November 4, 2007

Samuel: Hallo, dears. What is one of the most delightful things that happened to you today? What was really good? Now, I’ve got Suzanne, and I have Angela, I have Jeanean, I’m wanting you to remember this order, Stuart, you are there, also Lakshmi, you are there. And this side of the room just sits and stares. Come, come, now! Good. And then Janet.

I had a wonderful opportunity to go to — Falls and take a wonderful hike with some friends today. The weather was fabulous, but the very, very best part of it was the picnic that we just kind of put together, and didn’t even have a sign-up sheet for. And we had such a wonderful time, and it was like a gourmet picnic, and we ate on this big rock, and out in nature. It was just so much fun.

S: Aye. Well, and you’ve had a few nice days for it, eh?

Same event. I won’t repeat what she said, but I will say that the energy there, it was pure goddess energy; it was wonderful for those of us that are Earth goddess teachers. Perfect day. I don’t think it could have been better. I truly enjoyed it. And wonderful people. I mean, what can you say?

I got to catch up with a friend that I don’t get a chance to spend much time with who offered to help me put together my kitchen table and chairs, which was nice to see it off the floor in boxes. So that was really wonderful. We got to catch up, but then we went to a movie, and it was really wonderful. I was so grateful.

S: It’s sort of nice every now and then to just do sort of normal things, isn’t it? Just go to a movie, build furniture. Aye. Good for you. Who was next?

I had several gifts today. One was a rehearsal today for the coffee house that’s in a couple of weeks, with Bob and with Kay’s granddaughter, who’s just an angel, just so sweet.

S: Angel Annie.

It was a highlight of the day.

I’m very close to my sister, and both of us just love each other, and she is one of my best friends, and I’ve been inviting her to come and stay with me for a long time now, but she’s had a lot of projects going on, so she couldn’t make time. And last Monday I was looking out and it was so beautiful. I said, “You know, it’s so beautiful I wish you could come stay with me for a while,” and she said, “If I come, this would be the best time to come.” And then it didn’t seem like it would happen because as you know, she has like a thousand projects going on. And then she calls and says, “I’ve straightened it out, people just popped up to help me everywhere and I’m going to look for tickets for mid-November.” Then on Friday she calls and says, “No, I’m actually going to be there on Monday because I got a good weekend rate.” And she just took off from there. And she’s on her way here, and she is going to be here for a month. And I am so happy. I’m so grateful . . .

S: I’m so glad.

. . . for this kindly gift.

S: Aye.

And she made it clear to me she’s not doing me a favor; she wanted to come spend time with me, and this was the best time she could find. So that’s a double blessing. She wants to be here and spend time with me as much as I want her to be. So . . .

S: And of course, that’s not so normal in this culture, is it? Siblings do not always get that best-friends part of it until they’re a lot older than you are. Very nice.

I’ve had a situation at school, and in a chaotic crazy place where I work, you know with six-hundred-and-some children, and you can’t always please everybody all the time.

S: Darn! I hate that part!

But I had the wonderful gift of three parents whose children I work with very closely, and they have just really given me so much support today. They would do it; they’d do whatever I needed. Absolutely wonderful. It took a lot of stress off of me.

S: That’s good. Good for two reasons. Do you know what it is, what they are?

One is that I can accept their help and recognize that I need it.

S: You’re right. And the other is that they have an opportunity to serve where they have been receiving. It’s good gifts both ways.

You are bringing to a close within your calendar year one of the most important years of your life. Now: one of the most important years of your life. And just because it’s fun, one of the most important years of your life. Now, 2008 is a good year, and it’s going to be an important year and it’s good, but it’s not this year. It’s not what this year is doing. It’s not what this year is creating, is bringing. And that is, this year, in the simplest way to describe it, has been a doorway. And everything that is going on in your life has been about doorways.

[To Hapi] Now, am I going to have to ask you to stop doing that? He’s begging, “Touch me more, touch me more.” Hapi, dear, you’re going to have to go to sleep. She loves you so much; it’s just a wonderful relationship. It’s recognized and appreciated by all. There.

And, it’s such a nice leap, do you see that? Aye. It is a portal, I was saying, for you. And what I want you to just play through for a few moments is this year, and think about the kinds of doorways you have experienced. And if it’s any help at all, I will give you a little direction this way. I can guarantee that you have had experiences that have forced you to look at yourself, I hope, in a positive different way, but in a different way. I can guarantee that this year has caused you to look at your spiritual relationship with Source, with those that represent Source in your life, and, although I could not tell you exactly how it showed up, I can tell you that it often came with words like, “Why?!” or “Enough!” or “Really?” Because you have been learning about yourself as Source. Or as the case may be, although it would be really nice if it was not, yourself not as Source. I can guarantee that it has been a year in which you have learned some things you do not like about yourself. I can guarantee it.

Now it would be nice if every year was one of those—because the more you learn about yourself, the more clear you are about what you let yourself see and not see—then that’s only going to be working toward a better life for you. But, this year you have had some very abrupt awakenings. I guarantee it. This year you have seen weakness that you did not realize and you have seen strength that you did not know. I hope you saw it in yourself, but it might be that the door only allowed you to see out, and you only saw it in others.

This year you have shown me some stupid human tricks. And you have moved beyond ego and opened your heart in ways that you haven’t done before. This year for the world . . . wait . . . I’m going to do this differently. Rather than just pour it out, help me with it. What are the sorts of things you have seen in the world this year? This year. Something come to mind? Nothing comes to mind. Yes, Bobbi.

One thing I’ve seen is a rise in consciousness on what’s happening to the planet.

S: Very good, yes. Yes.

Deep concern with what is happening with other people in the world where there is devastation of homes, civilization, societies. It’s been heartening for me.

S: The awareness of the trials of others. Yes.

This isn’t going to sound like something that’s particularly good.

S: I didn’t ask for that.

But I think it is. I’m seeing a lot of hypocrisy getting, especially coming from our administration, asking different countries to exercise restraint, and I think that’s kind of hypocritical coming from them so . . . and I think the world is hopefully seeing it as such. I don’t know.

I’m seeing more of an awareness of how we’re all connected. I think that’s related to some of the conflicts going on in the world right now. And awareness of how people are experiencing things such as natural disasters. We’re finding it’s not just “over there” anymore; it’s really closer and closer and we can’t shut it off as much as maybe we used to. And it really does affect us even if it’s on the other side of the world.

S: Yes, yes.

I’ve seen a lot of deception exposed on the part of people who have kept it secret for a long time.

It seems like humanity seems to rise to the occasion when there are natural disasters. We seem to come together as group and do what needs to be done regardless of the payback for us.

S: Yes.

Kind of along the lines of what Jean was saying, things that have been hidden, both in humanity, are coming to light, but also the planet has revealed some things. One thing of note would be there were a couple of explorers trying to create a link of the longest river underground in Mexico, and they did it this past spring. And the planet revealed this connection. That opening has been revealed. So, as humanity is doing the same thing, the planet is doing a similar thing.

S: Now one thing for you to put under your belt right off is to realize that what you’re seeing is your filter. The way that you are seeing it has to do with the way you are most comfortable in seeing. It’s not accurate to say what you see is a full reflection of you, but it is a reflection. And before you go off into judgment about, “Well, some of those were really negative things they were seeing, so it’s an advancement of negative parts of those people! Ooh! Stay away from them!” You all have those parts. And the key is to use the eyes of compassion rather than separation when you see those things. In this world, I will tell you there has been great evidence of the work that you and those working with you, or like you, have been doing in the world. There is, if you will, payoff, so that you are beginning to see mass consciousness make changes. And indeed, this pivotal year is about the acceleration of consciousness and your year has been about the acceleration of consciousness. And how that shows up in your life is very important. What I am talking about tonight at this first November meeting is about thankfulness and how you sabotage yourself from being thankful. “Samuel, I’d never sabotage myself to be thankful.” And yet, the opportunities for gratitude are sometimes a bit thin. And that’s because stupid human tricks get in the way. And as a result, I’m going to talk to you somewhat about how to get more experiences in your life for which you are thankful. Or to say it the easy way, how to stop sabotaging the good in your life. Gwendolyn.

A lot comes at you in the course of a day. News, views, and some things are very clearly a different point of view. I noticed that, that someone would be aware of a whole story around somebody quite different and how they accepted it, and so forth. But when things get intense, sometimes just our automatic judgment of this, rather than knowing that you don’t have all of the information and that you’re really just seeing the surface or hearing the surface, that you can’t just have to give it that push in the highest, best direction. I think sometimes, you know, anything that you can do or just send a thought out to help push it, whatever’s going on, even somebody by the roadside fixing a tire. If you just make it easy for them as you drive by. Rather than that automatic, “I’m glad they find out about them, and they were so terrible!” Who knows the whole story?

S: Gwendolyn has brought up one the biggest sabotages to your happiness, your positive manifestation functions, your joy, your relationships: and it’s your awareness—awareness of what is going on and what you can or cannot do about it. The way that you answer those two questions has a lot to do with how you see the world and how you work in the world. What’s going on, to continue with Gwendolyn’s example that she was giving: you turn on five different news programs that all have a different view, or sometimes a different rant, for the very same story. You take that to the Internet and you go to the alternative press, and you get yet another one, and you talk to a friend about it and you get yet another one. It is so important to remember that no matter how loving you are, how powerful you are, how much of God’s gift to this world you are, no matter how long you have been here for the wisdom or how short you’ve been here to not be tarnished by everyone else’s wisdom, you do not ever have the whole story. When you can remember that there’s more to it you can shift out of automatic response and into thoughtful action. And the thoughtful action that Gwendolyn suggested was something even as simple as you are riding down the highway and you see somebody that has pulled over to change a flat tire and you just send out the thought of, “Everything going okay?” Because the energy builds into existence. At any given point you are seeing potential, not finality. The energy builds into existence, which says—and I’ll be talking a lot more about this in the next event series, this coming event series, so don’t think it too hard, because it’s going to sound, um . . . how might this sound? Scary?

If there are ten people in the world and two of them don’t care and five of them think the worst, and five of them are holy power-filled Guardians who only work in absolute conjunction with Source and only do those things that are love-filled, the two who don’t care have the exact same function of power as two of those who only love, only do good. And the three who see the worst balance out the other three, who are as holy and good and kind as can be. “Samuel, are you saying here”—please forgive me for using this word; I’m only using it because it’s handy—“that those who seek to do evil are creating a balance in the world to those who seek to do love? That the power of love is not stronger than the power of fear?” I am saying that, as far as your humanity is concerned, that’s absolutely right. What you experience here in your day-to-day world as reality is because the majority of people in this world make it reality.

So what do you have in your world? And what are you adding to with the way you live in your world?

If functioning less than your best means that there’s one less person trying to overbalance the blindness and the hatred, one less person loving first instead of assuming the worst, well, then, in a spiritual sense you could see that there are very great implications to that, because when those who know choose not to act in a positive and love-focused way, they are allowing the hardest—the worst—of mass consciousness to count as much as what they’re putting out or not putting out. I want you to get how horrible that is. I want you to feel upset about it. I want you think about it, to go home and run it through your head—that what I’m saying is—again, I don’t like the word; I’m going to use it—that good and evil have the same weight insofar as a person who is living their life at their best has the same weight as someone who is not living their life at their best. If you think about it you realize, of course you realize, that’s true. “I never thought about it exactly like that, but of course that’s true.” What that means is that to bring this world to a place in which there is more positive than there is negative, there needs to be more people doing that which is positive than that which is negative. Not neutral. Not hiding out and throwing love where you can, but over-balancing. And if there is not enough people because you are spiritually infertile—which says a lot by the way, because, you see, the way you live your life affects others in a profound way. If you don’t have people coming up to you in the grocery store and telling you their life story, and you’re not a psychiatrist, when you have people coming up to you and enjoying your presence and kind of following you around like a bit of a puppy, you should wonder what it is that you’re putting out that’s keeping people away, because, in this world there are so many people who are in a dark room wanting so much to get out, who are swimming in the depression of too much ego and too little love, who know that there has to be more than this, who have forgotten how to laugh, who have forgotten what hope can be; so many people in this world who have lives beyond what you in this comfortable society can imagine. The worst-off in this society have more opportunity than the best in some of your societies.

In this world, people are looking for anything—anyone—who seems happier than they are, better off than they are. And depending upon how long they’ve been treading water, it may well be that better off doesn’t even mean financially better off, it just means able to smile while they’ve been waiting in a line for forty minutes. Your life should be making you a magnet. And if it’s not, you might should wonder which side of that scale you are balancing out. By your neutrality are you adding to the side of fear and not-love instead of the side of love and power? Right power, right love. In this world, your thoughts have weight. That’s not “wait around for twenty minutes.” It’s heavy, has weight. You put it on the scale.

Which side is your thought balancing? Because in every situation, you either act consciously or act habitually. What are your habits adding to the world? What’s the weight going on? That of spiritual power/change/transformation in the most positive function, this world reaching its greatest potential, the completion of Sacred Status, Ascension? Or are you adding to not-love, “evil?” Every belief has weight, and you function out of your beliefs, and when you don’t know what your beliefs are about you function unconsciously, by rote. And you don’t think about “What am I adding to here?” Just because it’s unconscious does not mean it’s not adding weight to one side or the other. Your consciousness is vital. And one of the ways you sabotage your ability to experience the best is you allow yourself to be unconscious a lot of the time. Maybe most of the time. Oh, but there’s so many good justifications for it. You’re so busy, there’s so much going on. What do you do with your time?

Now, I’m not saying you should be putting out love every moment. Really? I’m not saying that? Why not? I usually say that, don’t I? Because there are parts of your life that you only get through all you do because they are unconscious here and there. When you brush your teeth and how you brush your teeth lets your mind do something else because you’re not having to say, “up and down, and up and down, and up and down . . .” The form has one of those that goes brrrrr [electric tooth brush noise] that even allows for less thought. You don’t have to think about creating certain natural bodily functions. On and on. But what do you spend your time consciously thinking about? Do you fill your mind with that which brings you joy, laughter, contentedness, closer relationships to Source, to others, with yourself? Do you fill your mind with thoughts of world peace and right communication and good relationships? Or do you just not think about it until something smacks you up-side the head? And then, are you mistaking conscious thought with opinion? “I’m watching the news, and on the news there is politics.” And out of your brain starts into the world a multitude of hideous thoughts for a guardian to be thinking. You see, it upset the dog. And you’re not even thinking about it, which is the point. And just because you’re not thinking about it doesn’t mean it’s not changing the world. Because it is. Lack of conscious function. Sounds like a medical report, doesn’t it? “Guardians around the world have had severe . . . aneurysms, and have lost their conscious function.” Well, all right, that’s not what causes it. It’s not a breaking in the brain. It’s a breaking in the heart. What you hear or see that you don’t like is where you need to begin to insert compassion. When you catch yourself not thinking, and when you catch yourself thinking in an automatic process, that’s either neutral or negative, or when you catch yourself out and out thinking not-love, you’ve got to, you must—please—change it. And you don’t change it, YOU don’t change it by that . . . you change it by replacing it. Only. Only.

Now a quick test: I’m going to say a word or two or three and you’re going to, in your own mind, see what pops in automatically. Phoenix. George Bush. Ha! Caught ya!  Somalia. Dick Cheney. Your childhood. Your week past. The earth, your planet.

You could play a game with yourself. Create your own version of flash cards—not on your computer; around your house—with reminders of things you are grateful for, of things that fill your heart with joy, of things that cause you to think in a positive fashion. And you might especially put those things, those flash cards, near those activities in which you tend to be thoughtless and unconscious. In which you tend to fall into an automatic way of functioning. In which you know you already have negative impact with the thoughts that you have associated with this thing, this situation, this condition, this experience. You might want a flash card where? Maybe at the mirror in your bathroom, so that when you look at it . . . (reference to something bothersome). Can this be removed? Will it be trouble?

You might want to put it next to the mirror so that you look at it when you first get up in the morning and you think something other than how grateful you are to have another day on this planet to live the love you are here to live, to be a function of transformation in the lives of everybody around you. How grateful you are to have a body that works well enough to get you up to see the mirror, because sometimes you can’t do that, can you? Maybe you need to put it next to the . . . what is this (gesture)? This thing that makes the television . . .

Remote control.

S: Remote control.

That’s what Lea has.

S: I was thinking that sort of sounds like how most humans are functioning, on remote control. Eh?


S: Autopilot, well that’s an autopilot for the television. Then yes, you might want to put it on the remote control, or on the television itself, or on the newspaper, that the front page that is going to be right next to a picture of something that makes you smile, makes you laugh. You need—please hear me—you need to become masterfully aware in the last few weeks of this year of the power and the importance and the weight of your thoughts, your words, your deeds, and come to understand that neutral is negative. You will not just stop. You must replace. You cannot just magically, “That’s gone!” You must consciously replace.

Not recognizing your power because you give it over to somebody else; I don’t want your power; the person next to you can’t use your power, even if they think they can. Giving over your power gives this world another boost on the side of a powerless humanity. Misusing your power—unintentionally, just out of stupidity—gives another boost to the darkness of the world. You are making choices every day, every moment. You’re choosing right now to sit there and soak it all in, resist this piece or that piece, let your mind to come up with all kinds of justifications and connections, and different ways to say that, and think of it, and, and, and . . . You’re choosing to use this time in your life in a way that honors you; is that a reflection of the Source of the world’s love that it needs? Is that what you are about?

Awareness and action, awareness of your actions, choosing to be aware of your awareness and of your actions—and I really did just go through three different things there—changes your world. If you are finding that your world is not as comfortable as you would like it to be, change it by changing you. At any given time in this world you see what you want to see. You see the situation, you see what’s going on, the way you want to see it. “But what about when it’s not what I want to see?” You’re still seeing what you want to see. Now the good news and the bad news is that as long as you are visiting through this body, in this costume. . . . Halloween is never over for humanity because the costume is always on, and as long as you’re in that costume, in that body, you’re not going to have the whole story. But that’s not a bad thing if you realize that it’s a really good way to empower yourself to be putting out weighty thoughts of love and goodness because you realize there’s more to this story and you can start figuring out what the positive side of it would be. The ambulance goes by and you are irritated at the driver in front of you who did not pull over rather than sending energy of love. So you catch that you’re caught instead on the guy who does not pull over because you have this belief that everybody should follow the law the way you do, so turn it! What might be going on? Perhaps . . . and come up with three or four good reasons. Do what you can to train yourself not to function on autopilot, remote control. Do what you can to change the old and comfortable and always accepted to what can be seen in the light of even greater good. Or turn it around to be good. Aye.

Samuel, it’s so hard to do that when you’re in the midst of so many issues, security issues. Though you think that you’re doing the loving thing, it’s still not, and you don’t know that that’s why it’s a blind spot. And what I have done in the past was thinking that okay, this is the most loving thing, and went ahead with something, and it was not the loving thing. It was out of being . . . wanting to be in a comfort zone and it was still a blind spot. And I realized that when I’m stuck in that place, I have so many people to reach out to who don’t see it the way I do, who see it differently. And it’s like you said, this time is a time of unity, it’s one with one with one.

S: And you must never keep yourself from that opportunity, to be able to connect in with those who don’t see things the same way you do.

And as long as I kept it all in myself, I come with limited options of things. But once I started reaching out, “Oh, I’m not seeing this facet of me. Oh, I’m not seeing this facet about the situation.” It’s such a fast track about learning through things, instead the answer just doesn’t rise from the place of the question, it rises about the question. So as long as I’m dealing with just my mind, I don’t have all the answers because of the limited perspective you’re talking about. So that’s been a great gift.

S: And I’m going to add a bit to that. And so if you want to let yourself just attach onto the “No matter how good I think I am doing it’s never enough,” how do you get out of that? “There’s so much automatic behavior. There’s so much to sink in, it’s so easy to not have what you need in this world, or any of those. So what can I do when I’m functioning on automatic and I’m barely treading water as it is, and you’re saying make flashcards! Are you kidding?”

There is a concept with your telephone plans that if you did not use your minutes they . . . roll over? Yes, roll over. Lay up a store of good energy, of positive function, of good thoughts. If you laugh a whole lot more around Kathleen than you do with Gwendolyn, then store up some of that laughter time with Kathleen. You are coming into a very difficult time culturally. It’s going to challenge your ability to stay conscious, to be positive. You can let stress have more weight than it should. You’re coming into a time in which it’s real easy to build a mythology—“I must do this, I must do that, I must go here, I . . .”—to build a mythology that runs you into the ground so that you don’t see your positive flashcards. It’s a stupid human trick; don’t fall for it. When you make your list of all of the things you have to do between now and New Year’s Eve, take a really good look at that list. How much does that action weigh on the world’s scale? How much does making this dish and doing this activity, and putting it all together and doing it just right, and being everything everybody needs, how much does that leave for positive and conscious weight—weight against the negative, exhausted, depressed, over-whelmed, seeing the worst, not being at the best, stressed out weight that the world is handing over to you?

You have had a year of doorways, and hopefully you have been learning a lot about yourself. I would like to think that this message was not even needed. But you’re moving into a time of Thanksgiving while you’re living a life that doesn’t have a lot to be thankful about. And you can change that. And by changing it, you’re helping the world. You’re helping bring about the transformation of an age by your transformation. You can do it, and—forgive me please—you must do it. Nothing this year will matter as much. Not awakening a dragon, nothing will matter as much. Stop with the stupid human tricks already. Awareness opens the door to love.