy. I won first place.

All right.

I couldn’t believe it.

That was a gift for her mother, too.

Samuel: Well, we’re very proud for you.

Thank you.

S: It is very important, darling, to take care of that physical. You know, if the physical’s gone, it makes no difference how good your mental and your spiritual is, eh? Good, dear. Aye.

I got a call yesterday from Atlanta, Georgia, and I was told I’ll have a one-person show at the Hyatt in ‘86, I think. I’m almost overwhelmed by that.

S: It’s wonderful to see things coming together, eh? I tell you, darlings, it’s true. Those are things you are creating. Everything that comes to you. You may as well create good things, eh. One more, eh. Aye, dear.

This weekend I attended a workshop on healing, …

S: It does show. Bright and strong.

I feel wonderful. The woman that did the workshop is a shaman, and has wonderful healing powers, and the people who were there, we just all formed a really fine bond. I’m just so happy that there are such people in the world as in that group and this group. I just moved from that group to this group, and I’m just overwhelmed. I feel like I’ve brought some spirit …

S: And I would say to you, dear that that’s very true.

I want to keep hold of that spirit and spread it and share it.

S: Aye. You have changed your energy just in these few days. It is very good for you. Your energy brightens those around you. Your aura’s very strong this night. Your energy’s very good. I do appreciate your bringing it here. Everybody should go and give her a touch, eh. Take a bit in.

We smoked a peace-pipe in this ceremony, and I took a great big drag on it, and I thought I was going to pass out, but then I just said okay, trust, and it was fine. It was out in the country in Woodford County.

S: Do you find it interesting, dear ones, the things that are opening up in this very area, the people that are drawn here and the things that are being done? Pay attention to it, dear ones.

Does that mean the west coast is about to fall off? She came from San Diego.

S: And wisely so. As this earth does shift, so do power points, and this area is a very strong one. There is a lot of light here that attracts a lot of important workers, and you are among them, dear ones. You are them. Learn and grow, and add to that light. Shine your headlamps.

I heard something very interesting while I was in Mexico. There were some people that are from Lexington that were there, and they told me that The Hill, Vine Street and as you go up that hill where Mill and Upper is, was at one time a very ancient burial ground for Indians, and that when people started to settle the area, they kind of covered up what was really there, but it was mentioned by various people that were at Transylvania, because they were naturalists and knew about the Indians and so forth, that it was very powerful place because of what had happened there with the Indians, and most people don’t know that.

I used to live on that corner, and it is powerful.

S: It is important to be sensitive to those power spots. Sensitize yourselves, dear ones.

There is supposed to have been extensive caverns underground, too.

S: Both, eh.

So, tell me what you have been learning. Tell me how you have been putting into effect your responsibilities, your decisions. F—.

“Samuel, I was not even there to hear you speak about it.”

That’s true, and in not knowing what you spoke of, I’ll still answer. I have realized that I can make things work out, that if I know they will work and just keep plugging away at a project, sure enough, it works. And I’ve learned that through realizations that when you fear something isn’t going to work and keep plugging away fearing that it’s not going to work, it doesn’t work.

S: Amazing.

That just as you said, you have the responsibility to yourself to make things happen correctly. And I think I’m learning that.

S: Good. S—, dear.

Yes. I think I’ve been more assertive this week in certain situations. I think we have responsibilities to stand up for our rights and be assertive, to demand that we get our share. I might have been a son of a bitch, I don’t know.

S: One of the things that we discussed was that you are part of this Universe. I’m not saying that you are a separate part, dear, I’m saying that you are a part of it, and everything that is in it is yours, so is it wrong to expect it? Is it wrong to want the best? If you’ve got a choice in front of you to choose the gold or the dross, is it such a hard decision? M— thinks so. It is often difficult, for it comes back, as we discussed, to self-worth, you must know exactly what it is you’re worth, what you deserve. Understand it and take it; it is yours. If you are taking what is yours, are you taking it from another? Does that mean someone else must not get some, for you got yours?

No, that doesn’t mean that?

S: That’s right, dear. Why not?

Because you have created what is rightfully yours.

S: Good, dear! I believe that you should give him a hand, dears. Very important. Yes, dear.

Also I think that if you take what is rightfully yours, and you show the world that you take what you deserve, then that gives everybody else permission to take what they deserve.

S: Exactly. That’s right, dear. Very good. Aye?

I think a lot of people think there’s a scarcity and there isn’t enough to go around. That isn’t true, either.

S: That’s right. Good group! Good group! Aye. Your energies are very good this night. I’m very glad. You’re right. And that’s such an important part of understanding what you’re creating. Gives you the freedom to create. What is there a scarcity of?

Using your will.

S: There is a scarcity of that, that’s true.


S: It is because it is simply a matter of being untrained, of being afraid, not having the faith, perhaps, to understand. There is not enough, there is a scarcity of understanding what you can create, and how you do it. But, that’s what you’re here for, right? A scarcity of wielding what is yours. That is a good hint, eh? How do you wield the very best?

With love?

S: Aye. And how do you properly use it? The most important thing you can do, dear ones, to make the life you’re living right now exactly what you wish it to be, to have the success you wish for, to create exactly what it is you are wanting, is to understand fully your now. “Samuel, how often have you said that? Are you going back to that again?” Aye, dears. I’m going back again until you have a full understanding of exactly what you’re saying there. Why is your power in the now, H—, dear?

The now is really all that exists.

S: But wait a minute. What about the past and what about the future?

They don’t exist.

S: Is that right, now? But I’ve said so often that it’s important to set goals. To do what? To set them for something that will not exist?

These goals are being set in the present.

S: Aye, dear. Do you understand that? Can you explain it, J—?

Well, you’re creating right now something that you have an emotional desire or an intellectual desire for, that at the time it happens will be now.

S: Very good. P—.

The past is only what you think it to be. You change your past by your desires and thought in the present.

S: Aye. Did you know you have the ability to go back, so to speak, and actually change you past? There’s something there that’s holding on to you, tying you down hard. You can go back and break those bonds, and it actually sets you free. And I’m not saying, dear, you can go back and break it for something that happened lifetimes ago—you can if you wish, of course. I’m saying you can do it if it happened this life. It’s a gift for you. It’s an understanding of the now that allows you to do that.

Now let’s discuss time a bit. There is no future—there is no past. Or there is only future and only past. Or, it’s all now. Take your choice; they’re all correct. On this plane—not only this plane, but on this plane—energy takes on a form. And that form likes to break things into little pieces, little segments, in order to be able to learn from them, and therefore has created a concept of measuring those little segments. Now, do you understand the reason for those little measurements? Aye? It is to learn. Now how would that be? How is it you learn from breaking things into little segments, F—?

You can learn the components of what appear to make up the whole. And you can learn that you’re creating by … through the appearance of time. You know what you have now and what you want in the future, and when it comes to you. You learn that you can cause that to happen.

S: Aye, dear.

Also a reason for this is for security and power, that you think some way you can grab it and have it. One of these days you’re trying to get the whole thing and eat it up and become it, and you then will become omnipotent. But you already are, but that’s not the level you’re doing it on.

S: If you’ve broken your existence into tiny segments, then if you master those segments, you must master your existence.

Not only that; they all mind you.

S: Sure. And yet, truly, what have you seen time do to you? “I’m late, I’m late! There is not enough time in a day. Oh, gracious, where has time gone?” It is rather out of control.

Nonetheless, back to the point. So the form has chosen to break up existence into tiny segments in order better to learn from them, for that is the purpose of the existence in the first place. Unfortunately, when it broke into tiny segments, the form also has the tendency to say that they run in rather a horizontal pattern, instead of a grand circle, and that horizontal pattern has things that have already happened and things that may happen and now. All right, think about it. Now and now and now and now is all you have, so simply change that thought. Change the process that tells you you have anything other than now to work in, for, as you said, it is all now, and the power you have to work it in is now. Now how does power become removed if you are not in the now?

I think one of the ways is you see similarities of things that happened in the past that occur in the now, and you emotionally flip back to that place and make them the same somehow. I’ve seen that happen in my life millions of times, where that over there wasn’t anything like that over here, but I made them the same. And that’s one of the worst pitfalls.

S: Excellent. Aye. The danger, darlings, is you lose the experience. Exactly as you said it, dear. You look to the past and see perhaps one or two similarities, and you say, “This is how this is going to happen. This is what will happen here.” As you know, dear ones, your thoughts are things, and therefore you create it. That’s wonderful when you create it great, not so good when you create it badly. But even when you’ve created something fine—for it’s a good memory you’re referring back to and you say it’s going to be grand—you’ve lost the individuality of what it could have been by not taking it exactly as it was.

Well, now, that happens for the future, too, eh? If you look backwards, you see what has been. If you look forward you lose the now by the what can be. C—, how would you do that?

I’m not grasping this.

S: S— can help, then.

You put limitations on what the possibilities of a future event would be, basing it on experience you had in the past.

S: The same sort of thing.

You’re limiting all the possibilities, the individuality of that, like you said.

You’re projecting into the future your limitations of the you that’s making up the future, without realization that you’re going to change. You’re not allowing for change.

S: Good, dear. Say that again, different words, and slowly.

You are projecting your own limitations into the future without taking into consideration that you’re going to learn something in the intervening nows.

Plus you’re limiting your now by basing what you’re doing now on what you think might happen in the future.

S: Of course. That is a part of what P— just said. Aye.

If you spend your time by thinking of this, then you are losing the experience of the now at this point.

S: That’s the point that’s so important that was made. That you’re not giving yourself room to grow when you worry about something that may happen in the future.

So you’re saying what we need to be doing is creating our now, because if we create our future with what we have now, we’ll lose that growth between now and the future.

S: That’s right.

So only create the now, and begin making thoughts for the future, but not put limitations.

If you have a limitation now, say this limitation will be overcome. “I am overcoming my limitation, and therefore I am making up a future where I don’t have it.”

S: The reason that the power that you have is right now is because now is all you have to work with. It rather repeats itself, eh? You are limiting yourself if you look in either direction. Now I understand you’ve not touched on past and future, working with this time, and I’ll get to that in just a moment. Go ahead, K—, dear.

Well, the problem with all this is that we seem to live in a social structure that—not only do we limit ourselves, something about the structure we live in agrees that it should be a certain way, and apparently what’s going on here is that we’re somewhat falling outside an agreed-upon way of behaving. This whole thing about creating a brand new now, living in the present, kind of flies in the face of most of our agreed-upon cultural things. Theoretically I understand exactly what’s going on. How do we begin to make the steps that bring that about in a very concrete way? I mean, we can all be philosophical and then snap back into the pattern and go this way or that way, limit our future or say everything in the now is like it was in the past. What can we do that’s concrete that’s going to move us into—it’s a pioneering sort of situation, I think, because most people in our society in this country can’t fathom that and don’t agree with it, and the whole structure is not based on life as a great experiment.

S: So, the very first thing you need to do is understand that this concept, this idea that now is all we have, is not a root assumption, but a belief. What is the difference between a root assumption and a belief?

Gravity is a root assumption.

S: Aye.

The embellishment and a great deal of what is made out of the fact that things fall to the earth I think are beliefs. Science is constructed by the scientists, in a way. They’re making pipe dreams….

S: Sending out ideas that beliefs are true as root assumptions. Good, dear. F—, add to that. [Pause] Pop quiz this evening, eh. M—?

Being aware of the now would be being aware of our breath, wouldn’t it?

S: Sure.

I mean, that’s as close to now as we can get, breathe in and breathe out.

S: Sure. And the mind-set that gives you. F—?

Okay, there’s four and a half billion people on this earth, and there’s a few things that everyone’s got to agree on in order to have a sphere that we can work together in. Gravity’s one of them, I guess. That we need food periodically is another one. These are rules of a game. Like if you’re playing chess, you know, it would be out of line to…. I saw a real…. Years ago on television, when Dick van Dyke had this on TV. And he goes into this boxing ring with this boxer, and they have their shorts on and boxing gloves, and they sit down in the middle of the boxing ring to a game of chess. And so it’s Dick van Dyke’s move, and he moves a piece, and the other guy, who was a professional boxer, looks at it, doesn’t like it, the man goes, POW!, hits him in the mouth, and he falls over, and then he kind of collects himself and sits up, and Dick van Dyke moves another piece, and POW!, hits him again. What kind of a game is that, man, you know? You’ve got to agree on certain things before you come in and construct something.

S: Well, that’s a very fine illustration. I would say that that is also a very fine illustration of the way most people seem to accept what they believe their existence on this plane is supposed to be, that they have their own set of rules, and everyone else has their own set of rules, and that if the other guy does not like them, you may get hit in the mouth.

Yeah. Certain things have got to be agreed upon. And then other things are created on an individual level.

S: Aye, and one of those that are created on an individual level—those things are beliefs and can be changed—one of those things is that we are affected by our past and haunted by our future. And those, darlings, are beliefs that can be changed, and you can have power over them—first, by understanding that it is a belief and not a root assumption, that your power is elsewhere than now. I believe most everybody would agree, even with a smile of recognition, that all there truly is is now, but tend to want to remain in a cycle of time as a horizontal element that all runs the very same. So let me dispel that a little bit with a slight illustration. Think of time as you think of everything else in this fixed universe, this plane here. It is so easy to accept the basic energy system that is the foundation of this plane, that certain parts of the energy go at different rates.

That is understood and accepted well—that there is energy that has different forms, but it’s all energy—that some of the energy vibrates very fast, some of it vibrates very slowly. Water, liquid; steam, solid. Aye? Electricity, light. Different properties, but energy, and we accept that. We accept that it is different to have your energy work as a table than it is to have it work as a body, a form. We understand that it is different to have energy as air that we breathe than it is to have the light that we look at, but we understand that it is energy. So why must we limit our concept of time to be all the very same. It must all run alike, rather than a focus of that which is slower and that which is faster, but all within this plane. You have a sponge and a glass container. That sponge is filled with what?


S: Air, aye. You fill that container with water, and that sponge is then filled with …


S: Aye. So you have this plane of existence, and, in this plane, you have permeating it different types of movement, slower, faster—gracious, this is very basic, isn’t it? We are willing to accept that, so accept it with time. You have that existence which moves slower, you have that existence which moves faster. But it does happen—for the energy—it does happen all at the same time. “Now Samuel, how can you say that?” Well, darling, I say that because the energy that is you recognizes it as such, for it is like that other energy. The reason it is difficult to accept is that you’ve put the energy that is you into a form with limitations, that very form we discussed earlier that has taken a desire and made it a need to break those energy systems up into segments. That which is slower, this form, due to its own limitations, calls it past. It is gone. And onward. Eh?

So if you want to travel back in the past, you have to go slower almost than being still.

S: Than being still, aye. It is beyond that [laughing].

Well, I had an experience once where I felt like I was tunneling backwards, and I wound up in what I recognized being New York City during the Industrial Revolution, and there were all these children that were poor and they were hungry, and they were all telling me that I could do something about it, and I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand how I could work my way back there and change that. But I felt that what they were saying was true.

S: It is no difficult to create in other spaces of time—alright, we will get very … interesting here. How’s our time?

Twenty minutes.

S: All right, good. Twenty minutes, eh? Twenty little segments of time. And it breaks down further than that. If you could see it as a joke.

You are energy. You are a part of the Source, the original Source. You are it. You are a primary being. That which is you is energy. You have a name for it; I have a name for it. You are a primary soul. What is truly you? That which does not end. That which looks at this form and clucks[?]. That which goes far beyond. That primary soul is a great multi-faceted energy source, and has determined that it needs a bit of polishing, and, therefore, has projected a hologram, so to speak, into this plane with a rag to polish with. Well, now where is that primary soul? Is it in the hologram? A part is, aye. Is the hologram the primary soul.

It’s the vehicle.

S: Aye. This primary soul has access to every plane. This plane is intersected by others which the form that you recognize the most is untrained to see. (Oh, what a delight this is! Such fun, dear ones.) It’s untrained to see those intersecting planes; nonetheless they are there. However, this form, being a hologram of that primary soul, knows. It cannot see, but it knows that there are other planes within this one, and at times connects to it. Moments in which you see more than your physical eyes usually allow you to, when you hear voices, or perhaps feel, times in which time as you know it in your plane moves differently, when it slows down and you are able to get an incredible lot done—or speeded up—gracious, where did time go? You experience it, and that inner self recognizes it. [end of tape]

That primary soul sends more than one hologram down. It may send several. It may send them to a particular point of existence in which it is best to learn a particular lesson, a specialized portion.

Well now, is that first hologram related to the second hologram? Would it not be different facets of the same self?

Different egos.

S: Different facets, dear. Let’s not be too confusing. Here we go now. Go ahead, Frank.

[Frank:] So the holograms become aware of their counterparts, and there’s a connection of consciousness.

S: Sure. If the hologram was sent to a particular point that was moving very slowly within this plane within this plane—and the other hologram is sent into a particular point of existence in now. It is moving rather quickly. Both of them will be at a point in now, but one would be perhaps a past life of the other. But the primary soul has sent them at the same time. (Time, ha!) Do you see that?

So they’re all simultaneous.

S: Sure.

Working in one affects the other. You could help in that particular situation by doing something in this now.

S: Good, dear.

As we learn and grow in this plane, it helps us learn and grow in each other plane.

Some of the help we’re getting in this plane is coming from the other plane.

S: Good, dear, good! Oh, darlings, we must stop this meeting now, because I’ve given you such good information that I want you to understand it and digest it. Oh, I’m so glad you’re understanding that, for that’s about two years worth of work, dears.

And we’re living on all these planes at the same time, but only conscious in one.

S: That’s right. Because that’s where your work is.

The way I think of this is interpenetration. Everything interpenetrates everything else.

S: Sure. It’s the sponge. Do understand that the concept is difficult because the form has limitations? But you’ve seen the manifestations of it in your own life. You recognize times when you’ve opened up to those intersections, to those permeations. Now you must change your belief system that holds you back from doing what you can with right now. Aye, dear.

The problem seems to be individualization. If you think of different centuries as a linear thing, and you think of the clock as being round, if you thought of different centuries going around the circle, it would be much easier to see how you would play different parts of a primary soul. If you keep on thinking of it as a linear thing, you can’t see how you could relate to the 13th century…. With a circle, it changes the whole thing, and it’s much easier to understand that way. If you’re going to take a minute or a second and have that be representational of time and have it be a circle, then why have it any different for centuries, but that’s always the way it looks in the history books, as a linear progression.

S: It has a beginning and an end, eh?

That’s right.

S: Sure. It is important to take what has been said in a very big way this evening, in a very broad sense of existence, and put it into the existence you have right here. To understand that just as your selves function along with you now, so does your self function right now here. Just as your selves are on different waves of measurement, so to speak, that is why you so wish to break up this existence in the same manner. Bring it into this existence, and think of your own self as different facets of the you that you are so familiar that you are so familiar with in this form. You are changing and growing at every instant, dear ones. You are not the person you were yesterday. Thank goodness, eh? It is somebody in a different time. It is past time.

We keep our old concepts of other people. We don’t know each other, because we’re …

S: Constantly making them what they were the last time we saw them.

That was the result of what you were at that time. It’s the result of what you saw at that time.

S: Aye, exactly. But you are also not what you are going to be. Thank goodness. You are growing and changing, and learning to love, and learning to use that. And so you are also not that which is past time.

Sometimes I get the impression that the me that’s driving the car for brief moments is a me that I’m going to be that’s remembering the me now and broadening it.

S: As you grow into your true self, you do have times in which you see your now very clearly, and then you do separate a whole segment of existence and understand where you are, and see the power of it. And it is much like being separated from that self, for your whole perspective has changed, and you see much more. You see what is there for you. So use this, dear ones. Use this to make the very most of what you are and the power you have. Remember, where is your power? In the now. And what is the power that you use to create your now? The highest vibration of energy, aye, is love. And how does that change your now? How does that give you power in the now?

It changes you.

S: Aye.

Being aware of it, does that change it?

S: Sure. Everything is balanced with love. The power, the raw power, of that vibration is the boost you need for anything, dear ones, for it changes you. It is a vibrational change in your own energy patter. Feel it. Feel your own energy, and then think about love, and feel the energy change. You’ll feel it focus upward. It is good for you. It is good for those about you. It is good for me, gracious. It is the way to use your now. It is the way to have the power you need to create the life you’re wishing for, for in changing your vibrations, it opens you up to what you are due. The learning you need, it is attracted to you. The material things you need. And as always, like attracts like. You are a loving individual, and you find yourself surrounded by them.

Your power is now, and you lead it with love.

Very good sessions, dear ones. Your energy is so bright this night. You are very sharp. Good students, good workers, good lovers.

Much to discuss. Think about time. Think about your now. Think about your hologram.

Zatit? Happy trails.