March 25, 2001

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hi, Samuel.

S: You have questions. Well, now you know that the reality of it is most of the time, I don’t answer the questions. You do. In fact, more often than not this is sort of a pop quiz, because more often what you have to say and your perspective of knowing is much more beneficial than what I would say. I might just give it a bit of a start or wrap it up at the end, but really, questions and answers tend to be a lot of participation. So, maybe you should just go ahead and give yourself a bit of permission for that now. A lot of participation. Aye. I won’t bite. You won’t bite. Do not be afraid. Just go for it.

[To Bonnie who is sitting next to him ready to read the questions.] Bonnie, love, how’s it for you?


S: Aye. Are you enjoying this?

Well, I don’t know yet, but I’ll find out for sure.

S: You’re not quite used to being up on something like this and not belly dancing. I know it’s not quite like a table, but you know.

How have your last couple of weeks been? Start—before we even go into any questions there—start with that. I want to know two things. The first one is, have things in your life, right now, loosened up or gotten harder?

My life has really gotten better, and I went through a period of time where it was very, very difficult, but I realized that what was happening to me was I was getting at some really core issues within myself that I haven’t wanted to look at. And it took a lot of intense work for me to be able to accept that and to work through it. And since I’ve accepted that and worked through it, it’s gotten better.

S: Good. Good. Anybody else finding that?

My life has also been falling into place, the pieces.

S: Good. Good.

Lots of clarity.

S: Which is how it should be right now. Over the last few months you have been going through a very dynamic time. Sort of the old curse: May you live in interesting times. You’ve been living in very interesting times. It should be loosening up for you. Why? Why should it be loosening up for you? One reason is because life is sort of like a roller coaster. And as you move forward, there is a point in which you’ve got a bit of a plateau, and then it moves down at an easier time, and on through. That’s the nature of how you work through. But another reason simply is because whenever you have cosmic energy and planetary energy at a place of balance—and I’m not speaking about the Equinox—at a place of balance, then you who have become so sensitive to that have an easier time of it.

Shall we start? All right, love, you know the rules don’t you?

Flick of the wrist.

S: That’s right. Aye. Warn the front row over there. Watch out.

[To people in front] It’s going to look as though I’m throwing you the questions when I’m finished.

First question: “For me, getting over issues of ego is a priority right now. Wanting recognition, being hard on myself, fearing failure. I see them in my life and many times I can control and put them aside. When they control me, I work to clean up the mess. My question is, Will it ever get easier, get to the point where I won’t have to wrestle ego so that it doesn’t control me? It seems to get easier, at least the amount of time it takes me to pick myself back up, but will ego ever weaken enough so that it isn’t such a struggle to deal with?

S: How many of you can relate to that question. Absolutely. And in all likelihood, every one of you could have had your hand up for that one. Let’s take it a bit in parts. And with the strongest one first. “Will there ever be a time in which I’m not arguing with my ego?” And the answer is, Not unless you’re dead. Why is that?

It’s part of form.

S: Absolutely, because it’s a part of the human nature. What is ego?


S: Yes, that works. What it is you put out there for others to see, to know you by.


S: Absolutely. Good one. Yes. Yes. It allows again what you want others to know [about] you. It’s the vehicle by which that is expressed. Frank.

It’s the part of us that thinks we’re human and thinks we’re a physical form.

S: Why does it think that?

Because it is.

S: That’s a good answer actually. Aye.

Ego’s designed to keep us safe, and it brings up all of our security issues, and because of that it keeps us bound to this planet.

S: All right. Ego is designed to keep us safe. What does that mean?

Keeps our boundaries. Keeps us separate. Keeps our boundaries in place.

S: That works in there. But let’s go to that part about keeping you alive. We’re talking survival issues there. Why is it that the ego deals with survival issues?

Because the ego does not survive bodily death.

S: That’s not exactly true. There is a part that does insofar as personality essence, but the perspective is so radically changed after death that the limitations because of those boundaries, because of the individuation process, does not leave it with quite the negative impact that it tends to have on your life while you are alive, here. David.

It’s the primary means or part within us through which we deal with the physical world.

S: Right. Yes. And therefore the only way that you’re going to not deal with it is to not be in the physical world. Now, right there, begins the rest of the answer to the question. Somebody want to tell me where I’m going to go with that? [Pause] Bunch of chickens! Mary Claire.

Well, the part of the question that talked about how it is getting easier in the sense that the amount of time to get up and get back going again, instead of the ego just flattening you, is shorter.

S: All right.

So it gets easier, and I would suppose that with the process of dealing with it and dealing with it and dealing with it, and putting it aside and putting it aside and putting it aside, that it does get easier even though it never goes away, and that the amount of time might be just a second in which the thought is there and then you just . . .  and you can push it aside and go on. Maybe.

S: And that is, of course, when what it’s doing is giving information or beliefs are coming up that have a negative impact on you. Frank.

There’s . . . ego isn’t bad.

S: Right.

We need to learn to work in partnership with our ego, and so much of our life we have—speaking for myself—I have been trying to kill myself in one way or another, that my ego has had reason to be trying to survive. And once we learn to be aware of our surroundings and realize that we are in physical form and work with our physical body, our personality, our beings to work in harmony with the world, then we become a co-creator with our personality, and our ego [. . .]

S: Very good. Very good. And the less attached you are to your world, to this world, to the things that are going on here, be they the things that are holding you back and causing you trouble—even if they be the things you enjoy—the more attached you are to those aspects of this world that are complete only in this world, then the more difficulty you are going to have with ego whose job is to sustain your existence here.

So let’s read the question again.

“My question is will it ever get to the point where I won’t have to wrestle ego so that it doesn’t control me?”

S: Let me stop it right there. And the only way it will ever not control you is when you stop wrestling it. Anything in your life that you’re fighting, you are giving so much attention to that you are strengthening it by that attention. Anything in your life that causes your focus to shift, be it a very pleasant thing or an unpleasant thing—anything in your life that is taking your attention is drawing energy from you. Don’t fight it. Recognize it for what it’s giving your life at that time.

Why is it that?—and think about whatever behaviors it might be that that ego is distressing you with. There’s just such a need to control and always to be right, and I’m so tired of that, and it just pops out before I’m even conscious of it getting its way out there—why is that? And you can take ego power by incorporating it into you, rather than separating it from you. Let’s call that one a yes, and send it away.

“Dear Samuel, please describe to us the manner in which the Heart Portals were closed. Was this work done in form or out of form?”

S: Both. And the reason that I’m hesitating there is, how is it even possible to use words to tell you how they were closed? They were closed like this. [Looks around the room with blank expression on face] Sometimes there are questions that are not actually answerable for your brain, so try it this way instead.

Settle yourself for a moment, just a bit. Don’t make a process out of it, just become aware of where you are. And imagine that inside of you there is a firework show going on—your energy just bouncing. And one of those pieces of energy that is you bounces right out of you—just imagine this, play with it—and goes flying out into the cosmos where there is no time and no space, and looks at that point that the portals were closed down in order that this world might incubate better. It is possible that your brain is showing you something. It’s wrong. Count on it. It’s wrong. The brain is only translating the tiniest portion mixed with a very good dose of disbelief and insecurity that says, Oh, I don’t know if I’m really getting what I should be getting there. But just for the fun of it, see if it’s possible to listen to your heart while your brain is shooting off, and just ask, was I there? What happened?

I’ll tell you this: Everything in your world is a duality, because it’s a duality that is an expression of form and spirit. All major work requires form and spirit to function together as One Heart, One Mind and One Body in order to do a working in this world.

For every one of the Heart Portals, that energy that manifested the frequency of that portal itself was recaptured, reconstructed, both on and off the world. That’s how it’s done now as well. More.

[Bonnie tosses paper with previous question on it] You’re not so bad at that.

“Would it advance the greater plan for us to develop a common vision for the world, and incorporate that vision into our toning process. If so, please explain how, where and when we can integrate it, meaning the vision, into the toning process and how it will work.”

S: Well, it’s very possible there that what’s being asked as a greater vision is something different than what I might think of as a greater vision, because the toning process itself is the greater vision. Let me explain that. Toning is what?



S: Thank you. I was going to get really worried there. Frequency. Sound. It is your making sounds. It’s talking with a different thing in mind to a different audience, perhaps, for a different purpose, perhaps. It’s sound. Tell me a bit more.

It’s visualization.

S: There’s a visualization that goes with this, and ideally the group is making a prescribed set of sounds—sometimes it’s more like a barnyard—and together working on the same visualization. Why?

Well, you’re creating one entity in order to have a vessel for that energy to come forth.

S: Good. In the toning work that you are doing now, which, by the way, is one of those things that when you do it you recognize it. There is a part of you that likes it, even when there is a part of you that does not know what you’re doing and is wondering if you’re doing it right.

Song; chant, sound has been used to work a change in energy for as long as there have been humans here. Every realm in your world responds to it. Whether that be toning on a hillside in Ireland and calling the cows in because of it, whether that be singing a baby to sleep, whether that be using sound to move through dimensions—which your scientists, of course, are doing—whether that be the song of the whales moving hundreds and thousands of miles away, it changes things. Many of you have heard Stuart on a drum, and as he drums you feel that on your body. Drumming does to the outside of your body what toning does to the inside: gives you a good frequency massage.

The particular tones that you are using in this toning create a series of very specific changes. The changes are wrought not only in your physical existence—and many of you could spend a good amount of time talking about the things that you have noticed change for you because of the toning process—but because there is the addition of a group focus that has to do with the nature of the creation process from [blows out] to [draws breath in]—that actually said a lot—because every piece of it is reenacting creation, and you are coming together as a group at that time, specifically focused on that manifestation and directing that energy in a particular direction—directing in a direction—you are having an effect with it. The effect is not what you’re visualizing, but your visualization combined with your tone, combined with what happens because of those—one and one does not equal two; it equals three. It creates something new altogether. It establishes the greater vision, the greater Plan.

All right. More.

“Samuel, in this past . . . 

S: Last time I looked.

“. . .  in this past newsletter, you spoke of the use of triunities to work with the energy after the new grid is in place. Please explain the level of commitment these triunities would need. For example, would they need to live together or just commit to meeting regularly?”

S: Ah, you’re scared now aren’t you? Do they have to live together? Some of you cannot even live with yourself; how could you live with other? Certainly not two others.

Triune energy is both the energy of the past and the energy of the future. It is the means by which relationships function at their highest and best. It is not a sexual activity. It is not a marriage sort of commitment, although it can be those things.

A triunity is something that you have functioning in your life already. Probably in many areas, if you give yourself a moment to look at it, because it is a very natural human function to find that things happen in threes, that for projects it would be you and probably one other and one other. Look at your life, and see if you do not already have threes working with you, because it’s a very natural means.

Triunity does not mean that you’ve got to have a set-up like the form and Frank and Stuart for Earthlight. I kept trying to make that one of the requirements, but nobody would do it. It does mean that you consciously agree with two others who consciously agree, altogether, that you are going to work together to make this happen.

Triune energy allows that when Cathy is not feeling too good, it’s all right, because Paula and Don can do it, you see? When Paula’s down, it’s all right. It allows for balance that’s very hard to come about with otherwise. How many of you know of two old married people who are just alike now? And, unfortunately, more often than not it means they are somewhat bored and taking a whole lot for granted, whereas in a triune relationship there’s never a chance for that. One and one becomes one, but one and one and one becomes interesting.

Now, back to the question. The point at this next shift, once you’ve got the grid working and you are functioning at 5:3:2 energy, the triune function is a first step, a prototype of the energy of the grid itself. It is effectually saying, I am working in this energy.

I don’t know what more to add to that. What do you want added to that? Then release it and let it go.

They keep coming back.

S: It’s that wrist action.

Oh, that way. I’ll work on it.

“I have felt a sense of disconnection with preparation for the Canary Isles. Is it just me or is it the energy of the times?”

S: Disconnection. A sense of disconnection with the preparation.

For the Canary Islands.

S: You know one of the most important ways that your physical self takes care of you is it backs you out of something that it might think is more than you can handle. You walk outside after you’ve been inside your warm, dark room and you step out into the bright sunlight ,and what happens? You go, Oh! Aye. The reflex action is to protect yourself from that which is too great to handle. I want to warn you, it can be dangerous. It’s not simply that you have been so overwhelmed in your everyday life, it’s not simply that you have so much going on and so much change happening in your life at this time, it is not only that the whole planet is in transition and chaos rules—which is a good thing, not a bad thing; opportunity is available—it’s not only that this is a time of change for the rising of energy that in another world, long ago, it’s equal to that which caused a lowering of the energy.

This time has most individuals who function at a higher frequency in a state, a state of . . . what is it called with that expression? The ostrich with its head in the sand. What is that bird doing when it does that?

Burying its head in the sand.

S: Why?

It’s denying.

It’s avoiding the things out around it, so it sticks its head in the sand so it doesn’t have to see or hear.

S: All right. That’s not what I’m looking for exactly then.


S: And denial’s not it either.

What you don’t know, what you don’t see, won’t hurt you.

S: That’s more like it. This one.

You’re not responsible. If you don’t know, you’re not responsible.

S: But it’s because there’s so much overwhelm and so much going on and so much input that you start shutting it down. It’s understandable. It should not be acceptable.

Nevertheless, one of the things that does happen is that that overwhelm that starts shutting a few things down all of a sudden gets closer and closer to the bright light and says, Protect myself. Back off. It’s one of the best reasons in the world to remember to stop trusting your emotions, one of the best reasons in the world to act on your heart and not your head, because your physical self goes into survival mode—some of you at the drop of a hat—and you start compensating for it so that you don’t even realize that’s what’s going on. It starts being normal to function in a state of grave unrest. You become used to doing without, and you begin to accept that that’s all right.

A quick aside: When there is a time in your life in which you are finding that you are feeling slapped around by the world, blown about by the winds of change, and you begin realizing that you are so overloaded, you cannot take more in and out of the survival need, your body, your mind, your emotions start backing off, and you decide that it’s all about a lesson in letting go, that’s the time in your life to get more active in your spiritual work than ever before, not to let go. The harder it is, the more you need that foundation that’s not this here. The more the world is upon you, the stronger your spirit needs to be in the world. And yet the easiest thing that people do is to back off from that place that gives them the most. You’re hearing me, aren’t you? And you do that because it’s the easiest place to do it. The safest place to do it. But I will tell you, my friend, when you are at the end of your wit, you will find that when you’ve let go of your spiritual foundation in order to just cope, there’s nothing left. You disappear. You become what you fear. You become the chaos you’ve been living in. You lose. It’s not worth it.

So if somebody that’s in this room tonight is not feeling particularly excited about one of the most incredible issues of energy in the last—oh, what?—twenty-six and a half million years, give or take six months, I can guarantee it’s not because you don’t have a part in it. It’s because your part’s so big it’s scaring you off. That’s how it works.

It wasn’t save yourself, it was know yourself.

More. Aye, she’s better at it already.

“What do you see happening with the stock markets here and abroad in 2001?”

S: Falling, falling, falling. Bouncing a little. Falling a little more. Bouncing a little more. And responding absolutely right in line, parallel with, what mass consciousness is doing. That’s what it’s always done. That is what it will continue to do. It’s a gamble. All right.

They keep coming back.

S: Paula, love, you might have to give her a few lessons here.

“Samuel, in light of the continual school shootings, what is the most useful, practical avenue you could give to those seeking answers, even if those of us doing this work are the ones asking.”

S: Well, you know, that’s one of those questions that you’ve got to say . . . one of those answers for which you’ve got to say, what is the question?

“What is the most useful . . .”

S: In regard to children shooting each other in schools? What is the most useful piece of information that you can give to individuals such as yourself about what you can do to help bring about a change in that?

I’m going to give you an answer, and then I want you to tell me what I’m saying. One of the best things you could do is stop shooting your friends. You could stop going into schools and shooting people. All right, some of you are saying, Oh yes, I know what you’re saying, and look so wise. Yes. Good stuff. Always some of the best agreement with my words are the most strange. What is it I’m saying there?

You’re saying keep your thoughts kind.

S: That’s a direction for it.

You’re saying don’t judge. You’re saying watch your actions, your thoughts, your words.

S: Let’s back up a step, because you’re going to . . . and the moral of the story. You would say, Samuel, I’m not shooting anybody. I don’t even believe in owning a gun.

Well, we do shoot each other with that type of energy.

S: Right.

It causes harm. As much as we use light when we send it to a situation, when we send a negative thought, and we send an unkind word or an unkind thought. It’s just as . . . it’s damaging.

S: That’s right. Right there with it. Very good. Elaborate. [Pause] Not all at once, of course! Elaborate. Aye.

When we send . . . let me go another way. When someone goes in and shoots . . . when children go in and shoot other children in a school, it is just a larger version . . .

S: Good.

. . . of us sending that negative thought or that that person was mean to me.

S: Good.

It’s the same kind of thing just on their level of being able to handle things.

S: Perfect. You have weaponry that you’re hardly aware of. And you use it, and some of you are really good at it. And that weapon might be your tongue, or that weapon might be the iciness of your heart, or that weapon might be ignorance, or that weapon might be knowledge. But your intent can make a weapon out of something to someone else that could be made beautiful.

You are in a society that worships violence as power. You are in a society that needs to make bold statements to be heard. You are not going to change that by legislation; you are going to change that by consciousness, beginning with yours. No excuses. You can make such massive changes in this world, and whereas there was a time that it would be done one by one by one, now it is one with one with one. You who know better must do better.

Aye, love.

If we can make people aware that it’s like the domino theory or the pyramid theory, where you show that the attitude of like the . . . it’s all victims, it’s not . . . what I mean is that the shooting victim . . . but the person that’s doing the shooting is a victim, too. Changing the perspective . . .

S: Yes.

. . . of not having hate towards the person doing the shooting, but that they are . . . changing the perspective about that. It’s that. . . . I had an opportunity at work to do this with attitudes, and it’s little seeds that help spread it out, and if you set it by your example and just keep giving out that type of energy, hopefully the one with one with one will continue.

S: Well said, love, well said.

[Referring to paper tossing] Getting better.

“Several years ago, I recall you mentioned that cattle had asked to be removed from the planet. Is that correct, and is the current hoof and mouth and mad cow disease the Universe’s answer to that request?”

S: You not only have large amounts of cows and sheep and pigs and snakes—you not only have large amounts of these animals leaving at this time, you also have large groups of people. Large stands of ancient growth.

Two directions here. One of them is, that sort of process is actually fairly normal. There is a constant release and beginning again that’s a part of the whole circle of life. We can break into song now. Yes? However, you are at a time right now in your world in which there is large amounts of change happening that are a direct result of the nature of the energy that’s coming to the planet right now.

When you come to a point in your life in which you realize that all of life is sacred, you will feel the loss, you will recognize the loss, and you will celebrate it, because when you are at a time of transition, as you are right now, those creatures, those people, those plants, the energy does never die, does it? It’s never lost. And it may be recreated into a form that is suitable for a higher frequency world.

Well, I’m really not making fun of the process when I say this. All right, I’m really not making fun of it. I’m very serious: If you were a cow, and you have a choice of staying here now or not, wouldn’t you want to go? Have I not been listening to large amounts of you in this herd here tonight say, “I could go.” They should be so different? I think not.

Any time you have a mass outpouring of energy as you have had on this planet over the last nine months or so, you also have huge cataclysmic events that bring about a large portal, a means to leave. In every situation that happens in your world, you want to look at it and say, What is the good that can come of this? Before you give yourself a moment to mourn and pity, what is the good that can come of this?

What is a good thing coming of this?

More awareness about the eating of meat.

S: Hello.

And the dangers of that. And now it’s kind of feeding the pocketbook, too, not just the health systems of people.

S: Aye.

And hopefully to look at alternatives.

S: You have—all right, this [taps foot stool in front of him] isn’t looking like a soapbox at the moment, so I’ll back off of it—you have in your world a huge depletion of resources in order to sustain herds in order that three percent of the population of the planet can eat it all.

You must do what is right for you. But you must give yourself a chance to know what your choices are before you can automatically back out of them. Everything on this planet is here for a purpose. Everything. And everything on this planet, its purpose is to help you. Everything. Everything. You are the reason this whole room full of people are here. You are the reason I am here. You. Not you and you and you and you and you. You. It’s your dream. Wake up. And everything can be used as a means to help you wake up. But unless you choose to look for the positive effect, you’re going to get ground down.

And having said all of that, I’m going to toss one more idea your way. If, as a spirit you are, you had an opportunity—perhaps it wasn’t necessarily as conscious an awareness as the way you think now is. In fact, perhaps the nature of the energy that you are is not individuated and is more of a group organization, sort of like a beehive. And put forth to that hive, sort of, to that group connection was [this]: There is going to be some great change in consciousness on the planet. Do you want to be a part of it? Well, it’s not hard to imagine yourself saying yes, is it? But to do so, to have the most massive impact, it’s going to require a sacrifice. Well, if your consciousness even had the sort of thought process that could look back over human history, it would not be hard at all to say, Mass sacrifice is the only way things have ever changed there, so this makes sense.

Now, with the next statement, you might start getting a bit uncomfortable when it says, all right, well the way you’re going to do this is to be a cow. And I will assure you that the human spirit does not do that. However, my point is that all of life is sacred, and it all has choice. And whether that choice, because that choice is not the individuated awareness that you have and you project on to them, therefore, that they do not have individuated awareness and therefore do not have awareness—that’s not right.

I do not like that you learn by pain. I wish you’d stop it. I do not like that it takes such shock to cause you to look, but I’m not adverse to using what works. When you say, “The only way that I get things is by being hit over the head,” then I will stand in line for the honor of hitting you first.

More. We’ll go quickly now, all right?

“As our vibrational frequency continues to rise, will we reach a point that we are able to see and be aware of other-dimensional realities while still in the physical?”

S: Yes.

What will this be like?

S: Lucid dreaming, that’s what it will be like. The first question, I said, you know it’s really hard to give you words for something that there are not words for. That’s another one of those generalities that is not fully truth, but it works. Lucid dreaming. You already function with awareness in several dimensions. Increasing your awareness to something your brain translates as your conscious reality, that’s the trick. You’re already doing it. And it only gets weird from there.

“G’day, Samuel. . . .”

S: G’day.

“G’day. Recently in Pittsburgh you mentioned that there were a couple of Heart Portals functioning fully, and a couple more functioning partially. Please tell us, first, the geographic locations of the fully functioning Heart Portals; second, the geographic location of the partially functioning Heart Portal; third, if Lexington is not one of these Heart Portals, then specifically what kind of portal is Lexington; and finally what can we do to assist or affect the partially functioning Heart Portals?”

S: All right. What are the fully functioning Heart Portals?


S: All right, which is actually greater part of Europe in the west.


S: And that has to do with the Middle Eastern region, more or less. What’s partially functioning?


Western China.

S: Western China. Right. Good. Far west actually. What is Lexington?


A primary Heart Portal.

S: Again.

A primary Heart Portal.

S: I can go with that. I can go with that, but it’s not—it’s not at all—a Heart Portal such as China or Egypt—at all. It’s the equivalent of Capella here.


S: Yes, a transformer. Now, let’s keep going.

“You’ve often made the point . . .

S: You might want to use that in the newsletter to go further with it. All right?

“You’ve often made the point that we can’t control. . .” [Samuel pokes her with his finger]

S: I was making the point there.

Okay. “You’ve often made the point that we can’t control the events in our lives, only our reaction to them.”

S: Good.

“You’ve just as often said that magic works, we manifest our own realities, we can attract events and situations to ourselves. Could you clarify how both of these statements are true.”

S: Well, that’s sort of like saying this is brown and this is brown, which one is brown? Makes perfect sense to me. What’s the part that does not make sense? It does not occur to you that magic is as real? Aye.

I think it’s saying that, maybe if it were my question, which it isn’t, I’d be saying, “If all I can do is react, and there’s magic in the world, why can’t I do more than react? Why can’t I be creating the reality rather than just acting with what happens?”

You do both.

Why don’t I control my reality?

S: Say what you just said.

You do both.

S: Right. Right.

Is the question based on the idea that they have no idea that there is separation between the portion of you that reacts and the portion of you that creates?

S: Well said. Yes. Aye.

So they require a oneness, and those work together, then there will be this division.

S: Aye. Magic is what the untrained mind does. Creating a reality is what the trained mind does. It uses all the same stuff. Sorry, don’t see the difference there.

Stuart, you are needing to close it up are you? Do you want me to close down and stop? And then finish answering later.

I’ll change this tape.

S: All right. [Pause while video tape is changed] Ready? Hi, Mum!

“After the activation of the earth’s new 5:3:2 planetary energy grid and Crown Portals, how will mass consciousness be affected, and how can we help during the transition and after to further the vision according to the Plan?”

S: Now, wasn’t that the first question? After the activation of the grid functioning at 5:3:2, because of the opening of the Heart Portal [Crown Portal?] and the activation of that portal fully, what you’re not going to have in your life is something different than what you have available to you now. You’re not going to all of a sudden have a bunch of different DNA. “I felt it growing more strands.” You’re not suddenly going to begin to start communicating with those little blue people that show up around your bed at night.

You are going to become more aware. You are going to continue becoming more sensitive. You are going to continue seeing manifestation of your reality—karma—happening right away. What’s the difference?

A heightened sense.

S: Yes, but because of that heightened sense, you actually have more choices. If you run from your choices now, you will still run from them then. You’ll just feel worse about it. If you seek to live love and to put forth strength of wisdom, choosing to learn from what you’re going through and what you see others going through, choosing to remember, then because you are functioning in a responsive, higher frequency, you are very likely to find that things flow more smoothly, manifest more easily. And in the very shortest version of it, you have so much pain and so much suffering in your world right now, it has to be better. I refuse to see it worse. You’re so insulated here. You live in a tunnel. The planet heaves to make this birth. It’s very painful. So stop acting out the pain and become a midwife instead. All right.

“At the last Lexington workshop . . .”

S: Uh-oh.

“. . . you discussed a relationship between the twelve Heart Portals and the twelve Rays, that roughly each Heart Portal corresponds to one of the twelve Rays.”

S: It was not a relationship. It was a metaphorical way to explain frequency and frequency.

“Please discuss of the Heart Portals already opened, which rays they correspond to.”

S: Can’t do it that way. Good question though, but it does not work that way.

All right. This one’s written very small. “Would you please explain what you meant in the newsletter when you said regarding high ritual, ‘You are using the elemental energy of the planet as a means of accessing the doorway to the planet itself?’”

S: All right. First, let’s make a correction there. It’s not in high ritual generally, it’s in the high ritual that does the Crown Portal work. The Crown Portal work very specifically requires a balance of planetary energy and cosmic energy. But to use the planetary energy, you are functioning with elemental energy as your frequency parallel, and matching that or using that, allowing you, therefore, to use the planet itself. Now, continue through.

Okay [mumbles through question]. “. . . to implement the changes that are being made . . .”

S: She’s speaking in tongues. I heard that.

“. . . implement the changes that are being made through the Crown Portal work. And you’re going to have a relationship with the elemental.” I’m not sure what it says. “. . . the doorway to the planet, and implement the changes that are being made through the Crown Portal work, and you’re going to have a relationship with the elemental . . . because of that.”

S: Right. Right.

Okay. [Turns paper over to look at back]

S: Aye.

That’s it.

S: So what is elemental energy?

The sylphs.

S: All right. On one level it’s the sylphs, the undines, and so forth. Those mythical energies that speak of the earth and the fire and the air and the water. But what else is elemental energy? Stuart.

It’s . . . there are two main groups. There is an elemental energy that works to sustain creation, and then another group of elemental energy that . . .

S: Guards and guides it.

Guards and guides it.

S: Right. And what’s another one of the words that you call elemental energy?


S: Angels works. And am I saying that there are angels of the earth as opposed to angels of the cosmos? Yes. All right. How weird do you want to get before you have to go? Oh, you’ve got more questions.

Only one more.

S: All right.


S: All right. Look around you. Aye if you do not think this is weird, then you’ve lost your tune.

All right, I’m not going to explain what I’m saying, I’m just going to say it, and listen with your heart here, all right?

All right. So, as energy expresses itself in many forms, dependent upon its function here on the planet, that function determines what form will be used. All energy of all sorts has two works, as Stuart was saying: to guard and guide and to maintain. You have, in your duality, that very same energy flowing through you—that which guards and guides and that which maintains. You think of it as a survival instinct, for instance.

You have upon this planet, as well, those energies that throughout your history and in every major religious philosophy speaks of as those that watch, those that guide, those that guard, those that are angels, those that are . . . let’s keep going. Those that are elves. Those that are fairies. Fairies. Such a nice thought for such a mean little creature.

There is that which you recognize only because it matches your frequency. The small version of it: you know anger because you know anger. You know happiness because you’ve known happiness. You know what a human looks like because you sort of look like one—mainly. You recognize the energy that functions at other frequencies because of how you relate to it yourself. That is to say that, when you have the same function, you can see the form. Are you with me there? When you have the same function, you can see the form. If you only have a partial awareness of the function, you’re going to translate the form into something that works for you.

Therefore, all of the fairies are going to have gossamer wings and tiny pixie-like bodies and flowing blond hair, and whatever else that partial aspect of you, that has a big blank spot because it does not know it in full and therefore must fill in with whatever brain matter can fill with, and you can only access the function insofar as you can see and therefore use the form. Aye?

Which is to say that when you are coming from a place of fear or anger or distrust, when you are coming from a place of low-frequency behavior, you’re not going to see happy little sprightly creatures. You’re going to see angry, bloodthirsty pucas. [Picks up puca off table] Sorry. [Puts it back on table next to flame of lamp] Just don’t burn it while it’s down there, all right? Aye.

Can you see this? It’s quite adorable. Something like that.

Now, there you are, functioning at high ritual, and while you are at high ritual you are working to open a Crown Portal, and while you are putting yourself into a place by both sound frequency, but both common thought, amplifying the intent, amplifying the thought, amplifying the word and expressing itself in a common deed, you are accessing by that ritual the creative energy here on this planet. You are expressing it as god or goddess energy here on this planet. And you are drawing to you those energies that function where you are functioning , as you are functioning.

So when you call forth, in such a high ritual, the guardians of the air or the workers of water or the wisdom—does not matter which direction you go—you will only call as far as you function yourself. You will draw only what you function yourself. So what would be, for the planetary Crown Portal, what would be the most important energy to draw forth? The planetary energy itself to fill in those places you cannot.

Can you do it? No. Absolutely not. You cannot. But you with you, so that where Steve’s mind goes off and he starts watching the fairies flit around, Janet can hold it at that place.

All right, I’ve said all of that to now say this: the last Crown Portal you opened up was very different than this one. This one has to do with the awakening of the cosmic aspect of planetary energy—not the blueprint for physical form, but the doorway. It’s going to allow that which is unseen to be seen, because you become it. That should change you.

All right. Go home.

Let that which you are, truly, guide your journey. Let it be the balance point by which you look at your next step. What is the most loving thing I could do here? Align your intent with the highest and best action you know. The moments which follow will honor that. You do the best you can where you are with what you have at the time. It really is that simple. Try very hard not to be so quick to judge what you should have done. And be more willing to move forward with love. It’s all there is now.

The transition is in effect already. You have no strength on your own. You must co-create this. And you have no partner but Source.

But for that part of you rooted in this world, activate what you cannot now see by living with what you can. See the Source in Bonnie. See the Source in the people around you. Activate that which you have that you would be able to activate when you receive more. There is no partnership but that with Source. But until you see Source in all things, make a point of seeing Source in some things.

The wild ride should be over. Now it’s time for my favorite part: humans who react. It’s one of the most important times of your life that you’re in right now. Be on to you. Make the choices that honor the entity you are. And as you do that, your world will expand. And that box disappears. It really is simple. It is.

All right. Learn Spanish. Happy trails.