May 2, 1999

Samuel:  Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S:  So are you feeling the energy of these days? It’s actually a very, very good time. What all do you have going right now, insofar as energy [is concerned]? You have . . .


S:  Beltane. Absolutely. What’s Beltane about?


S:  All right, that’s one good thing.

It’s about god and goddess energy, and fertility—appreciation of that energy.

S:  Good. Good. That works. Aye.


Fire festival, so probably it has a lot to do with passion and activity and movement and creation and doing.

S:  [Makes sound like a dog] Rarara! The sun god, Ra. [Laughter] Well I liked it. Right, that’s very good in there, which says there is a lot to do with masculine energy right now. Large flow of masculine energy that is softened by . . .



The feminine.

S:  Wesak, which is . . .

The first new moon after Easter.

S:  This particular one.


S:  Good. Love/Wisdom, which is a goddess energy. Handy to have them together like that. Very nice. What else?

On a practical note, in the ancient . . .

S:  Practical? Oh.

I’m sorry. During the times of the tribes, Beltane signified the planting of the fields and the blessing of the fields so that the tribe would have a good harvest come fall, so that it’s a major time to put your thoughts and actions into something productive and planned.

S:  Very nice. I’d not say that’s practical at all. How many people do you think start setting their goals in their lives based on the moon festivals and harvest? Oh, Frank says that he does every time. Just my kind of practicality. Like that. Very nice. Aye. You have another thing going on right now. I’ll give you a hint. You see it better at night.

Full moon.

S:  Very good. Not so hard now. And what tends to be the experience around full moons?


S:  Magnification. Good. Or an enhancement of energy, whatever that energy happens to be.


S:  It’s a good time for manifestation, because energy is at its height. It’s about to begin waning. That’s a newer version of it than what has been the new moon process, but I don’t encourage you to do your creation work on a new moon, because the energy tends to be a bit more unstable at that time, and unless you are really careful with what you’re doing, you might manifest more than what you want.

And traditionally, what are the sorts of things you think about with full moons?


S:  Craziness. Aye.


S:  Lunar-tics.

As opposed to deer ticks.

S:  Seen any lately?

I have a house full.

S:  Looked in the mirror? Been feeling that? So, what is that? You’ve got a festival which represents the coming together of the god and the goddess as an opportunity to create actions that are going to lead to a good harvest. Led by lunatics. How much of that have you been experiencing over these last few days? Any? Well, now you know why.

It occurs to me that it’s about the time of the year to have some more questions and answers. And that’s the direction I’d like to go tonight. I’d really want to just play with you tonight. It looks like you’re at that time of year in which there’s about to be large changes coming up. And just briefly to let you know a couple of them, one of them is, pay attention to your finances over the next couple of months. All right. Be smart. Don’t be wasteful. If it’s your tendency to be wasteful, then pay attention on a global level to what’s happening to countries that have been spending a lot of time being wasteful. And realize that it’s about time for the trickle-down effect to begin happening.

Cosmically speaking, you’re entering into a period that traditionally represents, if not loss, the fear of that loss, which as you know can have a much greater effect on your pocketbook than any stock market or bank or whatever—investment strategy—might.

You’re coming into a time in which you also are likely to be sensing two things going on. One of them is a sense that you’re not grounded enough. Now, I find that not a very bad thing, sometimes. When I say not very grounded enough, you might have a sense that you’re sort of drifting, not really getting anywhere right now. Slightly different from a plateau period in which what you experience tends to be, “I recognize that right now is a time when something’s just ended, and I’m in the process of getting things moving again, and this is that plateau before it’s time to move from one thing to another.” Drifting is “I don’t know what I want to do next. I don’t know what I’m doing now. I don’t care what I did before.” Drifting. And not particularly grounded, as in feeling that you have some control over things going on in your own life. Some of you may not notice the flow of that energy, because you live in it anyway. Some of you may indeed notice it as a very sharp change from usual.

What should you do when you start feeling that way? Any ideas?

Well, you could try a couple of things. One would be either to focus more, or to be more adaptable.

S:  Consciously, purposefully, focus more. Consciously, purposefully, be adaptable. Be flexible. All right.

Those were the two.

S:  All right. One, two. That’s good. What else? Aye.

The feeling of disconnection, making sure that you get back, and be connected consciously.

S:  Awareness is a major action to take when you’re feeling that you’re drifting. Pay attention to everything. Pay attention to how you wash your hands. Pay attention to how you’re breathing. Allow yourself to be conscious. And that was the end of that sentence. Allow yourself to be conscious. That makes a very huge difference.

Oftentimes people forget the healthy things they do for themselves during times of chaos and crisis. Remember what you eat, and exercise. To consciously remember those healthy routines.

S:  Aye. Do not let go of the things that have worked for you to bring about good health and good reasoning, and good living. One of the most interesting human constructs that comes about regularly is that you finally have gotten something you’ve been wanting, and you stop doing those things that brought it to you, which means it just slips right out of your hands again, or it ends right there and no more comes from it.

Your spiritual life is not something that is a bit-by-bit, thing-by-thing, step-by-step process. Instead it is a bit-by-bit, thing-by-thing, step-by-step process. Did you get that? And so there’s a large group of people [who say], “It’s not, all right, I want this. Here is what I must do to get it. All right, I want that. Here is what I must do to get it.” Technologically driven. Looking for the instruction manual, and following it perfectly. Following it perfectly, in order to ensure that you will not fail. In order to ensure that should you fail, it’s not your fault. So you look for the “things to do” list, and you follow it very carefully, bit by bit, thing by thing, step by step. That one’s not going to work. But the moment-by-moment version of bit-by-bit, the moment-by-moment awareness, thing by thing, the moment-by-moment-by-moment consciousness, step by step, does do it. Don’t stop what works. Do not forget what works. Work what works. And that’ll get you through.


You were saying this will be a time of feeling like you’re drifting, and a lot of times when I feel like I’m drifting, one of the things that you’ve suggested in the past that I really like doing is deciding like five things that I can accomplish the next day that will be fairly easy, like kick the dog out of the house, and sleep a bit more. But they’re things that I can make a list of that I can scratch off the list, and then that feeling and sense of accomplishment—other things can sort of disintegrate, but I know I can do this. I have control over some things, and it’s working, and I feel more alive.

S:  Excellent, excellent information. Good. When you’re drifting, you often do not feel that you’re having success. You feel as though you’re not getting things done, and you start falling into this unworthiness trap. Ah, you know the demons, don’t you?

And the list that Catherine is talking about . . . there is a list says things like, “Brush my teeth. Get out of bed.” Things that you can check off. Little by little, they are bigger things. Allow yourself to adapt to successes or you’re going to be stuck in that corner of setting your goals so high you do not believe that you can reach them, or never setting them, because you cannot think of any. So that’s a good one.

This is a time, over the next couple of months easily, in which you’re going to be experiencing a lot of change in your world, and your constant vigilance is needed. Do not neglect opportunities to send healing energy, stabilizing energy, to be a force of light, to be known for your love. Your planet is experiencing so much change so fast. It’s very much like a child having a very large growth spurt. Sometimes it hurts. You have the opportunity to be a part of what helps.

Who has questions? No one? That was fast and easy. All right. Go for it, love. Very loudly, or Stuart starts panicking back there. He says, I did not know this was happening.

I’m very loud. That’s fine. The form before, when she was talking about Australia, brought up something that I had no idea that you had an opinion on, so I want to ask you about this. It was about the . . .

S:  I do not have “no opinions.”

I’m sorry, wrong word. She was talking about the bones in Australia, and they had no DNA mutations, so the scientists are saying that those are older than the ones in Africa, and that just is like what Samuel said. And I’m asking Jean, “What did Samuel say?” And she said, “I don’t know.” So will you answer that, please?

S:  Which?

The conclusion that I would think is that humanity or humanoids originated in Australia. Is that what that means? Or that, I don’t know, the DNA mutations of the bones and what that means as far as life originating where or . . .

S:  The importance of Australia is that it holds the frequency pattern, the blueprint for the planet. That the indigenous people of the area have the fewest mutations probably has more to do with the continent dividing off early on, and there being very little means of getting elsewhere to migrate. However, an area that’s charged to be a Crown Portal, more or less, and there are only two.


Crown Portals.

S:  Crown Portal. Using that sort of chakra illustration, it would be a crown, head. That’s actually saying a very large statement. Now, you want to play guesses for a bit as to what that means? Use your thoughts, and put together a few things from here and there as to what that might mean.

Is that where the primary energy, Source energy, comes in?

S:  First time, that’s right. First time. There you go. Excellent. Question about that, however, though. Just a moment, love. Is the blueprint the same now as it was twenty or twenty thousand or twenty million years ago? Because of Recalibration, it is not. Therefore, what is the need in Australia?


S:  Right. Frank.

I was going to ask a question about the answer to last week. Were you saying it is where primary energy continues to come in or that it was the first seeding?

S:  She was the first, right off, top of the class, answer. First one. Right there. That’s the right answer.

I didn’t understand the answer. That’s why I’m asking.

S:  Ask it again.

Was the answer that that was the area of the first seeding, or that is the area that primary Source energy comes to the planet continuously?

S:  All right. And my answer is?


S:  Yes. My answer is yes. To say that it’s the originating point of the primary seeding has its difficulties, because ultimately, insofar as a primary seeding, what you’re working with is something touching the whole planet at the same time, but the first response from that primary seeding would become that arena from which the foundation and the frequency would be established from there on. That would create the doorway. So, yes to both.

More. Aye.

Where’s the second?

S:  Good try! I knew that it would come from somewhere.

You have a southern and you have a northern hemisphere in your world. That’s why. So I’ll go that far. I’ll give you this much of a hint: you can fairly well draw a line through your planet. More. And you do not have to continue in that direction now. Aye, love.

There been a book, I think its called Mutant Messenger, about the indigenous people, where they never seem to have lost their connection with the unity consciousness, and always connected with forever. They’re aware of the multidimensional connections, and never lost them. And I had thought that the way humanity evolved was through duality. And I was curious what the significance is of the Aborigines, if that was a tradition of always being in touch with forever.

S:  I do promise that, as you get closer to making that trip, I will discuss in much more detail these sorts of things. But just as the quick answer: First thing that you want to remember is that you’re dealing with a culture that is absolutely unique, because it is charged to do something that is absolutely unique. And as a result, the means by which they do it requires a connection that will be somewhat different than anywhere else. However, I cannot agree that there is a continual hold on that energy, because that culture became a part of the open world a couple of hundred years ago, and as a result of that, there has been massive change, and I’m being very gentle there. Massive change in the whole mindscape of the culture.

More. Aye, you’re so shy tonight. Do you feel better when you can write them out, and send them up, and be very anonymous? Aye.

I don’t know how to do this quickly. I’m always concerned about the countries who are in more . . . across the ocean . . .

S:  Which is all of them.

And we get involved with them, and whether it’s appropriate for us to be there to rescue, or whether it’s appropriate for us to not be there to rescue, because . . . well, one side is that we are getting in the way of their business, but the other side is that we want to be compassionate and stop the things that are going on that could move like Hitler’s movement did, and I don’t know where I am with that. I need some direction.

S:  You’re right. You do. Is there a question in there?

I don’t know what else to ask. Should we interfere or should we not interfere?

Or how should we interfere?

S:  I do not believe that your government would call it interference. And what I want you to be aware of in my saying this is that in a lot of ways this is a “render unto Caesar” answer.

You have chosen where you live for the advantages it offers you. You have—and I do not mean this in the slanderous way that it tends to come across because of modern slang-ology or something like that—you’ve bought into it. You enjoy the American lifestyle. You enjoy the freedoms that you have. You’re willing to put up with what does not work, because you like what does work, or because you’re too rooted in family or jobs or whatever to try to make a change in it. Or you’re rooted in those who aren’t making changes in it.

Edited to this point,

Most of you were born here. You made that choice, and one of the things that it’s very easy to forget is that you have chosen by birth, by choice, by not doing anything about it which is a choice, to live in a place that allows a certain amount of freedom in getting your opinions heard.

Ideally, you have representation. Now what that really means is that you have elected officials who listen to what suits their interests. But what suits their interests is to continue being elected, and that’s your key. That is you key. If you do not like the policies that your government is representing out into the world as yours, as yours, because they are representing the American people, then what you do is you let them know. Now, there’s not a one of you, I’ve looked through the room carefully before I made this statement, there’s not a one of you in here that does not know how to be a squeaky wheel. All of you.

Now, what do I mean by “a squeaky wheel”?


S: Opinionated, that works. All right.

Making it loud and raucous and every time you have an opportunity, writing, calling, and just making your opinions noted, and not being reasonable about it.

S: That could be a version of it, yes. It’s just that consistent sort of noise-making that lets it be known that there is an opinion here. And the greatest way to be a squeaky wheel, is to be a squeaky wheel in unity. It’s not just one, it’s one hundred that are saying this. It’s one hundred people who vote that are saying this.

Now, I want you to listen to all of the things I’m not putting in words about what that means you can do, because you are very aware of what the options are in a government such as yours. Let me go to the next phase of that answer. You have a world in war. You have a world coming to war, a world in war, a world finishing war. You always have, and , indeed, you may well always. Your government—not your government—no government gets into the war—interferes as you said, love, but I would say that was not accurate, because they are seeking humanitarian needs to be met. No, it’s a bit more oriented toward the pocket book in one way or another. When you are able to seek out how that fits, you are going to be able to direct your squeak, if you want to.

Large picture, everything’s a part of the weave. There are countries on this planet who firmly believe America is at war with itself, and looking at your headlines lately, I’d say that may well be true. You’ve got one going on right here, maybe several.

What you do is up to you. But I will tell you this, you cannot give away what you do not have. You cannot have an effect about something you do not believe in. And alone, alone, you will not make the greatest change, because right now the energy is that of unity, of working together as a team. You can make a difference. You can make your greatest difference, always, by being an example, and I would like to say a very vocal one, that explains what it’s about—that’s called a teacher, by the way. By being an example of how to live, instead of how to die.

Now, wasn’t that a great help?

You haven’t answered my question.

S: Sure I did.

I didn’t get it.

S: You did not ask it. There was … yes.

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately about islands and water, and I was wondering …

S: Great big islands or little islands?

I’m not sure, just that the heat is … a lot of heat, a lot of sand, a lot of waterways. And I was thinking that maybe it had something to do with … is there anything coming up, do you think, that will be found like maybe a validation of Atlantis or something along that line?

S: The first thing is I would tell you that in all likelihood, that’s not where your dreams are going.


S: They’re letting you know something else. You will never see science validate Atlantis, however there will be things found.


S: That’s getting hard for me. Your mixing both time and free will. Should. More. Aye.

What is the difference between acquiring or achieving Christ consciousness, and taking on the mantle of Christ?

S: Good question. The first thing that you want to remember, you have already Christ consciousness. You are structured with the potential. And some, by the nature of their frequency, are actually functioning in Christ consciousness without an awareness. Most of those tend to turn it off with awareness early on, because it creates problems in the real world.

Give me a definition of Christ consciousness before I go much further with that.

Being able to actually live love in the physical world. If there’d never been Jesus, we still would have had that consciousness, he just took on the mantle, and was representative of it. But I think it’s the forgiveness, and the love, and the allowing other people to live …

S: A participation in a plan that allows for high frequency consciousness through form that has, up until now, been expressed through specific avataric energies in time and place. That could work. High frequency. A highest level of frequency available to form which expresses itself in those characteristics that you have given to those avataric leaders, such as Jesus, who was the last to hold that mantle.

You can take up the mantle, meaning the cloak, meaning when you go to a car mechanic, they wear a particular clothing. Would this work? You go to a hospital, and the doctors and the medical personnel, they wear a specific clothing, aye, so you know them from the patients. Hopefully. That’s the cloak of the profession.

Can you give me another example of something that has a specific uniform?


S: A military. Good. That works. A soldier.

Various religious figures.

S: All right. There you go. So they wear the cloak that signifies the office, what they do. It’s a signification of a specific set of behaviors that are required to perform a particular function. It even can represent a particular type of training.

You can put on the mantle, you can put on the behaviors, you can fake it until you make it. You can put it on, and not have it. You can have it, and not have put it on. But you’re not going to be activated until you have activated the potential. You have it, and you put it on, you act it.

Does that answer that?


S: Good. Aye. Ah, you already asked one. More. Aye.

I have a lot of questions, and it’s hard to really[…] on one point, but the earth’s vibration frequency is changing.

S: Indeed.

The energy at the heart portals are open. The energy coming into this dimension is also changing. Is that correct?

S: Correct.

Okay. So the vibration frequency, exactly … can we just kind of piece through a couple of questions. What exactly is a vibrational frequency? Are we talking about our bodies being like receptors and the electrical charge is changing? And the charge is changing us in a way that we’re going to be more open, more conscious, more aware? What exactly do you mean by the frequency change?

S: All right, two things. The first one is your planet itself, the rock and the rivers, the planet, the form of the planet, has a magnetic resonance that is measurable. It has a frequency.

Now, you’ve got to remember that everything has a frequency, because everything is energy. Frequency, ultimately, is a measurement of the energy from whatever—bottom line—whatever function it comes from, be it a magnetic energy or be it a—and here is where there is the second version of energy that I speak about—be it a spirit frequency, because you are made up, as the planet is, pure form—you have your own rocks and rivers so to speak. Where are the rocks.


S: Where are the rivers, all right, you get my point. But you also have the energy of your thoughts. They are measurable. You had here in this city, as well as other cities. Somebody coming from a university to measure what happens in the room when I’m here. It’s a pretty interesting measurement, I think. How do you create machinery for that?

Your organs produce a frequency, and it’s recognized that ultimate frequency for the highest states of health mean that the range for the pancreas will be this and this, and for the brain, it will be this and this. And certain states of disease, for instance, change that frequency, causing a need to stimulate more energy into or out of the body through certain effects. And although this may sound very high tech, it’s actually something that’s been done for a few thousand years, in one way or another, in the Middle East and in China.

And then you have the energy that makes up the spirit you are, or the soul of you. And that is a frequency that is based on something that’s invisible, sort of like your air is invisible. It doesn’t mean it’s not there.

So, the energy from the various sources of form, has a frequency which is changing, because your planet, and the life force upon it, is changing. The energy of humanity is changing, because spirit energy is accessing another level of initiatory frequency or a higher level of soul accessibility. Said a lot there. The one affects the other, doesn’t matter which side you come in from.

Frequency is a measurement, but generally I use it as a metaphor. The frequency is changing, seeking a higher frequency. That means more than just tuned to a higher vibration; it means all that happens when you are attuned there.

Answer that? Good. Frank.

I was going to ask, we have the retreat coming up in which I know you do have some specific work we’ll be doing there, and I believe here in Lexington, we have far more opportunities to do group tonings. Is there anything you’d have us do any different or anything special that will help prepare our energy, and the group energy for the work you want us to do in Mammoth Cave?

S: Nice. Very nice.

For the most part no, because Lexington is already working ahead of the other groups, and that tends to make it not so united when everyone gets together. And so I do not have a change in what you’re doing, but would ask you to continue in what you’re doing.

But what I would ask you to do is, as you who have been doing this work on a fairly regular basis know, I would ask that you do these things: now and again you put somebody under the golden pyramid for healing or such. Continue doing that. Every week, have one or two people, every time you get together to tone.

The second thing that I’d ask you to do is when you tone, add in one extra circle in which one person in the circle stands in the center of it all. All right. And that person needs to be somebody who’s feeling good, not somebody who’s needing the energy. Somebody who’s in a good balance. All right? Just be my guinea pig.

Would they tone . . .

S: Aye.

. . . as the inner circle or outer circle, depending on . . .

S: As the inner. Aye. They would function as the feminine circle.

I see.

S: Aye. Gender or energy, but as the center.

Would they spin on their toning.

S: No spinning. Nay.

Is there a visualization?

S: No visulization. All of that later.

How’s the time doing, Stuart?

About six minutes.

S: All right. One or two more. Aye love.

I know we’re moving more and more into the Aquarian Age, and letting go of the Piscean Age. And there’s a lot of …

S: Granted. Please.

…there’s a lot of struggle going on. And I was wanting to ask you, is there still a whole lot more struggle to go or are we kind of reaching an end of that, and moving more into the Aquarian Age?

S: Good question.

Insofar as Piscean energy holding on, the strength of the death throes of an age, you’ve only just begun. Insofar as that Age being over, it is. Which might lead you to say, then what the heck is holding it in here? If this is now the time of the Aquarian entry, why are there still such strong death throes of the Piscean Age? Because so many Piscean operative individuals are in the middle of this Aquarian time, holding on to it. Any of you guilty of that?

There are a lot of Aquarians still holding on to their old Piscean selves as well.

S: My point, exactly. Aye. Aye love.

A practical question in that in this scheme of team work with this massive, powerful energy that ‘s so readily available, and free will being mixed in with it.

S: Aye.

The situation there of the goal that’s been set. How much energy should we expend on trying to bring that person back around or . . .

S: Everything is always negotiation, my friend, remember this. You have a compact. Somebody is not living up to their compact. So that means you’ve got to beat them over the head with their compact. Right?

You’ve got to renegotiate. Sometimes maintaining the compact means it’s broken apart, and the key is to have the rightful completion, because a completion can be just as strong a means of opening the door to allowing a new version, without expectations to come about, in this case, as trying to hold on, and make happen, and beat over the head could never have done. Free will is the key there.

Aye, love.

You mentioned about three questions ago soul and spirit in your response. So frequently I see it used [as] what appears to be the same. But other times it appears to not be the same. The differences? Could you address them both […] the differences between soul and spirit?

S: As I use it, it’s very simple. I use soul as a statement of spirit in form, meaning that the spirit that you are, the spiritual being that you are, is much more—thank goodness—than this, connected to an entity that is a function of Source, and that’s a long, ultimate pathway there, but nonetheless. The spirit is that which has chosen the dimension of earth, and cloaked itself in form. The point in which that spirit has touched into form is what is the soul of that form.

And, here is the interesting part, for those of you that have not quite put the two and two together of what I’ve been saying, your soul is limited, your spirit is not. Your soul is limited by the form, free will for one thing, but you can only function at a frequency as high as the form can manage. So the soul has limitations, the spirit does not.

One easy, obvious limitation, for instance, is the soul doesn’t fly, the spirit does. Cosmically speaking, of course. The soul is limited by the laws of this dimension. It’s limited by the laws of form, however, form is freed by soul, because form can do so much more than soul is allowed to do when they are working together, meaning that the brain is able to access greater amounts of input, and therefore export a higher level of information, because of soul being a part of it. Sometimes that comes under the code word of intuitive expression or something like [that], but it’s accessing the soul to enhance the physical experience. It allows for knowing more, being able to do more, to use heightened levels of awareness and energy for healing, for changing energy, for serving in love. Unconditional love, insofar as humanity is concerned, is not possible on the long term, because it would just burn up the form to function at that high a level, but unconditional love at greater and greater moments is capable, absolutely, consciously, through soul accessing its natural function as spirit.

Bottom line, they are the same thing with different functions. And the function is limited by the form.

One more. Close her up. Aye.

How does prayer for another work?

S: Well.

[…] how does it work? Energetically how does it work?

S: Bottom line, like attracting like. Thought about that and let that hit in there? And I’ll continue. Bottom line, it’s like attracting like. Question. What like and like?


S: Right. Spirit was the word. The spirit like.

When Laura is praying for Heidi, and she does often, she’s sending up a force of energy. Now, up is not accurate. You know that, don’t you? She’s sending out, around, through. She’s sending up a force of energy that is seeking, as energy will do, that which has the same function. I wish this for Heidi. And where there is a similar, I wish this for Heidi. It seeks and hopefully, completes. More often than not, it just seeks, because what you’re asking for in your prayer is not a part of what is the highest good for you. So it goes this way, Oops, missed altogether! And eventually, forty years down the road, it finds a little something to connect to, but when you are making your connections, and what you are asking for is based upon what is indeed a part of the spiritual function of that individual, the highest possible blueprint—this or something better for the highest good—you’re connecting into what Source is also seeking for that one. Through the labyrinth, believe me, of free will, and the limitations of form.

And those are the prayers that get answered very fast. But remember, it’s just an energy thing actually. Really. You’re sending forth a frequency that meets itself at the very highest level.

If that person’s not there, it misses them until it‘s in that something it can attach to?

S: No.

It has an impact anyway?

S: Yes. Absolutely.

Despite free will.

S: Despite free will. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to come out the way you asked for it though. It is… can you give me an example, just made up, of course.

If a person has a son, for example, who displays certain patterns that are unsatisfactory to that parent, and that parent sees that that pattern’s going to lead to a lot of heartache, probable heartache, and one has talked to that son, and there’s no meeting of the minds, does prayer affect that behavior pattern despite its […]

S: Yes it does. Because what it does is it activates within that individual—Aye, I’ve got to be careful how I say these words—your prayer setting forth something that is the highest good, and in the blueprint design for that individual—which is a miracle on its own, of course—and you’ve got an individual who’s absolutely closed down, and rebellious against it, but your prayer activates that frequency in them so that they start becoming aware for themselves of the need or the desire.

Now, they still have free will. Look at humanity and remember that, because you put forth for healing and comfort and love, all high level energy requests for your planet, for your friends, and they’re still fighting over in Kosovo, but it’s creating changes that you may not be seeing come out the way you were expecting, but those changes that are allowing the individual, perhaps in a very different routing to end up coming around.

And it’s also important, beloved, to remember that this is a society in which the choice e has been for pain and crisis to be the means of the greatest learning of wisdom. Sometimes it’s cruel to take that away. As if you could.

I enjoy this. You ask good questions. We’ll stop.

Pay attention to your next couple of months. To your finances. To your relationships. To your sense of groundedness. Do those things that work for you in your life. Be conscious.