June 5, 1994

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: Very good. Is it good for you these days?

Very good.

S: Aye? Is it? What makes these days so different?

All right. Couple of gifts. Who? Aye.

These last several weeks have been very stressful, and I have been allowing the stresses and hecticness of my life to make me very dysfunctional in a lot of my areas. And last Monday night at our Tracks of Light meeting, in discussing with my triune council, I was reminded how making lists and being organized and doing spiritual work helps. And I started once again, before I went to bed every night, making a list of what I needed to do in the morning, and giving myself time limits for it, and doing my spiritual practice as a priority in my life. And the very first day my life got better, and it’s been good since. It was a gift to remember that all this works, and it makes your life better.

S: Aye. Good work. And does anybody have an awareness of what is actually the most incredible part of the miracle of that story? [Pause] Well, it’s hard to try to answer that one now, isn’t it?

Frank, was it your birthday week?


S: Indeed. Now what are birthday weeks like? You tell me. What are birthday weeks like? What’s going on?

Power week.

S: It’s a power week. Absolutely. What else?

It’s a time of closing your energy down to make new beginnings.

S: Aye.

So things tend to feel a bit compressed.

S: Was that so, dear?


S: Aye, I’m sure it was. Aye, another birthday week there. A lot of things are closing down. A lot of things are finishing up. It’s moving toward a time of power, which is your natal day itself. That’s your time of power. The greatest power that you have in your year that you have nothing to do—functionally, technically I suppose—with making happen. You can have days that are much more powerful, because you wake up in the morning and you say, Today’s going to be a really grand, powerful day! And you can even make that more so than one of your birthdays. But generally speaking, about six weeks before your birthday, your energy’s really winding down, things are closing up. Do you see that happening? Things are ending for you to begin a lot of big innings. That’s a very grand baseball game, eh?

Big innings.

S: Big inning. Are you not awake tonight? Is that it? You’re just not quite awake. So to be able to experience doing something that’s going to allow you to really function at your very best is an act of power allowing you to overcome what generally is a whole lot of confusion. So good for you. That’s especially miraculous.

Somebody give me a gift you got out of that gift. Yes, Mary.

That no matter how long you’ve been doing some of these practices—and I know Frank, through the years, has been practicing these things, and I as well—you get to the point where you think, Now do I still need to do them. And it’s a reminder, yes. You never get to the point where you don’t need to power journal or to do your spiritual practices every day. It’s an ongoing thing, and it changes and evolves. The same technique five years ago is the same technique now, but it’s different.

S: And why is it different?

Because I’m different.

S: Yes! Yes! Very good. Lovely. Very good. How about another gift? Somebody? Another gift. Not a gift off that gift, but a gift. Stephanie.

Yesterday Marj and I were canoeing, and we were learning how to communicate in the canoeing situation, and it was sort of tense. We were friends in the end. And we were recounting it, and we were laughing so hard, we cried. And we finally got down the river. But the gift was that in retrospect many things have happened to us, seeming life-threatening situations that just aren’t. It’s really kind of fun when you look back, and you can see the humor in life. Sometimes you can see it right at the moment. We did laugh a couple of times during it, but it’s harder to do that. Being in the moment, almost doesn’t give you a sense of teamwork, but when you do recap it, you can see the continuum of that moment.

S: Work with me. Tell me the gift here. The gift is …

Is seeing that it was fun and it was exciting, even when you’d think it wasn’t.

S: So perhaps it is a gift of retrospective, because when you’re able to look back on a thing, you’re able to see, first, that you survived, and second, that you learn some good things out of it, and it all worked out all right. And so essentially what she’s saying, is it not, is that the very relief of living is enough to give you a good laugh. You think? And indeed there really is a message in that, because if you can remember that in everything that you do, giving yourself a few moments to just take a glance at what you’ve gained, rather than constantly fearing that it’s going to keep going, you’re not going to be prepared, it’s going to hard—but to allow yourself to move through the moment, the best that you can, even if that is arguing and throwing the paddle at one another. Even if it is that. To move through that moment the best you can, and then allow yourself to take stock and see what you gained. I’m going to make an outrageous statement right here, right now. One of the greatest reasons that you do not continue with your successes is because you do not have the foggiest idea what they are.

The only thing that derives itself as a successful experience in your book, is when there has been the heavens opening up and a great magical experience dumped in your lap, and you could say, Oh that was grand. And you do not allow yourself to recognize the consistent, powerful experiences that make up your day-to-day living on a pathway of light. You’re pretty good at the failings, pretty good at figuring out what did not go the way you wanted it do, but not so good at looking at what did. To give yourself an opportunity to look and say, What’s going on here? What did I gain? You are allowing yourself ultimately the easiest, fastest, most powerful exercise in learning your connection with Source that there is.

Somebody tell me why that’s the easiest, fastest, most powerful way to learn that connection. Why is that? Yes. Wait a minute. You’ve already gone to the head of the class. Tell me. Why? This isn’t hard.

Well, if you can do that, of course you can see that in everything.

S: I’ve done it. I’ve done it already. I can do it again. Absolutely. [Can you] add to that, dearest?

When you can recognize it, you can replicate it, too. And it builds the confidence that, yes, it’s easy.

S: There is good reason that you don’t trust your bond with Source. There is good reason: because you spend less time recognizing your bond with Source than you do making one with your dog or cat or grocery store clerk. You spend more time paying attention to that one, so it is no wonder that you have such a hard time recognizing that the Source really is all around you, and therefore, indeed, is you, because it’s not […] yet. Make it so by paying attention to what works, replicating what works. Recognizing that connection every chance you have, because that works. Indeed. Good work.

Tonight is one of my very favorite sorts of opportunities. It is questions and answers. We should make that one echo. [Repeats with reverb on loudspeaker] Tonight is questions and answers. [Laughter] And what that means essentially is you can ask whatever it is you want to ask, and I’ll answer whatever it is I want to answer. Now, I am believing that there are already some questions up here. However, some of you may not be quite complete in getting yours up here, or you may not have realized that this indeed is question and answer night, or you may just be a bit slow in the writing department. So should you have a question that you want played with this night, I’d like to make sure that you have what you need to get it up here. That means you have a writing implement. Everybody who wants one, has one?

Everyone had a piece of paper and a pencil.

S: Good work. All right. I would like to do something just a little bit different here tonight and that is, Frank being birthday week boy, what I’d really like is the whole triune council to do my questions tonight. Are you willing?


S: Good. Bring a chair. Come up. [Pause while members of audience get up on stage] Is there going to be room for all of you up here. Maybe not. Maybe we’ll just have a little panel down here.

Could do that.

We can sit on the floor.

That’s fine too.

S: Whatever works for you. However, questions like this.

Do you want us to just pass the microphone around?

S: Aye. Will that work for you.

That’ll work fine.

S: Good. In the Tracks of Light program a remarkable thing has happened. Now for those of you who are not aware, what is Tracks of Light?

It’s what angels walk on.

S: It’s what angels walk on is what it is. Kay.

It’s an accelerated program that seems to take quite a few of the teachings and it’s expedited quickly with three people.

S: Good. It’s a means of making so practical that you cannot get away from it any more teachings on how to function at your very best possible level in life. But the magic of them is not that these are necessarily spiritual teachings. For instance, Frank, what did you teach about recently?

Rewiring an electric lamp.

S: There you see. And that is because a very important point for everybody to remember is that there is not a spiritual work for you to do, there is work for you to make spiritual. You get that? In this world there is not a spiritual work. These are the good, spiritual things, and Samiel when I have the opportunity and everything works out, I’m going to just take all of my time and do these good things. And here are the mundane things that I really wish I did not have to spend all of my time doing. No. There is the work that you do in functioning day by day, paddling that canoe, paddling that canoe, paddling that canoe, surviving the rapids of life, and you make it spiritual, because, my dear ones, you are spirit. That’s how it works.

And the program accelerates because it is practical. It’s not that what I’m teaching through it is accelerated. It’s that it accelerates you because you’re doing it. And the group is broken in triune councils, groups of three. One particular triunity has a very interesting task at hand, because they are all born on the very same day which is?

June fourth.

S: June fourth. And here they are, monkey see, monkey do, monkey hear. What is that?

See no evil, do no evil, hear no evil.

S: That’s the one. Say it again.

See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil.

S: There you go, that’s it.

So, first thing that you’ve got to know is that there is a particular flair to doing this. Paula and Martin both know what this flair is. They have spent a very long time learning to perfect it. If it is necessary, I will let you know what it is. Who’s first? All right.

“Is Source energy light, or is it stepped down to become light? Please explain.”

S: Good. That’s actually a very interesting question. “Is Source energy light or is it stepped down to become light? Please explain.”

In this dimension, Source energy is light. And it is stepped down to show itself up as light. But what does that mean. First, let’s work on breaking this down into parts.

Source energy. How far is this question really going? Source energy. What is Source energy? I want to point out that what was not asked here—even if it is what was meant—is, Is Source light? Now, what is Source energy? Somebody?

The creative aspect of All That Is.

S: Creative aspect of All That Is is energy of the Source. Yes. Absolutely, that is what Source is. The creative aspect. What does that mean? The creative aspect?

Everything seen and unseen.

S: Everything seen and unseen. What is creative aspect? This is not hard. Come now. Creative. What’s creative?


Is it thought?

S: Yes, it is will. Yes, it is thought.

The active part.

S: The active part. It is this. Look at this. [Pointing to flower arrangement on stage] Do they grow this way?


S: They are clipped and put together this way by somebody who is using creative energy. You are a microcosm. You express that same thing that the Source expresses. What is Donna doing when she does this creative thing. She is using a gift she has to please and make something lovely. To please herself. To please others. That’s the ideal sort of situation, isn’t it? When you are doing something creative. You like doing for yourself. By all means you will do it for yourself, but you like doing it where others can watch too, don’t you? You like being good enough that others can see it, too.

Kathleen, darling, why are your pictures out here? Why are your paintings out here?

On view for others.

S: Aye. You’ve got a room full of them, but it’s really nice allowing others to see a part of your creative process. You are a microcosm. What you experience is also what Source, on a much larger scale, also experiences. It is the creative aspect of All That Is. More commonly to mind thought of as God, or even further back the line, Goddess. The creative aspect of All That Is, meaning that which wants to be—forgive me for making this so simple—that which wants to be used to the highest possible capacity in a way that is going to delight itself and others.

All right. Still with me? Next part of this.

Kathleen is going to make a painting, but she’s going to do something new this time. She’s going to paint it totally in the infra-red scale. Are you going to enjoy seeing that work?


S: No? Why not?

Can’t see it.

S: No. What does that mean she’s doing the work for then?

Insurance. [Laughter]

S: That which sees that end of the scale. So whatever it is that you’re wishing to experience your creative connection with. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to bond with and have a creative mechanism with, you are going to have to do it on a level that is understood by that particular connection, correct? It’s getting easier. You’re making the connection already.

You recognize light as the highest and fastest, right now, of energy. Light. Therefore what better way to be able to organize and work but as light. But any label, any label is a limit. To be light is limited because there is much more than light. In this dimension, however, light is the best and the easiest sort of explanation that there is. The energy the Source uses is light energy, but in the very same way that love is so much more than “let’s go mate,” or that love is so much more than “this hurts me more than it hurts you,” so light as an illustration is so much more than simply the spectrum you see. It is again a microcosmic illustration for a macrocosmic experience. You think that answers that.

All right now, you’ve got to do it. Wait. You toss it [paper with question on it] with great flair. It’s gone. Yes, it’s gone. That’s right. That’s it. Very good.

So, what? Lillibeth is the question goddess tonight?

We can pass it around.

S: I think so.


S: Quick, Frank, will you look through them and make sure that they’re legible and no repeats and so forth.

“What effect, if any, could the comet shower that is to strike Jupiter have on our solar system, and earth in particular.”

S: [Makes a brief blowing sound] Did you get that?


Next question.

S: Did it just knock you over? Next. Good.

Master Samuel.

S: Ooh! Now you see that’s a label and it’s limiting.

“If one chooses to evolve higher spiritually to a level beyond earthly lifetimes, in serving the soul/spirit form, how do we go about setting the rest of this present, human lifetime on a pathway to help this come about, and is it wrong to want to work in this capacity?”

S: Whoa. Do it again.

“If one chooses to evolve higher spiritually …”

S: Hold! If one chooses to evolve higher spiritually. Spiritually you can’t evolve higher. Spiritually you are as high as you can get. Ooh, good stuff. Sorry. Bad joke. However, in so far as the working of the spirit through form and the process of that wheel of experience working to your highest possible potential, which would be therefore spirit as uncovered as possible, that can be done.

“… to a level beyond earthly lifetimes in serving the soul/spirit form, how do we go about setting the rest of this present human lifetime on a pathway to help this come about? And is it wrong to want to work in this capacity?”

S: So what do you do then to get the physical essence absolutely as aligned as possible with that spiritual essence so that the spirit can be as free to function as it possibly can here in this experience, in order to be free from this experience, in order to function on pure spirit level? What can be done to bring that about and is it improper to seek that out?

First thing. Absolutely it’s not improper to seek that out, because you cannot help but do anything but seek that out, because this is not your original form. Your original form is spirit. Colleen.

Well, I don’t know if this is really answering it best, but one of the highest things you can do in form is to express love through that form. To use that form in the … you know, because we are already evolved spiritually, but the challenge is to use the form and to be able to infuse it with spirit so that you can work at the best and express love in whatever way, be it your teachings or some of the stuff that we’re doing. But to be able to express love through that form.

S: Good. So the very first thing to be aware of is that number one on the list is to allow your every working moment in form to be at the very highest level possible. The very highest level of your work in form is expressing love. Guess what, though. It’s not always easy. Anybody here had an opportunity this week to find out that it’s not always easy to express love? Today, maybe even today, have an opportunity to find out it’s not always easy? It’s a conscious act. You must purposefully do it. Anybody find that out today? Anybody here thinking that right now? No, don’t answer that. Because expressing love is what spirit is. It is an expression of love; therefore anything that you can do to get form adapted to that, is going to put it in greater alignment with the spirit self, which is what I’m calling synthesis, but individuated. As long as you are in form, that synthesis is individuated to be you.

You are not human. You are spirit that has temporarily taken a human form. Your understanding, your belief—and I’m not talking belief as in faith, this is true—I mean your knowing of that, that you are spirit eternal. That even the wheel of human experience going ten lifetimes, ten thousand lifetimes, is a temporary small part of your total experience. Your understanding that you are eternal spirit that is temporarily housed in form can absolutely change your whole awareness of what your form is about.

While you are in form the way that you are going to have access to working on a level of pure spirit is twofold. The first one is through that process of individuated synthesis. And the second one is in your dream states, when you are having what I express as true dreams. Real dreams. Your dream states allow you to function at that very high level also. Through individuated synthesis, your spirit functioning with your physical form through positive, consistent access to your—I’m tossing in another airy-fairy phrase here now—your entity. How do you get access to your entity? What the heck is your entity? Somebody. What’s your entity?

Your connection with the Source.

S: It is your absolute connection with Source. Stand up, Lou. My favorite illustration here—come here, darling—Source. This is Source. Source has determined that it is going to project itself into—here Cathy, pop up, grab a hold—it is going to project itself into the world. This particular world is one of them. There are actually many, therefore, Cathy, put out both hands. Lou is Source, Cathy a projection. Look, there are more projections, lots of projections. More than you see. [Laughter] It all comes back to it, doesn’t it?

One particular projection is Cathy. Cathy is entity. A projection of Source is entity. All right? Entity is the one that is going to actually project itself into distinct personalities. Quick, Cynthia, D.C., both of you take one of those hands. Just take the hand. There, that works. That’s good. One has projected to Cynthia. One has projected to D.C. Now, D.C. is a projection of entity. All right Dee, what I want you to do is to let D.C. wrap her arms around you—one arm—wrap it around you. All right. Now projection D.C. has a sort of projection.

All of this is showing something very important. Here it goes. Source projects self, called entity. There is actually quite a bit between here and here, but that’s for a totally different explanation. Entity. Entity projects self—there’s a couple of them going on here, but for this particular one here we will use D.C.—projects self, and it’s what you think of as yourself. D.C. is the soul. Dee is the you. Do you see where D.C.’s hand is wrapped on Dee? This gets complicated, Dee and D.C. You see that. You see that place right there. Pop your hand about, dear. That’s it. You see that place right there? As far as you are concerned that particular place would be what you might think of as your higher self. It’s that innate drive that you cannot get away from, that drives you constantly toward better, good. You do not have to be awakened to have that connection.

Ultimately speaking here, how is it that Dee, you, living in 1994 in the United States—Dee, wave, all right?—how does she connect with Source, here, way back here. How?

Pay attention here. The higher self is like a doorway. That doorway only opens one way. That’s not the best way to say that. That door only allows soul to connect. On awakening soul becomes alert—bounce a bit, dear—soul has become alert, and is able to work … for most people it’s all it needs. For most people this is all they ever get. Their connection with soul is all they ever want, but as Dee consciously does what she can to live to her highest spiritual potential she begins to have greater access.

The next on the trail is access to her entity. All right, bounce, now, you [Cathy], dear. Entity is reached and that means that Dee now has access to all of the information that her entity has through this connection right here.

But there’s more than just this connection, isn’t there? Look, there is another one out there. Look quick. And that projection has a projection which has a projection. And perhaps you might think of those as Cynthia perhaps in a totally other dimension. Maybe one that does not require form and light and sound. And Lillibeth—we’re going to use all of them as if they are different projections there—is perhaps what you would think of as 1492, Lillibeth sailed the ocean blue, eh? Isn’t that how that goes?

Close enough.

S: And so forth. Now, because Dee has reached her entity—now what I want the three of you to do is to fold together just a bit—there is synthesis with individuation. She’s still herself. She’s still in form. She is still this being, unique, working through life. Going to work every day, cursing at the drivers that cut her off, maybe. But also has access to everything the entity has access to, and guess what else the entity has access to?


S: Source. Which also means—stand up, Joyous—the whole convention. Thank you, dear ones, thank you. Very, very good. Thank you. You’re good sports.

So for your path here to be able to move beyond the limitation of form, what should you do? Absolutely synthesize your form with your spirit. So not that you leave here, but that while you are here, you can be working on levels far beyond here by that process up to Source.

Very good. More. Beautiful. Very good.

“What is going to be the result of your work here with this group?”

S: What is going to be the result of my work here with this group. Well, I hope that you will go home and have a good time tonight, and sleep well, and some of you will have a few questions answered. Good. More.

“What is the relationship between angels, entities and extra-terrestrials?”

S: First thing that you ought to know is that you are an extra-terrestrial because you are spirit using form. Extra-terrestrial does not mean alien being from Mars coming to get you to experiment on your body, to look into ears and your nose, and who knows what else.

Second, just to toss out and remind you: Angels are not simply off-worlders. Be not forgetful to entertain a stranger—and there is none stranger than you—sorry! Be not forgetful to entertain a stranger for in so doing, some have entertained an angel unaware. What is that saying?

That the angels walk among us.

S: That the angels walk among you, and you don’t even realize it.

They can take any form.

S: That they take any form. For instance, the grocery clerk. For instance, you. You have within you, as a pure being of Source energy, that same angelic connection. And angel means what? It means messenger. And when you are expressing the love of the Source in this world you are doing angels’ work. Aye.

I’m losing connection with that question. Do it again.

“What is the relationship between angels, entity and extra-terrestrials?”

S: And the entity—which is that being which is not obligated to the wheel of earth experience—is to any of those projections that are learning to connect with its entity self. As you connect with your entity self, you may think of that entity as the same sort of power grid as an angel. Or you may see it in your meditation as some sort of extra-terrestrial. Well, they’re both accurate, but neither one in the sense that the world is wanting to use E.T.’s and angels as something to fear or covet. When the time comes that humanity has a true sense of what you’re really about. When the time comes that you who are awakened are really confident in what you are, that is when using angels as a vehicle for power, or E.T.’s as an excuse for not having any, will come to an end, because it’s you. More.

“What do you mean by ‘The babies being born now are seeded’? Please explain?”

S: I’m going to try to explain this by making a bit of a story as an explanation. Just a very bit of a story, a metaphor, perhaps. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the language here.

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you knew something? It was right on the tip of your tongue. Isn’t that what you say? There it is, it’s right there, but you could not quite get it out. It wasn’t quite there. Aye, you’ve had one of those where you knew that you knew it, but you weren’t exactly sure what it was, and therefore you could not bring it up. All right, that’s one.

Here is another. You watch your dog come into the room, and the dog turns around two or three times, and then lies down. What do you call that?


S: Instinct. It’s just some sort of instinctual thing, and the dog is saying, I’m not sure why I’m doing this, but I’ve got to do it. Both of those are illustrations of having the seed of something in you. A piece of knowledge that you act on without being fully conscious of what it’s there for.

The portal is open, allowing the guardianship access into this world. Does this mean that the guardians, the ring of light surrounding this planet, are leaving their place unattended in order to zap into this teensy-tinesy body and then grow up in this limited form? No, that’s what it pretty well has meant up until now, but that’s not what it means now.

Now what it means is—you, here—is more like this. Those that are going, those gentle little spirits that are going to come into this experience now as the curtain’s opening and the world is making such radical change, get touched with all-knowing, and then set forth. But it’s much more on the surface than yours. Only a small amount of watering will allow it to grow, rather than the two-by-four method that is showing itself to be not very effective.

All right.

“At the Pipestem retreat you said that when we dream, we leave our body. Did I hear that correctly? Where do we go and how often?”

S: At Pipestem I said—and indeed I did—when you dream, you leave your body. Did you hear it correctly? Yes, you did. Where do you go? What does it mean?

You have two sorts of dreams. You have the dreams that I call your real dreams, and that’s what I’m talking about here. And you have the ones that absolutely are not. The ones that are not are where your conscious mind and your unconscious—or subconscious, perhaps you would call it—mind are just trying to get their act together. It’s pulling out of the grand lake of the known and the unknown, and trying to make sense of what your everyday life is, and it’s hopefully reducing a bit of stress.

But you also have those dreams that, when you remember them—when you remember them—it’s like they’re absolutely real, as if you were watching a television show. There is a beginning, there is a middle, there is an end. Perhaps you are the watcher, perhaps you are the participant, but you actually experience emotion. What is it that is going on there? I call it dream school. The easiest way to help your spirit synthesize with your form is when the form has much less input coming at it all the time, where there is not a conscious effort by that form to try to translate everything that is going on, and make sense of it—which is what you’re doing, hopefully, in your waking hours. The easiest way to connect with your spirit to teach it, to help it, is while your body is sleeping, therefore loosening up the strictures.

Where do you go? This is an answer. I’m sorry that it’s going to seem a none-answer. You go home. You go back to your entity self, which is therefore allowing you back into that process of remembering, allowing you to make the connection of understanding from the perspective of all of the projections. You can watch it happening for them, which is you. You can take part in the activity for them, which is you.

Having said that, let me ask you a question. And I’m not going to answer it, I’m just going to tantalize you with it. If in your dream state you are making a connection with your entity and watching or taking part in the experience of another projection—remember, there is no time, no space—does that make you, for instance, one of your other projection’s best friends for that time? The angel that slides into that person’s life, and helps make change and do something? Does that make you, perhaps, the guardian angel for another part of you?


“Where are the rest of the real people, and how will we know if we find them?”

S: Where are the rest of the real people? There are no real people. Really. I’m not real. This isn’t real. You’re not real. Joy is real, she’s the one dreaming all of this. Sorry, dear. You knew it, didn’t you? You’re the only one stuck doing all of this.

I know. It’s the form. I hate it.

S: But in the sense that what is truly being asked there is, How is it you can make that connection with those who are synthesized as you are reaching into that synthesis?—when you get a yellow Volkswagen, it’s all you see on the road, isn’t it? That’s how.

“What will life on earth be like when the planet reaches sacred status?”

S: I’ve answered that question before. Somebody tell me. What will life be like?

We’ll be here.

S: Well, that’s not quite accurate.

We’ll be here in one form or another.

S: I believe that the Bible refers to that time as the Great Millennium, a time of great peace and understanding. The planet becomes absorbed into the Source. That means, baby, you really go home. You see, you can go home again. More.

“If ritual is order, and magic is law, what is balance?”

S: “If ritual is order, and …”

“… magic is law …”

S: “…and magic is law, what is balance?” Ceremony. Well, if you’re going to ask it to me that way, I can answer it that way. And that is absolutely accurate. It is ceremony. That’s profound; don’t miss it.

All right. Next.

“Can sexual preference be a choice after birth?”

S: Oh sure. And it can be before birth, and it can after death. Sure. Absolutely.


“My daughter is having problems in her relationships and her finances. What is the best way we could be of service to her?”

S: Oh, well said. Somebody answer that question for me. First off …

Don’t rescue.

S: Don’t rescue. Vicki dear, now why would you say that? Been there, done that. Aye, I like that. That’s good advice though, don’t rescue. Why not rescue? Why not? Why not rescue?

You are taking away her opportunity to learn.

S: You are taking away—say it again.

You are taking away her opportunity to learn.

S: Her opportunities to learn. That’s true. Why else don’t rescue?

You take on their stuff.

S: You take on their stuff. Have you found that to be so? Isn’t that accurate? The very thing that you spend all of your life keeping from others, means you get to keep it yourself. Stuart.


S: Don’t rescue. That’s good. What else? Relationships … what? Read it.

“My daughter’s having problems in her relationships and her finances.”

S: All right. First thing goes to alert here, what is it? Not myself, my daughter. But you know there’s a real sticky sort of thing that happens in families, isn’t there? You just can’t ever let go, can you? It’s very hard to do, and yet the very first thing that there is to remember is that children choose the parents. You as children chose your parents knowing, coming from a place of full knowing. You chose them knowing that their difficulties or their ease, their awakening or their lack of awakening, their staying together or their—in all probabilities—splitting apart was going to happen and affect you. And the fact is that you conveniently have allowed yourself to forget changes at the awakening process. Another wild statement coming your way. One of the most visible signposts of somebody who is awakened is that they have learned to become responsible for themselves, and are not willing to blame what is outside of them, because they recognize their part, even to a certain amount. It’s what awakening is about. Even to a certain amount beginning to remember their part in making those choices. Or, at the very least, that if they’re doing the best they can, where they are, with what they have, it must mean their parents are, too. It’s a very powerful sign when somebody whom I’m working with lets me know that they are forgiving and letting go of so much of that stuff, because it is a very big leap.

Children choose the parents. Parent, that does not mean you have a break. What that means is you’re responsible for rearing them up the best you can, where you are, with what you have at the moment, and letting go.

“My daughter …”

“… is having problems in her relationships and her finances.”

S: In her relationships and finances. Remember that I have told you over and over and over, there are two major ways that you judge your life. You know what you are doing in your connection with your personal growth and in your connection with Source because of your relationship with others. And one of the greatest, easiest lessons on this society to be your constant whisper, or two-by-four, or four-by-eight, or whatever it happens to be, is finances. Relationship and finances are the two ways for you to learn what it is you’re here to learn. Not just your relationship with your intimate, special other. What’s it called?

Significant other.

S: Significant other. Thank you. Every relationship. And that is because all of your relationships are you and you. Money is you and God. So looking in your life, if you want help your daughter—oh! or yourself—you remember that it all comes down to you and your relationship with that masculine, action access to Source. Relationships are you and you. Money is you and God.

Another time, easily, I can give that in a lot of detail, but ultimately that’s where it comes from. How do you help someone else get it? By your getting it, because what you say never has an effect. And every one of you who is a child knows that you don’t listen to your parent, and everyone of you who is a parent knows that you don’t listen to your child either. They’re not the holy inspiration for you becoming wise, and they think the same thing. Therefore it’s what you do, not what you say. It’s what you do, not what you say. And an amazing thing happens—and Stuart keeps doing this [making signals]—an amazing thing happens when what you do speaks louder than what you say, which it does, but to a positive expression of hope and happiness, they begin coming to you and asking you, What is it you are doing? Help me? I promise you.

The way that you live your life is how you’re teaching others. What are you doing with that? What are you saying with your relationships? What are you saying with your finances? Are you saying that you live in a world of inclusive love, of abundance? Or are you saying only certain people are allowed to be with me, and there’s not a lot of specialness in this life, and there’s not enough for everybody, and you’ve got to work really hard or it’s not going to happen, and even if you do, it’s going to be painful. I think that the expression is, don’t—at least to turn it around a bit—don’t try to get out the mote in somebody else’s eye until you get the one out of your own.

All right. So many questions, so little time. So much fun. Of course Frank will tell you it’s because I do not give short answers to anything. This opens the door for more answers in the newsletter, so do not think that your question will not be answered, because they all will be. Even the ones I just play with.

June is a very important month, my souls. How much time Stuart?

We’re beyond and so …

S: Too late. All right. June is a very important month. It’s the high point of action in a year. It is a power time for every one of you. The energy through this month is the energy of frenzy.

It’s great.

S: It is great.

Feels good.

S: Frenzy, because you can harness it if you will. You can use it rather than be used by it. Always, in everything that you do, you are either in control or being controlled. When you are purposefully working to gain control, you are not in control. This month requires your focus. It requires your organization, and it requires you knowing your vision. Use it. Use it. Frenzy.

All right. Zatit for now? Good to see you, my soul. Happy trails. You did good. You did good, aye. Thank you.