March 2, 1997

Samuel: Well greetings, dears

Greetings, Samuel.

S: [Referring to new chair arrangement in a circle] Well, how do you like this? Is it rather awkward for you? And why don’t you see if you cannot move it in a bit. Contain the circle idea, however. I’m not sure you wanted to move in at all. Can you do that and keep the circle? Because it’s a circle I’m looking for. Obviously not. One circle, yes. A kidney works. That’s all right. Just so it’s a bit closer in, yes. Yes, well they were going for a bit piggy there. Yes.

Ah, Stuart, were you a part of the setup today?


S: Sorry.

Change is good.

S: Well, rather than the usual asking for gifts right now, what I wish to do is move toward questions as quickly as possible, but before I do that I want to put something a bit new in this beginning section to see how it works, to see if it can go that way.

I would like for you to take a moment to share a blessing, or something you’re truly delighted about, or something that needs energy as if this were the hotline. Is that how it works, Katherine?


S: Good, good. So who wants us to do that this day? Well, that answers that. Aye.

I’m starting a new job tomorrow, and it has a lot of potential for me to define it in a way that I want, and I need clarity for communicating that.

S: Good. Yes. Good. Yes. Perfect for that. Yes.

I have two feet of water in my basement in Louisville, and I would like energy that it go away easily and quickly, and that the residue is very little, and that there are few problems.

S: You’ll not be barefoot down there for years now will you? Aye. Aye.

Tomorrow morning I’m going in at nine o’clock to begin the process of having surgery on my left eye for removal of a cataract and a lens implant, so I should be on the table for about ten minutes, probably about ten o’clock. If you could send energy that everything go well, that I maintain a steady eye and the doctor has a steady hand.

S: Is one more important than the other?


S: All right. Just making sure.

I’m moving into a new place. I have moved, and I could use some energy because I’m really tired of unpacking stuff. Thank you.

S: Aye.

My brother-in-law has to be put into a nursing home tomorrow. He’s had a stroke, and my older sister has had to make the decision to put him into a nursing home, so I would like energy for all of us so we’re not so sad for having to do what is probably best.

S: Aye. Aye.

I’d like healing for my hands and wrists, please.

S: Good.

I’m going for a job interview tomorrow, a second interview, and what Cathy said, I would like some energy to be able to also express what it is exactly that I’m looking for, and that I manifest what’s best for me and all concerned.

S: Aye.

I start physical therapy on Wednesday! So all kinds of energy so my foot will just do what it’s supposed to do easily.

S: Good. Yes.

I’m just so grateful for my friends. They have been such a blessing to me, and support, and encouraging to clarity. And I just wish to give thanks.

S: Nice. Good. Gratefulness is such a work of mastery. So good. Yes. Aye.

I have several projects right now that are beginning to come together.

S: I bet.

And they have the possibility of enhancing a lot of stuff that we believe in what we’re doing, and I would like energy to help me put them together in such a way that will be beneficial to the most people.

S: Nice. Good.

I’m recreating the bones in my left foot, and I’d like re-creation energy, and also, Samuel, you might want to know that Donna and I are roommates on the trip to Ireland. [Both have broken bones in their feet.]

S: Bit nervous are you?

We should be able to walk by then. Luckily it’s her right foot and my left foot, and I think we might be able to do it.

Why don’t we tie your legs together […]?

I was planning on starting my own business, Bonnie’s Gourmet Vegetarian Kitchen and Bakery, and I’d like some energy to help me out as to know how a big a step I should take in the beginning and what direction I should go, and what it should look like.

This is a thank you. I’m making some changes in my life that involve using my power, and I would really like to thank my friends that are here and outside of here for really supporting me in a positive way. I am so grateful.

I’m working on another layer of issues in my life that are around …

S: No! Anybody here working on layers of issues? All right, you’re in good company already. All right.

These particular issues revolve around communications with my mother, so I need some help there.

S: Anybody here can relate to that? Any of you the mother that the children are having […]? Good. Good.

Michael’s book is out. He self-published a book called Unjobbing, and it’s doing very well. I would like a blessing on it. There is a publisher that’s interested in even buying it out, but he’s gotten some national distribution and he keeps going with that. I’m very proud of him, and I’m proud that I’m staying out of it. I’m proud that I’m not jealous of him. I would like a blessing on it.

S: Good. Good.

Well, I’m very grateful that my daughter’s health has improved. She’s been working on it for several years now, and she’s been sick for quite a few. And I came in last night about midnight and she was all excited; she had written two songs and she wanted to play them for me, and they were delightful and happy and ridiculous and I loved it. Very different style for her.

S: That is a very true statement of healing, isn’t it.

I can’t hear you.

S: I said that that’s a very true statement of healing, isn’t it.


S: Where the emotional attitude changes as well.


S: Good. Yes. Aye.

For the next six weeks I’d like energy to stay focused, grounded and take each thing as it comes.

S: Yes. Good. Yes. Aye.

I’d like some healing energy, but also […] diet and making the right choices, decisions, especially concerning certain relationship areas.

S: Good. Good. Wait.

Yesterday I had a conversation with each of my two daughters, and after both conversations were over, I just felt like it was so great to have two beautiful daughters. It was just marvelous that we can interact the way we do, and I just give thanks every day.

S: Lovely. Good. Good. Aye.

This has inspired me to think of my blessings as well, and I want to thank all of my helpers which includes a lot of wildlife I hold in the highest esteem and consider the greatest omens to see particular birds, especially hawks which have visited me in the last few days frequently. Redbirds, blue jays, the whole bit, and to thank them for their undying support, for their ever presence in saying, Yes, yes, yes, don’t get down. And they’re always there to help out and cheer me up, and I want to thank them as well as the people who do the same in my life, whether they know it or not.

S: Those who laugh, see laughter. So, dear ones, what I’d like for you to do right now is to put on your child imagination hat, all right. And putting on that child’s imagination hat, I’d like for you to imagine that your heart is a light, and with every beat of your heart—feel it if you cannot feel it beating through you—with every beat of that heart, you are being filled with more and more of that light. And that light fills up your head and fills up all the way down your feet and it moves all around you. And claim that ever-beating, shining light, love, and claim that love your connection into pure Source. And now for just a moment allow your mind to go back to what you have heard expressed—perhaps you want to look around the room so that you can remember who said what—knowing that what you’re able right now, you are remembering because those are the ones that you can best touch into, that your energy will best connect with. And for the highest good for all involved, let your love overflow onto those people, those thoughts, and the many unspoken here, and send it off. These things or even better things for the highest good. By the power of creation, from the being that you’ve been, the being that you now are, and that which you will ever, ever be, so be it.

And with that energy of love, let’s begin this night in which what we’re doing is continuing questions and answers. And I did think that it would make it such a much cozier sort of evening if we were sitting in a circle together, but of course I don’t get to sit in a circle with you, it does appear. Nor are they letting anybody sit up here with [me]. So pretending that it’s a circle, all right?

For the sake of the audio, a microphone has been put up in order for everyone to hear. Don’t believe for a second that you are loud enough to do it from your seat, because if you’re not at the microphone, it’s not going to count. And I actually have absolutely no plan for how to do it. Frank, have you? Anything for audiovisual? Any need you have? Then I’d just say whoever is up there first gets to ask the first one. [Repeating for those who could not hear] I’ll just say whoever is up there first gets to ask the first one. And to make it quicker, you might want to have a couple up there at a time so that when one’s up, another one’s right behind in order to ensure that as many as possible can be answered.

This is a question on behalf of myself and Bonnie. Kind of a combined effort.

S: So before the question even gets started, is this something that, after you ask, I’m going to go [makes snorting pig noises]. All right. I just wondered.

Hi, Samuel.

S: Hello, darling.

Recently there was a sheep named Dolly cloned in Scotland. You may be familiar with that place.

S: Hello, Dolly!

Yes. Many people are concerned that humans will be next or cloned next, or it’s already in progress. What are the ramifications of this physically and karmically in the big picture, and the little picture? Would you elaborate on this regarding even the process of soul evolvement, soul choices, ensoulment. In that direction. Is that specific enough?

S: Sure. Thank you.

Cloning. First thing that you’ve got to realize is that what you are is spirit. You are spirit. You have a covering, a costume. You’re sort of on an eternal trick-or-treat, aren’t you? Always in costume, always looking to play a trick or get a treat, aren’t you? That’s it.

The form itself as the vessel, as the vehicle, as the means through which that spirit is able to function, is ultimately nothing more than a clone, if you will, anyway, because it is a representation of something that’s already been done—with slight variations, perhaps.

Now, I have a question for you. As far as the idea of cloning and spirit is concerned, what’s the issue? What’s the issue?


S: How? What’s the issue?

By using or picking certain traits that you would want to … like if it was like a Hitler, Saddam Hussein, certain intelligence traits, certain racial things, like you would want to create something more of what was “desirable”.

S: And, understood that that puts forth another possibility for misuse of power that actually is no different than possibilities for misuse that have been happening for thousands of years, in one way or another, including the idea of specially breeding people, as well as dogs, to bring about certain qualities that are considered more desirable by one dictator or another. The question should not be what right is there to create some sort of form farm in order to harvest body parts and such things. The only reason that there’s a question about such a thing at all has to do not with the issue of the physicality, for if it were only the physicality that got people upset, there would not be so much of an issue there at all, ever, ever. It’s the “What about the soul? What happens when a body is not created out of the genetic structure of two, but out of a tube of some sort?” Well, I’ll tell you what happens, and you can fill in the blanks of the rest of the questions attached to it probably fairly easily. Not a thing happens any differently than what happens with you, whether you had been out of a test tube—which is actually quite familiar these days, isn’t it?—your inherent DNA, your inherent blueprint is a statement of what happened between two or between two or between two, somewhere along the line in order to create, to grow, the body that your soul will use. There is not a thing that you’re going to be able to do by stopping or starting a scientific experiment that is going to stop or start misuse of power in your world. But by recognizing and working with the issue of spirit, of soul, that’s where you’re going to start into that process. And no different than life out of the womb, it is the ensouling that makes it human. Otherwise it’s just a fairly structured puddle of chemicals. Dust you were, and dust you will be again, but the spirit you are lives on.

So the question might better be, Does the process of cloning have any effect on the ensouling of the resultant being or creature or structure or form? And that answer would have to be no. Too much energy looking for a place. Good.

Question now for you, and I’m not going to answer it; neither are you. And that question is: When the soul decide to function within a body, it chooses the lessons it’s going to have for many different reasons. What would be the reason a soul would choose a clone? Heh heh heh. Go for it!

Well, this is along the same line, which is, there’s body memory, to my understanding, and that comes through generations biologically somehow. So would that body memory be in the clone, and is that part of the soul choice?

S: Yes. Only if you’re going to be here.

[Stuart] Just to let you know, we do have questions that were faxed in from Atlanta and Pittsburgh.

S: Read me one. One from Pittsburgh, one from Atlanta. Anytime it gets slow, pick up and read another. Thank you, dear.

“Are workers of the thirty-third degree connected to the higher energies/Shining Ones now taking form and, if so, how?

S: And, in order to answer a question like that I would have to say, What do they mean by connected? But generally speaking, the answer there is no.

“What are the stars and galaxies and constellations really?

S: Knowing that the Source is all things—right?—but personifying Source as humans want to do in order to best be able to connect and understand—you personify, aye? You can relate to that, can’t you? Therefore you might think of Source as one great body, all right? Stars are gas. [laughter] Thank you, dear.

It goes back to Pittsburgh.

S: No, I’m not going down their list. It’s whenever there is a low, pop up and ask another, just as if it was one person asking that question. You spoke for two.

Well, I’ll ask the obvious. We’ve had a lot of rain here lately, and I’ve read a lot of material about earth changes. You haven’t talked much about this, but you’ve alluded to it: there are going to be a lot of them and there have been a lot of them. Are these rains part of those earth changes? Do they have any special significance we could look at ourselves, symbols of lessons that we in this area particularly need to look at?

S: And of course the proper answer there is …?

[Group] Yes.

And if you could elaborate on what those are.

S: Now that might not be quite fair there?

Nobody else is up here.

S: There’s a couple of things that I want you to be thinking of in the answer to this question. I want you to be working on two levels here, all right? The first one is, Yes, it is so that there are earth changes that are going on, and I want you to remember that I absolutely do not ever encourage you to get into the doom and gloom school of radical earth changes. Just because in your own lives it requires great crisis to change does not mean that you should be projecting that onto the planet itself. It might have just a bit more […] than you. Ha.

However, there is no getting around at all that there are fairly major changes that you are recognizing at this point, but I would like you to be aware that the changes have more to do with your ability to recognize them than they do with something massively different going on, and although it is also true that there are climactic changes and earth changes such as hurricanes and volcanoes and such that are greater than have been in the last hundred years or so, your ability to take on that information—to gain that information—and then to send it around the world is also at the highest technological level you’ve ever been at. Having said that not as a means to blow away but to dampen, your planet is experiencing massive recalibration effect, and the world, heart portal area by heart portal area by heart portal area in a wave, like you do at sporting events, is having different versions of change for one purpose.

Now, looking at, for instance, the changes that your own country has been experiencing even in a fairly minor way compared to […] or Iran yesterday, you have a fairly small version of it. But because of the nature of your society, it has the same sort of effects. What am I talking about? What is the massive lesson happening here?

[Group]Unity. Helping one another.

S: Help one another. That is one thing that can come from such a thing. Not necessarily that, though.


Waking up.

S: All right, that’s in there.

Intelligent Activity.

S: And those are good things. You’re just not even hot.


S: Good.

It’s affecting all of us because we’re hearing about it. It’s just […] in one part of the world we can experience too, because of our technology.

S: That’s true as well.


Connecting with Source and being one, that Universal Light, I think it was mentioned, one step further to going home.

S: Over the very large picture, do you see that the direction is that big picture there? It is. You’re recognizing the compassion, the unity, the higher aspects of love in a larger picture as well, but in a smaller picture, people’s structure is being destroyed, sometimes literally. You can rely on the earth you live on not to betray you [heh!]. You can rely on your stuff, which is such a symbol of who you are in this world. And in a flash, you’re put in a place that allows you to choose what is important: “What are my priorities now, there? What are my priorities?” And for those of you who have been touched by some of those forms of destruction, it rather does that quickly, doesn’t it? Because that is a required step in these changes. The constructs that have been are falling away. And what is going to be built in its place? We’ll see.

Over the years there have been mention of the Workers of the Thirty-third Degree. Who or what are these Workers, what have been their work with the earth in the past, and what is their work now, post-recalibration, and what can w we do to help that work?

S: Way too much, dear, way to much. Choose a direction there.

Who and what are the Workers of the Thirty-third Degree and what is their purpose, their work?

S: You know, the danger of not answering something in full is that it takes on this mystique. It must be more important than anything else.

Within the hierarchy of primary human form, the initiatory process and the evolution of Spirit through this particular working, ultimately the Workers of the Thirty-third Degree are those who, as a primary earth energy—how many of you does that leave out, now—as a primary earth energy they have worked beyond the initiatory pathway of humanity and are back for the purpose of helping bring about the Sacred Status that this world is going to be a part of. Does that answer that? Thank you.

Samuel, in January you gave us a list of questions to answer in our own way that was the pattern for our passion. And I have to believe that’s a very important aspect of that here. Is there anything else that you can share with us that would benefit us on our search for our patterns of passion? That’s one part, if you choose to go with that. I also know that each question has deeper meaning in how you created that, and that would be another way to give us some more insight.

S: And that might take a bit too long at this point, because it really would be a teaching all on its own, as to what those answers were directed toward. But as for connecting more strongly with your passion, first: Passion on one level is what you think of when you think of a man and a woman coming together. Or, in this society, maybe not necessarily that, but … right? And indeed there is something to be said for the passion of lovemaking, but ultimately passion, as I use it, and the passion that you are seeking to bring into your life in order to experience wholeness, fulfillment, is the passion of love. Lovemaking is the human’s response to trying to seek the passion of love, and ultimately the only thing in your life that is going to give you any passion at all, the only thing you are going to be passionate about, the only thing that is going to fill that space of want, that desire for wholeness, that love, is the love that is the pure and absolute delight of serving, a response of the form honoring the spirit it is. Your delight in giving love, the fulfillment you experience when you are serving another out of no constraints, simply the desire. When you are not serving, you don’t have passion in your life, and when you find that you’re acting more out of must, should, and the passion is not there, the remedy is to do what you can immediately to start giving love no strings attached. You want to make it a long-term fulfillment exercise, then find a place in which you can serve, freely, and see what it does to you as you see love touching another’s life without anything in it for you. That alone is a rather outrageous thought in this society, isn’t it? Ultimately, your passion is a reflection of your service, and that means your passion, as it spills over into the areas of your life that have (heh heh) nothing—I’d like to think—to do with service, as if that were possible, and your service is a reflection of your mastery of love.

Aye. Hello, dear.

At this time of year I start thinking about Eastern, which is coming up later this month, and our thoughts go back to the mystery of Jesus, the resurrection appearances. And what was the nature of Jesus’s resurrection form?

S: Of the resurrected body?

Yes, the resurrected body.

S: Oh, good question. Yes! And …?

And how do you get your information? Were you there?

S: I watched, but was not there.

The first thing that is very important for you to remember is that the Easter story as you have it is surely one of my very favorite ones because it’s so absolutely filled with reminders that you cannot get yourself away from, that you cannot deny, with reminders of the nature of spirit in form, of the power of Guardianship work, avataric energy here, and of the promise that has come from it. It is the whole story. If you choose to reject altogether the sacred aspect of it and chose only—in a very intolerant way, I would have to say—and chose only to see the symbolic aspects of it, it’s a story in which you cannot get away [from the fact] that this a statement of power for you.

Christ has energy. As the Anointed One was, as prophesied, put to death, put into the grave, and three days later rose again, in rising again was seen. So we’re not talking the invisible that’s all around you here. We’re talking visible—was seen. And not only by believers, but by unbelievers, so that later it could not be said it was some sort of hallucination brought on by the hysteria of grief from those who believed it was going to happen anyway, as you sometimes subscribe to. A totally vital—that body is the key—vital body, fully in spirit having created the form that would be familiar to those whom he needed to touch, created in order to bring about a particular work. The resurrected body of work is a very interesting set of teachings, for those of you who would be interested in that study, by the way. A vital body, meaning a body made up of vital spirit essence and only the essence of form required to create enough solid vision to those who were looking. You got that, good. Vital body.

And I bring it up particularly for this purpose: Your Holy Scriptures speak of angels appearing, of people disappearing. They speak of spirit taking the form of a man, or even now and again a pig, something like that. Because that is what spirit can do at its highest level. And I remind you because, for a purpose since recalibration, the energy of greater-than-Guardianship-but-hierarchical energy now has a doorway again to this planet in order that that energy of the Christed one can again return here and here and here, in each one of you.

That a vital body can be taken on if necessary to bring about a particular work needed at a particular time, as it has been done throughout history—be not forgetful to entertain a stranger, for in so some have entertained an angel unaware. The resurrected power goes beyond the need for form, moving beyond death and the fear of living that the fear of death is all about—you did get that, didn’t you?—the resurrected body is available to those who have died to the old, and that does mean that, as promised, that power is possible for some of you.

That should get things going for a while, eh?

In your last workshop you talked about using sex as a sacred act and touching into Source through that act. My question is, Is it always clear to those in form when they touch into Source, and what’s the experience of touching into Source, whether it be through sexual act or another means?

S: My desire for you always is that you can be having an absolutely full connection in with pure Source energy and it does not feel any different than usual to you. Now why would I say that? Because my desire for you is that you’re working at your highest possible frequency anyway, and therefore it’s not so odd, unusual, strange. I cannot help but sort of patiently grin when individuals say to me, “I can tell now that I’m really getting it, because I feel it through my body and I get all hot and flushed and my hands get really hot,” or fill in the blanks—there’s all sorts of things that come up about this sort of thing. When you’re working at your highest potential, it should feel like you’ve come home, like you have moved into you—full. And even content, if not satisfied—there is a difference. A sense of wholeness. But to try to say what that wholeness would be as a definition to each one of you would be neglecting that each one of you is unique, that each one of you translates things your own special way. And the ideal, of course, is not that you have one great experience of enlightenment and oneness and wholeness, but that you have many—many small ones, perhaps—until your physical essence no longer rejects them as unusual, but sees them instead as common enough that your brain no longer needs to resist them.

Samuel, this may be a silly question, somewhat indulgent, I guess. But if you had the opportunity to take on a body for a day, which gender would you choose, where would you put yourself on the planet, what kind of activities would you do during the day, and what would be the first food you would eat [no]? [Laughter] Out of curiosity, what kinds of things would you try to accomplish in that one day mission, and how would you accomplish that and where would you try to do that?

S: [Pause] No help, such as why come in for one day? Because there’s no reason to come for one day without purpose, and the purpose of course would determine so many of your answers there. So if you come up with something, let me know.

I wanted to ask, since this planet is now in Sacred Status, how is that going to affect, if it is, dimensionality, from the third … and where we are in dimensions.

S: All right, don’t leave the microphone yet. First I want to make a bit of a correction there. The door is open to Sacred Status, but Sacred Status is a process, so that ultimately the completion of Sacred Status is going to result in literally the absorption of the life force of this planet, so that it’s only a physical experience, as opposed to a spiritual one in which individuals can process along the Plan. Therefore, as it is a process, the experience of dimensionality—if I understand what you’re asking by it—is also going to be something that through process slowly changes—which you are seeing. Your fourth dimension is time, isn’t it? Although if you are making reference out of the scientific realm and into the metaphysical realm I think that the fourth dimension is invisible—perhaps it is the spirit realm, I’m not sure.

But as time, you’re already beginning to see changes in the mental attitudes about time. In a very quick way, your society’s ideas about time are radically changing. For one, the scientific understanding of time as a linear thing is nonexistent already. In the atomic level of the world, there is no time—that’;s been known for a very long time. In the psychological world, where the changes with the mass consciousness thinking is really going to have the greatest effect and the effect of Sacred Status is going to be really put into effect, time is also changing with an understanding of such things in mass consciousness as timelessness, of time can be overcome. How many in this room have had experience in their life in which you have made time change? For instance, you had to get someplace on time and you had five minutes to get there but you’re ten minutes away. How many of you have had an experience in which your awareness of your present, its connection to the past, showed you that the future was right now as well, taking away that linear experience of it? How many of you have had a knowing, I’ve done this before? I remember this? That, too.

It is a process in which the ideal situation is not crisis, but instead is the gentle and slow change of consciousness.

Pray for that one, beloveds. You don’t want it the other way.

All right, are we going back to the E.T.s now?

I’m just hung up in the physical realm too much that … I try to see beyond it, but it’s just very difficult. So, you know there’s the saying seeing is believing, and so much of …

S: And believing is really seeing.

Some of the things that we see we don’t whether to believe or not, because we don’t understand them.

S: Or because they do not fit in with the belief system of what is and is not possible. Yes, that’s true.

Two things that really come to mind—and I’ve talked about them before—is the things that we’re seeing related to extraterrestrials that we don’t understand—we capture it on film, but we can’t understand it; and also something that we have seen that the perfect geometric dimensions of the crop circles, which … are they messages, are they like musical notes, almost? They’re so perfect and so beautiful.

S: You said very much right there, very much. So where is the question in there?

What are they?

S: Which?


S: Your idea of stability is only that which you have become used to and accepted as normal. Your idea of what is real and solid is only because you have come to become so used to it. It is normal for you; it is solid for you. Whereas, Sherlie’s shirt is brown to most of you in here, there are some who would see the red, some who would see even black. Your perception has everything to do with your reality. How you perceive creates how your receive. That’s so important to be aware of. Your world is ultimately frequency, and frequency creates shape. And as the teachers of old and the mysteries that have been left here—and the world is giving back to you again now—have been saying for thousands and thousands more thousands than you think of years, your world is telling you the harmonic of cosmic consciousness. When you can recreate the crop circle, with the sound, with the vibration, with the frequency, you’ve got it. It’s an earth response to that net reestablishing itself, to the opening of the doorway of their coming back. And the visions, the visitations that seem to be coming along with it again, you are receiving as you are perceiving, because you have been visited for thousands of years—Apollo’s golden arrows, Donner’s great cloud of light—they’re not the extraterrestrials you are. They’re just alien to you.

And that needs to stop, yes? Tell me quickly. You run out of tape, you’ve got to stop, yes?

Well, you know, I think that I could do this a lot more. I like it a lot. Do you like it, or do you miss the sermonettes for peoplettes?


S: Perhaps next time we’ll do a combination of them both, and I will direct the…. Is the next one March or is the next one April. April, hmmm. I will direct the April first half to certain informations about your [last] question, Jerry, love, and then questions from there on.

You are moving into a very, very important time. This month has both a solar and a lunar eclipse, as well as an equinox. Those things make your energy run wild, you know. Be ready. Use this time. Find your passion. Serve. Create within yourself a frequency so high that your vital body begins creating itself for use here on earth. That would be worth it.

Be well, sweet friends. Take care of one another. Love one another. Dance this life. The music is wonderful. And the band does seem to be getting better and better.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.