June 3, 2001

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Hi, Samuel.

S: How are you?


S: It’s really nice to hear that. I cannot tell you how often it’s been in the last few months that whenever I say to a group, “How are you?” more often than not I get [in depressed voice], “Okay. Still alive.” [To member of the audience.] Particularly meaningful for you.

So what’s different? Why good? Has the chaos let up?


S: What.

I think we’re getting used to it.

S: Well, there’s a lot to be said for that actually.

By getting used to it, we’re learning how to use the tools that we’ve learned in what seemed like times of less chaos, and now that we’re not so much in overwhelm, we’re able to use those tools that have worked for us in the past, and are finding that they work for us now.

S: Good. Aye.

So we’re gaining some control.

S: So familiarity is bringing about ease allowing you to be quiet enough to use the tools you have. Good. Good. I agree.

I’ve made some changes in my life to make easier on myself.

S: Good. Good. Yes. That makes a difference too. You have areas to control within these situations. This is the way you control your destiny. You look at your own life and you say, “All right. What can I do?” That’s the only way you control your destiny, by the way, because the only thing in this world that you have control over is yourself, and that should be a little scary to some of you. Stephen.

I’m working on letting go of expectations, not having as many. And then when I still do and they don’t get met, I seem to be adapting more and what’s happening is some very beautiful things take the place of those expectations, so I’m beginning to trust that when my expectations aren’t met, there might be something better.

S: You’re beginning to trust that when your expectations are not met, that there might be something better coming about, because you have begun to see that very thing happening. And it’s very important that you realize the power in the statement that he just made there, and that is that he recognizes that trust is a process of building, that it’s not an automatic thing.

You know, there’s so many reasons in life in which what you want to know is the sure thing. Right. Samuel, what is it going to be like? What can I do to be prepared? What about … and yet the reality is there is nothing out there that is guaranteed, even death and taxes. Anymore, anyway. And it is your tendency to need the bottom line right now, your being used to controlling things around you—whether you think you do or not, believe me, there’s a whole room full of individual controllers here—and you’re used to making things work in such a way that you will be less afraid, because that’s really what control is about. You are doing what you can to guarantee you will be able to, if not succeed, at least live through it. And because you fear that you might not be equipped with what you need to manage it, you try to maneuver things in such a way that will allow you to best manage.

It’s a survival technique, and in one way or another all life force on this planet does it. However, because of that and perhaps a few other issues that crop in here and there, there is a very strong tendency to forget that everything that happens in your life is going to come against the free will of another, somewhere along the way. And whereas you cannot control them, you can do something about you.

It’s easy to forget that everything that happens in your life is a process, and that satisfaction comes when you stop seeking the end of the process and begin enjoying the ride to the end of the process. But it takes trust to be able to wait through the ride, and trust is something that you build by positive experience and positive experience or lose by negative experience and negative experience.

That’s why I often challenge you to put this work, for instance, the principles taught, to the test. See if it works for you, because by doing that you are going to begin building trust. Trust in what?


S: And trust in yourself is obviously half of it, but there’s another half.

In your partnership with Source.

S: In your partnership with Source. Right. In your connection with what is more, with All That Is. Sure.

Has the chaos slowed down?


S: And when we speak [of] chaos here, what are we talking [about]? What sorts of things are we making reference to.

Stuff that’s happening in the world.

S: Stuff that’s happening in the world. All right, love, that was an easy answer.

Stuff that’s happening in our lives with those around us, even here, that are going through great change.

S: True. True. And let me connect on that part of it. Things that are going through change. There we go. Things that are going through change in the world as a whole, in your lives personally, in the lives of your friends, in the lives of the people you work with, change is happening.


S: Good. So much so that it seems as if it’s happening more rapidly, it seems as if it’s happening more intensely, and if you give yourself a few moments to look over, perhaps, the last six months of your life, you probably could easily come up with two or three fairly major changes that are going on in the way you think, or in the lives of those around you whose lives touch you. It may not be that it’s all more that much different than usual, because actually human stuff is pretty well human stuff, but your response is different. Can you see what I’m saying there?

It is, perhaps that you are more sensitive to things than you were. Maybe it’s that you are more aware of things than you were. Perhaps you are coming from a different perspective altogether than you were.

In Pittsburgh, they are starting a program that is called Shift Happens. They did explain it to me.

[…our previous bumper sticker.]

S: And the reason that they are presenting that program is because indeed it is true, shift does happen, but more than that you are, right now, this moment, this very moment in your life, you are in the midst of one of the largest shifts that your world has known. And if you can step back for a moment and look at your world without the attachment of this is about war, and this is about government, and this is about economics—economics would be about the lower grade of gasoline. Right? Something like that.—you have the ability then to see, that’s stepping back to put you back on that line before the interruption, to step back you have the ability to see it’s about change. Shift is a change, whether it is—Matthew, love, would you stand up for just a moment? Now, if you will stand on one foot. There you go. Now to the other—that’s a shift. Aye? And although it might seem an incredibly simplistic one—thank you, love—that, more or less, is the result of the changes you are seeing. What did I just ask him to do? And I am saying, mind you, that what he just did is a view of the changes that are going on. What did he do. Jean.

He took the support from one side and shifted it over to the other side.

S: Excellent. Very good. Very good. And there is another piece attached in there. Stuart.

He threw himself off balance, and then caught himself with his other foot.

S: Good. Perfect. Aye.

He didn’t resist authority. [Laughter]

S: You noticed that, did you?

No authority issues.

S: Yet. In your life, perhaps for you personally, your balance has been altered. In the lives of people you care about, in the lives of mass consciousness, looking as an overview—governments, the support is shifting.

[…from the Senate.]

S: Your own government. Aye. It’s a time of shift. And, indeed, shift does happen, but if that shift is not for a purpose—to move from one foot to the other—then it’s not going to do anything but cause a fall.

And in your life, if you do not take charge of the shift, you will fall. And you have fallen before, you don’t want to do it again. Shift. To rebalance, to purposefully, perhaps, put yourself off balance that you might establish it again in a new way that works better for you.

Look at your boredom levels for a moment. Was that easy to understand? Could you hear that one?


S: Boredom. I would say burdon. Have you been finding that you are restless, that you tend not to be able to focus and concentrate when you want to the most, perhaps. Maybe not at all. More of those, what you are calling senior moments maybe? Are you finding that that attention span is just a bit more difficult, and as a result of that perhaps you are also finding that your patience levels are just a bit tighter than they used to be. Maybe even your judgement levels, that your tolerance is less than it used to be. Are you seeing any of these things in your life?


S: And I’m going to make a very outrageous leap here, and I say that it’s an outrageous one because it’s more or less saying, one plus one equals about forty thousand over here.

But hear this with your heart. Not that. First your world right now is moving from the box it has been in for many thousands of years to something that really is not a box at all. Just holding that one right in front of you there, one of the things that is required for that to happen is that human consciousness which works by the associative process—your mind works by associative process. Kathleen, stand up please. And then Cynthia. All right. Kathleen is wearing black, and I know that it’s black because I know Cynthia’s is black, and that one is like that one and therefore I can say they’re the same. Thank you. That’s how it works. That’s how your mind works. Something new comes in, all right, I could relate to that.

And what you are coming into cannot be brought about with that sort of thinking. What you are moving into—I think I’m about to use a very trite expression—is way out of the box.

What you have before you in your life individually, what you have before you in the world, is not going to be something that you can relate to and say, “Aha, this is just like that, therefore I can accept or reject it because I know what it’s about.” And the very first thing that you need to do for this shift is give yourself permission to move outside of the box, give yourself permission to say, “No” to confined thinking. Give yourself permission to think about something that’s new.

The second thing is that in any population, in any given population group, there are going to be those individuals who are safe when they are—what would be a good way to say this?—a part of the herd. A herd mentality.


S: Invisible. Yes. That works very well. Those who feel safest when they are invisible. Don’t stick out. Don’t think differently. Within any given population, there are those who think differently sometimes and do not at other times. And then there are those who even when they were babies did things differently, and thought things differently. They tend to have authority issues, and they also tend to be—and bear with me while this one works itself out—great leaders or great hiders. Hiders. What does that word mean to you?


S: Avoiding. Hiding. Yes. Hiding. Protection. Good. Hiders. All right, I just wasn’t sure if that word was going to make any sense. I make them up when I need to. More often than not, those who are the different thinkers are the ones who bring about new things. They’re already thinking out of the box, they’re living out of the box. They are very creative. And, more often than not, whether they have the official plaque on the wall that says it, or if it’s another one of those things they learn to hide to survive, they also tend to be extremely intelligent. Makes sense.

In this shift, the determination as to whether or not you are simply going to move into a period that is just a faster version of what you’re in right now—and it could be, it depends on how good those hiding mechanisms are going—or a new world on every level is going to be determined by how willing that last group is to stop hiding. The ones that are already leading are probably just fine,but those who are hiding, they’re going to be the ones that need to move out.

Now, where I was going with that was about—do you remember?


S: It was about the shift, that’s easy enough. I know where I’m going, I’m just testing to see how awake you are.


S: I’m talking about the different types of thinking and I’m saying to come into the shift in a very positive sort of function, then I moved into there were these different types of people in the world and the way they think. Where is that meaning to go?

It’s ego?

S: Yes.

How we handle the chaos.

S: Yes.

How we take responsibility.

S: Very good. Yes.

It’s time to come out of hiding if you are.

S: Excellent. Good. Those individuals who do not need the box tend to be also those energies that have come here for a particular purpose at a specific time in your world. Am I saying these are individuals that are … oh, what? What are some of the things that are out there now? Are they aliens? No. Are they, are they walk ins? No. Are they …? They are humans who happen to function at a particularly high frequency who made the choice to be here now, because there was the possibility that this great time of shift would come.

But the key there was not that they work at a very high frequency and chose to come here now, it was the part that said they are human, because the nature of your beingness is that no matter how high a frequency your spirit has, no matter what sort of family tree you want to give the nature of your truest self—I like that, sort of like thinking you’re the nuts on the family tree. Right. Kind of like that.

Some of our families think that.

S: Aye, well that’s your fault though.

No matter what that heritage before is, in whatever way you want to think about it, it doesn’t matter, because the point is that self is right now functioning in the human costume. And that costume causes a certain amount of forgetfulness so that that human self upon drawing that first breath does not have access to the specific purpose, and that purpose must be remembered only by the activation of certain … mmh, think of it as certain memory pegs that as you behave in a certain way, or you hear certain things, or you do particular things, a bit of that memory will be activated, which is why these individuals tend to be loners. They tend to be not real good with the box. They tend to be highly intelligent, very gifted, particularly at hiding.

And all of that is to say that what I am saying is there is coming before you a time of great shift on your planet, and those who are inately leaders are starting to perk up. Sort of like your dog does when you start turning the corner to come home. “Start! They’re coming soon. Be here soon.”

Amidst that group are those who have very specifically chosen this time and this place in order to be a part of that which helps. And the difficulty is some of them have really gotten good at hiding.

In your life, and this is a promise not a curse, you will not be happy in anything you do if you are not fulfilling your potential by doing it. You will not be happy doing anything if you are not fulfilling your potential, and you can continue doing this for a while and growing bored with it, and doing that for a while and growing bored with it, because that boredom is one of those triggers. That impatience with things going so slowly and people being so dense—aye, you’re laughing because you’re relating—and your frustration. When will they get it? When will they stop? When will they make peace? When will … is one of those triggers designed for you to seek something else.

And you will seek. You will become so good at so many things in your life, because you are really good at seeking. You’re very good at making things work out at the last minute, maybe, because you’ve had a lot of practice. There has never been a time on your planet in which literally numbers are needed.

You find something acceptable when you’re familiar with it. Gracious, that’s how advertising gets you to accept all manner of weird things simply by getting you used to it. You hear it over and over and over. How do you think it would be if in your world the idea of change was not threatening, but acceptable as step towards excitement instead of an example of failure? What do you think it would be like in your world if assuming the most loving thing, the kindest thing, was the first thing that came to people’s minds rather than assuming the worst first? What do you think it would be like if in your world an individual’s ability to take care of themselves, by themselves, was considered acceptable? In your world right now it’s rather hard to be not a meat eater. What would it be like if it was familiar, that there are a whole lot of people in this world who really are good and loving and kind, and have workable ways to help you experience that? That somebody did not automatically look at it and say, “Well, what religion is that?” In which self-healing was accepted. In which beauty and abundance and ease was considered everybody’s right. Would that change your world?

And yet, the reality is that all it takes is for one person who lives that way to touch the life of another and another and another. Wait a minute, Samuel, even if that were true, I do not think it would happen quickly enough, because if one touches one and touches one, that’s really not going to move very fast in a world as big as this one. Darn. Must need to change the plan, because that’s right. It’s not enough. You’ve got to come out of hiding. And what does that mean? I’ll get there in a bit.

What it takes instead of one’s life affecting another life and affecting another life is going to be one group creating a change around them that establishes another group that creates a change around them.

You touch lives all the time. And you change lives with the joy you express and the love you give or by your refusal to do that simple task, joyously give love. Simply as a thought, even: to pass another in the grocery aisle with the thought of, Love to you. Like a rock thrown into a pond, the effects are felt, and that of a group with that same thought, that same desire, that same charge, well what it does is it loosens the old foundation, because it’s touching into where the cracks are and making them bigger.

Moving back to where I started, your world is about to experience a massive shift, and the shift has to do with the way you think, you way you see. It can open the door to a world that is more centered on the heart, or it can close that door, because that door is already opening now. That’s why you are feeling what you’ve been feeling. That’s why you’re experiencing those things which you are in which you’re feeling restless, you’re experiencing a lot of change. You’ve been

going through the whole gamut of emotions in your life these last six weeks and these last six months in which you have had things happen that have made you very sad, and things have happened that have made you deliriously joyful. You have seen people close to your heart leave the world, and you have seen relationships build up out of what you thought was the desert, and nothing there.

You are in the midst of an incubation. The seeds are planted, the eggs are waiting, and you know it. That’s the hard part, you see, you know it, but you don’t know what to do with it. I will suggest one thing not to do with it. Whatever it is you always do with new things in your life, don’t do that one. I would suggest that you don’t watch.

Too easy.

S: Watch. I mean sit back and watch. Life is a spectator sport. Because you’ve done a lot of waiting to see how things go before you try things out, before you act, before you take it on for yourself.

You’ve spent your whole life hiding, and it hasn’t brought you enough of what you want. And when I’m saying, don’t hide, step forward, I’m not saying do something weird out in downtown Lexington. I don’t know. What would that be?

Running naked through the streets.

S: I’m not saying run naked through the streets.

Carry a sandwich board through the streets.

S: That’s right. This isn’t an evangelical work. I don’t recommend it. I’m talking about consciously recognizing that which is good, that which is beautiful, that which is loving, that which is kind in your life.

Not only recognize it, say it out loud. “That’s really beautiful.” When you’re standing in the midst of a crowd, and you see a glorious sunset, and everybody’s looking at their watches, and wishing it would hurry, and you say, “That’s really beautiful.”

A clerk does something just beyond the usual, and you look them in the eyes—you pause for ten seconds—and look them in the eye and say, “Thank you for that. You really helped me.” Recognize. State it out there. Start getting people used to loving kindness.

Do what you can to take care of your mind. Your mind gets so filled with rubbish. You get so much input and so much of it’s truly negative, and there’s not much you can do about it because you work with them, or you’re married to them, or whatever. It’s the single people in here who laughed at that one. I want you to know that. And that’s why they are. Sorry. Oops.

To do something so you can work with a community of people. It doesn’t have to be this one, there are many who choose to see things positively, who don’t get together in order to talk about the big sports event. Maybe, instead, they’re talking about a book that really moved them. Maybe it is an evangelical mission and you get involved with a prayer group. That’s all right. The idea is you are taking a positive step toward working in a community of other positive people. You get so much that’s not. You do need a sanctuary, you really do. And if those people also, maybe, maybe, are believers that there’s more than just this, and that you are capable of magnificent and beautiful things, and maybe even that there’s a big shift coming and you want to be on the positive side of it. Well, that could only help too, couldn’t it?

Do what you can to take a look at your life as if it is a great quilt. Now, imagine a quilt for a moment. And I’m not talking [about] those puffy things you put on your bed, I’m talking a quilt. You know, a quilt. Right? It’s made up of many, many pieces. Right? And all of those pieces are stitched together to make one great thing with a specific purpose. And that’s what you could be. You have a very unique shape to you, and I’m not just talking about your diet is working, you have a very unique shape to you. It fits a larger pattern. Stitched together, it’s a thing of great beauty. Individuals who are tuned to beauty will see that in you. And won’t that be a nice change?

Look at your life as if you individually are a part of a pattern as well. That the things that go on in your life have a pattern. It’s very, very easy to only look at the things that go on in your life for their negative impact. All right, look at all of the things that I’ve done in my life that were failures. Not allowing yourself to even realize that if you’re standing here thinking back over them, that means you’ve got up and kept moving. And you got up again and kept moving. See the patterns of those things that have not worked for you so that you can bring more of what does into your life.

Get out in nature. It’s so healing. I’m not saying … I gave an exercise over the last two or three weeks to different groups, and that exercise was to get out and take a half hour walk. And with that one half hour of a walk, fifteen minutes of it are in total silence. And somebody said,”Samuel, can we do that walk in the mall?” No. And the reason is because—Matthew, again love. Will you take these? Just the vase of it. Now, stand right here so that everyone can see. This is so beautiful, both parts. Yes, because they were thinking you were. It’s a remarkable miracle of shape and color, and it give to you. Thank you, love. And you are surrounded by it. It’s not hard to find, even in the midst of a concrete downtown. Find a space of it, walk to it, appreciate it, because it changes you.

You are too weak to do it alone. Stop needing to. Shall I say that one again?


S: Stop needing to do it alone. Stop thinking that that is some badge of honor, because it’s not, you know. More often than not what it is is it’s a means of avoiding what makes you uncomfortable. When you are around people that only talk about what their last PhD was about, well then there’s something to be said about perhaps feeling uncomfortable, but when you’re surrounding yourself with a group of individuals whose desire is to be a part of a more functional world, to live love the best they can, well, what would you be hiding from? What’s to lose? Oh, you love better than I do. It just doesn’t have the same impact, does it? You do it alone only when you want to fail. In everything in your life, if you take a good look at it, you will realize that you did not do it alone, because this is a world in which working as a team brings things about more quickly. And that is true in your work, and that is true in your playing, it is true in your relationships.

And if you’re wanting to know what will be needed in this shift, it is the ability to play well with others, which is why when next we are together, I’m going to talk specifically about playing well with others. Very specifically about communication in relationships, because that’s a hard one for many of you.

I cannot state more clearly than what I’m about to. I hope it makes you a little uncomfortable, I do. I want you to know for those of you who think you’re new here tonight, and think that I’m talking mainly to you, I’m really not. And for those of you who think that I’m not talking to you, you’re wrong. Big wrong!

You are here this night for one reason. You did not say no. Really. You are here because you chose to be. I would tell you you chose to be here a long time ago. You are here because you’re in this world to make a difference. And the whole Universe is doing what it can to put before you opportunities that will make you say, “I remember that. I can do that.” You are here because you’re meant to be. And this message that is so radically different than most I give is because right now you are making the change your world is about to. And you don’t know you well enough to be able to make that move into a community that will make the difference. Whether you have been a part of my heart in this world for fifteen years or minutes, I’m talking to you. You are making the change now that your world is preparing to make. You’re not ready.

You know so much. You have so many tools, and yet you don’t yet trust yourself, your heart. You don’t really believe. What to do?

I’m going to give you the homework that I’ve been giving out, and the reason is because it touches you into you. You start learning something about yourself, and you start making a change without it even hurting.

Every day take a one half hour walk outside. Fifteen minutes of it in silence. If you’re walking the dog, and you talk to your dog, “Dog, here!” that’s not silence. Really. Silence. Yes, you can talk to yourself, just not out loud.

Before you go to bed at night, write down, don’t just think them over in your head, write down five things you are grateful for. Five thank yous. Thank you for the air conditioning in that room, I was not as cold as usual, because these people are doing this. And one thing you would change next time around. You’re pretty good at writing down five things you did wrong, one thing you’re happy about. Let’s turn that around. Let’s get it shifted.

No television. Really. None. Go visit the films, because you’ve got to go outside to do it, but don’t be overloading yourself with input.

There’s something in your diet that you know you should give up so you’ll be better to you. Do that.

You’ve got a half hour walk, fifteen minutes of silence. You’ve got five things you’re grateful for and one thing that you’re going to change, that isn’t working. You’re going to change a thing in your diet. What else have I said?

No T.V.

S: No television. Does that give you five things?



S: No, that’s not … nay. These things will get you in touch with you. They’ll start the road to turning around. They’ll help you feel better about you. Do these things for three weeks. That’s all, three weeks, and see if it doesn’t make a positive change for you.

To say you are needed now to be the best you can be is too simple. You came here equipped with magnificence, with the potential to be a part of a revolution. You’re here to help humanity remember itself, and you know it. No excuses. Time for work.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.