February 2, 1992

  Samuel: Well greetings, dears. (Looking over the crowd) Good. Good.

Do you fear that life has turned over and back, since last we had this opportunity to be together? Indeed, it has.

Two gifts! Aye.

Today I had the opportunity to play healing music at the Federal Correctional Institute. It was a gift for me on several levels, because, in order to get there, I had to step beyond fear several times. I stepped beyond fear connecting with them and asking if they would want something like this. I stepped beyond fear to drive up to the place and get in there. I stepped beyond fear of thinking I would be a failure and everybody would hate me and I would start a riot, and all that kind of thing. It was interesting, because I got to the chapel for this service about a half an hour ahead of time, and the cello was off in the corner, and I was just sitting with the women as they came in, and I have never been so welcome so openly in a strange situation. There wasn’t a woman who didn’t catch my eye, who didn’t smile and ask me what my name was and how I was. And it was so friendly and open that my fear just dissolved as I sat there. And then, when I played, I could tell them honestly that I was honored to be there. And my music moved them, and they moved me, and it was a reciprocal thing. And as I talked to the chaplain afterwards, I said, “Gee, I fit right in here.” And I feel that there is a place that I connected that I never thought I could be connected with before.

S: Good work, aye.


My special gift occurred shortly before this, today, when I went to visit ——. She is very, very grateful for all the healing energy we’ve all been sending, and does wish us to continue. And the gift was that she fully realizes—it may be even more fully as she goes along—the importance of what has occurred in her life, that it’s not only something that she needed. Her tragedy, as some would call it, she has already turned around to being a gift. I think it’s a gift to all of us, because certainly I gained a lot from visiting her. It hit home—I’m not sure how to put it into words—personally what she is going through and the strength that she has, but I think we all have an opportunity to turn her mishap into a victory by witnessing a very rapid healing because of the energy that we’re sending her and that she’s using very well, too. She had a very victorious day today in being able to do something that she hasn’t been able to do since she’s been in the hospital. So I think we can make a big difference.

S: Aye. And your such generous caring is also a powerful gift, sweet soul. Thank you for that.

11:11, eh? Well, the Gateway is open. You are very soon going to be coming at the new moon when that particular time of power—new moon to new moon—will be complete. The work of an ascended being did not begin at 11:11. It began when you started acting on what you were feeling.

Right now, you’re coming into a time that is going to, in the greatest way, challenge your ability to express love. Remember that. Through these next few weeks you are going to be challenged in your ability to express love. Whatever that means for you. For instance, for you that might mean you’re going to be challenged by anger directed at you, perhaps anger coming through you. Perhaps for you it’s not anger at all; it’s a situation of fear. Perhaps for you it’s going to be a situation in a relationship very close to you. And it does not mean at all that your challenge is going to be to express love, that you’re going to have to dig down very far and try to find it. It might be that you’re going to be in the best shape possible, because you’re going to have so much love to put out.

What’s the other side of love?

[Many:] Fear.

S: That’s right, fear. So your resistance to a situation that the Universe is opening up as an opportunity for you to give love is going to be an experience that you are aware that you are feeling fear. Pay attention to the backside of your intent. Your desire is to give love; for some reason, you find yourself being fearful. How do you experience fear? You may not admit it as fear.

Bonnie has a whole bunch of wonderful names for fear. Tell us your fears’ names.

[Bonnie:] I have Wanda Worry. Wanda carries two big heavy bags with her, and she has bags under her eyes, and she just walks around here.

Elsie Expectation, and her friend—they come as a pair—is Winona Judge.

S: Wanda Worry, Elsie Expectation, and Winona Judge. You get the idea. However your fear shows itself up to you, remember that the way to expel it is with love. That simply is designed to be a bit of a reminder for you to carry about with you.

My intention this night is not to talk to you about love—I’ve done that for years now—nor is it to talk to you about fear—you’ve done that for years now. Instead, the desire is to use this night as questions and answers about 11:11. I’ve had the opportunity, in short bits and pieces, to talk 11:11 here and there, but not with the Sunday night crew as a whole.

I want you to think about your experience; I want you to ask questions, if you have any. Let’s recap it. Let’s review it. Let’s clear, but never complete, it.

Questions? Aye.

I’ve been working at the Med Center with a pediatric social worker, and a lot of social workers on the social service have been talking about how much turmoil and how many abuse cases have come in, and how things have really gotten rough. And I’ve noticed, just in the time I’ve been working there, how many sexual and child abuse—physical abuse—cases have come in, and how many have involved men doing things to children. And I’m wondering why that is and what more I can do to help those children.

S: You are asking first if this is a Gateway experience, if the great surge in the awareness as to the numbers coming in right now, as well as the nature being more male-dominated, has anything to do with the 11:11 energy, and then if there’s anything you can do about it. Aye?

All right, remember that I talked to you quite a bit about what to look for once 11:11 had happened. What were some of the things I told you to be aware of, some of the things you might be seeing?


S: Conflict. Absolutely. Why conflict?

Energy is coming in and going out.

S: Energy coming in and going out. Let me change that—energies, as in forms of it. A lot of movement going on instead of fairly constant, as it had been. All right, that’s a part of it. More.

Heightened awareness, and not quite knowing how to deal with this, if there’s a change in …

S: You would experience a greater awareness. Whether you necessarily knew what to do with it or not, you would have a greater awareness. That in fact that awareness would show itself up as that part of you that knows when you’re resisting. When you know that you are resisting something, what is the usual response?

Well, for most individuals, that response is to immediately go within, take a bit of a tabulation about all of the emotions that are being touched into, and gently working them through and becoming complete through it. That’s what you always did, isn’t it? [Laughter] Nay.

Resistance is backing away from something you’re not choosing to deal with at any particular time. As a result of that, there is somewhere within you a belief that’s been pushed, stepped on. With 11:11, that belief is [that] you are enough, gifted, powerful, able. If you don’t believe it and you resist that, you’re going to do two things. The first one is you’re going to create around you a reality that allows you to believe what you want about you. You have always done that. The life you live right now is the result of what you need to surround yourself with to prove to you what you believe about you. “Kick me, I’m worthless” [or] “Everything is wonderful, and so am I.” You prove that all the time.

The other thing that you do is get angry when you don’t know what else to do to change a situation. You see, when what the world gives you doesn’t work anymore—and believe me, darlings, what the world gives you isn’t going to work forever for you—when the system they tell you doesn’t work—”Work hard to pay off; you’ll be happy. Don’t worry. Just stick with it. Eventually you’ll get what you need”—and eventually you realize that all that you’re getting is just more of the same. Pretty soon, when you say, “That doesn’t work for me anymore,” the tendency for an individual who is not in a firm partnership with the Universe is to get angry: “I’ve been cheated. I didn’t get the right information. This isn’t good. Life isn’t good.”

But because you must continue to—listen to this, you can relate to it—but because you must continue to live out this life in this situation and this experience, you can’t get angry at the world, and you can’t get angry at yourself, because you’re doing the best you know how. So what you do is you lash out at anything that shows up to you as: number 1, change; number 2, success out of the norm; number 3, that tells you you are all right, you are special. Because all of those things are threats. The only success allowed is the success that comes from buying in to the world’s system, whether it works or not. You eventually just become successful at being average and keeping your mouth shut. You learn to avoid all change, because change might awaken you to something different from the routine you’ve bought into. And you learn that it’s all right not to be happy; you learn that nobody else is enough, either. You allow for that, and, therefore, to keep that going, you must resist anything that speaks otherwise, be it a child that loves you and softens your heart and causes you to want to reach out and all of a sudden be attacked by all sorts of ideas or thoughts of feelings you don’t quite understand, but certainly know you can do nothing about; be it a teacher that says, “There is more and you can experience it.”

Resistance brings guilt. Guilt brings anger. Anger brings separation. And eventually what you do is get yourself away from the life raft.

Now, of course that’s showing up in strongly inappropriate behavior in all manner of experience, and the fact that it’s simply coming in in a pediatric situation with children with males really has nothing to do with it. The natural feminine response, in either body form, tends to be more nurturing, and so you’ll see less of that simply in that way in a situation with children, but adult abusing adult you’re likely to find it fairly equal; or adult abusing animals, or even the plant kingdom—you’re likely to find it fairly equal. A great response to the energies of love and change is resistance and to lash out at what is bringing that change into your awareness. Resistance brings guilt; guilt brings anger; anger is the result of expectations which bring about emotions that become your signposts for a belief that’s ready to change.

So if you take your counseling self into that pediatric situation and you simply say, “Oh, listen here, this what you’re going through,” that would just take care of it all, wouldn’t it? Right.

The reason that it’s said that it’s going to take about twenty years for the Gate to fully open is not because coming to this planet there is a lot of decision about, “Do I want to go; oh, I don’t know.” Nay, that’s not the reason. It’s because the flow of individuals from this planet is very limited. Look at your last three weeks. How have you been responding to love? Have you been able to maintain that ascended, delightful experience 11:11 brought to you? And you are aware, and you are responsible; you are awake, and you know how hard it was for you, who understand at least how to get help and look into your own patterns. That’s why, sweet souls, this coming year is so very important, for you to become trained up and able, as Lisa is, to be out there helping.

Did that answer that? Good. More?

I’m having some experiences where I’m very rested, after a good night’s sleep, and I’m just kind of lounging around, there are times when I flip away, and it’s not a dream, and it’s like you’re hurtling through space, and it’s kind of like you’ve been to different spots, and it’s very unique. It’s happened over the years. What’s going on, and how can those experiences be used to live here in this reality more effectively? What’s their connection?

S: Now and again, when you are particularly rested—we’re not talking stressed out and exhausted—and you know that you’re not sleeping, but you’re sitting quietly, perhaps, it seems as if some part of you releases itself and goes somewhere. And sometimes you have a sense of a place; sometimes along with it you might actually have the film—film at 11—that says this is what this place looks like. But you know you can still see yourself, feel yourself sitting there in that chair, but you know that something in you has gone somewhere. What is that and how can you control it and make it happen?

It is the work of an ascended body. What is an ascended body?


S: All right. More.

Synthesis of spirit and form.

S: Spirit and form synthesis. That’s right. You came here as a spirit whose work was to learn how to use the form you are. The more awake you are, the more you’re able to hear that spirit say, “Follow this direction. Here’s what your gifts are. Help this person. Help yourself this way.” You hear that, and for most of your life you’ve judged yourself by it: “I can’t do it all. I know that I’ve got some very important things to do, but it just seems I never can live up to that god within me.” Or goddess, as the case may be.

But the work of ascendancy is the experience of mastering—change that word to understanding—to “understanding”, change that word to accepting—to “accepting”, change that word to realizing—the work of form as you are, through that same process, realizing the work of spirit. The form is able to say, “I can’t jump off the cliff; I don’t have wings,” but spirit is telling you that, either, and you know it. The big picture becomes not so much “What can I do right this moment to be happy,” but “What can I do in this life to be happy?” Understand that difference?

The form [Lea] says, “There’s really no choice about doing this work. It’s either do this work or get your arms and legs broken.” Well, I promise I will not break her arms and legs. However, the point is that there comes a time when you have no choice, and you do it because it’s all you can do, and it makes you happy to do it. In those experiences, when you have come to a point of peace and knowing what you are, you begin to experience certain symptoms of that particular ascended condition, and one of them is that the spirit of you is not stuck in the form of you. You yet have the ability to move through the dimensions of experience, with the glorious change that the mind goes with you. What you experienced only in dreams while you were asleep enough and turned off enough from everyday stimulus to keep you from distracting yourself, denying yourself, what before you could only do in dreams—and you still will do in dreams—you will find you access with mind. And the key is exactly as Terri says: to be at a point of being relaxed and aware.

When you find that you have the ability, as if you’re daydreaming, to just go off, when you find you have that ability, it becomes time to start making use of it. Remember that the mind is going with you, but it must go as an observer, not a participant. So when you find yourself thinking, just back off and let yourself only observe. Remember this. And what essentially I am saying is, let it flow and let it happen in particular circumstances, and just in the very same way that you have taught yourself to interfere in your dreams—”Wait a minute here; I’m dreaming; I don’t have to go through with this”—or those times [where you say], “I’m going to wake myself up. I don’t want to stay a part of this”—the same way that you’ve done that, begin to allow yourself more and more mind. In the beginning, putting your mind in anything other than an observer’s seat is going to bring you back to yourself, and you’ll just wake up.

The precautions: First one—greater is that which is within you than that which is within the world. Never forget that. You are absolutely protected; there is nothing out there that can hurt you. Don’t forget that. The only thing that can possibly hurt you are the constructs of your own mind, usually a part of your belief system from your young age that says, “Be careful. Something out there is going to get you. It’s under the bed. It’s going to grab your toes when you put your feet on the floor.” Or whatever your personal bogey-person is—I have learned politically correct language.

Remember that you are connected to pure Source Light, and through, first, the connection of your personality selves, as far as you are able to personally move toward your entity experience—Cumberland Retreat [attendees], explain—you are going to first go through what would simply be no time/no space experiences of reconnective memories. You will literally revisit those places that have a particular point of impact upon the being that you are right now. Sounds outrageous, doesn’t it, but that’s what your dreams are about half the time, anyway. Working through the personalities that you’ve not yet worked through is the first experience that your bilocating self is doing. Working through the personalities until you are at that point where you are no longer obstructed by the illusion of personality, the illusion of separation, the illusion of separate experiences, and you are meeting with your entity. And at that point you begin moving beyond the realm of form and into further dimensions of light and the experience of your entity.

Some of these things I’m explaining in the workshops that I’m doing this year, but essentially you’re already on track and moving with it. Ascendancy brings this. You can resist it and you can deny it, but it will haunt you.

Your dreams aren’t the same. The ones you live with by day and the ones you dream at night, your dreams aren’t the same. Your control over your physical body is not the same, either. Your response and your sensitivity are different. The way that you eat; how it passes through—how quickly. You’re a different being.

It is a wonderful experience to be starting over and learning your whole self anew—if you don’t resist through impatience.


I’ve been learning as you’ve been talking. It seems like I’ve been dealing with resistance and frustration in that, having a new perspective since 11:11, I’m finding myself dealing with the karma of my pre-11:11 self.

S: I imagine you’re getting very down-hearted about all of it, aren’t you, dear?

It seems like the situation is [one of] learning anew, and finding yourself in situations where the responses, the old habits and reflexes, aren’t necessarily correct.

S: But Frank, darling, you’ve spent a good amount of your life shoving that square peg into that round hole. The responses didn’t fit, but you shoved them in anyway because it’s all you had. You are aware that there is an option; you are choosing to follow it. You are experimenting: “Here is what I think I should do in this situation. It’s not what I’ve usually done, so I have a choice here.”

But I’ve gotten good at putting square pegs in round holes.

S: So what’s the question here?

Is the process then really a learning process from the beginning. I mean it’s a brand new person I’m learning to live with.

S: You answer that for him. He’s asking, is it, then, that you’re starting over, that this great ascended being—which must mean the world just has to fall out of the way of its incredible aura—this great ascended being actually is like a child in very many ways and is having to relearn how to do things, and might have those same sorts of difficulties in the world with responses from others that all of a sudden are dealing with things differently? Is it possible that you’re starting over? Tell him.

Sure, but not from the same place and not with the same awareness.

S: Thank you. You are starting over, but you’re not a baby. How many times did you say, “If I knew then what I know now?” All right, you do. You are in the infancy of the world; everybody is in training. You are aware of it; that’s the difference.

[To Frank] Come up here. All right, Stuart, I want you to get this on film. Come on darling.

Up here?

S: Aye. [Frank is wearing a brown suit and tie, the picture of conventional semi-formal attire] You just look stunning, dear. [Samuel pulls up Frank’s pant leg to expose his socks, which have embroidered stars and comets on them. To Stuart] Can you get this? [Laughter and applause] You thought only the form played with those foot coverings.

Actually the reason that I had him come up like that is it’s the perfect example of where you are, you see. You are perfectly prepared for what the world wants, and you have what is needed out there, but you’re playful with it. You don’t take yourself seriously.

Thank you, dear. More.

The energy changes have made so many people that I know ill, because they’re not handling it really well.

S: Judgment. Careful.

Well, I meant in the sense that they’re judging themselves for being ill, not that I’m saying that … I think it’s a wonderful thing, in the sense that they know they’ve reached beyond where they were, so that’s good.

S: Oh, lovely attitude. Good.

And I was wondering if you could give a sense that I could use with some of the people that I work with.

S: First thing is, how many of you have been ill since 11:11. Not [ever] since, but have been ill on or off or altogether?

Remember, what is the very first thing that you need to do in ritual. Clear—purify. Do not be forgetful. Your whole experience is the ritual of ascended form. The body literally is physically remaking, and it is a stress to the physical experience. Now, even though you have the ability for greater healing, even though you have the ability for extended life, regeneration, what good is it if you don’t know how to make use of it. And until you know how to make use of it, you’re going to find that the body keeps acting in response to its most familiar activity. You stress me out, I’ll get you sick; I’ll get you down, to cleanse and rest and regroup and think. Body’s good for that; body’s perfect for that.

Finally, you are in a process of being hit, if you will—and I mean it that way—because you are so much more sensitive to what you feel that you feel it differently than you ever have before—being hit by more use of your personal energy system than you ever have been. Move over; let the light infuse you; let the angels use you—move over.

Now, that doesn’t mean you get to be a walk-in, that Albert Einstein is going to use your body for the rest of your life. That’s not what that means. It means that you have the ability now, because you look like a spotlight to the guardianship, and that spotlight is open and very clear and very, very much like that which is watching, and it looks at you—and I’m going to say the word overshadow, and remember that’s not a good way of truth passage; it’s only a good way of mind passage—therefore it overshadows you. Your energy gets hit, literally, by that, in the very same way that you are awakened at 8:00 on a Saturday morning by your neighbor mowing the grass. That constant sound begins to have its effect on you. When you are aware: Lawn-mowing machine—close the windows—ignore it. Guardianship—greater light—raising my energy up to the highest level possible, causing me to run on high speed all the time. All right, I’m aware of it; let me just consciously rest. Let me consciously back off a bit, or open up a bit—so that you don’t resist. The more sensitive you are without understanding that, then the more likely you are to express it through the physical terms. It happens.

Answer that? Good. Aye?

What about relationships. It seemed like before 11:11, I knew that it was time and I was seeing something here that had occurred for many years, and I ended that relationship without communication. After 11:11 I didn’t want that complication in my life. I wanted to [tape reverses] … and yet I knew that it wasn’t healthy any longer.

S: You’d run out of cheeks [to turn].

Yeah. I’d feel that separation—I know it’s probably best not to be involved, but yet I want to be whole, and I am you and you are me.

S: It is the Year of Completion. One of the things that you are going to be finding is the need, with awareness, to be very clear in your communication. The Year of Completion.

What stops you from flying.


S: What sort of strings?


S: ***. Say again.


S: I just wanted to laugh, that’s all. ***. It’s not bounds; it’s not binds. ***. Which are not only physical connections, but they are literally the emotional connections that are the result of a spiritual … I’m about to say problem—an emotional connection that may be tied up in this particular experience or another one.

Have you ever met somebody and just automatically connected? You met somebody else, and you just didn’t feel good about them. And you found yourself sometimes behaving badly around them. Inappropriately, perhaps. They made you angrier than you usually get when you’re angry. You just weren’t your best out there. The responses may be anchored somewhere else, somewhen else. But here they are in your now—not perhaps that person, but certainly enough of that energy that you recognize, that you’re responding to. That’s ***.

And in order to release them, you need to go into your own self, and—if there is a physical thing you can do; and if that person is alive there is a physical thing you can do—to honestly communicate, to heal. And if the healing is rejected or impossible, if it’s not there, then the second [thing to do] is to complete. Completion can mean saying goodbye. It can mean reestablishing the relationship on very different terms: “We’ve tried so hard to work this out as business partners, and it just isn’t working. But I don’t want to lose the friendship.” “We’ve tried hard to be lovers, but it just isn’t happening, and it seems as though we’re growing so much farther apart that we’re actually bringing out the worst in one another now. What can we do to make it work.”

Completion does not necessarily, however, mean that both of you are complete. It does mean that you have done your best to be clear and complete. Do you understand why I say that? Because there are those experiences where you’ve done everything you can to be as clear as possible, to release, to resolve, and the other person is holding on so tight because of their particular needs, and you have compassionately confronted and you have lovingly worked to reestablish, and it’s not happening. And you just think, I’ve done everything I know to be as clear as possible, so that’s all you can do.

It takes me to a second part of this subject. Anybody notice how incredibly celibate you’ve been lately? Have you noticed that, among the things that have changed, your libido is one of them?

I noticed you didn’t get a show of hands.

S: I did, actually. A show of auras.

I’m not talking about those of you who are in a single, monastic existence, anyway. I’m talking about those of you who have a fairly available sort of flow, and you’re finding that your particular self or your partner, you’re just not in the same sort of sync that you’ve been in. Have you noticed that? That your sync is changing. You need a cosmic plumber. That is part of this whole changing process, as your body is re-adapting its total flow. Your hormones are working just fine; it has nothing to do with that. It does have to do with your working on an ascended level and not settling for less. And that when you do, I hate to tell you darling, it’s not going to be particularly satisfying.

So that’s a part of what you’ll be finding out about relationships, also.

All right. Two more questions. Aye.

S: About how many people participated world-wide in 11:11?

S: Enough.

You didn’t do a head count?

S: If Martin or Frank had been there, it might have happened.

Sorry I can’t be more specific on that, but it was like when you’re judging the difference between a gale and a hurricane. It’s actually that it’s not how much the mile-per-hour is, although that tends to be fairly accepted. It actually has more to do with the nature of the air where it’s doing its work—the amount of damage done tends to be what makes them say, “Well, this was a hurricane.” [or] “This was a tornado,” even if no true funnel was there. The energy was much that way, too. What was required was enough individual conscious positive work to represent mass consciousness—awakened mass consciousness, which is a different thing. 144,000 would be the least of it. There were more, but I can’t tell you what. The light was big.

What did Zeus and your cosmic buddies think of it?

S: Zeus and my cosmic buddies? … All right, one more.

I had a question, Samuel. In the six weeks right before 11:11 and afterward, in this area … well, actually just before 11:11, the Tibetan monks were here—and I have a question about that—using sound and music and lots of percussion, and then the Kodo drummers are coming here, and then Yaya Diallo, Phoenix is sponsoring him. So we have within this period people from different cultures using rhythm and music to bring about certain changes, and I know there are no coincidences. Lexington doesn’t usually get a lot of culturally diverse entertainment. We have three groups from all over the world coming. Just what effect does that have? Are they adding to the energy of this area, or are they drawing from it? Or both. And the Tibetan monks, I was very curious about their proximity to 11:11 and what their intent was and how they may have felt.

S: Is the question why are they coming here, or whether there is a primary underlying work being done in their work while they’re here?


S: Lexington is a very strong light; in fact, it’s an anchor point—not, thank you, 11:11, but an anchor point, thank you, you—for many years now. It is a natural puddle, which actually says something for an area that has so little water around it, but you actually have many points of water beneath your city that would create those crossings of water that often represent portal cities. Nevertheless, that was just an aside.

What you do have very naturally in Lexington is an extreme diversity. Do you remember when last we did questions and answers such as this, one of the things that I pointed out to you was that natural portal points were very often natural energy points. The flow along the ley, if you will, of energy, the greatest points tend to be those places that have, for instance, land and sea—that diversity.

  But it does not have to be that sort of natural change, because this city has it in energy. You draw to this place because of its natural earth energy a very diverse—however not diverse as in thirty or forty great differences, but a literal great this and this [its opposite], into this city.

What are some examples? Well, you’re going to be able to make a lot of them. It’s not the very rich, the very poor; but you might see such things as the highly educated and the highly uneducated. Give me a few. You have big city business in rural state. You have business …

Hospitals, doctors.

S: You have a strong alternative [health] community and a strong experimental and traditional allopathic community.

You have this work going on in the Bible belt.

S: Aye, that’s there.

You do have the very rich and the very poor. There’s actually very few blue-collar workers.

S: The reason that I tend to disagree with that is that, further out in the extremes, farther west and farther east and farther south, you have more of that extreme poverty. And so as a state you may actually be able to say that, but in this particular area your very poor tends to be more of a perspective than an actuality. That’s not, by any means, saying that there are not those who are indeed very poor, but compared to how many more very rich you have, it’s not a balance, you see. So that’s the difference there.

You were playing with something that had to do with prisons. See if you can work that one through, because it is a point.

Because of the way that Lexington is structured, you have the city in the county. You have horse farms that are still considered within the city limits. They are together.

S: Excellent. Your rural land is a major part of your city’s economy, as well as your major business—high-rise stuff.

There are three prisons—the jails and the penitentiary—in an area that is surprisingly very low in crime.

S: A lot of available incarceration and not so much need for it.

Along that same line, with the prisons you also have the universities, the high-society kinds of things. You have a lot of restricted movement in the prisons, and you also have a lot of social activity.

S: And that’s the direction I was going with. Good. And you can play with this and go farther with it. But the point is, this is an area that naturally draws the extremes. So you get to create on a natural power point, a built, a created power. Lexington is a strong light.

More than that, you have many alternative teachings, many truth pathways, available here. Awakened ones may not even know they’re awake. They come to this city because their business brings them in, and then they stay. They start to enjoy it. They start to socialize and get around, and then they find people who are much like them. They start making connections; they hear about this and that. They find pathways to grow with. It creates a strong awakened base. Lexington—in many ways unfortunately—is known metaphysically as being a very great light, and the anchor for the eastern U.S., which therefore will draw many things that might not come otherwise, simply because like draws like, power calls power.

Right now the work is for those who are awakened, who have worked in ascendancy, to get working, to get working in the waffle house, creating breakfast for those who are going to be waking up next, all right?

What is the primary connection to spirit in every aboriginal culture that there is across your planet? What is the primary common denominator.


S: Music. Go farther (clapping his hands rhythmically).

Percussive music.

S: Percussive music, aye. That which resembles the flow of the physical body that you can feel first. You wake up the spirit with a drum. You can’t help but wake up the spirit with a drum. If, sweet soul, you have been asleep and you get a drum in an atmosphere of love and awareness, your spirit is going to wake up happy. If you are awake already and functioning, that same work is going to allow you to expand. What could be better, drawn to a place of power, than first, ancient rhythm specifically designed to awaken and welcome—the Tibetans—then that designed to expand, as the Kodo will do for you—then that designed to move you, active—which is why I support Yaya. That’s where you are. Now, do it. Get up. Do it. That particular end of the music moves you.

You can watch the Tibetans and act it out on your own later. You can watch the oriental. But you can’t sit still with the Africans.

Does that answer that? Was it the commercial you were trying to weasel in there?

It has its power.

All right. I will say that you’re either just the slightest bit asleep … somebody told me—perhaps it was the form, perhaps it was just one of your thoughts—that I was in competition this night with [a television special with] Michael Jackson. Nevertheless, your being here is your personal reminder to yourself that this does not end. Don’t let it end. Right now, I’m closing up. I’m going to stop. I’ve played. I will tell you, however, that I think that at the Board meeting I had more opportunity to talk about 11:11 mysteries than you’ve asked this night. But I think there’ll be more of an opportunity for that at the April video, eh? David tends to talk mysteries, and he is doing the interview.

But what you have asked is how to make it practical, and indeed, that’s where it is. I would like to challenge you this month. Move your focus into expressing love beyond fear, accepting, non-resistant love. Look for ways to do it. Every day, give a kind word to somebody new, a card, a pink envelope, a few words of love, a pat, a touch. By your conscious expression, you are holding the light steady at a time when the overwhelming energy, to the greatest number, to those who are sensitive without the training you have, is causing the light to waver. Hold it steady.

Remember, sweet souls, this is a time like no other. Don’t let it slip into routine. And always, always, always, remember: Move over. Move over. Get out of the way. Make yourself usable by not limiting your use.

Happy, happy trails. Glochanumora.