March 13, 2011

David Oldham and Greg Stratton again joined Samuel on the podium to read the questions from the audience and contribute to the dialogue. He refers to them occasionally as “Source”.

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: It’s like the old days, isn’t it? Source Convention while you speak. Aye! We’re going to have a little Source Convention up here, and I think that this time it’s going to be sort of like an interview. You ask the questions, I’ll answer. Occasionally I’ll ask you a question, you’ll answer—who knows? Have you got your wrists limbered up?

Greg: Always.

S: Good, good. [To the audience] So this is not the first Sunday of April, is it? Not actually. But for this purpose it is. So if you were to pretend that it were April, what would this month contain for you?


S: Retreat. Ah, yes! Very good. You’re going to have a whacko retreat this year.

Ending on Easter, too. That’s going to be even more fun for the people coming to Boone Tavern, to have Easter dinner while we’re there.

S: So Easter will also be a part of it.


S: Taxes, yes! Yes! And that’s an important thing to remember. Because when you forget, they come after you. So it’s good for that not to happen.

[. . .]

S: Again?


S: Slowly. Well, eventually they’ll come after you. And eventually, maybe not.

You’re in a time right now in which there’s so much going on insofar as massive, and I mean massive, change. The dynamics of your governments . . . well, no, that’s not correct at all. The dynamics of the people are transforming, and the governments are responding. Some of them are responding with easy change, and some of them are responding with . . . resistance is a very nice word to use. Yes, with resistance. Everything that you do becomes a part of the greater whole. Everything you think, everything you say, everything you do, and of course your intent that makes all of those happen, opens the door for somebody else to do the same thing. That is a warning reminder, because if you’re thinking negative, unloving thoughts, you’re making it that much easier for the world to be in a negative, unloving place. Yes, you matter that much. Yes, you affect this world that much.

What can you be doing to make these transitions easier on the world? Just a few thoughts.

Organization with yourself, and cooperation.

S: Absolutely. As odd as that might sound, the more organized you make yourself be right now, the more organized the changes are as they come about. And you saw that . . . many of you were able to see that with your own brains, your own eyes, watching the television with Egypt’s revolution. I put you on assignment for two weeks of peaceful organization, and you had an amazing, amazing response that you saw change in two days from something harsh to something flowing. So yes, organization.

Getting back up when we’ve fallen down or if we feel like we’ve been knocked down.

S: Yes. It’s not that you fall, it’s not that you got knocked, it’s not that you’ve made a mistake. It’s what happens afterwards. It’s that you get back up and keep going. David.

Using every moment to be consciously aware and send energy and sympathy. Like above, like below. If you’re doing something like taking a bath, you can see that as water acting as it should, calmly going away as opposed to the torrential trouble that we’ve had.

S: Very nice.

Or, every interaction we have with somebody else, we say . . . somebody cuts you off in traffic, you send them love and say, “Just like there should be love in the Middle East.”

S: Yes. Yes. It’s old magic and it still works. Especially by old people. Sorry! I couldn’t resist. Angela.

Being loving to yourself, giving yourself time to relax, and recognize balance and wholeness in your own life.

S: Being loving to yourself. Bringing balance and wholeness into your life, because then you have a world full of people who aware are that one of their options is to be whole and balanced, and to love themselves. What would this world be like if everybody thought first, What’s the most loving thing? It won’t happen if you’re not thinking it yourself.

Well, this is Questions and Answers. I never quite know what’s going to be coming with Questions and Answers, but there are a few rules, and [to Greg and David] one of them is, do not give in to multiple questions. When somebody has written several, pick the one you like the best. That’s the joy of Source, you know, “Hmmm, none of them!” [Laughs] And how are we going to do it, One, Two, One, Two? Who’s One?

Greg: David.

S: He is! All right.

David: Okay. “Samuel, what’s the most important thing a person who is going to India with you in October should be doing between now and then?”

S: Packing. It seems to be all EarthLight’s doing. All right, maybe not that.

I cannot put a “this is the most important.” You’re going to get a small list, sorry. One of them is, get as healthy as you can, because you’ll enjoy any travel a whole lot more if you have the energy to experience it while you’re at your best. So, get as healthy as you can. Eat well, exercise, lot of walking on that trip. You’ve got, what, six months or so, a little more? So you have plenty of time to get in amazing physical shape. But while you’re there, remember the mental-emotional shape as well. India is a country unlike any that you have been to, including China for those of you that went there. And the reason for that is because it’s India, not China. You are going to an area that has not been open to tourists forever and ever and ever, like so many places you’ve been to. You’re going to an area that still has a lot of tribal influence. It’s not even like going to, what do they call it? Lakshmi, I may need you to help me with this. You go to Delhi and then you go to the Taj Mahal, then you go to one other place, Jaipur, all right. The Golden Triangle, which has other meanings other places, right? Golden Triangles? But, you’re going to be seeing a couple of very large cities, but for the most part, you’re going to be in the midst of some of the greenest green you’ve ever seen, more than the forty shades of green of Ireland. You try it.

David: [Imitates Irish brogue]

S: You’re going to see the kind of situations in which a poor infrastructure and economy plus a billion people in just one city—no, not really that bad—with huge amounts of people can do. It is dirtier than you can imagine, poorer than you can imagine, more beautiful than you can imagine, and more powerful than you would ever imagine. It’s living. And part of the work that’s going to be done there is going to be with the plant and the animal kingdoms, with the idea of bringing them up to the next step. And of course that is the area to do that, because it was seeded for the plant and the animal kingdoms. You’re going to be in an amazing, beautiful land, and you must be at your best for it. So of those, there isn’t any one. But to say it generally, be at your best in every way so that you won’t miss anything, so that you can do everything. [David tosses card] Good work!

Greg: “Samuel, I’d like to better understand how Source works as a co-creator with us to help manifest our desires and needs. Please explain Source’s process and any limitations Source has in helping us, and what we can do to be the best co-creator partner with Source.”

S: And which one of those am I answering?

Greg: I guess explain Source’s process and any limitations Source has in helping us.

Like Source has limitations.

S: Or process. The greatest limitation to working with Source to manifest what you need in your life is you. No surprise there, eh? And it’s sad because you know that you are a function of Source in this world, the ambassador, so to speak. You have within you Source; you are Source in this world. And it should be the easiest thing you ever do to co-create with Source, because you do it by bringing the Source of you out into your world. What stops that is you.

The process? Source doesn’t have a process. It has a plan. At its best and highest, here is how it should be: You manifest quickly when you are in line with that best and highest plan; you manifest slowly—maybe not even making it through this life to see it—manifest so slowly when it’s not for your best and highest. That’s not saying it won’t happen, just saying that you’re doing it with very little help.

[Greg flips card] Ooh, he’s better at it than you are.

David: I don’t want to hit him [with the card].

“Samuel, what changes are needed in order to heal the health care delivery system in the United States?”

Don’t get sick.

S: What’s needed? Don’t get sick, Kay says. Become history students. And remember what your country is about and what those before you have fought on for so long to ensure you would have, and let that cause you to stand up and make your voice heard. Making yourself heard can’t be just waving a sign or being a part of a crowd. It needs to be an intelligent, well researched, well presented version of “Here is how I want my elected representatives to vote to represent me,” because that’s how your country works, and the system to change is going to require some laws to change. And it changes fastest when there are large groups of intelligent, slightly rowdy people making sure they’re getting heard. That’s what I would tell you.

Greg: “Samuel, you’re working with us to be able to communicate with the plant and animal kingdoms, and in India we will hopefully activate both those kingdoms. My question is, How do the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms communicate with each other now, and how will the successful work in India affect their inter-kingdom communication?”

S: All right. The mineral kingdom is already where it needs to be, so we’re not talking minerals. It’s plant and animal. And all of this depends . . . there’s not one answer that’s going to fit every bit of that because it’s all very different. Plants tend to communicate by vibration. Not [shaking] vibration like this. Vibration of thought. And it’s measurable. Creatures, whatever they are, when it is outside of their unique pack, tend to communicate through smells—chemical changes—and plants do that as well, but it’s not a communication as much as a thought vibration. With an animal, even your blind nose—that’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? A blind nose—even your blind nose can smell fear. Imagine Noki’s nose smells fear, smells joy, smells where you were before you were here. Smells where you were yesterday, smells what you were doing maybe a week ago. So, the sensory system, particularly smell, is very, very big. But then there are body movements, a lot of body expression. Within a group pack, however, it’s pictures. It’s pictures, but you’ve got to have that commonality for the pictures to mean anything.

So, sensory and pictures, and over all of that for both, frequency, be it thought or be it simply its own vibration out in the world. That’s how.

David: “Samuel, you’ve spoken of the relationship between the sun and earth, and this question is about the moon. What is the moon’s role in this process toward the completion of Sacred Status?”

S: Its job is to run an approximate twenty-eight-day cycle that you will see as full sometimes and gone other times. And it’s a rock. Does it have sacred ensoulment? No, it’s a rock. Does it have a particular part in the plan for the planet itself, because some of the sacred planets, the moons are also sacred? Nope, this one’s a rock.

Greg: “What is the difference in Guardians who have Creator energy and Guardians who have Patterning energy?”

S: Easy. One is a Creator, the other is a Patterner. What does Creator energy do?


S: That is not exactly right. Yes, through Intent and Thought, as the means by which it functions, a Creator establishes. And that’s the end of that sentence. It’s not “It establishes the idea of long pants.” It puts it out there. But a Patterner is a bit more than that. What does a Patterner do?

Works with Word and Deed.

S: Works with Word and Deed to actually create those long pants. And Lilibeth?

It holds that Intent and it holds that pattern that would create that.

S: In the largest view, a Patterner holds the pattern, keeps it stable. On a smaller view, the Patterner, by Word and Deed, is able to be the creative force behind that creation. [Some raise hands.] Why do they think that’s going to work?

David: ”You have stated that with Absorption, humanity will have the capability of functioning in a multidimensional way of life. What is your definition of a multidimensional way of life?”

S: You currently have the ability to shift dimensions, but only in your sleep—when you’re having real dreams. Or occasionally there might be some particular need that would have you . . . I can’t think of any reason why anybody in here would be capable of shifting dimensions at will, so I’m not even going to try to play with that to give you a here-is-what-you-can-do. Right now you can work in another dimension, but for the most part you’re not aware of it. You are not multidimensional because of that. Multidimensional is that point in which you no longer require your physical body to be able to function here and elsewhere. Ultimately you might use time as the example. You like to think of time as a straight line. Here [pointing to his left] is the past, or for you I guess, here [pointing to his right] is the past, and here is where you are now, and then the future. And of course that’s not what it looks like at all. Where was I—in Pittsburgh, was it—where I drew the time? I’ll do it again. You want to see? [Scribbles on paper.]

David: If you sign it, we could probably get some bucks for it. Can everybody see it? It’s beyond Dada.

S: It’s this. And everywhere one of those lines crosses over, when you are no longer limited to your physical form, you connect into that time and that place to help that function of you that is there. That’s what your real dreams do for you. When you’re multidimensional, you choose. You become, by way of not being limited to form, you become the elusive time machine. Tardis, right? The Tardis. Clearly it’s not a very science fiction-y group.

The key is not limited by form. What I see as the most useful aspect of it is when you do not require form in order to work here, help bring about change, which is to say I think it would be really nice if you would get multidimensional before Ascension. Could happen.

Greg: “You’ve agreed that the Guardianship is a representative sample of humanity. Is it also a representative sample of the cosmic hierarchy and energies outside earth?”

S: No. This earth experience is a very small, closed piece of that which goes so far beyond what you can imagine, because it’s beyond mind, that the few that are needed to work in this closed system are not anywhere near the Spirit force beyond this dimension. I hope that made sense.

David: “What connection exists between our frequency seals and the veil. Please explain.”

S: How would you [David] answer that?

David: I probably wouldn’t have asked it.

S: All right. They both have the same purpose, but your frequency seals are not dimension-wide as the veil is. So the frequency seal is to keep your physical experience at a particular level. The veil is to keep all from knowing that there is something behind the curtain. They’re different, but you’re working on a good track there.

Greg: “In Pittsburgh, but not in Lexington, you talked about crystalline seeds—

S: Wait. I’m just not sure I’m going to answer that, like I said in Pittsburgh. Go ahead and ask it.

Greg: “Please elaborate on their function and how to access or utilize them.”

S: Good try; not yet.

David: “You said the Mississippi Dragon has caused the extreme of  xenophobia in this country.”

S: Nooo, it didn’t cause it. It just sort of. . .

David: Exacerbated it.

S: Yes.

David: So the question is, “How will this country move from xenophobia to unity?” That’s fear of foreigners, for anybody that’s not sure of the word.

S: You mean it doesn’t have to do with Xena??? You see more people in here know Xena than they know Tardis. What is this?

[. . .]

I don’t think that that answer requires a whole lot of effort. Based on what I’ve already said tonight in the very first question, answer it for me. The United States is becoming very insular, tied to itself, worried about itself, not so much to others. What can Guardians do to take that a step further?

Look beyond ourselves and help others.

Get out into the world and embrace other people and see the common things we have between us.

S: That’s right. Stop being a hermit on the mountain, in your own little comfy cave. I have heard of “man cave,” yes? You’ve heard of man cave? Well, I think there is a Guardian cave. And it’s time to step out of it, to bring your love into this world. To risk. Risk germs, dirt. Just carry around that little spray bottle of yours. The magic antibacterial spray. Risk not having somebody not smile back at you. Greet, smile anyway. Risk putting your love out so anybody walking in the energy of your passage gets hit smack in the forehead with the love you are. What you do, this world does also. And as you have come to be able to see, most of the time you’re leading the way. Those who function consciously with love, for the purpose of bringing about greater transition at this time—Guardians—lead the way. So lead the way.

Greg: “Please explain the long-term and short-term effect of healing through orgasms and laughter.”

S: Short-term, you have released by far too many chemicals for me to talk about. You’ve released the chemicals that make you feel good, relaxed, be happy, feel pleasure. I mean those enjoyment, pleasure, satisfaction things you don’t tend to feel in your everyday experience. But it also puts into your body a chemistry that provides greater physical/mental/emotional health. It makes you better all around. And note that combo. Orgasms, yes, but laughter! Laughter! Makes you healthier and happier. And better able to function in this world.

Long-term? Think for a moment. You can answer this. If you were healthier and happier, functioning at your best, if you were experiencing pleasure, wholeness, in a nutshell, what would that do to your long-term life? To the world? It’s not happy, satisfied, joy-filled people who hurt other people.

David: “Please explain about the 12-15 dimension of form. Named/categorized and function and purpose.”

S: That constitutes about a week’s worth of teaching.

Greg: “On the Mississippi trip, you said the Brahmaputra was not seeded for human work. What was it seeded for?”

S: I did. It is seeded for the plant and animal kingdoms, so that they might fulfill their function in this world. The reason why they, too, have a spiritual evolution is because they’re beings of spirit, group spirit versus individuation, and can move toward individuation. The work there is to make individuation available.

David: “With all the earth changes in Japan and the world, will the U.S. have earthquakes of these extreme proportions this year?”

S: If you are in the middle of an earthquake, 4.2 can seem horrible. If you are the one sitting across from an 8.9, it doesn’t have the same impact. You are due two very large earthquakes: west coast and the center of country. This year? Well, I can’t tell you. I can tell you it’s due, overdue, and in both of those arenas you’re having thousands of tiny but measurable earth movements of the usual kinds, but it could just as likely be tornadoes and hurricanes. There are so many ways the Earth has to remind you who’s boss. And as long as you need to be reminded—you heard that, right?—then these massive incursions will continue and grow stronger and closer.

Greg: “You mention trusting till it’s broken. What can we do to reestablish it? Four cheeks given and a desire to trust . . .”

S: If there’s a desire to trust, and you are consciously working on your fear, then trust will return. But you must remember that trust is a step-by-step thing. It doesn’t blossom fully ready. Fear is where trust dies. If not trust, it doesn’t say what happened to take it away. Ask what you’re fearing there. “What am I fearing here?” Trust is not nearly as needed as you might think for something to work. The desire for it must be there or the trust never grows. The desire, the intent, the want . . . that’s how you’ll make trust happen. If you don’t have that, you won’t be able to make trust.

David: “You once said there are few root assumptions or givens. Describe what these are.”

S: Root assumptions are primary beliefs in a piece of the creation process. Certain primary beliefs must be in place for the continuation of Thought, Word, and Deed as functions of energy, in order for them to manifest that original Intent. What are they? They are that. Ask it better next time and I’ll answer it better.

Greg: “Please explain the difference between the work being done on the third, seventh, and ninth staircases.”

S: Third, seventh, ninth. All right.

You have, at the third step, major access into what you are ultimately. The seventh step though, opening to the fullness of the blueprint that you are. The ninth opening to the blueprint for this dimension as it effects you. But that being said, then what’s on the seventh? One is specifically you, one is something much larger [that] you’re a piece of. All are ultimately the same because they have to do with a connection into what’s greater, but three different versions of much greater. The only one that’ll do anything for you is the third step. Can’t do anything else until you’ve got that one. You’re just playing a piano with no tune. Where is Jess when you need her? The third is the piano itself. Can’t do anything without it.

David: “Explain the process our beloved dogs and cats go through when they pass on.”

S: I say look around, but you’d have to leave your body for that to work.

Creatures function out of group soul, and that’s a very good thing. All life—with the exception of humans—all creatures function out of group soul. Humans in certain ways function as group soul. Especially eleven-to-fifteen-year-old American schoolchildren. First thing is, it honestly makes a difference to have the exit be with a creature that has been well loved and cared for going in your presence, as opposed to a street dog. A domesticated creature meant to be around humans but becomes wild, or cat, because the advantage of being surrounded in love is the same for those creatures as it is for humans. Easy lift-off. Wild creatures, not meant to be domesticated, have their pack or herd or family and they do the same effect. The creature—the cat, tiger, whatever—might go off to die, but very, very quickly those that have roamed with it find it and, by their presence, help that energy shift.

So this was about your dogs and cats. Ideally, your dog or cat has been with you or, if not with you, in a very near space with an energy that it knows, because that comforts until there is full release. If it’s your creature and the Crystal Palace is a connection for you, then that’s what your creature does as well. That’s why I make jokes about that. But as with any form, there is a period of time required in which the spirit lets go of the body—personality releases from that spirit—and with the creature it doesn’t take the time it does for a human. Depending on where they are in their own spiritual evolution, they might be connected to the wheel of life and return. Not the same type, nicely, but most likely to be, because it’s easier: easier to go from a German shepherd to a poodle than to a fox. It would be very difficult to go from a German shepherd to hyena or kangaroo.

Your creatures remember you because you’re not like most humans. You touch them in a way that causes them to be better for it. Their personalities are stimulated in a way they wouldn’t be otherwise, and it makes that personality strong enough to color that spirit. It is actually possible that your beloved puppy returns acting a whole lot like it did when you knew it before.

Greg: “I trust my husband but I don’t trust business and government. Does that mean I don’t trust myself?”

S: Yes.

David: “Do familiars and temple guard pets have the same processes?”

S: I answer it in the newsletter coming up.

Greg: “Would you please speak in depth on how Guardians can assist transformational changes the planet is going through for life force.”

S: What we’ve discussed thus far about what you do individually.

David “After a human dies, can there be a part of its soul essence or personality essence to communicate with those still on the earth plane while at the same time reincarnated and involved?”

S: Yes.

Greg: “It is often said the physical birth of a child is a miracle. Is spiritual birth a miracle, too. Explain in detail why this is so.”

S: Could you have stopped it? Birth is an amazing process, but not amazing because a being has reproduced. All life does that, and you have your unique way of doing it. But you and the dogs and the corn all reproduce. Sorry.

However, the miracle is that that life grows within your body that is capable of adjusting and nourishing that odd couple of cells until it is a living reproduction of human or cat or dog that grows up thinking like its parents, with behaviors, body movements—it’s amazing. But to get there, it’s all about the miracle of form. It’s nothing until the miracle of spirit has touched it. That what you are can take on a body and pretend to be who you are is amazing. That what you are wakes up inside that body and says, “There’s more than this. I have a purpose here. I am more than this.” That spirit wakes up having been everything but held down with rocks under water so that you come to be what you truly are—one who says “Yes,” one who remembers that connection to Source, one who knows how to love and does so by choice—that’s a miracle, one that never fails to pull my heart apart with the joy of it. Because you don’t always do the human thing, save yourself and say no. Take the easy way and say no. You say yes.

S: Two quick ones

David: “Why do you refer to Lea as ‘Form” but call us by name.”

S: I never call you by name and you’re lucky when I call you by what you think your name is. I guess it could sound perhaps as though I didn’t respect the great gift I have been given to use this body as I do. It’s not that, because I do respect it—and her—tremendously. But when I am here, she is mostly not. I am using a bag of bones. It’s a form. And when I make reference to the form, I don’t want you getting confused by that, because it’s just the form. Better to think of it as the body.

Greg: Cell phones and radiation.

S: Don’t use Bluetooth, either, [although] they’re shielded better than your phones, and that helps.

Leftovers to Paula and David.

Oh, you guys are so good! I enjoy sharing the time up here with you. You get the pace, what I’m doing. I love Q-and-A because I get to play all I want while pretending I’m answering it.

It’s an important time in your life. Please remember: What the world needs from you right now is to make the path easier for yourself and others. It’s an amazing time. Remember that amongst the things I said is, remember to stop being that monk on a mountain hiding away. Come out and play. Remember to laugh. And yes, have a few orgasms, too. This world has never needed you more. It’s such a wonderful time, and I am so grateful to be sharing it with you. Thank you for this.