June 7, 1992

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

What a good group, aye. Well, there should be fun tonight.

All right, how about a gift? Aye.

I have so many gifts, but this one sort of takes care of all of them—it’s the gift of happiness. I was in Laser Graphics getting the transcript copied the other day, and while I was waiting for it I was walking around, and all of a sudden I felt, I am so happy! I am so happy! And this is all the result of your generosity, teaching us how to put into practice things that you teach, and my putting them into practice. It’s a real gift; it really is.

S: I’ll tell, you, it says a lot, doesn’t it? Her gift is, she was wandering around something or other—a laser shop—that was a very interesting picture, a place where lasers make copies of something. Can you stick yourself in on a bad day and save it up for later, or on a day when you’re feeling particularly powerful—quick, run, have a copy made, and there will be two of you. That would be good, don’t you think?

And realized that she was happy. All right, it’s not so hard to realize your happiness when you’re gathering with people you’ve not been with for a long time or when you’re getting lots of lovely things happening in your life. It’s when you’re realizing that you’re happy when you’re in the midst of the mundane. That realization, mind you, is what makes the ordinary extraordinary. And the way to make it happen is to realize you’re happy.

“Oh, Samiel, come on. That’s so simple! I have thought positive thoughts for a very long time, and I’m not always happy. Let’s get real here, all right. Maybe floating out in the cosmos you can do that, but not here on the world.” Be happy just by realizing you’re happy. Nay. What did she say?

She said that she had taken the principles that she had learned, and she had practiced them.

S: And practiced them, put them into her life. This is nothing but a very interesting one-ring circus for your pleasure on the first Sunday. It’s nothing more than some sideshow—freak show if you will; I think it’s fairly much a freak show, don’t you? Watch the lovely lady change into . . . something, we’re not sure what—unless you put it into your life.

The last time we were together, I asked you to try a few things for a change, and of course some of you got the word not too long after that that I was not just looking for the good, positive, aren’t-we-happy-now change, but the “anything” change. How about a gift related to that somewhere. Anybody? Aye, let’s hear it.

Well, I quit caffeine, and it’s almost the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve drunk coffee since I was twelve years old, and lots of diet pop. The first two days were horrible. I was actually ill on the first day. And the fourth day I was so disoriented, actually. The fifth day I jumped out of bed and went to work, and I had a clear head, and I felt just wonderful.

S: What made you choose caffeine?

I tried to think of a few things that would be healthy, and I didn’t like the idea that I was truly addicted to something. And your encouragement to make this change that Sunday night […] that was it.

S: And you are sitting here as living proof that you don’t need to be jump-started anymore, that the body seemed to keep going even without it.


S: So the very first thing that you noticed was, sure enough, there was an immediate change. You went from feeling pretty good to pretty awful. Isn’t that frustrating. It’s as if your body is fighting with you. It’s saying, “Look, I’m boss.”

“No, I am.”

“No, I am.”

And it says, “I can make you feel worse.”

“Oh, well, maybe just to avoid this I should have some more.”

I got so sick I’ll never drink it again.

S: Remember it’s not the drinking of it. It’s the constant, over and over and over and over until it builds up in your blood stream, and you cannot function without it. So, what did you learn about your own strength and power.


S: What you should be proud of is that you’re not addicted anymore, that you found that you’re stronger. Good for you. Good for you. No, darling, I did not do it. I did not shake. I did not have headaches. I was not nauseated. You did it. You did it.

If it is that you don’t know what your body can do anymore, because you no longer function off of your body—you function off of a whole separate set of chemicals—your body has learned to quit producing its own adrenal responses because you give it enough hyper stuff that it doesn’t need to produce. You stay on the edge, because you stay slightly toxic, and then you wonder why you’re sort of frustrated and why you’re not really happy all of the time. It’s not that giving up caffeine or releasing red meat or taking some of the chemicals out of your diet is the great answer. That’s not it. It’s not even that, by letting it go, you need to continue letting it go—unless you want to, of course. It is that, by letting it go, you are going to find out what your body can and cannot do on its own. You’re going to find out who’s running your show, and only then are you making a conscious choice.

“Food chemicals don’t bother me; I don’t have any problem with that at all.” If that’s so, then it’s no problem to let them go for a week and find out. And then, if you find they do, but you function better with what they do, go ahead; keep it up. It’s your decision. If you find that you don’t, and you don’t want to continue like that, then that is your decision, but you’re not making a conscious choice until you know what it is you are choosing.

There is much power in that act. Conscious action creates ascended experience, period. That’s it. Conscious action creates—results in—ascended experience.

All right, Atlanta, what is conscious?

Being aware of all of your options.

S: Excellent. It’s not just aware. It’s not premeditated. It is knowing what the options are and then making a choice—a conscious choice.


I’ve been on a diet. Luckily I created a doctor putting me on your diet at the same time, so I had a little bit of extra will power. And what I’ve noticed is that I have more energy, I’m eating very little—mainly raw vegetables and a little bit of rice or grain and lots of water throughout the day. And I find that I can do with very little food and my mind is brighter. I feel stronger; I feel in control. I used to always eat to satisfy mother’s and grandmother’s longings. And so I ate bread and cheese and cookies and whatever came, and I sort of clouded my whole self. And the gift, along with the diet, is I have, since 11:11, put out that what I want is to love myself—a total impossibility, I thought. And I’ve been doing some very extensive committed, emotional work. I believe that, if I hadn’t been doing the diet, that I wouldn’t have got where I’ve got to.

And what I would like share with everybody is that I found my father. Since I was five, my father has been a monster to me, had been a devil, had been grotesque, which had been all the beliefs of my grandmother and my mother. And one of my helpers this week, after being on this diet for about six weeks, said to me, “Go blow up this picture. Your father’s very handsome.”

Handsome! In my mind he was the devil, monster. So that’s what I saw when I looked at the pictures. And I’d just like to share with the group—this is my daddy [holding up picture].

And the miracle and the gift and the gratitude is that, before I came to Phoenix four years ago, and met Samuel, who has been consistently loving me with unconditional love, and I have not admitted it in total until this happened and realized that I love me today.

S: They don’t know that everything in your whole life has been wrapped around those feelings of father. They don’t know that working that out has freed you. Good for you.

Thanks so much.

S: No. You do it. Good for you.

Aye, it works if you do it. And speaking of doing it, I’ve got quite a list of things to do this night.

My work now is to show doorways. Yours is to walk through.

This is June. April, May, June. What does June bring you? The solstice. Heat. In this particular month you have coming at the full moon, the Wesak, and you also have the summer solstice. All right, what is the summer solstice about? A very powerful date of manifestation, that’s right.

The summer solstice represents a time in which you can create a new self. The first six months of the year tend to be working toward your going within, getting figured out that I’m happy, that I’m not obligated to others, that I’m not stuck on a path that’s been slowly poisoning me. It allows you the opportunity to go within, but the second six months—beware; beware—you’ve got to come out. The second six months of the year are the opportunity to take the magic you’ve been playing with and do something with it. This is the year that, if you don’t do something, you’ll never do it—and you know it. You know it.

The solstice represents a time of regeneration, of movement. Traditionally it was a day of great power, the greatest amount of light.

When last we were together I suggested to you that I would discuss briefly an exercise or two to prepare you for the coming solstice energy. And I desire that, but just briefly, for tonight, darlings, I want a few questions and answers. So before I start into what’s happening for the solstice, how to finally start over and get to doing what you want to be doing anyway, if you think that you have a question that everybody probably would want the answer to, write it down and send it up, and Martin will be up here taking them on. And know this—it’s one of the greatest games I play with you—I will answer what you ask. (That’s the closest I get to an evil look.) I will answer what you ask, so be sure you ask it in a way that can be answered.

“Samuel, I understand that the Universe works,” and you’ve got fifteen pages of how the Universe works. If it’s so, I get to answer, “Aye, next.” So, you’ve got the idea.

All right, just for a moment, I want you to think back to your birth, all right? Close your eyes and travel yourself all the way back to your birth. There are probably a few of you smarty-pants here that actually can remember it, can’t you? Because there are certainly an awful lot of people here very seriously with their eyes closed as if they’re trying to get back that far. All right, darlings, you’re not going to get there, so go ahead and open your eyes again and look at me. The joke was, “Samuel, I can’t remember my birth.” Of course you can’t. Why? Why is that you cannot remember your birth?

Because it was very difficult physically.

S: Perhaps. And you know that when you experience something that is very, very difficult, your mind tends to block it out. That could be a reason. Stuart.

Our spirit doesn’t often merge with our physical body until after birth. We can visit the embryo in the womb, and we often do, but generally we have to sit out the birth process . . .

S: You think it’s something that spirit remembers?

Well, I think our bodies remember on a cellular level, but maybe we’re not so aware of that consciously.

S: Perhaps it’s not aware. Aye.

I think babies basically do three things: cry, poop, and eat. That’s all they’re interested in, and that’s all they’re getting at that point.

S: Basic life function is about the only thing going on at that very early time—that’s true, too. But the birth, the birth—aye.

Maybe you don’t need to remember it.

S: Maybe you don’t need to remember it. Maybe the birth process was so much a part of the natural function of what you were intending to do that it simply did not register as being particularly memorable. The reason that you don’t remember last Tuesday’s breakfast very well. It’s just one more thing that you don’t remember.

Perhaps the birth into form isn’t the one that counts—except to get into form. It’s handy for that, eh.

You have options throughout your life. Birth is one of those options, but it’s not one that you, as a thinking human have made. From the point of your birth into this world, as you begin to learn how to function here, you begin the birth process. You go from simply being born as humans—thank goodness—it’s the first requirement—to beginning to be born as the spirit being you are. That’s the one that counts. It’s an ongoing process, and it is a process that is created—over and over and over—every time you make a conscious decision.

What’s my point? Most everyone of you in here has, in one way or another, some sort of story about how life is not always fun. Sometimes it has a bit of a sting to it—sometimes. Some of your stories are actually heart-breaking. Most of the individuals with whom I work have spent a whole lot of their life wondering why they always felt so different—not that you did not have all the basic equipment and look a lot like everybody else, but somehow you did not quite fit. More often than not, you tended to learn things very quickly, grow bored, and look for something else. You wandered about through an awful lot of your life—not necessarily in fog; just wandering. You spent a lot of your life wondering if you would ever meet somebody else like you. The illustration that I often use is that you started out going up the mountaintop with a lot of friends around you, all the proper clothing and equipment, ready for this grand journey; you get about half-way up and you look around, and notice that there’s only about three or four people with you. Most of the crowd has given up long ago. But something continues to compel you toward the top. You keep going. You get about three-quarters of the way up, and your last couple of friends say, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore. I’ve got a grand view right here. I don’t really need to see over the mountain.”

But you, you know there’s something there, and so you keep going up, and pretty soon there’s no more trail. Pretty soon you’re making your own. It starts to grow dark. You’ve got to create your own light to get up there.

And finally you reach the top. You reach the top and you look around. And here is where you come to me, and you say, “Samiel! So what??!!” You reach the top and you look around, and you say, “Now what? I’m here all by myself. I may have this body perfectly prepared for climbing mountains, but, believe me, I’m not going to climb any more of them. What now?”

Still feeling alone, and maybe even fooled and misdirected—oh no, you’ve never felt like that, have you?—and so you sit down, and you clear out a nice space around you, and you wait. And still, nothing happens.

And so you start talking to the Universe. “All right, Universe. I’m up here, and I’m going to make this a really nice space, and I’m going to make it really good, and provide a little circle so that, if anybody else comes up here, it will be good for them, too. Here I am. This is what I must be meant to be doing. Here I am now.”

And you wait. “Samuel once said that I was here to be learning patience, so I’m going to be patient.” And pretty soon you start hearing a bit of something, off around the rocks. But you hold very still, because you are quite certain that you have not come all this way to get distracted. You are quite certain that you have created exactly what the Universe wants for you. You have created this lovely shelter and this clear space, and you’ve got a bit of a garden going there, and you are . . . doing your spiritual duties. And you are not going to be distracted by that ruckus over there. You have learned how to separate yourself from life.

Eventually, the ruckus—maybe it will take a few years—somebody in the midst of that grand party just on the other side of the rocks will slip away to get a bit of licky-face in and see, “Oh, look, there’s somebody.”

Not face?


S: Kissy-face. It looks like licky—doesn’t it?

And they will notice you. Maybe the party will come to you. You did not get up the mountain and come as far as you have come, and overcome as much as you have overcome, because you waited for the party to come to you. Why, sweet souls, why do you insist, then, on waiting for the Universe to do it your way?

“All right, Universe, I want to do absolutely anything that you want me to do. I am here for you, as long as it can be done in this space here, in this way.”

The party will come to you, but if instead you get to the top of the mountain and you look around and you say, “Hmm, looks pretty boring,” and start exploring—”What are my options? What would I like here? What would be fun? What would make me happy? What are all of these trails about?” Maybe not on the first trail, and maybe not on the fourth trail, but perhaps on the fifth, you might go around the corner, and there is the party saying, “We’ve been waiting for you. Good. Come on down.”

The reason that you sit and wait is because it’s the person that walked up the mountain trying to do the service. And you know there’s no problem with that person—that’s a brave wonderful soul—but when you reach the top of the mountain, you’ve got to realize that you’re different now. The truth of it is, every day you’re different. You are no longer a virgin mountaineer; you are no longer the person you were when you were born many years ago, or when you were born yesterday.

You know, the way that the saying should go is, “You must be born again and again and again,” to consistently be able to live the knowing, “I am new.” Gives you a perspective with options.

So what I encourage you do this solstice, a day of great power for manifestation, a day in which the year turns around, inside out, is that you give yourself a birthing. Perhaps in order to do that, you might first want to give yourself a funeral. The old you dies. Perhaps finding something that can represent the old you—a doll, a piece of paper, perhaps an object that means something to you. Put into it not only the all the things that you wish to see changed about your old self, but also all the things you love about that self. Don’t believe, darlings, that death is the end of anything. It’s not. It is simply the opportunity for that matter to change to something else, and that’s what you’re doing. You’re creating your pretty little coffin, and you’re putting your wonderful, outrageous, sometimes-got-it-sometimes-not self into it, and you’re saying, “Let this energy be transformed and reborn into a new me.” And be born again.

You’re right, it’s not the one of water, nor is it the one of spirit. It’s the birth of will. It’s the one you get to choose on purpose; it’s the one you get to be in control of. And from that point on remember, you get to be happy, friendly, loving. You get to be everything you never, ever thought you could be before, because you had to behave in certain patterns of habit. And when people start saying, “What in the world got into her?” you can say, “I guess I’ve just been reborn, eh.”

11:11 was the opening of a gateway for ascendancy, and the biggest thing I am up against is your unbelief in your ascension. That is of course because you have no ascended experience to trust. Maybe it’s because the ascended person has not been symbolically born into the world. Give it birth this solstice with purifying fire and holy water, onto the earth, a loud birth of your ascended self. Claim it.

All right. [To Martin] Hello dear.

[Martin:] Hello, Samiel.

S: You’re kind of on the wrong side, aren’t you? You’re farther out of range. I can’t poke on you.

We’re actually not going to be able to answer lots and lots and lots, but enough, enough to have some fun. Let’s go.

“Does synthesis of spirit and form mean that the spirit and the form understand one another, like compatible lovers, and allow the flow? Please elaborate.”

S: Clever. Absolutely, and absolutely not. Don’t you love answers like that? Understanding one another does not mean they agree with one another. Synthesis also does not necessarily represent a full integration. Those are my own definitions—I’m not sure, with your particular language, that that would be accurate. If you remember, I’ve talked to you about synthesis as the spirit learning to work the form, and integration as the spirit and the form actually becoming one. As your spirit is learning to work the form, you get this constant stream of information that say’s, “Fly, fly. You did that last life, remember. Sprout out your wings and fly,” [or] “Heal. Don’t have any illness; just heal yourself. Go ahead. Heal that person. Go ahead, you can do it. You did it last time.” And now and again the form has to say, “Stop that! Only birds fly on this earth. People don’t fly—except after very complicated study programs, and then they just sort of bump around a lot. They don’t really fly.” [Or] “Quiet, now. I cannot heal this person. Everybody’s got their own energy. I can’t heal myself. I don’t believe I can.”

The form has a whole system of beliefs that allow it to function in the world safely. It’s called “how to be average.” How to sit in and not stir up trouble. How not to be weird. And everything that the form is oriented toward doing is toward allowing you to fit in so that you can function and stay alive and keep going. Spirit’s work is to learn, “All right, if the only thing this person can feel is through this odd thing here, then let me enhance the handicap as much as possible. Let me make it work to its very highest ability. When there is integration, there is understanding, and the understanding is the symbol of the integration. When you’re no longer fighting, when the spirit knows what the form can do and the form is no longer hiding behind what it doesn’t want to do—you know, you always deny your power when you don’t want the responsibility for it—when you quit fighting you get to be powerful.

So, does that answer? Good.

“Traditional relationships seem not to be working, especially after 11:11. What is happening in the arena of human relations.?

S: That’s a bold statement, don’t you think? “Traditional relationships don’t seem to be working.” Is there anybody here who would agree with that? The whole room goes . . . If a relationship, be it with the clerk at the grocery store, with somebody with whom you work, be it with a lover, be it with a child—any relationship—if a relationship works because there is not conflict, maybe that’s not a good definition. If you don’t care, there’s never conflict. It doesn’t matter. When you’re so totally unmatched that all you’re ever doing is putting up with a four-year-old, that’s not a relationship.

When you are changing and when you are striving to do the only thing the Universe ever asks of you—which is to do the best you can, where you are with what you have—when you are doing your best with what you have where you are, it is possible that the decisions you make as you are figuring out what is your new option might, just might, get in the way of somebody else’s option. Sweet souls, when you’re stepping on toes, it means you’re walking.

“I hate stepping on toes, you know. They might not like me.” You’re right. But unfortunately, when all of your life is built around “they might not like you,” it always means you don’t like you. And for some outrageously wonderful coincidence, when you do like you, it tends to draw to you others who take your cue.

Relationships are changing because you are, and they are always, always, always a reflection. Yours is to do the very best you can—which is a lot more than you think—where you are; where you are means don’t run off—with what you have. That’s how it works.

“Dear Samiel, It seems as if there are many changes in relationships lately. Would you elaborate on what changes in relationships we can look for in trying to raise them to an ascended level, both for the individual and for our relationships to others?”

S: Let’s go ahead and let that one pass, even though it’s going to mean not answering all of the question. Essentially let it pass, because it was touched on just a bit, eh?”

“How does the transition of a person who has committed suicide differ from a person who has died a natural death?”

S: I hate to tell you this; it probably goes against everything you think, but when you commit suicide, you die a natural death. It may have had specific forethought and even a point of violence that would not happen if you just died in your sleep, but other than that it’s a way to go. I want to remind you, darlings, the way that you choose to go may have more of an effect in teaching and serving others than the way you chose to live. You cannot—hear that; there are very few absolutes that I put out; this is one of them—you cannot go before your time. Who here has ever heard of a botched suicide, that jump out of an eight-story window and did not die, as opposed to the person who jumped out of a second story one and did. Of course you’ve heard of them. You cannot go until it’s your time to go. You cannot.

Now, did you set up, “I’m going to be born on this particular day, and I’m going to be born breech, and I’m going to be born into this abusive family, and I’m going to have this horrible life from there on, and then I’m going to die at fourteen by somebody who puts a bullet through my head.” Do you make decisions like that? Nay, you don’t. What you put out is, “Here are the lessons I’m here to learn, and here is the work I’m going to do.” And just maybe, as you learn to function in the flow, just maybe it will flow in your plans for it all. More than likely, you may have thought what you foresaw was a violent death—it meant that you had a nightmare that gave you a heart attack in your sleep. I’m not trying to make a joke; I’m just trying to show you options there. You put out that what you needed was to learn compassion in this life experience, and so, as a result, throughout your life you seem to be constantly faced with individuals who were abusive, because the method of compassion you are working on in this life is to understand that power does not mean right, or that you’re happy. Perhaps those experiences taught you that somebody in charge is not necessarily okay.

When you leave, however you leave, you’re the one who looks at your life. But that’s the you with the very capital Y. You are the one who makes the judgment, “Did I learn to live love the best I could where I was with what I had? Did I make use of the opportunities?” And if you did not, you will try again until you get it right. It’ll just be a breath, anyway. It’s not how you go; it’s how you were before you went.


“Samuel, even though I know that all time is simultaneous, once you are in an experience of awakeness, such as many of us are before and after 11:11, can one experience a lifetime with our linear concept of time in form in which we won’t be, or will the state of awareness continue due to the gateway opening?”

S: Is it possible to have a life in which you won’t be awake and aware, or, from the point of the gateway, is every life from there on [lived in awareness], no matter where you are in your process of change and growth?

“Will the state of awareness continue due to the gateway opening?”

S: You never, ever lose what you have attained, ever. And that gain affects every life experience, including your past ones.

“I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness, almost like a lost soul. Prayer and meditation only change it temporarily. What steps should I take?”

S: Answer me this. What has worked for you. Share that with this soul. Just a line, here, there, everywhere.

Make a conscious choice to be happy.

S: For one thing, make a conscious choice to be happy. Give yourself permission to do that.

Get out there and work with somebody else.

S: And one somebody else might be a group of somebodies. Get out there, so that you are constantly forced into action, rather than hermitting in your little cave, even if it’s a very fancy little cave.

Try to simply figure out what’s making you unhappy and be aware of it and eliminate it. Is it a person or a situation.

S: Very simply, look to see, as far as you can tell, what sorts of situations or people trigger the unhappiness, and see if you can avoid it. That’s fairly simple, and a very powerful one.

Give yourself permission to feel that way for that time, and know that it will pass. It won’t last forever.

S: Very much in your now, say, “All right, right now I feel like a sad, lost soul. I do not need to feel like that tomorrow, but I do feel like that now. So, all right.” Be careful with that one, though, because, while you’re giving your permission to feel like a sad lost soul, you may also give yourself permission in that state of mind to put your head in a bucket of water and keep it there for a while. So what you may want to do is say—and I think this is a very powerful thing to do—to consciously choose the sadness. “All right, I’m sad now, and I recognize that I have this sad, lost part of me, but I’m not going to give in to it until next Friday between two and four o’clock. Then I’m going to be really sad. In fact, I’m going to burn toast and wear black and mourn from two to four o’clock—just really do it up right.”

And I’m going to tell you a bit of a secret. By doing that, what you are doing is creating a conscious action, and as a result, come Friday at two o’clock, it’s very unlikely that you are going to be sad.


[Frank:] A couple of things that work for me are, affirmations work tremendously well; pretending I was happy worked, and then I found out, when I tried to stop pretending I was happy, I couldn’t. I actually had become happy. And exercise works real well.

S: Aye. Get the physical moving. Very often the reason that—and of course this is not going to be an accurate biological function—I’m doing it specifically as a way of making you laugh at the explanation—but very, very often your sad emotions act as sticky putty inside the ducts that release the biochemistry that lets you feel really good. And so, just when you would naturally feel really happy and buoyant, instead, it’s all clogged up in there. And exercise pumps it out, clears you through, opens you up. You’ll feel a lot better. You sweat the nasties out of you.

Frank, you have learned something very important about affirmations.

I learned just this weekend that I have always said—one of the ones has been that “I am happy; I am healthy; I am whole.” And now I say, “I choose to be happy,” which becomes more empowering. Rather than saying, “I am,” and expecting it to happen to me, by saying, “I choose to be,” it’s empowering.

S: Excellent. You are creating a conscious action out of it. A conscious action will bring you ascended results.

[Martin:] I always thought happiness came through making money and creating and building, and I have found lately that there’s something about working with people and valuing people and then working with love—trying to put on a happy face and trying to work with somebody and liking them, and liking yourself for doing it—there’s a happiness that comes from working with the love, rather than the love coming from being happy. The happiness comes from the loving attitude toward somebody; when you see someone come in, the love is there, and then the happiness comes.

S: Does that mean that then you don’t make money and you don’t build things?

No, it seems like my business has improved a lot the last couple of years—my construction business. I’m at Calumet Farm now, which is a lot better than where I used to be. And so I would think that, by putting out that energy, that things are going to come for you. It’s going to come around. And I would say, love is a higher energy and happiness is a higher energy, so it’s going to come around. If like attracts like, then that’s what’s going to come to you.

S: It will still come to you as you are doing what you have been doing, but the attitude and the changed heart create even more of it coming your way, because now every action that you send out is buoyed, rocketed, by the power that comes from the Higher Self in action, love going with it. It’s the stars, rather than just the moon. Have it all.

What would I add to that? You’ve done a lovely job.

Lemon water.

S: It does help balance the body. A glass of water with a small squirt of lemon in it.

I would recommend that you get something that needs you—a fish, a puppy, a cat. Not if you’re an irresponsible sort, all right; in that case, get a house plant. Perhaps make somebody a secret project of yours. When you’re feeling lost, what is feeling lost, sweet soul, is your giving gears. You are feeling lost because you are out of synch with the love you have in you and the love that’s being received by others from you. Essentially, it’s because the spirit isn’t as strong as the world is. So consciously, as Martin said, give love. Have an object of love. Consciously give it; consistently give it, and you will begin to find purpose returning, because you are feeding the only thing that gives you purpose: to love, to be loving, to receive love.

All right, one more.

“Samuel, there is an energy supplement that I have been taking daily until the last Sunday meeting. After that meeting, I stopped taking the supplement and caffeine. Now when I take the supplement, I feel wonderfully energized and happy. How do I know when to take it and when not to?

S: We do get into the mundane, don’t we. You see, your spiritual practice can affect every aspect of your whole being, including your supplements.

To answer this quickly, what you will find is, when you clean out your body and your body starts functioning on its own, all of a sudden when you go back to that vitamin C, that ginseng, that rocket fuel, it affects you in a much more powerful way. Less does more when you are allowing yourself to be as sensitive as possible. The problem is, most of the time you have so filled yourself up with believing that you cannot function in the morning without four cups of coffee that your body no longer knows how to function without it. You cannot function without the stimulation of ginseng, etc., etc., that your body cannot do it. And when you clear it out, you all of a sudden have your new, reborn, sensitive, awake system that really, really works well, and you’re able to find that, when you add caffeine, half a cup’s all you can take, or you’re buzzing out of the solar system. Or you find that one capsule of whatever it is that you’re taking lasts you for two days. And then a wonderful thing happens: Suddenly you are in control. You make the choice. “I have a very traumatic day ahead of me, and I have a new lover, and so I’ve not been able to sleep for a week now, and I’m really tired. I know what I need. I’m going to have half a cup of tea.” And it does what you know it does.

“I’m going to slow myself down, purposefully, so I’m going to have a glass of milk.” So, the more sensitive you are, the more responsible you need to be, toward awareness as to what you can and cannot do. How to make use of it? Play games with it. Find out what it does for you when.

All right. The solstice is coming up, the time to be reborn, to allow yourself another chance, to give the Universe another chance. These questions could not have been better. Your relationships are changing; your happiness levels are different; your body sensitivity levels are different. Your awareness of what you are doing and how you live and how you die are different. The more you know, the more you are allowed to know.

Greater is that that is in you than that that is in the world. You have the power and the accent. You have everything you need to do what you are here to do. It’s time now to give yourself a break, to stop resisting the process. You are here to make a difference.

The world is in transition; it needs you. You can change the world; you can. You change the world only by changing yourself. It gives hope, you see. It’s the example. And the only way you can change yourself is with love.

I’m going to be getting into some training the next few months. I want to teach you how to see the energy that you are and put it somewhere else. It’s not hard. Some of you are already doing it.

Be well and happy, and powerful.

And have fun. Glochanumora.