November 1, 2009

[Samuel joined on the podium by Greg Stratton and David Oldham]

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: So, how are you?


S: Hanging in there? What did you do today to make somebody’s life better and brighter? Suzie.

Well, today I helped Mary do her very favorite thing in the whole world in a yard or a garden, which is dig potatoes. Every year for her birthday for the last couple of years, I bought her kind of designer potatoes, potatoes to try. Well, this year we got a bumper crop, we got about 35 pounds of potatoes. She’s like a little kid. It’s like Easter egg hunting, “Oh, there’s one! Oh, there’s one!” She thought they grew on bushes originally. So when we first started digging potatoes, she was, “There’s one! There’s one!” It’s just a delight for me, but it’s one of her happiest times to go and dig potatoes. I just love it so.

S: I think she made your day better and brighter.

She did. But I just love to watch the delight in her face, “Oh there’s another one!” It’s great.

S: More. Lakshmi, Gayle, Mary Claire was that yours? Marion.

I was at a meeting today where they were discussing about all the events that were going to happen next year in conjunction with an ex-president of India coming to Lexington again, and I made my day better and certainly Shrikant’s day better, and I know a lot of people who don’t know I made their days better yet, by not taking on anything to do with that. (Audience laughter)

S: Ah, she learns.

Good thing. I also sat there and I just beamed my energy to them because it’s going to be a very wonderful bridge they are building between two communities. I said, “May everything that you work for work perfectly fine,” and that’s going to be my contribution. So . . .

S: I like that.

I was at the co-op today buying some vegan products because I was making something for tonight, and the very adorable young gentleman at the cash register would notice each item as he would check it in, vegan this and vegan that, and finally he gets to the last item and he says, “Are you vegan?” And I said, “Yes.” And his face lit up. And he said, “So am I!” And he went, “High five!” And then he said, “There are very few vegans in this store.” And I thought that was so cute. Then he started telling me he was going to go home and make sausage and I said, “Out of what?” Well, textured soy protein and lots of seasonings and spices,” and he was so proud of himself. He was so happy to have met somebody else who was vegan in the co-op. You’d think you’d find more, but go figure.

S: I like that.

Well, I’ve been working on remembering to smile. I notice that people smile at me a lot and I realize it’s because I’ve gotten in the habit of smiling. I’m pretty stressed.

S: Funny how that works, eh?

It kind of freaked me at first, but it doesn’t anymore. But I’ve been stressed pretty majorly the last couple of months about my mom’s situation, so I’m working on it quite consciously. So I went shopping today, like Gayle did, and I went to Whole Foods because I knew they’d have what I needed, and they didn’t. But in the course of trying to find what I needed—I had a lot of what I needed but they didn’t have the vegan not-fish-oil algae stuff—in the course of trying to find that, I was smiling at people, and there was this one lady who was obviously an employee. She was in uniform, and I met her in two different aisles and she didn’t smile back. And I thought, “That’s kind of funny. I wonder if I’ll run into her again.” When I got down to the part of the shopping that has to do with looking for this supplement, it turns out she’s the supplements lady and there she is again. And while she’s busy trying to find what I need and not turning up with it, she finally smiled. And I thought, “Well that’s good. If it was her normal state before, now she’s functioning higher. And that’s great.” I got my smile back.

S: It’s a lovely opportunity to see how you can gently manipulate somebody into a smile. Good work. She probably wasn’t smiling because she wasn’t in her section of the store. She didn’t know where she was.

That’s a good excuse. “If I’m not smiling, it’s because I’m in the wrong section.”

S: One more. Rough day, eh? No consciousness there? Bonnie.

I cleaned up all the leaves from my front yard. And I have the biggest, leafiest trees probably in the neighborhood. On a good windy day they all blow over to my neighbor’s yard.

S: Lucky you!

I’m sure they were all very happy that I did that today.

S: And I think you made your lawn’s day better and brighter as well.

Very bright, because I mulched up a full gingko tree’s yellow leaves that fell all at once, and I mulched them all up and now I have a yellow lawn.

S: I think that I have chattered enough to give you time to get questions in. So, the door is closing. Maybe we’ll actually get through what’s here. You think?

David: Quite possible.

S: You don’t think.

David: I’ve got all the yes-and-no questions.

S: That helps.

David: I’m kidding. I’ve got a good dozen questions.

S: Wait! What’s that at the back?

Greg: It’s not on a card; it’s just on a piece of paper.

S: Ah. Well, we’ll see if we get to it then. That goes against the rules. Do you know why there is that rule? It’s more because any questions that aren’t answered are given to newsletter. And when they’re all the same size they’re a lot easier to keep a-hold of and make use of than when it’s all of these scattered pieces of paper, which is why we stopped doing it on those scattered pieces of paper. So, if we get to it, lucky you. If not, now you know. Now, who do I have sitting here with me?

Two Sources.

S: That’s right. Sort of like Thing 1 and Thing 2. Source 1 and Source 2. And what did you do to make the world better and brighter today, dear Source?

Greg: I made a vegan cheesecake.

S: That will have a profound effect on this version of the world, absolutely. I can tell by the salivating that started out immediately. And you watched him make it?

David: I taste it and make sure it’s good for everybody else.

S: So he made your day better and brighter by being the taster for your goods. All right, who’s first? Go ahead.

David: “Dear Samuel. What can I do to embody more shining energy? I already tone at Phoenix two to four times a week, I’m a vegan, I exercise regularly and don’t drink alcohol but think I’m still fun to be around. What more can I do?”

S: (pauses) No, it doesn’t take so much thought. Or maybe what I should say that the thought that it takes is deciding if I want to be nice or not. Embodying Shining Energy requires your functioning as Shining Energy. You need to have been toning, indeed, so that your physical body can manage the energy. You need to be as clear physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as you can be. Now what do I mean by, “You need to be clear?”

Be on top of ourselves, make the right choices. In terms of physical, do all the things you’ve been telling us: eat right, hydrate ourselves, exercise, mentally/emotionally looking for our patterns and replacing them with things that work, choosing love over fear, and making ourselves a vessel that Shining Energy finds easy to work with. Whenever we have an issue come up, to look at it, work through it, get over it, and replace it with a belief that is based on shining energy, not human self.

S: Good. Very, very good. Draw some of that out somewhere along. Give me more.

I think physically it means finding out what harms you when you eat and drink and what doesn’t so that you’re making sure that your body is functioning at its highest because you’re feeding it things that make it feel good.

S: And that makes a big difference. Just to be a bit more specific about that: animal energy is too close to you. Eating animal energy—just boldly saying it—puts a ceiling on what your frequency can do. Now, of course there is a whole lot you can do and still eat fish and chickens and dogs—just not your part of the world. But what happens to you when you let that go, the changes it makes in you . . .  your body clears and that matters. That matters. The purification aspect of it is important. Releasing beliefs, thoughts, situations, experiences, memories, hopes, that’s both ways. Releasing those things that are not helping you function at your best and highest. Could be things that have worked for you forever and ever and ever, and all of a sudden you’re coming up against a wall. Look to see what you can do to release. Allow your mind to be a treasure chest of positive function. Don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down. “But Samuel, I still have to work there.” Then you be the positive focus of that place. Ask yourself every day, “What do I need to do to be the best I can be today?” Develop a relationship with Source that you are in constant contact. Know what is you and know what is not you so that when you are in that contact, so that when what you hear is, “Well, what you could do is go buy shoes,” that might just be the form. You can realize this one’s probably me as opposed to when Source is working with you. The language of Source is not Scottish, in case you wondered. It is through pictures, pretty much, the symbology of your brain, so that when the energy of information comes through, your brain can turn it into something specific. So you’ve got to know your brain. You’ve got to know how you think. You’ve got to know what cats mean to you, and what dragons mean to you, and what . . . what is this?

A pumpkin. It’s fake.

S: Or what little plastic pumpkins mean to you. And the bottom line, the easiest way to say it, every moment, every moment live love no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. Live love.

I like questions like that.

Greg: “Samuel, after the successful Nile dragon working, you said we were almost half-way there, which implied to me that we were almost half-way done with the dragon activations. Please elaborate on what you meant when you said that.”

S: I meant . . . I meant that with the ability to do work that beautifully and that powerfully you are bringing the completion of Sacred Status to you. And you’re probably half-way there.

David: This is a little bit different. “Samuel, what action is still needed for us to become the Force of Source in the world.” This refers back to the Pittsburgh Lifescapes.

S: Tell me what’s needed for you to become the Force of Source in the world? What’s needed?

Living love.

S: Easy answer—living love. Yes, that’s there . . .

Many of the things, if not all of the things, you addressed in the first question.

S: Many of the things from the first question. Yes, that’s in there.

Seeing as Source does, living as Source does.

S: Living as Source in the world, being the function of Source in the world. Absolutely, and that is the bottom line for that one.

I consciously remind myself when I’m approaching something that I am doing something sacred, that this is a sacred act that I’m doing. No matter what it is more or less.

S: Good. Good.

Being the light and love and inspiration for others to inspire them to expand beyond their version of themselves.

S: Lovely, lovely. I’m going to turn this around a little. What do you need to stop doing? Now what Lakshmi says that you’ve got to stop doing is being human. Someone want to explain that? Why don’t you?

At any point in time, at every point in life, I know I have two choices in front of me: I can either respond as a human or I can create as Source. So it’s a choice I need to make every moment with every intent, thought, word, action.

S: Beautifully said, beautifully said. You got that, yes? It’s always a choice. Am I going to handle this as a human which means, oh, what? Very often it means ego first, security needs first, getting ahead of the other first. Am I going to do it to see how I can get the best advantage of it or am I going to look for a greater good? Am I going to look at it as any human would, or am I going to look at it as Source would? That’s huge.

I think my first thought was first, you have to believe you are Source in the world. That would be the first, to realize you are Source in the world.

S: And recognizing you are Source in the world and releasing a lot of that human stuff is going to take me back to what I asked moment ago. What are those things that are needing releasing? Things like . . .



Issues of power, misuse of power.


S: Expectations, justification. That’s the way I’ll get through life. Oh, boy! More.

Whining, complaining,

Controlling assumptions.

S: Whining, complaining, controlling, assumptions. I want you to know, be ready for this thump on the head, Steven is speaking and giving so many good ideas, not because he is a therapist, a psychologist and helps people through this sort of stuff; it’s because he has looked at his life and made a choice. And that choice was, “I don’t want to function as a human, I want to function as Source in the world.” And he has been working through this stuff. Do you not recognize your stuff? And that’s why you can’t add to this? I want you to take just a moment and think, “If I could do anything in the world, what would I do? What would I do?” And then, because it’s just an imaginary game we’re playing here, I want you to think, “I’m going to go out tomorrow and do that.” And immediately into your mind will be why you can’t do that. That’s getting in your way. Do you know what it is? There’s a fear there. Do you know what your fears are? What do you avoid?

Another thing to do, if it makes it any easier, is look back over the last week. Is there anything that went on in the last week that as far as you’re concerned you’d rather not have come up into your next week? Maybe never show up again? If you don’t have it for the week, how about just looking through your life? Are there things in your life that weren’t good for you? Maybe for someone else in the situation, but not for you. Are there things you would change? Are there things you would do differently? Are there things you have learned from these things? The things that suck your happiness. These are the things that are the issues that keep you from functioning as Source in the world. And it’s very, very easy for me to just put it into a big bundle that says ego. But everybody’s version of it is different, and if you don’t know yours, it’s going to follow you around and show you a hundred different faces, all of which are a version of your fears, your mistrust, your choice to go with the brain instead of the heart. In every moment—that’s not nearly realistic enough in talking to you. Let me change that. As often as you can during a day, ask yourself, “What choice am I making? Am I making that choice to be human or to be Source?” That’s good.

Samuel, can I ask for clarification on a question, the one before, about being half-way there?

S: Well, love, you can always ask.

I’m wondering where the beginning point of that is.

S: I’m not talking in time. I’m talking in the ability of Guardians here to work that transition into existence.

Well, I guess that answers part of it. You’ve been working with us for over twenty years. So if we’re half-way there, does that mean twenty years or that we were only a half a step away when we began this work and we’re finally half-way through that half a step.

S: It’s not about time, and you’re not going to be able to quantify a statement that has to do with an event that is related to a Guardian’s acceptance of their work here.

So you’re using half-way there as  . . . you’re nearly there, not as a specific word of “half” way. I’m being too literal.

S: That happens a lot. I’m not very literal am I? All right!

Greg: “Samuel, as we work to embody Shining Energy, I can’t help but be reminded of Christian teachings about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is it fairly accurate to say in that trinity that the Father represents Source, that we are the Son, and that we are part of Source, and that channeling Shining Energy is synonymous with allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us as the Son? Would you please explain your answer? Thank you.”

S: Well, I’m afraid I’m not going to give you an answer you’re going to like much. I’m stepping away from that question because I don’t really want you to look at your spiritual life as it relates to a common religious construct. I don’t want to make it seem as though I am pushing that construct aside or pushing you aside in either way, but the truth of it is, what you are, what you have the potential to be, would have a far greater effect in this world than that construct did in that world, because you have a much larger world and you a much bigger base to communicate out of. You are taking a very tiny example and limiting yourself with it. Sorry.

David: “I have noticed that in the Star Weaving that each sequencing of stars equals four. For example, one plus twelve equals thirteen, equals four; two plus eleven equals four,” when you add numerologically. “Is there an energetic significance to these combinations equaling four, and if so, what is it, and was it planned that way?”

S: It was a coincidence. Four is a number that has a lot to do with travel and this is about traveling. It is a number that allows you to move through, which is what Star Weaving is about. Now, you can make numbers show anything. An accountant especially knows that. You can make ancient spiritual codes mean anything. Do the work. Pay attention to what it does to you. And be careful not to let yourself get distracted into the 4:3:2 of “this means the fourth ray that is pulled together into the fourth ring of power, in addition to the fourth planet of the Pleiades—no those are stars—and each one of those four has a special meaning within the four natures of human beings . . .” Just like with the previous question, you can make it all into something. Just do it.

So no foreplay? [Laughter]

S: The mental stuff never does anyone much good. Give that one an extra toss (referring to the card on which the question was written).

Greg: “Samuel, being at Abydos was a very wonderful gift. You had said there that it was a place of balance between heaven and earth, and it had that effect. You had also said that it was an ancient crossroads. I was deeply touched by the energy there, especially when you were there with us in the holy of holies. Please elaborate more on Abydos, it being an ancient crossroads, and anything else you can tell us.”

S: Somebody remind me, if you will, what is Abydos? For those who were not there, what’s Abydos?

It’s a temple.

S: It is a temple in Egypt. A little more right on the world, there. It is a temple in Egypt. Anymore?

The head of Osiris was said to be buried there.

It was very popular during the first and second dynasties for the Old Kingdom. More a seat of power back then. They’re all buried there.

S: Popular as a burial place.

And politically.

S: Yes.

It was a portal.

S: What does that mean?

A place where two or more energy functions come together and touch each other and create something different.

S: Yes, yes. That’s a nice definition of a portal, isn’t it?

Abydos is Egypt’s miracle. And the temple that is built on top of it is beautiful and meaningful and the dynasties that have ruled in that area and worshipped in that area and been buried in that area was indeed a very powerful and important place. But it’s about balance, and the balance is seen many different ways there in Abydos. It’s the balance of the living and the dead. The balance of the day and the night as the building is arranged for light to come through and bring brightness into every area of that temple—well, at the time. The balance of the political and the religious, of the human and the sprit, the balance of this world and what is not this world.

What is not this world? That was actually a question.

Are you referring to other dimensions beyond this one? Or something more specific?

S: I can’t actually answer that yes or no. I’ll say it a different way and that might clarify it. What is of this world, what is this world, and what is not this world or what fills up the space that is not held by form?

Higher vibrating energy.

S: Yes, yes. A means of accessing a doorway. You go there and you think that what you are seeing is the most beautiful temple in Egypt. Well, all right, maybe that’s just me. But what you are doing is walking into an energy field. And when you access it knowingly, you can see or you can shift to that higher function of energy. Those Egyptians. Abydos is very special. It’s not finished. Its work isn’t finished. And the more that those who function as you do go into that place and sort of jump start it, then the more that ancient, ancient portal . . . say again, Ken.


S: A transformation portal can activate for everyone. Abydos is about the balance. And the balance transforms. Did I answer what was asked in there?

Greg: “ . . . an ancient crossroads . . .” Yes.

S: That’s part of the balance thing. All right, good!

David: Does it matter whether you’re referring to the temple of Seti or Osiris?

S: It’s the place that’s built on it. It’s the place, not the stuff.

David: “How can I best help my five-year-old son better adapt to and be able to hold the Shining Energy coming at this time and in the future?”

S: The good thing about five-year-olds coming to you is that they’re not very typical five-year-olds, or two-year olds, or four, or fourteen, or . . . Your children choose you. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? They chose you because you have something that they need. And when you are Guardian energy—and like does still attract like—you are going to draw to you high-frequency energies here to help bring about change.

So, what can you do? Two probably radical things. One of them is, show that child love, love in every possible way. Love that child; love your mate, your friends, your family in every possible way. The child needs to know that he or she is a secure, loved being with a community of those who love and share that love; thus that’s your loving your mate and your friends and your family, and making sure that the child experiences that. And the second thing that the child needs is consistency. And that’s more important with your children than it is with anyone else’s in this world because your children, well, let me back up a little. Think for a moment. What is it that every child has to do? Every child has to break free of their parents’ rule. They have to become their own adult self, yes? And that requires the safety to explore, the safety to explore, because the safety comes with consistency. Here are the boundaries. Oh, wait, they don’t count today. Oh, they count now. They didn’t count yesterday, but now they do. Creates a lot of fear. Consistency gives courage. Gives safety, security. And interestingly enough, it does that in the adult life as well. When your life is in chaos, when you’re frustrated because you don’t know what’s going to be happening tomorrow and you’re just at the end of your tether, it’s because you’ve lost your consistency. And consistency doesn’t mean rut. Consistency is a function of awareness, isn’t it? So love consistently, and in addition to that, play with that child’s imagination. Help that child be as creative and imaginative as possible. Read outrageous stories. Make up stories of the gods. Read the Vedas. And realize that at about seven you lose all the influence you’re going to have, so do it now.

David: That was nice, if I may judge so myself.

Greg: “Technically, many consider honey not to be vegan. Would you rather us not eat honey? And on the subject of sugar, are the more complex sugars like agave nectar, evaporated cane juice, and maple syrup okay as far as having an adverse effect on the system?” 

S: I have this picture of little enslaved bees and I’m playing with it a little.

Sorry. All right. I want you to remember something very important. You are the one who makes the choices. You make the choices for you. And if you start letting me make your choices, then you’ve missed the point. I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to tell you here is what happens. In the very same way, I think there may be a bit of a pattern in this, have you noticed? In the very same way that, “What about this number?” You can pretty much come up with a case about pretty much anything that you want to prove or disprove. Are you at a point in your sensitivity to your physical body that you can tell? How does it work for you? What’s the difference between honey that is a product of a bee’s spit and bathwater? Pretty much, right? And agave that requires killing the plant. “Ah! Surely that’s not something a Guardian should do?” Bee stays alive, plant dies; hmm.

Well, you can just turn yourself into little circles and not let any of it make sense.

How is it for you? Why are you doing what you’re doing, and let that answer that question. Let me remind you, however, since we did talk about balance just a bit earlier, it’s all about moderation. There are those, not necessarily in this room, who can transmute concrete if they ate it. Not a problem. There are those who are not affected by sugar—white sugar. There are those who think they are not affected by white sugar but have actually never given it up to know what their body is like without it. Although honey is the product of a bee’s work, the spit and the bathwater, what it does in your body is what’s important. If you are not at a point in your conscious eating, if you are not consistent as much, as much as can be, then before you start pulling apart the pieces, get to where you are clear enough that it makes a difference and you know. And you know because it’s what works and is right for you. And I’ll tell you this; spiritually speaking it doesn’t make a difference. Physically speaking, only you know.

You’re saying honey doesn’t make a difference.

S: No. None of them, not a one of them makes a difference spiritually speaking.

Of the sugars.

S: Yes. Well, of those that were asked about here.

David: “Samuel, how important is honesty in maintaining a good relationship?”

S: Very important. What do you think?

David: Well, I think . . . you can laugh at it right away, but they’re obviously struggling with something right now or they wouldn’t ask such a simple question. So obviously there’s a time when sometimes you might not want to tell the truth because you could hurt somebody . . .

S: So what do you do in a situation like that?

David: Well . . .

S: You keep your mouth shut.

David: You can honestly keep your mouth shut.

S: That’s right. You can keep your mouth shut. There’s a lot to be said for truth as a weapon, as a function of vindictiveness. You should be absolutely honest. And if that person that you have that difficulty with forces your hand and makes you speak, then speak that truth with compassion and love.

Greg: “Samuel said we will all live to see Sacred Status. Other than working with that transition, what are some meaningful goals or focuses of our time remaining until then?”

S: The first part of our questions and answers, I think, can give you some good direction there. I want to toss something in about that statement, though. Individuals who function at a very high frequency sometimes can create a portal. Which is to say, as you work at a higher and higher frequency, what you are able to do can include staying longer or shorter. It’s up to you.

David: This is mine. Hold on. “Has the grid shifted back to its original configuration . . . ”

S: Not yet.

David: “. . . and if . . . when it does, in what ways will the other function lines, namely Intent, Thought and Word, begin to operate again that we might notice?”

S: Nice! At this point, the grid isn’t back. And I don’t foresee that happening until the completion. What effect will it have on Intent, Thought, Word and Deed?

David: Can I throw in something?

S: All right.

David: I found some old notes when you’d previously said that when the grid shifted, it shut down the other function lines, leaving Deed the only one operational, so to speak.

S: Pretty much. Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed is a function of what? Ellic energy, which is what? The creative force of Source. It is creator energy, creation energy. When the grid of energy around this planet that was put there in order for the planet to be able to reach the purpose of its original plan on its own with the help, in small amounts, of energy coming through gods/giants/shining ones . . . When that grid is back to its original, allowing the full force of energy to come back to the planet, Intent, Thought, Word and Deed won’t be needed because the planet will be functioning as a creator and the majority of life force on it as a creator.

David: Wow.

S: There’s a word for that, what is that word? What happens with the completion? It’s not Absorption, it’s Ascension.

Greg: “What will mark the completion of this group’s compact with you this lifetime? Will we all leave the earth together at that time?”

S: (Laughs) And where can I sign up? What will mark the completion of the compact? Oh, I think we’ll be having a round or two back at the old clubhouse having discussed everything that came about and what its purpose was, what it meant, and how you made through it. The big secret? You don’t ever get off. You are me. Do I ever get off? So why?

David: You don’t get Sundays off, that’s for sure. Where are we, mine?

“Samuel. What is the real power or effectiveness of and how can we make it the best it can be?”

S: OneHeart opens hearts. And with those open hearts it creates magic. It makes miracles all the time. So OneHeart is an opportunity to come together with a common vision and make things happen. And when I work . . . no let’s do it this way: When Gwendolyn is sending energy to Mary Claire, she has a stronger bond with Mary Claire for it. When Mary Claire has that request come about, and everybody celebrates with joy and delight, everybody gets the “I did that. You are welcome.” You are stronger as one than you are being one, and the OneHeart program is a doorway into closer bonds within a community of those who want you to have magic back. And you know what’s really nice about it? You never have to leave your computer. It’s in your own bedroom, office, whatever—that you make that connection. Let’s go quickly.

Greg: “In building trust in a relationship, what is the best way to repair a trust that has been broken? How many cheeks does one turn?”

S: Four. No more. Really. There it is. Four and no more. And the vision must be intact, the common vision must be intact, communication needs to be the choice of both or all eighty or whatever, and it must be recognized that this is a one-tiny-step-by-one-tiny-step process that builds, and you cannot let the human need for faster-faster, making you impatient, come about.

I talked about this in depth recently. So maybe if you asked somebody in Pittsburgh’s leadership, because it was in that leadership meeting. […] Well, they can’t tell you! Well, tell them that they can tell you that.

David: This one’s similar to a couple of previous ones. “Is there anything Guardians can do individually or collectively to facilitate the transfiguration initiatory process?”

S: Nope. There isn’t. Hold up. I should stop, right?

We’re out of time.

S: And you have several more? Wave your hand, Paula. Wave your hand, David. Give it to them.

You have changed your clocks, yes? And when you change your clock, everything changes. Really. And one of the things you need to be very careful about, just as a reminder, is that your day gets darker faster. What was still a little bit of light coming into a meeting like this, now it’s dark. And it is so easy to let go of things like toning because, “It’s so dark out, it’s so late!” And you let your brain make you think that you should put aside those things that do so much for you.

Another thing that happens is, as there is dwindling light, your physical body, particularly through the pineal, starts readjusting chemically within the body and some people respond to that with depression. Be on alert, particularly if you already know that you have a tendency toward that. What can you do? Well, if you happen to notice the sun is out, go stand in it. “Hello! Give me a little bit!” You need bright light. Make sure you get it.

It’s also important during this time to be sure that you are staying very hydrated. Because when you can keep your body very hydrated, then changes that are going on internally don’t get “stuck,” so to speak. You’ll find you have an easier time of it. It’s because your brain is working better, it’s because your heart is working better, it’s because your digestive system is working better, but it helps you function more easily.

You need to take responsibility for making sure that you don’t let your feelings rule you. That you don’t let your “my body is winding down, and it’s dark already and . . .” take you away from doing those things that are vital to what you’re here to do. Be careful. Every year I see it. And it’s not necessary. You can bypass it, so choose to do that this year.

My gods, you were great. I had to make it a lot gentler so that Greg would not refuse.

Greg: Thank you.

S: So it’s pretty easy, yes? Now, right before I go, what is that? It’s writing, yes? (referring to script on Greg’s pants) It came with that—you weren’t just born earlier and took to writing on yourself, eh? Oh well, that’s lovely. I’d look over and I’d think, “I should be able to see what that is. What is that?” And drawings, too, yes? You’ll have to inspect his pants. Oops!

David: My gods!

S: November is about Thanksgiving. Don’t be fooled by that. Every moment of your life is about thanksgiving. It changes your world, it changes how you see everything. Be grateful.