September 16, 2001

Samuel: Greetings, dear ones. So, how are you? [Long pause] All right, there may be a lot of things that are going on that you don’t know about, but you do know how you are. So, how are you?


S: That works. And that’s a very good answer too. That’s probably the answer it should be. There are so many things in this world that you have no control of, so many things in this world that you have no control of, but what you do have control of . . . all right, here we go: but what you do have control of is how you are, how you react, how you respond. And particularly at times when you feel particularly out of control, it’s a very, very good thing to especially then take your reactions and your responses to the highest level you can, because your conscious connection into that thing that you can control makes all the difference.

We’re doing this tonight because it seemed like it might be a good thing to chat with you a bit. So many different responses going on in your world right now, so many responses that make standing on the precipice sound easy. So many different responses.

I see so many faces I haven’t seen in a while [in the audience], and it’s really nice. Welcome back home.

So many things politically, emotionally.  A doorway of many sorts is very open right now, and it is creating within so many of you not fear, not upset, not questions, nearly as much as an absolute conviction that this is an opportunity for you to express your Guardianship, the work that you’re here to do in this world. And I want to encourage that this night.

I imagined—if you can say that’s what I do—that we would really chat tonight. I want to hear from you some of the good things, the miracles, the good news that you’ve either thought or heard or seen for yourself right now. And then to allow that to move into, perhaps, some questions and answers that could show another viewpoint. And then, somewhere within all of this there will be an opportunity for those of you who are desiring to make a statement about the Light you are and the Guardianship that you offer to do that as well.

So somebody tell me a miracle. Do you have one? Aye.

A couple of miracles. I’ve been taking walks and talking to people, and I just say, “How are you coping this week?” And I’m finding so many people are not raging, they’re not angry, they’re just doing the peace. And I’ve been emailing friends overseas, whom I’ve never personally met, who are very frightened about what’s going to happen here. And the things that I’ve been emailing them, I think just about everybody in here have received, and it’s very gratifying to them to know that ten percent of Americans are not in favor of . . . peace instead. That there might be more than that ten percent that the media is stating. And they are having difficulty writing to me, because they’re separating out our government from me, and it’s very difficult for them. But I have also been forwarding to them letters that I have been writing to politicians and saying, “This is what I’m doing.” In hopes that maybe they can also know that there’s a movement going on.

S: Good. Good.

On Friday, at noon, the President invited heads of all religions to speak to our country, and I didn’t know that I would ever see that happen, so that there was a talk of unity, and a talk of love, and a talk of not reacting in kind. And it was a point that I didn’t know we would get to. It’s sad that it was because of this.

S: Yes.

But it felt profound.

S: You will find that statement, “it’s sad that it took this, but . . . ,” showing up a lot. It’s the nature of the beast, I tell you. Aye. More. Aye. Hello, love.

I think it was Saturday when we had the TV on they showed in New York that there were thousands of volunteers that they couldn’t use. There were just too many people to help for what they needed at the time. And they showed all this food and water and supplies, and it just made me so happy. I was so filled with joy to see that outpouring.

S: Aye.

It was really wonderful.

S: Aye.

I knew the Blood Center was beginning to . . . people were turning on to Waller Avenue and going to the Blood Center, and it never let up. We had to turn them away at 6:30 so we could get them all processed sometime after ten. And they sat there so patiently and so calmly, and, you know, students with their books standing in line reading, and just . . . you know, people brought food, Krogers. People couldn’t get in touch with us, so they got in touch with Krogers, and Krogers sent somebody to tell us what was coming. I mean it was very calm and very peaceful. Everybody was very sure that they had something that they could do, and that was really nice to see.

S: Aye. Aye.

During this event, I was on the way back from Colorado and driving, and after listening to this and thinking about it, I got this enormous knowing, sort of, that the perpetrators of this have created exactly the opposite of what they intended, because I see the world pulling together now from all this.

S: May that be so. Absolutely. Aye.

We can do that if we want you.

S: See it amongst the people. But it’s not enough. As strong a work as you can do, as much as you can manage, a grass roots movement isn’t enough. But we’ll get to that later. Good. Aye.

I think I have one of the best personal miracles I’ve ever had in my life, because I’m not angry. I have no anger, and I have always reacted in anger, or, you know, with anger, you know, towards things or people when events happen. From about the second day, every time I see pictures of Osama Ben Laden, I think of him as a loving being. I mean, I do gold cord work with him.

S: And this is?

A miracle for me to be able to.

S: Osama Ben Laden.

Osama Ben Laden is the person that’s being made as a perpetrator, but there’s lots of people involved.

S: Good.

I mean all the highjackers, you know, like I see pictures of them. Any time I see pictures of the people that we’re . . . the news medias are putting up there as the enemies, all I can do is love them. I mean I just have this most profound love for these people, because they’re just like us. They are us. And I just never have experienced that ever before. I would want to go out there and wipe them out, you know, the way the old me . . . but I don’t have that. I just love them.

S: You are not feeling anger; you are feeling love. And what that says, of course, is that you’re not experiencing fear. Glad you made it. You’re not experiencing fear. Good. Good.

Along the same lines as Suzie’s, I have even questioned why I feel so detached from it. I have just felt like I am feeling it from a perspective that is not quite a human perspective. I don’t think I’m seeing the way most of the world sees it, and talking about looking at Ben Laden, I have actually visualized . . . for some reason, this individual has very gentle looking eyes. I keep thinking of him as someone who needs a lot of love and attention and I’ve been able to do that. But I’ve been very detached from a lot of it.

S: So in that detachment, what do you feel?

The need for sending thoughts and energy and doing what I can from where I am—I’m not going to be able to go up there and move the bricks and the stones, but I can from here, I can be sending the energy of love and acceptance and compassion.

S: Good. I would not call that detachment. I would, perhaps, call it a lack of drama. Aye. Aye.

I think the thing that touched me the most was the call that came out on the email network of Light workers. A number of people who’ve written books who seem to have a following, but it was just going from one to another. We were all emailing that there would be, every night, a certain prayer time to visualize what we want this world to be, and I found that just wonderful.

S: Several choices of that, actually. If you were in touch with every one of the different organized visualizations, you could probably be connected in around the clock. It is a very lovely response. Truly. Immediately into action has gone forth a network of individuals who see this as an opportunity to be on the healing team, whether that has to do with an individual—and certainly you’re getting all sorts of responses there, including what Kathy referred to with giving of blood—that’s a part of the healing that’s needed as well. Or maybe it’s healing on a planetary level, or a neighborhood level, or country to country. Groups are recognizing this is an opportunity to find out what you believe. And, indeed, that’s very so, that’s very much what this is.

This experience is going to show your country what you believe. You know what you have said you stand for; now let’s see what you stand for, as well as you as an individual. You know what you have said you stand for. Now you will find out what you stand for. It’s a very telling time.

So often within history, massive changes come about because of incidents such as this. I cannot tell you how sad it is that that is going to be the case here. Nor can I tell you how glad I am that that’s going to be the case here. Do you understand that? And do you feel it yourself?

Tell me a few more miracles. I like that. Aye.

I had a great deal of concern about how the media was going to behave in this situation.

S: And how are they behaving.

Well, I don’t know about other channels, but David and I watched ABC for several days, and Peter Jennings made a great effort to point out that this was not a one-sided situation, that there are injustices and history behind this that led up to what is occurring. And he even had some political representatives on from Islam and the Middle Eastern countries to help explain the background, where these groups came from. And I thought that was a wonderful way of helping people understand that there are events that have led up to this. This is not just wicked people doing wicked things, to help people understand that there is more involved.

S: Remove the blinkers so that you can see more of the picture. Nice. Nice. Out in national news. I like that. Aye.

Last night, General Wesley Clark . . . it was miraculous to me that, first of all, someone who had to say what he said was allowed on national TV. He said very convincingly and very calmly, and he said, “You know, it’s not about bombing another country. This is a network that runs across many countries, including our own, and not only have other countries harbored these terrorists, but we have harbored terrorists. It’s all at a very different level than what you’re thinking of.” And he was preparing people for letting us out of the mindset that we have to retaliate physically and with bombing, that it’s justice that needed to be done, but it was going to be a very different war. Indeed, more of an intelligence war. So, I was impressed that he was softening, I think, softening the angry response of some of the people, and doing it in a beautiful way from a position of power.

S: Have you heard much of that in your news? Yes, you are. Good. Tell me, Suzanne.

I kind of look for it. I again . . .

S: Well said.

I again gravitate to channels who are giving me that kind of a thing, because I feel I know, Okay, I shouldn’t watch TV, but I’m just so compelled. I want to know more, and so I turn on this one. And no, I don’t like that at all. Oh no. I like that. And so I gravitate to the Peter Jennings. And there was another general who, when asked, you know, how are we going to fight this, he was talking about yes, the justice and all the different cells in all the different countries. And then he said—and this—I just had my jaw open—and this touched me: He said, “But we have to look at the reasons why these things came up, and we have to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian question, and we have to give these people hope.” I mean, I was thinking, “What! What!” I was cheering him. And we have to give these people hope, and we have to show them that there is a better life for them in some other way. And then Peter Jennings says, “You mean have to do this, and we have to eradicate poverty, and we have to…” And the man said, “Yes.” And it was a general who said that. I was just . . . I mean that was worth it, turning on the TV.

S: Those of you who see clients and patients, psychologists, how are you getting? What’s happening there?

I was thinking that the kids that I see and the adolescents I see have been pretty unanimously talking about the need for unity and peace, and that fighting is not the answer.

S: Without any hints on your part? How do you feel about this.

Now, of course, we draw to ourselves people, but it’s been very touching, and helping them process and see the big picture has given me as much as I’ve given back.

S: Ah yes, and it always shall. Calley.

Just kind of as […] like at my school, you know, on Monday it just seemed like everybody was, you know, concerned in their own little world, and their own petty little issues, and that kind of stuff. And then on Tuesday, everybody just seemed to kind of band together, and all these kids who have, you know, some pretty strong opinions about things, you know, they all just banded together and were talking about the same thing, and trying to . . . you know, I noticed like our teachers were telling us to try to stay away from, you know, they’re the ones who did this, you know, they, they, they, because we don’t really know who “they” is. You know, people are so angry, but they don’t know who they’re angry at so you have to be careful about . . .

S: Indeed. Indeed.

. . . that kind of stuff.

S: Because it sets up a mindset. It establishes a wall. A wall. And the wall is a hardening within your heart that keeps you from being able to see over into another view. It’s a very dangerous thing. That’s good.

Aye. Laura.

I’ve experienced from other people a lot of fear and judgment, and up until this week I’ve kind of hid in the closet as the Guardian, and I’ve had to claim my leadership and come out of the closet and be very vulnerable. And the miracle for me was that I was very well received, and I was truly able to empower people and disperse fear and the judgment. And it was a miracle.

S: If it does not seem that I get back to that, get me back to it. All right. Good.

This is a time of miracles. Don’t forget that. Any time there is a situation in which great fear is expressed, you can count on the only thing that will make it right is to counter it with its opposite, which is love. Love. And your expression of love to those around you, whatever it is, be it the words, be it a touch, be it simply filling yourself with that energy so that those around you, as they come into that energy, can be touched by it, that energy is going to be a healing force.

But I need to warn you: When you put forth a healing force, it makes you responsible. And for those of you that have spent all of your life running from your responsibility to the spiritual aspect of your service here in this world, it’s going to be hard now. It’s going to be hard now for a whole lot of the reason that Laura just expressed, and that is because it’s going to be so needed, so accepted, that you’re going to be finding that people seek what you have. They want to know what you know. You’ve got to have something to give them, whether that be in a casual conversation while you are checking out the cereal, or a very specific situation one to one, helping to dispel the fear, to amplify the love. Remember that. It’s always the case.

Gwendolyn. No? You’re just sort of waving at me?

I meant to just wave to say things that . . . I had just returned from a trip and was totally unaware of this event until I was talking to somebody, and they said, “Well you’d better go turn your television on. Our country’s at war.” This was an amazing thing just to think about. But what I realized after the . . . I mean we all got to look at that same event over and over and over again.

S: Can you tell me the event?

The planes running into the Twin Towers and the collapsing of that, you know, knowing that thousands of people were lost. And this was repeated a great deal. And what I thought to myself was that the old answers are not to be used here. This cannot be. This is a whole different thing. People have to think about it differently. You know that old response just is not going to work. We already know it. I thought about that a lot.

I really found myself trying to know more about the causes, the whole process. And also that you don’t get to be totally innocent in any situation, that you are a part of it somehow, whether you know the details of it or not. We have a responsibility in all of this. It turns out, as we learn about these things, that was the biggest two-by-four I’ve ever seen. And we’ve had a few little ones saying, “Wake up now. Pay attention here. Things are due to change, and the biggest change we need is our own thinking of it, our own feeling of it, our own responses to it.

S: Very good. Very good. Or not. Or not. You have before you an opportunity to make a decision, and I mean very specifically you.

Do not think that you are here as a coincidence, as a small thing. You are here because, as you well know—admit often or not, does not matter—as you well know, you are here to be a part of help. You are where you are, doing what you do, because it’s the clown costume—forgive me Cam—that gets you in the doors to touch the lives you will touch.

You have spent—and looking across this room—and I’ve spent these first few minutes doing exactly that, looking across this room to make sure I could make a statement like this and that it would hit home—you have spent a whole lot of your life waiting for the opportunity to be able to make a difference in this world. And yet the reality of it is, there have been a lot of opportunities. This one just happens to be bigger. It’s for those of you across the world, who have been saying, “I’m just not sure I really get that. I’m not sure it’s very clear to me. Universe, drop it in my lap.”

When your child is sitting in the middle of the street and traffic is on its way, what do you do?

Grab it.

Run out.

S: You run out. You grab it. You get it out of the way. You’re in a situation now in which your natural instinct as a human on two different levels is being challenged. That desire to grab up the child and get it out of the way of danger cannot help you here. This isn’t a danger you see. It’s also not the danger you think it is. Get me back to that.

And the second aspect of a very natural human reaction is to run off or to fight it. But you, you can’t fight it. There’s a whole lot of things in your life you can’t fight, and even if it is so that your country is at war, it doesn’t mean you’re going to fight it, does it? Not in the traditional way that that adrenaline rush wants it to be. “Let me go out there and whup ‘em!” Because, as Callie said, “them?” The very human impulses cannot be satisfied, and anyone at this time right now who only has that link to those human impulses is going to be crumbling, needing your help.

I have said to you often—as often as you’ll let me, actually—that one of the things that happens to those who are here with a spiritual purpose, one of the things that happens is throughout your life, people have talked to you. Sometimes, it’s very obvious all the time. You just meet them and say hello, and they just start telling you what’s going on in their life. Maybe it’s something that you have channeled into a desire to help and as a result, you’ve gone into a medical field or a counseling field, a healer’s work, because as long as people are going to come and tell you their life story, you might as well get paid for it. That’s why this work draws so many people who are a part of that kind of work.

You have a desire to help, but you run into trouble if that desire is not focused, because the reality of it is if you simply put on the head that says, “I’m just going to help everybody.” You will burn out. You will burn out.

I want to talk very specifically about things you can do to make a difference right now. But before I even go there, it has to start with you. You can’t give what you don’t have. And a whole lot of you have been, in an unfocused and very loving and very generous sort of way, been giving pieces of yourself out for so long that you’re already pretty burned out.

Now, when you have a stunning opportunity before you—said that nicely, don’t you think? It is a stunning opportunity. When you have a stunning opportunity before you to find out what you’re really about, you’re going to find yourself fleeing or fighting, or you’re going to find yourself healing. And when I say fleeing or fighting, I want you to remember that, right now, I am talking about you. You from the inside out, not because you knew somebody who died in the tragedy, although many of you do actually, in that interesting sort of linkage that you have. Not because you have a particularly wide audience of people who are just desperate to hear your opinion about things, not because you are so convinced you have a special gift. There is opportunity to do.

And on a vague, airy-fairy, spiritual level—and you do know that I’m not serious about those descriptions—you’re being called. You know it. You have said out loud, I can help. There must be something I can do. And giving blood is very nice, and picking up rocks and buildings and body parts is nice too. I highly recommend it. But the greatest damage that was caused by that act of terrorism is not the massive loss of life. It’s not the destruction of either the physical or the symbolic buildings of military and financial might. The greatest damage that was done is the hole in the spiritual psyche of everybody who’s heard the news, of everybody who has heard the news, including yourself.

You cannot help until you’ve healed yourself first. And that part of you that needs healing is the part that, when you got the information, was angry, was afraid, suddenly faced with such destruction, was fearful that it might never end, that it would only get worse, that it would touch you somehow.

The relationship that you have with Source provides a different viewpoint, and it’s situations like this—thank goodness, you’re welcome—situations like this that allow you the opportunity to see what it is you truly feel. You’re able to look on that reaction and say, “All right, there is a part of me that is still afraid. There is a part of me that does not accept that there is a greater view, a bigger picture. The frustration that you feel, the powerlessness that you experience, is because that connection is not real to you even if you say all the words right.

Now let me give you another version of it. Some of you have for so long fooled yourselves, fooled yourselves, as to how strong and how clear your spiritual essence is. And when this wave, wave, and I do mean wave, powerful shockwave, of souls, of fear, of abandonment, betrayal, when the wave of that energy pushed its way out into your world, and it broke your heart, that was a sign too.

Samuel, are you saying that we should not be sad about this? No. Be sad. Don’t let “sad” be all there is of you, though. And you’re seeing that, you’re seeing individuals who are so focused on the loss—fill in the blank—the loss of life as they know it, bottom line. And do know, beloved ones, I say that recognizing that people’s families have been forever rended, that their lives, their work, their security, has changed forever in just that hour. And I will say again, they fear because life as they know it is changed. That is why you mourn those who have passed beyond you. That is why. Because your life will be different. Because you mourn your loss.

At this time in your world, where there has been such a massive change in energy—and there has—there is a need for those who have come to this planet as Guardians of the life force on this planet. And let me define that a bit. Those who are here functioning at a higher frequency, who are here knowing that what they are are spiritual beings first, who have chosen through whatever pathways open those spiritual doors, have chosen to live a life in which consciously loving was the answer. Not just you in this room, but across this planet, those who are what I like to call Guardians of the Light

The light in your world is a spectrum, isn’t it? Color, from the high frequency to the very low frequency. It is a spectrum that comes to you as white light, which indeed is not white at all, but the combination of all of them, because that is a symbol, if you will, of the nature of spiritual connections in this world altogether. It is all a part of the one for which there are many, many frequencies. […] your standing of acceptance of growth. You don’t see it all. There are parts of it that you don’t relate to, because of the limitations of form itself, but you can see the symptoms of what you cannot see.

And in your world, in your spiritual world, that’s also very true. The symptoms . . .

Stuart, you cannot think that I’m running this on the time limits of a regular first Sunday, can you? Good. Just making sure. I did not think he was saying, “Hi there.”

Your spiritual essence functions in the same way. There is more than what your physical self understands. There’s more than what the limitations of the physical sees and knows, but there are those who have come here already tuned to a frequency that is about spirit first. And I would tell you, that’s you.

There are so many in your world who are searching for what you came here knowing. Whereas their journey will take them to where you started, that does not mean you don’t have a journey. It means your journey is different. One of the differences is that that means you are going to help them. And that’s why all of your life people have been drawn to you. That’s why your willingness to love has not been shaken, no matter what cards you have been dealt.

Mass consciousness is going to come to that point in which they’re going to be awakened to a possibility, a choice. You are seeing that now. I cannot tell you how awful it is that as a whole humans learn by being knocked on the head enough times that they finally say, “Oh, I don’t want to be knocked on the head any more.” That the greatest of pain is what it takes to make you stop and say, “Maybe this doesn’t work.” That banging your head up against the wall so many times is what it takes before you say, “Maybe I should try a different road.” You know it’s because you are so divinely human as a race, because there is within every human form a seed of that truest divinity, that connection to the greatest Source of all things. You are a part of it. I don’t need to tell you that. You know that. But for all of humanity to know that, to know what you know, to respond the way you respond, to be faced with a wall, a two-by-four, a painful experience, and to use it as a means of self-healing and healing others—if the whole world did that, can you imagine?

But that’s not where it is right now. Right now, what you have is a world that is preparing to wake up. And this is not the first two-by-four, it’s not the last two-by-four either. Four-by-eight? Maybe we’ve moved out of boards altogether. And in order for change to happen, you need to choose to be a part of making that change happen. The only way you ever get what you want is by putting it out there and making it happen. What is it you want for the world? Has it ever occurred to you to manifest for the planet in the same way that you manifest for a parking spot? It’s sounds silly, but my point is made. What are you doing to make yourself ready for the need that you’re going to become very aware of, certainly many of you are already? What are you doing?

I said that the first thing you’ve got to do is get your own issues worked through. “You cannot give what you do not have,” I said. And if your reactions—and the key word there is reaction—if your reaction to this horror has been to be lost in pain and hopelessness, well, baby, there’s a whole lot that needs to be worked on, because the only thing you can give to others is what you have. And there’s enough pain and hopelessness already.

What is it you need to be able to do what you have come here to do? What is it you need to do to move to the next step now? Your world needs healing, healing, and healing works in a whole lot of ways. Problem-solvers are healers, aren’t they? The ability to look at something and know what is needed is actually one manifestation of healing. Of course, there are those who dress wounds. That’s healing, isn’t it? There are those who talk to the heart or the head and help bring about healing that way. You cannot give what you do not have. Do you need healing?

When I have healing circles here, and I say, “Anybody who’s feeling as though what they need is to be able to get some healing, go sit in the center of the circle,” then what do I do?

Have the people in the center be the ones to send the healing energy out.

S: Precisely. Precisely. Those who say, “I have this need,” I ask them to send out the energy they are thinking they are going to have coming their way. Why?

Because if they can send it out . . .

S: Yes.

. . . then they have it.

S: Yes.

And they realize that.

S: Because you’re activating it in you is why. Because by saying, “That which is a part of me that is Source, that I put to you who have a need,” opens a door so that you will also receive. Give what you see you need. You who are finding yourself responding with fear and anger; give what you see you need.

Now, somebody, what would be a good for-instance of that? Somebody who is responding with such fear, what does it mean, give what you need? What would they give?


S: Comfort. All right. Literally.Literally, give comfort. And there are many, many ways to do that, and the situations will show up so that you’ll see. It’s an amazing thing that happens for those who are functioning in Guardianship energy, an amazing thing that happens: The Universe constantly steers in front of you situations in which you have an opportunity to do something. You have a choice. “All right, this is somebody who needs comfort. Oh, whoops! I wanted comfort, too. I can relate.” Give what it is you’re seeking.

That shows up in many different ways. Were you angry? What is anger about?


Unfulfilled expectations.

S: Unfulfilled expectations. Bottom line, it’s fear. It is a fear response. So, there is somebody getting angry around you. Well, once again, you could relate, because you also were angry. What is it that would have helped you? Don’t think what will help them. Really. Think, “What would have helped me?” because you will find that those people who are in your path right now, expressing in their own life what it is you could relate to so well—well, in a great big picture you could actually say that maybe you’re just dreaming it all; they really are there just for you. What do you need?

And then I’ve got to ask you another question. What will it take? Because for some who know they are here functioning at a high frequency, who know that they are here to serve, who know that they are a part of a spiritual force in this world and are doing something about it, even those are not acting. What will it take? Well, Samuel, I can tell you what it would take. It would take a guarantee that whatever it is that I do won’t come back on me badly.

Laura said, “I have found myself having to step forward and give views that I was afraid would not be acceptable, and they are being accepted.” You have fallen down and broken your leg, and the doctor has hair at a length you don’t like, are you going to say, “No”? Not bloody likely. You’re going to say, “Help me.” And that’s what your world is saying. It’s hurt. You have something that can help. Jeanean.

I have an example of this working right now in my life. When I came back from the Canary Islands, I was finding my work situation unacceptable. The amount of energy and love, versus the nurturings and feeding that it gave me.

S: A little off balance, you’re saying there. Sure.

So I put into action immediately creating something new for myself, and really think inspired that hope in a lot of people around me. But my first vision was to do it out in the future or move outside of my current situation immediately.

S: Surely it would require not being here, because this certainly isn’t serving.


S: Sure.

And what ended up happening is in seeing the need where I was, I raised my hand one day in a meeting, and said, “We need this here where I work. We need a wellness program.” And I found myself now in charge of creating the new program for my agency in a way that has also created a new job for me, a new promotion, and a way to advocate for that type of balance. And that was a gift to me, because I had to step outside of me and act in my now.

S: Are you saying that it’s possible that you see a need and you respond to it, and you won’t get tossed out in the cold, that in fact there might even be a wonderful reception? Is there a key to that, a key to making sure you don’t get tossed out in the cold, you don’t get a terrible reception? And yes, there is. And think about it for a moment. Several of you could tell me those keys. What might they be?

Don’t be attached to the outcome.

S: All right, one of them is you have a desire to help. There’s something that you see could be helpful. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Does that mean be wussy with it, not very strong? No, it does not mean that. It means put it forward, it means do your homework, it means don’t walk in blind and stupid, it means be smart. But don’t have an expectation that says . . . well, wait, let’s say it differently. But don’t have an expectation that actually is a costume for a need to control.

An additional gift for me in this situation was I was asking for a shift in consciousness for a whole agency. I created in my proposal mental needs, educational needs, health needs, a very complex new system, and when I took it to the CFO, the vice-president, all these people, they said, “Yes, we need this.” And that was a gift to me, because I didn’t . . .

S: You weren’t sure that that’s what would happen. You weren’t so sure that you were going to be doing much more than planting a seed. And maybe that’s a part of it. Go in there with the idea that you are planting a seed. Don’t see it growing up fruitfully in front of you when what you are doing is working to bring healing now. Aye.

And I think that in that process of wanting to plant the seed, ask for guidance.

S: Absolutely.

Because guidance is given.

S: Aye.

And you’re able—it’s amazing—you’re able to say the right things at the right time.

S: Don’t forget the most basic part, which is, don’t do it alone. Why? It’s a lot easier if you don’t. Aye.

Speaking of asking for guidance, I’ll bring this up. I got an email from a young relative of mine, and it was addressed to about forty people. And it had the Statue of Liberty delivering an obscene gesture, and had . . . as, you know, the one line on there, “We’re coming to get you!” fill in the expletive. And, I mean this was just sheer anger. And, you know, I was thinking about, well, should I respond to this in some way? And I thought maybe I . . . Depak Chopra had written a very nice thing about investigating the reasons and causes. I thought this just, you know, he wouldn’t connect with this. There’s such terrible anger here. And, someone had suggested that I just ignore it, that I not try to engage myself. I heard about some worker, I mean somebody who’s around New York City and started saying to people, “You know there are reasons that this happened. And, you know we have some responsibility in this.” Only he was saying it in different ways, and people started pelting him with things. And the police had to escort him away to safety. And so I think there’s a certain amount of . . .

S: A sure sign that he was not following the rules of “speak so you can be heard.” Yes.


S: You are asking what do you do when you are faced with just pure anger?


S: What do you do? What do you do? The very first thing that you want to do is a very quick inventory that says, Am I going to react or am I going to consciously respond? The very first thing that you want to do is get ahold of yourself and come from the heart. Then you want to see what it is that’s being pulled up here. This is anger. Is this anger that is from a place of fear? What is the fear that’s going on there? One way you can know is to see if it was brought up in you. That way you could relate to it. But, you know, you’re going to hear as many stories about people who are angry and upset and pelting people with rock and food as you are of the miracle stories. And you can let yourself focus on how much pain there is, or you can focus on being a part of the healing.

If it’s somebody in New York City on the streets that you see on the television, there’s not likely to be something you can do. If it is your nephew, there might be something you can do. But it’s not likely to happen while that person is getting all sorts of feedback for being angry—good feedback—yes, go, right in the very beginning of this storm. There is a time in which a person of spiritual consciousness’s right choice is to wait. There is a place for that. As long as wait does not mean don’t. As long as wait is the first step of several.

And if this is somebody that you don’t have a lot of communication with generally, you can go one of two ways. One of them is, Well, what the heck? I’ll just go ahead and write a story about how important it is to love. The other one can be, I’m going to cultivate this relationship so that any sort of example I can give, any words I can say, will mean something. Most of the time that’s what people are afraid to do. Oh, well, I can’t cultivate the relationship with this crazy person on the streets of New York. Maybe you can’t, but where you are and what you hear, there is something you can do.

In your world—which is a bit different in this case of “the world”—in your world you have an effect. Take it, but think about it. Look to see what would be the best way to reach this person. Remember that what you are doing is a healing work. Don’t come to it as, “I’m going to change your mind.” You’re wanting to heal what is under it. Why is it this person is so satisfied not knowing anything more, and very strongly putting out hate? Because they’re getting acceptance.

Don’t accept hate in your world. Don’t listen to it. Don’t add to it. Sometimes you add to it by letting it go on. Say something , make your point, give it in love, plant the seed, move on. Know that the relationship you have with that person is what will make all of the difference. And you might find that one of your greatest works in the next few weeks is to start developing trust in those around you by paying attention to them so that when you speak, they pay attention to you. Again, that’s not saying you’ve got to be the airy-fairy one. You’ve not got to be the consciousness of your block. It means that you live in a manner that works practically in your world.

Hear me, beloved ones: you’ve only seen the very tip of this tiger. This isn’t about you coming here to hear me tell you, “Don’t worry, it’s going to get better.” From my viewpoint it is. I talk to you about the pebble thrown into the lake, and the waves that touch the waves that touch the waves. This was more than a boulder thrown in your lake. Your reality has been changed.

It’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity. It is an opportunity for you to be able to function in Guardianship. A beacon of love, a light, in a world that right now is fearing the darkness. You can do nothing effectually if you are the first person that needs to be healed. Do that. Get on with that. What is it you need? Give to others what it is you need. It really works. There’s all kinds of reasons that it works. That’s a cosmic, “I don’t think so.” It works because you set forth an attraction, and that attraction draws more of the same to you. What you give, you begin to receive. It will, blessed child, do a very remarkable thing for you. It will show you every one of your issues. What a gift! And those issues will cause you to sink in pain and misery or because you choose to move out of them, because seeing them is a part of a process that you see as getting over them. Your life will be changed for the better. You cannot live love and have miserable consequences. Your world doesn’t know that.

Think about what you have gone through to come to the awarenesses that you have. Situations of pain and fear bring up in others the need to get over the pain and fear. That becomes a means by which you teach, not because you’re going out and standing on your soapbox and preaching to the corners. You don’t have to. They will come to you with a word, or an email, or a reaction of some sort while you’re there. It doesn’t happen by coincidence. It happens because a door has opened.

And in your world, a very large door has opened. Over the last six weeks, there has been an outpouring of cosmic energy, 5:3:2 energy, powerful creative force. And the resounding and yet very natural—again outside of the worldly view of it—the very natural reaction to an outpouring of the energy of spirit would have to be what? What is the other end of it? If Source is love, that’s all it is, pure love. God is love. It’s love. What is the other side of love? It’s not hate; it’s fear.

So what has happened in your world right now? Well, I hate to tell you this, but what’s happened in your world actually isn’t so very different than what’s been happening all over your planet of late. This one just happens to have your name on it. But what has happened? A massive attack that has brought about fear. Fear on a physical level for your personal safety, for your future. All of the “what ifs” have run through your mind. Fear. Fear on a mental level, on an emotional level, on a spiritual level. How do you deal with fear? That’s what’s going to be asked of you. That is what’s going to be asked of you. How have you dealt with it? Would you say that in the last eighteen months there have been things in your life that you have feared? Would you say that you have had in your own—maybe some of you would say “rather sick”—way a blueprint for seeing fear, dealing with fear, overcoming fear? Can you see how that has been a gift for now? For tomorrow? And for the tomorrow of tomorrow? Aye.

You may have answered this already, but you asked to be brought back to your statement, “This is not the danger you think it is.”

S: This is not what is the danger. This destructive force is not the danger. The terrorists are not the danger. What is?

Our reactions.

The choices we make now. […]

S: And, yes, that very much is in there, but the greatest danger that there is as a whole to your world right now is that you won’t take positive action. The danger is not that the door has opened. The danger is that you will not fulfill your heart. The greatest waste that there is is one who knows how to help and does not, who knows what is needed but hides it. The greatest danger in your world right now is that the unity that is being seen is just a freak thing that fades away. That the desire to express love, to be a voice of reason, to find balance in this, to seek what is behind it, to open eyes and thus open hearts, fritters off as people forget the horror. Do not ask the Universe to continually give you horror to remind you of what your priorities are. Do it so that it must not have to be thrown into your face. Do it.

Growth comes through friction. Everything in your world, all energy down to what you would think of as the tiniest atomic level, which is just the beginning, attracts, repels. That’s how it works. Everything. Everything. Attracts. Repels. Everything in your life uses the energy of attraction or the power of repulsion. See the power, right now, where your world is right now, in repelling, avoiding, or moving right into it. That works. In the media sort of way, spinning. Putting a spin on it.

You’ll get the real information.

S:  Moving you away from it. Yes. Your actions right now in this world can bring more attraction into a world in which repulsion is taking over, because that’s what happens at precipices just like this. Now, there are other ways to translate what I was just saying, but because you are functioning in the dichotomized world in which everything works at extremes until it finds that place in the center—be that the extreme of masculine and feminine to the whole, be that the extreme of cold and hot to the balance of warm, be that the extreme of what you call is good, and what you call is evil—right now the principle of repulsion is winning in your world. The principle that says, separate. The principle that resists One. The principle that recognizes growth by taking away what you need to live. And interestingly enough, most obviously in this situation, actually life itself.

There will be those who say that evil is taking over in your world, and you can agree with it, sure. Agree with it. While you’re agreeing with it, realize that that’s a very kindergarten way of looking at it, but that the point of it is accurate. You are at a choice. You show the world the greater light. You guide the way. You are a Guardian of the path, a Guardian of the Light, or you’re a seeker needing that help. Aye.

Will repulsion eventually lead to oneness, but in a very difficult way?

S: Yes. Not a difficult way, a different way. The way that you’ve been dealing with it for the last few thousand years. Now I would ask you, is that perhaps the easiest way for your world to be able to continue its spiritual path. No. It’s the two-by-four method. If I hurt you enough, you’ll change. You got it in childhood, for the most part. Did it work? [Laughs] Not for most of you. They just could not spank it out of you, could they? Must be because it hurt so bad.

What is this? It’s a reminder. It’s a commitment. That’s right. The message that I found so important tonight is to heal yourself. Please, quickly. What is it you’re waiting on? Heal. Consciously, purposefully, seek your healing. And right now one of the most effective ways for you to do it would be give what it is you’re seeking, because the world needs it. You’ll get good feedback for it. It will tell your head, “Oh, this is good! The healing works faster.”

Second, when you have begun that healing process—and as long as you are here, you will be in that process—there’s never a point that you say, “All right, it’s over. I’m perfect now. “ You are perfect now. It’s just that clown suit has a will of its own, and it’s not. When you are enough along the path that everything in your life is not about one more thing that you need, then it’s really time to help your world make a choice for the Light.

Go ahead, change it over. [Speaking about audio tape.]

To make the choice that says, “I am waking up to a new world. I don’t want the old one. I choose to seek what is like instead of what is not like, and shore up and build my fortress to keep everything that is not like out of here. Choose to recognize that the power of God by any name in this world—Source, All That Is—by any name in this world—is the power, the function, the living of Love, and that for your world to recognize that allows it to begin functioning in balance. That’s what this is about. The Western version of it. And it’s about that, because it’s the one that’s in front of you right now. And if you don’t get it, you’ll have another opportunity. But the reality is, if you get it and do what you need to with it, you don’t have to have another opportunity.

You have a powerful effect on your world. Affect your world in the language your world understands, without a threat, because what your world can manage and what someone else’s world can manage are two different things. To realize your unique unity is what the answer is.

Up until now the answer has been separation. From now on it can never be that again. You will help bring about the changes that are needed by living without separation in your world. The world has hope when it sees what is possible. If it’s an airy-fairy thing, it can see what is possible if you are living it. It can. If you have no other effect than your own consciousness, that will have a work; your own block, that will have a work; your own world, that will have work.

You’ve never been more needed. You’ve never been more prepared. You’ve never been more ready. The only thing that stops you is your fear, and what that fear will do is drag you back to the Dark Ages, and you know what I’m talking about, your own Dark Ages. Move beyond it.

[Taking up a handful of short lengths of ribbon] I want this to say two things: I’m healing. This represents healing. Myself and my world. It’s a reminder. And the second thing is the reminder that you are a Guardian of Light, white light. That’s everything. All that you see. All that’s out there. It’s just a small step, but what it does is it keeps you from hiding, because you put it on your wrist and somebody sees it and says, “Oh, what is that?” and you say, “Oh, it reminds me that I am healing myself and my world.” It creates those opportunities that the Universe loves to put in front of you because you asked for them.

Jennifer and Frank, will you come here? Will you just hand them out?

And if you have within you that desire to begin a process of change that is active, that involves getting out of yourself and to others, that says right now, “I am wanting to be a part of the whole spectrum, the whole picture. I know there’s more than just this one,” then I encourage you to take one of these, and the interesting thing about it is that you can’t get it on, easily anyway, if you don’t ask for help. Do not let the symbology of that pass you by. Just tie your knot. Wear it. Let it remind you.

I don’t recommend that you tie it so tightly that you can’t take it off, because it will, indeed, rot off of you fast enough, but if you take it off so that when you take it in the bath or something, it’s not getting wet all the time, it might last as long as this crisis does. Don’t worry, there are more.

Show yourself. Come out of hiding. It has never been worse. It will get worse if you don’t. That’s a promise, not a threat. It’s never been worse. And, of course, it has. This is the easy version. You can affect change. You can help turn this around. You can help turn this around, and listen to your heart, it’s telling you.

Don’t take to outrageous showings that cause you to be rejected, rather than to be a healing presence. Do stand up to show there is a choice in what you see, in what you feel. Choose the higher path. Choose the higher path.

Does anybody have any questions about this situation, over and above comments. Aye.

Is it okay for us to use the revised humming technique, and to share that with other people, and encourage that and engage in that?

S: Sure, but it’s not going to be particularly effective until the whole Star Weaving is ready—and it’s pretty ready—and you have the whole process, because it all balances each other. Yes, teach it, so that when you get the whole version, it’s ready. But it’s not going to do a whole lot at this point. Aye.

When I’ve had conversations about what’s going on, and have put out that there has to be a better way than what is possible . . . what may likely happen, and someone says, “What is that?” and they’re not involved in this work, and they’re not involved in the airy-fairy concepts of things, what is an easy, practical answer that you can say that will help?

S: How about, “What I would like to see is not a reaction based on fear and anger, but that we as a people unite and choose to see what is the cause, and attack the cause.” Maybe you don’t want to use the word attack. Let me back off of that one. To somebody wanting to hear more, you’ve opened a door with that. To somebody that’s convinced you’re just talking about exactly what they want to hear, you’ve planted a seed. Right now, you are seeing unity, but the focus is scattered. That’s what the precipice is. The unity that is based on “We’ll get them” or the unity that is based on “There’s something deeper here.” It has to do with human-to-human function. You’ve got a choice.


When you were talking about the unity and our sending energy in different groups, and you were saying, “But that’s not enough.”

S: It’s not.

And then, so you were talking about we have to act more . . . what is enough is acting more than that, being in action more than that?

S: You can still hide as a monk on the mountain, you can still be a part of your I’m-not-in-this-world monastery, and every night at nine o’clock or every morning at nine eleven, or whatever it is, you can send energy and connect into the Light workers in the world, and that’s a good thing. It’s a very good thing. And for those of you who have been doing that work over the last many years, the last eons, you know that it’s the slow way. It’s very effective. It’s slow. It’s a powerful leap from what has been done before. It’s slow.

Change your world. Don’t change Cam’s world. Let him change Cam’s world. You change your world. Change your world so that it is a haven of positive function, so that it is a realm where, if people don’t necessarily agree with you, at least they listen to you, because you have loved them into friendship. That’s different than lulling them. Change your world.

What’s the best way to connect to our government and to be an influence there? I think most of us have had the sense that if we write to our congressman, the chances that he’ll ever see it are pretty slim.

S: It’s no different writing to your congressperson than it is making a statement to your boss. You want to do the very same things. You want to let them know why what you’re having to say is good for them, why it’s going to help them.

The first thing that you want to remember is, what is it they want? Well, they probably want to be re-elected; they probably want to. . . . So you want to express that you’re a part of their whatever it is that you would be a part of. You want to let them know, as you do when you are talking to any child about changing a behavior—be that child four or forty or eighty—you want to say you’ve already done this. Look to the records of these leaders and see where they have expressed unity. Look at a vote that was a part of bringing about something to better, as you would see it, and weave that into, “It is because I have seen in these works that you are standing up—one time out of forty—for . . . ,” and what is the point that you are wanting? Because that’s what you’ve got to put out. For seeking unity, for looking at this at a deeper level, for not immediately seeking vengeance. Whatever it is, show that they’ve already done a version of it.

People are afraid to do something new. You’re showing them that they’ve already done it. You’re showing them that the reason you have trust, that you as a voting, tax-paying person—which throws some of you out—recognize in them these higher functions within humanity. You see the best in them, and you want to encourage them to use those same techniques to bring about the best in this situation. You talk to them the same way, ideally, that you talk to everybody you’re negotiating with. What is it they want? Why should they listen to you? What is it you want from them? You’ve got to know it. You’ve got to be clear with it. Let them know. But when you let them know . . . if they also know that you’re not a crazy person, because of the language that you’ve used, or you’re not an ignorant person, because you have got no idea how the system works. You can make yourself effective in this or not. Get help. Come together. You know somebody who’s really good at writing something like this, talk to them. See if they’ll help you with it. Maybe you trade off. You do the research about their past votes, and I’ll do the typing. But remember none of that will have as much of an effect as you changing your world. And you cannot change your world without healing yourself first.

Healing is not defined as making whole that which was broken. Healing is making fit the function as designed. Make yourself fit to function as you have been designed. Make your world fit to function as it has been designed.

Any more?

It would be well not to forget the impact of this and let it dwindle away and have to have it again, or something worse or whatever. When Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City building , is that in essence . . . did we forget too much about that? Did we not delve into . . . could this have been lessened or . . .

S: Well now, this is a different one. This is a different one. I think that it’s marvelous, really marvelous, that one of the effects of this incredible destruction is that you are looking at those who have been invisible for too long. That bombing was a different group of invisible ones. It was a different point. But they both, as any act of destruction is, were on the same level insofar as wanting to be heard.

There’s a lot of things that look like fear, and I hear that all there is is love. Was this act . . .

S: La la la la la.

Yeah. Was this act their version of love or were they acting out of fear?

S: You would have to go to a very big picture to find that point where they were acting out of love. Ultimately, way ultimately, in that sense that all things are woven, all things are a creative act, yes, you could say it was an act of love. However, in the here and now, at this moment, absolute fear. Fear of what? The fear of loss, of abandonment, of betrayal, loss of control. America is taking over. They are not doing it in a way that honors those who have so little power. They want you to know they have power. That’s how it works with four-year-olds. “I will make you notice me.” Yes, love.

When we talk about death, and whatnot, we talk about windows, and there’s a great number of people that obviously had a window together. Was it something that they compacted to before they came?

S: You’ve got to remember in a situation like that, the easy answer is to say you’ve had all of these people who chose to go out together, which is not exactly right, but that’s an easy version of it. And to say that they made this compact ahead of time, which is not exactly right, but an easy way to say it. You make the compact to live a life that brings about change in your world. Sometimes it’s your death that is the best service that you offer. A means could be used.

However, if you were at that time of your final portal, but there were people who really had to work to die, and there were a whole lot of people who, interestingly enough in the worst of situations in these nightmares, lived. There is a whole lot to be said that, if it’s not your time to go, you won’t go. But if you have this doorway and this doorway, and this one will be a part of making changes possible, it’s quite likely that the spirit you are will take this doorway, even though the form you are is screaming bloody murder. “Oh, no!” But you’ll hear it a lot: the easy answer is they all have this doorway, they all have a compact with one another. Well, sort of.

What are you going to do when you go home?

That’s just exactly what I was going to say. I have this dilemma quite often, and, you know, want to work through it by using the teachings. You know, you go through processes when you ask yourself these questions, but I’m always wondering, is it enough? And so, when I go home I will be more conscious now of what I say, and when I say it, and how I say it, even more so than that I had before. But, basically, it’s doing the best I have where I am, and I go home and my world consists of my family and then their friends that they bring in. Now, I got that it causes ripples, because I have a lot of the kids that come in ask me some pretty serious questions and we have a lot of discussions in our house. And so these topics are talked about, and I bring the teachings out and plant the seeds. But then when I feel like I need to do so much more, and yet I’m still having trouble managing what I have.

S: Well said.

I know that’s still part of my healing so . . .

S: Remember that the spirit you are has a very loud voice, particularly now. I hope you are always cursed with a small voice within you that says, “Do more.” I do. I hope that. I hope you are blessed with the knowledge of what you can do where you are, and a willingness to do it. Don’t fall into the trap of judging yourself and others by a standard that only spirit can manage. Once you take up the boundaries, there are limitations, but I would also tell you that you are just beginning . You’ve not found your limitations. The limitations you think you have might be the ones that are a part of what was, not a part of what is. You’ve not only turned a page, you’ve opened a whole new book.

What are you going to do when you get home? One thing I recommend is that you put yourself into the stream of consciousness that is constantly sending forth energy, prayer, thoughts, of healing , of courage, of strength. Now and again yell, “Follow the Light! It’s all right. It won’t hurt you.” Seek opportunities to give healing, nurturing love into your world. Plant those seeds wherever you are, wherever you go. Whatever you’re doing, find a way. Maybe it’s just a touch. Maybe it’s a few words. It will never be a long and drawn-out argument about who is right, ever. Plant seeds. Don’t need to pull the fruit off right away.

Be around those who are a part of healing—their world, your world, the world—because it supports you. It supports those seeds. It helps heal what you need.

Speak out where you can, but do not do it stupidly, do not do it blindly. Do it so you will be heard. Speak to those who are in power—do not be afraid of that—but talk to them in ways they will hear you.

Encourage the best in everybody, including yourself. See this as an opportunity to make use of for attraction, not repulsion—for unity. One Heart opens the door to One Mind. One Mind opens the door to One Body.

Across your world right now you are hearing, “We are one. What has been done to you has been done to us. We are together in this.” Use that; it’s your springboard. The planet is seeking—all right, it’s seeking safety—but you can turn that around. It’s seeking to be united. […] So make it a spiritual strength. Do not miss this opportunity. Do not miss this opportunity. Do not miss this opportunity, because you don’t want others.

Long message. I actually thought I was going to spend comforting time with you. I’m actually quite pleased I’m not. I was ready for it, because I’m hearing so much squeaking. I consider it quite right that what you want to know is what you can do, even more than why did it happen. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Don’t stop.

Glochanumora, my friends. Thank you for this, for the time and the effort and for the statement it makes on behalf of that which is greater, for the shadows it pushes away.