June 2, 1991

Samuel: Gifts! None! Absolutely none! No gifts! Why?

I’ll give you an update on it.

S: Well, update works if it’s a gift.

Well, it’s a gift for me to break a bad habit. I think I’m on the way to doing that. I didn’t realize how addicted I was to having my television set just going. Even though I wasn’t even watching it, I was getting a lot of negative stuff, and I wasn’t even conscious of it. I have to tell you, it was hard for me. It was not an easy thing to do, turn it off. All of a sudden I felt like the house was very quiet, and so after the eight weeks was up, I thought, OK, now I’ll just be very selective and watch what I want to watch. And so I did turn it back on after the eight weeks was up.

S: Wait a minute. You shouldn’t have said eight weeks. You see, I’ve got Atlanta people here. I put them on a much longer schedule. They just needed more.

I’m finding that, even though I’ve given myself permission to turn it on when I want to, if there’s something special I want to watch, I’m forgetting to. I’m just not interested in turning it on. I’m getting a lot more done, and I find that when I’m without things to do, I’m using that time a little more constructively to remember to meditate on a regular basis, do some of the things that I’m just not doing because of the television.

S: Excellent! Aye.

Well, my gift comes about in a very strange way, because, accidentally, coincidentally, I missed that meeting and didn’t hear about not watching television, but somebody called me and told me about it. I thought, well, I wasn’t actually there, and I don’t really know all the details, so maybe it doesn’t apply to me. I wobbled back and forth, and I have the television on for background, and didn’t notice a whole lot of it, but it kept eating away that I should maybe try to turn it off, so I did without it more than I normally would, and then opted to turn it off, and realized that I got the gift anyway, because I started realizing that it was quieter, that I could think easier, and I didn’t seem to be so aggravated, like it seemed to be a judgment thing, constantly seeing a lifestyle that I didn’t have or things that were impossible, you know. Relationships that happen on television that are ludicrous. It really helped to get a lot of that stuff out, and I thought I could think a little better, so I got it anyway.

S: An Atlanta response?

Well, I had a question along with a gift. My question about the television thing, how strict is the rule? [Laughter] I went to a neighbor’s house, and I walked into a room, and without thinking, I said, “Oh, I’m off TV for awhile. I can’t stay.” She turned it off, and we had a great conversation like we’ve never had before, but I felt like I had imposed, and told her to turn it back on if she was really interested, but she wouldn’t until I left.

The gift to that is that we did have a real conversation, one on one instead of having that background thing that you hear, and I was thinking as I left that this was the first time I really understand the things that she said.

S: Excellent. Excellent. Very good.

The whole purpose of gifts is that you might put some of these principles into your life, and, seeing them work, first, confirm that principle; second, affirm for another that something really is happening that really does work. And thirdly, you are allowing the opportunity for the Universe to work further with you, because it’s the same thing as saying “thank you.” You know, the Universe knows you’re finished with a lesson when you say thank you for it. Immediately you’re going to start saying thank you for everything you don’t want in your life, right? But there is an attitude of thankfulness, of seeing the gift within it, that makes a very big difference there.

To answer your question, my soul, what do you do if somebody is smoking a cigarette around you.

Well, if it’s not in their environment, I usually try to do the best I can to stay out of the smoke. And if they’re in my environment, I ask them not to smoke.

S: Interesting decisions made here. Then that is probably what you are going to do as well in regard to television in someone else’s environment. But, anybody want to give him an idea or two about something he could do when he walks in and notices the television on when he’s trying to have a conversation with somebody? Any ideas there?

Stand in front of it.

S: Stand in front of it as you speak.

Speak so softly that they would have to turn the television off to hear you.

You could ask them. “I’d like to talk to you….”

S: I’m having mental meltdown. Would you turn that thing off, please?

Go into another room.

S: Very good. Thank you, my souls.

All right. Questions and answers. For those of you who are finding yourselves sitting in the back, why don’t you move yourselves around. You could do that several ways. Those of you that are out on the side, there is room to pack yourselves in the front, and that would allow those in the back to move to those sides. Or you could simply pick yourself up out of the back and come fill in some of these front spaces.

I don’t know, do you really think you need some chairs. It’s so nice and cozy sitting there on the floor, don’t you think?

All right, questions and answers. Let’s go.

“Samuel, please explain how one who is attempting to work in the higher magics can go from the recognition of signatures within the devic realms to a conscious awareness of the interaction one would have with individuals of the devic kingdom.”

S: First, do you make it up? That’s what you do. You make it up. I mean that. One of the ways that you’re going to allow your communication to begin flowing is, first, by allowing your imagination to flow. And one of the things that immediately cuts off your ability to have any sort of outside communication is your automatic cut-off when you believe you’re making it up.

But I want to remind you of something very important. When Peggy is speaking to Donna, Peggy is talking, Donna is listening. Donna is translating. She’s listening using what … her feet? Her hands?

Her ears.

S: Her mind. Her brain. In order for you to get any information, it goes through your brain. And that includes spiritual information. That’s why you work so much to improve your spiritual understanding, to allow yourself to sensitize to your own messages, your spiritual self, because it enables you to better know what is yours and what isn’t yours. But in the meantime, it still goes through your brain, hopefully, eventually, your brain, at the highest use possible. But as long as spirit is going to use your mind to work, you may as well get that mind started, and the best way to do that, honestly, is to imagine the conversation.

“All right, I have this sense that there’s water energy out there. Water, talk to me. What’s going on. How you doin’, drop?” That’s sort of like cosmic spit. And what do you get immediately into your head? You get, “Oh, I’m doing fine. I’m having a good old time.”

Now, one of two things is happening there. The first thing is you’re totally making it up yourself. That’s a possibility. The second thing is, energy has replied back. It has gone through your translation system, punched on the buttons that would be the quickest way through to your awareness, and you say you’re making it up.

The way to begin that communication is to consciously work on making up those conversations, until the time comes that you hear yourself not making it up.

But having said that, I want to remind you of something very important. Spirit is constantly communicating with you—constantly. And it must use your mind, which you balance with your heart, which indeed is the heart part of your mind, not that blood-pumping organ. My souls, it is a very major part of your work to come to that knowing that when you ask for help, that when you ask for an answer and something comes into your head, to have that knowing that you’re not making it up. Oh, now, that chatter that happens on your own when you’re vacuuming in the parlor, you might be making that up. But get out of the habit that denies your power, that habit of thinking that, when you’ve asked for help, you don’t get it.

Does that answer? Good.

[Martin:] “You gave a list of seven life lessons that the entity learns through form. Do these life lessons correspond to the seven rays? If so…,”

S: They don’t.

Okay. That takes care of the rest of the question, I guess.

“You mentioned, Zeus, Apollo, etc., in the religion tapes. Were these mythological figures ever in form?”

S: What is that word you have: jumbo shrimp, nice lawyer? Oxymoron. I think we’ve just run into an oxymoron phrase, this mythical [figure in] form.

“You once said there is an adversary, but the adversary is not necessarily evil. Would you elaborate on this?”

S: Happily. First I want you to think in your own life. Did you ever have a teacher that was really hard on you? Go back to grade school or college, somewhere in there. A teacher that was really hard on you, that absolutely was on you all the time—demanding more and more and more of you. Did any of ever find that, much to your surprise, you gave more than you knew you had? That that push allowed you to be better than you thought you were? That, indeed, that very tyranny allowed you to learn more, grow more? All right. If that can happen in an earthly realm, why would that not also show itself up in a cosmic sense?

Having said that, I want to remind you, through an illustration I use, about human mind work. Once upon a time there was a convention in heaven. Know that I am making an illustration. There aren’t conventions in heaven. The god-figure is a very limited idea of Source, and angels have a lot more to do than sit around and chat like this. Having said that…. Once upon a time there was a convention in heaven. The main speaker was God—Goddess, if you wish—who was saying, “Hey, we’ve got a great idea. We’re going to work with that growing population of humanity at that odd little planet in that dimension of earth, and we’re going to get them motivated to the very highest possible realm. We are going to help them uncover the spark of ourselves within them.”

Oh, the angels got so excited—”Yes, yes, yes! Let’s do that!”

And one angel raised its hand and said, “What can we do?” And God said, “Well, I think that one way to do it might be to just send everybody down there to work within them, to very quietly whisper, ‘Do this. You can do more.’”

Well, while this was being discussed, there was a group of angels off to the side saying, “You know, I don’t really think that’s going to be enough. Very often it requires more of a push than that.”

And so, after the vote was taken and the decision was for these angels, as a group, to go down and work within, on the inner levels, to nurture that divine spark within this growing humanity, a rebellion broke out. It was a sight like you’ve never seen, because here was this small group who said, “That’s not going to be enough. Just being isn’t going to do it. You know, the whole issue of form on earth is action and activity and working with form. We believe that there needs to be very specific, serious action. We’ve got to do something.”

So there became two great divisions: the angels that be, just be, work within—quietly, inner level work; and the angels that do—”Come, darling, I’m going to push you off this cliff that you might learn to fly!” Bold strokes. Move quickly, leap, run, play, in order to go more quickly. Gain wisdom through acting it out. Don’t just think it through; develop more quickly.

Well now, you know how humanity is. Just think about it in your own life. Those individuals that just nurture you along and feed you the sweet, soft strokes. You like having them around, don’t you? “Rub me some more, tell me I’m wonderful, give me confidence.” And those individuals in your life who say, “Faster, more, more, more, more.” You say, “Stop it, you devil!” [Laughter]

Have I made my point?

“Would you explain the origins of the initiations—when, where, and why?”

S: Now what is that question supposed to mean—the origins of the initiations. Once upon a time there was another convention in heaven. [Laughter] And at this convention, it was asked, what would do the best with humanity, to give them a structure. You know how developing mind is; it likes to have structure. Think in your own life. You like that, too. Do you love it when your boss says, “Here, do this work,” or do you love it when your boss says, “Here, first do this, and once you’ve done that you’re going to be able to do this and then do that.” You reach a goal by breaking it into pieces, and by breaking that into pieces, allowing yourself to master, accomplish, experience victory. Master, accomplish, experience victory, time after time, after time. That is what the initiation process is about.

It was originated by the … originators of humanity. It was … between the second and third earth, for it was a preparatory work. And I think that’s answer enough.

“Greetings, Samuel. Is there only one universe, or are there multiple universes. If so, how many?”

S: Within this dimension, there are multiple universes. How many of you are there?

“Samuel, how does a dimension or plane of existence differ from a universe?”

S: It depends on whether you are a metaphysician or an astronomer. If you are an astronomer, then you are talking star energies, you are talking solar systems, galaxies. That is not what I make reference to when I am making reference to the Universe. I am making reference to, literally, the dimensions of being—dimensions of being from a cosmic point, meaning a vibrationary universe, a universe of light and sound. All of the universe of form in which the human structure is brought into being, the universe of quiet, the universe of inactivity—and that’s exactly what it’s for. The planes of existence are the arenas that I make reference to as the universes, and so to go to that teaching would give you that information.

“In the religion class, you said Jesus died for our sins. What did you mean by this?”

S: I meant you’re a dirty rotten sinner, and somebody had to do it. [Laughter]

Now, if you remember, in that class, what I was doing was telling you that this is the Christian teaching, and, in giving you the Christian teaching, giving you those words exactly as they wanted it. But I also told you what that was about. Does anybody remember? Stuart.

The word sinning means separation.

S: That’s exactly what it means.

And Christ taught us about a new type of God, a God that wasn’t a wrathful and vengeful, punishing, judging God, but a God that he called Daddy, that was the loving Father. Abba, which translates as Daddy. So in that sense, that separation. I would not want to be like a god that was punishing, but I would want to recognize within myself a god that was loving. So in that sense He helps remove separation, so that I can see that there’s a loving God and I do have some of that within me.

S: He created the change—that is what death is—that made the bridge to a new understanding, created a deity that would allow you the opportunity—because it is your choice—the opportunity to no longer need to experience that great gulf, that great separation.

There was also, along with that, quite a bit of teaching, and I’m sure that you can get it on the recording, about the idea of a sacrifice, the idea of a propitiated sacrifice, which is also involved in there, both in the long view of the many teachings of death for a group and why that teaching is about. But essentially, Jesus did die for your sins. That’s not hard, when you understand what that teaching is about. I could make evangelists of you yet.

“Are the seven souls that the arm of the entity puts out on a particular life lesson each working on an initiation.

S: Well, of course.

“There has been a tremendous population explosion on this planet …”

S: Just wait.

“… these last few years. Can you explain why this is so?” [Laughter]

S: The usual means were put into effect.

“How does this fit within the context of what you taught this weekend about the projections of the entity?” [Laughter]

S: Somebody was asking a serious question there—goodness!

Next question?

S: Well, am I supposed to answer that?

“There is a lot of focus today on women’s spirituality. Some women feel that they have been wounded by patriarchal religious experience and feel that they need time with other women only to grow and heal. Some people are critical …”

S: That might be time, with other women only, to grow and heal.

“Some people are criticized, and claim spirituality is the same for all, and that this focus on women only does more harm than good. Will you offer some insight on this. Many thanks.”

S: All right, I will. I think some very accurate statements have been made in that particular writing. Your society works in cycles, and working in cycles, that means that as humanity is changing, so are the needs of the information given, so are the needs of those who are going to be receiving that information. You have been working under a very masculine system for a very long time, and it has been very necessary for the particular stages of mind development that humanity has been working on. It has been working on the logical mind. It has been working on action. It has been working on learning to put what is here out into that world, and it has required a strongly masculine system. Unfortunately, a patriarchal system, in order to do its work—just as a matriarchal system, in order to do its work—is still working in division and separation. Ideally, there is no separation. Ideally, there is not a need for the individuals who work very strongly and very well in the masculine system to need to reject the feminine, as has been done for so very long. Nor for those desiring to work in the feminine system to need to reject the masculine, as often is the case.

Right now, you are in a stage of balance. What happens at a time of balance?


S: Inaction may be one of the things that happens. There is a point of many who choose not do to anything, to wait and see what’s going on and how it will affect [them]. Just to be sure they’re on the winning side and never make a mistake, they’re going to just hold out.

When you’re working on balance, you swing back and forth.

S: But what usually happens is you have very bold swings as you are learning to establish what is going to be your norm. Which means that—and I’m going to move this away from masculine/feminine; I’m going to move it instead into something a bit more neutral; let us speak of the Piscean Age moving into the Aquarian Age—which means that you’re going to have a very strong swing, as you are right now, as the Aquarian Age is beginning to move up. You’re going to have a very strong swing from the Piscean contingent, a very strong swing toward staying with what already is established, not changing things—don’t rock the boat. A very strong swing toward some of the strongest aspects of the Piscean Age, which tend to be, as with other sixth ray devotional qualities, fanaticism. Fanaticism translates itself into a very powerful need to express its dying energy.

Have you ever seen an animal that has been shot—keep moving—the adrenal rush. That dying self sometimes has a lot of strength. Within the animal kingdom, procreation is one of those instinctual acts. There are some insects, for instance, that, when you cut them in half, will still work toward one another in order to procreate. Well, in a sense, that’s what the Piscean Age is doing. It’s putting out a very strong creative energy—interestingly enough, that is a feminine energy, and I do want you to notice that in the Piscean religions right now you are having an awakening to—be patient with them—allowing women to have offices of authority. Nonetheless, you are seeing that creative energy showing itself up in a fairly manifest version. Nonetheless, it has a very powerful energy as it is swinging hard to keep its own balance.

On the other hand, you’re having quite an awakening on the Aquarian side, but that awakening is showing itself up first in the area where the most power is gathered. And, darlings, here it is out straight for you: Feminine energy in a feminine form on a feminine earth is where the power is coming. That’s where it is now. That’s where it has been working up for the last approximately 175 years, give or take …

Six months.

S: Fifty years or so. And during that time, what you’re beginning to see is strong women’s movements. You’re also seeing strong movements of men learning to express their feminine energy. You’re seeing women taking that same sort of overbalance and saying, “I need to totally separate from this, much as an alcoholic totally separates from the alcohol, in order to establish my own identity, my own self, my own power here.” And it is a necessary part of the re-establishment.

But I want to remind you, my darlings, it is yet separation. And that is not what this time is about. The cosmic age is about unity. It is about learning to let go of differences which include such things whether or not you dangle. I mean that. What color you happen to be; where you came from; if you call God the Source, Goddess, Vishnu. And you begin to recognize “the spirit within me greets the spirit within you. Let us grow in love together.”

All right.

“How do we know what our lesson is in a relationship?”

S: Where’s the most resistance. Two things that you can do on a regular basis to give yourself a checkup as to what your lessons are about. The easiest one is, what makes me happy here? What am I really enjoying? What’s fun? What’s really working? And that’s going to show you the mode, the actions, that are allowing you to stay on course. To find out what that course is, however, one of the things you might ask yourself is, what am I having trouble with here? Where are the challenges? Because that’s what growth is about. It’s challenges that allow you to stretch, to move beyond your boundaries, to see that you’re more than you thought. So, in a relationship, ask yourself, what am I doing that’s a lot of fun? What’s working here; what’s really good? What’s that say? And then, where is the resistance; what’s difficult right now? And what does that say.

Understood? All right.

“Please, explain the personal adjuster in regards to our development.”

S: The personal adjuster. Can you explain that?

[They] talked about the personal adjuster coming in to assist you in a point in development. I was wondering if you had further information.

S: A personal adjuster.

Similar to the Christos, the dove ascending.

S: Tell me what I’m running into here.


S: Exactly. A marvelous thing about the nature of the work is that there are so many versions of it out there. All right. Two things. The first one is, when you’re making your choices, and the entity is making its choices, it’s not alone in those choices. Until it reaches a particular level within its growth, it is making its choices through three things. The first one is what is sometimes referred to as a Karmic Board, and that’s a nice vanilla sort of explanation for that part of the hierarchical structure that specifically works with the nature of the lessons you’re going to be working through, helping you look at your own life and make some changes.

You had a film come out. What’s the name of it?

Defending Your Life.

S: That’s the one. Have you seen it? It’s right. The issue is not were you good or were you bad. It’s have you learned to overcome your fears. How did you do it? Indeed, that is the issue.


I’d also like to ask, when you see that film, ask who is the real defender, for that man.

S: Aye. Remember that, too.

Yeah, it’s very important.

S: And essentially that’s the aspect of the Karmic Board. That’s one. Two, is when you are in the first four stages of the initiatory path, you also have what might be called the personal adjuster. Might also be called the Comforter. Might also be called sacred spirit. Energy that specifically works with you as an understanding and guiding power, helping you work with form. That’s important there—helping you work with form. What’s missing is what is right for the situation. Which is that—you’re not seeing the trees for the forest, or you’re not seeing the forest for the trees? It’s something like that. Nonetheless. Therefore, what you allow yourself to begin to do is go ahead and say, “Well now, in the big picture I was probably right, because these actions would have been effective.” But in this specific situation, it might not have been. The way things ended up happening, what you do is you begin to comply to the moment, instead of moving yourself out of it. Control is not only power; it’s also security. Remember that. And when you don’t trust the moment, you are naturally going to do what you can to make it better down the road here, setting up for that. So when you are functioning in this sort of stubborn, tight-sighted self, you know you do it. You know you do it. You maybe don’t know how much you do it and how crazy it makes everybody around you. And you may only be slightly aware of your doing it, but the way to become more flexible and to get over that dominant-oriented control and power work is to start adjusting your thinking to what is proper for this current … [end of tape] because what that does is it takes control from you, but willingly. It takes control because, as I said earlier, every time you move straight down the path doing the best you can where you are with what you have, doing exactly what you know is the thing to do for the path that you’re on, as long as you ever connect with another being who is going down their path doing the best they can where they are with what they have, doing the best they can to serve, you’re going to have conflicts somewhere. Somewhere. As long as you’re functioning with other beings with choice, sometimes their choice won’t be yours. Now and again, it happens. Maybe that’s too bad for them, and they miss the precious wisdom of what would have made it a lot easier. Maybe. But if you allow yourself to adapt to the situation—which does not mean, “Well, then, what that really means is I see that everybody’s right”—when you adapt to the situation, you stop with right and wrong. “Well, I see how this probably is going to work out best for all—because it’s what worked out. So let’s work from here.”

For those of you that weren’t at the retreat, this might not make a whole lot of sense. But your entity directly intervenes with the soul connection for that specific projection, and acts as your guardian angel, if you will. Now, that intervention means essentially you are your guardian, doesn’t it? All right.

“During the common thread lectures, you said that god energy had been responsible for much of the development in this world, but that there was other work for the goddess energy. What is the work for the goddess energy?”

S: Somebody answer that. I don’t need to. You know it. What is the goddess energy work?


S: Creation. Good. Creation of what sorts of things?


S: Initiating everything. On an initiatory way. But specifically what?

From the inner.

Coming towards unity.

S: Unity. Coming together. Healing. Planet, self. Inner directed. Good, that’s the direction I’m wanting to go. Issues of spirit. Issues of higher inner development. Humanity’s next step is to move into the intuitive mind and a totally new species, hu-manity, meaning spirit-focused. With totally different abilities—capabilities—reaching its highest, best state. Those of you that are healers you are going to be finding in the state of hu-manity the actual ability to help recreate cellular function. Those of you work as teachers are going to be finding that you have direct access to information. This opens the door to the thousand points of light, and it’s true in a sense. Goddess energy has to do with manifestation, automatic manifestation when it is in alignment with your spiritual self.

Can you imagine such a world. That’s what’s next.

“Samuel, during your world religion series, we learned that nearly all religions save stories, myths, and legends that are nearly identical and which correspond with how you taught spirit came to work with the earth plane. Is this because the stories have been made up to match the original, or because once it was known what worked, these circumstance were repeated for each religion? Please explain.”

S: They are both correct. And that is not hard, either. They are both correct. You do it in your own legends. Once something happens, the stories come up about it; the retelling, the history is made. And if it’s something that worked, that was positive, that was functional, then it gets repeated. “Look what Peggy did. Remember those stories? I’m going to try to do what Saint Peggy did. I’m going to follow those same principles. I’m going to make those same creations. And so, literally, both of those establish themselves. That is also why you run into the variations, because, just as your history is different—goodness knows, in your own country you haven’t figured out what your history is—north to south to color, it’s all different.

It changes with every new PhD in history.

S: It changes with every new aspect of technology. It’s constantly in change. Nonetheless, just as your own history gets switched about and you look at the greatest number of stories to say, well it looks like this seems to be a common element, so you do that with your spiritual past, also. Very much of your religious teachings are based upon the greatest commonality, and what is different in all of them is that which is designed to magnetize a specific level of being, those who, for instance, need a highly ritualized teaching, those who need a strong moralistic teaching, those who want a pantheistic teaching. It’s all out there. And that’s just talking the Christian religion. You thought I was getting into Hinduism. Needless to speak of those.

All right.

“Immediately upon the death of a loved one, what is the most helpful behavior that should be displayed by family to assist a smooth transition for the departure, and why?”

S: Where are you, Jim? Answer that.

[Jim] The most helpful thing you can do immediately is to talk to them and tell them everything you wanted to say to them. Tell them you love them; tell them you forgive them, forgive yourself. Whatever you need to say.

S: But wait a minute, Jim. They’re … dead. Surely then can’t hear you.

The connection continues. As you think the connection, the connection is made.

S: Once more, stop thinking that life ends when the body stops breathing. It doesn’t. Life uses form as a vehicle. Just because a truck stops doesn’t mean there’s no more transportation. You go out looking for other cars. And with that, as the soul, for three days, is still in the process of separation, as the soul in regard to the personality essence of the soul, in regard to the physical essence, moving apart from the etheric, is yet in the process for approximately three of your days, strong emotional connections, ties, will keep the personality aspect of that soul involved and in touch. [Speaking to] Those of you that have had a loved one—and I am speaking loved one—move on, very often in that three day period [you may have seen that] two things have happened. I want you to nod with me if you have had this happen. If you haven’t, just don’t tell anybody, all right? Just nod if you’ve had it happen. That is the experience of either dreaming that they were talking to you or giving information or simply being there; or a very strong sense of their presence, causing you to do such things as turn to look; or an actual ongoing conversation.

All right, there are enough of these going on around the room from fairly consistent, logical, upright people, for you to connect that it doesn’t stop. Let them know they don’t need to stay around for you, but instead to move on to what they need to do. What they are is light, holding the concept of form. So let them know, “Follow the light. Look around you; there are those whom you actually recognize. Go with them. They’re there to help.” Let them know you love them. And if you don’t, let them know that you love their essence. And you might even talk a little about why you didn’t really love them, because this is a point where, believe me, they’re not going to be upset.

There are things that you can do that are actually a ritualistic process that allows you to help that separation happen, and I would ask you to speak with Jim. Raise your hand again. They are very, very effective things, and he has some good teachings on it.

“Please explain your view on the dove and the dates of July 11, 1991, and January 11, 1992.”

S: All right, I’m going to move away from the concept of the dove, because, again, that’s a translation difficulty. First, mass consciousness has a very powerful effect. If you have eighty million people thinking the same thing thought, they probably are going to make something happen. As a result, you have Mother’s Day, and even if you don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, by gum, on that day you think Mother all day, don’t you?

You had for thousands of years the Festival of Light, and clever Christianity comes in and says, “You know, we want to have a very special holiday about that time. The holiday’s going to be about birth and new beginnings. Let’s have the avatar of the Piscean time born around that time. How about just a week or so after?” You call it Christmas—that time of new beginnings, of the light coming to earth. The Festival of Light, that is, at the winter solstice, becomes celebrated more at Christmas than it does at the solstice. Not by individuals who think they are recreating a pagan greeting to the sun, but a very large group of individuals who recognize a Christian greeting to the Son, you see?

Eleven-eleven is that. It is a time in which humanity is making another step, and a very powerful one. It is a specific action which you can take part in that actually works in the realignment process of the planet and the individuals upon the planet.

Squeaky wheels created that specific date, because January—July is simply an activation point—January 11 was approximately a mid-point between the time that humanity’s next step was ready—which was the end of this year and the beginning of next—approximately new moon to new moon, which would have you fairly well through the month of January, rather than simply January 11. I have given a lot of information to Paula and David for the newsletter, and will be giving more information as you become closer to the time, but essentially this is an opportunity, that the Harmonic Convergence and the Crystal Light Link and many other smaller group processes started, and although it’s not time for the mother ship or for the great awakening of star beings who have green blood and six fingers, it definitely is an opportunity to bring together on a very specific basis individuals who, with common minds, are willing to create the common thought that literally creates a cycle of feedback in the first stages of planetary realignment. It has to do with the removal or the separation of the layer that has been cloaking this planet that you’ve heard me speak of quite a bit, and it’s a time of healing and celebration and wonderful, wonderful possibility that requires a very physical, strong group, a very mentally clear and focused group, to create a spiritual change designed to open doors.

“Is there ever a positive value in competition?”

S: Growth.

“Would you explain what a root race means?”

S: Again these are borderline askings, but I’ll go ahead and answer it. The proper one would have been, “Please explain what ‘root race’ means.”

Humanity has worked through—depending upon—and this was explained at another time—depending upon which particular way that you focus your thoughts, this is either the third or the fourth earth. It is actually the fourth, but because they tend to overlap in a very strong way, you could very easily say the third had a great change, and that change caused a new level of the third earth. All right.

Within each earth humanity has been tried—oh, not in the first earth, but in the second, the third and the fourth humanity has been tried. Out of each experiment, particular seedings were put onto the planet, creating what became the center, the beginning point, for what would later become humanity. Within this particular earth, the root races were very strong spiritual beings—the Lemurs, the Alamu—and that worked on separate edges of the planet. That’s a root race.

“Please speak of the Mayans, past and present. Thanks.”

S: Take everything you know about Atlantis and put it on land. Move it into the south of this continent, and you have the Mayans. Very many of your native races are out of some of that very core stock. The Mayans had Atlantean teaching; they had the mysteries. They had very advanced systems—systems of navigation, architecture, building, social structures, civilization. Very powerful teachings in the arts, which included medical arts, healing practices, and much of this information is accessible to you. Your archaeologists are constantly uncovering, with awe, more information of these very special ones. They were a conquering race, not a warrior race. They were a priesthood, and the society was built around the priesthood, understanding sacred reality. Familiar teachings today, don’t you think.

I’m not exactly sure what more to offer you, because I try not to give you that which you can find on your own, and I also work not to give you that which just confuses the issue. But there is a lot of good material out there, on the Mayans.

The Mayan calendar, by the way, is what this next step was set up for. What goes from the new moon of January to the next new moon is on the Mayan calendar, which doesn’t know about such things as January and February and March, and doesn’t follow such things as 1-9-9-1 and 1-9-9-2. The Mayan calendar simply noted that the last twenty-year period that the earth would know before the time of healing, the Golden Age, would come would start then.

So they knew something you’re just now finding out.

I’ve been very interested by the nature of your questions. I’m going to be starting—the next time we are together—preparing you with the information that I’m going to be giving in workshop form in Atlanta and Pittsburgh. I’m going to be giving it to you in pieces over the next three times we are together. I want to let you know what I’m working on right now.

Next year is the Year of Completion. Now, take note of that, those of you who have heard me say over and over that I cannot tell you what the year is going to be until you’re right at the end of it. Next year is the Year of Completion, and it speaks of many cycles, many changes, but mainly a group change in human consciousness. You need to be prepared for that, and so I am going to be speaking on mastery, and it’s going to be very practical, boring stuff—such things as breathing techniques, specific foods to use. Anybody been trying the fire-breathing? Any interesting stories?

It’s great. We did the fire breathing right before I went to a horseback riding lesson. The horse really responded very differently to me, frisky, and yet very different. This horse I ride all the time was very different, and then they put me on a different horse, and that horse also didn’t act characteristically, like it usually did. That must have affected the individual horses.

S: Twenty pants, twenty long, deep slow breaths, twenty more pants, twenty long deep slow breaths: fire breathing.

I’m going to be talking about such things as specific aspects to get rid of, particular parts of your body to begin strengthening and ways to do it. Ways to move your energy, ways to change your focus. You can find it some of the most practical, powerful, exciting information you’ve ever had, or you can totally resist, and I’ll see you around the holidays. I encourage you to begin preparing yourself for this. Very needed. Don’t miss this.