August 5, 2001

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: All right. How are you?


S: Aye? You’re still here?

Kind of. Been in the car a long time today getting here.

S: Only partially.

I’m coming in, though.

S: Coming in slowly but surely? That’s about how I feel. Aye? Takes a bit. Catches on a bit more as you go. Aye. Settle into it. It’ll happen.

How much more of this can you take?

As much as we need to. As much as I need to.

S: Good. I hope that’s true. Indeed.

It kind of depends on what it is we’re taking. If what we’re taking is not very pleasant, then I don’t want to do much more.

S: Careful answer. That’s good, that’s all right. That’s good.


S: Cautious, yes. Cautious. Caution does not necessarily represent fear, you know.


S: Well, can be wisdom. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it is fear. But caution tends to mean that you have an idea of what you’re capable of at the moment, and you realize that your envelope—or the box, as I like to say it—is about to be pushed, and you’re not certain how far it can be pushed for you to remain as you are, or to remain confident in what you can do as you are. Would you say that’s fairly accurate for you? Good. Get over it.

I’m going to be doing two things tonight. One of them is I’m going to be talking about getting stronger. And the second thing I’m going to do is take a few questions, because it’s a good time to do that. But I’m going to be doing it slightly differently than usual. Usual, I think, is, you get a piece of paper, it gets sent up here, it gets read, tossed to the side. Easier is, you have a question, you ask it, I’ll answer it if I want to. Aye? And I think that might be the way to do it.

What I’m going to be talking about when I talk about strength this night has to do with the Northern Crown Portal as a—what would be the right way to say this here?—as a good excuse. But I want you to remember that I’m not talking about the Northern Crown Portal. I’m talking about you.

Now, first let’s go back and do a little bit of filling in the blanks here. What am I talking about when I say the Northern Crown Portal? Remember, it’s not just you who know everything there is to know that are sitting in this room that are going to be hearing this. People across the country will be hearing, and some even seeing it. What am I talking about? Northern Crown Portal. Is that you, Frank?

The planet has two Crown Portals, the Southern Crown Portal and the Northern Crown Portal. The Southern Crown Portal is in Australia, and it was worked on last year, which worked with the physical blueprint of the planet, and it was where the energy that worked with the planet on the physical level, the blueprint level, could come in. The spiritual blueprint works with the Northern Crown Portal. And that one deals with the coming in of the energy that works with the planet and the people on the planet in a spiritual manner.

S: Excellent answers, Frank. Absolutely excellent answers. Can anybody answer the question I asked, though? What are we talking about with Northern Crown Portal? What does that mean? What is a Crown Portal?

Sallie, you ought to be able to answer these questions very well, don’t you think? A Crown Portal is what?

An opening.

S: An opening. All right, that works.

A major opening.

S: A major opening, good. All right. I understand more and more about what’s going on. Let’s back up a lot further, all right? Just for the fun of answering.

Within your own body you have areas of great energy. You think of those, perhaps, as the different bodily systems that you have. The energy that allows you to breathe, working through the lungs and the pulmonary system. You’ve got the blood. You’ve got the bones. All of these are parts of your body that work toward that greater energy that is you, because ultimately everything broken down to its finest point, as it is known at this point in your world, is physically energy. That’s right.

The energy expresses itself according to the function that’s needed, and the function is dependent upon the form that it’s in. You also can say that backwards, to a certain extent, as well. Your physical body as well as being the energy that expresses itself through particular functions of your body, also expresses itself in a more unseen way, which ancients have called . . .


S: Chakras. Sounds like a dancer. Aye? Chak-a-ra. Or a singer? Is that it? A singer.


S: Sounds like it. These particular groupings, chakras, are thought of as fairly imprecise points through which different aspects of the body are affected. Aye? Fairly right, so far.

The Earth, as a body as well, has the same sort of energy systems and energy points. Whereas on your body, the ancients would say that those chakras tend to be basically along the area of the spine—and the reason I say that’s imprecise is because it’s very, very helpful for you to imagine it that way, to be able to visualize it that way, but all of the healers who are in here that work with those points know quite well that it’s not the solar plexus, it’s the area outside of it, through it, on the other side of it, around it. Not a point one place in the body.

The planet has chakras, more or less along its spine, but you can’t look at the planet like you can a human body and say, All right, which one is going to be front? What’s top? What’s bottom? What’s arms? What’s spine? What’s face? You can’t do it that way. You’ve got to look at where the energy flow tends to be.

Now, on a planet, how would you guess energy flow? What would you look at?

Magnetic lines of force.

S: Magnetic lines of force are perfect for that. Absolutely perfect. And in the physical body of the planet itself, there are actually measurable lines of force across the planet, and where those lines cross each other, you have what is a chakra point for the planet itself. I call them also portals, just as they could be called portals in your physical body. Isn’t this interesting so far?


S: It was wise of you. With that, you have—just as you do within the physical body—certain of those chakras or portals that respond to different aspects of energy as it is brought, as it is brought from the planet.

Depending upon the nature of that energy, depends upon what that particular chakra is used for. Just like the physical body has what is called a crown chakra, so does the planet itself. On a physical body, what is the crown chakra about?

Connection to Source.

S: Connection to Source works very well. There are other things that are attached to it, but more often than not it is essentially thought of as the means by which the spirit self communicates in and out of the body.

Now, what would the crown chakras of the planet be? Well, Frank made mention of two. One that was the physical world blueprint and one that was the spiritual world blueprint. What does that mean? If you can try to say it without the jargon behind it, what’s being said there?

It’s a transformation point.

S: I like that; that’s perfectly workable. A transformation point. Transformation for what?


S: The easy answer. Energy. Why were you doing anything that had to do with the energy of the planet?


S: Activation of what?

Of that energy.

S: Activation of that energy works. That’s good.

Because there’s been such a change in the energy that’s coming to the planet that crown portals, the grids that are around the planet, needed to be changed to allow that energy to be more usable to the life force on the planet.

S: Good. What caused a different energy to begin coming to the planet?

Mass consciousness.

S: The changes of life force upon the planet itself. The energy coming from the planet began working at a higher frequency, allowing, as like does attract like, for the energy coming to the planet to also come at a higher frequency.

However, when you have the energy of the planet, of life force upon the planet itself, working at a higher frequency, the energy that comes forth cosmically is not necessarily going to be a good fit. Why not?

Because the planet is a physical being.

S: Good.

And physical beings take a while to process and adjust what comes to them.

S: Perfectly said, love. I like that a lot. Because, not that the energy isn’t compatible, but that form takes longer to adjust, to process, to adapt to that energy.

Your particular physical form has certain limitations. Have you ever noticed that? Once or twice. However your particular physical form is absolutely designed to hold the frequency that is your potential, your highest potential. What if, though, because of an evolution of consciousness—if you’ll allow me to say a phrase that trite—what if an evolution of consciousness brought about a change so that humans, particularly—but it’s not limited at humans—humans were able to function at a higher rate than their physical bodies could keep up with? What would happen?

Dishwasher art.

They would melt.

S: Say it again.

Dishwasher art.

S: Dishwasher art. Oh, I love that. All right, what does that mean? Dishwasher art. Dishwater art is what happens . . .

You put a piece of plastic container in the dishwasher that’s not meant to be heated to high temperatures and it comes out no longer in the same . . . the vessel is no longer the same or usable.

S: Good. Good. Dishwasher art is what happens when you put a form that is not meant for that intense of an energy to be moved through it, it’s what happens to the form as it tries to adapt. It sort of melts.

Many of you have in your own lives felt something akin to a meltdown over the last couple of years when these changes have been bringing about some of the greatest dishwasher art. Many of you have noticed it in your world as a whole, that it seems as though the constructs that you’ve been so familiar with and adapted to, the economy in the United States that was working so well and doing so well, all of a sudden takes a dive and is not as stable as it has been for years and years. Why is that?

[Some extraneous, mostly inaudible dialogue omitted.]

Where were we going there? Meltdown. Dishwasher art. Somewhere along in there. I’m trying to get through this so I can get to my point tonight.

So it makes sense if you’ve got such an outpouring of energy in which the forms that are receiving that energy are having difficulty with it. It makes sense for what to happen? [Long pause.]

All right. I’ll give a few hints; perhaps it’s not something that makes so much sense. It would make sense then either, number one, for that energy frequency to lower so that it was not bombarding the earth with such a difficult energy causing havoc, chaos all around. That would be the nice thing to do, wouldn’t it? Don’t say yes.

Or the second option would be to strengthen the forms, to help them adapt to a form that would allow for a higher-frequency energy to move through it without meltdown. Now, which one of those do you think is the easiest one to bring about?

The second.

S: The second one, where humanity changes its form. Let me tell you, that’s not the easiest one. And it’s not the easiest one for what reason?

Free will.

S: That’s the one. Because of free will. What does free will have to do with anything?


S: What does free will have to do with everything? I’m asking.


S: Because it allows the opportunity to say no. Why is it, when you are faced with swim or die, you say die rather than swim? Why?

It’s the easiest one.

S: And the answer then was because it’s easier, and unfortunately that’s a fairly typical answer, that’s true.

The energy that’s coming to your planet is working at such a high frequency, it is an energy that is designed to bring back to this planet its seeded force of life. It’s designed to bring back the original blueprint, and original blueprint is an important word. And listen to what I’m saying with your heart, because your head’s going to try to come up with all kinds of reasons not to listen to this. To this world is coming a frequency of energy that is designed to help you function at your highest, at what you are here to do. To help you be what you are here to be. To help all of life force on this planet function at its best and highest frequency. And yet there is resistance. There is resistance because . . . two factors particularly fit in there, one of them is expectation, and the second one is fear.

Expectation says, “Oh, I know what’s going on.” And therefore a nice cozy box is made based on what I think is going on. And as a result, the only aspects of that energy that I’m able to do anything with are those which fit in the box. Hopefully, it all does. Guess what? Little does. Because when what is coming into your experience is beyond your experience, your expectations don’t help.

Into this world is coming forth high-frequency energy, the energy you may be familiar with. That’s not the problem. It’s what will be done with it by the choice of free will that makes it unaccountable.

The second thing, other than expectation, is fear. “All right. I know what’s going on. I’m going to put it in my box, my box that says, ‘I know this, it’s all right,’ or ‘I don’t know what’s going on; therefore I will resist it in case it’s harmful, in case I won’t be successful with it, in case it’s going to challenge me in ways I cannot control.’”

The natural human response to any input is expectation or fear. And to learn to accept without expectation or fear is a challenge few ever get beyond. Take a quick moment and look into your life, and you can see the expectation: All right, it’s safe, I know what to do. And as a result, miss parts of it. Or I’m totally afraid, I don’t know what to do, flee. That was fight or flight. Flee. Good.

So once again, going back to it, the energy which is not particularly unusual insofar as energy is energy, and Source energy is Source energy. Source energy on this planet is Source energy on this planet. There’s only so many ways it can function. It’s not about the energy; it’s about the form.

So the issue, bottom line—moving the idea of heart portals, crown portals, transportation portals, any portals, all portals, out of the way—I want to shift just to the understanding that that energy coming to [the planet] and form doing something with it. When I say form, what am I referring to? Not only human beings, but anything you see, and a whole lot of things you don’t.


S: Sure. That’s right, this dimension, the physical world. You’ve earned your place on the front row tonight, Gwendolyn. Aye. I’d say it’s pretty good. Aye.

Now, back up a bit. Well, maybe I should back up a bit; you probably don’t need to. In order to work with a higher frequency of energy, what does form need to be?

Working a higher frequency of energy.

S: That works perfectly. Form itself needs to be working at a higher frequency of energy. Why is that?

So the vessel can hold the energy.

S: So that the vessel can hold the energy coming to it, the energy coming through it. Did you get both of those? Now give me another definition of what it is. It’s the vessel needs to be functioning at the same frequency. I’m looking for a particular word, and I think you’ll find it.

It needs to be stronger.

S: That’s the one. That’s the one. It needs to be stronger. Now, a couple of things to think about. The first one is: what you tend to accept in your life is what you are familiar with. Human nature—the mind—works with an associative process. That’s part of that box that I told you about earlier, the box of expectation—“here is what this is going to be about.” When you learn something, you seek what is like it. All right, I learned that in fourth grade, there it is. All right, that sounds like a language I’ve heard before; let me hear more of it. All right that sounds like . . . and that sounds like. . . . You are simply seeking what is something you’re already familiar with.

Energy does that same thing. It seeks a common denominator. Just that simply. Just that basically, as well. By your physical essence working at a higher frequency, you are going to draw to you that higher frequency without disturbing the pattern, be that your physical body, be that the plant, be that the grid of light around the planet. Form must get stronger.

Now, I just tossed in the grid around the planet. Somebody want to explain that one? I dare you. [Long pause.] Well, ultimately, in the very same way that the planet has an energy grid—lines that cross and create points of crossing which have to do with the Earth’s magnetic, geomagnetic frequency itself—so does the energy coming to the planet establish itself in what is ultimately the same sort of grid view. That energy outside of the planet is just as measurable as the energy that your scientists measure on the planet itself. Just as measurable. And just as measured, this is not an unusual thing.

However, that particular grid of energy is changing. And on a spiritual level, that grid of energy represents the blueprint, if you will, for the energy that is able to come to the planet and have an effect on the planet itself. It is a filter, so that energy that is not like won’t make it through. If that grid is weak, what happens?

Energy that is unlike can come through.

S: That’s not actually true, although it’s not actually untrue either. It’s more like dishwasher art for the grid.

It just won’t do as good a job.

S: Precisely. Precisely. It will not be as effective. Therefore, to get Steve to give the answer he did just a moment ago, what is needed for the grid?

It needs to be strengthened, made stronger.

S: Strengthened. There. All right.

All of that, think of that as opening statements, all right? The opening statement so that now I can say, on both a physical, a planetary, and a cosmic basis, the energy that is needed right now, in your life, on your planet, in the spiritual realm is strength. Strength. Why is strength needed? Pop quiz.

So you don’t get dishwasher art.

S: So you don’t become dishwasher art. That’s good. That’s true.

To allow the higher-frequency energy to come in and be used to make the change that needs to be changed.

S: And be used. And that use would be to help continue the change, the evolution of spiritual energy, of energy as a whole at all in this world, to help bring about a powerful working energy in this world. Absolutely. Why?

That’s the only way we will have the completion of the Plan.

S: Right. Right. What Plan?

Sacred Status.

S: That the planet and all life force upon it would achieve Sacred Status and its place in the cosmic hierarchy. Now, this so far has been a meeting fraught, absolutely fraught, with jargon. Just turn your mind off one more moment and allow yourself a small amount of surprise at how right it sounds, even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, because essentially what I’m discussing, in a very complex way, is something that the spirit you are is very, very familiar with. Take heart and remember that as I continue in what could be a somewhat difficult teaching tonight.

Many of you have quick answers, because you’ve heard me make this discussion over and over and over, particularly over the last couple of years. You could give it probably a lot better than I am. Probably. And yet, you don’t fully know what you’re saying. There are still pieces that don’t quite fit. Hopefully, you’ll be able to articulate those questions so that they can be answered a bit later, but until then I want to tell you, just as a whole, the reason you have a hard time understanding the whole of it and articulating questions easily that can get answers is because the energy that is coming through is too much to get it all.

Now, let me go on with what I’m saying. In opening a Heart Portal or opening a Crown Portal, what does that mean? It’s all just code words, but what? For what?

To reestablish that particular frequency or energy on the planet.

S: Perfect. To reestablish a specific energy frequency in the world. To reestablish it. What does that mean, reestablish? That implies it was established once before. What happened?

It was closed.

S: It was closed down. Why?

We weren’t able to handle it.

S: Because once upon a time, a great outpouring of energy came to the planet and there was too much dishwasher art. It was said, Oh, that’s not working, is it? Let’s close these down. Well, sort of, sort of. That works. Somebody want to give me another quick version of it? Aye.

Because we weren’t strong enough before?

S: Well, not particularly. That’s not where I’m going with it.

Another version is, Okay, we’ve created this; let’s see how they function on their own now.

S: Yes.

Give them a little space.

S: Without this extra push that all of this energy outpouring provides. Now, if you’re wondering what sort of extra push all of this energy outpouring provides, look over your last nine months, maybe twelve. How has this energy push been providing for you? What have you been seeing? A lot of confusion? How’s your memory these days? How about your physical body? Counting on it as much as you used to? And I want you to know that that’s not simply true for all of the Baby Boomers who are saying, “Well, it’s because I’m getting older.” It’s also true for the not-so-Baby Boomers amongst you. You’re in the midst of a great outpouring of energy, and you are this close to dishwasher art.

I guess we’d better get stronger.

S: Guess you’d better get stronger. Yes. A very easy backup all the way to the beginning. Once upon a time, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, Source said, “What if?” And about that point, Earth happened, because everything that is is a part of All That Is. That means that everything to a certain point resonates with the energy of All That Is. Depending upon how many layers there are between that point that resonates and Source itself, it might mean that that point that resonates doesn’t even know it resonates. That’s a whole lot like how humans experience it.

That point of Source within you is always there, blinking like a lighthouse beacon, showing you the way through the rocky places, and you tend to be guided by it without recognizing it. But when you recognize it, you go from being guided to leading.

For the most part, the energy that is Source in this world has been adapted in so many ways that it’s very easy to mistake it. You call it nature or science, physics, psychology. You have a thousand labels for it. You credit it to angels, miracles, coincidence. And yet, all that is energy is an aspect of All That Is. It’s a very simple concept.

Help was sent to the planet so that that energy that is seeded in All That Is would be able to grow, evolve spiritually as well as physically to the point that it was able to recognize on its own its deepest and truest connection. Here is where this far down the road humanity comes in with a built-in trigger seeking Source in this world, and for all of humanity, and, indeed, I will go further and say all of life force upon your planet. The trigger for growth is the essence of pure Source energy in this world. Simplified, that’s love. Pure Source essence in this world is experienced by you as love. And in the very same way that the love you have for your dog is different than the love you have for your parent, which is different than the love you have for your child, which is different than the love that you have for your lover, so it is that Source itself is expressed in all of those different versions, so that every one of those versions creates a possibility for spirit access into your life.

Every loving act that you do, every consciously loving thought that you have, is an access point to Source, which is why from the moment you are born the only thing you truly seek is love. And the thousand things that you seek, until you realize that’s the only one you want, are only there until you get it and see, that’s not it, that’s not it, and neither is that, and recognize that what you are seeking is love. That has a lot to do with awakening. And that awakening to your spiritual essence happens fully when you realize what I am seeking is love, and that love is Source, a relationship with Source as recognized through the human form, the physical form. And at that point there becomes recognition that it’s not simply the physical form; there is also a spiritual form that is a part of that physical form.

Here comes that famous line: You realize that you’re not a human trying to be spiritual, you’re a spirit trying to be human. And that’s when you begin the ascension path with that recognition. Does that mean that all of the questions have been answered? No. Does it mean you’ve reached that point of perfection where you’re able to make it through everything that everyone else’s free will throws into your path? No. Does it mean that you are healthy, wealthy and wise? No. Does it mean you’re even happy? Yes. Maybe the only thing you are.

And if you are awake and aware and functioning at that point of ascension and you’re not happy, it’s because of one of two things: expectations or fear. Well, yes. It’s either because you’ve allowed yourself to get caught up in the human aspect of it all and you don’t know what makes you happy so that, even if it’s what you’re feeling, you don’t recognize it because you don’t know you, or it’s because you’ve got an imbalance that’s bringing about a weakness. Or maybe, to say it another way, the energy that’s coming around you is not being processed well through you, and you’re becoming dishwasher art. And you’re not happy about it.

Either way, the key is to be strengthened. You want to be happy? You need strength. Strength.

I’m going to give you another perspective. Source looks at the planet and sees that the ring of light around the planet, the Guardianship energy that has chosen to guide and guard energy as it transverses itself through—transverses itself through? Goodness, that was a bad. As it moves through the process of growth and change, the Guardianship energy surrounding this planet is putting out an energy that is too strong for the planet, which is to say that the grid itself, the filter by which that energy moves through, the grid itself is not strong enough.

In the very same way that you look at your life around you and you say, I’m not strong enough, so the Source looks at the planet itself, at the grid, and says it’s not strong enough. What makes for strength? Stuart.

Resistance, and having a little more than you can handle, and having it in a way that is somewhat controlled. Like if you’re lifting weights, it really helps if you’re going to get stronger if you’re bench pressing to ask someone to spot you so that if you have more weight on than you can do, and you fatigue your muscles completely, there’s someone there to hold the bar. And maybe they only use one finger to help you on that last push to get it to lift, but there’s someone there to help. And there’s also [the fact that] without the resistance, there’s no growth. You’ll maintain where you are, but you will never get any stronger unless you break it down. You have to tear down the muscle.

S: I can tell that you’re exactly there where I’m going. Continue through there. Put it into my terms.

The Guardianship energy is like the spotter who’s spotting the person who’s lifting the weights, in the sense that the Guardianship energy is not going to filter the energy so that we have just what we can handle; we have to be receiving a little more than we can handle so that we can become stronger. That’s the only way we’re going to get stronger. And also more flexible, because without flexibility, strength isn’t going to matter; it’s still going to become dishwasher art because it can’t be flexible.

S: So what Stuart is saying is that in order to become stronger, you need to push. You need to test your boundaries. You need to change your expectations and try your fears. Heidi.

I also see it that the energy that is coming to the planet challenges us.

S: Yes. It tests you.

It tests us. It’s giving lots of chaos.

S: Just a moment. Anybody here feel like they’ve been tested lately? Anybody here a little more familiar with chaos than you thought you wanted to be? All right, just making sure. Go ahead.

And through our lives and through those challenges, when we’re challenged and we move with it, we recognize strength.

S: Yes. Yes. However, if you are a weight lifter that has been testing your strength and increasing your weight, and perfectly doing all of the things you need, having a good spotter, and providing yourself the right nutrition, and doing all of the things that you know you need to do to be able to manage the weight, and you leave the gym and you walk home, and on your way home, out of a window leaps somebody saying, “Help me! Save me! I need your help. Catch me,” and they’re just a small person, they only weigh a hundred or so pounds and you can press three hundred, what’s going to happen in all likelihood? Let’s not get into the physics of it; just play with my example. All right. What’s going to happen? You probably will not think you have the strength and will drop them, because taken out of the familiar environment of your strength, you don’t realize it’s the same stuff just showing up in a different manner. And so you don’t trust yourself, the situation, your wisdom.

The Universe is always trying to show you your power. It’s not trying to show you how weak, confused and useless you are. It has no advantage that way, does it? “Oh good, I only want to work with the really weak ones. They’re so much more fun. Greater entertainment value, for sure. There’s something to be said for that.” No. As far as the Universe is concerned, its advantage is to have you as strong as you can be and for you to know that, in every facet of your existence, not just in the gym, but as you’re wandering along the street as well. Aye.

Stuart said flexibility.

S: Indeed.

And the question I have is, don’t we need flexibility of mind . . .

S:  Yes.

. . . as well as body, because in order for us to take us out of the gym and transfer our minds to a strange situation, a strange challenge, that means our minds need to be more flexible to deal with that?

S: Perfect. Perfect. Absolutely, because think about that: there you are in the environment that you know the most. You’re comfortable with it, you know what to do, you trust the machinery, you trust the people you’re with. But the very same situation, using the very same muscles, the very same requests in a different environment, you are incapable of managing because your mind is not flexible, because you cannot transfer what you’re capable of doing here to what you need to do there.

Adaptability and flexibility are the means by which the experiences you have in one area of your life become useful to you in other areas of your life. Adaptability and flexibility are the means by which those activities that serve you in this area of your life are able to become a means by which you teach and serve and help others in another area of your life.

Your ability to move, to flex, to adapt is what keeps you from breaking, because it keeps you from being rigid. You are rigid because you’re frightened. Fear keeps you in a very narrow pathway. Fear says, If you do it exactly like this—one, two, three, four, five—then you will succeed and everything will be okay and you will not fail. And yet the resources of Universe, of Source energy, is a complete version, and what you are doing is learning as many aspects of that whole as you can, so that at any given moment you can access, from any direction, with any need, and make use for what you need. How is the way that grass grows going to make you rich? Well, doesn’t it have to do with you being a fertilizer salesperson. Stuart? Oh, you were signaling for time. You weren’t saying you knew.


S: ”Shut up, Samuel, I’m running out of tape.”

Because the very same energy that is the energy that makes the grass grow is the energy that makes you rich, and your ability to know what it is to make use of it either way is what allows you to experience that prosperity.

Well, what does it need? It needs . . . and you think about it, and you adapt it and you turn it over, and you put that into your own life.

Every situation in your life is a part of a greater pattern. That pattern is going to show you two things all the time. That pattern is going to show you what motivates you, and therefore how you grow, and what you’re afraid of and therefore, what you resist. Always. Everything in your life, everybody, everything. And the more you are aware of those aspects of you, then the more you can adapt, the more flexible you are in seeing how that adaptation fits and flows, then the more you are going to be able to make use of that information given to you in the grocery store, over here with your lover. That keeps you from dishwasher art.

And that’s also true, cosmically speaking. Everything is strengthened by friction. No, that’s not accurate enough. Let me bring that down just a bit smaller. Growth is the result of friction. Movement is the result of friction. Friction is met with resistance and it stops with acceptance, and it moves.

Your life, the planet itself, all life force upon it has been hit with an energy that does not have on it a label that says good, bad, needed, unneeded. It’s all the same. And you are doing with that energy what you do in all of the patterns of your life that have to do with energy coming your way, and you resist or you accept. And you resist based on expectation and fear, or you accept because of flexibility and an understanding of that larger picture, seeking the highest common like or not.

You must be stronger, by which the grid itself will be stronger. Do you have another tape, Stuart? By which the grid will be stronger.

Here is what I’ll do. For those of you who are able to make it, that’s good. I’m going to talk again tomorrow night, because as you can tell, I have an extremely important message to impart right now here for you. But I’m going to be turning some of that into the questions and answers that I’m looking for. Well, it’s all right, love, I’ve already made a decision with it. Thank you, dear.

What time do you usually come here to tone?


S: All right, for those of you who can make it, come with questions about where I’m going tonight. How it fits in your life. That’s what I’m looking for. This is about, right now, at this time in your life, the importance of your strength as it has an effect upon all of life force, as it is a part of the greater Plan for life force.

Your strength is showing up now in your response to what the world is giving you. What’s the world giving you these days? A lot of very interesting choices, wouldn’t you say? And the way that you have been responding is what is creating what you’re seeing out there in your world. There has never been a time in your life in which your everyday activity has been more important. You know it. You know it. There has never been a more important time, because your world as a whole is waiting on it. It’s about you.

Strength. You put the sword in the fire.

[At this point, Samuel asked that the recording be stopped so that he could give a message to those in the audience. This concludes the August 5, 2001 Sunday night meeting with Samuel.]