February 2, 1997

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.


S: Aye. Good. Do you feel the creative strength building new in your life and in your world right now? You are right now in a time that has been called Imbolc. I think it is now called Candlemass.

Groundhog Day.

S: That’s right. When you celebrate rodents, yes? Aye. And it’s an interesting human holiday. Right? Well now, what do you think that’s about? Americans celebrate rodents. Although in a sense the very idea of what that’s about, the rodent comes out of its little den. Yes? The Super Bowl is over, so it can leave. Maybe not. All right. Close. It comes out because hibernation is mostly over, and it’s going to check and see what it’s like out there, see if it needs to go back to sleep. Right? Have you been feeling that yourselves? Wondering if the hibernation time is over and you start to feel the energy pumping through you. The saps are rising. Yes? You did not come here to be abused, did you.

But indeed that actually is very much what Imbolc is about, isn’t it? That same idea. An opportunity to shake off the sleep of winter, look about, and see if it is not time to get moving. This year, perhaps more than in a very long time, Imbolc is the awakening of the land. Don’t forget that. It is the awakening of the land. Imbolc perhaps in the oldest pictures is the rebirth of the Goddess into the virgin form, a light being kindled. Not the great bonfire later on, but a light. A single light. An awakening.

Leslie, love, will you light this candle tonight?


S: Because Imbolc is celebrated through Brighid, and so it is a bringing of fire and a fulfilling of the promise to awaken once again. [Candle is lit] Thank you, dear.

Now, when you think of a virgin, what is it you think about?


S: Again.


S: New! I thought you said me. [Laughter] New. That works. All right. Anybody want to be just a bit more blunt with me about that.


S: Innocence. All right.



S: Unused and purity. All right.

Hasn’t had sex.

S: Thank you, dear! Because more often than not, the association is one is a virgin, and one is not a virgin, and one is not one because they have done something that those who are ones have not done. Right? It really does have to do with a particular activity, and that is an activity of abundance. Creativity. Creation. Of fulfilling a promise. A new fulfilling its promise. And this is the year for that. The mystery of the great sacred marriage begins at Imbolc. The God and the Goddess begin the dance. Some of you, perhaps, remember in your own lives the dance. The dance of seeking and finding, the dance of awakening that which has been sleeping. The preparation toward a greater creation. This is the time you have been waiting for. Come out of your cave and light the fire. Awaken the hope that you are. Prepare. Prepare for the greatness that you have come for.

Imbolc. Brighid is the smith fires, the creativity that expresses. She is fertility, healing, the awakening to more. Which is, therefore, abundance and prosperity. And manifestation of riches in the truest sense.

And right now during this time, this week where the energy of Imbolc greeted you yesterday, today, in just three or four days you have a second doorway, slightly smaller, a five planet configuration. As your door is opening now, right here, as you are shaking off the old body, the self hibernating, waiting, waiting, waiting, as within you stirs the promise, so does the very cosmos adjust itself to meet you for that creative, spiritual opening.

Make use of these days. Direct yourself toward your vision for the year, your goals. What it is you’re desiring to accomplish? Pay attention to your relationships right now that are such a powerful means, a good means, for you to be able to see how you’re doing. Spend time within seeking the mystery of your own function and the use of that in your own recreation. Be the gentle, consistent light that through unity grows to the bonfire. The energy, the passion, that changes everything, everything in its sacred path. Be a gift this week. To yourself. To others. Be the gift. And that was in lieu of gifts tonight.

This is perhaps one of the most fun sorts of evenings that I have, and they hardly come about often enough. I really enjoy the opportunity to just play with you, and talk to you. I’ve had such lovely questions over the last year or so, mainly in group settings such as Mexico and travelling together, and having the opportunity to gather around in a big circle and say, All right now, what about this and what about that? And it’s quite fun. Well, it’s time to do that here.

I think that, because so seldom is it that I actually take questions right from the audience anymore, that it’s quite a surprise when I put out that’s what I wanted to do. Aye? Nonetheless, that’s what I want to do. So it’s important that you remember a couple of rules before we go too very far, and one of them is the better you ask your question, the better I’ll answer it for you, because I’m very like to answer exactly what you ask, which can be a disadvantage if your message, your question, is not very clear. Your message through it becomes, Give me something not very clear, it’s all right.

There are a few questions, I think, that are already here [points to bowl containing written questions]. Is that what this is now? Yes? Well, it’s nice of you to hand it to me, darling, but it would not help me much. [Laughter] So, Paula, darling, will you come up here and sit just here for a moment and read a couple of them.

I have the two questions that we didn’t get in the newsletter that I could read.

S: Good. Good. All right. There was a promise attached to that one, wasn’t there. Aye.

The first one is, What effect will recalibration have on such countries as Bosnia, Rwanda, and Palestine, and the religious and ethnic hatreds there?

S: Two directions. The first one is what you’re seeing already right now. And although it would be very easy to point to Bosnia, Rwanda and Palestine and say those are the three places, this is something that you’re actually seeing across the planet as a whole.

The first thing that you’re seeing, not only in political situations, but also in personal situations, is that change is being denied. Change is being fought. Change is being stubbornly kicked into the sand, and dig feet, dig head … what is it?

Dig heels.

S: Dig heels into sand, though, yes? No? Something like that. In order to stop the process. How many here have ever seen somebody die? Many of you. And how many of you, in watching that somebody die, did it flash through your mind, this is not the way it happens on television. This is not the way it happens in the movies. You find that, too? Because more often than not, no matter how absolutely adapted, adjusted, desirous that passage is, the body seems all of a sudden to have a will of its own, and it fights out there. And it says, Wait just a minute here, this is not what I’m wanting. And the spirit saying, what is it doing? Because more often than not the spirit’s just watching from the sidelines, but that the physical body itself in its instinctual response to continue, to keep going—you take out the life support, the body fights to keep going—and that is the nature of any function of energy. Certainly that energy raised up to the highest level within humanity is going to have a bit more of an instinctual will to be in it, more so than the constructs of humanity such as political structure in nations. But, nonetheless, as the old is passing away it’s putting up a fight.

However, the second thing that you are going to be seeing is that the fight gets lost and change does happen. In order to bring about the responses to recalibration that are being experienced within the individual, you are going to see that effect happening not only in business communities, but in political ones as well. Because of that, however, you are also going to see civil war breaking out in places that had been simmering and not warring. Look for Cyprus, for instance, to just get really tired of its divisions. Look for more in Mexico. Look for more in your country as well. Perhaps it’s not going to move into a civil war situation in any of these places, in many of these places, but you’re much more likely to be seeing a very distinct population rising up and saying, “Excuse me! I’m not going to put up with this. Let there be change.”

How can we spiritually accelerate the process of our death? If we are in charge of our life, how can we be in charge of our death?

S: The you that is the spirit that you are is what is in charge of your death. The you that is the form that you are is what is in charge of your life. Ideally within your life you have chosen—consciously—to synthesize both of those yous. You, you. Unlike yoyo. Both of which have lots of ups and downs.

Synthesizing the spirit working in form, the form allowing the spirit to function. And in so doing, one of the greatest detriments to the flow of continued life—did you get what I just said there?—the flow of continued life. Darlings, if your form did not break down, you’d bee stuck in it for a very long time, because life doesn’t end. Thank goodness, the form does. And that too. Thank goodness you’re not stuck in this model forever. You have choices in that. But when the spirit and the form are synthesized, working together, what does happen is that you become aware of what the spirit’s time line can be. As opposed to the human one.

Anybody in here ever had an experience in their life in which they found that it was easier to, rather than stand there, to run? Anybody find in their life that there’s a pattern of when the going gets tough, the tough do get going—out the back door, hopefully nobody will notice. Run away. Hide. Well, every head in here should be shaking, because most all of you can relate to that in one way or another. The human tendency is to avoid. And as a result there is not a desire to know when might it end. That in fact when individuals do have that experience that the mind remembers and translates as what is now most commonly called pre-death or post-death experience, something like that. What’s it called?

Near-death experience.

S: Near-death. [Laughs] Near death! Am I too close now? So near. Karen. It’s just such a bad gig you have, yes? I think the form’s been hanging out with musicians too much lately. Bad gig. That’s thought of as a near-death experience. Their life, all of a sudden, has incredible meaning, and there is a desire to do and to make what time is there worthwhile. Whereas if you were consciously functioning in a synthesized experience—you you—that spirit awareness would help you work toward every one of your days having meaning and power and need. Need to do. Need to be.

What can you do to have more charge over the process itself. You can go healthy. And you have control over that now. More.

What are the prospects for the U.S. economy and for our capitalist economic system in general over the next four to five years?

S: Are we talking like marriage? Marriage prospects?

It’s very much a free will question that’s being asked here. However I spoke specifically with the purpose of giving … many of you are familiar with my friend Dan, a good shock, because his work is to forecast these things, and it was very important to remind him that you’re in a time right now of great change. Economy that is based upon primary commodity is going to be successful. Now, you read what I did not say.

These are still newsletter questions?

No, that was out of the bowl.

S: Ah, you’re cheating on me here now! Are these as well?

No, these are out of the bowl.

S: Hah! All right, good. Thank you very much, beloved, you’ve done good work.

Now, here is what I want you to do. [Passes bowl of questions back to the audience] Thank you, dear. If it’s yours, take it. And pass it around so that everyone can get theirs to make sure that you do get to ask. And if, when you raise your hand, you show me that you had your paper that it was written, I’ll be sure to call on you so that your trying to follow the rules before they got changed on you does not throw things off too very much. All right. In the meantime, go for it, Lou.

Can you tell us what caused the crash of flight 800?

S: Sure. All right, next.

Aye. Is any of the shining energy that is now able to take form since the recalibration working in Phoenix now?

S: Not in the way that you’re asking that. Not taking form by bringing it in for a specific purpose, at a specific time that will then be taken back out. However, through the secondary means, by overshadowing, by the function of preparing embodiment, yes. And that has to do with the full scope of the work, not specifically only here.


Samuel, there was a sentence in the flyer for the upcoming workshop that bothered me.

S: Bothered!

Yeah. I’d like to read it to you and then ask my question. It says, “On October 12, 1996, a hundred and fifty-six people gathered at Phoenix Institute in Lexington to enact a ritual anchoring spiritual energy as Samuel recalibrated the earth’s blueprint. What did you do to recalibrate, and did you actually do this all by yourself?

S: Held the door open? Yes.

Thank you.

S: And be sure you do not ask what you don’t want the answer to. All right. More.

Please tell us …

S: [Gestures as if holding a piece of paper] I did not see you do that.


S: All right. Go ahead. Child abuse.

Please tell us about the animals that are familiars, their purpose and connection with the people that they are with.

S: All right. The first thing that it’s important for you to be aware of is that there is a rumor about the idea of a familiar spirit. Who’s familiar with what I’m talking about in the rumor there? Who is familiar with the idea of familiars? And that is, in history a familiar is what?


The black cat.

S: Yes. That holds all of the energy of the demon that is working in this whatever. Always something. Right? Humanity has such an intense need to take power outside of their own selves and put it into something there. I have no power on my own, it’s the cat! And the cat holds that power until I need it. Or better still, that lovely opportunity to be able to prove that somebody is doing malicious, evil work, and the proof of it is they’re always surrounded by creatures. So what I want to know is why was the whole idea of St. Francis not to burn him at the stake as well. Do you see all of the familiars he has in all of his statues and so forth? Somehow it never quite applies, does it?

An animal that is a familiar literally has to do with your remembering two things. The first one is, creatures have their own process of development. Their energy is evolving just as yours is. And that their opportunity to be around an individual who is functioning at a very high level of spiritual energy is going to be to their advantage. As your spirit, through the process of humanity, has worked from absolute “what am I doing here, covered up like this” to literally being able to function easily and well and powerfully through this, the mind, through this, the heart. So it is with creatures that are developing as well. And in the very same way that there are humans that are really awake and vibrantly alive and at that next step of spiritual evolution, so there are creatures that are right at the edge.

How many of you, perhaps, have even had one that you know is smarter than a whole lot of people you know, that you know is more caring and a better expression of love than sometimes you? Aye. Sad but true. That is a very high level. How many of you have creatures that when you settle down to meditate, all of a sudden you have cat or dog right there at you, sucking it up? You see, there are vampire creatures. That are drawn to your higher vibration. They are at a point where within their particular function they are able to choose where they will be, so they show up at your doorstep.

Or maybe some of you have seen it in this interesting fashion. You’ve had a creature come to you, you went and picked it out yourself. And it changes, it’s different, something happens, somehow. And it gets more loving, more friendly. That energy very often is what I call a familiar, meaning that it is indeed harboring a higher energy. Not yours. Not even that which is not its, but it is at a higher level. Perhaps it has the energy that is devic energy. What is the purpose of devic energy?

Guard form.

S: Thank you. To guard, to protect, to work with creation. And so that energy takes the form of a highly developed creature. Short term, comes and goes out of your life. Long term, stays. Usually not for long, because staying in the form, borrowed before recalibration, meant forgetting. Devic becomes the dog. The cat. Now, does not. Now does not have to be a dog or a cat either, though. Or a very highly developed function of the natural flow of that creature’s energy. Functioning as a complement to yours allowing it to be a familiar spirit as well.

More. Waive your little papers at me. Stephen.

Jesus is reported to have said, “Ye are gods.” Since humanity is not the Source and is the highest expression of Source in physical form, since we are creators on earth creating an ever […] experience, is it not feasible to conceptualize ourselves as godlike, and if so what would that next evolutionary step look like? Would it be gradual or would it be somewhat of a leap, a stair-step sort of thing?

S: Yes, it is feasible, even based on the slight misconstruction that you started with there, but yes it is feasible. And what would it look like? Well, it would look like a new heaven and a new earth. It would look like a thousand years of a higher grace here. It would look like promises fulfilled. What does it actually speak of? The difference between think and know, of knowing and doing, of knowing and doing creating the wisdom of being. That is the promise. And absolutely not different than right now, it is a one-by-one-by-one effect that is going to do it. There is nothing that can be done to prove what you do not wish to have proven. There is nothing that will convince the one who does not wish to know. There is nothing that can make belief happen to one who does not care to start with faith. And therefore, the great coming of one is not going go be the effectual system in this great time of technological wonder and scientific proof. You try to turn the water into wine today and they’ll tell you it has something to do with a strain of bacteria that’ll surely kill you! It’s not a miracle, it’s the red tide. And as has been the case of every avataric energy throughout the process of this planet, the effect, not the acts—that was a-c-t-s, not ax—it’s not the words, it’s what has come of the words that makes the difference.

Darlings, if you were to take every word that Jesus Christ said, it would fill up a couple of good pages out of your New Testament. Obviously, your New Testament takes in a whole lot more than the words of Jesus, doesn’t it? It’s the information that comes from the effect those words have on one, and another one, and another one, ever one by one by one the world is changed, and maybe this time it’s your turn to be the one who affects more than one. A thousand, maybe. You’re the one to have the St. John, Paul, Peter effect—or maybe clear it up a little, that would help, too. And the good news is, right now it’s happening more quickly. Right now you are not in the minority. Oh yes, yes, you are in the minority of going out there and doing something with it, but how you think is not so odd any more. You’re getting average.

Now, with that consciousness empowering you, lead the change.

More. Aye.

Is there a relationship between the original seedings and the twelve sacred circles, and if so what is that relationship?

S: That’s a bit broad. It’s a bit broad. Yes, there is, in that the results of the seedings created the personification of the sacred circles, and they created the heart chakras of the planet itself through which the sacred circles would do their greatest function. Ask it broad, you get it broad.

More. Still looking at those things. Yes.

How is the change of energy of the incoming age affecting the fairy folk and elementals, and how can we help?

S: Oh, darlings, do you not think that they are absolutely dancing with delight, that the possibilities of what you can do with the earth right now is so stunning, because the energy of creation is here. How can you help it? Recognize it often. Affirm it. And give it places to act. Good.

Mary Claire.

Please talk about the importance and significance of dreams at this time. And is this where embodiment and overshadowing can begin? Or not.

S: In that dreams allow you to become familiar with something—having nothing to do with the questions about familiars—that something that you do so often in your dreams does not thrill you after a while. How many of you have had the same dream so many times that you get into it and you say, Oh, doesn’t scare me any more. Or, This is the same place, I’m familiar with this, I know what’s going to happen now. You’ve had that happen. Dreams have always been—back up, change that—true dreams, real dreaming, has always been the opportunity through which your soul is able to function outside of the limitations of form. It is able to move inter- and intradimensionally. It is not limited by your belief in what it can and cannot do. And your mind translates those into experiences that you think of as dreams. So right now, in this time of recalibration, your dreams, as true dreams, are much more likely to be a reflection of the direction in which you need to be directing your spiritual self, because your spiritual self is doing it without you.

More. Aye.

Sometimes I’ve sensed that I have merged almost before I’ve gone through the procedure, so the question is, What are some of the indications that you have successfully merged?

S: Good. And it’s very, very likely, darling, that that’s true, because remembering teaching the merging process, I’ve said the more you do it, the more quickly it happens. Ideally to the point that you don’t have to do the routine. Breathing, soft focus, permission, looking at what it is you’re merging with and finding the similarities and so forth. You find yourself right there at that point of thinking like the tree, of seeing a larger connectedness is probably the most obvious connection. That greater unlimitedness.

Also you’re not so stuck in time and the other constructs of this particular form experience. And so you might find such things as “It doesn’t matter” coming through. Which is the down side of merging. Probably the easiest.

[Seeing motions about time being up] I know, you keep telling me this. All right. Who has the most important question in here. Go for it.

Why do we want to make Earth a sacred planet?

S: Because it is built into you to do so. Truly. Why do you need to? Because in so doing you prove the possibility. That’s your bumper sticker, Bonnie. Prove the possibility. You lack what you have lost hope for. You lack in your life, in your physical world, in your physical experience, what you have lost hope for, and built into your truest system of love—the heart of you, the spiritual structure—built into your blueprint is the inability—the inability— to not seek more. You don’t give up, you give out. There’s a big difference. Your spirit seeks itself, ever. As long as you are in form it seeks it in other forms. When the spirit is functioning at a low frequency, it seeks it out in the form of sexual pleasures, or somebody meeting a need. And at those higher levels, it is seeking out the invisible within the visible, the greater within the lesser, the spirit connection inside the body, behind the eyes, in the heart. And in seeking that, it is seeking itself on a higher level. You cannot neglect, except by temporary choice now and again, to fulfill the whole purpose of being here.

One more? Aye. Oh, this is such a risk. All right, Jerry, go for it.

This is a pretty simple question.

S: Let’s take a vote.

Well, I’m confused about a lot of things, I guess. There’s just so much to know and understand. But I’m confused, like a lot of the population is now, about extraterrestrials. So for my concept of extraterrestrials, they are life form, physical life form, as we’re physical life form, maybe in a different aspect. They’re real, they exist, we see them. We see them as our mind allows us to perceive them. What’s their purpose? How do they fit into the scheme of what we’re evolving into?

S: Well, beloved, in order to answer the second part, I’d have to agree with the first part, and since what you expressed is what you see, perhaps you should answer the second part.

Well, answer the second part then and forget about the first part.

S: What is the purpose of the way you see extraterrestrials?

What part do they play in the scheme of things, in the whole scheme of things?

S: All right. The first thing is, I do not deny for a moment the validity of extraterrestrials. I call them angels. Guardians, not grays. I call them helpers and shining ones, and your planet has called them gods. And the purpose ever is the only purpose for any function here on this planet at all. Working with the previous question in fact, and that is to bring about in one way or another the resolution of the plan for this dimension through the teaching of—current words—through the teachings of One Heart. Past words: do unto others as you would have them do to you. The greatest commandment of all of these is to love one another as I have loved you. Of even further past, all are one—one in many forms, in many understandings. There is only one purpose. To bring into conscious working awareness in order to remove the dualistic separation of spirit and form, of god and goddess, to bring the awareness of what you truly have as your inheritance, indeed your heritage, through the right understanding of the cosmic power of love. Expressed through the ritual use of love. Expressed through the magical power of love. Expressed through the emotional creation of love. Expressed through the act of Source in the breath of humanity as love. One purpose, ever.

And the guardianship of light around this planet acting in lieu of the energy net that had been the portal function. That guardianship allowed no energy here at all, except that which fulfilled that specific purpose. And that’s the answer.

Now, shall we do this again next month as well?

Oh yes.


S: Aye. However, don’t write them down. Let’s just take it, questions and answers, and in so doing let’s have the arrangement just a bit different. Let’s try to be a bit more circled up so that you feel that you’re better able to look at one another. Watch, see, do. Do it that way. And let’s have some fun.

Quickly, this is the year that I not only welcome those questions. David, darling, those questions. The year of the esoteric, airy-fairy, beyond your heart’s content, because your awareness of a greater picture is going to push you off the edge that has kept you so firmly locked in place. So, fear not.

Be well, beloved ones. Remember the energy, particularly this week. Make use of it. May the passion and the wisdom and the love and the safety that is meant to be yours be yours with joy. With awareness. With a deep easy flow. And with the harmony of the two worlds, one in you.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.