August 3, 1997

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Good. Good. So how many of you have found that your life has just fairly well turned upside down in the last couple of months? And how many of you are finding that you’re doing everything you can, kicking and screaming, to keep your life from turning upside down over the next couple of months. You see it coming and you’re not quite sure the shape it’s going to take.

This is recalibration at its best. And is that scary enough already? You are not who you were, so how can your life be the same? And the very nice web that you have so very carefully built around you, the web of your work and your family and all of those beliefs and those techniques that make you you, that are the way that you define yourself in this world, they are changing. Some of you are finding that they’re going altogether. Some of you are finding that you are the one doing the leaving. And it’s not so easy anymore, is it, to very carefully at the end of the day write out everything that’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s not so easy to know how the person that you’re going to go and see today is going to be reacting, because things aren’t quite so predictable are they? And the plans that you made for living your life in this fashion for the rest of your days—well, it’s sort of coming back at you now, isn’t it?

And that’s because, beloved ones, the vessel does not fit the spirit. And you’ve got to either recognize the vessel or recognize the spirit and make changes with that. And that is what I’m going to speak to you about this night, after I have just a couple of gifts. So who has a gift? Aye.

It’s a rare opportunity when you have a chance to find out how you affect someone close to you. And how they affect you. And how they affect others. But I had that opportunity two weeks ago. My father died after a very long illness, and many of you have been very close to that process and very supportive of us in that process, but over the years my dad and I talked a lot about my spiritual beliefs.

S: Sort of like this. [Grimaces] And you can relate, some of you now, can’t you? Aye.

He was always very curious about it, and I was never quite sure just how much he accepted a lot of what we were talking about, until the week that he died. And I had the opportunity to assist him as he was choosing—very strongly choosing—to leave this world. And he looked at our family that was gathered around him and said, I want to go but I can’t. Help me. And at that point he then turned to me and he said, Pull me out. I know you know how. And so we began the process of talking about how to leave your body, and how to leave this world, and he worked with that. And during that week it was the most peaceful I think I’ve ever seen him, in the process of that week. Also during that time I had the opportunity to tell him he had done a very good job here on this planet, and it’s so important, that recognition, for us. I’ve never seen a person light up with such joy as when he heard that. And it just was a reminder to me how important recognition is in our lives and to be able to say it as often as possible.

And at any rate, during this process of him choosing to leave and asking for assistance and choosing to work with assistance, he was very peaceful, although the nurses then came in and started to do their job, and then they brought him back and he had another couple of days where he had some struggle. He chose trust in what we talked about, and he had enough support around him of that non-physical that was supporting him to choose that trust. And it was such a gift, as well as the people who supported our family. Hundreds of them. Thousands of them have supported our family, numerous times, many of them present here tonight. Thank you.

S: Being a gatekeeper is not necessarily one of the more pleasurable gifts that one can give those here, is it? But to give it to a parent is perhaps harder still. And you did good, love. The process involved in letting go of what you think you are to become what you truly are is for some a very long and difficult journey once you’ve passed the gates out of here. And yet to have the gift and the love of that sort of information makes for a very fast trip. And that’s good.

One more. Aye.

I had the opportunity to go to England a couple of … well, I guess it’s a couple of months ago now, but …

S: Has it been so long?

Yeah. It was in May. And I had no […] in booking my ticket, it was booked for me, and I found out quickly that I had a ticket, but I didn’t really have a seat. When I got to Chicago …

S: Standing room only. That’s a long way to stand.

And there were thirteen of us waiting to get on the plane that they didn’t have seats for. And I was trying not to freak out, and actually I was doing a pretty good job of saying, Well if I’m not supposed to make this flight, I guess I’m not supposed to make this flight. And it ended up that I did make the flight, and I was bumped up to business class, all the way up there, which I was very grateful for. And then on the way back I got completely bumped off the flight and they bumped me up to first class on the way back. I was very grateful and very happy about the experience, because I had never travelled anything but coach. So it was … I guess just faith in that I was supposed to get whatever I was supposed to get, and the Universe was reinforcing that, I guess. So, thank you.

S: And I would also add to that part of what the Universe is reinforcing there is that you made a point of asking the group to be sending energy your way.


S: So I’d say that that’s going to become fairly typical with you travellers. Right? Whenever you want to be pushed ahead, you’ll just ask for travel energy. That’s lovely.

And so much of what I want to talk to you about tonight is making miracles, making changes, making good. And that’s part of it. You have that ability. It comes in as a part of the built-in technology. It’s a built-in program. Would that be it? And what you do together when you link your thoughts, the intensity that’s created in that sending at that point, makes those things come that much more quickly. You help one another. You help yourself. And by doing either one of those you’re doing either one of those.

I know that there are those of you here who have some particular needs. Specific needs for healing or health, or in asking for manifestation one way or another. And I know that many of you use the gold box that’s out there somewhere. So that on the other Sunday nights you can make use of that energy being sent directly. But I would like for those of you tonight who have something that you would like energy sent for, just to raise your hand and think it. Just raise your hand and think it. And I’d like for the rest of you to look at those hands and to do two things. The first thing is to zero in on one of those upraised hands, and whether you know that person or not—and certainly knowing that you do not know what it is they’re asking for help with—I’d like for you just to imagine, in whatever way works for you, to imagine them surrounded in love and having their needs met. And now the second thing is, I’d like for you to put it across to the whole group that everyone, in whatever way is needed, would have what is best for them as it fits in the highest good for all involved, even if that means over and beyond what they’re limiting themselves to. Thank you. And now send some of that to yourself, because one of the quickest ways for a sending not to happen is for you to have forgotten to send the same thing to your own self. It’s almost as if the Universe were saying, Well now, if you do not think it is worthy enough for you, perhaps it should not be something you send out there. If it’s not something you’d do for yourself, perhaps it’s not something that should go from you.

Now I want every one of you who have had over the last couple of months a wonderful gift, even what you might think of as a miracle, an epiphany, an awakening, a really good thing, a marvelous happening in your life, to raise your hand, again not saying out loud what it is, but to raise your hand and I want you now to be thinking about what that was and how you feel as you’re thinking about it, and I want you to imagine that you are broadcasting that joyous, good energy out all around you. And for those of you who need it, soak it in. Go ahead, soak it in.

And now I’m going to talk about why that works. I want you for a moment to imagine that you are going to your kitchen. Aye. And you’re going to your pantry where you’re going to pick up a beautiful, fresh lemon. Freshly picked. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely, it’s yellow. Smell it. Imagine the smell of that lemon. Now, go ahead just think it. When you were four you did this very well. Now that you’re a slight bit more than that, you can still do it. I want you to imagine now that you take that lemon and you rub it between the palms of your hands so that it gets sort of soft inside. And you take it over to your counter top and you pull out a large knife, and you slice that lemon in half. And it’s a juicy lemon, and those juices run across the counter and they drip off your knife as you put it aside. And you take one of those halves and you cut it again in half. And it slices easily and it’s a very juicy, wet lemon. And you pick that lemon piece up and you take a bit out of it. You bite that lemon. And right now you are explaining by your face why it works, because your body is affected by what you think. How many of you found that you were a bit puckered by that imagining. And how many of you went even beyond puckering that your mouth actually watered. And that was because what you thought clicked something inside your little head, and you head reacted as if you had had the experience, creating within your physical body the results of that experience.

What you think affects you. Directing how you think can affect how your physical self responds. And what is your physical self ultimately. Ultimately. Bottom line.


S: Energy ultimately, isn’t it? You are energy. And like a rock thrown into a lake—are you proud I can say that one now?—like a rock thrown into a lake, it disturbs the seeming, which is this, you know [gestures], how things seem, and it creates an effect that goes all the way out, affecting what is on the surface and affecting what is below. You are energy. You might wish to think of it as an electrical frequency, and that particular thought has an effect on that frequency, so that what is affected by that frequency all around it is also touched by it.

Another example might be, how many of you know somebody that is a really unhappy, down sort of person? Complaining all the time. A fairly negative sort of individual. Anybody here know? Are there any of those left on the planet? And you’ve had the experience in which, literally, you walk into the room and you just feel oppressed? Have you ever had that experience? Words are not even shared. And yet you get the feel of oppression. Or let’s turn it around the other way. You’re around somebody that is a delight to be around, whose energy lightens you so much to the point that you find yourself loving to be around them, even without words expressed because, again that word, their “energy” has had an effect.

And if you can relate so far, let me take it one more step, and yes, these are very basic steps, because it occurs to me now and again that it’s the basic steps that get left behind when you reach some of those higher levels of understanding. It’s very easy to forget what brought you there, so let me take you one step further. Have you ever been in a situation in which perhaps you were down, sad, or angry, and you were around somebody around whom you just could not stay angry. And have you ever done that for yourself. Have you ever talked yourself out of feeling ill because you did not have time for it. Or angry because it was not appropriate for what you were wanting out of the situation. How many here have faked it until they made it? And have indeed made it. And how many of you know that’s not some hard-to-reach mystical activity available to only a precious few, because it’s not.

Beloved ones, your clock is ticking and you know it. And I am speaking to you as a planet, and I’m speaking to you as an individual. I am not one who believes that motivating you with doom and gloom is the most effective means of nurturing your highest and best work. Perhaps you’ve noticed. And I actually have issue with those who believe that the only way to get you moving is to let you know that Texas is about to become the west coast if you do not straighten up. Or to be careful because pretty soon the world’s going to end and you’re going to be left behind. And so I tell you that I’m not threatening you. I want you to know that, because the resistance that comes when you think that you’re being threatened can allow that you do not then have the ability to realistically know what you know. And I would ask you, is it not so? Within your heart do you not know that the clock is ticking, that time’s running? That this is a pivotal time in your world. And do you not also know that you’ve chosen to be a part of it? And even without the gloriously, wonderful, disgusting New Age titles of recalibration and harmonic and elevens and on and on, even without those labels, have you not been noticing how fast your world and you have been changing? How little you are willing to put up with these days in yourself? How quick you are to recognize when you’re not giving it your best, and how fast you recognize the open pits in your heart that are looking to be filled with something? Are you not more aware of your downfalls than you wish to be? And less aware of your abilities and gifts than you want to be, and have you not been purposefully and consciously seeking, if not over the last couple of years, over your whole life here the means to best help whatever seems broken? And have you not been one of those who, because of your amazing ability to see, to sense, to know what is broken, have you not also found that throughout your life you’ve had an amazing ability to overlook what seems overwhelming. And you can’t anymore. And that as pleasant as it would be to be able to say, It is this construct out there in the world, it is the governmental or the religious leadership that is causing all of these difficulties, it’s the economic system, it’s the, it’s the … you know what it is. It’s you.

I said not so very long ago that recalibration was changing the blueprint. The vessel that you use to hold the energy that you truly are can no longer hold that energy, because the energy that you are is expanding far beyond what the pot can hold. The pot’s cracked, isn’t it? It’s bursting at the seams and it’s running over. And you’ve got to fix the pot, and you know it.

And we played a bit of a game before we got really rolling here, in which you were able to see how what you think has an effect on you. And I pushed that envelope just the smallest bit to remind you that what you think has an effect on others as well, and you’ve seen that in your own life. And I want you to remember that premise as I speak tonight about healing.

Not so very long ago in reply to a question about a reference I had made to recalibration leaving a mark in your energy body, I said that I would talk just a bit further about it now. And I recognize that what I’m doing is stepping off the ledge of the easily provable, which I really don’t like to do. I like the information that I pass along to you to be so workable that you can take it out of here this night and make use of it. And I like that because I hate excuses. Really good stuff to think about, but not really practical in your life. But I want you to go back to that “think” a few moments ago when we were talking about how what you are thinking can effect even those that are around you, and have you remember experiences when something like that has happened, when you have thought yourself out of a blue mood or out of a sick mood or out of anger or, unfortunately for way too many of you, out of happiness or a loving experience. When you’ve thought yourself out of it, and when that thought has had an effect on others. It’s a very lovely sort of power that too many people are really good at. Sending out emanations, if you will, of tightly controlled anger. The power of the “maybe they’re dangerous” as a means of manipulation to gain what is needed at work, or in a family.

I want you to think about a situation in which, when you did not think you were doing a thing, people were just smiling at you, coming up and talking to you, perhaps even telling you their whole life story. Many of you have that. People that just out of the blue start telling you all about themselves because there’s something about you that they know they can trust, or that they know is tolerant, or that they know is accepting in you, or that they know is happy and loving. You’ve had that experience. Because what you think has its own frequency, since you are energy, and the different thoughts you have all function on their own band, if you will. And not only do you have the ability to tune to the frequency that you wish to express, but others have the ability to tune you as well, don’t they? You pushed my button. And you affect others with the frequency of your thoughts.

Now, having said that, I’m going to go back to where I was talking about recalibration in which the blueprint of the individual physical experience, both as an outer world experience—how many of you have noticed that your world is making some very rapid changes economically, politically, insofar as your scientific discoveries. It’s almost as though over the last six or nine months, something very major has happened, and change is happening. All over. And you see it within your own self, in which you’re not so willing to put up with, you’re more willing to put up with, in which your ability to love and your desire to love and be loved, in which your willingness to see yourself as somebody that has an effect on others, is being both proven and challenged.

Many of you are seeing your literal physical bodies in great change. The vessel is cracked. It’s strained, and it needs help. And as I say that, you know somehow, some way, you are here and you are hearing this because you’re a part of that help. And it’s your desire to be one who helps to heal the world, as it always has been, hasn’t it? And you know that in order to do that you’ve got to heal yourself.

Into this world are individuals—they would say they are the spectators and the participators. Those who watch and those who do. Those who are—who be—and those who do. Those for whom the world happens, and those who happen to the world. And amidst those who are the doers, recalibration has had probably some of the most profound effects, because sort of as a joke, just as you learn the rules they all change, and because you’re one who must do, who’s out there in the firing lines—in the trenches, I like to say—in the lead, holding up the banner, beating the drum, blowing the horn that says this is a new way, listen. Or maybe some of you are hiding behind that banner, but nonetheless, you’re out there in the front.

You are the guardians, aren’t you? The guardians of the wisdom this earth has been holding for a very long time. And what is going on with you these days is you are being forced to lose your faith in the world and in your own tiny strength to make it all right, because whereas for the watchers in the world the message is grow strong and learn your gifts and do, for the doers of the world the message is the strength is going to come when you embrace. It is coming together, it is unity without losing yourself. Without losing you being able to merge into the heart of another. That by healing yourself it has an effect on all of those who breathe your air and whose hearts beat with yours.

How? Two ways. Probably one of them is for those of you who actually have the ability to see that energy, you might have been noticing that amongst many of the people that you see, they have that sign I mentioned earlier. It looks like a golden triangle or a pyramid above their head in that energy. That’s the marking. And if you look around this room, even those of you who are convinced you cannot see energy, and for those of you who are watching this on the video it comes through. Look. Look around this room and you will see approximately six, eight inches, maybe as much as a foot above the head of anybody that you focus on what might look like there’s heat on the road ahead. But there’s no road and it’s not hot. You’re right, it’s hot. And if you allow yourself to continue in that looking, you might even notice, especially those of you who are convinced you can’t see it, you might even notice that it sort of looks like it pulls itself into a sort of triangular sort of shape. Don’t look at me! Look at you. And start looking around. It’s the sign of a cracked pot. And if it does mean a cracked pot, then that’s something you’ve got to deal with. But I mean that, of a vessel of a heart, if you will, that is finally broken open, and is allowing the beliefs and the stuck, sticky, gooey, parts of life that have been the mortar on your heart for so very long creating a hard wall. It means that that has broken. And yes that might mean that you have what this world calls a broken heart, but it also means that now you can let love in, and rebuild, and make new. It’s that which stretches to include that does not break. And the very first healing that is required to help you and this world, on all levels—I’m talking to those of you with sick bodies as well as sick hearts—is for you to recognize that your heart is or is not broken. And if it’s not, to ask yourself why.

Is it because that wall that you learned to build when you were eleven or seventeen or nine or forty-nine, is it because that wall is still so secure. Or is it because maybe you’re afraid that there is no healing, that you cannot make a difference, that your thoughts don’t affect how you live. And if that’s the case, I would ask you to take cover, because you’re going to be absolutely battered before this year is out. It’s sad, but it’s true. Because the Universe has a dying need to let you know you can. You can change this world by changing yourself. But as with anything, you’re only going to change it with love, and the way to mend that broken heart is with the only glue that ever really stuck anything together, and that’s the glue of love. Loving you. Loving you enough to take care of you. Now, do you want me to get on the soapbox? Do you need me to tell you how absolutely appalled I am that those of you who profess to know better in reality do so very little? Even things you know are destructive to the only thing your spirit’s got to work through. And you wonder why it’s hard. Well, it’s difficult for the fly that’s stuck in molasses to fly out. And that is, you know, what it’s like. You’re surrounded by molasses, the molasses of a lifestyle that’s keeping you from using your wings, and you know it. You know the very things that are doing it, and you’ve got down pat better than anybody the excuses that make it all right for you to maintain those atrocities. So sure, there’s that. That’s there. Loving yourself is taking care of that vessel.

Loving yourself is also forgiving yourself. And that, beloved ones, is the greatest thing that this message is about. Forgiving is allowing to be without your very important intervention saving the world from itself. Can you forgive your parents? Parents, can you forgive your children? Can you allow that they did the best they could? Can you forgive those that have done you wrong, allowing that to be what it was at the time, recognizing that it’s not what is now? Can you forgive you? Not only for the obvious ones. Not only for the mistakes that you know that you made, and the things you wish you had not done, and all of the changing that you know would be for the better. Can you forgive yourself for not making them? But can you forgive yourself even more, beloved ones—and here is where it hits hard and it’s where I’m going to hit fast, and then leave you, because I want you thinking about it—can you forgive yourself for being the bright, shining, magnificent point of light and love that you are in this world? Can you forgive yourself for coming here as a guardian of wisdom at a time when the world needs that wisdom so much? Can you forgive yourself for making the choices that have brought you to where you are now in a place of light and awareness, and a willingness to give love? Can you forgive yourself for being a high-level way-shower in this world? Can you forgive yourself that one? Because until you do, you’re not going to accept the spirit that you are working through the form that you are. You’re going to constantly tear your form apart in order to prove that you cannot do. Can you forgive yourself for being a guardian in this world that needs you so much more than what your measly, fragile form can do? Can you forgive yourself for knowing what you know in a world that does not want to accept it? Because until you do you won’t heal, and I have spoken to you not only on a physical and a mental but on a spiritual level this night that is going to stay with you not for the next two or three days, but the next two or three months probably, as all of the levels of what I have just said to you filter through; and that’s a promise, not a curse, no matter what it might sound like.

You’re in this world to be a part of its healing process, and that requires your healing, because when you have healed you, the energy that you create by those thoughts affects your world, and it won’t happen without forgiveness of others, of all of those things that you know on a very obvious level, hold you back, and of yourself. Not only for the things that you know that you wish you had not done, but the greatest one: forgiving yourself for being a light in a world looking for the bonfire, forgiving yourself for coming here with power, forgiving yourself for being somebody who can make a difference. Because until you do, the miracles and the gifts and that full heartfelt delight is only a promise and not a reality.

Change you world, beloved, the world that creates itself anew every time your heart beats, and the one that affects this planet from the inside.


Glochanumora. Happy, happy trails. I’ll see you.