April 6, 2003

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Well, it might be a bit dangerous tonight. Good. So how are you this month? On the road to magnificence?

Can we adjust the lighting?

No, not really.

S: Well, I finally got the group basically in front of me, and since it’s a lot of unnecessary light in the wings there . . . there, now that cozies you right up, doesn’t it?

This past month . . . let me turn that around and start it another way. I would guess that many of you have felt a slight bit spread out this past month. Maybe a bit ungrounded. Maybe a bit spacey or spacier than usual. You probably have also—and I’m going to show this as extremes, because that’s the way it works—been either much more connected to Source or less, because it’s the same thing. It’s more a matter of your perspective with it than usual, as well. Why would that be so?

Could that be because the veil is getting thinner and so there is less resistance between us and the other dimensions?

S: Actually, that’s very true. That’s not where I was going, and hopefully that’s not going to make you feel ungrounded. What that’s more likely to make you feel like is less sure of yourself.

Now, let me explain that one. Less sure of yourself, because as that veil becomes thinner you become more aware of whatever you want to call it—that still small voice, that large phallic headpiece. [Laughter]

It’s the rod of God.

S: Thank you, Frank. Something like that.

Now, where were we going there that got us lost? The still small voice, the Source within you, you’re hearing it more because the veil is getting thinner, and because of that you may also be a bit more confused about it than usual, because that connection is coming in a different way. That connection is much more easily expressed than it has been. So that might cause you to feel a bit less yourself, but not grounded, just confused. Suzie.

I feel like we’re working in more than one place at a time.

S: Yes, yes. And that goes with, definitely, what Suzanne brought out, because as those of you who have been to workshops know, you are, because that veil is getting thinner, coming into the ability to function in more than one dimension at a time.

However, this is different than that. This is because of a specific event. Anyone?

I’ve been feeling upset because of the war, because of the war with Iraq, the attack.

S: And that exactly is it. You have war all over your world at any given time, but right now the country you live in is at war. And people you know are at war, and your whole world is affected by this particular war.

And Guardianship energy is going to work with this particular war. You have a very important part of you constantly working at higher levels. And you are probably noticing it. Now, whether you notice it as, “I’m so much more connected,” or you notice it as, “I seem not to be very grounded these days,” just stay aware, because when there is a, we’ll say, subconscious part of you that’s working, working, working at another level, what is that going to mean to the conscious part of you? Well, one thing it’s going to mean is that you need to give it a break more often.

Feed it well. Rest it well. Exercise it well. Help your physical experience not take from your spiritual one. What might you need to do to help your physical experience? Frank.

Well, balance is an easy answer, but I’d say in taking care of it doing things like, for me, exercise as a part of my day as far as work goes. So making sure I get some physical exercise, keep my physical body exercised and purified, work with my diet a little more than usual. Not overload my analytical self, and rest.

S: Good. All excellent. Very, very good answers. Good things.

What about those individuals who are not functioning through Guardianship energy, those who are awakened or not to their spiritual awareness, but not necessarily functioning at Guardianship energy? What do they need to be doing?

The same thing.

S: You’re right. The same thing. Why?

They’re being affected also by the energy.

S: Absolutely. Absolutely. For most individuals in this world, for most, including Guardianship, times of mass exodus in your world—now, what do I mean by mass exodus?


S: A lot of death, that’s right.

In large groups.

S: Large groups, that’s right. At times of mass exodus, the very energy in your world as a whole changes. Certain points of power in the world are activated, or activated differently if they’ve already been activated. Things that you are very familiar with, ways that you think, things that you usually feel up to doing—or maybe don’t usually feel up to doing—you are responding differently. And that creates security problems for most people. Most humans want to know that they are in control. So when what is familiar begins to be unfamiliar, for any reason, it starts making them nervous. It starts making fear. And the energy of fear must be cancelled out in this world, which is why those who are functioning in Guardianship energy have a part of them at work, constantly. Why many of you feel you are wondering why you feel like you have run around the block twenty times when all you did was get up and go feed yourself breakfast. It’s also why, as you allow yourself to go quietly within, you hear, you get, you know more.

It’s a very remarkable time in your world, a very good time in many, many ways, because there are so many opportunities, because of what you are experiencing and the way that you’re thinking right now.

It seemed good to go ahead and open up this meeting—I know the last one was—but to open up this meeting to questions and answers, hopefully with the idea of being able to answer more. I’d like for you to write them down this time. Were you given paper and pencils? You have a few already, and do you have paper or pencils to do this with?

Some people do.

S: Here. Thank you, love. Now, Frank is going to do this very well.


S: You have some to start with. If you need a paper or pencils, let Jean know, and in the meantime let’s go.

I have four, Samuel, that are the same topic, but the questions themselves go a little different direction. What I thought maybe I’d do, rather than choose one of them and say that they are the same, is read the four of them and let you answer and discuss that general topic.

S: Sure.

“Will Guardians who leave earth after completion of Sacred Status immediately be able to take on form at will?  Will Guardians leave earth as a group, or individually over time in the next two to ten years?” “Will you tell us what we Guardians might expect after this life is over and Sacred Status is attained?” “How will Guardians who have left this planet after the completion of Sacred Status take on form, for what reasons, and for how long can they maintain that form? Will they return and work on earth with full knowing or veiled.” And then, “It is my understanding that you indicated when Sacred Status is completed that Guardians will leave, although there will be some who stay to assist with Absorption. What determines which Guardians stay, and what specifically will they be doing to assist Absorption? Will you be guiding them through channeling with Lea, and if not, how?”

S: I’m afraid there would be rebellion if that were the case. All right, where do you want me to start with that?

I think maybe talking about . . . you’d mentioned how Guardians would be leaving when Sacred Status was finished, so maybe talking about how they’ll be leaving, what they’ll do once they’ve left, and the process of taking on form, whether it’s temporary or not.

S: And does this interest most of you?



S: I will answer, but I will answer them quickly. Give me one at a time, bottom line, and try to put it in “First you die, and then you think, and then you choose, and then what?”

When Sacred Status has happened—the completion of it—will Guardians be leaving the earth all at once or gradually over the next two to ten years?

S: Yes. Yes. Yes. Guardians will be leaving, as they are right now, by natural processes or by the portal through which this particular form you are in has chosen. However, at the completion of the Plan, any that are left are immediately presented with a choice: go, stay.

Now, what would cause somebody to choose to stay?

Possibly obligations to family, compact with family.

S: Not likely, actually. Not likely. You’re not likely to stay because of any specific family connection, because that’s not enough of one. Tess.

Knowing there’s more to be done with the Plan itself. Absorption.

S: That’s right. Knowing that there is more to be done and determining where you are best useful is going to be everything behind that choice. Who makes that choice? Do you? No. Do You? Yes.

The entity.

S: You’re really good at this. Do you mean the personality that is sitting inside this body right now? No. But the greater You, the spirit that you are, the energy—or as Suzanne said, the entity, as I call it—makes that decision.

Quick now, what’s that entity connected to?

All That Is.


S: Without form, it is a pure Source connection. So, of course. Is it a process that you think through? No, there is nothing to think with. It is. It is. Fully is.

For those that stay to continue that work, will you be working and guiding them, and if so, how?

S: [Long pause] Now, the reason that I’m hesitating so long on this one . . . wait. Why am I hesitating so long on this one?

Because I happen to believe that you work in many ways and in many different forms besides this version.

S: And I’m trying to figure out if this is to be answered by the personality that borrows this form or by the impact of what’s been asked. That’s what the hesitation was for.

Yes, you know, I think you’re going to answer the questions better tonight than I would. You’re very on. That’s very nice.

It would be impossible for me not to take part, doing whatever is needed in whatever form is needed to do that. Just like you.


“The Guardians who have left the planet and can take on form, for what reasons will they take on form, for how long can they maintain it, and when they take on form will they do it with full knowing or will they be veiled?”

S: No, no veil. Now, this is making reference to Guardianship energy having the ability to manifest in this dimension for the purpose of bringing about a certain work. How long will they be able to do it? It depends upon how long the compact, so to speak, is for coming through.

If you are taking form in order to see a particular action brought to pass, once that action is brought to pass then that work is done. If it is a work that involves more than . . . if it requires an individual that is involved here, you would not be taking on form to make that happen. You’re not going to take on form and be involved here. You’re going to take on form to get something done. What am I saying there?

That it’s not about coming back and learning lessons.

S: That’s right.

It’s coming back and helping whoever’s left do what they need to do. That action is there . . . 

S: Right.

. . . for who is left.

S: You are a traffic signal, not a car.

I’d say you’re not here to be a leader that’s doing the doing, you’re there to assist.

S: More or less.

Is it more that your presence is the very catalyst that is needed?

S: Precisely. Precisely. Yes. Yes. And more often than not, that’s the case now, but because of the veil you don’t recognize it, and as a result that energy is not useful to you. All right.

And the last one was, and I’ll preface it, you’ve talked about those that stay, those that can come back at will, and, “Will you tell us what Guardians might expect after this life is over and Sacred Status is attained?” And I would add that to be other than coming back or staying.

S: All right, the first thing that I want to say is, Guardian or not, when you leave this reality, you’re going to have a little bit of down time. And that’s the best way to explain it, “down time” works. I think of it . . . for you to understand, I’ve often called it and think of it as a hospital or a rest place, a place of rest. But what’s really happening is you are assimilating, you are releasing the bayounds of form, you are recognizing the freedom, the power, of spirit.

Now, there is another step after that one, which is effectively the same thing except at a spirit level, in which you are releasing the awareness of spirit and moving into the wholeness of One.

Quick question. It’s a trick question. I think you’re very up for it. Is there ever a time in which that One is not there?


S: No. It’s always there. Right now, at this moment, you are composite pieces of a greater whole. The fingers and toes and hands and heart and ears and eyes of All That Is.

The sort of changes required for you to recognize that while you are here in this form creates a constant sense of “I’m not quite sure how real it is” that goes right along with the “I absolutely know it’s very real.” When it is your spirit accepting its ultimate unity, it’s now having to give up anything that it thinks it needs, it’s not worried about what family I’m leaving behind. It’s a fully different situation altogether. It’s an acceptance, an acknowledgment.

Now, what does that mean, what do you do? You be. It’s not like you have to stay busy.


“Samuel, I believe that you have spoken about a thousand years of peace in the future. If that is so, how does that relate to Sacred Status and Absorption?”

S: They might be getting me mixed up with one of those other guys.

What your Christianity refers to as the reign of Christ in this world for about a thousand years after all manner of other things of various import have happened, that would be the equivalent of Absorption. So how would you ask that now? [Long pause.] Having recklessly tossed it [the paper] aside!

I would say, “Samuel, some of the other spiritual teachings speak of a thousand years of peace, how would you describe that in the terms that you’ve been speaking of recently?”

S: Absorption. All right.

Thank you. “Guardians are among those speaking up for peace. What is mass consciousness needing to hear from us that will help mass consciousness speak up for peace?”

S: All right, remembering that . . . is there no room in here for people right there?

As a Guardian, one of the things that happens for you is what you think and what you say and what you do gets put into the Grid and becomes a possibility for mass consciousness. It becomes, once the possibility is established, it becomes a way, a means. It becomes the way, the imperative.

Now, think about all of the things you have been thinking this last week, and what has gone into the Grid by your example. The way that you think under pressure, what you do when you’re in a situation that is trying. Am I glad for all you’re putting into the Grid? No. I’m not.

One of the most important things that you can do is resolve your humanity. Get over it. It’s a gift, a remarkable, remarkable gift. You don’t resist it. You take care of it. If you don’t, it lets you know.

When your physical world is in balance, your emotional world follows suit, because you’re strong enough, you have the safety net you feel you need, and so things that might have disturbed you and caused difficulty do not. It’s harder to get you off balance when your physical world is stable.

Into the Grid right now is a lot of pain, and an amazing lot of frustration, even some anger. And that’s because your human self tends to get carried away. Now, why did I say it’s a good thing? I said that because what your world right now most definitely needs is not to see a way to fail or to get angry, but a way that says, All right, that did not work. I’m going to pick myself up and try again. All right, that wasn’t the sort of attitude that I want to put out. I’m going to change it now and keep going.

Right now, more than anything else short of conclusion and love, right now, your world needs “It’s all right, pick up, keep going.” “Oh, darn, started a war. All right, let’s stop it now and keep going.” “Oh, darn, yelled at husband, wife, lover, friend, teacher, student.”


S: President. All right, that’s not what I want out there. Let me change that. Can you see why that’s so important?

It brings transitioning.

S: Yes, it does. It puts hope in. So one of the most important things you can be doing right now is, of course, paying very careful attention that you are consciously acting and not unconsciously reacting, but when you are aware—as you are very quickly these days—that you have unconsciously reacted, consciously take over and move on again, because putting that into the Grid is going to make a very big difference.

Remember, too, that I have encouraged you, and perhaps by encouraging it have not said it as clearly as I should. Let me make it very, very clear. Do not be against war; be for peace. Do you understand that difference?


S: Frank.

“Dear Samuel, as you suggested we do last meeting, I have worked to educate myself about the issues surrounding our war on Iraq, and it sometimes leaves me bereft of hope that our world is moving in the direction of One Heart, One Mind, and One Body. Will you help me view the current world affairs through your eyes by sharing with me how you see them helping us reach Sacred Status?”

S: The best way for me to answer that is to remind you that you have a choice in this great tapestry. You can see it from the bottom, all the knots, all the ragged pieces. You can be the one sending the needle through. You can be the one who has designed the program, created the tapestry.

Now, I encourage you to see that it all flows into place, that when the world is running out of red, you change the design a bit to fit what you have. That’s how I see things, as a constantly moldable, changeable potential for greater love. I see that the more you do that, the more it becomes possible in this world. You make reality.

One of the most important things that this world is without right now, one of the things this world needs desperately is Guardians who are aware that they shape reality. It’s a constant process of recognizing the span between Intent and Thought, Thought and Word, Word and Deed.

Everything in this world adds to the love or adds to the fear—everything in this world. Ultimately, ultimately, that which is love overpowers that which is fear, because fear is a function of form, and form is the tiniest amount of what all of this is about.


“A number of us are looking for new jobs. Is the energy such that this can be easily manifested right now or is it more likely later in the year?”

S: Two ways to say that. The first one is with fusion, the manifestation of fusion, creation energy is expressed in this world in a much greater way than it has been—a much more accessible way would be a better way to say that. In that sense, knowing what it is you want and creating it happens much more quickly.

Now, second version of looking at that. Right now, your economy and your world is in flux, your economy particularly. Looking at the sort of work you do—let me change how I say that—looking at what you think you are capable of, what you think you want, if it has to do with the necessary correspondence of life in form, then your timing’s good. If it has to do with an industry that is secondary, your timing is not good. Service industry? Not good. Creating your own business? Not a good time. What is necessary to the wellbeing of those around you, good timing. So think about it. How is what you have to offer necessary? How is what you have to offer necessary. And seek that place.

Once this equinox is passed, and it’s still passing, but has essentially passed, you should be finding that the rest of your year continues perking up more and more and more, better and better and better. Take advantage of what doorways open. Don’t fret if it’s not the doorway you were thinking. Keep flowing on the journey until one change has led to another into another, and you have what it is you are wanting.

Be aware that, more often than not, it’s what you want that changes. As you become more finely tuned to what you’re truly capable of.


“Samuel, I am a twenty-two-year-old young man who would like to know what role younger persons play in the Guardianship.”

S: The same role that every other being of Guardianship plays. There is no difference there. It’s not about age. It’s not about gender, colors; it’s not about any of that. As Guardianship, you’re here. That’s all there is.

“What can one do to finally trust the Universe and let go?”

S: Finally trust the Universe and let go. Take a good look at what it is that you are wanting. Is it your best? That’s a very difficult question for you to answer, and I’m sorry that that is so. I never would have guessed it. You have taught me that. You’ve taught me that, because you are so willing to justify actions that are not your best with such ideas as, well that was the best I could do right then. And it’s not. And you know it.

Living love does not mean loving living. Doing the best you can, where you are, with what you have at the time does not mean, but leaving this out just in case or holding that open or allowing not being fully present for this or that. It doesn’t open the doorway for that.

Guardianship lives love. The humanity does it the best they can, where they are, with what they have at the time, and all that’s asked of you is to be honest with that.

Now, ask that question again. Have you tossed it already?

I did. “What can one do to finally trust the Universe and let go?”

S: Make sure that you’re doing what it is the Universe wants, rather than demanding the Universe fulfill your expectations and coming up with ways to justify it as the best thing for you at the time.

Remember what the Universe’s priority is and adjust yours to that. When you are functioning as one with Source, everything is yours. Everything. And those aspects of you that are not, take away accordingly. When you put out that the only way that you can live love in this world is by doing this, then don’t bother trying to trust Source, because you’re already putting out that you’re not.


Could you please talk about the Lexington portal, specifically location, size, energetic effects, and anything else you can offer? Thanks.

S: Right here, right now, at this moment, at this place, at this size, weight and ability to do whatever is needed at the time. This is it. Here you are.

All right.

“Samuel, in recent months you have indicated that this is the year we would speak from our own voice and know our calling. Could you be specific about the ways this can be accomplished, as time is short?”

S: That’s what Stuart keeps saying, too. Can you give me a better idea about what that question is asking?

No, I could go to another one.

S: Ask it again.

“Samuel, in recent months you have indicated that this is the year we would speak from our own voice and know our calling. Could you be specific about the ways this can be accomplished, as time is short?”

S: I’m going to ask you to go back to the question just previous. That will do it.

“After the ice storm, you said things weren’t very solid and it would be good to not immediately restructure one’s life. The energy to me still feels very changeable and fluid.”

S: That’s because you’re still in that equinox energy, but it’s changing. You’re more out of it now than you were.

“What’s the best way to work with this current energy, especially in reference to defining and making decisions about one’s livelihood?”

S: That question just previous, the one previous to that—go there.

“I have been very involved in the peace movement over the past six months.”

S: Good.

“Is there a compact between the U.S. and Iraq concerning this war? If so, can things be woven into the weave in a way that this will work out for the highest good?”

S:  Yes, yes.


S: Both.

“Would you please explain the time wrinkle that we have been experiencing either consciously or subconsciously whereby time either moves faster or slower than normal, and the space around us is new and unfamiliar?”

Daylight Savings Time.

S: Daylight Savings Time. I think that what that person is asking isn’t really getting asked there.

With the fusion . . . well, with 5:3:2 opening the door to fusion, and fusion opening the door dimensionally, time becomes fluid. You are experiencing—let me change that—some of you are experiencing more of a dual existence than you had been previous to those events. You might be noticing, perhaps, in your dream states. Anybody here finding that they’re having more real dreams than ever before? Any of you finding that you have more precip-  . . . what’s the word I’m looking for?


S: Precognition. Stuart.


S: Was that a word?


S: Sorry. You know more, and you know you know. You’re getting it. It’s there. You are more aware. It’s just allowing your human self to catch up to it. Your brain is actually processing more of the spirit you are, but still goes into resistance about it.

Now, your time is totally dependent upon your holding the pattern of this dimension, but your dream states are changing that pattern in your life. Whether you are seeing that as less time because it’s moving more quickly, or as more time because it’s moving quickly, the key there is it’s moving more quickly. Your days, your times, your hours are different.

Now, what do you do with that? Nothing. Really. You function in your now, and that hasn’t changed. You only worry about time when you’re not functioning in your now.


This is a very long question that the last paragraph says, “Please discuss the process of manifesting and how it might be different now in the new energy, what differences we might expect to experience, and how to deal with the frustrations and enervations that seem to go along with living at this time.”

S: All right, the first thing that you need to know is that it’s your expectation that creates frustration in your life, ever, always. So be it. It is your expectations that create any of those frustrations in your life.

Now, three questions ago . . . discussing living love is what you’re here to do, and the best you can is how you do it, that allowing yourself to become one with what Source is seeking as opposed to what your expectations say must be, and recognizing that what you would be doing has to do with living that love in order for your Guardianship to be most effective, the most important thing there is for you to do or to have. The only thing in this world that you want to manifest is that which allows you or your world to function at your highest, best frequency of love. What is required of you to be able to do that? That is where you link up with the Universe. Everything else is handy, but not a part of some great chalkboard that says, “Martin will now do this.” Darn.

“How is masculine energy in mass consciousness impacting the progress of Sacred Status?”

S: There is no such thing as masculine energy right now.

“If I’ve heard you right, Samuel, you expressed that we won’t recognize this planet. Could you elaborate on what areas, levels, you are talking about, and how will it possibly affect those working in 4:3:2 and those that are working in 5:3:2?”

S: It’s not . . . I’m sorry to say that there are too many pieces of that particular question that are based on an unusable premise. It needs to be worded a lot better. Could make for an interesting questions and answers for the newsletter if it is worded, however.

And then I’ve got a lot of questions that bear on the current war with Iraq.

S: What’s happening with time, Stuart?

We’ve got five more minutes on this one.

S: See what we can do.

“How can I be more effective or feel like I’m being more effective . . .”

S: Ah, now that’s a very big difference, isn’t it? How can I be more effective? How can I feel more effective? What you feel is based upon what you want, what your expectations are about, what your desires are about. Remember that.

“. . . in bringing peace to the world, changing our government’s direction and belief that military action is the only way to solve problems.”

S: Several months ago, I made this statement. I’m going to make it again. You’re going to have war in your world until you get rid of war in your life. What are all the ways in which you have war in your life?

Not being at peace with certain aspects of yourself.

S: Sure. Sure.

Not being at peace with certain people in your environment.

S: That’s right. Sure. Sure. I think the Form is not at peace with some of these things [clothes], but that also is—relationally speaking—the same sort of thing. Do you see that? How convertible are you in your costume? How about in the play of your life?

You’re not going to in this world until you end war in your life, so that you are putting into the Grid the power of true peace.

“Dear Samuel, sometime in the future, former President Bush Senior, President G.W. Bush, and Saddam Hussein, and anyone else you want to throw in, have all made their transitions and are convening at the big club house in the sky for a round of golf. Once united, they reminisce about the good old days on earth, and thank each other for the role they played in bringing about Sacred Status. What might each one say to the other?”

That’s a great question.

S: Variations of “Took you long enough,” for one. I’m hesitating here because that’s a great question.


S: And to do it justice is not particularly possible here, but I want to do it justice. All right, do you understand me, Stuart? All right. So I’ll come back to it. All right.

“How can we as Guardians affect and help recreate the aftereffects of the Iraqi war in terms of the 5:3:2 energy we are working with?” [Frank throws the slip of paper.]

S: Pick it back up.

It’s gone. No, there it is.

S: And try again.

“How can we as Guardians affect and help recreate the aftereffects of the Iraqi war in terms of the 5:3:2 energy we are working with?”

S: Well, that’s where I’m a bit lost. Create and affect the aftereffects of the Iraqi war?

In terms of 5:3:2 energy we are working with.

I’m going to be rewording things, because I do that in the writing center all the time.

S: Good.

It’s not my question, but it would seem to me that “How can we affect, using 5:3:2 energy, what will happen when the war in Iraq is over.” There’s a lot of stuff in the news about how is Iraq going to be recreated. Maybe that’s what was meant.

S: I will be very bold with you here. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It’s not the point. There is not a scenario that is not bad, as you would see it. There is no such thing as Iraq. There are people, and ultimately if you want to create something in 5:3:2, then that means you think it.

Your intent as a Guardian is going to open a doorway. So, just like getting rid of war in your life, so you must also have reconstruction in your life, so you must have justice in your life, so you must consciously and purposefully take care of land and self and home so that it can be taken care of. And I realized what this is. This makes a big difference, too, interestingly enough. That sort of thing is very powerful.

“I believe that you said that our war with Iraq would be our last war, one way or another. What effective actions can we take to prevent our Administration from creating future wars with Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.? How has war with Iraq affected the timeline of two to ten years for the completion of Sacred Status. Does Sacred Status include the end to war on earth?”

S: David, as you are listening to these questions, do you find yourself thinking I never get away with that in newsletter interviews? Just one question at a time.

All right. Take it in pieces, Frank.

“I believe you said that our war with Iraq would be our last war, one way or another.”

S: All right. What I said was, continuing in the way that you are going right now, if you have this war it will be the last one. However, you have seen, and I hope you know your part in it, you have seen what was immediately put forth as this war and what has eventually come through as this war as being constantly changing, constantly different.

A very dangerous thing has happened. Your rulers have found that they can do what they want. They are mighty and they are many.

Now, the greater plan in the minds of men or women, humankind, seeks a greater power—just like you do—that . . . I’m trying to turn this around for you so that you can understand where the difficulty is. As long as those who are in power see that their ultimate ends justify the means, they will continue with the greater working of those plans. At this point, they are finding it so.

Remember that I don’t see that as a problem. That’s not the problem. The problem has to do with what are you doing to put alternatives into the Grid? What are you doing to filter that energy into something different? What are you doing in your life to get rid of war, because this is how that change comes about.? You are the prototype.

“What effective actions can we take to prevent our administration from creating future wars with Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.?”

S: Do they know you care? Do your leaders know you care? What are you doing to let them know you care? In addition to what are you doing in your life to create peace? What are the relationships that aren’t working, because it’s just too much to bother with, or not enough to bother with? Where are you not doing your best? What do you need to do to be a beacon of love in your world?

And having said that, I’m going to step just a little bit further. EarthLight . . . many of you have gone to rallies for peace, and these are good things—it’s very good that you do that—but that isn’t what matters. It’s what you do there. It’s not your ability to persuasively talk your parents out of supporting this government—and some of you seem to think that’s it: the people you work with need to have their minds changed, they need to know how false or untrue. And that’s not it. What is?

Channeling that energy. . . 

S: Yes.

. . . of all of that focus into one of love and peace and unity.

S: Being the cosmic sponge. Being the cosmic filter. What goes in is not what comes out. The ability to take what is around you and transform it by moving it through the most magical, powerful being there is—you—I love love, oh, gosh it’s so wonderful that there are global meditations daily now, that this incredible blip in the consciousness of this time, this incredible blip of the United States’ aggressive actions in a situation that they feel particularly justified in, because depending on what perspective you’re coming from, everybody’s right—this particular blip has done more to bring together common thought than anything has in sixty years. It’s so useful, because it is a constant creation of potential. It is a constant power that you can change.

Coming soon is Mother’s Day sometime soon? That’s usually the next one this far in advance. And at Mother’s Day I enjoy being able to take the energy of compassion and nurturing and love that is thought of as a mother connection and giving homage to that mothering that you do in a very physical way, taking that energy as a whole across the U.S. and transferring it into the world as a blanket of nurturing, comforting love. Healing the hearts, that’s what you do when you connect into these global meditations, whether you’re meditating the same thing or not. Do it. Take advantage of it. Yes.

Is that it?

No, but we’ve probably run out of time.

S: Yes, way out. Stuart.

We’re officially over time. I have twenty minutes on tape left.

S: Well, what I would like for you to do is put a goodbye into it, and then I’ll get back to that question that was so much fun. All right.

Do you want that question [. . . ]

S: Well, I don’t know that you could, for the timing of your cable?

[. . . ]

S: It doesn’t matter.

The phallic reference is not going to make it to the cable.

S: All right, good. Then I’ll just go with it from here. It is, though, don’t you think?

I‘ll cue you when there’s five minutes left of the tape, because I have no more tape, because I thought that an hour and a half was more than enough.

S: Oh, it is.

Unless you want to do that in the newsletter.

S: Oh, no. So quickly. Are there quick ones?

There was the continuation of that question, which was, “How has the war with Iraq affected the timeline of two to ten years for the completion of Sacred Status?”

S: It hasn’t touched it at all. It’s not a problem. In fact, it’s going to do a lot to help.

“Does the completion of Sacred Status include the end to war on earth?”

S: I’m trying to imagine humanity without ego. As soon as humanity is not burdened by self-oriented ego, there will no longer be war on earth.

“They’re saying that the latest polls indicate that seventy-five percent of Americans are pro-war, and believe the Iraqi people and the entire Middle East will be better off without Saddam Hussein and his Baath party in power.”

S: Poor guy.

“These seventy-five percent seem to justify the fact that innocent civilians are being killed with the belief that the ends justify the means. Would you say this is 4:3:2 mentality? If so, what can we do as Guardians to help shift this thinking to 5:3:2?”

S: You’ve got to be careful letting those go, Frank.

Well, the first thing that you need to be aware of is that that’s rather a harsh judgment that you’re putting out there.  To say that the end justifies the means is a 4:3:2 response, because in 4:3:2 the end does not justify the means, but in 5:3:2 there isn’t a difference. When all you are functioning in is your now, then there is only means or only ends. It’s all the same.

This war is not about Saddam Hussein. That’ll show up next month.

“Please explain the compact that the U.S. has with Iraq through the manifestation of this current war.”

S: Insofar as the energy of the country itself or the specific leaders?

I think it’s in response to the answer you gave to a question earlier, which was, “Is the war the result of a compact between the U.S. and Iraq?” and you said, “yes, yes, yes,” because this question came right after that.

S: So read it again.

It’s blank now. “Please explain the compact that the U.S. has with Iraq through the manifestation of this current war.”

S: All right, the first thing that I want you to remember is that ongoing states of war over the last sixty years have not accomplished what your war with—what are you, three weeks down yet, two?—has accomplished. Do you understand that?


S: Think about it. Wars in your last sixty years have not accomplished what this has in two or three weeks.

We’ve never pissed off so much of the world.

S: Yes! Say that again.

We’ve never pissed off so much of the world in one fell swoop.

S: Yes. This is America’s rebirthing, and that’s very necessary. What is being born into this world?


S: More or less. More or less. Unity.

This may be totally off the wall. In order for a fusion of duality to happen, perhaps people need to become very aware of the duality. For the last sixty years the U.S. has been coming off as the guardian and protector of the world and doing the right things, and now it’s becoming very apparent that there’s a very big division between the U.S. and the rest of the world, so there’s a view of dichotomy—the U.S. and the rest of the world—here. And that hasn’t been as obvious in the last sixty years. So now that the duality is so apparent, it makes it perhaps easier for them to be brought back together into a fusion.

S: Kathy.

It’s that awareness that what we do actually matters and has an effect on the rest of the world, and we’re coming to that awareness.

S: I could go with both of you. Any other thoughts in there.

The United States has become a common enemy.

S: And that certainly brings unity, doesn’t it?

In part though, we’re not doing much different than we’ve always done, but now we became blatant in saying, Hey, this is who we are.

S: Intent is transparent. Intent is transparent. Now, move to your own life. I’ve been talking to you for quite some time about the time lag between what you think and what happens, your intent and it manifesting. Your intent has been transparent to you. Your nation’s intent is transparent in the world.

There is judgment that typically comes about when there is a change that is not understood. In your own life, when you’ve made changes and the people around you have been so comfortable with the way you have been for so long, start rebelling against your changes. Well, you’ve got that happening in the world. A lot of posturing. How are we going to fit into your orbit? And it will, it will, end up working toward a greater union.

And I will tell you that the intent of the leaders of your country and Britain, it is not their intent to have a bloody world coup. That’s not what they’re after. In the very same way that as you have learned to deal with power and issues of personal control in the same way that any child works out how they’re going to be and what they’re going to think, so this country is doing that. So all countries do that.

This war is a manifestation of change. It is not as much the death throes of the old, although that’s definitely in there. It is a signal of new, because a misunderstanding within communication is bringing a very dichotomized public, and that’s going to have to change. It’s going to have to change, because it’s not We are the good guys and you are the bad guys. You have thirty-five percent of your world saying that very same thing, and they’re the ones you think are the bad guys.

This war . . .

I need to change the tape.

S: Got it. This war is a reflection of process. A reflection of your own process. A reflection of the dynamics of world change. Your compassion levels are being changed. They must be changed. You cannot continue this “they are wrong, we are right,” because it allows your government to continue with “they are wrong, we are right.” Compassion is the only way your world has justice. Everything else is law. You must bring compassion into this world. You must open that door. Step back out of the arena and see the design.

George will say to George, “Thanks. What I could not do, you did.” George and Saddam, who are such minor players in this—do not mistake that—in this blip of time, have absolutely perfectly and beautifully played their part. They are exactly the same and the response in the world is the polar balance, so that in your world, right now, there is in a very real way a line of balance in which what you think regarding your President’s practices and what his country thinks about his practices are the same. And the response of the awakened ones is the balance. It’s all about unity. Every bit, every bit. Unity. Unity right where you are all the way up to the world, because it is a function of fusion. And this is a change fusion brings.

If not in Iraq, there are two options most obvious—free will, of course, opens other doorways, and it may not be quite the proposal I’m making here right now—but one option is the world will come to know that war is not the way. And, frankly, right now, that’s not what the world is coming to know. That would be the best option, though. Do you know what it would likely take for the world to say “No more war”?

The second option has to do with a continued progression until eventually it is said “No more.” Who is going to say that? Until you do, it won’t be said. I could not have come up with a better scenario for Guardians to work in and see immediately the effects of what they think and do. I did not. You did.

This is a world of cake batter. It’s already determined it’s cake. What shape pan are you going to use, because it’s cake? But it’s waiting for you not to make up your mind, but to express it. It’s already made up.

This is one of the most magnificent occasions and opportunities. Don’t blow it. All right.


You did it well, Frank.

Thank you.