October 6, 1991

Samuel: All right, how about a gift? [Pause] You’ve become giftless over the month? All right, Frank, give us one.

I’ve had the gift of being in a bad mood the last three or four days, which has given me the opportunity to use all the methods I’ve learned to not let it affect my day-to-day activities and to not affect my outlook.

S: Name one thing that you use that helped you to get over it.


S: What was your affirmation?

“I am happy.”

S: Did it work.

It helped.

S: Good. Good for you. If it’s not useful in your everyday life, don’t waste your time with it. If it is useful, you’ve got no excuse for not going with it. Good for you.

Martin! How about a gift?

[Martin] I have a gift. [Laughter] I wasn’t aware that I had been consciously putting a lot of these teachings into my life, but just recently I came into a really good job; I’ve been working with some really important people, and I’ve noticed that my business has improved dramatically as my mental state and positive attitude have come out.

S: You have noticed by putting these teachings about having a more positive mental state into your life that one of the effects it has had has been in your business. Do you think that it’s possible that your attitudes in your life might affect what you draw to you? ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Absolutely, because essentially you are a magnet.

It was a magnet that attracted things he didn’t want in his life.

S: I suppose, though, that the point is, when it reaches into your songs and television and such, it’s something that at least most of the world is aware of, wouldn’t you say? Very clear—you are a magnet. And if you want to know what it is you’re putting out, look at what you’re surrounded with. Do you like it? So many of you are surrounded by the attitude being played back to you by everybody you know, life is dreary, it’s not good, it’s not fun. Only a few ever make it, and I’m not one of those few. And you can change that. You’re the only one who can change that.

One gift regarding 11:11 work?

Last night I was involved in a ritual here at Phoenix, and I noticed that it was so easy to make eye contact with people I love so dearly, and to send that love, and to know that I love them.

S: And how is that 11:11 work?

It was unity—unifying.

S: Good. Very good.

All right, it’s time for pop quiz. You were worried about this, weren’t you. You knew it would come. What is 11:11?

Who said 22? Have a seat [beside me], Frank. Hello, dear. You wouldn’t think of this as punishment, would you?

Not at all.

S: Of course not, not at all. What is 11:11.

[Frank] 11:11 is the term for the time coming up, which is a potential Gateway. It’s the time in which we have the opportunity to help the planet and the lines of energy and the force of energy around it realign to allow a union with those that have been veiled from us for many years.

S: 11:11 is the opportunity to create a swinging door. And who will benefit from 11:11?

Everybody, and the planet.

S: Has anything like this ever happened before? Well, if something was closed down, it must have been opened up once, don’t you think?

What is this opening the door for?

Help on a physical level.

S: Of course what that means is nobody will ever be sick again, right? What do you mean by that?

I would think, basing it on some of the things you’ve said, that the Golden Ones, the Masters, walked the earth, and then when they withdrew and help was on a more spiritual or energy level, the planet was veiled, so it would seem that when the doorway is opened again, that these energies would not only be working in a spiritual nature with the planet. It would also have the ability to take on physical form and work directly with humanity.

S: That is correct. Is this some of the most airy-fairy stuff you ever heard me give out? Ranks right up there with hierarchy class, doesn’t it? It absolutely stimulates your fantasy bones. But you know, that’s the point. It really does stimulate your fantasy bones, because there is something within you that responds to this wild, airy-fairy, esoteric information. Anybody here, in your heart of hearts, had the sense from childhood that you were here to do something special, had the sense, perhaps, that stuff put out right now as spiritual teaching isn’t enough. Something in you knows there’s more, and maybe something in you keeps looking up in the stars and saying, “Mom, you out there?” All right, that was a joke. And says, “There’s more to this universe than what they say.” Any of you, even from childhood, feel like that.

Let me take it a step further. Anybody here ever feel like you didn’t quite fit in? And all of your life you thought you were a bit arrogant because you really did think that somehow—not because of anything you were doing, goodness knows—but somehow you really did feel like you were special.

Welcome to breakfast. You woke up, and you are keeping your appointment. Every one of your major philosophical teachings speak of a time when in which something special—giants or gods or the Golden Ones, the great teachers—walked the earth and helped humanity. And angels helped humanity. Because indeed there was a time that you had a different sort of help than you do now. And the pathways to the dimension in which this planet resides were open, and the ability to move freely to this place was easy. Many of your mystery schools, and essentially the foundation of truth upon which even your current religions are based, can be related back to the teachings that were brought by those special beings.

When it was time for the experiment of life to have the opportunity to grow on its own, that help went within, became that still small voice that you can’t stop hearing.

And humanity got to try out its wings with free will. To use your vernacular, what a crock! And because of humanity’s past history, the prophets of the time said, “Nothing but gloom, nothing but doom. Watch them fizzle out again.” And it didn’t. You continued, until the opportunity came for that energy upon the planet, in conjunction with the planet, to open that door again. That’s what 11:11 is about.

And I imagine you have a few questions about it, so I’m going to have Frank read just a few of them before I bring Martin up to his usual place here—not that you’re being put before everybody to keep you in line, mind you.

Let’s go.

“Samuel, would you please address and give some enlightenment on the current waves of energy that some of us are experiencing as upheavals and discomfort?”

S: Sure, that’s a very simple one. I want you to remember that when you throw the rock in the pond, it doesn’t matter what your intent was; it’s still going to disrupt the still water, isn’t it? Thank goodness. As mass consciousness is gearing up for this change—because whether you’re aware of it or not, you are affecting—meaning those of you who are awake and aware and here to serve specifically for this, among other things—you are affecting mass energy. And as that energy moves through to more cosmic levels, it’s returning back to you, and you’re sending it out again, and it’s returning back to you. (…) as long as you are not controlling, through conscious awareness, that energy, and it instead is controlling you.

“What is the correlation between the coming population growth with this energy shift in the planet?”

S: The coming population growth?

Does the size of the population have anything to do with the energy shift?

S: Nay. The awakenedness does of that population and mass consciousness. Does that make sense? All right, let me explain, but in a different way. Pay attention to this.

Those energies that are coming after the Gateway is open, be that January 11 or not—after the Gateway is opened, whenever the Gateway is opened—that energy is going to be preceded for hoo-manity. You start these meetings with “hoo” [the chant with which Samuel has instructed us to open each Sunday night session], which is a vibration that affects your whole body. Those of you that have never done it before, you found it to be a fairly relaxing, nice feel, didn’t you? “Hoo” has that affect. It aligns you; it gets your energy at the highest levels it can be. You’re a musical instrument, after all. That’s the reason so much leaving is going on right now, because there’s a lot of energy that wants to come back tuned a bit better for the coming time.

“Samuel, how will we know if humanity has succeeded in opening the Gateway? After 11:11, if we succeed, what effects will we see on ourselves and the planet?”

S: All right. You will not know whether or not the Gateway has been opened unless you are currently sitting and communicating in such a way that you are aware of energy that is you and energy that is outside of you and you have a communication going along with it. You can learn sitting here. Those who teach the sitting program, raise your hand. Look around. These individuals can teach you the program. That will help you make the contact that you need in order to be able to say, “Did it happen? Mmm, yeah, it happened. All right.” Of course it won’t quite seem like that, but that’s the idea.

However, the way that you’re going to see it the most is going to be, first, recognize that in order for you to experience the Gate, you are going to be in a state of ascendancy. That means your spiritual body is going to be synthesized with your physical body. Sound impossible? It’s not. And that may be happening to you as we speak, for those of you who are consciously working on that awareness, who have worked through the exercises of the rings, have become aware of that process. For others, the ritual of that day will bring that integration about, at least for those that have been consciously working toward that higher connection. The Ascended Self, walking on this planet disguised in form, somewhat like your non-ascended self walking on this planet disguised in form, the Ascended Self is going to have the capability of acting with its hoo-man, pre-established contact. And you will see that in yourself. Your energy will be different. Your awareness will be different. Your abilities will be different. Your creativity, your confidence as a result, your ability to heal, your focus, your manifestation ability. Anybody of you finding the threat I mentioned about manifestation from the equinox beginning now; anybody seeing that happening? Some of you. Good for you. You will see more of that.

First, for those of you who must have proof, that’s a sure sign then that you will talk yourself out of anything given to you as a proof. I’ve got to warn you about that ahead of time. Your logical self, kicking and screaming to keep you average, is going to have a very big work of trying to let you know that nothing is different, because it knows that, in order to protect you and keep you in this world, you’ve got to stay average. And its job is to not have you stick out, let you be accepted by others—do not be different; they do not understand. And so, when you have an awareness, you will hear a new still, small voice saying, “No you don’t, no you don’t, no you don’t—please don’t—noooo.” You will have the same ability as you do now to turn off your spiritual self. Don’t worry. The Gateway doesn’t mean your choices are taken from you. What it does mean is that you will know you are turning it off. I promise—I threaten.

“What is going to happen after 11:11? Will the unity continue?”

S: Ach, well that fairly well goes with what I’ve just said. So go ahead and give that a toss and prepare for the next while I ramble a bit here.

Unity is what is bringing it about. Will it continue? I want you to remember something: How do you respond to “I love you?” Some of you respond to it with, “I love you, too.” Some of you respond with, “What does he want with me?” Some of you with, “Sure, easy words. Let’s see it.” Well, that’s not going to change. When this Gateway is open and there is a free flow of spirit energy, even manifesting in form on this planet, you are going to have the opportunity to say, “Get out the wooden stakes.” You are going to have the opportunity to say, “No.” You’re going to have the opportunity to respond in your primary security means of fear and disbelief, skepticism—”healthy skepticism.”

The energy will be much stronger. Look for a parallel stronger resistance to that energy, but, sweet souls, if we’ve got that Gateway open it means the Light is winning.

One more, Frank. Martin, get ready.

“It really seems as though the symbols many are interpreting as being two 11s with a colon between them have a deep affect on people. Other than Arabic numbers, what is the true meaning of these symbols?”

S: One and one and one and one. Is that what you’re asking? Why 11:11? Is that what it means?

People are reporting being affected by seeing the numbers 11:11, and by years have been affected by seeing the numbers 11:11. And there are teachings saying that this has been encoded in our DNA from eons ago, and it sounds to me—the little bit I know about the Arabic numbers 11:11 is that they weren’t around eons ago, so these symbols that seem to be affecting people may have some other meaning. What is that? Are they symbols ….

S: They do make reference to something other than the number eleven and the number eleven. However, it does have to do with groups of—oddly enough—eleven.

How many dimensions do you have within this? Twelve. Twelve is the number that works through all of the dimensions—twelve planes of existence. Yes, you are taught seven; seven are what work here, but the additional work in spirit strictly. Twelve planes of existence.

Well, of course, 12:12 didn’t have the same ring to it. No, that’s not the reason [laughter]. Whatever plane of existence you are in there are how many others? Eleven. Within your own existence there are twelve. The one you are in means there are eleven. To open the doorway to the other dimensions opens the door to an additional twelve, but for their coming together to you, leaving itself and synthesizing again here, just as you leave yourself and synthesize further beyond, it changes the whole nature of the cosmos. Synthesized humanity, sacred status, is eleven combining eleven.

More. Where’s Martin? You did good, Frank. Good for you.

Hello, dear.

[Martin] Hello.

S: Isn’t this fun?

Great fun. “Samuel, will the earth’s energy grid be realigned instantaneously on 11:11? If not, how will it happen?”

S: All right. I want you to remember that what the Gateway does is it starts a process that will be approximately twenty years—give or take two and a half or so. So what you are doing is you are opening a door, but just as any contact—when you’re putting a plug into an outlet, before the plug is all the way in, you begin to get electrical contact, don’t you? And then you just push it on the rest of the way in to secure that light. That’s what it’s about.

“How will 11:11 affect those who see this as devil’s work?”

S: Well, I do want you to remember that many of those who see this as devil’s work are actually highly spiritual individuals, and the path they have chosen is simply one that uses a different sort of language, a different sort of understanding than the one you are choosing to work with. As long as it gets to the top of the mountain, I don’t care how it’s labeled. Just so you do the walking up. Those who are consciously acting out of their spiritual instincts toward unity, toward loving God, however they desire to see that—as God or Goddess or Source or Universe—and others as themselves, which is the Piscean law, you know, those who are choosing to live positively are going to be working toward that greater unity. As always, however, you translate everything that happens by your personal belief system. You’ll be convinced that rapture happens or perhaps you’ll be convinced that the Gateway opens. I don’t see much difference.

“On a global scale, what can I look forward to after 11:11?”

S: I’ve answered that somewhat.

“How is unity the same as or different from Source energy?”

S: I don’t know. How is it? How is unity the same or different? How is unity like Source? How could it possibly be unlike? Everything you experience here—every thought you have, every emotion you express, every experience you have—is a microcosm of the greater Whole. It’s a picture of what you are truly about, and the unity that you are capable of experiencing with those about you, with that about you, is an expression of the unity you are reaching toward as you move back to the Source, the unity of integrating once again with that Source. It is Source. I see no difference.

“Samuel, if we succeed in what we hope will happen on 11:11, will we feel or know any difference in our lives right away? Please explain what we will experience during the ritual and afterwards.”

S: All right, I’m going to be spending time specifically on the ritual a bit in the November, but mostly in the December, meetings.

The ritual is going to have to do with movements that are an act of unity. Synchronized thought, synchronized action with those across the planet who are working for the same purpose. And again, I believe I have touched into what you will feel, what you will experience, the changes it will make. And I want to remind you, some of you are going to absolutely lift off the ground and have to make arrangements for somebody to hold your ankles—I mean that figuratively, please—because you have such great airy-fairy imaginations now that you shiver at the slightest thought of spirit, and you’re going to convince yourself that you’re getting the greatest Gateway awareness that anybody on the planet is having, and you’re getting these special messages just for you, and that you are not only the number one hoo-man on the planet after the Gateway opens, but you’re also going to be convinced that nobody else had the experience you did. Some of you will have that. Well, good for you. Some of you will also be convinced that nothing happened, but you’ll know you’re convincing yourself, and that’s a very important difference.

“Would you please elaborate on the types of political changes that will take place in the twenty-year healing period following 11:11.”

S: I would if I could, but I can’t, because you’re still working on free will. But I just want you to put your imagination to work, realizing that you’re going to have help again here, realizing that the flow of spirit energy is going to be unimpeded by anything other than your filters of fear, that the bare beginnings of it over this last two-and-a-half-year period have brought what sorts of changes in your maps, in your governments, in your political systems. Look at what has started and multiply it, being just as aware that along with the great changes toward unity, there are also more outbreaks of dissonance.

“Greetings, Samuel. Would you please describe the day-to-day changes that we’ll see in our lives soon after 11:11,…”

S: Probably have.

“…like sleeping pattern changes, dreaming changes, thinking changes, and meditation changes.”

S: All right. Now, that’s specific in a way that I will put something like that out. All right.

Sleeping changes. You’re going to want to sleep more. Don’t be fooled. Do not get yourself into that pattern of thinking that the more spiritual I become the less sleep I will need, therefore if I run on four hours of sleep I am more spiritual than you are. For awhile, anyway, you’re just a whole lot more giddy, and it passes for happy.

You see, you have the ability now to leave your body and experience—depending upon where you are in your process of growth—experience other aspects of you—did I really say that?—experience school for the spirit while you are asleep, because you’re less likely to be distracted, less likely to be fearful, and much more likely to look forward to such things because you think of it as dreams. Ha! You know better than that; you’ve had too many real dreams.

Depending upon how easily you are able to make use of the change—for instance, are you …(break in recording)


S: With awareness. How about your meditation. Do you have to sit quietly and put yourself in a very particular state of mind and breathe a certain number of times and think a particular thing and hum a lot? Or do you just find that it’s a natural part of your process and you’re doing it all the time? That’s what it will be like. Your spiritual awareness and the abilities that come with that awareness and the confidence that comes up with that will be yours all the time. And so when you dream you’re going to be more likely to make use of those dreams, and you’ll be aware that this isn’t a dream, and you might greet Moreya on the way out instead of begging on the way in.

I want you to be aware that the biggest thing I’ve said is it’s a change of awareness. You don’t get more powerful; you become aware of the power you are—and spend so much time denying now. You still have the same options to deny it, but, for those of you who are familiar with my talk, do you know how I haunt you now and again? There you are, minding your own business, and all of a sudden you hear, “Don’t do that.” Some of you even make it in Scottish when you hear it. Which is not really necessary. You’re really going to be haunted then. The still, small voice moves in to big roaring conscious.

“For the 144,000 willing souls to be effective, what percentage need to be foundation workers and guardians?”

S: I would like every one of them to be a guardian. But for those who want, be a foundation worker. The ritual uses both; it doesn’t require a percentage of this or that.

“Samuel, when I tone with a group, I find that a higher note causes vibration in the heart area. When alone, my heart center vibrates to a lower tone. Please explain why this is.”

S: Somebody explain that. What’s going on there? Explain. When with a group, a higher vibration causes a change in the heart area. When alone, it doesn’t need to be quite as high. What’s going on there? Oh, come on!

It’s like a piano. When you strike on note, the strings near it vibrate also.

S: Good. In a group…

The tones they’re putting out probably vibrate with you …

S: Will affect you. Aye. Very simple. Good.

“It would seem as if your program for us to follow for 11:11 has us faking, as in ‘fake it until you make it.’ Being sixth and seventh initiates, is this true?”

S: Well, sort of. I’m a very firm believer in fake it until you make it. It can do wonders, can’t it? If there is a part of you—a small part of you—that doesn’t disbelieve—just a very wee corner of your heart that thinks, maybe I may be one of those sixth or seventh initiation beings—GOOD! So behave like it, and what you will find is that you will either prove it to be so or, by being unable to make it happen, you’ll find that it’s not so, and you’ll get over it. For it’s only by putting forth action that creates success that you’re going to build any trust in what you’re about. If you don’t see results, you’re not going to keep trying. And if you never try, you’ll never know just where you are in the scheme, will you?

Much the same way with those of you who have been so good with your diet for so long, and you don’t allow any sugar or chemicals to pass those pretty lips. You’re so good that you don’t even know that your body has reached the point where it can handle a bit, so that you don’t have to be quite as antisocial as you used to be. But you’ll never know it, because you’re not giving that a try.

So you act like a guardian. Who is saying that: what do Egyptians have to do with this?

Walk like an Egyptian.

S: Walk like an Egyptian. Stop it. So you act like a guardian, which may or may not be Egyptian. And if you find that it worked, you taught yourself something. And if it doesn’t, you have also. All right.

“You have mentioned the usefulness of a healthy sex life in preparation for 11:11. Would you kindly be more specific as to what sexual synthesis on this plane of existence will do for 11:11, since we, in order to be here, have already mastered synthesis. What will….”

S: All right. First, it’s based on an incorrect assumption. In order to be here you have not mastered synthesis. What you have mastered are the five rings that deal with spiritual experience. But what does that have to do with sexual experience? First thing I want you to remember is, what is the purpose of orgasm?


S: Explain.

Orgasm creates the unity experience within yourself.

S: All right, somebody explain.

It balances the masculine and feminine aspects.

S: That’s right. It is the microcosm again of spiritual energy. You have the ability to create wholeness. As a result of that, your sexual experience has been designed as a literal shortcut. That is why, for so many, it is a detour—because it’s such a powerful, wonderful, physical experience that, for many, they’ll start seeking only that experience, without the conscious intent that goes with it. Now, let me explain briefly—I am speaking very soon in detail about this, so I’ll make it very brief. Essentially, there is a particular focus you can use, actions you can take, things you can do during the sexual process that will allow you to more quickly reach that state of more perfect balance and wholeness. By getting your physical body into the habit of that, then, for the ascended body—which is the synthesized, spiritual Self—you’re going to have a much easier connection and less denial. Now, for 11:11, don’t you think that’s going to be an advantage? Got it.

“Samuel, it seems like the day of 11:11 will be a very intense experience. Do you recommend any particular activities for the day before or the day after, in terms of rest, diet, etc.?”

S: Actually, you will be hearing about that. One of the things is for those choosing, I recommend—and right after that last question this isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense—but I recommend three days of sexual abstinence. The reason for that is it’s going to build up a certain tension in your body, for those of you who have been working very hard, like good little Warriors, to fake it until you make it, and so you’ll have a tension brought up that will be expressed into the ritual, channeled into the ritual. Another thing is, I’m going to ask you to put yourself on a diet that consists of, for two days before, grain and vegetables—however it is you wish to have grain and vegetables, but with as much life force as possible. The day before the ritual, it would be better if you just allowed yourself to have the broth that I often recommend and rice, brown rice. It’s a balance food. Believe it or not, it is possible for you to live on three days on that sort of dietary change. The only thing that it does do—clean you out—which means that you might not want to go too far from your house, and that you work to keep your body very, very clean, so that it can breathe as much as possible, because you’re going to be processing a lot of toxins out through your skin, as well. More will come in December.

“Would you talk about the changes after 11:11 in those who are able to go through the twelfth ring and back?”

S: I’ve talked about the changes. Those who are able to go through the twelfth ring are those who have mastered the twelve Rays. For those who have questions about that mastery, I want you to remember what mastery is. If you are a master at algebra, does it mean that you know everything there is to know about algebra? No. It means you know more than most do, doesn’t it? What do most know about the Rays? Got the point. By your consciously looking into your personal experience in relation to the Rays of existence, especially the seven that work with form, and determining what it is you need work with, and then consciously acting to get that worked out, you are going to be allowing yourself simply to master those Rays. You have come here having mastered the Gate, the Furnace, the Synthesis, From the Void, and From Void into Matter. Those five. The seven that work with form—Will, Love/Wisdom, Active Intelligence, which works into Intelligent Activity, the ability to bring Harmony out of Conflict—hello; that’s not conflict out of harmony, now—Concrete Knowledge, Devotion, and Balance. The way to know where you are with those is to ask yourself, “What’s not working in my life right now? What does it seem I have problems with?” And then looking to put that into one of those categories. Does that mean, I seem not to be experiencing Harmony? Everything is conflict. Does it seem that I’m not learning and growing and allowing myself to know who I am, what I am, where I am? Perhaps there’s no balance in my life.” By looking at those things, you can see what it is you need to work on. It doesn’t mean you have perfected it. Darling, when you’re perfect, you’re not here anymore. It means you’ve mastered it. It means you have control, rather than it controls you.

“Is 11:11 the true meaning of the end of the world? Is 11:11 the end of the world as we know it?”

S: I think that answers itself. Of course, it’s the end of the world. So is today. Today is the end of the world as you know it, because tomorrow will be a different one, a different world, a different opportunity, a different responsibility. Aye, 11:11 is the end of the world as you know it. Should that Gateway open up and that doorway become a free flow, life as you know it will be different—not over, only beginning.

“Will our ability to manifest physical abilities, such as levitating, knowledge of the future, etc., be enhanced with the development of 11:11 …”

S: Absolutely. Absolutely.

All right, what’s happening with the time here? I’m noticing people having to move. What’s happening?

It’s 9:25. You’ve got about five more.

S: Five more? All right, I’ll work real fast. You work not to ask questions that have been answered, all right? And guess which one it probably is.

“Is 11:11 a part of the three years of Jubilee? How does the fact that we have the opportunity affect the period of Jubilee?”

S: All right. It’s a very good question. It’s a bit more complicated, however, than might can be used here. How many years of Jubilee are you into by 11:11? Any idea, Frank.

We’ll be midway through the second year.

S: Not quite right.

August of last year to August of this year is one year. And so we’re into … a year and a half.

S: All right. Your time’s different from my time. Makes no difference. Ideally Jubilee will have preceded the Gate. Jubilee continues, just in case the Gate doesn’t. It is very complicated. I will try to make reference to this when we are talking specifically about 11:11 next together. Essentially, let me just answer this way. Jubilee was designed to be a chance; in case humanity wasn’t going to open these doors, it was going to be a chance to create the opening from the planet itself. That has proven to be unnecessary. That’s the remarkable part of this Gateway, the cause for such celebration and such good work for you. When the Gateway opens, Jubilee will continue, but it will continue differently. And that’s probably all I need to say.

“How can all humanity join to pass through a Gateway when most of humanity doesn’t even know about 11:11?”

S: Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you, doesn’t it?

“Each time we have a meeting, Samuel, you indicate that whatever event is coming up next is the most important time in the earth’s history. Is all this preparation for a specific event or show, or is it just as well to prepare to live the best one can at any given moment? I think sometimes we set far off, spectacular goals to avoid facing our present situations.”

S: Good. Humanity is on a progressive program of growth, which means, as they are growing, everything is progressively stronger, better, more intense, more powerful; obviously, right? It’s also very accurate, however, that the greatest disappointment with 11:11 has been how individuals have literally crawled out of the woodwork because something “out there” is going to happen. That’s why the nature of my radical 11:11 message has been, you’re right, something out there is going to happen, but not if something in here doesn’t happen first. It won’t happen without you. And you won’t do it on the course you’re on now. It will be just one more entertainment-value event. Unless you are making those positive changes as stated from the inside. And that is what it is about. Should the Gateway not open because there are not enough—and that is possible—you should be changed enough in this room alone to turn the world upside down. It’s not without hope.

“I have been wondering where or how the Holy Spirit fits into the Hierarchy.”

S: I’ve got to shift gears here and start translating. The Holy Spirit is two things. It is both an actual being of Spirit—that is, for those of you who have an understanding of personality essences or of extensions or of alternative existences, you might think of it as an actual being that is an actual part of the Christ Spirit itself. Indeed, what it is is the Christ Spirit, that mantle that is laid upon. As a result of that, it’s just as accurate to say a specific person, as the one on whom that mantle is currently laid. It is a group consciousness in that it is the Christ consciousness. So, to answer that question, it’s the current head of the Hierarchy, of the earth Hierarchy.

“Dearest Samuel, what is the significance of November 11, 1991, 11:11 …”

S: It’s the real 11:11.

“… and if one were to create their own ritual, no matter where they may be in the world, what would be good specifically to keep in mind?”

S: If you’re going to be on your own, the best thing to keep in mind simply is to imagine yourself as a sending light, moving through the cosmos however you would see it, and there, in the distance, you’re going to see what would appear to you to be a Gateway, a fiery Gateway; you just pass through it. If you’re going to be on your own, just do that. If you don’t have to be on your own—and you don’t—I strongly recommend that you either get yourself here or you try to connect to an 11:11 group wherever you are: Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Florida, New York will all have 11:11 groups based on my teaching, but if you’re that close, you may as well be here. And across the planet, contact Starborne for information about specific rituals, that is the ritual of unity.

All right. Is that it? Oh, good work. All right.

Anything not covered that you feel should have been asked and hasn’t been? Aye.

What about this particular year of December 31, World Healing Day? I’m assuming that’s going to be the biggest and the best it’s ever been in the history of the earth. Is there anything you would say to us as we would be preparing to observe that?

S: The World Healing Day has always been a ritual of powerful unity, gaining more and more and more in power. You know how nice it is to have the light on on the porch so that you can stick the key in the door and get in your house? World Healing Day is the light that shows you the Gate. Very good practice, and I would recommend this year’s World Healing Day be a miniature—certainly a practice—for the 11:11 Gate, to try the wheels within wheels and see if the group can feel it out as a part of the celebration.

Any more? Aye.

It would seem to me that the ritual that you could do every day would be to become more and more conscious of yourself as not in the … transcend your ego in order to realize that you are part of a unity.

S: Absolutely. The walls that separate you from one another are walls built out of fear. Fear, not hate, is the opposite of love.

I want you to do an experiment, and we will close with it. I want you, for a few moments, to think about experiences in your life that are loving experiences, happy experiences. Somebody who loves you, somebody whom you deeply love. I want you to think about the passion, the quiet, secure joy. I want you to think love. Have you ever had a dog that just unconditionally loved you? The contentment of a cat that snuggles and purrs in your lap? The creatures love unconditionally. Breathe deeply that thought of love, and while you are thinking with the intensity and the power of those thoughts, those experiences, love yourself. Tell yourself, I love you. It’s funny how many of you get a very relaxed look on your faces. Some of you even smile with that thought. I presume those of you who are frowning are doing so because you don’t tell yourself that very often. Love yourself. Tell yourself one of the reasons why you love you. Love the spirit you are, working so hard to function in form. And now do something really radical here. Reach out beyond your walls of fear and touch somebody near you. And with that touch, just think, I love you. How does that feel?

Good work. Human beings are the only creatures on this planet who have the ability to transfer a thought through touch, and you’re doing it now. That’s how you can change the world. So conscious projection of that aware-ized thought—love, and you can learn how to sneak it in. They think you’re shaking hands, patting them on the back, and there you are, sending love. Love conquers fear, and it breaks down those walls. And love will open doors. And more than it would seem possible to translate, sweet souls, I love you.

Happy, happy trails. Don’t stop what you know is right. Just do it. Glochanumora. Happy trails.