August 4, 1991

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Hello, all you New Age dudes. It’s going to be a bodaciously awesome night. Beware of what you put into your head. You never know [but] that it might get used.

Good. Good.

Give me one great, absolutely cannot be held in any longer, one marvelous gift, all right?

I have a gift that’s really wonderful, and I planned it out what I was going to say before I came tonight. Something happened on the way here, or right before I came, kind of changed things a bit, but not really, and that’s the miracle and that’s the magic in the gift, that things are not changed as a result of what happened on the way here.

S: I think there are a lot of people who would be very interested in hearing what happened on the way here, Mary, dear.

What happened on the way here is that I was at a friend’s birthday party, and we were out on the balcony, and my car was parked on the street, and I saw this red car come down the street and just run right into it—just ran right into my car. And I ran down very quickly, because I thought the red car was going to leave the scene of the crime, so I wanted to catch them before they left, and that was not the case at all, and once I got there and saw that [the driver] was all right, was fine, and she was very upset. She’d hurt her nose on the steering wheel, and my car had just been wrecked a few weeks ago, and I’m standing there and I’m saying, okay, and I wasn’t really upset. It was good; real good. I saw my car smashed, but I was fine. And I thought to myself, what is my gift in this, because there is one for me. And her gift is something else entirely, and her lessons something else entirely, but mine was …

S: And that’s one of the greatest gifts—it’s right there, Mary, dear—that you have grown in your wisdom so much that you can say that. Excuse me just a moment for interrupting, but just so you can see the power: Who here has ever wondered, when something difficult befalls you, “Oh, I wonder what my lesson was in that? I wonder what I did to make that happen.” Anybody here ever done that? Anybody ever consider that perhaps your lesson was that it wasn’t your lesson? You’re able to glean a few things out of it, but it’s not yours? Very hard, and you go a long way before you ever get to that point where you’re willing to let go of control enough that you don’t have to be in control of other people’s accidents. Anybody here ever know when Mary needed that control? Don’t raise your hands.

[Mary:] I can remember.

S: So that’s a gift right there.

I can remember when I wanted to feel responsible for other people’s stuff that was going on. But because of that I was able to say, yeah, this is fine. And maybe my gift in it is to be calm and know that my car can be fixed, and that maybe to start thinking of compassion toward this person that hit me. You know, I think she needed it. And I really didn’t get an opportunity to express that to her, because the police were talking to her, and put her in the car. But she was arrested, and is probably going to have a real hard time. And I know that she probably needed that. So that was good for me, to at least stop and say, no, your needs are not the only thing, and you’re fine, so why don’t you start reaching outside of yourself and see if there’s something else that you can do here?

S: And that, my dearest soul, is the most perfect example of positive living that an individual who is to be a guardian for 11:11 must be able to exhibit. You’re proving it; you’re confirming it—it can be done.

All right, how about a bit of—what would you call it?—review? How about a review? Last week [month], same time, same channel, we discussed that this was coming into some of the most important times you’ve had for … oh, a few million years, that indeed it was what your earth was working toward. Anybody want to tell a few points that were especially meaningful, and let that work into a review? What sticks out in your mind? What do you remember of that? [Silence] All right, we’ll be more careful this week. Aye.

You said that it’s something that each of us was critically needed, to help [make it] occur.

S: That’s right. Each, critically needed.

We’re moving from a period of masculine energy to a period of feminine energy.

S: Good. Aye. As a whole, the energy resource of the planet is literally turning over, moving from that masculine, patriarchal energy that has been running this world for so long, back in the cycle now to the feminine, matriarchal energy.

That it’s the time when the planet itself turned to the end of the Mayan calendar, a time when the planet itself is going to be what we know as uncloaked. I like that idea, because, coming from a science background, I can see the actual shifting of the earth and how the planet is changing. It’s real interesting.

S: Aye. Good. In fact, that suggests what 11:11 is all about—the uncloaking, the unveiling, of this planet.

The earth energy is working at about the same as the mass consciousness now.

S: The living force that is this planet, in its path toward sacred service, is now working at a level equivalent to that of humanity. For anybody that has ever tried to do any sort of synchronized work—marching or dancing—you know how much is required to reach that point where things are moving equally. It was thought that it would never happen [on earth].

What can you do? Aye.

Well, you can do something disciplined that strengthens the physical body. By doing that, you see results more quickly, and you continue the discipline, because discipline of the mind is going to be very important for that time. So we’re teaching it by disciplining ourselves, by disciplining our bodies.

S: And I promise tonight I’m going to go into much more detail about specifically what time to get moving there. Good.

What else can you do?

You can pay attention to your thought processes and what you’re thinking about, and focus on positive things, and keep journals to help focus the process. And television, to stay away from that.

S: You are running just a bit ahead, but you’re right. Discipline your mind to make the way ready for positive action. What does that mean—positive action? It means be happy and cheerful and positive all the time? What does that mean—positive action?

It means always trying to presume the best of other people.

S: All right. It’s going to be in there. David.

By consciously choosing to express love in all the situations that you’re involved in.

S: And that is in there.

Being responsible for every thought and action.

S: Is most definitely in there. And perhaps working with the idea of responsibility comes the understanding of conscious action. And that is what positive living is. It is living on a conscious and seen level, and that level is giving love and working with the most highly raised thoughts that you can. But positive living, meaning consciously putting yourself out there as—Frank, what was it that you said, as the … diplomat for the Source? Something like that?

[Frank:] Special envoy.

S: All right, as the special envoy for the Source—the representative in this odd country, earth, you have come to.

Part of positive living is allowing yourself to make use of what energy is coming your way, using it in the most workable way possible. As a result, you have walked into a time in which every earth holiday is one step more, accumulating more and more power, every one more than the other, stepping toward the energy of early January. Your knowing the energy that is coming your way now is to your advantage. And there are a few things going on in August that are worth knowing.

Can you read, Stuart?


S: What’s this one?

August countdown.

S: All right, excellent. Sure. All right, go for it.

August 6, midpoint, Leo. Original … I said I could read, but …

S: The midpoint of Leo, 15 degrees Leo, is showing up on the sixth of August for you. On that particular date, traditionally it’s a time of great celebration and power. It is the original—for those of you who are sticklers to the old ways—it is the original celebration of Lughnassadh, that is the birthday of the sun. You just celebrated that recently, perhaps because Lammas, which was the Christianization of Lughnassadh, celebrating the harvest and God’s gifts, instead of some of the other sorts of harvests as the goddess’ gifts, was exchanged, as so many were. Nonetheless, the midpoint is the traditional celebration, the time in which your conscious working with energy of the earth is to your advantage. Now, what does that mean? Does that mean you’ve got to go out and dig up a bit of earth and make sure that there is a south breeze blowing, and must be in the sunshine, so you’ve got some fire, and have a bowl of … is that what we’re talking about here? To do something that’s going to draw you closer to nature?

Nay. It means such things as work in your garden a bit, just sit on the grass for a few moments, put your hands out on it. Take a walk. Allow yourself to be on the earth while your mind is thinking about the energy that the earth is. What is a strong earth energy? Well, your mind might go to some sort of weather—what’s the strong weather? A tornado. All right. You might think of the power of a tornado, or the beauty of a lightning storm, or the sounds of birds, or the amazing variety of plants. You might think about the life force in all of those things, just contemplate all day or five minutes, or thirty seconds or so, but let yourself make connection with that energy.


Alignment with divine power; will. Through the earth goddess. Transfiguration.

S: Here we go. Now, moving into what this has become, that you’re now working as a force to open this next doorway, this particular midpoint takes on a much stronger meaning. Transfiguration—your enlightened body working in an activated form with the forces of Michael. Michael traditionally has guarded summer, and that sword of light is indeed Blue’s hammer. They’re all the same: the sword, the sun.

All right, what do you know of Michael? What do you think of when I say Michael? It’s obvious. Don’t miss the obvious. Michael …

The archangel.

S: The archangel, that’s right. Never forget that the archangels are—as all of the other elemental energy—a race, if you will, created for a specific purpose, and that purpose is to work with life force energy, to work in the creation process to bring it to its highest ability. And those energies—for those of you that have had this information already—that were sent to this earth early on, the Els, are led at this beginning midpoint, this beginning doorway, at the midpoint, by Michael.

I may have missed something. What do you refer to as midpoint? Midpoint of what?

S: Of Leo. Fifteen degrees Leo, which is the sixth [of August]. Aye?

Transfiguration. Essentially what that means is recognizing you’re not who you were. Sometimes you may need to talk about coming out of the closet, all right? I think the expression is, some of you are so far in the spiritual closet, which is the hardest one to come out of, so far in the closet you could be mistaken for a garment bag. And you’re not going to change the world that way.

Funny thing about bridges. Yes, one foot is in the world, able to make contact, able to speak the language of the world, and the other foot is indeed in heaven, or Mars, or whatever you want to think. And that one of the things you are doing is working to be the example: “Come on in, the water’s fine.” Look, look around you. Doctors and lawyers and Indian chiefs here. Artists, students, relatively normal people, as far as the world is concerned. I’d not want them to be too normal, you know.

You’ve got that part down. You’ve got it figured out. You know how to survive in the world. You’ve got it. But teaching spirit how to survive in the world is only a small part of it. Part of your work is to teach these awakened ones how to be spirit, and if you’re not out of the closet, they’re not even going to know you can show them a way.

Transfiguration means refigure things, which means wake up and get moving, because, from the inside out, you have been changing. Now is the time for that changed being from the outside to show like change. But you have to your advantage on your side, guarding the doorway—Michael, whose work at this first ring, it is called, this time of will, the first ring, [is] to awaken forces of light. You’ll see it.

Right on the tail of that, if you will, you also have a very powerful full moon. Is that on here? All right.

Full moon the twenty-third of August. The Virgo full moon.

S: Is that it?

No, [August 30] Moon, Mars, Saturn, grand trine. Physical well-being, age and limitation.

S: Guess what. You’ve got a grand trine dealing with your physical vitality, age and limitation, right after transfiguration. You put it together. But be aware. Don’t let the body rule you; you rule it.

The new expression is that of communication. And the communication of the Hierarchy to the Sirian forces—for those of you that took part in the religion subscription series, you’re aware of the importance of the Sirius connection as a changing place, so to speak, for form. If the Hierarchy is working to activate the Sirian force, it speaks, my souls, that form is changing. One of the works of 11:11 is that, from here on, humanity will not be the same, even on the physical level.

All right, that’s August.

I’ve warned you that, unfortunately, very much of this earth is ultimately airy-fairy. And it’s not fun when so much of my work is to make sure that the information is given in such a way that you can relate to it very easily, that it’s not some odd stuff out there somewhere that you can easily ignore, that it’s not so New Age that you don’t see how it fits right into your belief system right now. But the nature of this work is, it’s going to try your patience, because I cannot get around that. It is very airy-fairy. But the very nature of your being is not earth-bound, and so, in a sense, you are airy-fairy anyway.

So, what can you do? Get ready. We’re going to move into high gear. There’s a lot to cover.

All right, what I want is the page that begins, “The Works.”

“Five-minute meditation. Lemon water. Sitting.”

S: All right. Sure. That’s not where I was going to go, but I can. It’s not a problem.

I’ve been using these boards when I’ve been teaching this out of the city. One of the things I want you to realize, as we are moving into this particular part of it, the specific, “all right, what do I need to be doing?”, what you need to realize is that you are not in this alone. You are already knowing more than some who are coming along tomorrow. Some of you have been aware of spiritual work for quite some time, and it seems that lately people are practically knocking your doors down, figuratively speaking, to find out more. Perhaps your version of it is, you have been finding more and more people coming to you with their problems, wanting to talk, recognizing you as an individual who has something, answers of some sort. Perhaps you’ve been surprising yourself lately with your desire to learn more, get more information. You’re the first wave. There will be at least five of them. You need two things: to put the basics solidly into your life, because you cannot teach what you do not own; to put the basics solidly into your life, even if, for a few months, you feel like you’re actually going backward—you’re not, by the way—in order that when you teach those basics to others, they will have an understanding that you’re doing it, you can help them. You will be reminded, ah, it’s the five-minute meditation; here is what it’s about. You need this because, number one, it’s going to solidify within you the foundation—I’m hesitating here—it will solidify your spiritual foundation.

I won’t play games with you. What it’s really going to do—because you are a changed individual; you’re not the person who started this a year ago, five years ago, eight years ago—your working in these basics now is going to work to speed your transition process. You might find it worth it.

And the other reason is because individuals are going to need to know what to do to get their foundation working. So, I call it the work, because it works.

Kathy, dear, will you read? Good. Out loud.

“Lemon water.”

S: In the morning, beginning with lemon water. Lemons are an essential source of lithium for the body. Lithium has a lot of very pleasant side-effects. Lemon water also works to establish the particular acidic balance of your body first thing in the morning. You are a spiritual being. Most of you are highly psychic, whether you’re using it or not. Because you’re so psychic, your body tends to run in fire energy. You need your body to work in balance. Giving yourself a small glass of water with a squeeze of lemon in it first thing in the morning will help your body reach that balance. First thing.


“Sitting. Specific instructions: Do not sit alone.”

S: Aye. Sitting. Joy, stand up. She’s in charge of the Warrior program. The Warrior program meets as a group the first Thursday night of the month. You just missed one. In order to learn the sitting program, talk to Joy. She will direct you into a group of individuals who will teach it to you, or she herself will teach it to you; but talk to her, and you will learn about sitting. Sitting, unlike the five-minute meditation, which really should have been first on that list somewhere, sitting is the means of learning how to communicate outside of yourself. It is absolutely essential to 11:11. The five-minute meditation teaches you communication within yourself. It is essential to the well-being of yourself. Those individuals who understand the five-minute meditation and are regularly practicing it now, raise your hands. Look around at those whose hands are up. The five-minute meditation is a radical departure from the more common meditation techniques that are taught in the world today, but is one that absolutely changes your life experience, because it both relaxes you, takes away some of the stress, but more than that it gives you the opportunity to consciously send forth loving energy and to recognize and begin a communication process. This is number one. Find somebody sitting near you who’s doing it, and vow—commit right now—that you’re going to go to them and you’re going to say, “Will you explain to me about this five-minute meditation, please,” and get that information.

Five-minute meditation, lemon water, sitting.


“Journaling: victories, dreams, and power.”

S: All right, three sorts of journals. They’re actually one big journal, with three different sections. A victory journal, a power journal, a dream journal.

Beginning first with your dreams, because, believe it or not, dear souls, you are being used in your dreams. You know those dreams in which you are absolutely sure it was a dream, and then you wake up and you think, was I sleeping, or did I just now fall asleep and think I was sleeping? And then you know those dreams where nothing makes sense—you’re walking on the street, and all of a sudden you’re in school, and all of a sudden … it just doesn’t fit, it doesn’t flow. These dreams are just your subconscious self trying to make sense of your life. [Laughter] And they are a reflection. However, [in] those dreams in which you’re just certain that it’s real, everything flows, it’s continuous, you are, more likely than not, being taught in your dream time, and you can make use of that teaching. But the way that you do that is to start training yourself to become aware of your dreams.

Who’s keeping a dream journal? Good. Look around you. Essentially, it’s a matter of training yourself into remembering your dreams. Check with one of these people what it’s about.

A victory journal is very specific. Who’s keeping a victory journal? Good. What’s a victory journal?

What you got that you asked for.

S: What you got that you asked for; and what you have asked for are things that you are not addicted to, things you don’t have need attached to, things in which you are not filled with expectation or fear about. Something like, “Universe, I’ve got ten minutes to get to this place that’s half an hour away. Change time.” Have you done that? Works, doesn’t it? “Universe, I know that it’s Christmas, but I want a parking place no farther than two from the door, and I’m not going to drive around more than five minutes for it.” All right? How many of you have got one of those? You see, it works. When you ask and you get it, it’s a victory. Write it down. Begin keeping a log of those victories.

And finally, a power journal. A power journal takes in several things. One of the things it takes in is your recognizing gifts through the day. The things you are thankful for is a part of that, those things in which, perhaps, you did not ask, but you got the victory. The opportunities in which you’re seeing your power.


“Anchor Visualization.”

S: You want two visualizations anchored into your very soul. The first one has to do with being able to relax quickly into a healing energy. Who here is familiar with neurolinguistic programming? Raise it higher. Now, perhaps I should have said, are you familiar with the programming in such a way that you can teach somebody to anchor something onto themselves? Still got a few hands up, one of them not real secure in it, but willing. All right, look to these people. Look around. The anchoring of these two words: first one?


S: Second one.

“Sending/receiving always only love.”

S: Aye. And it can be as simple as a very good deep breath. Your body automatically goes into relaxation mode, opening you up for channeling some good, strong healing energy. The second one might be simply a visualization of being surrounded by a bubble of light, and everything that goes out is touched by love, and everything that moves in is surrounded in love.

All right, more. High gear.

That’s what you teach; that’s what you must make of a foundation for yourself. But in the process there are very specific things you want to be doing in your life. When I speak in imperatives like this, I’m always risking. I’m risking losing you, because the independent and strong souls that you are, you don’t like to be told what to do. And so, recognize these as suggestions. I think of it as begging—and I do beseech you. You see, I’m not asking you to build that—hopefully more. What I am doing is finding the means to get what I want in a way that’s going to give you something that you want. If I come from the physical discipline, you are going to see so much positive response, you’re going to receive so much victory on your own, because bodies are so forgiving, that it’s going to bring about the discipline, the focus, and the strength—inner and outer—that’s going to be needed. By working on the specific mental thinking, you’re going to be finding yourself, on your own again, receiving that feedback that comes from consciously acting for the highest and the best.

Who here—and I can use the form as an example, but I think you’ve gotten tired of it—who here has never been much of one for exercising, and all of a sudden started doing just one or two good things for yourself. Maybe you changed one thing in your diet, or maybe you just started walking, a gentle, fairly nice walk, and you found that it felt good. Anybody here ever have that happen? A lot of you.

Next step: Any of you ever put yourself into a specific, progressive exercise routine? Perhaps you took on something as strong as jogging, and while you’re jogging along, you’re thinking, this is crazy; why am I doing this? And somewhere along the way, you remember why. What happens? Why do you remember why? What happens? You feel good. Somewhere along the way you move past that wall. That wall is the sudden release of neurological chemicals within your body, flushing your body through with drugs, brain drugs, good-for-you, happy drugs. What are they called?


S: Thank you. Endorphin response. Who calls it endolphin?

By giving you what you want in order to feel good, to have more energy, to have a body that’s changing in ways that you want it to, to see yourself getting stronger, to feel yourself moving differently, to give you that I’ll get what I want.

All right. I’m ready for another reader. Any volunteers. Good. Very loud.

“From now until January 11 and beyond: I) Establish psychovitality; physical connection. A) Continual contact with natural forces.”

S: All right, let’s talk about that.

Get out there. Continual contact with natural forces. And what that means is, breathe clean air, and drink pure water, and, yes, get in the rain. And stand in the wind and let it blow you, and feel that energy. Get out there and connect with the earth and its gifts for you.

“B) Breathe pure air through skin and lungs.”

S: I’m not exactly sure where this came from, but the form said this day, “You can go a short time without water, a bit of a longer time without food, but you can’t go but a few minutes without oxygen.” Breathe. Breathe. Most of you will take two or three good breaths and start feeling yourself slightly dizzy, because you are so unused to processing air through your body’s energy system. Deep breathing.

The fire breath is lying down flat on your back. You take two sets of alternating breathing postures. The first one is twenty pants. Twenty long slow deep breaths. Second cycle: twenty more pants; twenty long, slow deep breaths. Most of you will find you do the pants real well, the long slow deep breaths escape you. You’re not able to do them. So build up to it. That’s called the fire breath. Do it while you’re lying down on your back. The reason that I want you to do it is because I want you to see what your body can do. That breath will give you what you need. If what you’re needing is energy, you will be energized. If what you are needing is rest, you will fall asleep. That is the response of those who haven’t gotten through it yet, because they keep falling asleep.

For those of you who need a bit of excitement, it does allow you also to what some call hallucinate—naturally.

Fire breath. Second aspect of the fire breath—and this has to do with the breathing is [to] sit up and do that process. Sitting up. You’ve got a very different structure happening this way. It’s not the same. So give yourself the opportunity now [panting]. At this point, push with your abdominal [muscles] as if you’re pushing to the back your spine. Aye, good.

In your deep breath, push out as far as you can through the solar plexus. Be pregnant. Push; push. One of the things you’re going to find as you do that properly is it opens up your back.

All right. Same thing. Breathing deeply makes a difference. You cannot function without oxygen. Oxygenation is a part of the enlightenment process. It allows the rebuilding of your body. It nourishes your cellular structure, allowing you to move from the fourth into the fifth, from the fifth into the sixth initiation, to become what is needed for this time.


“C) Systematic exercise, dietary control. 1) Cardiovascular.”

S: Cardiovascular means bouncy-bouncy—aerobics. It means jogging, if you wish. What it means is bringing your heart rate up and being able to sustain it at a specific pace. I’m sure Nancy, if somebody called out to the Spa, they’d get information on how to determine that sort of thing. Good. Bluegrass Spa; Nancy. There are those here who might know—although they did not in Atlanta—how to figure out ideal heart rate. You subtract your age from what?

I’m an aerobics instructor.

S: All right. Raise your hand. Stand up. Don’t bounce around.


S: I don’t think it’s a very good sign to have an aerobics instructor coming bound.

This was a car wreck, though.

S: All right. This individual can give you that information, and she also can get you involved in a plan. The cardiovascular health is imperative here. How many of you have found, when you have been in a powerful meditation, that your chest hurts, that you have become so involved and so connected that you weren’t feeling it here as you do when you sleep, you were feeling it here and here. Have you had that? A constriction, sometimes painful. It’s because you need to get that opened up, or the energy’s not going to move as it needs to, and it needs to.

“2) Flexibility.”

S: That can mean something as simple as touching your toes. It can mean being able to move around enough that you’re not easily injured. Flexibility has a lot to do with that. You wonder why children can go through the most horrible impacts and get themselves up and be angry but not hurt. It’s because they’re flexible, they’re loose, like a cat. Muscular, but relaxed. Go home and feel your cat. Go look for one in the neighborhood if you don’t have it. Give it a squeeze. That body will give.

You’re not to build hard muscles, because that’s not what’s desired here. You’re to build strength into flexibility. Strength specifically in the upper body. There is going to be, starting soon, for your pleasure, a stretching and flexing hour. And the dynamic duo, Joyous and Suzous—because Joy has been a dancer for a very long time, and Suzie a trainer and athlete and coach herself, for a very long time. And they know what makes the body work. So I’ve asked them to design a simple routine that you can do on your own, but that also you can come together once a week and do it as a group, because there is something to be said about misery loving company.

On your own, however, right now, you can begin increasing your cardiovascular fitness, your flexibility, and your upper body strength. Can anybody here do a pushup, and are you willing to show it? All right, good, give us one.

Thank you.

A pushup is a very good way of getting some upper body strength, and if you need to alter your position of gravity, your center as a woman, do so, but don’t get into thinking that men are stronger. You can get in touch with the Bobsey twins over here and get some of that information, if you’re not going to be available for finding out more [at the class].

Others here—I know that Joan—others here who have good exercise information. Cynthia, can I pull you out of the closet here? Aye. Cynthia is another. Jim, you have a lot of good exercise information, how to stretch, how to warm up, how to cool down, how to get it strong. Who here, raise your hand if you’ve got the training and the information and you’re willing to pass it on. Look around. Call ‘em up. A new line: Hi, will you teach me to exercise? Hi, baby, you want to sweat?

“Hints: a) Chew, chew, chew.

S: When you eat, I want you to notice that what I did not talk about was not to eat anymore, or what to change your diet to, because what I desire for you is that you get your act together and do what you know you need to do, whatever that happens to be. The issue here isn’t the food you put into your body, although you know ultimately the food you put into your body nourishes how you’re able to make use of your exercise, how you’re able to make use of your energy and your power. But there’s not one person in here who cannot think of something they can do that would improve their dietary intake. You see, all you have to do is say, “Higher Self, what should I do to my diet?” and you’ll get so overloaded I don’t need to add to that. You can create your own. But what I would suggest is that you make a point of chewing your food. Make it liquid in your mouth.

And the second aspect of that is …

“Avoid over-processed, over-stimulating foods: junk, flesh, chemicals, drugs.”

S: Aye. Then there is the second direction to move. This is going to be very quick.

“Mental connection. A) Concentrated thoughts. Will. B) Avoid emotionalism, pessimism, anxiety, fear production, lower level responses.”

S: And there goes your functioning in the world. It says avoid it. Look for a detour, all right? Most of you came through a detour area getting here, didn’t you? So think of it as a detour. Just call some of those pessimistic, difficult people and say, “I’m going to be busy for a few months. I’ll see you in February. All right? Let’s have lunch next March.”


“Hint: People, TV, noise.”

S: Anybody here still on your television fast? Aye? Is it good for you? Good.

“II. Set yourself up for success. A) Consistency. Schedule. Focus. Goals. B) Reinforcement. Training. Friends. C) Rewards. Positive reflections.”

S: Read the last three again…. If you don’t set up a system, you won’t do it—a workable system, in which you can be consistent, you can get more, you can get feedback, you can get more training, you can keep adding to where you are and what you know, where you give yourself rewards for it. “All right, I did my exercise four times this week, just as I decided I would, and so I’m going to give myself a new bottle of massage oil and take a good long hot tubby and rub it all over me and feel good about myself.” That’s a three-dollar treat, eh. Maybe you’re going to go and see Terminator as your treat for positive reinforcement. Give yourself a reward.

What’s a reward for you? Do you even know. What’s a nice thing you can do for yourself? Set it up. Do it. Be good to you.

Celebrating the self is what this is about. Strengthening the physical, disciplining the mental. What it creates is a body capable of being a channel for clear and strong communication and for sending that out, amplified, for that movement through the system, clear and strong energy. It creates a mind that is capable of focusing and holding a thought, and this is what will be needed.

All right, next month, first Sunday, I’m going to be talking about a particular vibrational sound and movement combination to work on your physical body. I’m going to also work with, just a bit—staying in good airy-fairy land here—work a bit on explaining exactly what the doorway is like, what to begin picturing, and I’m going to talk about the twelve rings that must be mastered in order to be a guardian of the vision of the light. Everybody here now, by pursuing what has been said, is capable of being a foundational worker for 11:11. Depending on what you do with it, you can actually hold it, amplify it, send it out and beyond. You came here now, for this.

That hole inside of you that you have been trying so hard to fill up with so much stuff, you’re so excited about this. Whether it’s Phoenix’s connection with it or not, you are connected; you know this is something big you don’t want to miss. You know it, because you came here for this. And what will stop you from activating your force will be your usual lethargy that you call your rugged individualism. The group cannot come together and open a gateway with a single mind if you must continue to live out all your petty little differences now. “Well, you don’t see it the way I do. You don’t say it the way I do. I’m better. You’re better.”

This planet will stay in hiding if you stay in hiding. And you’ll have to come back and do it again. I meant it as a threat, a real sad one. Your Higher Self has you here tonight; don’t fool yourself. It’s because you have the power to make a difference.

Don’t waste your life.

All right. Onward and upward. Stay in touch. If this group does not know how to get in touch with you, you’re not likely to be able then to have information sent your way about events that are popped in between first-of-the-month meetings, should they come up now and again. So stay tuned.

Happy, happy trails, sweet souls. Glochanumora, which means love beyond the world. It is a wondrous pleasure to be with you.