October 3, 1999

Samuel: Ah well, look at the energy this night. Isn’t that nice. What, have you been sitting there just puffing up? Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.


S: And that caused everybody, like a bird, to start preening out? Very good. You are a light unto this world.

I think tonight should be a fun night, so put yourself into the mind of—oh what—maybe a seven-year-old. They are such fun, don’t you think?


S: Or a seven-year-old in a feathered boa. Sounds like some sort of genetic destruction between reptiles and birds, doesn’t it? A feathered boa. Put on your child’s head, and let that head be the head of wonder, and delight, and curiosity, and fun that’s light that your heart be light. And as I say, let your heart be light. Does anything come to your mind that’s saying, “No! Too late. Can’t happen. No way.” Because it does seem that in every life there are those parts that have to hold the human nature together.

And all too often the human nature is held together by fear. I shouldn’t have said fear. I should have said, by the security issues that end up actually keeping you going.

How many people do you know are motivated by what they’re afraid of? Too many? How many times in your life have you been motivated by fear? Perhaps if I said it this way: How many of you are a little more intimately familiar with a two-by-four than you wish?

And have any of you come to that point in your life where you’re tired of finding yourself moving from crisis to crisis, being glad that at least you’re moving, wishing it was not crisis that took you there and back?

So put yourself in the head of a seven-year-old, and if it can’t be your seven-year-old head because maybe it wasn’t such a good time for you, well, choose another one. Make it up. Let’s play a bit.

I think that it’s time that we do some questions and answers. We’ve had enough of the workshops and Sunday nights, and you’re moving into a time in your year in which you’ll probably have plenty. So you ask what you want—be careful how you do it—and I’ll answer what I want. And, Lillibeth, would you be up for reading them out?


S: Aye.

Up with you?

S: Well, that usually works out the most easy. Do the two of you have any particular rules for where she should be in order to be heard the best? Surprise, surprise.

No, it’s fine if she can project. The microphone’s behind her.

Okay. Is that good?


S: And, while you are writing up some questions and sending them in, I will ask a couple of questions on my own. How did you get here tonight? Somebody.


S: All right. That’s one answer that can be given. How did you get here tonight?

By paying attention to what feeds me.

S: You paid attention to what feeds you. Lovely. Nice answer. Aye. Might not get anyone else here, but good, got you here.

I chose to come.

S: Chose. Making a choice. Good. Good.

I have a standing date on the first Sunday of each month.

S: Lovely. How did you get here?

I knew the way.

S: You knew the way. And what way was that?

Through town, down Nicholasville Road, driving with the window open, and smelling the air, and the radio happened not to work, so everything was quiet. I arrived here.

S: Through town, down Nicholasville Road. Aye. Is that how you got here, Heidi?


S: No? How did you get here?

Well, first Joni picked me up, bless her heart.

S: All right. Bless her heart.

And then we drove . . .

S: So be it.

So be it. And then we drove [highway] 64 from Louisville to Lexington, and we had a meeting.

S: Wait, wait. You did not take Nicholasville Road?


S: Oh. How did you get here, Martin?


S: Did you come from Louisville?


S: Aye. And how did you come?


S: Aye. Then were you on Nicholasville Road?


S: Oh no, should try another, then. Sharon, love, how did you get here?

Nicholasville Road.

S: [Strikes object close by] Ping! All right. Aye, and then did you go through town as well?

Actually, I didn’t go Nicholasville Road, I was just drawn to say Nicholasville Road. [Laughter]

S: Give him what he wants. Maybe he’ll hurry up and get to the point.

She had […] in your own head.

S: Well, Bonnie love, how did you get here?

I came around New Circle Road, went up Versailles Road and came around New Circle Road and turned in toward town.

S: All right, I’m having a little bit of difficulty, because every question, every time I’ve asked somebody, How did you get here? everybody’s answer is totally different. Whether it be, I came in a car, I came in a friend’s car. I came on Nicholasville Road. I went in circles. I came from Louisville. I just came from around the corner. I came from a different state. I came from a different planet.


S: It just automatically stopped here.


S: Every answer is different, but you all ended up here, because you had a date, or because you took a choice to be fed, but everybody came a different way. Listen to that. Which one of you came the right way?

Everybody did.

S: Say that again.

Everybody did.

S: Everybody did. Well, if this is where they were trying to go, everybody did. If this is where you meant to be tonight, you were successful. Congratulations. I hope you do it again. May you have that good of luck in everything you do.

Everybody took a different pathway to get what they wanted. Everybody in here got it. Think about that. And in your world over the next few weeks, keep thinking about that. How did you get here? Well, the answer, I suppose, all depends upon where here is.

How about a question.

All right.

S: Now, do you know the routine?

I toss them.

S: That’s right. That’s right. You sort of aim at Colleen over there.

I would probably aim better if she had that purple boa on.

That’s why it’s called a boa, because it’s snaky.

S: Snaky.

A feather boa.

S: And what is snaky exactly?

It’s long, and it winds around like a snake.

S: Snaky.

A boa is a type of snake.

S: And that’s not like saying when you’re trying to be very quiet, and you don’t want anybody to see you, and you’re sneaking all around?

That’s sneaky.

A boa is a type of snake.

S: Indeed. That one I knew. Which is why the whole idea of feathered one sounded so avataric that it was absolutely stunning. And there she is with that feathered serpent wrapped around her neck. There it is, in purple no less. I should not be surprised at all. All right. Your turn.

”As ancient wisdom is reclaimed, what behavioral changes will be seen in those who can access the new information?”

S: “As ancient wisdom is reclaimed, what are the . . . ?”

“. . . changes in behavior that would be seen in those who can access that information?”

S: Well, of course, what you’re asking particularly there is a question that has a lot more to do with free will. However, since you are so very much a—tell me, Jennifer—a sample, a representative sample, you might ask yourself, how do you function when the unknown is revealed to you? What is your response when something new comes your way? Now, I can give you a generally-speaking answer there, and then I can give you a here-is-what-it-should-be answer. Aye.

Generally speaking, what you’re going to get is rejection to anything that brings up fear, anything that is an expression of change from the old, and anything which might have substance of power in it, because that is how most respond—with fear, with rejection. In order to reject it properly, usually what that means is to uphold the old, because by upholding the old, whether it’s been workable or not, it makes any other new information worthless, because the old is working just fine. Right. All right. Maybe not.

And along with upholding the old, it requires ridiculing the new. It cannot simply be that this new information—new or not, ha!—is out there, but it must be disproved, put aside, and those who desire to accept it must be laughed at, burned at the stake. Oops! Wrong lifetime. As all the great teachers have experienced, as all of those pioneering in the fields of science and art, and all of the permutations of the sciences and the arts in your world. Is true.

You accept what you want. So what you might desire to do is to be setting up for yourself that you want to accept, openly and clearly, not stupidly or blindly, but that you don’t choose to be one of those already closed down to what could be.

What would be another answer to the question? The things that are being unveiled at this time, the ancient mysteries if you will, should cause a reaction much more akin to celebrating. Perhaps a bit of unsureness, maybe a bit of disbelief, but then celebration, because we are talking easier access to forms of energy and means of reaching greater knowledge than before. Open doors. At the very least, open windows. That’s how it could be.Next. [Lillibeth tosses question.] Oh, good work. Good aim.

It wasn’t a heavy question, it just flew. “How would the one hundred and forty-four thousand and the thirty-six creation energies be related?” There’s two parts to this. “How are these energies functioning now in the work of Sacred Status?”

S: At any given time on this planet, there are thirty-six perfected beings. These thirty-six are related to, in a very short version of something that could very easily be quite drawn out—and at the last workshop and at the next workshop, is tending to be very drawn out—these thirty-six are related to twelve major frequencies expressed upon your planet, which you think of as rays, which you see or work through as Heart Portals, functioning as the exact frequency of the energy itself, and the masculine and feminine activity of it. That three creates thirty-six, the twelve, the masculine, the feminine added to it—a total of thirty-six.

That thirty-six, however, is a function of avataric energy, and avataric energy has made a very big switch as your planet has been making changes over the last few breaths, and one of the largest changes of that is that for the last two thousand years the next function of avataric energy was not waiting for one of those thirty-six to manifest in form, specifically as a means of bringing about the next great change within humanity, but it was instead that that energy be seeded within all coming into form, and that that energy be activated at a specific time in order that through the activation of that energy, the potential for reaching the frequency that matched the thirty-six could be possible. Could it be possible through everyone in here? No, not at all, but by the coming together, One Heart that flows to One Mind, One Mind that eventually flows to One Being or One Body, which might be where Obi [-Wan Kenobi] comes in. Sorry! That that energy flowing through as a composite, would be able to express itself in the frequency of the thirty-six.

The thirty-six replicated to seventy-two, replicated to one hundred and forty-four thousand. That is ultimately the answer asked for there. That’s the short version of it.


“What is going to happen in the religious world when the pope dies? Please explain.”

S: You’re welcome. I have no idea. There probably will be a very large mass. [Laughter] Isn’t that what they do?

Send flowers.

S: Send flowers. That’s right.

However, depending upon what he does between now and that time, there is either going to be a lot of sadness or a lot of celebration. I would suggest that between now and then, recognizing that as much as I appreciate the power that is given to the President of the United States, that you would also remember that surely in the lives of more people in the world, that gentleman is considered a powerful figure and world leader, greater than your President, who is said to be the most powerful person in the free world, or something like that. Is that right?

I always like that statement. Doesn’t it have a lovely ring to it? “In the free world.” Don’t you wish? When were you free? Free of what? Sorry.

That you would be asking for his help, his being upheld, that he feel good, that he be strong, that he be able to complete what it is he is here to do. Hint. Hint. Hint. That you pray for him. Send him energy. Keep him in your thoughts. So.

What’s going to happen when he dies? Which is . . . ?

All right, this has three parts to it.

S: Oh, don’t you know. Somebody’s cheating there now, aren’t they? The last one was two, this one’s three.

The next ones are several pages long. All right, the first part. Well, actually there’s an introduction to this one too. “This year seems to be a more active time for completions as beginnings are already starting. Part one: What is happening to cause earlier than usual beginnings?” Do you want to go to part two as well?

S: Perhaps that would be a good idea.

“Will this continue to be a speeded-up pattern for events in the next year”? And part three is, “If this will be the pattern, is this new speed permanent? Thank you.”

S: You’re not feeling a bit overwhelmed that time’s passing you by, and things are going very quickly now, are you? Are you starting to feel that way? And does it seem as though there are a lot of new beginnings opening up all of the time? Aye, is that what that’s saying there? Speeded up?

I’m going to say this, asking for your patience in the non-answer. You have changed. You are the one. It’s not the stuff out there. It’s doing what it does according to the laws of being here. It’s you. It’s your awareness. It’s your sensitivity. And, if you have been following the technology that I’ve been giving over the last few months, you are probably noticing that on an even larger scale, because you’re spending less time confined to time.

It’s not that there are more openings, that things are going faster. It’s that you are less encumbered by the boundaries of your mind. And without those familiar boundaries, it’s going very quickly, because you are experiencing several layers of experience at once. You judge what’s going on by how much you can fit in, physically, mentally and spiritually. You know what your limit has been in the past; therefore you figure, Hah, this means this much time has gone by. But now that you are much more like a sponge, just absorbing it all, you’re packing more in, which makes it seem that surely more time has passed, and when you see it has not, you just call it going quicker. It’s you.

Your instruction before this was to put on the mind of a seven-year-old.

S: Aye.

This question reminds me of one I might have asked when I was a seven-year-old. It says, ”Do you know where I can find my little lost doggie, Gypsy? Or can you or could you get her to the dog pound for me. Thank you. Paul.”

S: I’ll do what I can. You do what you can. But I don’t see that the bond is broken, so I don’t see that she’s gone. That was the answer.

“I have an opportunity to be a part of an arts organization. I auditioned and was accepted to be a full member of the group. Since then, I have discovered that one of their corporate sponsors is a company whose business policies I don’t agree with. Should I deny myself the pleasure and growth of participating with this organization, simply because I don’t approve of one of their sponsors?”

S: Yes.

“I understand  . . .”

S: Somebody answer that. Why did I say yes?

Because it’s important to them. I mean it’s a conflict in their belief system.

S: All right. That’s a good one right there.

Well, I’m just going to probably amplify what Jill said. By the way they phrased the question, they obviously feel like if they join this arts organization, which they really want to do, they would be betraying their beliefs.

S: That’s good.

There are karmic implications when you know what you know and don’t act in accordance.

S: Ooh. Yes. There are.

When you spend so much energy with that conflict in beliefs, then you don’t have the energy to do what you’re doing.

S: And who’s ready to mention the abundance factor in here? What is this? There’s not enough? This is the only possible thing that can make me happy. It’s the only way that I can perform and do what it is I’m here to do, but to do so is going to go up against my belief system. So, what should I do?

Well, if indeed there is no other way for you to be able to express your love in this world, then you are in a dilemma, but it occurs to me that the dilemma has more to do with your not believing that there is more out there. That there are other opportunities or that you could possibly change to want something else.

One of my all-time favorite stories is when a dear friend was looking at a crucial career decision and decided that what he’d do is go out to one of his favorite places and just think for a while, because sometimes by clearing your mind and not having all of the hustle and bustle of the world coming at you, you can better get the answers you’re looking for. Aye. Any of you ever found that? If so, you can relate to this person. Person? Well sort of. And while he was there, an old friend showed up, and said, “Why are you doing this? You know, I have said to you repeatedly that if you and I can just go into business together we could make such great changes in this world. Look, you could be rich. All of those little people out there that you care about could have all the bread they needed. I can give you what you need.”

And three different times my friend said to him, “Look, we’ve gone over this. The answer is no. I told you the answer is no.” And finally, the third time, “Just go away, the answer is no.” “But everything you could want for all the good you want to do, I can help you have it.”

What’s wrong with that? My friend said later that the reason was that he just wasn’t willing to pay the ultimate price. And when I said, “Well what about all that stuff you missed on having, the bread for all of the starving, and the riches beyond price, and life eternal?” Aye, you’re recognizing my story, aren’t you? He said, “I have what I need.”

You see, it’s only then you can resist the Devil’s temptations. Oh yes, that was the story. When you realize that this or something better really means this or something better from your end of it, then that allows you to become a part of the flow that has no end to it. And the structure of your beliefs that are based upon a clear and reasoned, consciousness will open a door, not close one.

Just ask Jesus. He was out in the desert getting that same lecture.

“I understand Australia is not a Heart Portal. What is the nature of the energy portal there, and why are you taking the group there next year?”

S: EarthLight, did you pay somebody to write that one out? Indeed it’s true, it’s a Crown Portal for the planet itself. The original seeding began there, as do all the seedings on the planet begin there. However, the pattern on the grid surrounding the planet is changing, must be changed, is in need of change. And it is anchored through the ancient energy of those who hold the pattern at the Crown Portal. There are two Crown Portals. This is the one for that end of the world, and there is another at this end.

The work in Australia is to repattern the grid in order that the energy coming to the planet will not off-balance the energy of the planet, and that the energy from those functioning at the highest possible frequency on this planet can work to spread and grow and manifest, rather than simply bounce through gaping holes in the current grid, symbolically speaking, and be of no use here.

Again, very small, condensed version of something I will speak more about in detail as we go.

I think you may have just answered this, but you might want to add to it. “What will the new grid bring? ”

S: This. [Lets out a big sigh] That was the answer.

All right. “I get a little confused when you say, don’t be human. Yet you have said that while we are in form, that we will have issues. Could you clarify what you mean by ‘not being human’?”

S: Somebody, what do I mean by “not being human”? Don’t be so human. Don’t be human. What am I saying there? Aye.

Not to believe that’s all you are.

S: Very good. Absolute foundation right there. Beginning with, stop believing that’s all there is, that that’s all you are. Don’t need to believe that that’s all you are, because that way you are excused from doing more.

What else does it mean?

Stop reacting. Act.

S: Excellent. Just as your mind remembers, just as for some of you your mind remembers—I think that’s a bit more accurate these days, don’t you?—so does your body remember. Your physical essence holds a memory. Your mental holds a memory. And even your spiritual essence hold a memory, all of which makes up your human experience here. What the physical goes through, the mental assimilates. The knowledge becomes wisdom—hopefully-and the spirit activates. Did you get that? Action, assimilation, activation. That process done backwards, activation first, functioning out of the awareness of spirit, drawing forth from wisdom to then act, is not the typically human way to do things. Act first, think later, pay for it after. That is the human way of doing things. Don’t be human. Function as spirits costumed as human for the great Samhain event.

Was there more to that?


S: [Whispering] You can do it.

I think you’ve answered it.

S: All right.

“Is it possible that as we remember and do what we are here to do, that it can affect every life force on the planet?”

S: It is possible. It is probable. It is likely. It is promised. It does. You will. It does. You will.

You’re not just sort of choosing which ones you want the answer to now, are you?

I’m trying to kind of mix them up here a little bit. “I’m going to London next month. Please tell me about the sacred and spiritual significance of the place on which it was built. Thanks.”

S: And if you are speaking of before it was London, that would be a lot easier, simply because I’m not certain that what eventually became known as London was built on very much that had to do with spiritual matters.

However, as is very much the case in much of Britain today, the Romans first took the cities that had been gathering spots of people. The gathering spots were such because they were holy places. Most of the major cities were, at one time or another, holy places. Inevitably, high hills and the convergence of rivers would be the easiest way to create a natural energy flow. More specifically, slightly farther south, and London has grown since then much further north, there was very strong Druidic connection, but probably most forms of magic. I’m not certain enough particularly about what’s being asked here, just that it’s so.

Having said that, however, let me remind you of this: It doesn’t matter what it was. Wherever you go, you’ll do better not looking for what was, but seeking what now is. Particularly when you travel, because in the very same way that time has changed what was, so your effect is going to change what is.

It is important, ‘tis very important, that as you travel these days, you allow yourself a bit of time to merge with the area to see what you can do to just connect in with the spirit of the place itself. The more you do to move yourself away from “what was I doing here,” the more you’ll get out of why you are here.

This one has two parts to it. Actually three. ”What is the thirty-third degree, and how does it relate to our work? And how does it relate to the Plan? And if the time is not yet right for us to know, why?” Covering all bases.

S: It has very little to do with the time being right or not for it. It has much more to do with your being right or not for it. Therefore, good try.

“My mother died in a car wreck when I was four years old. Do you see her having an impact, or an input, in my decision making? Thanks.”

S: Somebody answer that question. Yes. Of course. Why? Why?

Because she has an influence while you’re alive, for one thing, and you carry that with you.

S: All right. That’s in there. Because there is a very physical connection there. And that’s true. That would be there.

The belief systems that have been passed on by the parent to a child, and those belief systems may still be in effect. And therefore if that’s the case the mother would still have an effect.

S: If you have a connection of belief systems, that creates an open door, so to speak, for that influence to remain and to pass.

Also, I think that sometimes with the issues you have in form, sometimes when a parent would pass on, there’s not maybe as much barrier between what they can see of who you are and what you’re doing that you couldn’t seem to get across. Therefore, they have an ability to see what work you’re doing, and possibly help it along.

S: That’s lovely.

Because the only thing that remains is personality essence. The need for that energy to come through as the personality of mother is unnecessary, but for a child who has been impacted—as birth will create—by all of the bonds a mother will provide, there is going to be a connection based on that personality. The personality is not what you are. You know that. That’s the expression into the world that you give. It’s not what you are, but it is a means by which you are recognized here. It’s a means by which you are recognized as you sit down in this room tonight or a hundred years from now, when you’re fondly remembered—I hope. Some of you are fondly remembered.

The connection never goes. Your recognition of it as being a part of that personality that is mother has to do with your awareness and choice. The answer is yes, absolutely, as long as you want it. It has a lot to do with your need, not spirit’s need.


“In July, you asked me to be a guinea pig and spin tetrahedrons in my spine. During the time the group was in Canada, I felt like I was being rearranged on all levels. Would you comment on this?”

S: Good. Does it help the pain?

Although it seemed almost like sometimes when you have something done that almost brings it to the surface, when you’ve had like acupuncture, at first sometimes you feel worse, as if all of the dross is being surfaced and clearing. But I literally felt . . .

S: A tetrahedron is a 5:3:2 function of the basic building block in this world. Your physical body is a 4:3:2 function working to move to a 5:3:2 function. By specifically spinning the full essence of a higher level vibration—again poor way of saying something—mentally, as well as a physical effect that’s going to be had from that, your body is going to be nourished, so to speak. The physical blueprint is what’s being nourished, in any area of weakness. This is filling you with vital energy. Doing that specifically into focused areas of the body is filling those areas first with vital energy. It’s a make-or-break situation.

Sometimes I felt like I was too intense, doing it too much, because it felt so good.

S: Who here thinks Colleen is intense? [Laughter]

And all the time I was doing it, I was just wanting to just get real compul- . . . you know, do it, because it felt so good at the time that I’d want to keep doing it. But I had to back off, and it kind of found balance, and even if it meant backing off for a few days. But nothing else worked.

S: Good girl. That sensitivity’s helpful.

In your life, what sounds familiar to say? This activity, using both the masculine and the feminine coming together with a specific intent brings about an exchange of energy that adds to, rather than takes from. Can you think of anything? And that’s the energy you were using, creative, life-force energy.

Good work. Thank you for the report. One more. Time? One more? Aye. Good.

“Please explain how the I Ching and Tarot work.”

S: Doorways. Doorways. Doorways. A doorway for you to stimulate what you already know. You’re the magic. They are attached to a system of symbology that focuses very strongly into the human experience, touching into ancient ways of knowledge that are not fully lost to you. And those are doorknobs on the doorways. They’re not a means of predicting; they are a means of unfolding. They show a way. They are not a way. How did you get here tonight? Aye.

If you will hand those over to David, then he will put them in the newsletter next. Thank you, love. You did a good job. Aye.


S: Well, I’m glad to hear that. Thank you very much.

This should be a good month for you. Some of the intensity that you’ve been experiencing personally in your life you might find eases up a bit now. I cannot tell you how many of you are sending me “Hah! Right!” [Laughter] Oh, ye of little faith. Hand out shovels at the door. You can dig your way out of this. Aye.

One of the things that I’d like for you to do over these next few weeks is to pay attention to what’s not happening.

From what kind of perspective, personally or world-view?

S: Both. Both. And when I say what’s not happening, I’m not saying, “Oh I have these expectations, and they’re not happening.” I am saying, you are making changes for the better. You’re not falling into some of the old traps. You’re not reacting as much as you had been. You’re not having the death, destruction, plague and pestilence at the levels it’s trying so hard to be.

I’d like for you to give yourself a bit of time to see what’s not happening. Interestingly enough, you keep going right to the brink. You’re making a difference, and you need to see that.

What are you doing to make a difference? For some of you what you’re doing is nothing, and I’d like to ask you just to keep that up then. All right?

It’s working.

S: That’s right. It’s working. It ain’t broke. But for those of you that are consciously, purposefully, living love, choosing to send loving, comforting, healing, strengthening energy, prayer, to places in the world or people in the world that touch your heart as having the need, or stare you straight up in the face as an obvious one, it’s working. You’re making a difference. See it. See it. See what’s not happening, and allow yourself not to rest up, not to lean back and say, all right, then I’ll let off for a while. Right. But to move it as a motivation that what you’re doing is making a difference.

I said just a couple of months ago that across this planet, there were groups that were doing a lot of the work you’re trying to do, too. You’re not alone here. How did you get here? How did you get here? Nicholasville Road, and Louisville Road, and Atlanta Road, and Pittsburgh Road, and Nashville Road. How did you get here? You got here. And your world is getting there. You’re making a difference. One Heart. And at the function of One Heart, you begin to experience a possibility One Mind can offer. And having experienced One Mind, there is no other way but One Being. And that being is a large, and purple feathered serpent. [Laughter]

I know. You think I’m kidding. I’m not.

Glochanumora, my friends. Happy, happy trails this month.