June 7, 2009

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: So, what did you do today? What did you do, “do” being the key word there; what did you do to make somebody else’s life a little better and brighter?

Excellent. Let’s see, I am at Angela, Yes? You know until about half hour is passed I’m staring at the colors that you don’t see rather than the ones. And then Bonnie. And any further over? All right. Is that Jerry? Still wrong.

Could be I’ll . . .

S: And have you been sitting next to Mike?


It’s Katie and Bruce.

They just got here.

S: What is the for saying?

Katie and Bruce were sitting next to Mike and then Jerry came in after that and sat down but there was no one there before.

That we know of.

S: Well, if it helps, there is nobody there I can see either but I’ll let you know if that changes. Vickie, let’s start there.


S: Thank you.

Well, this afternoon, actually, David and I had a really lovely opportunity to celebrate Lillibeth’s birthday, and we all went to a movie and had a great time. So, I hope it made her day better and brighter.

It made it great, thank you.

S: And what was your movie?

We went to see “My Life In Ruins.” It’s about tour guides in Greece, and it’s a fun movie, a really fun movie.

S: Sounds like one Earthlight should see.

Yes, they would identify . . .

S: Their life in ruins, and cow pastures and sacred spaces that are being kept by numerous cathedrals. Right.

So, good. It’s always lovely to celebrate a birthday, because that allows those who are around the celebrant to pick up some of that birthday power. So it’s a good thing. You can serve by inviting others to be around you on your day. “Hi, I’m going to have my birthday tomorrow. Please come over and soak in my energy.”

What about half-birthdays?

S: Not the same.

Aye, Bonnie.

My son Tony has had an extremely stressful, busy, physically exhausting week, and he got home about three o’clock this morning and was just absolutely physically exhausted. And when he got up this morning I gave him a neck rub and a scalp rub. I have large hands and they’re strong. He almost purred.

S: A lot better and brighter.

One of the things that I’ve been gifting myself with a little bit lately is taking time in the pool, and it helps with my joints and other body parts. Today I had the blessing of being able to take my daughter and my son-in-law and my granddaughter, and we all went to the pavilion up at Georgetown, which is an indoor pool, and it has things like a great big, huge water slide and all kinds of fun things to do. The gift that I was able to give—that was really a gift for me—was I got to sit in the kids’ pool and play with my granddaughter and my son-in-law, and my daughter went off to do the big slides and swim in the deep end and do things that they don’t get to go do. And then Mattie got to learn; she was frightened at first but she overcame her fear and began to play and really enjoy herself, so that was a gift too.

S: So in your desire to make their day better and brighter it rubbed off on you too. Interestingly enough, that’s the way it always works, every time, every time. When you give from your heart consciously, you are changing things. You are throwing a rock into a pond, and the ripples and the ripples and the ripples keep going.

Frank, I think that you might should sit up here. You think not?

I can do that. Woo just wants to play with Oma.

S: The Woo dog adores children.

They taste good.

S: Somewhere around there.

Like being in school.

S: When they brought the most intelligent up to the front of the class.

That’s what I always thought.

The ones that misbehave.

S: Do you know what this month is?

Summer solstice.

S: Summer solstice yes, absolutely, big, big, important deal there. What else is it?

Father’s Day.

S: Father’s Day, yes it is.

My dog’s birthday.

Grandchildren’s birthdays.

S: A lot of birthdays in this month.

It’s the month you’ve been talking about being a special amazing month; an opportunity to become closer to what we are.

S: Absolutely, absolutely.

He’s smart.

S: This is the turning point in your year. Now, it’s the turning point in your year according to your calendar, but you know that there are very few calendars that are not in conflict with some other one out there. And the whole idea of the determination that this is how the calendar would look and be was just an arbitrary sort of thing. That the calendar says this is the middle of your year isn’t why, at least this year, this is the turning point. It’s the turning point because what you have been working toward, what you’ve been setting into action, what you have—and making sure that this is accurate throughout the room—what you have been dealing with over the last eighteen months, and a few of you over the last three years, what you have been dealing with, which has been a whole lot of change. Doesn’t have to do with needing a money sorter. . . . slow tonight.

And it’s time now for all the good that you have been putting out there to not take root—that happened when you put it out there—but for it to grow, for it to grow. In the second half of your life you are going to be seeing the results of the first half of your life and that is no different with this month over the last few years. You are going to see manifestation come to rest, not in a bad way, in a good way. All of those “when my ship comes in I will be at the airport” jokes, well, you should be seeing your ship come in. And that means a couple of possibly scary things. One of the possibly scary things is, What have you been putting out the last three years, the last eighteen months? What have you been making in your life, working to create in your life? What attitudes have you been living by in your life? Because it’s all going to be amplified, as it works for your highest good.

So, what have you been creating? What is it you’ve been incubating? And it’s good for you to think about it so that you won’t be surprised by anything that comes in your way.

June is also a month in which, with a little overlap at the beginning and at the end, it is also a month in which you have the opportunity to allow an amazing change of—oh, this is going to sound so airy-fairy and yet it is the most practical energy you ever could use—you are going to have the opportunity to have access within and without, of a function of energy that has not been active on this planet for a long time, and you need to be thinking about how you’re going to use it. It’s sort of like putting a million dollars into your bank account, and if you don’t ever write the check, it does you no good. You end up having to pay taxes on something you never got use of. You don’t need any more of that in your life now do you? And in a few moments I’m going to talk about that energy and I’m going to talk about manifesting energy.

But first, I would like Jim, if you would not mind, in a moment to start a merging heart tone. Now, some of you I know will have absolutely no idea what a merging heart tone is. It’s something you do with your mind. You say to yourself something to the effect of, “I’m going to be doing a merging heart tone; all right.” And you listen to the tone that Jim starts with, and you just add to it with a tone that represents, the best you can; there are those in here who have lovely voices and those who wish they did, but you will hear the group using that tone as a beginning and coming out with something that just feels good to the heart. And if you ever want to feel something with your heart, you need to think of a loving heart. Think of a thought, of an experience you’ve had that was particularly loving, when you felt very loved, when you were doing a loving action, when you were—well I was going to say making love, but that’s only if you really were making love—that filled you up with a sense of maybe bliss, maybe a sense of connection. And the merging part is, you are imagining, and it depends upon what it is you’re being asked to merge with, but in this case I’d like for you to merge with each other with the idea that if you find yourself, during the month of June, coming out with something you don’t wish to put energy to and to bring into manifestation, that you can just touch your thoughts onto those within the group who can, spiritually speaking, stand for you, be you for those moments in the highest and the best sort of way. You’re thinking of merging with each other so that the oneness that is already there—because you know in that biggest picture you are a part of each other—All That Is is a part of all there is. And you might have a particular way that you visualize that, maybe sort of like a mist of love that covers everybody or a big pink bubble everybody’s in, or maybe from your heart out into the room. It doesn’t matter how you visualize it and you don’t even have to make a picture. You can simply say, “I’m merging with everybody in this room, yee-haw.” And give it a try.

Actually, it’s something that feels sort of good, but humans are musical instruments, very specially tuned. And the more you change in your life, the more adept you become at reaching into that divinely tuned instrument and living with it. Give it a try. Jim.

[Group tones]

S: Isn’t that nice?

Father’s Day, as Steven pointed out, is in June, and it is the month following Mother’s Day, which is perfectly understandable in some ways, but for the most part has things a little bit backwards, because the fact of it is you would not be celebrating anything if it were not for your father. Even if your father was never around, if once he had started the creation process going, that was the last, still, if it were not for him you would not be here. And in every self, in that human heart, you have always a desire to connect with your father. And if you grew up without your father, you wished that you had one. And I am making very bold statements, since I’m not you except in that lovely, big sense of it all, and yet I am telling you that as a truth. And yes, it is also accurate that there is always the desire for a connection with your mother as well. In society, in cultures long before yours, God became a masculine being—He—pretty far down the road, much closer to your time than you would think. It’s a late construct, God as man as opposed to woman. Having said what I did about fathers, why do you think it is that it came about that way?

[Pause] Well, all right, I will answer, thank you very much. Everybody merge with the awakened portion of everyone else. Harvey.

I was thinking it might have been when we went from the horticultural stage to the agricultural state. More strength was needed.

S: Definitely that’s true, however, not the direction I was going in, but that’s very good.

Well, at first the birth process was such a mystery. It was very magical so at first, women were considered very mysterious and powerful.

S: That hasn’t changed.

Thank you.

S: Steven.

I think it’s possible that as mankind began to feel more empowered to create and not just be the recipient—and I may be overstating it—that doing and being active in the world and being able to impact the world through crop-growing and all sorts of things and fire and that there was more of a masculine function of doing, and so . . .

S: I like that also; not what I’m looking for but I like that. You’re going deeper than you need to go. This is pretty surface, Frank.

With your having just said that, probably it’s more recently that men became the rulers rather than us having matriarchies where the women were the rulers and the decision-makers and the holders-together of the tribe; and as the rulership changed, then our idea of the ultimate ruler changed.

S: That works. That’s good. Sorry, once again, one last time.

Maybe when people got caught up more in outward manifestations of stuff that they switched from the more neutral energy to more of the outward product, which is more God-like?

S: Actually, what I had in mind was that—yes, you tried and you came up with very good things, but I was going a lot simpler than that. Because in most lives, the most important part of early human’s family was the father, the father who helped them with extra strength, bring more food into their table, the father who took care, made happen, brought manifestations of whatever was needed, the superior strength. You know that’s not the case all the time, but more often than not. The nature of the anatomy is such that leverage is a little easier in the male form. Leverage, that’s not the word I’m looking for . . . all right. The need for strength for protection, “Don’t go in the woods. The bear will get you.” And when inevitably, the child wanders a little too close to the woods, the father is there to grab them up and save them after heroically killing that bear going after its child. Well, yes, feminine energy could do that same thing, but you know that in every early culture, the women worked so hard. They had no time for killing bears as well. The construct of God as male related very much to the elevation of God as protector, and that continued on and on and on.

Masculine energy is not all that’s needed to be a father. Body parts are not all that’s needed to be a father. And now, today, being for spiritual purposes, a father does not mean that you must be male. The masculine function is to do, and you heard that referred to twice. Masculine function, thinking of father, is to create. Masculine energy is that which creates, that which manifests, and when you are manifesting anything in your life, no matter what your anatomy says, you are functioning with masculine energy.

Ideally, in your life you have a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy within you. Ideally within your life, the Intent and the Thought opens the door in balance to Word and Deed. The internal is balanced with the external. Now, on that for just a moment—How often in your life do you feel overwhelmed? How often in your life do you feel like not enough time in the day? That would be because your feminine energy was working harder than your masculine balance. What about those times that you feel like you are busy all the time and you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re doing or what good it is? You have a lot of little projects here and there that went about half-way and that was the end of it. You are very good at doing, not so good at thinking it through or creating the pattern in the first place. You’ve got too much masculine energy that’s not balanced with feminine.

It’s all about balance, and this month—did you think I wasn’t going to come back to that?—in the small picture, every month of your life, there’s something that you can look at and say, “This is a month with some important manifestation energy coming through, and I want to take advantage of it.” Yes, in the small picture, that’s true every month, every day, but in this larger picture, the picture, not so much of why are you here but of what you are here, in that picture, this energy is magic.

You are amazing, unique, magnificent. You are seeded with the desire to love—all right, now I see why—the desire to love, to give love, to receive love. You feel better when there is love in your consciousness, and you have love in your consciousness because you are giving and receiving it. You are, all right I’m going to get weird-. . .-er. As I said in Pittsburgh last weekend, this is a circus. Functioning in the world doing this, it’s a circus. It doesn’t have nearly the effect in the world that you have because you touch into areas that no one else can, and you touch into those areas at your best and at your worst. You touch into those areas with others when you are functioning at your spiritual best or worst. You touch lives all around you. And as you have been seeing more and more, people are drawn to that. What is it about you? I would tell you that it is because you are doing more to be what you are than to stay so attached to the—fill in your name here—who you are. Does that mean that you must stop being who you are? No, that won’t work. Who you are is how what you are manages. What you are is getting a big infusion of cosmic energy, divine energy, god energy, a big infusion of help; help that allows you to do what you’re here to do, to be what you are here to be.

This is a month in which you will recognize what you’ve been missing, in which you become aware of how you touch others, in which your physical essence that has been expanding over the last few years—has nothing to do with a need to diet, not that kind of expanding at all. It has been strengthening from the inside so that you would not become dishwasher art.

What is dishwasher art? Somebody explain that, please. Remind me, Suzanne.

Well, literally, when the dishwasher runs, it runs at a very hot temperature and so if you put anything in there that can’t handle the hot temperature, it melts. And so when you talk about us becoming dishwasher art, it means that the energy that’s flowing through us is so hot, is so strong that we can’t handle it and so we start kind of melting down, figuratively speaking. So that’s why we need to strengthen ourselves with various—through toning, etc.

S: Perfect, perfect, thank you. Dishwasher art is what happens to you when you are trying to do more than you are currently capable of. How many times have you hit your head on a brick wall? Well, you have been in the process of change, and that change has been about allowing what you are to function through who you are. And at this point that might only be showing up as a sort of a vague interest that things are different than they used to be, or it might be much more specific than that, something that you have been consciously working for to bring about. And that’s the case with most of you. When you are not in balance, you get dishwasher art. So what do you need to do to be in balance?

I want to tell you a—how can I tell this story anonymously?—Owen knew that the upcoming trip to Egypt was going to be very exciting, has known that for quite some time now. And Owen was looking forward to getting the information about that trip. However, Owen did not act when the information came about, and as a result, the window of opportunity closed because the trip of course filled up very quickly, which, as Owen well knew, always happens. So, Owen says, “Samuel, you know that I should be on that journey. You know that I’m important. I am certain that I have experienced ancient Egypt as a god or a goddess, or a shoe shiner or blacksmith or . . . and I know. So you’ve got to make it work out.” And yet, the e-mail was sent letting you know that the trip was going to open up, registration could begin, now is the time, and you waited. And you had access to those who were getting more information, but you did not make use of it. You did not call or write those who are making that trip come about, but now you can sit in your comfortable chair and say, “It’s not fair. I wasn’t able to plan, think about, make happen.”

Now, why would I be telling that story? Whatever does it have to do with the manifestation energy coming about in the second part of life, this life, this year? Suzanne again.

Okay, I can see that when—and I’ll pick on myself—that when I’m working to manifest something and I see an opportunity come up, if I—and actually I can see one who did pass me by because I thought about it too long, but not Egypt. I can even recognize “I have been working on manifesting that, and there it is.” And I can just kind of admire it and not take advantage of it, and the window might close on me. And it’s not because the Universe isn’t giving me exactly what I’ve tried to manifest; it’s because then I need to act. And I need to act pretty fast because I already know I want that.

S: Yes. Didn’t need any other hands; right the first time.

And you are going to be seeing many things you want dangle in front of you in the next few months. You are going to be seeing—he was making use of the opportunity—well, this wasn’t what I was actually meaning by a circus, I was more meaning this stuff, that’s much more the circus. But the other part of it is, you’ve got to be ready for it. You’ve got to be ready for it, and too often, you’re not ready. You’re not ready. You’re not ready because you forgot that the trips cost money. You forgot that on trips you need a passport. You forgot that you might need to get that luggage that broke on the last trip repaired or replaced so that you don’t have to worry and your energy can go to something different. You forgot that you live in the world and in this world free will has a lot of impact and that might mean that if you don’t plan ahead, if you’re not thinking about it ahead of time, if it’s not a function of your Intent and Thought and Words and Deeds, you will likely miss it. And you’ve missed a lot of things already.

Now, I know—I do—I know that I’m not really talking to you about going on the Egypt trip. Do you know that? Do you know that? I am talking to you about by far a much greater trip, the trip that is the rest of your life.

The trip of a lifetime.

S: The trip, indeed, of a lifetime. Where is it you want to go? What is it you want to do? How do you plan for it? What fears get in the way? What realities get in the way and what can you do to responsibly—that’s a very important word—to responsibly change things? Do you believe you? “I’m a magnificent being of light and power, on first-Sunday nights only; the rest of the time I’m sort of meek and don’t, try my best to just hide.”

Do you have a history of sabotaging yourself? Sabotage is a function of fear, and you can look at a situation that you recognized: “Well, I sabotaged myself on that one. I sabotaged my opportunity to go on that trip.” Again, I’m not really talking about that trip. You can look at the sabotage and then say, “What does that mean I was afraid of,” because the sabotage is directly linked into that fear. In your physical experience—physical, this part, this thing, yes? Sorry, not that you’re a thing except in the biggest picture—you’re so happy when you get rid of that masculine/feminine thing and you’re no longer cramped into these little, tiny bodies, you are so happy when that’s over that you’re delighted to be a thing at that point.

On the physical level, what can you do to make the rest of your life, the rest of the month, the rest of the night better? Mentally and emotionally, your beliefs; what can you do to have beliefs which create emotions, to have beliefs that serve you in a positive way instead of a negative one? You’re just not going to become a happier person if you spend too much time in your life hanging around those who are not happy. You’re going to have a hard time changing your sense of constant and impending doom if all you ever think about is the eight hundred and thirty-one different ways this world could end tomorrow . . . eight hundred and thirty, actually.

I thought it was eight hundred and thirty-two.

S: If you take part in activities that have little or no meaning to you, that don’t represent who you wish to be, that, for whatever reason, somehow suck energy out of you instead of pouring energy into you; if you do not take care of your physical body so that it can take you where you want to go, if you don’t take care of your mental and intellectual body so that you will recognize an opportunity when it shows up. “Oh, darn. I was sleeping because I’m just so tired all the time because I’m just spread out so much I can’t get much done at all, and it just all exhausts me and, and . . . ” is a function of fear and an unwillingness to shift out of your comfort zone, which is a very dangerous phrase, to see if there is something else out there that’s a better fit. The problem with a comfort zone is it’s usually made up of behaviors that you learned in order to survive in the world, started out when you were a wee child and you learned not to say some things around some people. And you learned not to shine too brightly or the teacher would call on you more often. It’s so easy to not make yourself the best you can be because everybody knows that if you stand out you’re a target and the world’s just waiting to knock you down. Make yourself knockdown-proof.

Do you have a support system? And I don’t mean, “Yes I’ll lend you fifty dollars when you need it.” I mean supporting you. And if you don’t, why not? Why not? Have you forgotten about the making-friends part? Do you know what’s involved in making friends? Well, there you go, then; that’s the reason. Getting out of your comfort zone, yes; not assuming that you’re not exciting enough and not rich enough and not smart enough and not healthy enough, that you don’t have anything to offer. It involves finding what you have in common and then looking to see if what you have in common is something that is joyous and fulfilling, delightful, brings you happiness, brings you joy, challenges you intellectually but in a good way, makes you feel like laughing more often than not; you enjoy rather than: obligation, guilt, “shoulds.” You make connections and you act on them. Spiritually you need to know what it is you are. Quick answer, biggest picture: energy, but here, now, that energy working through form. You are a being here to love and be loved, not make excuses. You are magical and you have abilities you are hardly seeing, and you need to look, because what you are changes who you are and what you are changes the world, but not if you’re afraid of it, not if you think there’s no relative connection, not if you think that you’re so busy doing all of the things that somebody else wants and none of the things that you want.

This is a really amazing month, and to airy-fairy it up a bit more, this is the month that most of you’ve been waiting for. On a human level, on a spiritual level, open your eyes. Don’t miss what is coming your way. Look for the evidence of power that is yours. Notice maybe how that little, small voice in your head—the good one—the little small voice in your head tells you what’s going to happen right before it does. Pay attention to that little small voice in your head that tells you what you need. “All right, body, what can I do to become healthier?” It starts jabbering almost immediately doesn’t it? Listen to your heart, your heart that sometimes tells you that when the check-out person at the Kroger store says it’s been a really rough day and you find yourself moved to one of the most incredible acts of power that most people never take. Any idea what that might be?

Say “I’m so sorry.”

You talk to them.

S: Come here, Mathew. No, you really do have to come here.

So, this is that act of power: “I’m sorry about that.” Or maybe it’s not that feely; he’s just nice to hold onto. A touch of the hand when you’re getting the receipt and looking in their eyes and saying something, even if it’s only, “I’m sorry.” And you know sometimes that same little voice tells you what to say. The good one, remember, the good one. It tells you what to say, such as, “It’s been difficult over the last few years, but you know things will get better. I really believe that. I have a group of friends, and we have what you might think of as a prayer list. I’d love to put you on that list and have a bunch of really loving people sending energy,” praying, whatever words you want to use, because it’s the same thing. The problem with what I’m saying, though, is it’s one of those acts of power that can only happen when you move out of you instead of turning around and huddling into yourself as much as you can and pretending you didn’t really hear that and going on your miserable way.

You are here to change this world and you know it. And sometimes you get so caught up in what does not work that you do not see what does, and when you see what does, do it again. And remind yourself that next time: “Hey, I lived through this once before. I’ll do it again.”

What this month is bringing to you is pure masculine action, power, the power you see and can do something with. Look, look for it. And when that day comes that fathers are supposed to be celebrated, celebrate you for those acts which you have done to make your life stronger, clearer, more balanced, to begin to get in touch with the spiritual power that you are, with the mental power that you are, with the physical power that you are.

Be warned, the next Lifescapes I’m going to be talking about that . . . right. You’re going to look back on this month and you’re either going to know that you opened a door or you’re going to know you missed the opportunity, and that is not necessary. Beware of the doorways you are opening but don’t fear once you’re in the door, nothing to fear.

Owen, when will he be his next age?

Almost a year from now.

S: All right, and that will be how old?


S: Three. Every one of Owen’s days is filled with an amazing awareness that everything in the world is there for him to learn from, about, that every day little miracles happen all the time, something that he’s never experienced before comes about. And you have that in you. It’s still there. Go into this month with the wild confidence of a well-loved two-year-old. Try. Stop becoming your father and instead be a father. Rule your world like a god.

Now, I will end in just a moment. I just want to make sure that you know that I am giddy with excitement . . .

For someone who doesn’t have emotions, that’s great.

S: You are ready, interestingly enough, about the same time the world is. It’s really handy.