January 2, 2000

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: Well I’d say that the energy in here looks a bit different than the last time we did this. So how has your new beginning proven to be for you? You like the ride?


S: Good. Remember you said that.

Does it really make sense to see whining when whining isn’t really here yet?

S: I am talking tonight about . . . [pause while Samuel examines the large beaded collar Lea is wearing].

Entertainment. Do you want it off?

S: We’ll see how it goes. If it starts misbehaving, come for it. Katie likes things that misbehave.

I want to talk to you tonight about time, and the gifts of this coming year. The first thing that I want you to be aware of is that what I’m talking about is not something that is specifically something you would apply to a year 2000, because that you are labeling this year as two thousand of them, or that would be two thousandths of them—something like that—is sort of a frivolous sort of delineation. Since, however, time itself is a frivolous sort of delineation, I would say that it doesn’t particularly matter which one you choose to go with.

What I do think is important to be looked at is that time has made a change in the way you look at it. And it’s not only because your calendar has moved to another year, but that because so much has happened in the last nine months, that the way you look at your world now has changed tremendously.

I spoke to you some time ago about time seeming to be compressed. So many things are going on in your life that you are registering on so many levels that it is as though time is moving more quickly. So many things happening. I want to remind you that it is not that so many things are happening, but the miracle of it is you are experiencing it on so many levels. You’re getting it. And that you’re getting it is a miracle for me. What you’re doing with it is the miracle for you. Do you understand that?

And so, in that sense that everything is moving so fast, and it feels so compressed, and it feels as though—[removes collar] now isn’t that better? It feels as though a great weight has been lifted off me. [Laughter]

A great shining weight.

S: Aye, it may be a pretty weight that you carry around with you, but it’s a weight nonetheless. It shines, it glows, but you don’t need it. All right.

[Someone in the audience makes a noise] I thought you were going to cough that one out. Instead, she’s yawning. That means I should talk faster and be more pleasing.

That you’re experiencing so much on so many levels, and as a result it makes it seem as though so many more things are going on is a sign that your perception, your perspective—those are two different things as I am using it—have enlarged. It’s a statement of your willingness to break out of fear. Do you understand why?

Think about it for a moment. You are receiving more input. You’re aware of it. It is because you are less fearful. Why?

Because we’re expanding.

S: Absolutely because you are expanding. Why is that a statement of less fear?

Because when you’re afraid, you narrow down. You shut down your perceptions of why you think it. You enlarge it; you are letting the birds loose.

S: That’s right.

You gain more freedom.

S: And as a result of that, you have more freedom. Freedom, however, frightens and brings the narrowness back, because there is a need to control your reality, and therefore you must shrink your reality. So it is also a statement that, as you are letting go of fear, you are also letting go of . . . ?


S: Aye. The need to control, if not every area of your life—and I would tell you it’s not every area of your life you are releasing control—in many areas you are releasing control. And that is making a difference.

When your world expands and you’re able to function within it with less fear and less of a need to control, things start happening. Your world begins to change. You become more tuned to what would be. You are functioning more at the higher levels of your potential. So the more of what you are doing is functioning along with higher will, if you will, more toward your—I’m going to use an unpleasant and easily misunderstood word here—toward your fate. Toward your compacts. You are being more of what you’ve come here to be, because you’re doing more of what you’ve come here to do.

And when that is the case, you begin to see certain gifts coming your way. Now, as is very often the case of gifts, well, you’ve just moved through a holiday season. Perhaps you can relate to this. Sometimes you get a gift that there might have been a time in your life it was absolutely perfect, but at the moment it’s not exactly where you were. Maybe it is a gift that is exactly where you are right now, but in a few months down the road, it will no longer have the same effect for you. Perhaps it is a gift that the box is more fun, and you’ve probably all had your share of those as well.

With every gift there is the bounty that comes with it. The promise, the joy. But there is also a responsibility that comes with it, which is to say for every one of the things that I’m asking you to look for in this treasure hunt of the coming year, be aware that for some of you, some of these gifts are going to show up in a box that’s a lot more fun than the gift itself. Or sometimes the gift will show up and you recognize it as a gift showing up, but you’ll not necessarily feel that it’s the gift you wanted. That happens.

As your planet is making the changes that are a part of the greater Plan, and indeed it is, and as you are working along with those changes on a parallel pathway of expansion and readiness, and acceptance of a higher frequency on a continual basis, as you are shifting to make do with a greater energy, as you are blowing up a little over here, and raining a bit too hard over there, so you are changing.

These are the gifts that have to do with moving into one of the most important times your planet and the life force upon it have ever had. These are the tools that humanity is seeking, that life force is seeking, that you are seeking all in one way or another, depending upon your perspective at the time. These are the gifts—the treasures—or they’re the bumps in the road, and you understand it’s all the same, dependent upon you.

And because my desire is to make sure that every one of these are brought out, I’m going to present them essentially as a listing. I want you to think of them, however, as how you are going to be living out these next few months, because while I call these gifts and a treasure hunt, they are a road map, because the function of the energy at this time lays itself out in this progression.

The first things that come your way are going to have to do with leadership, specifically your ability to function in unity and your ability to create unity where you function. Here me there. That is ultimately the greatest message to offer right now. Can you work as a team? Can you work as a part of a team that’s not leading the team? Many of you work very well in a team if you’re running it.

Yes, Samuel, I can do teamwork. Just give me the people, and we’ll make it work. And that’s not what I’m saying. Can you step outside of yourself for a greater vision? Can you? Well, Samuel, I can, however most of the time I am surrounded by people who really don’t have a good grasp on the vision, and they really need the gifts that I have to offer, and my unique abilities are needed so very much that I really would be letting down the work that I’m here to do if I were to not take on a position of leadership. That was a very nice way of putting it. And most of you are going to be dealing more with the issues of ego that leadership brings up. And that is a gift.

The other side of it, as I said, was leading by creating a team. Can you do that? Do you know how to create a team? Do you usually find yourself doing better when you work by yourself? Do you prefer that? Do you find yourself thinking or saying to others, Well, if it’s just one or two people, you can think alike and start working well, and you’ve got it. Do you find that you get frustrated at how other people function, and you know that if you could just clone yourself a few times, things would go so much easier?

That’s not what I’m talking about. That’s a signal of the inability to create unity. How do you create a team? What’s the one thing you need for it?

Shared vision.

S: Shared vision. Common vision. That’s right. Whether that team be a family or a task, whether it be a large group or a small one, common vision.

What’s the second thing that’s needed once you’ve established common vision?


S: Goals work in there. Actions towards that goal moves . . .


S: . . . in the direction. Commitment is required for it.

Communication and cooperation.

S: Communication and cooperation. How about let’s be a bit more specific, and just say you’ve got to know the talents and abilities so that you can direct individuals to be functioning at the best possible place to reach that common vision. That’s what the leader is able to do. It’s tricky, though. Why is it tricky?

Because you have to step outside yourself.

S: You’ve got to step outside of yourself. That’s true.

You have to be able to recognize your own abilities and be able to recognize others’ abilities and use them in a way that they know that they’re being used. I mean some people don’t know what their abilities are, and you have to learn to pull out, to help people realize their abilities.

S: Because you have to know what is needed to reach the vision. Because you have to know what is needed. Most of the acts of unity fail because you do not recognize what’s needed; therefore you don’t know when it’s given to you. You don’t know when it’s missing. You don’t know the strengths and you don’t know the weaknesses of what’s there, because you do not know what is needed.

It’s important to know your own blind spots, that’s true. It’s important to be able to work with individuals who believe that their gifts are very different than what you see them as. You’ve got to learn to negotiate, be adaptable, be flexible, to learn how to share the goals so that things are working in that direction. It is complex, but the ability to function as a team in unity, the ability to create a team working in unity, these are the first sets of issues you are going to see coming your way.

And right on the tail of that one, snapping into it, is about relationships. One to one, are you able to have relationships? I’m not saying, do you know people? Do you have relationships? I’m not saying, do you have lovers. I’m saying, do you have relationships? What’s the difference? What’s this difference I’m trying to bring out here?

Well, a relationship is an ongoing process where you recognize what’s going on in that person, and you change, and they change, and you give them that space, and it works.

S: Good. That works. That works in there. That’s good. More.

There’s a chance for communication and vulnerability on both sides.

S: Trust. Communication. Even vulnerability.

Relationship implies intimacy, but there’s different levels and types of intimacy.

S: Excellent.

When you mentioned lovers, that’s a sexual intimacy, but maybe not emotional or a mental.

S: One of the things that I have said to many of you individually is to learn how to be intimate. You are afraid of intimacy. And by that I am not saying you can have a sexual relationship or not. Not at all. I’m saying you have the inability to be intimate with the grocery clerk, that you wall yourself off from so much of the world. They may not know it—you fooled them—but you know it, and that’s going to be coming up for you.

The opportunities and the treasures, the gifts of the coming road are the ability to become closer and warmer, more deeply tuned and bonded with others. To touch lives, and know that you’re touching them, be they someone that you’re never going to see again, as far as you know, or somebody that you’ve committed to see every day for the rest of your life, as far as you hope. You must let them in. Do you hear me?

And one of the things that you’re going to be seeing is a very obvious pushing away, because just as you are learning to allow yourself to have a greater love, so are others around you. Country to country; professional to professional. And you know that the easiest human response is no. Rejection will come to you. Be ready for it. Be ready for it. You’re going to put out an overture, and open your heart, and it’s going to be rejected. Get over it, because your challenge is to love anyway. And it is a challenge.

Relationships, specifically establishing intimacy on all levels. And consistency in the giving.

Third gift: much new experience. Many opportunities for learning and for growth.

That’s a pretty […] gift.

S: Think you might like the box better? Let me see if I can put that into a different sort of wording. That which has been familiar is going to expand and have greater facets, greater depth to what has been known. Your love is going to become deeper, richer, stronger. What you see as beauty is going to expand and increase as your frequency continues to escalate, allowing your physical essence to change to the point that you feel what you cannot yet see. What you see of that which you’ve only been able to feel. This change enhances, but if you do not claim a change, it goes away, doesn’t it? It’s lost to you.

The greatest advice I could give you—it’s just advice is such a silly concept—would be to see everything as a process. Do not allow yourself to get fixed into destination rather than journey, into object rather than desire. Expectations will remove you from the process of growth.

The fourth thing: You are going to find yourself dissatisfied with where you are. Be ready for this. Samuel, you said that these were gifts. Dissatisfaction is not only something I’m very familiar with, but I never thought of it as a gift. Would you explain that one, please? I’m going to be dissatisfied with where I am. How do you mean that? Do you mean my physical location? I’m going to start getting a different chair when I come here or are you talking [am I] moving to another place? Or am I talking about  . . . yes.

Dissatisfaction is a powerful gift, because it keeps you moving. What makes dissatisfaction painful or difficult within your life is when the dissatisfaction becomes the destination instead of the motivation. You start enjoying that dissatisfied feeling. You like not liking anything. You put a spiritual spin on it, and you start calling it detachment. Not so!

Dissatisfaction keeps you from being so attached here, that’s true. And that’s good, because you need that. [He coughs. Remarking about cough:] So, what is this?

The Phoenix Scourge.

S: I thought I was that. The Scourge of Phoenix.

I think it’s a bad cold coming on.

S: You think?

I think it’s what I had about ten days ago, just starting.

S: Well, how kind of you.

It’s probably not all of him.

S: How kind of all of you. You’re just so happy to keep things moving along, aren’t you? Aye.

[…] satisfaction.

S: All right. […] works.

We have a Pittsburgh version too.

S: Aye, well now that’s even better. Just let it mutate into something even stronger and better. That’s one way to get 5:3:2 established.

When dissatisfaction is the measure of your life, it’s not because you have a higher view and know how it should be. It’s because you’ve gotten stuck in the lower view, and you’re unhappy. Move. Move. Do something different. That doesn’t mean as radical as changing your job or your city, although it could be. It means keep yourself challenged. Let there always be something going that you’re reaching to accomplish, because with that, you will not get complacent, you’ll be less likely to row bored, and you won’t have the tendency to be dissatisfied, because the complacency and the boredom will bring that about. Travel—that’s a good one for it.

The next great gift is one about balance. Everybody’s going to have an inner ear infection, and they’re going to—never mind. That’s not it. Bad joke. It’s not. No curses there. Along this journey of the next year, one of the things you’re going to be juggling—these gifts coming your way that you’re going to be dealing with is—going to have to do with your learning to create balance. I’m not going to spend a lot of time there, because ultimately that says it. Learn to create balance.

That means two things. One of them is, get a life. The second one is, make sure that each section of that life is balanced so that no one of them controls the rest of them. And you are going to find challenges to your balance. That’s good, because when you have balance, when your world is experiencing balance, when governments are experiencing balance, there is power. Power to do. Power to create. It is the foundation from which all things come. Balance. Because at the point of balance, intent is the only thing that shifts it away. Or the beginning of the creation process, the first function of Source in the world. Balance is rebirth. And if all of the gifts I have spoken to you of thus far are a part of a flow in almost a chronological viewing of it, you could say that they all have to do with releasing the issues you have brought with you into this marvelous new time, and establishing and maintaining balance is the point from which you are going to move forward.

Knowledge. Gaining knowledge, establishing knowledge. Remembering what you know is the next one. Opportunities to remember the past are the means to create the future. Remember that. It’s a lesson that will do you well. Some of you have in your life right now amazing tests in front of you, and by tests, I’m not talking means by which some great cosmic lord judges you or you judge you. I’m using test in the most familiar version of it, meaning a means by which you know how much more there is to learn, how well you’ve got what’s there. Not to grade you, but to know what’s needed.

You have coming before you opportunities to find out what you need, but I want you to remember when these things come in front of you, what are other packages this gift has shown up as. Whatever it happens to be. Physical illness. Perhaps a bit more than the Scourge of Phoenix. Or spiritual illness. Or perhaps economic or attitudinal—is that a word, attitudinal? All right. Because you have established a means for rebirth, let’s check and see what you have experienced, and what you can use, and what should be useful to take with you. What should be discarded, what should be brought ahead. That’s a good one. When you look at the past, you can create the future, because you can see what you have accomplished and do it again. You can see what you have overcome and use that strength to continue.

Another gift is going to be probably a very dangerous one, because it is a gift of spiritual awakening. Now why ever would spiritual awakening be a dangerous gift?

It comes with responsibility.

S: Say that again, very loudly.

It comes with responsibility.

S: It comes with responsibility. Oh, don’t you just hate that part? Why else?

Probably throws off your balance.

S: Might throw off your balance, sure.

When you have a greater spiritual awareness, for me the tendency is often to have a lesser awareness of the world about me and I tend to . . . which I guess is the imbalance.

S: Imbalance.

There are karmic consequences if you don’t accept the responsibility when you have an awareness of it.

S: Indeed, that’s true.

There’s a sense of power with that, and people have a difficult time acknowledging and accepting their own power.

S: And that indeed is also accurate.

It creates fear.

S: Fear can be a byproduct there.

Discernment brings pain sometimes because you see what people are going through, and if you see it more deeply you see into it. Sometimes you start to focus on how much it hurts to look, and then you don’t become very useful.

S: True.

When you have a greater connection to spirit or understanding or awareness of it, it’s going to push you to do more than you are necessarily able to do.

S: That’s right.

It can also lead to distractions, and I guess a type of distraction, getting off the path, and following . . .

S: Detours.


S: And all of those are good, well reasoned understandings of why it can be a difficulty.

Fanaticism is frightening in your world today. Your weapons are too big when your reasons are too small. And a spiritual awakening, for all of the reasons that you have mentioned, can turn into the Inquisition, can turn into suppression, fear, legalism. It can also turn into acceptance, moving beyond, clarity, fulfillment, surety.

A gift of seeing results. That’s good. Sometimes that’s called karma, and often when it’s called karma you do not think of it as a good package or a gift. And yet, it’s about seeing results. Some of you are already experiencing the power of that gift at only its most beginning function in your world. You are finding that you do something and there is the result of it that fast. What’s going to happen in your world when others are experiencing that as well?


S: Change. Right. What a powerful vehicle that is. Seeing results. But the difficulty with it is when it’s not the results you thought it was going to be, illusion sets in. Anger sets in. Guilt, separation set in.

When you are not strongly experienced and have the wisdom of the passage thus far, seeing results can be a very difficult experience for the ego. Being responsible for them, claiming them. Lots of issues about learning to say you are sorry in there. Being able to let go of you for the greater purpose.

A singular awakening of your specific spiritual function is a part of this coming year. That’s a promise. It’s a threat. A singular awakening. Epiphany.

The gift of letting go. The gift of group effort succeeding. The gift of avataric potential unfolding. All of these I’ve massed together without a lot of explanation—any—because they have to do with workings on subtle level, which without the foundation previously laid through these other gifts, you won’t notice. It’s just another day in Paradise.

What do you need to do to be ready for this year? One of the most important helpful things for you would be to stop focusing on what you don’t have and what does not work, what you yet have to accomplish before the good can be there. I said very recently that the difficulty with the idea of New Year’s revolutions is they are not revolutions! If they were revolutions, maybe the change would stick! The difficulty with a New Year’s resolution is it’s based on the belief that you’re not enough, that there is this imperfect bit that’s got to be changed. It’s based on dissatisfaction and lack of acceptance. It’s not saying, I am beautifully and wonderfully made, functioning at my highest possible level, fulfilled by the experience of love as it expresses itself through every facet of my being in this glorious experience I call life. It’s saying, this is wrong, I’m going to fix it.

Until you honor what you are, you’ll never know who you are, and it will be impossible to be satisfied. And when you honor what you are, you will draw to you those who do as well. When you honor what you are, you will want to take care of who you are so that what you are can better function. That’s the reason.

One of the most telling things in your life is what you do to prepare for high ritual. What do you do to prepare for high ritual? You recognize that you want to have your body as clear as possible and as clean as possible and so you have this long list of things you’ve got to do because you don’t do them on every other sacred day of your life. Because every experience you have is not one that deserves the best you that there can be. Because there are parts of your life that are not focused in the sacred, and therefore you’ve got to clean out the world because there is no balance.

This is a time of great change. A time in which you have the potential to make a powerful difference and brought before you daily—I guarantee daily—will be the opportunity to make a difference in one life, in one event. It may be the breeze from the butterfly wing at your end but the tsunami at the other. This is the second day of your year, is that right? So you’ve already had at least one experience to vastly change your world. You’ve already had at least one opportunity, maybe two already, to make a difference in someone’s life, maybe your own, within the experience of this world, maybe for yourself, maybe for another. You have already had come your way, brought to you by your friendly universal Source, a doorway. A doorway of power and potential. And you have acted already at least once, in a way that has, forgive the vernacular here, rocked this world. I ask you, did it open a door for a higher spiritual frequency or did it close one down? Did it remind the world that love is what being here is about or that the status quo is all right? The blessing is, you don’t know which one of the eight thousand things you do any day is the one. And that’s not a problem when they’re all seen that way.

Ask more of yourself, so that you will get it. Ask more of me. I will give it. It’s time to make a difference. Here they are, the gifts, the tools, the treasures, the tortures. Make good. Make good.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.