May 1, 2005

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: So aren’t you being brave today? And what, the two of you are just sort of chicken?

I am, indeed, going to be taking questions for some more questions and answers, but in order for that to be as easy as possible, I would like to suggest that as many of you who can fill up this center—and there are seats there and seats here—the more likely it is that you will have a much more interesting experience, because generally the whole front and center get an even greater part of the energy that is being created here. So, do feel free to shift yourselves, and to shift from the sides in, if you can. There you go.

Now this is a very, very special time of year. Not only is it the time of year in which climatalogically you are undergoing a lot of change—[asking about something against his feet] These are rocks?—undergoing a lot of change, but so are you. In the very same way that your world is moving from one season to another, your ground is preparing for seeds; you are also in your lives having the effect of more sunshine, of warmer days, of the changes of the seasons. And the more you are balanced and grounded, the more you will respond positively to the seasonal changes in your own life. So I want you to think about that for a moment, because there are a lot of offerings this particular season can give to you.

And the first thing I said was needed was to be grounded. Now, what does grounded mean? You go out and you take off your clothing and you roll in the dirt, and there you are grounded—yes? Well, I liked it. I thought it’s workable, ground, grounded. Got another one. Does it mean you can—let’s see—stick your finger in a socket and be safe because you are grounded—right? Still not. How do you get grounded, and what does it mean, first? What’s grounded? If you don’t answer, I’ll start going for it.

Hello, love.

Hi. I would say it would be to be in balance as much as possible with as many aspects of your life. You can ground yourself by imagining yourself being in tune with the earth. That’s one thing. You can take walks; you can do that sort of thing. You can get plenty of rest. You can eat right. All those things help with the physical grounding.

S: Good. Good.

Just being aware of how you’re spending your time, that you’re not overloaded in one area as opposed to another.

S: That you’re not living in fairy land, even if the fairies welcome you. That’s good. Yes. Absolutely.

S: That you’re working with your physical connection and the earth connection, and establishing that so that you’re not . . .

S: Consciously. Purposefully. Yes. Yes.

Ideally what grounded is about is that you are not, as I said, living in fairy-land. Now, that’s not really a good explanation of it, but one way you might know you are not grounded is if you find yourself drifting off . . . [long pause] I’m sorry, what was that? Or perhaps you find yourself forgetting what you’re saying in the middle of your sentence, or if you . . . and you don’t have a good excuse for it. If you don’t have a sense of the balance that Lillibeth spoke about that Steve added to, that balance of where you are and what you’re doing, of getting yourself in line with. That works. Literally, nature’s energy. That’s grounded.

If you’re not grounded, you’re on the road to burnout. Really. And one of the ways that you can get yourself grounded, and perhaps one of the easiest ways, is that you take your shoes off and you go out into the yard, and you walk on this blessed earth, and you let yourself think about being linked, linked, with earth.

This time of year it’s helpful to do that because so much is going on with the planet right now. And the things that are going on with the planet are, as I said, very, very good things. It’s change. It’s transformation. And by giving yourself the opportunity to be physically grounded, you will have less of an opportunity—[sees Oma] There’s my dog!—less of an opportunity to be floating away at any time.

[Oma starts barking.] Now, Oma is telling me that there are a lot of ungrounded people in here. Got her very excited and happy. I like that.

Tell me the things that are coming up this month.

One of my favorite old Celtic holidays, Beltane.

S: Ah, yes.

When you talked about rolling around in the dirt naked, it came to mind immediately.

S: I said barefoot, love. Barefoot. Take the shoes off. Did you hear her? She said when you talked about rolling around in the dirt naked!

[. . . ] about taking off all your clothes.

S: That’s because that’s the way that she remembers it. And that becomes the next question. She says Beltane, Beltain. What is that? Put on your old Celtic hat, and tell me what you come out with.


It’s a cross-quarter day.

S: All right.

We have the equinoxes and the solstices.

S: If you’re looking at your year as a clock, and you would have spring and summer and fall and winter on that clock, those would be what? Winter you could put at noon, and at three o’clock you would put spring, and at six o’clock you would have . . .


S: And then at . . .


S: Nine, thank you.


S: Autumn, leading to winter. The in between each of those numbers, cross quarters, all right.

And those are times of great power, because it’s a time of lack of balance. The . . . 

S: You’re right, but I want you to say it.

The solstices and the equinoxes are times of balance, and the cross-quarter days are times of great imbalance, which make them a great time of power, because probably now—from your current teachings—it’s probably a time of great chaos, because we can choose to go . . . you can grab from either side. Now we have accessible to us those things of spring, as well as those things of summer.

S: Good.

And we can use them to create what we need and want.

S: Lovely. I like that. Add to that, Heidi?

Well, it was also a fire festival, and a time where the tribe would choose the goddess representation for the year, and choose the male god or stag representation. And it was also a time of great love and fertility.

S: A time of rituals for an agrarian society that would ensure good crops, be it plants, animals, humans.


It was also a time for either reestablishing a cycle or starting a cycle anew, so either we can look at the weddings that were . . . 

S: Cross-quarter.

But also that was the time they would let their hearth fires go out, and the Druids would go by and light the hearth fires anew with the fires of Bel—Bel’s fire, Gog’s son—and so they had basically sort of spring cleaning in their life that way.

S: And I’m not going to go any further than that, because that holds on to it right there.

A couple of things have been mentioned. Sort of the power time of it. The focus, not only of the earth but individually. And as a fire festival, it represents a time of sweeping out the old and welcoming the new.

In your society, there is not a lot of likelihood that you can actually relate very much to this, unless maybe you are a camper—that is a person as well as a vehicle? All right. Making sure. Unless you are a camper, and that is the idea of—[to Oma who has come up to the podium] Hello darling, how are you? Going around making sure everyone’s all right. Absolutely therapy dog. And do you know, darling, how much better it is that you manage than that little black creature back there [referring to EarthLight’s puppy, Hapi]. You’ve got a few things to teach it, don’t you? I would say. Good girl, Oma. Good. [Oma looking at items on a table.] “Anything there for me to chew on? Got any of those little pookah things?”

A very important part of what this is about is clearing out the old, bringing in the new, and in your life right now, as you are naturally—because you have to consciously put it aside—naturally you are finding yourself moving toward the seasonal changes. You are finding yourself looking at things that are going on in your life—maybe it is your home, maybe it is your work, maybe it is your personal relationships—but you are looking at what can be cleared out in order to have new.

A hearth fire could not go out. And that’s where the campers come in. The only connection that I could make here in your society for a time in which you did not want for the fire to go out might be if you are out camping, because most of you aren’t cooking over fires, are you? At a camp you might, so for the campers amongst you, what’s involved in keeping a fire going?


S: Embers.

When the fire gets down to the final, there the hot coal . . . it’s like coal, but it’s not really.

S: What do you need to do to ensure that those embers do not go out?

Feed it with kindling.

S: You feed it more burnable material. Anybody want to add to that? Frank?

Well, you can do what they call banking it. You can cover it with all the ashes, which kind of insulates it and allows the embers to stay hot, and red hot in there as they’re covered while you’re not using them.

S: Why?

So you could sleep, because you can’t be tending the fire all night and sleep, so you want to make sure it doesn’t go out while you sleep, so you bank it.

S: Are there times in your life in which that which you have been feeding so much energy into needs to be banked for a while to give you a bit of a rest, a break, perhaps, so that you can come back to it more ready to be of use? Are there times in your life in which what was needed in fullness is no longer needed in fullness, but you have trouble figuring out how to keep the fire going, but at a much lower level?

These are the sorts of decisions that you’re going to find in front of you this month, because this is a month all about energy transformation. You are in a transition period. Your bodies and thus your mind—and when I say your mind, I’m making reference to what you’re feeling, what your emotions are—and your spirit are looking at transformation. Your energy is wanting to be used after having been somewhat banked over the winter. What do you need to do to preserve the fire and get it going again?

One of the things that you might want to do can be shown in one of the other holidays. It’s a very hallmark holiday, and that is what?

Mother’s Day.

S: Mother’s Day. Now you know that Mother’s Day is absolutely one of my favorite of your holidays. Why? Because every one of you are mothers, that’s why—other than just the slang version of it. It doesn’t matter if you have ever given birth to children, it does not matter if you are even the wrong gender for doing it, you are a mother. And your recognizing the ways in which you are, and your accepting and then celebrating the ways that you are, are going to put you in touch with your creation-energy focus in very important ways. You access creation, and through creation you access creativity through the mother aspect of yourself.

And although that could be a very long and involved discussion, particularly in light of Fusion [of Masculine and Feminine Energy], it’s not truly where I’m wanting to go. I’m wanting you to be aware that there’s a lot of energy work happening now, a lot for you to connect into to make it yours.

And have you got a Wesak somewhere around in there—aye?—which, more than any of the first two holidays, represents a subtle energy shift, that you have to have your fires up, have your creation energy open, to make use of. So remember that.

I would like for you before we start up with questions and answers to think for a few moments about what you really like to do. What do you really like to do? Over the last week, what did you do that you really enjoyed? Did you laugh? It’s not something I want you to answer out loud; I want you just to look at this. Did you laugh this week? And not “Did you laugh because you were being polite,” but because you had that light-hearted spirit that allowed you to be free, to see humor.

Did you love, and I’m not talking the general “I love everything in the world, everyone.” I mean consciously, purposefully, did you take the opportunity to tell another being that you love them? Did you open your heart and allow yourself to be loved? If your best experiences of love are with you and the squirrels in the back yard, or you and your house full of cats, you need to take a look at that, because that’s not healthy for you.

One of the greatest signs of a high-frequency being is that they love freely, which is different than free love. And because like attracts like, that draws into your life those that also love freely. If you are not seeing that in your life, you need to take a look at that.

Until the solstice, you are in a time of great manifestation possibilities, and all of the things that I have discussed thus far work into that. It is all about you making use of you. It’s all about being conscious.

Now, in our last first-Sunday together, we just got into a few questions, and I asked for them to be particularly about dreams, about manifestation. Since that time, there has been a retreat. You have had all of these wonderful experiences that you call life behind you. And I think that that opens the door for a need for a little bit more questioning and answering, so let’s go there.

Frank, are you asking or telling me something there?

A question.

S: Oh, all right, you’re ready.

At the retreat, you talked for a while about the double-anchor technique.

S: Yes.

And you helped us understand that it was a very special thing, that it wasn’t something for us to choose to do casually in our day-to-day life, that it was something to do when we’re doing a sacred service or doing ceremonial work. And I was wondering if double anchoring is different than connecting into my earth connection and my spirit connection at the same time.

S: Yes, it is.

So if I’m . . . I find that often when I’m exercising or if I’m in a period when I’m really wanting to focus on something, if I draw forth my earth connection—my connection with the core of the earth—and my connection with Alcyone and my spirit connection, that it’s helpful. But I don’t do it as a double-anchor technique, or am I just using semantics and doing the same thing?

S: Should we answer that, since it’s his second question? Do you think?

Your conscious connection into whatever it is you’re making your connection into at the moment, be it your friend that is right in front of you, be it the center of the planet and the essence of earth energy, or be it the center of your galaxy and the essence of transformation energy, those are good things, it’s safe things to do, it helps you here connect further. A double anchor, on the other hand, is establishing a working circuit. It’s not only energy that you are connecting to, but it’s that energy connecting back to you. And you want to use that sparingly until you are at a point in your life that you are functional with it, and you want you to use it for particular purposes, rather than a general, “Oh, this should feel good.” All right?


At the retreat, we either got reacquainted with or met our dragons for the first time. Would you be willing to describe how our connections with our dragons . . . what they’ll be like in China, and how the work that we’re going to do in China will affect that Dragon energy within us?

S: All right, the first thing that I want to do there is get you to answer this question somewhat. Connect with your dragon? What the heck is that? What does that mean? What am I talking about there? If you were at the retreat, what was I doing? Why connect with a dragon? Suzanne.

Well, you’ve talked about this is the next major working.

S: Good.

People went to the British Isles and awoke that dragon, and you’ve talked about how the dragon force is the Ellic force within us and within the world. And so you wanted us to have a connection with our own personal dragon, a representation of our connection with Ellic force, because then we would be able to better connect with the dragon in China—and like attracts like, I guess, would help—to awaken that.

S: Lovely. Lovely.

In your life . . . no, wait, let’s go back way before that. All ight, whether you are sitting here in this room right now, or you are sitting in the comfort of your own room because you are watching the video, or you are driving down the road listening to the tapes, you are drawn to this work for one reason, and that is because, whether you remember it or not, you have made a compact with this world that, this time around, you were going to be a part of bringing about a greater transition in the world, and that transition is, ultimately, moving this world toward Sacred Status.

Now I say that, and I say it very simply and very lightly over the top of what it is, and yet half of you in here got an “ooh” that’s not related to hormonal imbalance when I said that—all right, yours might be—because your true self knows that. Who you are, what you are, throughout this life, you have known that you were here, in one way or another, to help somehow.

You’ve had a life of coincidences. There are no coincidences. It is not necessary, it is possible, you have always been aware of a spiritual core. You may have even sought out ways to explore that. This work is all about those who have made a compact to work together to bring about Sacred Status at its completion, or—to say it another way—the completion of the The Plan for this planet. You are by far so much more than you think, and that’s had its own effects on you throughout your life to the point that somewhere along the line you moseyed into this orbit and you connected, in one way or another. And it’s that connection that I am talking about right now, when I say that connecting in with the idea of your dragon gives you a working conduit to the part of your spiritual energy that is ready to go to work right now. At the retreat as well as in Britain, I talked to the group to imagine you are doing this, imagine what it’s looking like. I’m not telling you “Let your body float out amongst the stars and while you’re . . . ,“ no, nothing that hard. I want your brain involved. I want you to give yourself a gentle, easy meeting with your dragon, and what’s involved first with that is thinking about what a dragon symbolically is for you. And for the most part, the symbology of dragon has been a part of every major culture throughout your world for the last . . . well, more than five thousand years, actually, because the whole function of Dragon force is waiting, waiting, waiting. Throughout the cultures of your world, dragons are, now and again, considered bad guys. That tends to be more Judeo-Christian, don’t you know? But for the most part, a dragon is the keeper of the treasure. It is a shape changer. It is the giver of good things. It represents wisdom, power, abundance, riches—good stuff—unless, of course, you’re in the Judeo-Christian thinking, and then those things are things to be afraid of.

A person that is here knowing that it is their desire and their purpose to help bring this world to its best is only going to do that by becoming the best they can become. You’re not going to be able to give what you don’t have. You’re not going to give the energy for the world to be a better place if you are not able to make yourself a better place, being. And that’s why the dragon imagery can be of help to you, because on one level you are meeting a dragon and able to take on its characteristics and make use of it when you need them, and that’s going to give you a push.

How many of you when you were small children had an invisible friend or imaginary friend, or maybe it was a dog or a horse? Aye, many of you. You’re supposed to stay off those web sites. Oops. And in a way what you are doing in creating your dragon is essentially the same idea. A comfortable relationship with that which you cannot see, and, by way of that relationship, giving you access to that which is greater than what you allow for yourself on your own. That is what your imaginary friend did for you when you were seven, and it’s what your dragon does for you when you are older than seven.

But that dragon also has a second level, and that is it connects you into Dragon force in this world, and Dragon force in this world, ultimately small version of the explanation—oh, do I ever give a small version of any explanation? I don’t think so. I try though. Dragon force is the label, the words, that describe a particular frequency of energy that has been put into this earth, and allowed to wait for that time that those here could wake it up and bring it back into the world. Dragon force is an expression of a seeding, a planting, into the world a specific type of energy, absolutely a treasure for this world. And the access to that energy is a rekindling, if you will, of the frequency that did the original seeding.

The awakening of Dragon force in Britain was easy because that Dragon force was beating its wings against the earth already—creatively speaking. It was ready. It really only took the equivalent of this: “Come!” Poof!

China is a bit different. Dragon force in the world, in a land with—what?—three billion people, for whom the dragon association is frightening more often than not, awakening a land to begin having the opportunity in front of it of a spiritual focus bringing about physical gain. Well, the only way that that’s going to work out is if a few of those who did the planting to begin with are there to help open it up.

And one of the best ways that you can help ensure that that happens is recognizing, meeting, activating your personal dragon and letting yourself become useful to the idea—fanciful as it might be—of Dragon force in your life.

Did I do that?

Well you did what you needed to do.

S: That’s a very sweet way of saying “no.” Before I go over here again, nothing over here? There’s Paula. All right.

You’ve talked about different kinds of dreams.

S: I have.

Real dreams, and dreams where you work stuff out, and I’ve had a couple of dreams that I’m not sure where they fall. I have dreamt about something that has happened the next day, the night before, where I have had something happen. And my question is, Where would a dream like that fall in that pattern of dreams? And also, if we are gaining control of what we do within our dreams, would something I changed within a dream like that then change what happened the following day?

S: I’m not sure that I’m going to get all of this in there, and so, as often is the case in interviews, work me back to it, but as a whole what you are describing is a perfect explanation of the right use of dreaming insofar as dream school, that aspect, is concerned.

As your, sweet, kind, human self, sitting here, tomorrow getting up, going to work, that self does not go to what I call dream school. That self experiences your dreams as a means of working out issues, things going on, helping your brain put a hold [on it] and a drop into the lake of the known; those are the sorts of dreams that this body has.

There may also be dreams that this body has in which it’s watching what’s going on, but unable to affect any of it. More often than not, those are your nightmares.

But when you are functioning at consciously higher frequencies, your dreams begin to change, and they change because you have changed, and that is when you begin a process that opens the door to another set of dreaming altogether, and those are what I call dream school. It is those times in which that which you truly are is working out wisdom, and the more you become capable of experiencing those dreams that bring you wisdom so that you do not need to physically experience this or that, or you have a knowing of what is going on with this or that because of seeing similar things going on in your dreams, the more you are capable of having dream-school dreams, the more you are going to see your physical world reflecting your dreams and your dreams reflecting things that are going to be happening in your physical world. And that’s because dream school is timeless. It is a dimension outside of form, yet within the rules—if you will—of form. Dream school looks at times as if it is a lake, and whatever it is you need, you dip down into that lake. And for you it might be tomorrow, or next week, or three hundred years ago. Dream school is always a reflection of what you are capable of now, and what you have access to now. Dream school is a function of the entity you are, and as a result the more you are able to make use of, to create change within, to watch and adapt the situations, the more you are accessing other personalities of your entity. That’s why sometimes you feel like you are very involved in something, but you absolutely have no idea in this world of where it is or when it is, but you just keep up with it.

Yes. Thank you.

S: Your dreams, I can guarantee, any of you that are taking seriously the idea of keeping a dream journal, you are having some pretty fantastical dreams these days, because you are connecting into a creative force of energy that is all about bringing about change. And what you are not able to do right here in this limited body and mind you are able to do through that self that dreams, and you are able to serve, and grow, and give, and become. And all of the related symptoms from that growing and doing and becoming show up in your current life because of the that real dreaming, [the] dream-school life.


You talk a lot about recognizing and meeting your personal dragon.

S: Do I?

Yes. And I was just curious how we could best do that, if you have any suggestions for [that] other than going back through the meditation, but how can we really embrace the dragon within us?

S: Now are you making reference to you’ve never done any sort of meditation about meeting it, or are you saying you’ve had the opportunity to meet it, and now you want to know how to make it your best friend?

The second one, yes.

S: All right, because you can, as Kathy said, listen to the recording that has the meditation, visualization, on it, and you know some of you probably, particularly if you are willing to take off this twenty- or thirty- or forty- or whatever-year-old negative head, living in this world, putting a bag over your head, if you take it off and put on the curious, delightful, playful, four-year-old head, you might be able to give yourself a meditation on your own that has the idea of “you are going on a journey”—all of your visualizations should start with that—you’re going on a journey, if you have a destination in mind. Perhaps in your heart there is a place that represents peace and ease for you—let it be that place. You’re going on a journey, that’s where you’re going. As you get there, you become aware that you are anticipating—that’s important—and as you are anticipating, you realize it’s because you are going to meet someone, something, that you have been waiting to meet. You walk around a corner and there it is in front of you, your dragon, and as soon as you let yourself think there it is in front of you, your dragon, you immediately need to make it real. What does it look like? What color are you seeing? What is the nature of this dragon? And you have the amazing ability to communicate with it. Maybe not so much word by word, but you can hear it in your head so that you give it a voice. Those things will allow you to make a connection in.

But what if you’ve already done that, and you want to make it more real. Well, the first thing that you want to look at—and I’m only sort of teasing here—is exactly how much do you mind talking to yourself, because you become adept at communicating by communicating. Darn, don’t you hate it when great spiritual secrets come out like that? You learn to communicate with your dragon by communicating with your dragon. And one thing that can help you do that is to give yourself some time to fully create it, to get a sense of really what it looks like. Here, here. I promise you, the dragon in your head is willing for you to see it any way you need to. The dragon that is your spirit uses your head so that you’re able to recognize and accept. That’s how that works.

So, do what you can to visualize it. What does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? Don’t roast your dragon! It will roast you. And learn its voice. How do you learn its voice? Ask it a question. Get the answer. Don’t ask it “Great dragon spirit of all of earth, what is the meaning of life?” I assure you, the first thought you’re going to get is that you have been flicked on the head by a great dragon tail. Ask it, “What can I call you? Why do you want that name? Tell me two things, two things that we can do together.” Talk to it, and learn its voice. Learning its voice is going to allow you to make a connection for you to use, because at this time of one with one with one, that also is one with one, and you and your dragon, one with one. It’s quite a force, quite a force.

More. Sure, now you put your hands up. Chris.

You said at the retreat that each dragon chose; we did not choose it.

S: Aye.

And each dragon has particular characteristics and properties that make it quite unique. Does the dragon choose the individual Guardian based on similar functions and characteristics, and if so, does that . . . 

S: Similar to the dragon to itself.

Yes. And if so, does that allow us to connect more and more by focusing on those characteristics and traits within ourselves that we see within our own dragon?

S: All right, first, everything that you have in this world—seen or unseen—is a reflection of you. Everything in this world, in one way or another, is a reflection of you. And you do well to get yourself into the habit of looking around a crowd and seeing all of the different faces of you, of recognizing that what you are seeing—recognizing that what you are recognizing—is because it’s a part of you. You would do well, to remember the whole foundation of this experience is that you are a composite being, and that there is a piece of you in everybody and everything in one way or another—big picture—but having said that, yes, there are naturally going to be characteristics of that dragon that you recognize because they are characteristics like you.

If that is all you ever get out of a Dragon-force connection, I am very sorry for you, because the best connections in your life, including your spiritual connections, and absolutely including your connection with that dragon have to do not with the fulfillment of your clone, but more with a complimentary fulfillment of you. You are a being of extremes. That’s the nature of form. Because of that you see yourself at this extreme and you’re dragon at that extreme, and the key is for it to come together as one.

You may be—and I cannot particularly come up with examples of how you might be seeing it as something other than you—but on a very general level you may be very unaware of your gifts, of your talents, of your beliefs about the sort of power that you wield. And you have on this other hand a dragon that has chosen you that is absolute trumpeting changing power, and by your accessing that dragon, you are opening a conduit to that power to come to you.

It’s a—you’ll like this—it’s an imaginary crutch, or it’s absolutely one of the greatest doorways into spiritual power needed for transition right now that you have ever connected into. And as an example for you to play with, perhaps, this coming week, giving yourself a dragon or getting to know better the one that you have already accepted, one of the greatest functions of Dragon force is healing, healing. And that is because a complementary force creates wholeness, and healing is a function of wholeness. Does that mean that if you are not healed you are not whole? No. But it does mean that if you do not heal, you are going to be able to better understand why because of it. So, big picture, you cannot lose at all. You have within your life, physically speaking, mentally speaking, emotionally speaking, spiritually speaking, areas of your life that have need, that are not whole.

Don’t lay out a blanket “fill me, chill me, thrill me with wholeness.” Be specific. Connect into that Dragon force and ask for the grace that you need to understand what needs healing and how, so that you can be open to that healing if it is available. That is a very risky thing to do. I need to tell you now, it’s a very risky thing to do. Why do you think?

Brings change.

S: Again.

Brings change.

S: Brings change. Well, yes. It’s risky because you might lose some excuses, because you might take on a little responsibility that you’ve been avoiding, because you might have to ‘fess up that you’ve got a bit more power to you than you’ve wanted to admit. It can only do you good. It cannot hurt you at all. Do remember, dear ones, that there is nothing, nothing, nothing in this world that can hurt you except you. So much greater is that which is in you than that which is in this world.


First, I’m concerned about how much you are moving your form’s arm, but my question is this: At the retreat you talked about the national pie, and there’s been talk on the OneHeart about this. And the question is, Do you want to have a part in that and talk to us about what you want us to do, or should we go ahead on our own?

S: I am working on exactly what to do. At this point with that, creating something on your own is a marvelous idea. Feel free to do it. Go ahead with it, but the actual work itself requires some very specific doors to be open, very specific acts to be done that are a part of it. So if you’re willing to wait until I have the opportunity to get that out, probably Wednesday. Good. Good.

And she was making reference to something that’s on the OneHeart network right now. David, darling, how do you get in touch with the OneHeart network?

To join, you send a message, an email message, to, and that’ll get you on it.



S: That’s a OneHeart network which is essentially a spiritual community of those who are working together as a part of this work. It is a forum of sorts. It’s a group of people who are sharing their joys, their gifts, their sorrows, their needs for energy, odd thoughts that pop up in dreams, and interesting coincidences that make life nice. It’s you, that’s what it is, it’s you. That is a group that is not only throughout the U.S., but even in Canada, and it’s connecting into a group [in order] that perhaps a very large group of separate individuals can focus on the same thing in this world—particularly in this country—and help make a difference. It’s worth the effort. It’s worth the effort, because you do make a difference. You make a big difference.

Over the next few weeks you are going to be seeing a lot of changes. You’re going to be seeing a lot of changes in your life, because that’s where you spend your time, right there in the middle of your life, but that is only a reflection of the changes that are going on in your world right now. Over the next few weeks you are going to be seeing the power of the earth. You’re going to be seeing changes in the known—and I mean it that way—changes in the known. You are living in very exciting times, and it’s time that you start making use of it.

Frank, will you show me your dog.


S: Well, gracious, have you killed him? A little flop there. Hello, dear. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to get used to this? “Help me! Help me!” Better at it yet? Good.

This creature is an experiment.

Just like us.

Frank or the dog?

S: Both. Absolutely both. And you are going to be seeing, and in your own creatures, a lot of changes. Look for it in your world. It’s always a reflection of you. Do not forget that. You are going to be seeing a greater intelligence than you expected. I hope that’s because you are becoming more aware of your own intelligence, greater than you expected. You are going to be seeing creatures that are not usually together, functioning together in better ways. You are very likely to be finding yourself communicating with the animal and plant kingdom in ways you never have been able to do before. Do not let that be an excuse for blindness, all right? Teach yourself to go with the seed of thought being put into your head. It’s my desire that this creature be imprinted with all kinds of energy—yours, mine, its—so that you can more easily make connections with it, and thus your own. So we shall see. At least it’s not saying “Help me” like it had been the first time I saw it through. You’re a good pup. You’ll do well. “Can I go home now?”

Just like when we say it.

S: I do love nights like this, and in the next few months there’s going to be a lot of them. For those of you who are getting this information by audio or video, send your questions in to David and Paula at the newsletter. If they have too many, they can become a part of these discussions, but there will be more of them over the next few months up and until the group leaves for China, because you are going to be in a very magical time in your life. You are going to be experiencing good change. And you’ll have questions. And I love, Iove, chatting.

So, glochanumora. Happy trails.