November 2, 2008

Samuel: Hello dears. I think I might need to change everything that I planned on doing with you tonight because this is a lovely group. For those of you that see energy, just look at what’s floating around out here. Very nice, very nice.

So, whose day did you make brighter and better?

I gave away several books today. They were books that were in my house, that were nice books, and when I was going through them I would think of people I thought would enjoy them. I had several books to give away so there are several people in the room who hopefully will be enjoying them. They just seemed they’d be fitting of those to have.

S: Why is it you’re giving them away?

I’m letting go of things in my life.

S: Nice. Very nice.

I made Noki’s day bright today.

S: And how did you do that?

I took her to the Gorge. Cindy took her off harness so she could just enjoy walking the trails in this place of many smells. She’d never been to the woods before.

S: There we go. Noki, eh.  You’re in a very dangerous spot there, you know. And don’t you think, darling, do you think that she’s sitting there, keeping her eye on all these people, making sure that there’s not something she’ll have to jump up and do?

I don’t really think so.

S: And how was the Gorge for you.

Incredible. Such a delight.

S: How do you think it was for her?

I think her sniffer may be tired, but I think she liked it.

S: For the animal kingdom, there are many very sacred spots out there. So I’m not a bit surprised. Well, there’s my boy!

He grabbed my finger and brought me right up here.

S: And my understanding is that he is a frog?

Yes, he was a frog for Halloween.

S: Now that’s very different than being a frog for all time, isn’t it? Did you make a good frog? You see, he’s hitting that age, adorable for you, but he’s very, very interested in what you’re thinking, so entertain him, because he’s looking for you to do it. Frog. We were talking frog. Now, there are some people in here who can make a lovely frog noise. Will you do that for him?

[Audience tries to make frog noises.]

S: And why is it you were a frog? You know, he does not think he was a frog at all. Even the picture in his head is not telling me he was a frog. He’s not at all going with that. When you put on that lovely green, whatever it was, suit, yes, that’s the one, did you like it? Did you like being a frog? I think he thinks it felt just about like putting on pajamas. A frog. Who’s got the best frog sound? I need a frog. Who has the good frog sound? Just come up here.

They say, “Need-eeep, need-eeep . . .”

S: You’re very correct with that. Now let’s see, can you shift over? Owen love, this is a frog.

“Need-eeep, need-eeep, need-eeep.

S: And that my love, was you. Thank you, dear.

[Audience applause.]

S: Need-eeep. Sounds like an expression I’m regularly told not to say. Doesn’t that sound familiar that way?

What have you done to make somebody’s life better and brighter today?

I’ve been moving and Jim’s been wonderful to help me, of course, so the place I’ve moved is by a railroad track. So we took a little break today and went out for a walk and decided we’d be mischievous children. And I think he kind of enjoyed that so much, because he loves trains.

S: And did you put a penny on it?

Not today. We were looking at the leaves that had been run over and plastered into the steel. Walked on the rail and balanced for awhile.

S: Oh. You know, the railroad is just a little after my time. Not so good with that one. You’re not supposed to walk the rail, right? Because a train would come around the corner and run you down. Like a . . . underground . . . subway! That’s the one.

But there’s lots of space so you can get away quickly if one does come around.

S: You like your house?

I do. Thank you. It’s very quiet there. There’s a green space, so nobody can build.

S: Very nice. Very nice.

This is an odd way to make someone happy. When Vernon had his stroke, he doesn’t sit down easily on the couch. He goes down about halfway and falls the rest of the way. And since the time of the stroke over these years, the couch has become quite lopsided.

S: From those regular assaults.

So I turned the couch over and added boards and braces so he doesn’t sit like this anymore.

S: You’ve been busy

I told you it was unusual.

S: Much better, much brighter. Mary Claire.

I think both Cam and I made some people’s days today by traveling a couple of hours to see my family. And it seems to make their day when I do come. Especially my dad. He just lights up when we’re there. It was a good day. I think my mom . . . it made her day to see us, and my sister and brothers. And I’d cleaned out all my closets and clothes I can’t wear anymore, and I brought some really nice pieces up for my mom, and she tried them on, and she was like a little girl playing dress-up. And that really did make her day. So that was a good day.

S: Every day you touch lives whether you want to or not, whether you’re trying for it or no. Every day you touch lives. When you touch those lives on purpose, you touch yours as well. You gain what you give when it’s given consciously, and sometimes you make that person’s life better and brighter because you did nothing more than a big smile. Or you listened when they talked. Or you were silly. Or you were not silly. You gave a bit of yourself, and that does mean you are going to get a bigger part of yourself back, better and brighter.

This is a very special time. Now, I know that you are going to put into your pagan brains, “Oh well, it’s very special because it is the Celtic new year more or less, “ “It is the opportunity for new beginnings,” all of those things, and yes, sure, that’s true, that’s in there. But it’s a very special time for another reason. Anybody got any thoughts about that?

Election this week.

S: You’re right. That’s very special. You must exercise your privilege to vote because you need that in the grid. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind though. How about another one.

The veil is thinnest at this time.

S: Although you probably don’t notice that as different at all, because for most of you that veil is pretty thin all the time. How about another? I’ll tell you why: because you’re finished with the year of loss.

Audience applauds.

S: This year has been a year that most of you recognize as having been filled with all manner of loss. Loss does not have to mean somebody you loved died, although for some of you that’s true. Other things are loss. Tell me a few, hypothetically speaking.

For me, it’s illusions about who I thought I was.

S: Depends if you’re in the middle of it or not.

Losing old patterns of thinking and behaving. Body mass, too.

S: That’s nice as well, absolutely.

Losing physical vitality, all manner of physical breakdowns, blood systems, digestive systems.

S: What are you losing there?

The old. A previously healthy level of functioning. But hopefully what I’m losing is my pre-disposition to judge what is now is less than what was before.

S: Well said. Start working up a talk about that. A discussion about that. It’s so big. Put it out there. What is it that people can be losing, because I didn’t want to say “What did you lose?” But that’s where I was going with it. More.

I lost the blinders that kept me from seeing the bigger picture of my life. That was painful but also liberating in many ways.

S: Are you glad of it?

Yeah. I’m glad it’s over. I am glad the year of loss is over.

S: More.

I would say a loss of illusion as far as our banking institutions. There’s a lot more transparency now, at least I imagine there’s a lot more transparency. It seems like things are clearer in actuality than the illusion people have of their money/wealth.

S: The banks and the stocks, and their funds aren’t worth what they had been. It’s not only a very physical world loss but one that touches security issues and a lot of blame goes in with that. The sorts of things that cause everybody to see what they’re made of when things are hard. At this point, it looks like what most people are made of is blame, and that’s one you want to get over very quickly, because blame builds houses, and they’re very comfortable inside and filled all of those comfy little things that make you say, “Ooh, I think I’ll just settle in here for awhile.” And it keeps you away. It keeps you far, far away from whatever that initial issue is, should be, was. Blame is an avoidance tactic. A lot of that going on.

The loss of the perception of time as being something stable and regular.

S: Been noticing that time has been getting away from you, eh? [laughs] And you know that, cosmically speaking, there are some actual changes going on that have an effect in that direction for you, but in such a small scale that you would not be noticing it. Except that you don’t just surf the world. You are rooted, and a part of it is on very deep levels. And because of that, even small changes, you’re going to feel the ripples of it most often before you start hearing about those ripples in your newspaper or from people you see regularly. That’s because you’re—and I mean everyone of you in here—you are here for a purpose.

S: Yes. And because of that you have a link with the very nature of the world itself. And you become aware. Now, unfortunately, a great many of you have also spent a lot of time ignoring that gentle sense of “something’s happening here; what is it?” Or maybe it’s not so gentle a sense; it’s a knock on the head that says, “Watch, pay attention, feel this, notice this.” Now I promise you I’m just as tucked in as I can be. You have a very aware creature here. “I don’t want to be right up front. It’s sort of hard.” Too bad.

You have more on your plate, isn’t that the expression? You have more of the “a lot on your plate.” Especially this year. You’re noticing that. It’s not because you have a new baby or a new dog . . . It’s not because you have a different job, or you have had a major illness effect you. It’s not that at all. It’s because “what you are” is pushing on you. And “why you are” wants out.

My loss is more significant than, say, a miserable gall bladder. It was resistance to increasing degrees to love, and letting go of negativity. Habits of mine . . . and becoming more awake to possibilities and relationships as a result of letting that go.

S: That’s lovely. That’s a very hard one.

Question: Samuel, we are here to change, to become who we are, so it means we are changing all the time. And part of what seems to be happening is we had the change happen through loss. So are you saying we’re going to have an opportunity to change without having the experience or perception of loss?

S: Since last year was loss, and since this hear isn’t what that’s about, does that mean that maybe we aren’t going to have loss? Don’t you wish! But you’re not going to see it around every corner.

Here is the hardest thing about loss. It forces you to focus on what is not instead of the creative force of what is. You have lost only what you can no longer use or are no longer using. You cannot lose. You’re not going to experience something as a loss if you’re not ready for that loss to be there. You are the most dynamically protected people in almost any dimension. You are. You are a living, breathing function of Source. You are everything that’s needed to bring to this world what is required for its completion. You are here for a purpose. You are guarded, and guided, and spoon-fed, and hand-held when needed. You do not lose what you are not ready to lose. What happens, though, is that your knowledge of what you’re ready to be loose of is not always the same thing that the Universe might have in mind for you. Somebody tell me that quote.

The Universe never gives you more than you can handle, but I just wish the Universe didn’t think I was so strong.

S: It was Mother Teresa who said, “I know that God will not give me anything I cannot handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” You have everything you need to make it through this moment. You have everything you need to make it through this moment . . . you have everything to make it through this moment . . . and this one . . . and this one. And if you would stay in it, you would access all that you need for all that you need to do. Here are a couple of things that help in the everyday process of rebuilding after loss, no matter what that loss is.

Now, I will tell you that the truth of it is, what you will always hear me telling you is variations on the same thing over and over and over. What works to make your life happier is going to work to make your life happier anytime. What works to make you more empowered, what works to make you more fulfilled, what works to make you the best that you can be, those things don’t change. But now and again, you think that because the scenery has changed, it’s different. But it’s not; it’s you. To experience easier rebuilding, to experience new beginnings in a more joyful way, there are four things that would help you if you kept consciously looking to bring them into your life.

The first one, we’re going to put it aside because it is very much the spiritual. The first one is love. There, the elephant is out of the room now. Everything that makes you happy is related to your opportunity to give love. Your ability—no let me change that, because the ability gets better with the experience—your choosing to do what you know to be the most loving thing at the moment. The most loving thing you can do right now may not be the most loving thing you can do when you look back on it from a day away. But it’s what you know now. Choose love. That never changes. You are the walking, talking, and watching it grow. That’s the beautiful gift of Owen, there. You get to see the short version of you. And as you delight in, “Look he runs, he smiles, he laughs, he recognizes he touches, he plays, he flirts. Maybe not that one yet. Maybe so. You relate because it’s you. You are here as a walking, talking, laughing, loving version of Source in this world. Your life would be so much simpler if you’d remember that the greatest of these is what? If you would remember that living that love is the key, honest, to every door you come into. When you are actively giving and receiving love, it’s sort of like the first domino in a very intricate pattern. That conscious function of love causes other things to happen, and one of them is laughter.

Laughter is a function of love. If you don’t know whether or not you are expressing the most loving parts of yourself, are you laughing? Are you laughing? How is your sense of humor? Your most powerful barometer. What make you laugh? When is the last time you really laughed? Some of you should not answer that. When is the last time you consciously tried to make someone else laugh? If you know what makes you laugh, seek it out. You like to hear jokes, so you go have lunch with somebody you know who tells a lot of jokes. It’s not hard. If you are not giving you what you need for wholeness, I can promise you nobody else is going to dump it on your lap. Give love and laugh. Seek laughter. Give it and receive it.

The third thing. What was the first?


S: And the second?


S: Stop being offended. Or maybe another way to say that is, Quit taking it all so seriously. Stop putting you in the middle of every equation. Sometimes it’s not you. “Well, wait, Samuel. I know that when somebody is giving me hard time, it’s really difficult because that’s not me, it’s the other person.” No. Stop putting you in the middle of it. That’s going to eliminate ninety-five percent of your . . . offensiveness? That’s not the word I’m using is it?

Are you saying it’s not about me?

S: No, it’s not all about you. It’s all about him, and it should be. You get offended because you believe somebody else has a desire to hurt you, because you’re so important that they are going to go out of their way to do something to make your life hard, because they don’t have much else to do in their lives, because they’re not nearly as important as you are and . . . There are very few people in this world out to get you. There are very few people in this world who want to hurt you. And for most of you, there isn’t anybody who wants to hurt you, who wants to make you angry, make you aggravated, make you sad, make you happy, even. You need to work on not seeing yourself as the center of everyone else’s universe and instead being the true center of the universe. And the center of the universe, I would like to assure you, is not at all about the human experience. When you settle yourself so firmly in your human costume—because that’s what it is, a costume—that you begin believing that all of the little bits and pieces—the financial institutions, the education, and the religion, and the—all of it’s out there. When you start thinking that your life can be changed because of something going on here, then you’ve bought too much ego. You are here to change this world, and I will assure you you’re not going to do it by buying into every little shift.

I recall you saying once, “You are the center of the universe, but the universe does not center upon you.”

S: There you go. Stop being offended. Now the next one is, be offensive. “Be offensive! What ever could that mean?”

What comes to mind is not to be passive.

S: Be offensive, meaning stop trying so hard to fit in. Stop building your world around somebody else’s opinions. Making somebody else happy might work once, but it’s not going to get you through your world. You’re not normal and you’re not average. Stop trying to prove me wrong on that. You are living, you are opening the door to a year that is going to show you miracles. A lot of change. A lot of change. You are needed to be whole. And I will assure you that your functioning at your best is going to create ripples. You’re functioning at your best . . . well, some of you have had the situation where people you work with want you to stop doing your best because it makes everyone else look bad.

What fulfills you is giving love, being loving, doing the loving thing. That fulfills you. What stops you is ego and your fear of not being like everyone else. You’re not like everyone else, and I would say that to every human, but it’s only really believable for those that have recognized that they’re here to make a difference in this world. If you hide, you will not be fulfilled. That’s how it works. Fulfillment is the result of consciously expressing the god you are, the god in you, the hope and glory.

This year, you are going to have many opportunities to hold out the hand of peace, to offer up a bit of healing love, to be not one of the crowd, but a leader, an example. And you will passionately distrust you. Passionate distrust is hate, isn’t it? You will passionately distrust yourself if you are not giving of the best you are. And I need to be straight with you: It’s not because you’re going to get be thrown a rose-petal parade, not because you’re going to get an award for being the good citizen, not because you’re going to get on the platform here and be asked to be Source. You do it because you can’t do anything else. You do it because it’s what you are. You need to find that one fast because you are right now at the beginning of a new year, of a new world. You love, and you laugh, and you stop letting yourself be the sore thumb of the universe, you stop being offended by everybody or everything. You stop putting your ego it the middle of it and you let your light shine. You turn on the light for others not because that’s your job and you must do it in a very holy fashion—turn that light on. You turn it on because it’s dark out and you want to see better. You shine because it’s what you do. But realize that when you get that leader’s awareness, when you realize that you are an example, realize that the other word is “target.” That’s right. Get over it. It’s part of it. Do not go into your new world believing that you can be hurt by anything other than your unfinished, unneeded, unloved, thoughts/beliefs/behaviors. Do not go into this new world with the same old sad pieces of beliefs you just can’t let go of because they serve you so well by keeping you unhappy, unavailable, un-powerful. Powerless. Go into a new year ready and willing to be the best you, and you will see magic return. You will see good, positive change. You will see a more stable world because you are leading the way.

A couple of weeks ago I had the very lovely experience of another interview, newsletter interview. And we discussed time. Very deeply. It was fun. And it’s going to be very, very interesting to you. And none of it matters. It doesn’t. Not a bit. None of it matters. It’s the sort of thing that your brain lets you get caught up in so you can avoid why you have time in the first place.

To make the best of all you are a constant function of who you are, love and laugh. Check ego and shine brightly. That’s how to jump start a pretty old smelly, dying thing. Everything about the past year has been about helping you see what you can go through and still come up loving. Really, you know it. It’s showing you that you’re not about what you do and don’t have, how you do or don’t look, what you do or don’t wear, or drive. You are seeing . . . Cindy, may I please touch your dog? You are seeing a new world and you’re the leader of it. This is the moment. You’re in charge. What magic will you make today? What miracle will you bestow? How will you be the service dog? Don’t miss this opportunity.

Harvey, how far till the full moon?

November twelfth-thirteenth.

S: Then use this time. And on the night of the full moon, step outside, look straight up and say, “Yes! This is a new world, a new year, and I choose to be a new being in it.”