July 5, 1998

Samuel: Aren’t they just the rowdiest crowd you’ve ever seen. Aren’t they? Good. Oh we should have good fun tonight. Aye.

So how have your last couple of months been? Well, we’ve talked about money and suffering. Interesting combination, don’t you think?

Well, I’m certain I recognize that energy. I know I’ve seen it before.

And in very many ways the two of those work together, although it is important to remember that that’s not the idea. And having discussed not only at the retreat but in a workshop as well as on a Sunday night, I thought it would only be appropriate to have the opportunity to talk about it a little further, but this time for you to direct it. Good for you? Good. So we’ll see what comes of it.

Questions and answers are probably one of the most enjoyable experiences for me that there is, not only because you entertain me so, but because certainly by the nature of your questions you’re allowing me to know, in a way that I would not otherwise know, how much you understand, because remember, what I experience of you when not visiting in a borrowed suit, so to speak, remember what I experience is what you truly are, which isn’t that [body]. It’s the energy you are. And so the energy that you are communicates with me exactly the way that I communicate with you, that is as one great process. Remember, it’s only that part of you, that outer version, that translates it into what you already know and what you don’t know and attaches it to the beliefs that you have, and runs it through the emotion mill and grinds it up into—I’m not certain if it’s a delicacy or not half the time—but makes it something that is palatable to you, no matter what it is you fully receive.

In the very same way that you live in a world in which there are so many things that you cannot see, but you feel [ . . . ] or use—those nasty electrical lights, for instance—so that is also the communication between your spirit and your form. Your spirit has so much more to offer and understand than what your form has to bring it down to.

How many of you know how to use a computer? Now, keeping those hands up, how many of you who know how to use a computer know how your computer works? You see? Very few. That’s where the rarity comes in. There is so much that you do fully because it’s what you need at the moment, and what you know is a sample of that as well. So, even though we communicate spirit to spirit, the way that you are able to make any good out of it is dependent upon how you personally translate it. So you teach me in nights like this, and that’s good.

Now, I would like two things. One of them is, are you willing, Paula?


S: Good. Then come on down.

You’re not going to make fun of me are you?

S: Now, would I do that?

I can’t help being English.

S: How many here believe that Paula had no choice in her birth? Wrong audience, love, Wrong one.

And the second one is, it’s my desire that this work—is she hooked up in a way that’s going to be workable? Excellent—by having them written in, I think it will go quicker and we can do many more that way. So, have we written in? Ah, pile.

Now, love, do you remember the routines? You sort of shuffle through, and when you say, “Ah, we’ve answered that twice already, you just give it a little flick of your wrist and you send sailing across there.”

You don’t have to talk to the people whose questions you go like that to afterwards.

S: That wasn’t the same at all! That wasn’t what I was . . . he did not answer that. Aye.

“Are the different variations of Source energy that we recognize as the Celtic pantheon, the Egyptian pantheon, Greek, etc., manifestations of the Shining Ones, and if this is so are there any Shining Ones manifested in form at this time?”

S: No.


S: The Shining Ones, however, are a version, not the same.

Okay.” Please explain who the Workers of the Thirty-third Degree are.”

S: At the next workshop I’m going to be discussing that. The Workers of the Thirty-third Degree are a code name, so to speak, for that energy that allows you to move from one place to another within this dimension. It’s a function of energy, a function of energy. Now, aren’t you surprised?

Aye? She’s getting good at that, that fast.

“Would you talk about how it affects the world when we send love individually and in groups? What can we do in groups that we cannot do alone?”

S: Yes, I would. And, in fact, I actually will.

Well, about the only way that I could think to explain is—might be too early in the night for this—well, I thought I could just spit in it and that would make it work. It would essentially be the very same illustration, but then I thought that you might not enjoy that too much.

I want you to think about the inside of your mouth, all right? You remember the question now, don’t you? It’s about love, putting love into the world, and the difference between doing it singly and doing it in unity with others with the same intent. All right, with that in mind, I want you to feel the inside of your mouth. Go ahead. Feels a little slick. Aye? Now, I want you to imagine—almost worked.

Thank you.

S: Thank you, love.

I want you to imagine that you have just taken a sip of water. Aye. Can you imagine this, visualize it well enough, to really get the sense of it. Just in case you cannot, I’ll show it to you. [Takes a drink of water and holds it in mouth] You have water in there and it’s sloshing around—got to keep you playful—which is that which started and which is that that you just added? You cannot know, can you? And why is it you cannot know? Because it just all merges together. That’s good. It all moves into something more. What was becomes greater by the addition. It’s that simple. You walk around with the constant reminder.

You are love. It’s why in your life it’s the only thing you’ve truly wanted. It’s why in your life it’s the only thing that has ever truly satisfied. Oh, the stuff is nice, but what is it you say when you find something that’s absolutely delightful that you truly must have? “Oh, I love that!” Because it’s an automatic expression of what makes it good.

Well it has been written in the most simple form, “God is love.” Long before that, it was written that Goddess is love. And the point yet remains that the highest function of energy that there is can be called love, and it would be enough. But there’s more to understanding that word than simply how you feel toward your dog or cat or friend or parent or child, because—and certainly you parents know this—love sometimes is saying no, sometimes a lot. Love is sometimes not looking. That’s the key to a good relationship, but the way—for those of you who are wishing that you had in your life a deeper, stronger, more intimate, marriage or greater connection with your love, or on and on it goes—blindness is a major aspect of love. It’s one of those that often gets missed when its attributes are listed, though, but blindness helps, doesn’t it? “I didn’t see you do that, because if I saw you do that, I could never sit across from you again.” Right. Well, it happens. They have their version for you as well, don’t you know?

Love is accepting because you choose to. Embracing, because you want to. And it is serving because you have to. And when one single individual puts forth love, well, very prosaically, many writers have talked about how the heavens rejoice and the angels sing, and the gods look down and smile benevolently and give you good crops. And it’s true.

As a parent, can you relate to your child saying something like you say it, taking on a mannerism like you have a mannerism, the pleasure it gives you when they’re being as smart as you are? Not that kind of smart. So it is at the highest reaches of energy that the conscious love of an individuated soul is such a remarkable—and looking in your world, one might even think rare—action that it does create a lot of attention.

So what if it’s two? What if it’s twenty? What if it’s twenty thousand? And what if that love is specifically directed with a common intent, a focus, such as a One Heart merger in which, purposefully, the desire is to release the known boundaries in order to accept, expand, in order to serve. Well, that creates an amazing transfiguration. It is an actual energy of power that is created when individuals come together in conscious love, with a common intent to work toward a higher working. It transfigures Source to a puppy dog. Let me be with you! Let me follow you! Let me merge with you, all right? Not the exact visual you were looking for.

And right now, particularly for those of you who know you know, this world needs that intent of conscious love so much. Many of you have seen the effects your thoughts have put into your own world, and sometimes that’s not always something you’ve been very pleased about.

There’s a group that comes together to produce a celestial voice after Sunday night meetings that are not first-Sundays. They will teach you how to put forth the intent of love in a vibration that creates a merger with one another for a specific purpose. It transcends everything else. Come, take part in something you can give you that will give you a hint of what you together are giving the world.

Now, toss that baby.

I did. “Please explain the difference between embodiment energy, overshadowing and projections of the Entity.”

S: All right. Aye, she thinks she’s going to get that one out there.

All right. Piece by piece there.

Embodiment: Particularly what’s being discussed here is a teaching that I gave in which what you are desiring to do is to allow your vessel to become strong enough that you might embody higher energy that is now becoming capable of functioning on this planet. Embodiment means not channeling, it means being it fully. Not a walk-in; this is not a beauty shop. Being it.

Matthew is the embodiment of love. What does that mean? Well, it means that on alternate days he’s a nice guy. Right? No, it means that every cell of his being responds to the frequency of love in this world.

Some of you are the embodiment of will. Let’s see, would you recognize it if I said willfulness? So embodiment is being at that frequency.

What were the next two?

Overshadowing and projections of the entity.

S: Overshadowing is “I got.” Really. “I sat in my meditation and I had a sense that . . .” Overshadowing is what happens to you when you are getting dressed and you realize that somebody is there, and you look and there is your lover standing in the doorway, smiling with that sort of sloppy grin that comes up now and again when somebody loves you dearly. You know the one. Pretend. Wish. Overshadowing is very related to memory, if you want to try to make it a function of form. To be overshadowed by spirit is to be able to release your personality for that instant in order that you’re able to function at a higher level for that time.

And a projection.

Of entity.

S: Well, that one’s a little too broad. Projections of entity express themselves as Intent, Thought—you know the drill—Word and Deed, which then express itself as personalities and life lessons, which express themselves as the little personalities that you think of as yourself. Those are projections of entity at the largest level.

Projections of entity that can cause overlaps are more of what is being looked for here. And what does it mean when there is an overlap from one entity-self to another? I’ll answer if it ever comes up tonight. All right.

“What caused the crash of TWA flight 800?”

S: Well, they were flying along, gaining altitude, and out of the clear blue, finally, Amelia returned. Sort of like sucking a pigeon into the fans. There it went. Gone all that time. You knew it was coming, didn’t you?

What caused the crash? An extreme deceleration and hitting the ocean. Crashed. All right.

“How is the Earth doing on reaching Sacred Status? How are we doing working with her?”

S: Great. And not so great.

Is that it? “It seems that everything has been speeded up so much with the energy changes going on that it is hard to maintain a conscious focus of love every day.”

S: Get over it.

“And seems to be even harder than it was in the beginning of learning your teachings. Will you give a few techniques to help specifically in these energy-changing times?”

S: I will, but perhaps it will work out to do it by elaborating on yours. You heard that question.

And the thing that I want you so much to remember is that it’s not what I have to say that’s going to change your world. It’s not. It’s when you say, “Well, that makes sense. Maybe I’ll give that a try.” I’ll try out that standing in the doorway, with a sloppy grin on my face, staring at my lover getting dressed and see what happens. And when it works—if it works—you’ll do it again. And you’ll do it again, and you’ll do it again until it becomes a natural part of you. You’re standing there at work in your bosses office . . . never mind. They might not like that. It’s that you who are in the trenches, you are the ones with the advantage. How would you answer that question? What are things you have found in your life that help? Aye.

Letting go of the stuff that annoys me so that I don’t have to be distracted by it, and I can focus on what I really want to do.

S: There’s two things in there. One of them is letting go of the little stuff, or, as Stuart says “Choosing your battles.” Figuring out how it is you wish to use your energy lest the Universe do something to make it that you have no choice. And the other part of that was setting goals. Do you know what you want? Look at what you’re getting in your life, because that’s what you’re saying—consciously or unconsciously—is what you want. “Samuel, I have been saying that I want to drive a Lamborghini.” You see they teach me things in Pittsburgh—a Lamborghini—sounds like little bikini, don’t you think?

[. . .]

S: A Lamborghini? “And, all I really have now is a beat up Pinto. And my saddles giving out. So I’m ready for the Lamborghini.” So what’s going on there? And you might think of it as, the Universe is taking stock of all of the things that you’re asking for and putting them into a priority order in which Lamborghini isn’t very high on the list while Pinto is still moving, because the lessons that are involved in Pinto are going to allow you to make best use of the Lamborghini.

A quick hint about getting what you want. This doesn’t do it: “Universe, give it to me! Just fill me up with everything’s that possible. This is what’s needed.” Well, if you’ve already got a handful, you’re not likely to have something else drop in your lap. And that’s where knowing what you want—another version of picking those battles—happens. What’s another? Aye.

What helps me a lot is the lesson that you taught about how the Universe works with us. Two things helped me. It works best if you’re already in motion.

S: Yes.

So if I want to get more jobs, more playing, I will do what I can, I’ll follow my own patterns and then other things start coming in.

S: Simple physics. Much easier to direct that which is already in motion.

Also what you taught me is that the Universe can play you better when you’re joyful and don’t really need it.

S: Yes.

So I see this over and over again in the sports world when I’m watching tennis: the people who are having a good time, they seem to win, and if they don’t win, it doesn’t matter, because they come back the next year and win it.

S: Excellent.

And I also say all the time, when I have a day or a week that goes well, I say, “Universe, this is it. This is great. This is what I like. I want more of it. Thank you.”

S: Yes. Excellent. Very good. Very well said. Marion.

Habit can work for me.

S: Or against you.

Or against you. It can work either way, but you can take advantage of it to remind yourself to send love by developing the habit of sending it. And you can remember to send love when you finally get in the habit; you can let go of it. In the morning when you wake up and you’re wondering, How’s my day going to go, that can trigger it. I’ll send love to it, whatever it is.

S: Nice. How many of you have had a habit that you needed or desired to break and you did? Perhaps you smoked and now you do not, or you cursed and now you do not, or you did not and now you do. Any of you can relate to that? What did you do to let it go?

There are so many different ways. There is the reminder method. You put a rubber band on your wrist and you pop it whenever you want one. Well, you can turn that around to, you put a little rubber band on your wrist and every time you see it, you remember to send love, or to do a good deed. You jostle yourself.

Maybe you were able to overcome an old habit by just absolutely, cold turkey, doing it. And where I’m going is to remind you that when you want to put something into your life, it’s the same process as when you were working to remove that thing from your life, because that’s what works for you or it would not be gone. So what is it that did it? And put that into effect.

And, ultimately, the bottom line is you must want the new more than you want the old. You must want to function in masterful love more than you want to tread water in the swamps. You must want to surround yourself with individuals who have the same intent that you do in regard to a spiritual vision for the world more than you want to enjoy . . . well, I’m trying to imagine some television show, but there are so many interesting thoughts going through that it’s not working. Just tell me one.


S: More than you want “Frazier.” You must want the new more than the old. And what determines “you want?” Well, you can make the decision to do it, but you won’t follow it through unless it’s giving you something. Unless the effects sustain you in one way or another, you will not complete this thing you’re setting out to do.

What makes you happy.

S: And if happiness were enough. Most of you were not reared to believe that being happy is what you want out of life, were you? You learned early on to accept that less was enough. Better motivations are fear of pain, being cast out from the tribe, not being accepted.

All right. Let’s take one more. Kathy.

I’ve found that [. . .] is very powerful, because [. . .] when [. . .] people, you aren’t engaged and you can move beyond it, instead of banging against it. There are exceptions to the rule.

S: Bottom line: you cannot give what you do not have. You cannot give what you do not have. If you do not accept yourself, you’re not going to be able to accept another. You will be able to accept things about another, but not all. Huge difference. Yes. Very good.


You’ll like this one.

S: I like them all. Some of them are just more entertaining than others.

“For the past couple of weeks it seems that one of our planets is in retrograde, perhaps Mars. It feels like it could be the Earth. I find some things in my life working well, running smoothly, and others rather frustrating. What’s going on? And along with applying patience, understanding and going with the flow, what more can I do to ease my path? Thank you, darling Samuel, I love you.”

S: You’re right.

Do remember, beloved ones, greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world, and that which is out of the world. You are affected the most by that which you fear. Therefore, when Mars is in retrograde and you absolutely know because all of your life it has been so that all communication . . . no, that would be Mercury in retrograde, wouldn’t it?


S: There went that drama. See how much I think it counts. That every communication that you have is no good, that it’s all running backwards, that it’s just very difficult, that every communication should be written, that every . . . as much as you know that, it affects you only as much as you fear it. Therefore, there could be a massive alignment—guess what?—of, say, seven planets that are creating havoc in the larger function of space within your solar system right now, and you would not notice a thing if you weren’t aware of it. And if you were aware of it, you might even choose to use the perspective that this is energy of power, that this is an opportunity for portal energies to be reactivated and opened in an extremely good way, instead of you’re going to be so overwhelmed that it’s going to feel like everything has speeded up and you’re not going to really be able to think clearly, and you’re going to wonder if you’re losing your mind, and where is that ginkgo anyway? And if you could remember, you wouldn’t need it.

So what is it you fear, because unfortunately your fears do a lot to guide your life. They determine what you’re willing to do, they reaffirm for you what you’re not willing to do. They allow you to live just as much as you think you should. That’s my answer.

“You have spoken about the children that are choosing to be born to us who are aware of functioning in Ascension. What kind of lessons might such a child come to learn? How can we approach raising our children with love?”

S: One of the things that I encouraged when a question very much like that came to the Question and Answer workshop that I gave in Pittsburgh was to create a support group. Those of you who are bringing children into this world right now, who are raising them up, do you not think . . . well, wait. Think for a moment about what it would have been like if you had been raised by someone who knew the things you know, who was as loving and tolerant as you are. You think things would have been different? Your children are your connection into that.

Individuals that are coming to this planet at this time of transition and are coming to those of you who are awake and aware—and it doesn’t mean they’re coming two years from now, it might mean they came thirty years ago, it might mean they came as long as sixty years ago—for those of you who are bringing children into this world now, they are coming because they are drawn to your energy with a desire to make a difference. And yet, you’re bringing them up in a world that says give them guns and let them shoot their classmates. You could use one another.

And, of course, I’m also quite aware that those of you that do not have children are probably, absolutely—at least it’s what I keep hearing—the best ones for ideas on how to raise children, right? I encourage you to get together with others who have the same intent, to bring the children up in the highest possible fashion, to get together with one another and share what has worked and what does not work, to develop a good shoulder to cry on now and again so that you do not burden your children with it, so that you can be angry, so that you don’t have to burden your children with it, even if they are the ones who made you angry. It would make the road a little safer for you and a little easier for them.

A child needs to know two things—love and consistent boundaries—to be sane. Love unconditionally. Consistent boundaries because they’re safe then. You can do that.

“Please talk about the parallels between the spiral work we are doing and the spiraling of Kundalini energy through the chakras. Both appear to be processes for merging with Source. How are they different other than one being an individual working historically, and the spiraling work being a group working.”

S: Excellent, excellent question. I will be going into great detail in the spiral work at the next workshop. For those of you who will not be able to be there, it probably means you don’t have any idea what’s being talked about anyway, then.

But, here is the answer very quickly. The chakra energy is a physical representation of energy through the physical body that has changed at the higher initiations. Since Recalibration your root chakra is at your heart level if you’re working at the higher levels for energy.

Still, the spiraling connection is a work of spirit functioning through form. It’s a visual of synthesis. However, the spiral work that I’m beginning to give right now is the beginning for transdimensional energy work. It is a representation of the energy, and what I’m going to add to it is a particular movement. It is a representation of energy that has been used from the first seeding of your planet as a means of releasing blueprint energy without releasing form. It’s a creation energy. Functioning with it together—many doing it at the same time—it becomes a vehicle to move. And that’s what it’s for.


“Please give me insight into a name for my new spiritual venture.”

S: I think that that individual should name it probably after their true spirit name. Do you think? All right. Do that. That’s the insight. Name it after your true spirit name.

[Laughing] “When are the power times for the rest of this year? How can we make best use of them?”

S: All right. Just a moment. I was thinking first of something like Light Time, and I thought. Oh no, that’s not good. That sounds like an alcoholic beverage. Isn’t it? Light Time. All right.

Now is this a board member who asked this? Trying to plan the calendar now. Oops.

Where are you now? What’s your month? You are . . .


S: July. At the beginning of July. All right. Throughout this month you’re going to have a very steady building of energy that will accumulate or probably activate the most at the last Sunday of this month. You should find it particularly good for creating new things. You are working with massive energy that functions for transformation. That’s the best way to say that.

Go through your months.

August, September, October.

S: All right, mid-September or toward the third week of September, around the time of the equinox—your equinoxes are always times of good energy for working, different than solstices, for instance, that tend to empower more—this particular equinox is going to be . . .

The most powerful in twenty million years or so.

S: To date. Because you’re going to be finding that you are beginning to function toward two things. Around the time of mid-September you’re going to be finding yourself seeking, and being very tired, likely physically tired. It’s because you’re going to have a time in which your energy is functioning in transition. That’s a result of Lughnassadh in August, which this year should be a huge outpouring of god energy equal to the goddess energy of the solstice a year ago.

[Faint beeping noise] You see! There it is. Confirmation beginning already.


October, November, December.

S: All right. The last quarter of the year you’ll have some planetary work—talk to Harvey for that—up through February. February should be a pretty dynamic month if things are continuing as they are.

Now, if what you are asking was, “What are the major sacred events?” mass consciousness is creating that this New Year’s Eve is going to be. I certainly hope mass consciousness is creating it, because that’s not the millennium. Nay. That would be the following. Not even close. Nonetheless, mass consciousness creates that New Year’s Eve is a time of great power. New Year’s Eve is only one of the new beginnings that are available to you in your year, only one. So is also, Heidi?


S: Yes. So is also, among some . . .

[. . .]

S: Sort of, the Beltane time tends to be as well.

Summer solstice.

S: Perhaps, for some. Yes.

Because it starts the second part of the year.

S: Part of the year. So, mass consciousness creates, and what you want to do is allow mass consciousness to create along with a high outpouring of spiritual energy. Therefore, sacred events, such as the timing for 11:11, for instance, is very different now, because it’s the working together that counts. That’s why, essentially, what you can do is choose a time in which it looks auspicious and create it. That’s what you do, isn’t it Kay, with the cross-quarter events? The solstices and equinoxes here. It’s made an event. You bring people together and with One Heart and One Mind you put forth an energy. So, those are a few.

“What is the best . . .”

S: We’re going to do this.

Yes, they’re almost gone. “What is the best career choice for me that best serves God’s will?”

S: Somebody answer that.

What makes you happy.

S: You’ve tried miserable. It was not so much fun. The first thing that you need to remember is that you are here to live love. And the specifics of how you do that should be through the system that’s going to allow you to do it the longest and at your best, without wearing you down, wearing you out, taking you out.

Your duty to your sacred path is to keep moving on it, and in this world you are not likely to find that you will do that by doing the same thing from nine o’clock to five o’clock every day.

You’re likely to find instead that you really, really enjoy this and then it’s time to move on to something else, and you really enjoy that, and it’s time to move on to something else, because the nature of your energy is such that one, single function is going to bore you. And then you won’t be so effective. It’s going to not challenge you, and you’ll stop looking forward to it. You’re going to reach a point where they can’t pay you enough, and if you have set your life up around what they pay you, you’re just going to stay in it and keep going, it’s all right. And you’ll do it miserably because you’re miserable.

They’re absolutely right. What you can do is be happy. What makes you happy? What are your gifts? What are your skills? Look at what you have considered successes throughout your life that have nothing to do with jobs, careers. Look at what has been successful and look to see what was involved. Then talk to people who do those sorts of things, but in as many different ways as possible.

Shall I try to make that a little clearer? There are so many ways to teach, for instance. It might be a school teacher, and then there are a lot of versions of that. It might be what?

[. . .]

S: Sure. Or it might be a mother. It might be a doctor, which would be a great stretch, wouldn’t it? It might be . . . and on and on it goes, because you are going to do what gives you successes in everything that you do. So look to see what all the versions are. Look to see what makes you happy. Look at what has made you happy and what was involved in doing it so that you can see if there are skills, talents. Don’t expect that it’s going to be the one thing you do all the rest of your life, but get moving. Do it. Try.

“Will the stock market do well the remainder of the year or not?”

S: Exactly. It’s a function of mass consciousness and so there is no way to say, “Yes, this is what’s going on.” I will tell you this, remember that your world is totally connected, that you cannot have failure in one part of the world that does not touch this. Remember that the European market is coming together in a very strong way, and that as they move toward one currency it is going to have an effect on the dollar being the standard in your world. Remember as well that as Russia and China are making massive moves and changes, particularly Russia, that’s needing massive input of outside money, that your country has a very hard time sustaining other markets that are unstable.

I told a friend at the beginning of this year, if America starts financing Russia’s economy get nervous. So pay attention to that. Hints.

“What was the name of Aknaton’s grandmother who taught something of one god. I can’t read it.”

S: Then try another.

“Could you discuss and elaborate on the spiral work, especially in regard to your reference about the spiral being a way we can come home?”

S: Have we done that?

Kind of, yes.

S: All right. That’s it.

Now I have a couple of questions. Ah, you did not know there was a quiz at the end.

[To Joni.] How was it?

Wonderful. Exhausting. Enlightening. My whole belief system has been challenged. I appreciate your help with it.

S: Joni just returned from Spain and Portugal. It’s a good thing.

Do you have a place in the world that calls you? If you do not, I encourage you to seek one. And if you have one and you have had the opportunity to be there, keep it close to your heart. I do not ever, ever choose to fall into the ideas of doom and gloom, the prophets have said, “This is what is going to happen, and Kentucky will be a coastal state,” and all of that sort of thing.

[. . .]

S: While you have the chance. But as you have heard in so many of the questions this night, individuals are aware that things are moving quickly now. Even when you don’t have a sense of what it is, you are aware that something’s going to happen, aren’t you? And it’s true. I would liken it for you to something like a great cosmic vacuum cleaner that’s been turned on, and you’re beginning to feel the draw of it. Like that? And you feel it.

Having a place in which your soul feels good is really nice for your head, but having a place where your soul is challenged is really nice for your heart. Do not shun opportunities that will allow you to become stronger, to grow and stretch. Do not shun those opportunities that are going to allow you to give love. And you know what I mean about shunning opportunities to give love.

Your world is changing. The planet, which is very alive, is making such rapid change that the massive destruction it is causing is affecting mass consciousness in ways that have not been touched in a very long time. And you are the light. Do you have a place that you can go to here and there to give you time off—not time out; time off? Do you know that you can learn to go there?

Second question I have: how long does it take, how long does it take, for the world to catch up with you? Now, what do I mean by that? You’ve relaxed, you’ve had a good time, you ‘ve gone to the retreat, you’ve been spiritually activated. You’ve had an experience of great love or great enlightenment. How long does it take for the world to take that away from you? You know what I mean. Is it you walk into your home and in the midst of that chaos there it goes? Is it, well, everything’s fine for the first week and then it starts slowly fading away?

I’m going to be very blunt and even cruel, but not without love: because it’s a measure of how much you live by your fear. It’s a measure of the nature of your true relationship with Source and your true ability to function with that in the world. How long does it take is very equal to your belief about your ability to love, your belief that that love makes a difference. It doesn’t have to touch you. It doesn’t have to touch you.

As I have, over these last few weeks, taught so many individuals information about suffering, the suffering that’s in this world and what you can do to stop it, the bottom line is, suffering is the result of security issues. Security issues come up because you’ve not accepted and adapted. And here comes the punch, and it’s really slowing things down: Your ability to maintain the consciousness of the love you are is the joy for you and the hope for the world. That simple.

What you allow to take you out of your heart and into your head, what you allow to do that, is what was done to you. When next we’re together, I’m going to talk about getting over it, and I’m going to talk a lot about those issues adults have with childhood stuff that they think they’ve got to work through—I’ll put all you counselors on alert, all right?—because you’re slowing you down, and that’s making you unhappy. And that is worth being unhappy about.

Thank you for this time.

Thank you, Samuel

S: I’m not stuck in it like you are. I wish for you to know the power you are and to embrace it with joy. To know the wisdom that you carry within and that it would be a key to help you unlock the questions you have and show you further doorways to continue unlocking and unlocking for the truest freedom. I wish you love, both received and given, to the point that you are so aware that you are lovable and loving that you don’t doubt it any more. I wish you peace that comes from deep within, safety because you know that you’re only visiting and nothing can hurt you. Harmony which comes from balancing the soul you are with the form you are in the dance this world plays the music for. And I wish you the energy to do it all long enough.

Happy trails.