July 2, 1995

  Samuel: All right. [To three people sitting on the stage:] So practice this one. Gloch … an.


S: Gloch … an.


S: That’s not bad now, is it? Glochan … mora.


S: Mora.


S: Glochanumora.


S: And then you look about and you say, “Greetings.”


S: And you say, “Greetings.”

Greetings, dears.

S: Greetings. Glochanumora.

Greetings. Glochanumora.

S: Because if you’re going to be up here, I think you’ve got to sound Scottish. Don’t you think those are the rules? Isn’t that how it usually works? If you sit up here, aye, you’ve got to roll your words around a bit. And they’re going to roll them around, they might as well do them right. So, you ready?


S: Good. Before we start this night, I don’t want a gift or two, I want a miracle or two. Anybody had a miracle lately? Absolutely. Yes!

I finished my dissertation. I’m done! [Applause]

S: Sic ‘em.


S: And it’s just beginning now, eh? Sic ‘em, love. Sic ‘em good. Aye. Now that’s a miracle and a gift, but that is, after all, what miracles and gifts are, isn’t it? Aye. One more? Aye, dear. We’ve got the miracle twins over here. This side of the room has not had too much of an interesting life lately, but this side seems to have to have a lot going on. Hello, darling.

Hello. After a long, long time, I’m working at a job that I absolutely adore. A new job in a library. And everything along the way has led me to this point. And those are my gifts.

S: Aye. It’s good to be with you. Aye.

Tonight is one of the most delightful opportunities. It’s a chance for us to play a bit. I like to do that, to sort of toy around with language and thought. And hopefully your questions will be such intensely deep ones that I can just make up whatever I want and no one would know the difference anyway, which is most of the fun, also. You know what the rules are, if nobody else knows the answer …

Make it up.

S: You make it up. Aye. That’s what humanity has taught me. And so I have very delightful individuals here who have learned through life the importance of two things: Being able to read and the joy of volunteering. I hope it remains a joy.

So, questions already out and collected and you’ve got them there? Do you have a particular order that you want to do this in?

We haven’t discussed it.

S: All right, let’s do it by birthday order then. Who’s first?

Six twenty-eight, last week.

Halloween, October thirty-first.

Five nine.

S: Aha! Five, six, ten.


S: Aye.

So, first question. Samuel …

S: Aye.

“There must be aspects of Atlantean or Celtic magic that can’t withstand the march of time or their cultures would still exist. Why do you teach this magic, and what are the enduring and non-enduring aspects of this magic?”

S: Don’t you like how you’ve learned to slither in several questions under the guise of there just being one? Isn’t that clever now? However, that particular question is based on a false premise. Anybody got it?

First of all, that stuff has withstood the test of time.

S: Absolutely. It is yet here.

It sometimes changes and transforms into different aspects, but it certainly is still here.

S: Aye. Absolutely. And remembering first that, in the largest picture, nothing’s ever lost—oh, now and again the words are changed to protect the innocent—it comes under the guise of something else you’d think, but truth always stands the tests of time. Well, I suppose that that’s the second presumption in there, that time exists and that something can or cannot withstand the test. Nonetheless, just to hurry this along, particularly the aspects of Celtic as it relates to Atlantean magic that I’m interested in for you, is the manifestation aspect of it. Now, although I have been working to teach you manifestation magic for many, many lessons now, because the cycles are moving back ever in the spiral that they are, because you are moving back to a new sort of beginning, as you ever are, the nature of what the planet is working on now and your ability to use the energy of the planet, now, is higher than it ever has been. Therefore, making use of the magic that makes use of earth is going to stimulate its energy in the very same way that when you’re pleased you feel better and you do more, when you’re using your gifts and abilities, you enjoy doing it more and so you keep doing it. In that very same fashion the earth, therefore, will spiral toward a greater and more quick sacred status. Therefore the energy that is on the planet will move more quickly toward its sacred status, therefore the planet will move more quickly toward its sacred status, and therefore … you get the picture here?

Yes, it is true, I am extremely selfish here. My desire is that the planet and all the life force upon it be experiencing what it is here to do, and in whatever language the expression of those truths can best be heard, I will speak that language. Right now the communication of Atlantis and the manifestation of the Celts seems to ring your bell just right. So there it is.

Very good! [Questioner tosses paper with a flick of wrist] Did not require coaching!

Well this ties right in with that. “Will we see the transition into the sacred status in our lifetime?”

S: Depends on how long you’re going to live.

All right. [Throws question away]

S: All right.

“Samuel, is Shambala an actual geographical location on a map or is it a state of consciousness a person journeys to for enlightenment? A television program on the learning channel did not make it clear in definition.”

S: Shambala is on the learning channel?

We’re closer than you thought.

S: “Shambala is on the same maps that Atlantis is on, and it is a state of great mind.”

Good answer.

This is on TV tonight.

At seven. I’m taping it.

S: Indeed? Old videos, I presume. Home movies?

No, this is a new series on channel eighteen locally. It’s hosted by Sam Waterston. Last week was ancient Egypt and then this week—it’s the Time Life series—is the myth and civilization of Atlantis, and I am taping it.

S: You don’t think that mass consciousness is loosening up a bit, do you? It does sort of seem that maybe…. Next.

“Will you explain what occurs with a portal alignment.”

S: All right. You’ve heard it several times. Who wants to answer that question? Portal alignments. What’s going on here? Does this give you a good hint? [Moves interlocked fingers around] What’s going on here? Somebody. You’ve heard it. You know it. All right.

There’s an energy grid within the planet itself and surrounding the planet.

S: And what does that energy grid tend to be called on the planet, just for want of a better set of labels.

Ley lines.

S: That’s right. Energy points. Ley lines. That’s workable.

And there’s an energy grid that surrounds the earth.

S: And what’s that called?


S: Exactly.

Van Allen Radiation Belt or something.

S: He’s quick. He’s wrong, but he’s quick. Your first answer was right. This one.

And the portals are … they, at a time far, far in the distant past were … instead of being together, they were shifted. And the points where they come back together are portals.

S: Yes, pretty much. Yes, that’s right. And what’s happening?

It makes it possible for more energy to come in as the grid changes, for more light and energy to come in for our use, and for our use on a conscious level.

S: And what does it do to you?

It changes your life.

S: Why?

Because you’re receiving, and for me the receiving has made it absolutely impossible for me not to give back out and to change my perspective on things. My awareness is more clear. My path is more clear. My life and my path have become my focus rather than everything around me, and therefore everything around me has been affected by my focused path.

S: So there is something going on in your life that’s nudging you a bit toward your true self.


S: And it’s not necessarily something that you could specifically say this was the experience that did it, it tends to be a time in which you are finding that by many different experiences you are moving toward your truest self. Pleased with it or not, you are finding yourself being more true to your Self.

And therefore you can fairly well say, Well, since this is the time in which these portals are opening and the energy is aligning differently, then it must be that. That sounds fairly reasonable, doesn’t it? But you be careful, you be real careful giving your power away like that. Believing that some cosmic event can shape you. Now that’s not saying it cannot, is not, will not. It’s just remembering that yours is the power to control how you’re responding to what is going on in your world, and the door could blow off its hinges and not affect you, or it could push you to change your life in a way greater.

These portals are nothing and they are everything. These portals touch you because you’re choosing to be aware to a level of sensitivity that you had not chosen before.

Well, so here is the good news: Everybody out in video land, the portals are all a hoax. Nothing is going on this year. You’ve done it all yourself. That was just in case the ceiling fell in just then. This planet is making remarkable changes in the constructs of government, of finance, of medicine, of what makes you secure. Your belief system about you, about how you function in the world, every bit of that is being challenged. And if you are one that is going to choose to blame it on the cosmos, then you’ve got to accept that there is also help from the cosmos. And I must remind you that if you are not choosing these days to look to your personal power to restructure and recreate your life into being the magnificent being of light and expression of love that you are here to be, then I would encourage you to seek out the highest level of spiritual intervention you can connect with, grabbing the hem of an angel’s robe, so to speak, familiarizing yourself with that connection in order to make use of the only direction you should ever give your power away to, that which is designed to help you.

Be careful with this talk of portals. As much as I give teaching credence to it, I want you to beware of its great danger. It can become an excuse for not drawing strength out chaos.

Lecture over! Next.

“With all the energy changes and influences on the planet and hence on us this year, I’m curious as to exactly how this affects our physical human form. I have read that the increased energy has something to do with reconnecting the other ten strands of DNA in our bodies, making us have a full complement of twelve, rather than just two strands. Would you comment on this please?”

S: Is laughter a comment?


S: [Laughs] Not in your life, that’s a better answer.


S: Good try. Good try.

Next. “I know you’ve spoken of this before, but will you please explain why some families are together for many lifetimes, and more specifically why our children have chosen us as parents … why our children chose us as parents.”

S: All of you who chose your parents—and you know because you’re at an age now where you can be aware of what that means, and you’re able to look back and get an understanding of what that might have given you—you’re able to see in a greater plan how it is that a child, of course, chooses the parents if for no other reason than simply the age difference. Somebody got there first. Putting aside the constant need for the rest of your life to give you lessons in forgiveness and acceptance, tell me why did you choose your parents?

I think I chose my parents because they allowed me freedoms to develop my own spirituality without putting me into a peg, and so I’ve had a lot of space and freedom in that, and also in a very chaotic sort of world I was given some very good seed essences from my parents.

S: Does it makes sense that a being of power and light would choose, as Donna did, a family that would allow her spiritual freedom? However, that is not always the case. Some of you are beings of great power and light who were reared by individuals who did not give much spiritual freedom. Why would one make a choice such as that? Just the other side of it. Why?


To learn your lessons.

S: Challenge. Lessons. Independence. To get out of it. To gain the strength of it. Both answers are the same, the situations are totally different.

Also, they have to learn. Well, they very often learn to change.

S: They which?

Your parents.

S: Yes. Yes.

And if not, then …

S: Then you have lessons on you do not make someone else suffer.

Well, you can just learn how just to love them just the way they are …

S: Aye, yes indeed.


S: A child chooses parents because the genetic structure is needed. A spirit chooses spiritual guidance for the empowerment they are going to receive. You chose your parents for the vessel and the push. What you did with what you got has a whole lot to do with where you are right now. And that’s a whole lot of lessons right there.

There was more to that. Where did it go? A little too eager with the ball, I don’t doubt. [Paper had already been tossed]

Let’s see. Let’s see … “why some families are together for many lifetimes.”

S: They’re not. You’re right. Ball it up, send it on. You choose lessons, except for the child choosing the parent, and once you have experienced what is needed out of a specific form of relationship, the nature of the relationship is not needed to be repeated. Therefore you may choose [in] this life, but you may have been chosen [in the] last one. And once that has been experienced, it’s more likely you are going to be looking into different directions for the nature of your lessons. What happens when you have two frequencies very close together, kept together for a very long time. What happens?

They become the same.

S: That’s right. They become an old married couple. That’s exactly what happens. And so it’s one of those past life myths that has to do with a very poor understanding of karma that says family groups stay together for a long period of time, unless you’re talking about the sort of family group that you create like here, because many of you have been together in many different guises for many different reasons. All right.

“Samuel, in the past you have made reference to our sacred service. You said that most of us would not do our sacred service. Please discuss what it is, give some examples and explain why some will and others won’t perform this sacred service.”

S: Once upon a time I was sitting in David and Paula’s living room and I was giving a talk to a remarkable group of Warriors. A remarkable group. And I made the comment that, for the most part, individuals tended to be sheep, and that in fact in that room there were very many sheep. And a particularly delightful friend of mine—it was Patricia—said, Samuel what exactly is it that you mean by sheep? And I said, stupid herd animals. Do you remember that, dear?


S: And the room got very quiet. I said that as a prelude to this, and this is a particularly serious answer to something that could be made frivolous and easy and just a pat on the head, but I don’t want to insult that powerful question with that.

There are no coincidences in your life. And whether you want to follow the easy out and call it fate and give your power away that way, or if you would like to say that you have put your whole life into the hands of a higher power and, even as lovely as that is, again give your power away. No matter how you wish to whitewash it, there is a part of you—or sweet love you would not be here; you had a lot of choices in your life and a good amount of those today as to what you were going to do with your night—you would not be here if there were not a part of you seeking more. I am not here to wake the world up—been there, done that—and my work does not draw babies. My work is with those who have a very powerful spiritual connection and—forgive me for being so blunt—therefore a somewhat flawed physical one. Here is my example. Thank you, darling. All right, hand me your feet. Here is my example. What’s my point.

The shoe won’t fit.

Too small.

Just doesn’t quite fit.

S: Why?

There’s more of her than there is shoe.

S: It’s a foot I love, darling, but it doesn’t fit this shoe. And the point being in regard to you, because the nature of the spirit you are, the reason why you get bored with life, the part of you that doesn’t quite fit, but still, still has the lack of grace to get angry about not fitting, that spirit is often too big for the body. Oh I don’t mean the actual physical body that you’re using, but the body of the life that you’re here living now.

This planet is on the edge of a new morning, and those who have come to pioneer that new day are not very patient with the last vestiges of night. And it’s that spirit seeking out like, familiar energy (and you could tell some pretty good stories about that seeking. I’ve laughed at a lot of them already.) that has brought you to a point where you are aware, awake and have glimpses of being more alive than you ever have been. That is what this time is about. That is what this work is about. That is what you are about. And that whole search of more and of home opens the door to your sacred service. Sacred service meaning the cloak you have chosen to wear to allow you to function in this world. The cloak is made of love, meaning that the bottom line: anything you do out of love is an act of sacred service, but it is woven every day, longer and stronger, out of your conscious acts of love. And frankly speaking, some of your sweaters have fairly large holes in them. And some of you are wearing stunningly gorgeous long robes.

To consciously choose an act of love over unconsciousness, over habit usually based in the fear of growing up in a body that doesn’t know how to act, that isn’t enough for the spirit you are, choosing to act consciously is the hard part. To follow it through, to have completions, to turn around your idea of success, to become something more than survival, is too big a risk for most, and the most risk to those who believe that they have the most to lose. And for those individuals that are so insecure in their power of spirit that they must take refuge in the power of form, these individuals tend to live their lives feeling always the slightest bit separated and the largest amount guilty and therefore unable to truly function. Beings of great and powerful spirit coming here now do their best work in spite of themselves, and most will choose not to move out of the comfort zone of familiarity, perhaps because the nature of that power bleeds into, now and again, a remembrance that certainly, as far as the earth is speaking, power can be misused, and you’d rather not use power than risk misusing it. That it might set you out from the crowd, that somebody might think too much or too little of you. Most individuals have forgotten on purpose. That’s why.

All right.

“If there is not to be a second coming of Christ in the sense that He first appeared, will there be a second coming in the sense that we will all eventually reach sacred status, which will result in the return of the cosmic Christ in principle and practice?”

S: Yes. Very good. Next.

“Please explain the terms sympathetic magic. What does it mean?”

S: All right, somebody, explain that. It means that somebody has done a great and remarkable feat of illusion and everybody who has felt that they have experienced the illusion feels drawn to it. Right? That is sympathetic magic? I thought it was good. Perhaps it’s that the magic did not work and everybody feels sorry for the magician, and therefore that is sympathetic magic. Is that it? What is it? What is sympathetic magic? Two workshops in a row, now. What it is?

It is using what is like.

S: Yes.

It’s like attracting like. Using what you know to bring to you what you want.

S: Exactly. Like attracting like. Using what you know to create a like connection to it to bring to you what you want. Absolutely. Dee and Bonnie and Cathy, will you stand up? All right somebody, tell me what is like between Bonnie and the two of them.

They are all women.

S: That works. That’s a like. That’s a first easy connection of like there. If all else fails they can be women based on that one. That’s good. That’s good. What else?

They are all wearing clothes.

S: They are all wearing clothes, so they are women wearing clothes. A lot of you are disappointed.

They’re all wearing blue.

S: And much of it is in the shade of blue, so you can get even more specific and find even more connections. Very good. Can you go farther than that?

They’re all here.

S: They’re all here.

And they all belong to Phoenix.

S: And they’re all working in the midst of Phoenix. Good, that’s working. You are looking to find what is like, rather than what is not like. Tell me a couple of things that are not like about them.



S: Good try, love. Height. Age. Hairstyles.

Different professions.

S: Different professions.


S: Within this world—thank you, dear ones, you’re doing very good work here—within this world one of the easiest things that there is to do is to find what is not like. One of the most powerful things that there is to do is to open your arms and find what is like. Love includes.

Sympathetic magic is the ability, by knowing yourself so well that you are able to see the like in what it is you want, therefore be able to claim it as you and manifest it. That’s it.

“Samuel, if we asked a specific spirit to come to us for help, will they come?”

S: [Long pause] Now, why am I hesitating here? Because the key words in that question are “if you ask,” because what will come is like to you. Therefore if upon first awakening into spirit awareness you put out for the thirty-second degree spirit energy within the lords of manifestation and form to come to you, you’re not likely to get the whole picture. You will get what you’re able to deal with.

However, big picture. Spirit energy is so much more than the small slice of it you’re able to relate to at any level of growth that it is no small skin off of its non-existent nose to give a projection that you can relate to. But to say that is the fullness and glory of that energy—no. Not until you are at the fullness and glory of your energy.

“How do you increase the quality, clarity and productivity of your dream state when you are wanting to use them as tools for growth and information, etc?”

S: Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. You keep a dream journal. It sounds basic. You’ve heard it over and over and over, but you’ve got to convince your outside mind not to cover up the good stuff. Bottom line, that’s what it does. You’ve got so much processing from the intense amount of information that comes into you every day, in every way, you’re letting it know that you’re wanting to learn specifically from the processing that comes at your deepest dream states as a trained process. You’re letting it know, night by night by night, that you’re serious about this. You’re really looking to it. A dream journal simply is keeping by your bed something with which you can write so that, when you wake up, whatever it is that you remember, you write down, even if it’s nothing. “I remember nothing.” You write, “I remember nothing,” three, four, five, seven nights and pretty soon “I remember colors and I woke up sort of agitated.” Well, before you know it you finally hit that key and open that door, and pretty soon—and those of you that know it’s true raise your hand—you’re writing pages wishing that your dreams weren’t quite so long and obvious to you. Your dreams are a remarkable key if you know you. Know thyself, my friend. Good.

“How does toning affect the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, and where do the tones being used in the Tracks program come from?”

S: Anybody been to a really stunning rock concert? Any of you Grateful Dead fans? Dead Heads here? Is Dead Heads, eh? It’s everybody. Where the music is touching your heart and your feet and your hands and your body. Aye? Where your whole self is really getting into it. That is what toning does to the physical body. But tones that are specifically tuned over a long period of time, both out of an ancient beginning, but moved as the human body has moved—so they’re very, very new and very, very old—these tones also have that same effect. It’s rather a spiritual rock concert for yourself, because it’s allowing your heart to dance, to let go, to free your spirit, to relax. All right. That was just for you, Frank.

Long one. “Samuel, it has taken me about forty years in this lifetime to truly awaken to the spirit that I am. Is it likely and typical that on my return to form again that I will choose a family and environment that will allow and encourage that awakening at an earlier age? Is awakening at an earlier chronological age consistent with greater evolutionary development?”

S: First, again, I have a great disagreement with that particular statement. There is a very big difference between awakening and awareness of awakening and satisfaction with the awareness. Those are three very difference steps. An individual who comes here in power is likely to have awakening within those first—I’ll give it as far as seven—years, [more] likely two or three. And those of you who can remember your own past or who have children—what’s happening when a child’s two or three? They’re getting very independent, aren’t they? Thinking for themselves and wanting to know their own heart. Spiritual children at that point often begin asking some really interesting and outrageous questions. [End of tape] … been developing some really interesting personal beliefs, you’ve seen it. Awareness will often show itself up in the late tweens … tweens?


S: … teens. In the late tweens—that works, that works. Again, another form of independence in this society. [In] some societies that might be earlier tweens, but in this society it tends to be late. It’s another point for independence. Getting a sort of a rhythm here? And the satisfaction with that awareness, with that awakening, is not unusual for it to be yet another ten, and sometimes as much as twenty, sometimes even further along than that. But that has to do with a life wisely lived, and however long it takes for you to reach a point where you are grateful for what you’ve experienced, there you become satisfied with your awareness and accepting of your awakening. It has much less to do with whom you choose to live with than with how you choose to live. More.

This is a very interesting question.

S: Aren’t they all?

Yes, but this one … the way it’s written. “Dear Samuel, am I really this damn lazy or am I afraid of my own success if I ever truly apply myself? Just dreaming about things doesn’t seem to be manifesting them. What’s next in this process?”

S: Everybody here who wrote that one, go ahead, ‘fess up, raise your hands. I love that honesty, isn’t it nice. But you could tell by that sort of nervous shifting at hearing it that so many in here could relate to that. Am I really that lazy? Let’s read it again, bit by bit.

“Dear Samuel …”

S: Thank you very much.

“… am I really this damn lazy or am I afraid of my own success if I ever truly apply myself.”

S: “Am I really this lazy or am I afraid of my success?” Both. Yes. Yes. As long as you’re afraid of the unknown, of you, then you’re going to look for excuses to not act. It’s that simple.

A soapbox that you’re going to find me on in the second half of this year has very much to do with that blessed honesty—am I really this damn lazy? Because the truth of it is so many of you have had it so easy that you become absolute babies when you don’t get it your way. “Oh Samuel, not me. I’ve not had it easy. I’ve had a really hard life. I’ve had it tough every turn. I’ve had it….” Give me a break. You couldn’t ask me that question if that were true. You’ve not had it hard. Oh, you might have been somewhat challenged, but you are way too protected, way too protected to experience, even in the greatest of difficulties, to experience great, wrenching poverty or a lack or difficulty. And as much pain and suffering as so many of you have indeed—I’ll used the word suffered—in your life, I have seen you turn it about and spin gold out of that dirt, because there is a part of you that is so much more. No. It’s more often that you’ve had it too easy too long and you don’t know how to fight, but you’re really good at whining.

And the next part of that was?

“Just dreaming about things doesn’t seem to be manifesting them. What’s next in this process?”

S: And indeed this one should be framed, because this is the pathway to power. What is it about this that is the pathway to power? Of moving out of that sick space. What is it?



Having a dream.

S: It’s awareness. It’s awareness. It’s saying, all right, something’s not right. I want more. And maybe it’s me. What can I do? That is a masterful step into power. [In a whiny voice] It’s my parents. It’s my upbringing. It’s the poverty I’ve had to endure for so long. It’s all of the difficulties that I’ve had all of my life, because I’m such a weasely little thing, and I’ve never been able to manage socially or financially or in my love life or … give me more here.


S: It’s the portals! It’s the pressure that I keep getting from Samiel to be the best that I can be. Yes, indeed. And when you move out of that to, “All right, I’ll change. What can I do?” that’s a huge step.

Awareness is the end of a thing, not the beginning. It’s just a tiny leap to the end from that point. All of the rest of life, all of the rest of life is reaching the point where you can have awareness with gratitude and grace. All right.

“Samuel, have we stopped a lot of the tremendous weather and earth changes?”

S: No.

Okay. “And are things getting better?”

S: Yes.


S: Of course my standards tend to be just a bit different than yours, but I’ll hold to it.

“Samuel, what is the difference between being a Shining One and acting as a Shining One?”

S: Wanting and doing.

The same as that other question.

S: Often is. Aye. And that was a very big answer, by the way. Aye.

“Are the use of anti-depression and/or anti-anxiety medications impediments to the spiritual journey, aids to the spiritual journey or simply inconsequential in that respect? What is the role of our increasing ability to control moods through chemical alteration?”

S: You know the whole nature of the biochemical system within the body is to chemically alter the way that you handle your moods. Moods are the result of your biochemistry. Now, what is the work of a band-aid when you have cut your leg?

Helps it to heal.

Stops bleeding.

S: All right. Maybe it does nothing else but cover it up so you don’t look at it and panic any longer and get your immune system in a tizzy so that it’s no longer putting out good healing. I have no issue at all with properly supervised—and that’s a key there—properly supervised chemical help to your body, be it an antibiotic because you have a bacteria within your body, be it whatever that stuff is to take care of allergy problems so that you can breathe, which is a very pleasant way of being able to function in the world, don’t you think? It helps a bit. Or be it a boost to the body’s biochemical system to get over the rock that’s holding you so far down that you can’t climb out any longer, and it happens.

Some individuals believe that if a little is good, more must be better and therefore seek out a chemist, doctor, whatever, who will just keep them installed in the medication and their body never has to learn how to get back to normal again. That’s not what I’m talking about. Wise use is an act of wisdom. And at this time when there is so much more beating upon your mind and your body, the stresses of the air you breathe, the responsibilities of the life that you lead, sometimes you need help. And when that help is more than every bit of spiritual work that you know how to do and it’s not enough because the physical body is fighting so hard against the mental and the spiritual things that you are doing, get help. Use what’s available. You came into this time with this technology for a reason: not to prove that you can go back two hundred years, but to be bridge into the future. Medication is not a means of escaping your humanity, nor of enhancing it; it’s a means of filling a gap until you can continue doing it on your own again. Make use when you need.

Samuel, could I ask along with that question, what is it about Prozac? It just seems to be the current wonder drug. Does it have a basis in some other …?

S: Only because it does allow the body to function, even momentarily, it does allow the body to function with enough of a semblance of a balance that you can think again, that you can separate again. That makes a large difference. It’s not Prozac, it’s that nature of drug itself.

All right. Who’s next?

“Having just seen the movie Apollo 13, what is the significance of the U.S. space program? Are we really, in terms of mass consciousness, to go forward with this in unity and cooperation with other countries, or will it not be successful until we are?”

S: All right, this is a great secret. It’s very important that you be very, very careful not to let this information get out of these walls, all right? The purpose—and some of you that have heard me speak in question and answers before may be able to remember what I’m talking about here—but the whole purpose of the U. S. space program is to find Amelia Earhart. [Laughter] All right. Next!

[Pause] Don’t you remember, she got sucked up by a space ship.

I know. “Tell us about the year 2000.”

S: It has three zero’s, has a two in front of it. It’s not the change of your century, although you might think it is, but that’s sort of a misnomer that has to do with your calendars. It is totally dependent on what you make of your today as to what’s going to happen in 2000.


That answers that. “Since there are seven portals opening this year, does it mean that there will be more or less next year? Please explain.”

S: Next year is not determined—until the year 2000.

Okay. “Samuel, many entities are channeling information concerning the photon belt. Would you please comment on your virgin?”


“When will the earth … [Laughter]”

That, too!

Whoa! Okay.

S: It’s been a long time.

Because it won’t happen again.

S: I wonder what’s on Heidi’s mind these days.

That’s what they call a Freudian slip.

S: And it’s not underwear.

“When will the earth enter it? How long will we be in its effect? What are the ultimate effects of the photon belt on the earth and humanity?”

S: What’s the photon belt?

It’s the solar …

I have no clue.

S: It’s the great thing that Apollo wears as he rides his chariot of horses across the sky, eh? I don’t remember it. And, of course, the point that I’m making here is that there is a whole lot of stuff out there based in a certain amount of scientific truth. You have photon belts. Photon belts. What’s a photon belt? You have great changes going on within the nature of your universe that’s no different than the great changes that have been going on regularly in the nature of your universe since its very breath. And if it might cause shock and therefore attention, anything, including a very large ball of gaseous fire, is going to be coming into the pathway of your planet tomorrow. Everybody must be extremely careful about this, because not only is it going to make a massive change in the temperature, it is going to create a very powerful surge in what is going on in the very minute processing of plant life and animal life on its most basic level. It is going to affect humans and in fact, being in it can create damage to your cellular structure … and what am I talking about here?

Sun’s activity.

S: Sunrise. That’s right. Sunrise. That’s it. Depending on how anything is presented, including seven portals in the world this year—aye, I’ve got to make fun of myself—only that, words. You create your future. Your beliefs allow you to function in it happily or unhappily. You be careful who you’re giving your power to. I’m saying that a lot tonight. A whole lot of the stuff that’s out there is designed to help individuals wake up. Once you’re awake, further study sort of makes you laugh. So keep laughing. Keep studying.

More. Got to work very, very quickly. In fact I think we’re probably officially out of time over there, aye? Aye. They’ve both been giving me all sorts of signals like “Stop it will you? Be quiet!” So look through and find your very most important question, and if you don’t have one, we’ll just put it aside, remembering that what’s going to be left here is going to go to the newsletter. Newsletter is going to be creating a box, aye? Correct? A box in which these questions can be put, and any questions that you might have a long time to make sure that in the future newsletters they can be asked of me and put in the newspaper or that they be asked at the next questions and answers as the first bait to start with.

So look through, find the most important. If there’s not one that’s the most important to end with here, then we’ll just save them for the newsletter.

Who’s got one? Absolutely most important. Nay?

They’re pretty much what’s already been asked.

S: All right.

Well, this is a trick question for you. “What additional portals will occur this year, when, and how can we best make use of them?”

S: What additional? Over and above what? Over above what has happened thus far?


S: Aye? Then you’ve got a couple more coming unless mass consciousness does something of great interest. And far be it from me to influence mass consciousness. Maybe just a little.

And the last part of that was?

“When and how can we best make use of them?”

S: The same way that you have been already thus far. Somebody quickly tell me what a bottom line is of what I’ve been saying this night. Most of the questions seem to be weaving in and out of one another, all working together. Had some interesting questions, but what do you see? What’s on your mind? What tends to be on mine? [Sound of watch beeping] Jingle all the way?

Pay attention, be aware and don’t give your power away.

S: Pay attention, be aware, don’t give your power away. I like that.


S: Know yourself, absolutely.

Take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions.

S: Take responsibility for your thoughts as well as your actions, because your thoughts do become your actions. Have you noticed that this is just absolutely remarkable, far-fetched, outrageous teaching that you’d never get anywhere else? It’s truth. It’s truth. It’s given simply. It’s given easily and it fits where you are, who you are, as you are now.

Bottom line.

No excuses.

S: Hmm. Ever. Always. There are a lot of changes going on in this world right now, but there have always been many changes going on in this world. What makes the difference is you. What makes you happy in this world is when you’re choosing to make a difference. That’s how it works. You can do it consciously. You can seek out a path in which by paying attention to your dreams, learning to know yourself, gathering together with others who are doing the same thing, changing your fears into power. Or you can choose to just keep going as you have been. At the very least, what that means is that the Universe will use your energy where you are. I will tell you, so much more can happen when you are choosing to add to it.

You are here on this planet now for a reason, and you know it. And you know it. Your job is to honor that knowing, the very best you can where you are at any given time, with the wisdom and abilities that you have at that moment. That’s all there is.

[To group on stage] Glochanumora.


S: And then you do this. All that I am and all the love that I have is yours.

The Samuelettes.

S: Glochanumora, my friends. May you find that the world is your friend when you most need one, and may you find that you are a friend of the world as it now needs you. This is fun. Let’s do it again. Happy trails. Thank you, my friends.

Thank you.

S: Good, bold, fearless people that you are.