July 1, 2007

Samuel: Well what a great front-row group this is. However are you?


S: Has June fulfilled its promise? And now this is July, a very important month for you.

So you say.

S: So I say. It’s already showing up.

So how are you? How has it been? How has June been for you? What have you experienced, learned, become much wiser for and about? What was easy? What was hard? What was June for you? Aye.

I discovered something really strange in that things that I used to have huge emotional attachment to, I just don’t. It’s all gone. I mean, you know, I have sweet memories but the attachments to things that have really held my heart have just disappeared. It’s just amazing.

S: And you know, love, the thing you are living there—if you will allow me to put it that way—what you are experiencing is the realization that here [pointing to head] is where that sentimentality is. Is not the thing, it’s what is attached to it. What that thing means to you, because of . . . and that’s here and here. And that, my love, is when you become very rich, when you no longer need the stuff.

Lakshmi, then Bonnie.

I had a very simple but a very powerful experience. For a long time I have been looking at one of my patterns in my relationship and seeking to release it. Every time it would show up and I would try to react to it, respond to it, whatever, tried all sort of combinations, tried to analyze it, tried to understand where it was coming from—you know all of those things. And it really didn’t stick. And I asked for energy in the toning circles, I asked for energy in my dreams, and I had really interesting dreams. And I don’t want to go into the details of it, but it showed me where I had to work on. And then I was like, “This is a very weird dream. What do I do with it?” And I said, “Okay, Samuel, help me.” And it just came to me like that in a second, and I could see exactly where I created a belief system in my life when I was a young teenager that was still playing in my mind as a reaction to situations to protect that teenager. But I don’t need that any more.

So when I realized that, all the pain and memories from so many years of pain that that belief system caused me just vanished. It’s not even like I had to process it or anything. I was just over it. And I realized how powerful the brain is in terms of helping me live a life here, and also how limiting it can be when it’s entrenched in a belief system that it so believes to be true and keeps on filtering everything through that. And it has helped me learn two things: one is I have everything that I need to do what I’m here to do; and two is that when I seek it, really seek and ask for help, it happens.

S: Good.

And so it’s just helped me see whenever I have a difficult situation, I’m not [ . . . ] after that, but it’s helped me see that I can have that; releasing myself from things that I don’t need doesn’t have to be hard. I just have to seek it and believe it, because it’s the belief part that triggers the brain to think about it differently.

S: That you can rule yourself in your now, rather than be ruled by the past, that it happens instantly—which is not typical, for those who are all ready to judge themselves [to] not being quite there enough because it doesn’t happen right away—is a function of mastery. Good, good work.

Thank you.

S: Don’t thank me. I’m not doing the work.

Well, you’ve had two very nice comments. I guess I’m just the opposite of what Cathy said. Things that didn’t use to bother me have been popping up, and I have been just getting really grumpy and angry, and having all kinds of physical responses to things.

S: As in stomach, head or do you mean . . . ?

In the head. Lots of dizziness and so forth and so on. And I’ve just been a real grump, and just wake up kind of mad about something, not really sure what. I don’t think it’s dreams, but I actually ended up in the emergency room one day because of the dizziness. My family thought I’d had a mini-stroke, and so they shuffled me off real quick. But it’s been, I guess, just a rough . . .

S: A rough month.


S: May I ask you a couple of questions in there?


S: What was roughest about it? What is the root issue affecting you?

I think judging myself for it. I’m thinking, I shouldn’t react this way or feel this way. Real short in patience, you know, being real snappy with my words, that kind of thing. And then judging myself for it.

S: [Aside] Nice to see you, love. Walking, moving, talking.

In form.

My month wasn’t that bad.

S: I’m not saying when I ask you this question that I’m asking for the very same sort of response that Bonnie has had, but how many of you have noticed over the last few weeks what seem to be behaviors that are not what you are used to from yourself? Now, that might be very happy and lighthearted, but it might also be you’re finding yourself more emotional, easily pushed buttons sticking out that you did not think were sticking out any more. How many of you—and really do this [raises his hand] because I want you to see amongst yourselves that you’re not alone in this. Yes, that’s right. And if it were only you, then I would say, “You know, darling, what you need to do . . . ,” and you still might look into it, is to have your chemistry analyzed, and make sure that you’re balanced, medically speaking.

I played with my medication for a while thinking I didn’t need it any longer, and Dr. Bob reassured me that I did, so all is well.

S: Good, but to make sure that you are functioning physically at a good balance. It’s not at all unusual for you who function at a spiritual level and whose focus is [sic] spiritually oriented to seek non-physical reasons for things that are going on, and as a result of that something that might have been small can become large because you’ve not looked into it. And so, generally speaking, remembering that—what rules here?


S: Form rules. Remembering that, make sure that form is not the cause of what is ruling over you.

Now, let me try to think of something—you might do better giving me an example of this than I am going to be able to for you, but I’ll give this one a try. You have, or had, a child, or a worker that was responsible to you—they work for you—or a pet. Isn’t that nice? Child; worker; pet all there in the same line. And they can be off kilter and it doesn’t bother you, or they can be off kilter and you go into flames. Can you relate to what I’m saying there, that kind of situation? Things that did not necessarily bother you yesterday do today, or maybe they did not last week, but they do this week—it’s not necessarily a moment by moment thing. You might be accumulating some of those energy releases. All right, when you have . . . oh, how am I going to do this? When you have in your life activity involving your physical self, your mental and emotional self—and I’m using that together as one—and your spiritual self all causing challenges. It doesn’t matter what kind of challenges are going on. It might be that you are training for a race, and doing extra yard work and . . . [looking at flower arrangement] isn’t that gorgeous? Doing extra [reaches out to touch it]—oops, better not do that. Doing extra yard work and at the same time you have a parent that is causing you difficulty because maybe they are ill or cranky themselves, and you have responsibilities within your spiritual life that maybe aren’t getting done the way that you would like them to be done—and those are examples of something on each of those levels that could have you going—when you have more than one major thing in all of those areas, you tilt into a natural physical response in your auto-immune system, in your physical chemistry, that sends out the chemical receptors that say, “Prepare for. . . . ” And usually the body, being the dramatic thing that it is, tends to say, “Prepare for all out war. This is the time.” And you tilt over into overstress, illness. You do not even realize it.

Now, I want you to pay attention to the part in there that there’s only three things being listed that the fourth can be too much.

I just want to thank you, because I had a really good month up until like about Sunday, and then I think I tilted. So, anyway, I thought I was kind of losing it there for a little bit, but you know, this is starting to make sense, so I just really want to thank you. But I’ve noticed that there’s so much chaos, and for the most part I’ve been managing it well, but I just had a little bit too much chaos this week that caused me to just kind of have a really hard week. But for the most part I’ve been like, “Chaos is not that bad,” because I can really see the creation process. I can see me changing. I can see my life changing. I mean, that’s good, because my life is really going in a new direction until last Sunday.

S: But what you were hearing just now was an absolute positive and very practical, but absolutely trained, response. She could see how it was helpful. She could see herself changing. She could see herself making responses she did not want [and] changing them into responses she did want. That awareness is vital, but it’s not automatic. It must be trained in, and although this is going to sound particularly rude, I’ll say it anyway: Humans train just like the seal does. “You did well. Catch the fish!” [Claps hands together.] But you’re the only one who can give yourself the whatever the fish is going to be for you, because what cheers Kathy on is not going to cheer Louise on necessarily. So you’ve got to know what the fish is—that’s a wild sort of thing to say to a group of vegetarians, isn’t it?

You used to call it a carrot.

S: Well, the carrot is for keeping the donkey going the path, loaded down and not wanting to. I don’t like to think that’s exactly the position you’re in. Loaded down maybe, but wanting to.

So back to where I was with that. More than one major thing in each of the three most important functions in the three functioning areas of your life. Your physical experience; your mental and emotional; sometimes I separate those two, in this case I’m not. You’re going to school; you are in the middle of a week of testing—it’s mental strain, even if you’re doing very well and you know all of the information, but your brain is being pushed, so that your reaction to not liking being pushed is the emotional part of it. And then your spiritual. For those who in this world are choosing to function as Guardians of this planet, a part of those who have chosen to bring about Sacred Status on this planet, if you count yourself as one of those—and I do count you as one of those—then your spiritual issues—your negative spiritual issues—are all going to be rooted, every one of them, all going to be rooted in self-judgment.

If you are finding that self-judgment is getting in the way of your mental, emotional and physical life as well, then what is probably the most important thing between now and Ascension that you could be doing to help get all of that balanced again?


[Two people on the front row start making seal noises and clapping.] You shouldn’t let them sit together.

S: You could get between them and just sort of [elbow them apart] now and again.

The good news in all of that is most of you have learned how to set up your life in such a way that when you see there is a pothole you can move around it. If you see that you are physically getting drained—that’s one—and emotionally under a lot of pressure—that’s two—you can start activating in a more positive way what feeds you spiritually. Or if you find that you are at a time in your life right now where you cannot make it to the most important thing that you can be doing between now and Ascension and you know that that’s going to put a lot of stress on you, therefore you might make sure that you avoid conflict of any kind as much as you can, that you do what you can to stay balanced in those other areas. Balance is vital.

And the reason that I am asking you about “How has June been, because July is going to be busy?” is because you cannot give what you do not have. Every July, in one way or another, I use the first-Sunday to talk about freedom, independence. [It’s] usually nothing to do with fighting for freedom against another country, usually something to do with fighting for emotional freedom, or looking to give yourself independence from those beliefs that are holding you back, holding on tight, telling you you’re a bad girl or boy, and you cannot consider yourself spiritual and functional if you yell at your husband, or you’re not sentimentally attached to him any more. Is that what you were implying over there?

It is very—that’s such an understatement—very important for you to be balanced these days. What do you need to do to bring balance into your life, and particularly with regard to those vital three areas that . . . all I’m coming up with are extremely dramatic words, and I’m trying not to do that, but there’s a reason that they’re wanting to be popping out like that. Let me try. By keeping yourself balanced in these next coming weeks, you are going to be useful instead of useless. By keeping yourself balanced in the next few weeks, allowing you to be useful, you are going to be giving yourself a foundation that you will be able to make use of for the rest of your life here. Now, that sounds a bit much, don’t you think? Sounds a little heavy to say, “What you do over the next weeks is going to give you the foundation of the rest of your life.” Surely it should just be the next few weeks after that, right? But by functioning in balance during times of . . . I’ll say chaos, but I want you to remember I don’t consider chaos a negative thing. I consider it a point of creation, an opportunity to make use of, to create with, to make things change with. By having that balance at a time of such chaos, for the rest of your life you are going to be able to know “If I could do that, I can do this.”

Now, let’s just talk a little bit about that, and just a little bit. Here it is July; you know that I’m going to give you something about independence and freedom, and I’ve already insinuated that it’s not going to be something like what I usually discuss on Independence—freedom—Day. I’m going to be talking about—and here comes the surprise—spiritual independence. And the reason that that might be somewhat surprising is because I spend so much time talking to you about the importance of functioning as one, of unity, of working with. I spend a lot of time reminding you that, spiritually speaking anyway, “lone rangers” are not useful. And yet I’m going to be talking to you about spiritual independence. Now, when I say that, what does it mean to you? What thoughts go with it?

Well, I don’t think of it as separation and working in unity, I think of it as functioning at my absolute highest, with consciousness of who and what I am. And in that respect being spiritually independent.

S: Good.

But aligning that with the unity with working with one with one with one with all.

S: Very good. Kathy, Gwendolyn—who else is up there?—Paula, Suzanne. Is that Frank?

There’s so many, I can pass.

S: All right.

I think spiritual independence sounds like to me recognizing that I am Source, and that ultimately I am the Universe, and I am one with everything, and so it’s not about reaching outside of me for something, but it’s about claiming it and recognizing it within.

S: Good. Very good. Who was next?

In that individual, the uniqueness of that, and the things that we have in our life, our path to the same goal will look different, but it all works. You get to the same place, and that to feel like you might have to be in lock-step all the way, oh, you know, somebody else does it this way, and you can’t even fit it in because you work in a different way.

S: Well said. Well said. Who was next?

I think life, particularly in this society, is very complicated, and there’s a lot of pressure on me constantly to take care of the things around me. Spiritual independence for me is being able to make what I know I came here to do a priority in my life, as opposed to being distracted by all the things around me that, you know, vie with that for attention. It’s life in form.

S: That’s good. Very good.

I’m actually thinking of two things. The first thing that occurred to me was spiritual independence would be not at the mercy of every spiritual whim that floats through the universe. “Okay, now I’m into spaceships. Okay, now I’m into rays.” And the other thing, as people were talking, that came to me was the analogy with financial independence, and I really like that one, because if I’m financially independent, I have everything I need financially for the rest of my life. And if I’m spiritually independent, I have everything that I need for the rest of my life, you know, ad infinitum. And I really like that. “I am spiritually independent. I have everything I need.” And not only that, it just reeks of prosperity and abundance spiritually.

S: That’s good. Now, Frank, do you want to add to that or are you still good?

I think I’m covered in those.

S: Because you would have said all of those good things, wouldn’t you?

No, but I agree with all of them.

S: Well, I really could just close up and say, “Essentially, you’ve got the point,” because that’s very much it. Let me tell you why you’ll want that point. All right?

The things that have been said about spiritual independence cover it beautifully. I don’t have a need to stretch them out further for you. You were listening; you got it. You weren’t listening; get it!

Stuart, I would like to put a small experiment into play, all right? It is going to cause somewhat of a difficulty with the video, but it won’t be for long. All right? I want you to turn the lights off. “Lights are my friend. Lights are my friend. Lights are my friend.” Going, going.

Now, look around. What immediately do you notice other than it’s darker than it was a few moments ago? Yes, say it again, Laura!

Where the light is.

S: You can turn them back on now.

There was light coming from the hallway. There was light coming from the lobby. There was light coming from the curtains because it’s the light time of year. There is light coming out of the candle. There is light that you are seeing somewhat amongst yourselves—light clothing perhaps; sparkle “caw caw” things. You’re drawn to the light because there’s something you want to do, which is?


S: See, yes. Not a major spiritual issue. You just want to see. You’re used to seeing. So the lights go off, and the automatic response is to start trying to see what it is you can see. Who is singing to me? Stop that.

The force of energy in this world is attraction, repulsion—always. The balance of that attraction-repulsion is what you think of as your everyday life. Everything’s going well; everything’s functioning just fine. In your physical life, your mental-emotional, your spiritual life, everything that impacts you—and a million things that you’re not ever aware of are impacting you—is functioning that way. Attraction, repulsion.

You are attracting energy to you that is like the energy you are putting out. That may be thoughts. You have a lot of positive thoughts, you see a lot of positive things going on around you. The individual—Suzie is always a good example of it—happy; bouncy; a pleasure. She goes through the world—and I literally mean the world—she goes into America-unfriendly countries with her loving heart and open smile and bouncy personality, and she changes those that she connects with from maybe just neutral to a smile, sometimes a big turnaround. You can relate to that. You’ve had experiences like that in your life in which what you’re putting out is what you’re seeing around you. And sometimes that happens not so much in the “I’m putting out lots of love and getting love back.” Sometimes it’s the “I am really angry, and everyone else is too, so that makes it all right.”

You will always, always, draw to you people, experiences, that reflect what you’re putting out. If you think that you’re always putting out love and light, and you find yourself surrounded with unhappy, grumpy, mean people all the time—not just in this one piece of your life, but all the time—you might want to stop and take a look at what you think you’re putting out, and maybe talk to Mary Claire about some private communication lessons so that you can learn better how to put that out there.

[Oma starts running around] And that’s always a good sign in this room on first-Sundays. You tell them, Oma. [Turning to Hapi behind] And do not add to it.

As you find yourself—very rarely, of course—unhappy, tired, bored, you are going to be drawing more of that unhappy, tired, bored to you. Therefore the wise person says, “Well, let me make a change here.” And the reason why change in this fashion is so hard is because it means all of your friends, all of those parts of your life, all of your experiences that have been constantly attracted to and orbiting around what you are putting out are going to try to disallow your change. You realize that “Maybe my communications have not been as loving as I have meant them to be, so I am going to consciously work on . . . ,” and you find that you get resistance from the people you are closest to. “I’m going to start going to toning at least once a week,” and you find that life starts crowding up in ways that it has not before, making the decision to go or not go a lot more difficult. You are experiencing the automatic effect that happens when energy is in action. Energy is in action, you are working to bring about a change in what has been. Imagine that you have a large pond of water—sounding familiar?—and you are throwing a rock into that water, and that water makes a ripple. And that ripple goes out to the very edge of the pond. But in this particular case, there’s somebody on the other side of the pond also throwing in a rock, and that ripple is going to clash with yours. The energy that is the work of that clash—what you want and what I want—come together and create a new function of energy.

Now this really isn’t huge, the energy is simply action. The ability to take what has been ephemeral and make it solid—to take what has been Intent and move it into Thought, on into Deed; that would still be through Word, I’m just trying to close it down faster—that point of energy is where your focus is needed the most. That point of energy is a major focus of power, and it’s a focus of power for wherever the greatest output is. And if that output is “looking for the light” or “craving the dark,” you’re going to get where the most mind [is]. I am putting this in the most basic terms possible. I am doing what I can to keep it from being sensational, but I don’t want the easy, the familiar, way that I’m speaking, the basic way that I’m using it to keep you from realizing that I’m saying something very, very important here.


I’m sorry. I’m a little lost. I understood my rock in the pond and someone else’s rock in the pond, and then putting that in the actual example of wanting to go to toning more frequently than I have.

S: That’s your rock in the pond.

That’s my rock in the pond. Would it be fair to say that other rock in the pond might be those who are wanting to maintain the status quo.

S: Yes. Yes.

So it may not be someone out there saying, “I don’t want Frank to be going to toning more often,” it’s just that I’m making a change and there’s other people wanting to maintain the status quo.

S: ”What do you mean you’re going to take this hour away from our time together?” “Well, sure, you can go. I just want you to know that I realize that you’re taking this hour away.” As opposed to “I want to go to toning.” And the thunder comes. And the lightening pours forth.

Thunder comes out and says . . .

S: “You shall not go!”

Are you saying it always happens, because there may not . . .

S: I’m saying it’s a function of energy.

And that there will be, even though that my immediate family may say, “Great. That’s going to be good for you,” there’s other forces of status quo out there.

S: Sure. Sure. The question, of course, is how tied are you into those forces outside of you? How much do you need what is not you in order for you to be you at your best?


You know the visualization that a lot of us have been doing about the rock that is going into the pond, would that be considered a force?

S: Yes.

And then if it’s going against the force of the status quo, then that point of connection is the point of power where if we don’t have our mind clear we could create whatever our mind is focused on. Is that . . . ?

S: Things that you’re saying there are all accurate, but they’re not exactly what I’m saying here.

Insofar as the visualization that I passed your way recently to imagine, perhaps, a very large rock that’s moving toward a pond, and you are visualizing it exploding or coming apart into tiny, tiny pieces—such as sand—tiny pieces of sand scattering out over the pond so that they are having a very small effect rather than a very huge one, you’re already seeing that. I’m really pleased about that.

So are we.

S: But in the illustration that I just gave, you are either one person doing this good thing or you are the force of a great group of people doing this same one thing. If there is on the other side of the pond in my illustration, a child throwing in a rock, and on your side of the pond it is . . . who throws really well? Tell me one of your sports throwers. Baseball, maybe.

Roger Clemens.

S: Roger Clemens. And on this side you have Roger Clemens, well, it’s very possible that the effect you have is going to be much greater and even when that energy does hit—because it will—create only a very small, maybe so small it is neutralized, response.

“So Samuel, it sounds a whole lot like what you are saying is that we need to come together and work as one. Well, that doesn’t sound like spiritual independence.” So let me explain just a little further about the kind of spiritual independence that’s needed.

Lakshmi is out there with Sanat. Good she’s back. Lakshmi, I want to talk to you about having small children. All right? Well most here can’t remember. Can Sanat do things today that he could not do yesterday?


S: Does he surprise you on a fairly regular basis with things he can do now that he could not do before?

Yes, surprises me big time. Things that I never imagined that he would know or understand or do. Many times.

S: Now, of course, we’ve got a pretty special child there, and cannot necessarily . . . [Sanat walks in with a scarf over his face] and this very special child . . . he is wearing his shirt?

Well actually it’s my scarf. He claimed it to be his monster suit.

S: Well, perhaps he’s trying to be the opposite energy illustration here.

Back to it. Does it ever happen that he is trying to communicate something to you that you do not understand what it is he wants?


S: And when you finally figure out what it is that he wants, you get it, of course.


S: Thank you, love. And I could keep going on and on and on and on with this sort of thing. Here is the question: Is it, as a parent, terrible for you to deal with this child that’s constantly learning something new that you’ve got to keep up with, and that’s one step ahead in some ways, and different than what you were necessarily expecting when you woke up this morning? Is it just horrible?

Sometimes it is when I . . .

S: Don’t listen to that part!

Because when I’m focused on me and not focused on him or focused on us, it is very horrible because I have a set, particular thing to do, because he is in the way then. But when I am open and flexible and looking at a larger picture, it’s a delightful thing.

S: Well said. Well said.

You have to [ . . . ] for that, Samuel.

S: I should trust.

When I am speaking about spiritual independence I am not saying spiritual solitude. I am not saying become a hermit, no matter how much you want to. I am not saying limit yourself. If your understanding of your spiritual self was as a young mother with a bright and love-filled child, so that it did not frighten you, or irritate you, or—alternatively speaking—cause you to focus so much time on it that there’s nothing else in your life, your spiritual experience will grow, and change. You will become spiritually wiser and stronger. How do you do that? You look around a lot. You know what works for you. You know what works for you. One more time: you know what works for you so that you’re not totally thrown off when something different comes your way. You’re not so likely to get caught in every little thing that’s out there. You’re not so willing to believe yourself “less than” and judge yourself harshly because you know what works for you. Of course, if you don’t know what works for you, this would be a really good time to start figuring that out, because in your world right now—and you are seeing it—there are forces of attraction and repulsion that are working for change, but change that is not a function of right power, but a function of dis-empowerment. Do you know the difference? A function of disempowerment. When you let yourself get caught up and go against your commitment to yourself that you’re going to go to toning once a week, you have been affected by a force of disempowerment. When you choose, “Wait a minute. Almost got there. I’m not going to go there. I will go [to toning],” you have strengthened the force of empowerment.

As a function of your everyday life you, as Guardians, are very likely to be faced more than ever over the next few weeks with activities, circumstances, people that are wanting your disempowerment in one way or another. Now this isn’t a general, any-time-in-your-life-you-could-look-into-it-and-say, “Well, that’s not different than any other time.” That’s not [what I’m saying]. If you are moving forward there is going to be forward-moving energy coming at you trying to move you back. It is chilling; because you are ready for it, it’s hopeful. You gain strength in your empowerment by surrounding yourself with those who are empowered. I know, this sounds so basic, but it truly is the only way I know to ensure there is understanding, and even with this basic . . . here is what I’m not going to say. I said that wrong. Here is what I am not saying: I am not saying that there is going to be a nuclear blast coming your way, and if you do not stop it your world will be destroyed. I’m not saying that. That isn’t what stops your world. Not this time anyway. What stops your world is you. If you’re not going forward, the world is not going forward. Every time you get knocked back to that point that you believe, “Well, this is the new go,” to that point that you believe, “Well, I really wasn’t ever there. I’m really here, or here.” Every time you let imbalance reign, you are bringing chaos energy directed by disempowerment into the world. What you think matters. What you say matters. What you do matters. And if you are functioning at your best, only then are you capable of independently working with another to strengthen that think and say and do.

It’s not about everybody visualizing the same thing at this special time. “Everybody visualize a white sheet on your bed.” It’s not doing anything. It’s about allowing yourself to touch in for the purpose of amplifying what you’re putting out.

“Lisa said,” yes, “Lisa said she drew on your energy.” Now, of course, we’re all hoping that she wasn’t drawing on Bonnie and one of Bonnie’s bad times here. Sorry, love.

That’s in the past.

S: That’s right. Somebody else altogether. But as rude as it might be that I’ve pointed her out in this way, it’s only because she’s the bravest one, because you’ve all—trust me—you have all had your moments these last few weeks. It is true, but of course it was somebody else’s fault. It wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t have been so snarky. If only everybody else would do it the way you do it then it would be all right.

If you are generally broadcasting “I am connected in with this group,” you’re not necessarily going to have all that energy you want.

Now, stop for just a moment. There is a lovely New-Age event coming up in a couple of weeks, three weeks, something like that? And it is an opportunity for everybody to focus on a same intent. Now, there’s wisdom in that instead of a same thought. I am telling you, as an independent, spiritual being you can touch into those whose intent matches yours. And, in fact, this month it’s going to be probably the biggest opportunity in front of you to add your collective intent to grow a Roger Clemens—like lemons—rather than a general broadcast that may not be nearly as effective. I’m not saying you should do this. I’m saying it’s a lovely example of a way to be a part of a bigger push, but the only thing that will make a difference is the intent, not the actual “Do it this way. See this picture. Do this thing.”

Your spiritual independence is a function of the physical being you are. Your spirit’s independence is a composite piece of a greater whole. Or, to say it another way, already you are a part of a very great force. By surrounding yourself with those who are consciously aware of their connection as a part of that greater force, you are going to be able to put forth a greater energy signature.

Samuel, I’m not aware of anything that’s going on in the next two or three weeks, except at the end of this week.

S: The end of this week. Is it that fast?

I believe there’s something on the seventeenth that has been kind of described that there is a huge amount of energy coming in the seventeenth, and that this particular group is trying to harness that energy with a visualization, and having people all over the world doing this visualization at the same time. That’s the one I’ve heard about.

Fire The Grid.

Help Fire the grid.

That’s it. Fire the Grid. Yes.

S: Well, I think what I’m saying is something more along the lines of create the energy and put it into the Grid for effectiveness, but you can latch in to those whose intent is like yours. And by making that connection, strengthen what you are releasing.

All right, here is what I am not saying. I am not saying you should get together on the seventeenth, but why not? I am not saying you should not have a ritualized set of things to do that’s like what other people are doing, but why? I am not saying that I do or do not think whatever New-Age things are popping around are going to be useful or not. I am saying, I know you and I know what you can do. And I know, without a doubt, that you have already been making a difference. Why don’t you just try coming together and make a greater difference by doing it as one? And the reason that I want to tell you, to encourage you, to push you, to do that is because by the end of this month, it’s very possible that you will have set up a function of power that you trust, that you know in you and that you can look back on and say, “We did this. Everything else is easy.”

My suggestion? Come to toning, and practice B-flat, and when you practice B-flat visualize a great rock becoming tiny, tiny, little, little bitty rocks. And then consciously work on self-empowerment and focus toward it, and when you are in that toning circle and it’s gratitude and energy-request time, “I’m seeing,” or “I’m not seeing and wish I could,” “I am seeing myself becoming more spiritually independent and stronger. I am consciously working on personal empowerment, and I am putting forth into the world, in order to attract the same, those Thoughts, and Words, and Deeds that work for the highest good.” And when the seventeenth comes around, come together here and consciously use that B-flat to put out that Intent in whatever way works for you. Pray it. See it. Say it. Have a picture of it. The Intent is balance in this world. No big thump; small, negligible sand.

I need two people willing to help put it together. I’ve got lots of people. This is impressive, very impressive. Wait. Look around at each other. There is Gayle, Suzanne, Paula. There is Gwendolyn. There is Chris. There is Cathy, and Sallie, and Lillibeth. Come together. Make this. And Mary Claire will probably get in touch with one of you to let you know some specifics that I give when I speak with you tomorrow. You all right with that?


S: Good. All right. I know. Odd night, don’t you think? Pretty weird way to go about independence. Independence is what it’s about. Spiritual independence. Personal empowerment. That what you are putting out into this world is what the world is going to experience. You, magnified, or not.