July 4, 2010

  Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: This is your country’s birthday, yes?


S: Sort of, more or less. So I want to take a moment for you to tell me what you have done for your country lately. What gift have you done to make it better and brighter?

Since I have been home-bound so much recently, I have probably become over-involved in the C-Span hearings with the Senate and the House of Representatives hearings, I have become a little more knowledgeable with the issues and I have been putting my two cents in by signing petitions that are on the Internet.

S: Good, good. More, aye.

I’m on PieHeart, so I get an e-mail saying when new intentions are up, and so I read through them and send them energy.

S: Good. Will you explain a bit about what PieHeart is for those that don’t know it. And, if you would, how hard is it to get involved.

It’s extremely difficult to get involved. I think you have to go to a website and sign up.

S: You just have to get on a mailing list, that’s it.

That’s it. And thanks for the weekly reminders, because that is very helpful to me. So you go there and you click on the pie and it’ll give you the current week’s intentions. Are they intentions?


Focus, thank you. And there are always three of them, and they are always geared toward making the United States a better place on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a little different than the OneHeart, and there’s a good number of people signed up. And it’s effective.

S: It’s based on the power out of common thought, common intent, working together with others to bring about a specific focus. And it’s not just the United States. Sometimes it’s a weather event that’s happened in the world causing trouble. Sometimes it’s another country, what’s going on in that country—directed focus to Israel or things along those lines. Whatever needs the help of those who do magic with their thoughts? That’s what PieHeart is for. And like David said, it’s pretty easy to get involved, and they will send you emails to remind you to put out that energy. It’s really pretty simple.

I thought I would stick that commercial in because it’s such an important thing and that is a very powerful act for that birthday.

Heidi, Gwendolyn, Mary, nope, not Mary.

Like many people, I think at Phoenix, my little piece of earth is very loved, between the critters that come to my backyard and the tomato plants that are bushier and producing. And I have had an interaction with the animals. Jeanean always giggles when we have tonings because she sits and looks at the bunnies and squirrels and the birds, and they give so much to me. But in that I feel that I give a lot to the earth and to the critters.

S: A lot to the critters: herbs, tomatoes. Nice.

Some time back I very often re-read the Phoenix Rising, and in this one there was a Samuel quote I have made a part of my meditations or when it seems like the energy should go out. I have put it in the circle many times and it is, “May the political leaders in this world be filled with light and conscientious compassion and awareness. May the love that is the moving force in this world be made known to them in five thousand ways.” I think it is a very powerful thought to send out to the leaders in the world.

S: Thank you for doing that. Aye, just vaguely familiar, just vaguely familiar. Wise though. Quite a blessing. If you were thinking about independence—not at this moment—what would be your definition? How would you be defining that independence?

I think that it is a gift of responsibility

S: Good.

That if you are going to be independent, then be prepared to be responsible. But I think that it is an incredible gift. If everyone got on that band wagon, we would not be dealing with any problems.

S: Gwendolyn was right at my point pretty fast, so I’ll just go right on with it. Most people think of independence as something that you have from something else—independence from tyranny—but that’s incorrect. It’s something for: independence for using your gifts to serve this world, this country, your friends and neighbors.

America is a being made up, strengthened by, and weakened by its millions of parts. America is a being made up of you and you, and you and you, and it requires—requires—your independence so that you will be as clear and strong, love-filled and powerful as you can be to be a leader on this planet. But you know what happens if you leave the leading to just a few; then those few take on a power that too quickly becomes power over.

My Independence Day message is pretty short and sweet. It simply is: you lead—and this country needs leaders—you lead by your example; you lead because of your intent; and your leadership is changing this world. Do not leave things to the elected leaders. Remember your responsibility as an individual leader. It’s a vital part of what makes this country so special, so powerful.

I was recently told that I had not had a question-and-answer night in quite a while. I love questions and answers; it’s one of the most fun things we do, so immediately I hopped right up and said, “Oh good, let’s have questions and answers Sunday night.” Naturally, Stuart perhaps said, “Oh no, it’s Independence Day,” and I said, “Do not worry. I’ll get it in,” and there, I got it in; you got it.

So, now let’s have fun. Tonight, functioning as Source, we have David Thomson. David Thomson who has been the treasurer of Phoenix for quite some time, I think he said to me twenty years or more?

David: Fifteen.

S: Fifteen, eh? And is also the co-editor and pretty much the creative process of the newsletter, has been director of the Task Forces group, and a very loving and important part of this organization for many, many years. Very good Source indeed.

And this came up because there were a couple of questions left over out of the Responds section out of the interview that we were having, so I asked David, let’s start with those, while the group thinks of their own questions and then he will point and you will shoot. Shall we go?

David: Sure.

S: All right.

David: “At the most recent Lifescapes in Lexington, you were concerned about the abuse of power you were seeing among Guardians. What improvements have you seen in that since that workshop, if any?” [Samuel pauses.] Stumper, huh?

S: I’m not wanting to be very discouraging right off the bat, so I am trying to come up with a nice way of saying that of course I am seeing change, but do I think that it is enough? As a group, you make miracles happen and when you are together, you respond differently; you are different. It’s when you’re away, knocked over the head by work or some difficulty going on in your life, and it’s not so easy to maintain that group conscientiousness as an individual. That does not mean that there are not changes being made; that does not mean that things aren’t better.

Changes are being made and things are better, but I believe that you forget or maybe don’t know, how important you are in this world and how needed you are in this world, and how vital your loving intent and thoughts and words and deeds are. Falling into the routine of everyday life, and forgetting that you are here to change this world for the better, and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the short term, because all there is is the best you can be in this moment right now, and that creates the needed long term, and that’s the nicest I can answer that right now.

David: “You spoke recently about greed. But I’m not sure I really understood what you were saying. Please define it again and give some examples about how it is harming the world and tell us what we Guardians can do about it.”

S: From the Retreat, where I spoke about greed, I was making the point that greed is a stumbling block, a Guardian failure, but a world failure, a power failure. It’s probably the basis of most any problem you are dealing with, but it’s not necessarily the huge corporate greed; it’s the minute greed. What am I talking about? What am I talking about when I am talking about greed?

It’s fearing lack: lack of attention, lack of guacamole dip, lack of—you know—lack of control.

S: It’s based in a fear of not having, whether it’s guacamole dip, control, money. Frank?

It’s also the striving to accumulate things that you want but you don’t need.

S: Greed causes you to load up your life with stuff. Tell me two things that people can load up their life with that can be detrimental.

What I was thinking of with this is that I’ve not been feeling well digestively for three to four months now. Because of that, I have been loading myself up on foods that I think will make me feel better, even when I am not hungry, and so I am focused on what I am wanting to feel better rather than just living my life and letting that be a side aspect instead of the focus of my life. So, it has become a greed for dealing with my intestinal problems.

S: All right.

Whatever it is, you always want more than what you’ve got.

S: Good, good.

Greed for attention, approval.

S: Yes, yes.

Greed for just being busy to avoid other stuff, whatever it might be.

S: Sure, sure.

Greed always puts you first. In a lot of areas there is a competition to get as much as you can, and that means others will lack.

S: Aye.

Money is an easy one, obviously, but it seems like greed comes out of saying that there’s something better than this moment, and there’s something out there that I want that is going to give it to me.

S: Good, good, good.

I remember at the Retreat, David Thomson defined greed as a preoccupation with oneself over the group’s interest.

S: Aye, pretty wise, eh? How about greedy for the way things used to be: if only; remember when; well, this is how we’ve always done it. Collecting things that fulfill your version of this is “how I am right,” instead of a balanced understanding of what is going on. Greed that takes you out of where you are. And I like what Steven said, because you are looking for something to fill up a missing piece; you’re greedy for that that is going to make you Okay, because you are not Okay, because you are not the most incredible being of power in this world here to bring about its change for the better. Because that’s what you are, with access to everything that you need to be the best you can be. So what is there to be greedy for?

Greed is a function of fear; greed is a function of “I am afraid that there is not enough.” It creates hoarding: hoarding people, memories, experiences, and stuff. There’s something to be said for being prepared, that’s a long way from hoarding supplies to feed the neighborhood.

Greed is the constant but untrue reminder that you are not enough, and the greed is your way of filling that hole. If you look around your house and you notice those things that you oversupply. Now I’m not saying you’ve got two extra packages of toilet paper at the house; I mean you have five extra packages or ten extra packages, but it was really good sale so I have twenty extra packages, but you still go out and buy it when it’s still on sale.

You might forget.

S: That you might have five packages?

And, another version of that might be all you ever talk about is it how it used to be, or well, you never know when that cord might be needed so I’m not going to throw it away but I’m going to put it into the basement with the box of “just in case,” and the box has taken over the basement.

Something that I have recently seen on television is that hoarding has becomes a mental condition that requires a lot of therapy and support to overcome. It’s usually an incident or something that . . .

S: Hoarding is a function of shame, and hoarding is a bit different than greed, but greed can lead to hoarding.

Now, on the other side of that, I encourage you to be absolutely greedy for a world functioning at its best, for you functioning at your best. Be greedy for surrounding yourself with those who are positive and filled with love and who raise you up instead of knock you down. Be greedy for beauty and love and fulfillment. And another way to express that is the word passion. Have passion for that which heals and fulfills. Greed says, “I don’t deserve, and you do.”

Here is what I need Source to do: I need Source to look at all these bright faces, waving their hands because they have a question, and say this one and that one, and this one. You’re good for that?

David: I’m good for that.

S: Good.

David: And I’ve got one that if it gets slow, we can throw that in, but that’s for later.

S: You’ve got questions, maybe I’ve got answers.

David: Well, you want to start with Cam?

S: All right.

Okay. Samuel in your talkings about seedings . . .

S: Yes.

. . . of long, long, long ago, could you talk about the substance or what they were seedings of, and in particular, was DNA involved in the seeding?. And this question is prompted by some interesting reading that I have been doing, so any elaboration on that would be of interest. Thanks.

S: Rather than go back and explain at the re-creation of this planet and its dimensional function, Shining Energy came about and seeded this planet and there were this—instead of going back that way, I want to answer this way: The seeding of life force, of spiritual awareness that was, yes, associated with the genetic structure, seedings that have to do with a stimulation toward awakening of the human, the plant/ animal kingdoms. Notice I have not said mineral kingdoms, why is that?

It’s already there.

S: It’s already there. Why is it that it is already there?

It’s the planet.

S: Yes, you’re right, it is the planet, yes, because it’s the seeds of the planet itself, some more than others. There is major and minor seeding: major seeding being first the rivers, second the Heart Portal areas. I am not going to say the specific place because it’s an area. A heart portal isn’t a single piece; it is a general stretch. And there is seeding that awakens or needs to be awakened once other seeding is done. However, those secondary seedings will always awaken on their own after so much time, so there is that.

Your genetic structure is seeded with an awareness of the greater self—the awareness of the connection with Source—and when certain changes have come about in consciousness creating a different frequency, more or less, that mass consciousness and life force is working as, it opens the door to what I would call a seeding, although it is not seeded in the same way that those others are; has to do with knowledge transfer.

Now I have said all of that, but I need to put a disclaimer on it, and that is, there are things out there that were established by pretty much what you would call a seeding, but I’m not calling them a seeding. In addition to that, things that I call a seeding of the first level are those things that Shining Energy put into the world as part of its re-creation, and I limit to those things that can be activated now, as opposed to seeds that did not make it.

David: Jerry was the next hand I saw go up.

I’ve got several; it’s hard to just pick out one. I guess what is always on my mind is, when Sacred Status is completed, how is that going to show up in the world? What are we working for? What are we here for? How’s it going to show up? I’ve asked this many times and . . .

S: Clearly, I’ve never answered it well enough though.

You know that the Form can talk to animals, yes? She says that her dog said this, believe it, her dog said that. Dog talks a lot, too. And you may know people who talk to animals, yes? Some of you talk to animals. How different do you think things would be if more people talked to the creatures and more people believed that’s what they were doing?

More vegetarians.

S: If there were more vegetarians, what would that mean insofar as energy?


S: Because eating flesh puts a ceiling on your energy. If there were more vegetarians in this world, there would be higher frequency going on at whatever level the person was, just barely awakened and aware of their spiritual self or fully functioning in mastery. Wherever they were at, they would be functioning at a higher frequency, therefore able to do more with their life because of that.

Now that’s just the connection with the creatures. What if you were able to use your mind without that little voice in your head that’s constantly on your back, telling you that you are not doing it well enough, that you’re not going to make a difference, that you’re not good enough, not funny enough, not likeable enough, not loving enough, whatever, whatever, whatever? Do you think that you might think more clearly? Do you think that you might be a little more productive in the ways that you think? Maybe, yes, you could see how that could work out?

What about if when you walked into a room after having had a remarkable spiritual retreat, and you go back to work, how about this, and people want to know happened, and how was it, and they are so excited about it and encourage you and raise you up and keep you going? How much easier would it be for you to do what you’re here to do, to be what you’re here to be maybe a little easier?

What if, when you were sitting out in nature being absolutely blown away by the absolute beauty, and you looked around and you saw that for some reason the little woodland creatures don’t seem to be very afraid of you, and you feel sort of like—who is it?—Snow White, Cinderella, one of these out, tra la la with the birds?


S: That’s the one, that’s the picture. Would it frighten you or add to the beauty?

What if you found that you were able . . .  you have a friend who has injured himself and that in your sorrow for that injury you could just reach out your hand or maybe blow a little bit of life’s breathe upon it, and if it did not totally change over into a place of healing, it healed much faster than it ever would have been, and you know that. And you know that your friend has that same ability; it’s just that it’s a little further advanced in you, and that doesn’t mean you’re better and he’s worse. It means we all can do this and I’m a bit more practiced at it than you and we all do it wherever we can with whatever we’re doing. How would that be?

What if, you were not limited to only what can be seen through the human body, heard by the human ear and so on? Would it change you?

We seem to not have those limits, but we’re not tying into it. And we seem to think that we’re stuck.

S: Well said, David, well said.

The completion of Sacred Status does not mean that everybody on the planet is functioning at their highest. It means the majority of life force, of individuated life force on the planet is functioning, at the very least, as awakened to their spiritual self. The majority of individuated life force. Well, right off the bat that is the majority of all humans, awakened. It doesn’t talk anything about all of them, activation; it’s awakening. The completion of Sacred Status isn’t going to look all that different, but for those who are working to bring it about, you are already activated and working at a frequency high enough to see the changes I have just spoken of, chances that speak more of Ascension than the completion of Sacred Status.

Ascension is when the majority are activated. So, where are you? Right now, as David said, many of those seemingly amazing things are already going on; you just don’t look for it. You don’t see it.

The completion of Sacred Status is going to look like people standing up for what they believe in, and I must tell you my friend, that can be a very scary thing.

The completion of Sacred Status means a lot, but it is a beginning, not an end; it’s a beginning, not an ending. And what is the fastest way to bring it about?


S: I’m hearing: toning, toning, toning. Actually, it’s you putting into the Grid high-frequency spiritual functions as if it were normal. Of course you are living love at your highest and best; of course you fall down on your face and you get right back up, clean it up, clear it out and keep going. You, functioning as an activated spiritual being, opens the door for the awakened ones to see that there is something more. So you’re one step ahead.

The completion of Sacred Status is going to look like you, and did I already say that that is kind of scary. Think about that: the completion of Sacred Status is going to be a planet functioning like you are now. So you tell me what’s it going to look like?

David: David Oldham.

What is the defining moment in a human life that switches from awakened to activated?

S: Choosing, saying, yes. It’s moving from “I am a being of spirit” to “I am here to serve.” Notice that I did not say successfully serving.

David: Kathy, did you have a question?


David: Stuart.

Samuel, I was thinking about the first two questions when you were answering Jerry’s question about what the world would look like. It seems to me that it would be correct to assume that there would be less abuse of power, power over people, and less greed, less “me” thinking and more “we” thinking?

S: With the completion of Sacred Status?


S: No, those are functions of Ascendency. With the completion of Sacred Status you are still going to have issues of ego because you are going to have slightly less than the majority still thinking of themselves first. And within those who are awakened you’re still going to have a whole lot of security issues coming through. Do you know how I know that?

Maybe you’ve seen it once or twice already?

S: I have seen that once or twice amongst the activated. You’re looking at the-lion-lays-down-with-the-lamb stuff and thinking that that’s a symbol that everything’s at peace. In this upcoming interview one of the questions was something that went along with is the lion going to lay down with the lamb, and I said, “Only if the lion is fed first.” You laugh.

What makes you amazing isn’t that all of a sudden all of your problems are gone, all of your issues are taken care of, that money flows the way it should and you don’t have issues with other people and it’s because you are a spiritual being, you’re awake, you’re activated, and you know that you are, because life gets easy. Well, one thing to remember is, it’s not about life: it’s about you. Life continues to do what life does, but you are so incredible because you choose, you choose. Sometimes you choose the things that I would not choose for you. I love to say it this way: sometimes you make some pretty sucky choices. But you choose, and your choices keep getting better. You don’t keep banging your head into the same wall quite as often.

Less bangs per minute?

S: You don’t let yourself get stuck quite as much. You choose to be better, do better. You choose to look at the example of those that you respect and care about and learn. You’re not even very intelligent animals: you’re beings of Source power. You co-create because of your choices. You are a miracle. And if I could wish for you what I know would be a great gift, it would be that you could see you like I see you, because you would not be discouraged and you would lay off some of that self-judgment, and you would be hopeful and not discouraged.

And, I have lost track of the question, did I answer it, Stuart?


S: All right, good.

David: Steve? I am sorry, Heidi first.

Thank you. Samuel the upcoming trip to the Mississippi area and activation and awakening will be obviously the first time we have done and awakening and activation on the U.S. soil, we’ve done North America. And I would like you to explain how this activation and awakening will be different than the others, and if there is any pre-focus for any of us going on the trip to be working on prior to the trip?

S: Before I answer that I’ve got to ask you one: what North American awakening have we done?

I think that Mexico is considered part of North America.

S: Right, but not Dragon work.

Oh . . .

Didn’t we do the water?

S: The underground, oh, all right. I’m sitting on top of a river like the Mississippi thinking, and it was quite a gift wasn’t it. The Mississippi river is one of the world’s great, and when I say great, I mean long, powerful, volume, and different than any Dragon Force. It is through populated areas, pretty much from beginning to end, by far more than the wilderness rivers that hold the world’s great rivers. The Mississippi river is an energy change, and that Dragon represents a frequency change.

The work that you are doing there is tricky because of that. It involves more than simply (and that word simply is just laughable understatement for sure) more than simply matching a frequency. It’s tuning it and making it workable. The work of the Mississippi involves activating America and opening a door.

It is also, in addition to that, going to be an opportunity to build for the Brahmaputra which will be the trip after this one. The Brahmaputra is seeded for the plant and the animal kingdoms, and it is my hope, that the work that’s done there will bring about a shift in those kingdoms to the next level.

The energy flowing into this world at this time has been changing you. The energy flowing into the world at this time is also changing your world. That energy is sort of like—no better way to say—it is a cosmic toning, affecting form in any fashion. You are in the middle of that, and the Mississippi trip is going to turn that into creation energy and use it for, for your selves, so that you will be able to connect into the plant and animal kingdom. And then hopefully enough out of that group will turn that into a successful Brahmaputra work that will lead it to the next level to where you live, because there will be people from all over the country. And by opening the frequency doors where you live, then many places within your country will be functioning, ideally, at another level. Places like Lexington and Louisville, Pittsburgh—where there are going to be so many people who are creating light, creating frequency change in that area—are going to start the portal work that the Mississippi Dragon is all about.

What can you do? That is what I am talking about next month.

Stay tuned.

S: Stay tuned.

Stuart, enough time for a couple more?


S: He says one, isn’t he rude.

David: Hmmm, well.

S: Tell them to ask it quick and I will answer it quick. Steve, Jim and Cathy, that’s all.

From the completion of Sacred Status to ascension, will that also require a transition team or will the completion of Sacred Status set into effect a domino effect that will bring that about without this type of interjection?

S: Ideally, domino, exactly the way it has been working for the last—more or less—seven years: leap, leap, leap.

David: Jim.

I will try to make this quick. You have been talking about communicating with the plant and the animal kingdoms. What about communicating with the mineral kingdom. I have heard it said that the rocks . . .

S: It’s already available. It’s already open, it’s already there.

How can we better access it?

S: Merge with it. Marion, how do you connect with your crystals?

I just think at them.

S: That works. David, what would you add to that?

I just play with them, admire them, wash them.

S: Tell them how pretty they are.

They’re so pretty, even the broken ones are pretty, you know?

S: It starts at the merge, but when you are merging with the mineral kingdom, you are visualizing that you are going to its heart. And if you go to its heart and you are picturing something in there, you are wrong, you’re not going there. You go to its heart, and you find yourself somewhere in the ground, you find yourself on a cave wall; you find yourself attached to a rock, not that you’re a rock. You go to its heart and you recognize it. Your heart and the heart, the fire, of that being connected by Source, let’s you connect with it. You see? That gets you started.

David: Kathy, and Mona has one more.

When we are on the group trips, my understanding is that we need to function in One Heart, One Mind and One Body, so when we’re doing the completion of Sacred Status, will humanity be functioning in One Heart, One Mind and One Body?

S: No, but at Ascension, they will. Really, little.

Do you have to be on this next trip to be useful for the next trip? If you don’t make this Mississippi trip, how can you be as useful on the next one?

S: I have that in the interview, so that you will get that soon. I’ll find a way to make use of you, just give me the chance; I will make it work out.

We should stop. Now you said that you had a question?

David: It can go in the Newsletter though, if we are pressed for time.

S: Is it quick or should make it Newsletter?

David: I’d put it in the Newsletter; it’s not that quick.

S: All right.

All right. If you were to think about two things that you really enjoyed, two things that you were passionate about—you remember about passion?—two things, simple, orange sorbet . . .

Where’d that come from?

S: Not exactly sure.

Two things. Have you got them thought? Are they playing around in your head? Maybe you’ve got a bigger list than two. Maybe you haven’t quite thought, Is that the one I want it to be, is that the one I want it to be? That’s all right. Here is what I would like to ask of you: This month try to bring those two things into your life as often as possible. Give yourself joy this month. Play, love, laugh, experience your passion. Your life is so much better when you let yourself give you what is good. Think about those two things and bring them in as much as you can this month.

See if you don’t find that your life, as a whole, gets better, because when you are doing something that really tingles your heart, tingles the cockles—right? cockles of the heart sounds like something a mermaid should have, cockles on the heart—you let go of some of the weight the you carry around; it lets you fly a little freer, and this world needs that. Needless to say, it can really use a Guardian with a bit of Joy Guide. So, two things, as much as you can.

We’ll complete this soon. Happy trails. Glochanumora.

Thank you, David. Good work. It’s not nearly as scary, is it?

David: Only if there was somebody’s name I did not know, or worse, that I had forgotten.

S: Happy trails.