September 1, 1991

Samuel: We have tremendous amounts of work to cover this night. I’m going to start it with my own gift. You, here, now. Indeed, this is a group that has responded to the call of the wild, eh? Aye, and it’s good.

All right. I suppose that you have been noticing that the world is doing some flip-flops, the planet itself is doing some flip-flops, that the very geography—I’m not talking about your maps, yet—is changing. That which is on the inside is starting to come outside. Have you seen that? The earth is just opening up for peek-a-boo time. Or it’s starting out to say hello. That is exactly what 11:11 is all about. It is the opportunity for that which is within to finally move out. Your planet, which is alive and well, is literally propelling itself forward on its path to sacred status in such a way that you cannot help but respond. And, indeed, that’s what you are doing. You are responding.

And because the microcosm always reflects the macrocosm, within your own life you’re finding those very same things happening, too. That which is going on within you is coming out. And for a lot of you lately, that has been showing up as anger and frustration and irritation or abnormally emotional behavior, be it appropriate or inappropriate, hasn’t it? Who here has thought that you’d not have been fit to live with if people had really known what you’d been thinking for the last ten days or so. That shows it, eh? Thank goodness most humans aren’t reading the mind yet.

That’s because what’s going on is that what’s happening within you is going to express itself outside of you, and that may be that you are breaking open some walls, or maybe you’re letting off a little steam, or maybe you’re experiencing a drought of things that are important to you, or maybe you’re getting flooded.

This planet and the beings of life upon it are absolutely on schedule for opening this gateway and unveiling this planet. My souls, I cannot express to you the joy and cause for celebration that statement is. And this is the third of a probably unending series to discuss what it is that needs to be done to prepare for it. And tonight I’m specifically going in two directions with it. One of them is the explanation specifically of how you make it through that gate, and the other is an exercise that you can do that’s over and above stretch and flex that has to do with a mental-spiritual connection, preparing you for the ascension process that 11:11 is about personally.

There is a lot to cover.

Frank, can you read [the board]? Where can you be that you can be heard?

Now we’ll see just how well it worked, getting this [information written on the board] through [to Lea in the conscious state].

All right, the first thing that I want you to realize is that 11:11 is literally a beginning and an end. It’s an end to life as you know it—aren’t you glad? It’s a beginning to life as you dreamed it—aren’t you glad? And that has everything to do with how your dreams are. And for those of you that have consciously been working on a positive act out into the world on a consistent and regular basis, then you’re going to find that your dreams are literally coming through. You are going to be moving into—once this autumnal equinox passes, until about mid-November—perhaps what would literally be, according to your calendar 11/11, as opposed to what is set up in January—one of the most powerful times of manifestation you’ve ever experienced. So be ready for it. Those of you that know how to manifest, start getting yourself in gear. Those of you that don’t know how to manifest, what that’s saying is, figure out what your vision is. Set up reachable goals. Plan how you can begin, literally, step by step, meeting those, because the energy is manifestation. What do you want? But beware of it, because you’ll get what you think. Remember that.

I am not going into a review of basics. And since I know that there are those of you that are here that have not made it to the last two sessions, I’m going to count on you to get ahold of the information that has passed; ask somebody, speak to newsletter, push for brochure, something to get that information and make that connection. Otherwise, you’re going to feel just a bit behind. The only thing I do want to use as a reminder is this: Don’t be fooled. I am absolutely, as strongly as I can, doing what I can physically, emotionally, mentally, to manipulate you shamelessly. I mean that. Because there has been no other opportunity like this, and you are here. You are here, and you can take part in it and do something with it, or you would not be here this night.

So I beg, because, my darling, the planet needs you. Not only do you connect where I cannot, but you have connections the person next to you does not. You have language that can bridge this airy-fairy discussion we are going to have here tonight so that you can make it presentable, palatable, to those with whom you work and play and love. Your higher self brought you here for a reason, and I don’t want you to miss that chance.

Essentially, in a way that I consider the best use of the word, 11:11 requires that you have experienced the ascension process. So in order to make it through that gateway, the thing you’ve got to do is ascend. That makes it easy, doesn’t it? It gets better when I tell you how to do it. Then you say, “Oh, sure, I don’t think I’ve got knowledge of the first one, and I didn’t even know there were twelve.”

The ascension process is my description of what happens to your physical and spiritual self in order to make it through the gateway. If these words [on the board] have come out as I have put them into the form [Lea]—we will see, but the they should fairly well carry it down phrase by phrase for me. All right? Let’s start.

[Frank:] “Ascension—the Requirement. Moving beyond form into and with the Spirit; a synthesis of form and spirit.”

S: All right, essentially that’s just describing what ascension is meant to be. A synthesis—is that the right use of that word? What is synthesis.

A harmonious putting together of two different things.

S: All right, I mean more than that. I’m not essentially talking about a coming together. I’m talking about a full blending.


S: In this case it’s making reference to a full blending in which you no longer have two separate aspects; you have one while you still have the qualities of the separate things. You cannot blend oil and water, right? But shake it up really, really well, and for a few moments—aye? Is that a good illustration? Will it work. You’ve got water and you’ve got oil, but they’ve clung to each other and blended in such a way that they are not separate from one another. They have combined. That’s what I’m talking about.

Let’s keep going here.

[Frank:] “This requires an individual who has mastered twelve Rays.”

S: Oh, goodness. And the twelve Rays are:

[Frank:] “1. Will to Be. 2. Love/Wisdom. 3. Active Intelligence/Intelligent Activity. 4. Harmony Through Conflict. 5. Concrete Knowledge. 6. Devotion. 7. Balance, Order, Ritual.

S: Hold there. The Rays are—which is what I was hoping would come out, although enumerating them is just as fine—the Rays are characteristics of the Source. The first three Rays are characteristics of pure life force energy. You have a Will to Be, and that holds your molecules together. Your Will to Be moves into another step, and that second step is you then want to do something with it; it expresses itself through love. You know that the plant kingdom is able to respond on an emotional level, oddly enough. That was proven in your ‘50s, eh? It’s the second stage in spiritual evolution. Love—it is the whole course that the Source is expressed through in this dimension—which through experience becomes wisdom.

The third aspect of life force energy is that then it takes action. Active Intelligence is created out of that. The bond of Will to that of Love creating Wisdom moves into Intelligent Activity and Active Intelligence. These three expressions of life force energy then have the opportunity to thereby be expressed in three or four other ways. The way that you live your life in the world and the way that you get the lessons that you do, they show up in Harmony Through Conflict—there should have been a knowing chuckle run through the audience just then—which then opens the door, once you have learned how to bring harmony out of conflict, to know something so well that it is Concrete Knowledge, you can live it rather than think it, something that you know that well, something that’s a part of you. You have the opportunity to learn to express Devotion, and that opens the door to the twilight zone of the Rays, because the seventh Ray is a transitory Ray. It is the Ray between that which is affected by the physical laws of this realm—form. It is the door that opens into the realm of Spirit, the last Rays. It is the door which is the equivalent, somewhat, to your crown chakra, the one that opens to spirit. And it is Balance, the Ray of Order. And the one that’s also called, incidentally, Ritual Magic.

These are the Rays through which form expresses itself, but there are more. And the next five Rays are the rays—if you will excuse this very outdated expression—they are the etheric Rays. Etheric is based upon a teaching that there are, in this atmosphere or in this realm of form, certain things called ethers. I think that ethers are still around, but it’s probably called something different now. It’s the medium on which such things as radio waves are carried, and they stay somehow in alignment. Maybe you call it ozone. These are the ones governing ozone. I don’t think that’s it. Nonetheless, essentially the better word for it would be to say they are the ones that govern the invisible, the spiritual aspect. And those Rays are:

[Frank:] “8. Matter into Existence from the Void. 9. Destroys and Returns to the Void. 10. Feminine and Masculine Synthesis. 11. Energy Furnace. 12. The Gate.”

S: All right. Looking at that it’s very easy to say “Huh?” But if you allow yourself to think about it from the bottom up, if you allow yourself to think that, when the Source released itself into the Universes—they weren’t quite Universes at the time, but released itself as Novic Energy—the way that it did that was, first, the energy went through the Gate. From the Gate, which is essentially the Source’s will, the Gate opened the door for the Energy Furnace. The Energy Furnace is that point at which—don’t think of it as something which heats up and you get a kettle of water going on; that’s not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about something like an oven, though, a place where that which you put something of importance—like pure Source energy—has the opportunity to coalesce, to attract, until it bubbles and bubbles and bubbles, and explodes into the realm that it’s going to express itself through. You might think of that as a changing station—for some of you, think Venus. For some of you, think Pleiades. Some of you, think Victoria Station. You get the idea.

And with that, the energy is going to have a choice. All right, when I was speaking recently to a group to give a bit of information about this, one of the things that I said is, when you’re talking to individuals in this realm of form, and in talking to them you’re going to have to use their explanation, their understandings, their examples, you are somewhat limited. But know that these five Rays cover all energy in any realm and any manifestation. These five Rays cover all energy as soon as it is released from the Source. Therefore, when it’s put into earth parlance, imagine that on a realm of just, for instance, sound—instead of saying masculine and feminine synthesis, it would probably say something else that represents wholeness, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t necessarily use that information, but, since I’m here talking to individuals who work in dichotomies, that’s the best way to explain that. Don’t get caught here into thinking that energy is released from the Source as male and female. It’s not. But once it has exploded from the Source and has the direction that it’s going to move into the realm of change, that it’s going to express itself through, then what it does is experience the synthesis of wholeness.

The human connection to this is the dichotomy of males and females. And the lesson that comes ultimately through form is that, despite the males and the females, it’s all the same heart beating beneath that skin and under that difference. So it’s talking about a synthesis in which the individuality is not lost, but the mixture is complete. Synthesis.

At that point, a destruction happens. Why? The reason is that, as in every major aspect you’re working with, as soon as you have established the form that is needed for a thing, a wholeness, you need to let go of the construct in order for it to be better funneled into what is needed as a whole. So that requires the energy, once it has the taste, so to speak, placed on it, to have the expectation pulled out of it. That is Matter Returning To The Void—destruction, but destruction in order for reforming. If you think of the process from the Source [on] through, you can understand the system, but it also works, now that you’ve got a feel for what that system—the last five Rays—is about, it also gives you the feel for what then your work is about, because working through and learning to master the seven Rays of physical existence is because … we are ready for this [chart] to be turned over.

[Frank:] There is more.

S: Go ahead.

[Frank:] “Rays 1 through 7 are the Laws of Form. They rule the earth existence. These manifest the physical body. Rays 8 through 12 are the Laws of Spirit. They rule energy released from the Source in all Realms. These manifest a Spirit Body.”

S: All right. Very good. [The page on the board is turned.]

[Frank:] “To manifest form, Rays 8 through 12 must be mastered, and this is most often done in other realms (thus your ‘starry’ connection).”

S: All right, let me explain that. Therefore, the energy that you are—once upon a time long, long ago, in a system far, far away—energy was released with purpose. As that energy was released, eventually, further down the road, you came about. In the meantime, however, as that energy was released, it was put under the Law of Spirit, as all energy in all realms that is on a creative pathwork—pay attention to that—all energy in all realms that is on a creative—read that individualized—pathwork, has experienced and mastered the Rays of Spirit before it took on form. So you see, darlings, you’ve already got the hard part. You’ve already got it. But just like having a million dollars deposited into your special account for you and, darn, they forgot to tell you, it becomes no good to you. Take notice: Now you know. Because what is required is the form to connect, to indeed synthesize with spirit. That requires the spirit body to be completed, as well as the physical body to be completed. By mastering the Rays, you have completed those bodies. But again, if you don’t know it—read that, don’t act on it—it does you and this planet no good. That’s why I’m trying so hard here. Most of you are not primary earth energies—and this has been discussed over and over. And what that simply means is that the energy that you are chose other realms to first experience mastery. And that is why so many individuals who are waking up are waking up to a realization that, “I don’t think I fit here. I feel like my mind’s always out in space somewhere, and I keep waiting for the mother ship.” And amazing numbers of people are conjuring it, and seeing it. Because a part of you is literally not a primary-focus earth energy. And that’s where the 11:11 connection of returning to the stars is absolutely accurate. Going home is accurate, but you don’t leave the earth to do it. You reconnect with your personal awareness of your non-limited status. That’s all that that’s talking about. That’s your star connection. My version of it is probably calling it your entity connection, and instead of a starry name, I encourage you to find your entity’s name. But that’s where it comes from.

Keep going.

[Frank:] “So, you already have it.

“11:11 guardians will be moving outside of the earth (physical form) through the twelfth ring. A ring is ‘mastery’ of a ray. Each ray is part of a great cosmic hierarchical connection.”

S: All right, hold there. I’m putting in a bit of new language here, and the reason for that is, the idea of a Ray is very, very effective when you think of emanation out from the Source, and you picture something like sun coming through the clouds. You picture these Rays. But now I want you to picture it differently. Now I want you to picture your planet, and there are rings of light surrounding your planet. All right? These rings are stages of understanding, and they have different levels of connection to them. Because what you will be visualizing for 11:11 is yourself literally moving through those rings.

[Frank:] “Rays 1 through 6 are a loosely constructed grouping based on the system of Earth Law. 1, 2, and 3 equal Life Force. 4, 5, and 6 are how we learn. 7 is a transition point into spirit. These rays are not progressive. Actually you experience them all together while your soul experiences one at a time. The Cumberland retreat gave more information on that.”

S: That was a saving grace, wasn’t it. A lot put on that page. All right. [Page is turned.]

[Frank:] “Mastery of Ray 7 allows unity through synthesis with initiates.”

S: I already explained that, that the seventh Ray was a transition point, the twilight zone of the rays, or the rings, or the realms, as we’ll be using them—because it shows that the physical form self has fully and totally connected, or else it could not be expressing balance. Wholeness is a condition of balance. Balance is a condition of wholeness. So the seventh Ray through form allows connection with the energies that literally run the seventh Ray, and the energies that run the seventh Ray are … you—the initiates. The initiates, those who are seeking a focused life path. But then that opens the door for the next five rays.

[Frank:] “It opens the gate binding form, therefore opening the initiate into a greater hierarchy through the rings or rays of spirit. Ring 7 creates synthesis with the Initiates, who work as awakened, serving, transformed, unattached, transfiguring beings working positively to live love through form.”

S: Does anybody have any small bells going off as to what that describes an initiate as? An awakened, serving, transformed, unattached, transfigured being …


S: Ah, good. It is an individual who is at least at the point of the fifth initiation.

[Frank:] “Ray 8, Matter into Existence from the Void, creates synthesis with Guardians, sixth and seventh initiation beings of form.”

S: Guardians, who are sixth and seventh initiation beings, individuals in form—but meaning in the realm of form, because the sixth and seventh initiations are not requiring form—but they are individuals who are at the level of the sixth and seventh initiation, and …

[Frank:] “… Spirit with a mission to form.”

S: That’s like a mission to China. A mission to [the realm of] form.

[Frank:] “Ninth Ray, Destroys and Returns to the Void, creates synthesis with the Hierarchy, which is the spiritual leadership of the planet, finished with form’s wheel of existence but choosing to stay.”

S: Before we go any further here, I want you to be aware that what this means is mastery of a Ray … I want a question here. “Samiel, what do you mean by mastering a Ray? That’s much too much work. What do you mean, I’ve got to master a Ray.” What do I mean by that, those of you who heard the explanation of that just this past week. How do you master a Ray?

You live it.

By being aware of it and working to manifest it and put it into your life.

S: Absolutely, in and out thoroughly, you know it, you have it, you are it. You are capable of, in regard to this expression of Source, you are doing the best you can where you are with what you have.

“Oh, I’ve heard that before. I’m getting good at doing that. Why, let me think. In regard to will and my Will to Be, and my choices and my work here on this planet, I am choosing to do the best I can where I am with what I have. And let me think, with regard to love, the second one, am I loving the best I can where I … yes, I am. And what about serving? Am I serving the best I can where I am with what I have?” That is what is meant by mastering the Rays, my dearest ones. You can do this. But you must consciously do this.

Therefore, what that does is put you into a new realm of connection, and that connection’s very important, because you think that you have teachers and guides and guardian angels, and all those nice things—and that’s true; when you first wake up, a whole battery of spiritual help comes your way, but as you know, the more you do it seems like the less help you get. It gets very difficult, doesn’t it? “Samiel, I’m feeling alone again.” Because you are working toward a connection with the other initiates. It shows that you have finally mastered the seventh Ray. Hear this: When you cannot synthesize with others, you’ve not mastered the Rays. Unity … say that word, unity, is the key here.

I used to tell you to love one another. Now I just say, try to like one another, all right? Every little bit helps, and maybe it will open the door up to something else. Because the connection you make is both heart and mind and spirit with the other initiates. Have you ever had somebody that you actually knew you were a part of them? You knew you were. You had synthesized with them. You knew their warts; you were used to the warts; it was all right. And you didn’t love absolutely every appropriate and inappropriate behavior schism that they had, but, as a whole, you literally felt connected. Furthermore, it gives you access to the collective unconscious, meaning the unconscious of the collected initiates. Some call that compassion; did you know that? I just said a whole lot right there. I hope you didn’t let it slide by.

So an individual who is ready to move into the next realm, to be fully accepting and whole in form and ready to move in and master their awareness of spirit, [first] has connected with the initiates, second, has connected with the guardianship, guardianship that is still working with the earth and guardianship outside of the earth. The guardianship outside of the earth that I make airy-fairy reference as that ring of light outside this planet is actually in levels. It is the greater Hierarchy here. The guardianship opens the door, because it’s the first realm of unmixed connection, whereas the seventh is still working with individuals from earth, the eighth is mixed and the ninth is not.

Read 9 again.

[Frank:] “Destroys and Returns to the Void, creates synthesis with the Hierarchy, which is the spiritual leadership of the planet, finished with form’s wheel of existence but choosing to stay.”

S: The Hierarchy of this planet, the spiritual government, the big boss. The spiritual Hierarchy of this planet is that next state. That from this you now move out of spirit that has had earth experience.

Now read 10.

[Frank:] “Feminine and Masculine Synthesis creates synthesis with the 12 Choans, Lords of the Rays.”

S: The Choans are the Lords of the Rays. That should be there.

[Frank:] “They preside over the Hierarchy of the planet.”

S: The Choans are those beings of spirit that the Hierarchy—upper level management—that the Hierarchy is responsible to, and—hear this—to which you have access.

[Frank:] “Eleven, the Energy Furnace, creates synthesis with the Council of 12, the Solar Lords, to develop a planetary system and work with the Hierarchy through the Choans.

“Twelve, the Gate, creates synthesis with Novic Energy, the Els.”

S: The last ring, the first ring, the Gate, creates synthesis with pure Novic Energy. That’s the first point of release of creative energy, of Source energy; the Els: El Sabbah, El Moreya, Michael. Those are just labels that the human mind has put on some of those beings of higher power. And yet still elemental energy, not individuated. Created energy with a purpose, no matter what the power, and that purpose is to work with life force energy until it becomes complete on its own, to replicate. Expressing it backwards, the Source released the Els; the Els created structure—solar systems—which created further structure—leadership, hierarchy, and life force.


[Frank:] “They are charged with creation and guarding creation, the gate to the Source, from the source, and set up by the Source.”

S: Very good. [Page is turned.]

[Frank:] “So, mastering the 12 Rays allows an individual to move out of form (Rays 1-7) into Spirit (Rays 8-12), creating finally a two-fold synthesis, 1) a personal synthesis of form and spirit; 2) group synthesis—one body of ascended humanity. This synthesized Self will open the Gateway January 11. You can accelerate your process of mastery of the Rings (Rays/Realms) through an exercise ….”

S: I want you to catch that. Mastering—knowing, living, doing the best you can where you are with what you have—mastering the realm of form, the seven Rays, allows you then to move into the realm of spirit, which you have already mastered, or you would not be here. It is however the connection that says, oh, I know I know it now. I am aware. Awareness. And that brings about, on a personal level, ascension, a physical body that is capable of doing things that you couldn’t do January 10, unless, of course, you allow yourself to be awake and ready on October 10. It opens the door to hu-manity, because the individuals who have synthesized form and spirit are the individuals who have made that leap, for you cannot do the best you can where you are with what you have if you are not one of them.

All right, what’s the time here? 9:22. All right, I’m only going to go a few minutes more. I’m going to go very fast with this exercise. It’s complicated, but I want to be sure that you have it, because this affects you vibrationally. It’s the meat tenderizer.

As you know, I work very strongly with sound. That’s why, of all of the things that Phoenix has never offered, I allowed there to be a drum-making class offered through Phoenix, because vibration has a very strong effect on the physical body, and I want to do anything I can to get your physical body less dense, get you less attached to it.

This exercise uses vibration, but it requests that you use vibration. At the beginning of all of my meetings, I ask that the sound ah-hu be used. Many of you experienced it for the first time this night, and you’re absolutely delighted at how nice that sounded and how good it feels, and many of you that have done it many times were delighted tonight at how good it sounded. You’re going to be finding that, as more awakened individuals are moving in here to find out what’s going on, you’re developing a choir of individuals who really sound good together.

Therefore, I want you to use a very special sound, and I’m going to ask you to do it in a very special way. The sound—as you will find after you give it a try—resonates through the body in a very interesting sort of way. The sound is much like an aum, all one movement, but […]. It’s not an “h”, and it’s not a “d”. It’s both of them. And you might think of it as if you were making an “n” sound. So, as if you were making an “n”, but you’re actually saying a “d” which sounds like a “t”. Easy already, don’t you think? You’re going to almost … miss it. And it’s important that you get it, because you’re forcing your mouth into a particular movement. It’s not really the sound; it’s what happens to your mouth as you do it. And the sound is “dtha”—not “duh”. Then it’s a cat wailing on a fence. Send it up through your head doing that—”OOOOWWWWwwwmmmm,” and you’re going to end with “muh,” meaning you’re just cutting it off very clearly.

Now, illustrating it to you this way is not the best version of the sound, because you’re not getting a feel for it. Sitting group, it’s time to sing. [Several people illustrate.]

You’ll practice it, you’ll get the feel of it. What I want you to do with that sound is sit yourself quietly and focus yourself on your body. What you’re going to do is you’re going to play with that sound, and anywhere you feel any sort of energy running through your body—and that can be anything; that can be your stomach feels tense; it can be your heart is beating a lot; it can be your feet tickle—anywhere you notice yourself feeling you, whatever that happens to be, I want you to focus on that spot and see if you can “dhaum” it into a synchronized vibration. What that means is, you’re going to be working with the sound while you are projecting that your feet are tickling, and, as you work with that sound, you are going to literally feel it move through your body as you go higher and lower and spread it about, so that it feels like it’s going down all the way to your feet or it’s at the top of your head, or it feels like it’s centered about your heart. You will feel that. Right now, concentrate on the area of your heart, and when I say three, “dhaum” to feel it in your heart. Just find that space as you are going through the breath that you feel as if it’s coming generally from the area of your heart. And that will show you how you can, through your focus, allow yourself to synchronize with something going on within your body. So just think, “I want to feel this in my heart.” All right. Take a deep breath. One, two, three. [The audience practices the technique.]

I could tell where most of the room found their heart vibration, because the sound was soft. You will get used to that. Don’t put on your perfection headband; that’s not going to work. This is practice. Practice it. I want the Warriors to start working on it specifically.

Practice using that sound to bring your body into one lovely, quivering mass, and by that I’m saying allow yourself to “dhaum” until you have synchronized the rapid heartbeat or the uneasy belly or the tickly toes or the tight neck, or whatever it is you’re recognizing as that energy. And when you have “dhaumed” until you have your whole body quiet, what you will find is that even without making the sound you’re still humming right along. It just keeps going.

Start that practice. Next time we are together, I’m going to take questions and answers about 11:11. That would be October. Don’t feel the need, however, to hold your questions. Bring them to discussion groups. Call people on the directory. Say, “What in the world is this about, and how can I get involved, and what can I do? Who’s building the Gate? I want to go through it.”

You’re here because there’s something for you to do.

Then, in November, I’m going to teach you how to create the movement that you’re going to practice through to January 11. But to do that, what I’m going to ask you to do is find your personal vibrational sound and your personal vibrational movement. And the whys and the hows will be that November meeting.

Seeing how many of you are so ready and so awake and so willing, I’d like to drag 11:11 out to ‘95 or ‘96. I’m going very soon to “Hotlanta.” The workshops get something fairly different. Then Pittsburgh. Just as I tell them home base gets what they do not. But none of you miss anything. Don’t worry. I’m just saying you can get more if you wish.

Next to set up in preparation for 11:11 is a very strong hospitality committee, because there are going to be people coming into the area. And so, if you have floor space, a couch, an extra bed, let it be known.

There are so many ways you can take part. Don’t miss this. Don’t put it on your shelf and let it slide by. You came here for this and you know it. You can hardly believe it, but you know it.

And it’s time.

I thank you, sweet souls. Happy, happy trails, and glochanumora.