July 7, 1991

Samuel: Well, what a group. All right, dears. There’s a lot to cover this night, so I don’t want to take too very much time with preliminaries. It’s a very important time, so let’s take one magnificent gift, and . . . Sallie has it. [Sallie had just won a large piece of stained glass art that was donated as a raffle prize.]

I just received the most wonderful, beautiful stained glass, and I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.

S: Excellent. And why is that a gift, dear?

Because I wanted it so badly.

S: Really? Intent? Repetition? Manifestation?


S: Good. Good. Well, all right, we’ll let that be.

Remember, the nature of this earth is, you get what you want. If you don’t believe that, just look at your life so far. Take it as a threat. Maybe you don’t want it anymore. Well, all right, what that means perhaps a bit with more detail is, you did not actually think you wanted it, but you thought about it so much, you put so much energy into it, that the Universe counted that as you must want it. So the reason that’s a threat is because what you’re saying is, “Universe, this is on my mind a lot.” And so the Universe brings it to you. That means it brings to you what you really, really want, because you’re constantly saying, “Oh what if this happens? What if this happens? Oh, no, what if this happens? You see, I knew that would happen.”

Or because you are specifically taking action to bring things into your life. One of the grandest keys there is to truly being able to change and use your power is to just consciously live. Just consciously live. Do whatever it is you’re going to do. Do it on purpose. When you’re eating that extra piece of pie that you know you don’t really need, just be aware that you’re doing it. Do it on purpose. Through that, one of the things you’re going to find is that you start bringing into your life that which you want, because you start changing your thoughts, because you start hearing them. That makes a difference.

Frank, you got a gift today.

[Frank:] I got a wonderful gift today. A little kitten was left at our front door … that really needs a home.

S: I thought that that might need to be said. And I have no shame whatsoever in helping you to try to do something to let that spirit go where it needs to be. In fact, I will shamelessly add to that announcement.

First, many of you have heard me say already that, if you want to learn how to communicate outside of your own species—needless to say with your own species—don’t get a dog; get a cat. If you want to learn how to love, get a dog. But if you want to learn how to communicate, get a cat. Those of you who have cats can relate, eh?

More than that, there is a guardianship that comes with this territory. The more you do to grow spiritually, the more you’re going to find two things happen. One of them is the darnedest thing: Creatures start coming to you. The birds in the park seem to just hover about. The squirrels aren’t so afraid of you. You see more deer just standing, watching you go by, instead of bounding off. And you often find that you start a menagerie, because you recognize your guardianship. As the creatures come to you, you also find that you open up for them. Both of those arenas are means for you to take action, especially if you’re only beginning in a pathway, because it allows you to have a definite object with which you can practice and watch you grow.

The other part of it is, there are plenty of you here who make very good creature parents. Some have even been thinking about it. So, if you have, this is a creature which does need a space. See Frank. Take her home. It won’t function in my energy.

All right.

In case you wondered, the reason that you’re here tonight is because you need to hear what I’m speaking about. Over the next three months of first Sundays, I’m going to be talking about an upcoming time of power that needs you. And what I’m doing is putting out information which you can use, either on your own or in a group, to begin creating the changes that are needed in the individual to best be able to function through upcoming dates of early January.

I want to warn you ahead of time, Sunday nights are usually a lot of fun and a lot of laughter and a little sermonette that just makes you feel good for the rest of your week, and it’s pleasant. Well, I hope that you don’t find this unpleasant, but it’s a very serious topic. Furthermore, it’s very airy-fairy—now and again it happens—airy-fairy meaning some of the things I try to stay away from so very much. I suppose it’s hard enough just to experience information coming through in such an odd sort of way, but it’s all right when that information that comes through is very—oh, what might you say—down-to-earth, very practical, very useful. Well, I believe you’re going to find this to be very practical and very useful, but it’s certainly not down-to-earth.

Who here has heard of something that at this point is being called Eleven-eleven [11:11]? [Hands go up] Raise them higher. I want it to be known that this is something that is out there, that is known, that even in a slight basis is getting around.

Eleven-eleven is an opportunity for humans to do some work that is imperative. Who remembers what the name I am calling this year? The Year of Unity, that’s right.

[Pause] I’ll put it out: Humanity has been working for quite some time making some very big changes. Many of you remember, due to previous talks, that essentially the earth is a living, growing being, working on sacred status just as those life force energies upon the planet are doing, which includes, by the way, the highest life form upon the planet at this point, you. As the planet is working toward its sacred status, meaning as a living being, it’s also returning to the Source, as you are—I’m not sure if it has a heaven, but somewhere in its planetary consciousness it knows that it’s making that work, and that work is—if you will forgive such a pitiful sort of explanation—as that energy is rising to its highest ability, the energy, the life force energy upon the planet is also moving and rising to its highest ability. It has always been functioning somewhat like this: The planet is moving faster than the energy upon it; the energy upon the planet gets on a roll, and it starts moving faster than the planet is. Over the last five years, especially, humanity and the planet have been working closer together than they ever have, moving toward the opportunity for certain things to happen, and those things are what I’m going to be discussing, those things you have recognized as great change, fast change, greater development of mind, great movements in technology, great movements in the earth itself.

How many doom-and-groomers have been put to shame over the last five years because their prophecies of doom and gloom did not happen? Sure enough, California’s still there, isn’t it? Thank goodness. Sure enough, the polar shift did not happen, causing massive destruction, or at least did not happen over a four-day period, or whatever that was all about.

You have had major life change, on a planetary level, but it has been a consistent, and—hear this—fairly non-destructive work. Now, mind, if you go to the Philippines right now, they would debate that statement. If you move into some of the remarkable changes in the ocean, some of those sea creatures might debate you, also. “Wait a minute, this whole current has changed, this whole species has moved.” And the reason that it has not required destruction on a mass scale is because the energy of those beings upon the planet has been working in alignment with the planet to help ease the transition.

How many here have ever said they were hit over the head with a two-by-four from the Universe? That laughter, by the way, is all of those who relate. And the reason that you were hit over the head with a two-by-four is probably because you didn’t get the tap with the fairy dust wand. You missed that one altogether, and the tap got a little harder and a little harder, and finally it broke the wand, and finally it went to a two-by-four, “WILL YOU LISTEN? WILL YOU START MAKING CHANGES? WILL YOU PAY ATTENTION? The resources of this planet aren’t going to last forever. Will you …?

Who here recycles? [Almost all hands go up.] Look at this! Look at this! Almost every one of you. How many of you recycled ten years ago. [Two hands.] Point made, eh? You have become aware of the planet. You have become aware, even if it’s in a stage of sleep. You are aware that you are sharing this planet with life other than your own.

Who here is a dolphin communicator, or wants to be? Who here connects with land animals and feels those connections, really relates to them? Many of you. Who here absolutely feel empowered when you walk the earth and you’re out in a glen or on a mountain, or you like to get out there in nature and you feel revitalized when you’re out there in it? Many of you, when you’re out there in nature, find yourself doing things like picking up trash.

And the reason I’m going through all of this is simply to tell you, the mass consciousness is changing. And, although it did not start with the Harmonic Convergence, the Harmonic Convergence marked a major shift. The Harmonic Convergence was designed to unite humans in thought, in awakening thought. Anybody here start a spiritual journey at the Harmonic Convergence? Aye. There are those. And that’s what it was about. This wild, hippy convocation which, interestingly enough, made headlines around the world as “Who knows what’s going to happen, but it looks like all these people are coming together, and they’re coming together to celebrate something that has to do with spiritual awakening.”

How many took part in something called the Crystal Light Link? Sounds like lemonade, don’t you think? Once individuals were awakened, the next step was to put out information cosmically. Airy-fairy time here. You are not alone, and I hope you know that, even on the most basic human level. What’s happening is that more and more and more individuals are waking up to that very basic fact. You’re not alone because your physical essence is combined with something else, a spiritual essence. Your work here is to provide a vehicle for that spirit to learn how earth functions, in order that love, the Source, might be manifested upon this earth. That’s called second ray energy, and although that’s complicated beyond the airy-fairy I’m discussing tonight, you can get further information about that. The second ray is Love/Wisdom, and it is a purpose of expression, and it is the purpose of expression that the entity that this planet is about. This is a second ray, Love/Wisdom planet. Ultimately every one of you in here, as earth beings—at least mostly earth beings—have within you that desire, that need, to both give and receive love. Ultimately, that’s what it all boils down to for you—love, feeling loved, giving love, having that opportunity, in all ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Love, because it is a second ray planet.

The energy and the need of the planet rubs off on the beings on that planet. The beings upon the planet, who have grown with the planet, are not only a reflection of that, but within their own selves they have that pattern of Love, and so they have the ability to wake up and realize that they are more than just physical machines, here to learn how to be normal. Anybody here normal? That says a lot, too.

But you want more, and something in you drives you for that more … which is usually a sign of somebody who is awake. Those individuals are the ones who are able then, in their own way, whatever it happens to be, of expressing love, of amplifying the love within them. These are the ones who are giving it back to the planet. The planet gives; you receive; you give it back; the planet receives. It sets up a feedback, but it goes farther than that. There is also that energy outside of yourself. Just as the work of yourselves within humanity is to learn how to communicate and to connect with one another, to manifest love through your form, so also the spirit of you has a unity for it to make. It has a connection for it to reach.

And that is the work of these particular gates. What is a gate?

An opening.

S: Something that opens up to let you through to another space, or to let somebody into your space. I actually thought somebody might say “walk, trot, canter.” You’re not awake, dear. Gait, you know, gait.

All right. As an awakened being, you are—hear this; I’m going to use a very terrible word; it’s one of those words that, if I were human, I’m sure you would wash out my mouth with soap—you are responsible—the “r” word. You are responsible, in fact, for allowing your spirit to make its connections, because it can only do it through you, because its work is to learn how to function through you, because this is the arena of form. So the boundaries, the limitations—and the gifts—of form are what teach that spirit a new way of functioning, bringing back a greater creative energy to the Source.

You are responsible for teaching that spirit how to use form, and that’s what the awakening process is all about. Now you see, most teachings and most humans want to take their form and make it spirit. I have to tell you—won’t work. Your form is made of the earth; it’s designed to function on the earth. Your spirit, which is the college spirit in this case, has the ability to act like a first-grader, but the first-grader, the form, is just not so good at acting like a college student, is it? Your work is to teach the spirit how to function through form, how to manifest love through form, but you have help, and that help is your spirit connection. You might call—depending upon your specific upbringing—you might call your spirit connection “guardian angels.” Anyone here have a guardian angel? Aye. Anybody here, when you were growing up, anyone told you have a guardian angel watching over you as you sleep? Aye? Isn’t that lovely? You are not alone; you have help.

Anybody here ever have a situation in which you were doing something that was a fairly mindless task, such as housework, driving, and out of the corner of your eye, you thought you saw somebody, and you looked, and there was nobody there? Have you ever had that happen? Might have been your guardian angel. You might call that connection a spirit guide. I simply call them guardians.

You’re not alone. Not only do you have for your physical self teachers that help you learn how to function in the world—you call them instructors; you call them friends; you call them parents, you call them enemies sometimes, aye—but your spirit has them, also. Energies designed to help guard you. The planet has them, too. And if you have ever listened to the interviews of astronauts who have gone into space and looked at the earth, they say that the photographs can hardly cover the beauty of the planet, because it is surrounded by a lovely ring of light that’s outside of the atmosphere; it seems to be unexplainable. But there is a lovely ring of light around your planet. I would tell you that’s your guardians, your planet’s guardians. And those guardians set forth to work specifically with mass consciousness.

The Harmonic Convergence was designed to wake people up. Fortunately, many of you were awake long before the Harmonic Convergence, but it did have an effect upon the planet as a whole, especially highly influential North America. The Crystal Light Link was designed to teach those awakened beings how to come together in unity with mass thought. It was, in purpose, an opportunity to, with mass thought, send a message to that guardianship.

Eleven-eleven is designed to—now that you’ve knocked—get that door open, open that gate once again. Why? Your planet has been veiled for about twenty-six and a half million years …

[Several] Give or take six months.

S: … give or take six months. After the time that it was recognized that the seeding had worked, that humanity was growing and changing and moving toward a physical and a spiritual union, the work that had been done in form, those Golden Ones—the gods and goddesses, the giants—your legends all speak of a time when the earth had gods, goddesses, giants, the Golden Ones, the seven Masters, the eight educated gentlemen, the beings of great power that walked this planet and affected their particular corner of the world, because indeed the legends are based in truth; there was a time. But you know, even in your own families, there is a point, believe it or not there is a point, when parents back away from the child. In nature the mother birds cruelly, harshly shoves that kid out of the nest; “You’re on your own. You can do it.”

Sure enough, there is a time like that in which you’ve got to learn on your own. “Please don’t touch that stove; it’s really hot. You know what hot is. Hot. Don’t touch it.” You know what happened. You learned hot, didn’t you?

That’s how it works. “All right. You’re going to do it that way. I’ll back off and let you learn on your own.” And this planet was veiled.

I’ll talk a bit further about that over this next three-month period, but essentially what it meant was, the energy circuits of this planet were scrambled just a bit, scrambled in such a way that the energy pulsations of the planet, from the life force of the planet, did not reach forth like a beacon into this universe, allowing an open door. The gate was closed. And it was to remain closed until there was enough of humanity on track, awake, functioning, until the planet and the energies upon the planet were moving equally, consistently, and at the edge of that sacred status.

You have laughed over the last three years when I have said for every major holiday, “This is the most powerful Wesak there has ever been.” And the one after that was more powerful still, and more powerful still. But you see, it’s because you have been working in a progression. You recognize that in your own life as five years of torture, most of you, of some of the most amazing change you’ve ever gone through, looking back on it. Perhaps one too many two-by-four. Until the time comes that you say, “That’s it. I see that. Stop. I’ve got it. I don’t need that.” And you are in control instead of being controlled.

Eleven-eleven is designed as the gateway that allows this planet to be unveiled once again. And as is the case with all of these specific, progressive openings, it is not [that] January 11, 1992, is going to be the time. That’s not the way things are set up in the universe. That’s how humans act them out. There are openings that were missed because humanity was not ready, not even ready enough to put out as a carrot.

There were other options. This one moves with the flow. The time is a transition period. It is actually new moon to new moon. Anytime within that would have worked. According to your Mayan calendar, which is surprisingly interesting and accurate, that new moon to new moon period—because that’s how they did dates; not January, February—was going to start a twenty-year cycle that would bring about, at the end of that twenty years, the end of the world as you know it. Because the doom-and-groomers lost, that means the final Jubilee, the land of milk and honey, the millennium, a time of opening, celebration, great power.

It doesn’t mean that the mother ship will come, but it does mean that, rather than singly, those guardians can come en masse. Again, that doesn’t mean they’re going to come out of a ship in the sky, because you’re not likely to function with talking insects or something like that. You’ve never figured out what the cicadas are saying to you! You function with form. You are most comfortable talking with form, aren’t you? You feel a bit better about it when they have two eyes and two ears. Have at least the basic body structure. That is the nature of the form the guardianship takes even now.

Just to throw out something slightly interesting—anybody ever met somebody who seemed to come out of nowhere, absolutely help your life in a magnificent, maybe even miraculous, way and then sort of disappear off the face of the earth? It happens, doesn’t it? It really does. Don’t tell that to too many people, though. You know how they are.

The nature of this opening, 11:11, is—do laugh with me; it is a joke—coincidental that 11:11 happens to be during that new moon period. The energy that has instigated the greatest publicity toward making this happen has a very different sort of translation. It tends to orient very strongly toward the star connection. And for those of you that were in the religion class, you know that there is no conflict there; it just isn’t … little green men. Furthermore, it’s not required that you take on an angelic name, or that you be able to create particular co stellar configurations and have your own personal stellar configuration that you use as your personal exercise system.

However, for some groups that is what is exactly necessary, because you see, darlings, the gist of it is, what’s going to make you act? Having that sort of strong ritual? Follow it, then; good for you.

As this planet is changing and each area has different needs, so the particular entering spots are going to be somewhat different in nature, because the energy is being changed in a particular location in a very specific fashion. And so, although I don’t have problems with Solaria’s translation, I want to tell you that it isn’t limited there [to that]. You can do more with it, and in fact the nature of this specific arena—and yours, also, John, darling—is going to require a lot more work than taking on an angelic name and learning a constellation configuration, simply because there’s more power naturally here.

So what is required. Over the next two first Sundays I’m going to be speaking specifically about it, but essentially, for those of you that may not have the opportunity [to be here], it requires a positive being—a positive being. And that doesn’t mean somebody who sees everything in the brightest way. It means somebody who, with right mind, takes right action all the time. And that requires some—I’m going to use another of those awful words—discipline, the really bad “d” word.

Furthermore, for the actual event, 144,000 purified, perfected individuals across the planet are required. For those of you that think that doesn’t sound like much, I’m real glad you think that way. For those of you that aren’t out of the closet yet yourself, you can relate to what that really says.

Around this planet, 144,000 individuals. Well, you know, for the World Healing Days you get many more than that across the planet, but it’s going to require two categories of individual: those who are foundational workers, and those who are guardians of the ritual. The foundational workers are, to be honest, those who cannot do the disciplines required of those who will act as the guardians of the ritual. I cannot tell you how many are needed in this space. I can tell you this: Everybody that is possible, because who is to say what Atlanta is going to come up with, and you might have to make up for them. Who is to say what Moscow does? You understand my point.

Two essential things are needed. The first one is right mind. Right mind meaning a disciplined mind. If you have not been following the five-minute meditation, get on with it. Get consistent with it. If you have not been consciously working to build your spiritual bones up, do it, in whatever way works for you. Walk in nature; take part in these evenings; teach a class; come to a class; go to church. Do what works for you, but get your spiritual energy activated. Get your spirit connection aware that you’re aware of it. And essentially, conscious living will do that. Conscious living is your choosing to put love first in everything you do. Sounds easy; hard living—what is the loving thing here?—and you constantly think that, and constantly do it. I will talk more about that next month.

The second thing you need to do is get your body working, please. Please. The solar plexus up through the bottoms of your ears—that includes all of your arms—needs to be greatly strengthened. Many of your exercise programs do a lot to strengthen from the solar plexus down; you need something to strengthen from the solar plexus up. There are many things that you can do that will help this. There will be offered her a program of stretching and a simple exercise routine that will work in that upper body area, but if you are unable to attend any of those what I intend to be free offerings—or maybe just for air conditioning or whatever it is you can put in, a dollar or whatever—if you cannot do that, come up with your own routine, but here is what I need. You want to get your body strong through that area, and resistance training is a very good way to do that. You also want to increase your stamina. Not because you are going to be doing it, but because it gives you a good idea of where you are in body strength, be able to hold your hands in a still position above your head for ten to fourteen minutes. Phyllis tells me that that was a punishment when she was in school, that the nuns would make you do that when you were bad. Nonetheless, it’s not to punish you, but it is to show you where your strength is moving, because that will require your back to be flexible, your neck, your shoulders to be loose, and your arms to be strong. You will find when you go home tonight or try it tomorrow, or standing around after the meeting like this, after three or four minutes of this it gets a bit hard. But as you work on your upper body, you will find that easier to do. So find something you can use to judge yourself. Again, I will talk more about this in specificity next month, but wherever you are, you can begin.

Endurance? There is bouncy-bouncy; you can do bouncy-bouncy. That works; that’s fine. You might also consider … why is this funny? What’s it really called? Aerobics. Oh, the form does it, and when I hover about watching, it looks bouncy-bouncy to me.

All right. Your walk. If you’re already in the habit of walking every day, good for you. Then move your walking to part of the exercise program. Build yourself up to doing the mile in twelve to fourteen minutes. That’s fast. Aye, it’s fast. And I did say build yourself up to it. And then, once you’ve got yourself to that point, for your cool-down, give yourself another fifteen minutes to go ahead and do the looking for gifts and the meditative process, and so forth. The idea is that you learn how to work your heart muscle in such a way that you have more stamina, not because on 11:11 you’re going to need to walk a fast mile, but by having your body in that sort of condition—strong, clear, and capable—then you are going to be able to have the necessarily focused body, and by that time the necessarily focused mind, to be able to, with a group, create the same picture and send it forth.

All right. David, there you are, dear. You are going to have a brochure available with some information, correct?


S: Excellent. There will be tape recordings; there will be transcripts. You can get this information, plus more. If you’re not on the mailing list, you missed a part of the beginning of this information. I’m going to talk next month specifically in two arenas: physical exercises and mental exercises. And secondly, I’m going to discuss how to begin communicating outside of you, through to the guardianship, because, to be very honest with you, that is the work that is going to be done, and it’s going to require those individuals who, because they have completed the work themselves, are able to communicate through the Choans of the twelve Rays and back, to create an earth-oriented feedback.

I warned you—airy-fairy. But very important.

All right. For those of you who are unsure of exactly what it was I said regarding exercise, if you know you’re not going to be back next month and you’re not thinking you have a program yourself and you want information, Frank, your sitting group—stand up. Look at these people. These individuals can give you some specific information about sound and exercise, because I have them already practicing some of it, but only if you’re not going to be here.

You will be hearing more, because this is one of the most important events that’s come down the pike …

… in a ‘coon’s age.

S: In a ‘coon’s age, whatever that happens to be. An, my souls, your higher self has brought you here this night to hear it, because it knows there’s something for you to do with it.

The “r” word [responsibility], the “d” word [discipline]—you got it.

It has been delightful to have this opportunity to begin pushing, to be with you, to laugh and to impart.

You know, all of your life you have known that you were here to do something special. I don’t work with beginners, and you are not one. In a city this size—look at the size of this group. That should prove how unique you are. Some of you travel unbelievably long distances to get this, because it’s not out there. You are special, and something in you won’t let you forget that. And it always tells you, “It isn’t enough.” I promise you, one of the things your soul has been waiting on is this upcoming Gateway. It requires the work of those who, even if they no longer remember, it requires the work of masters. And you will be called. For the sake of your planet, unawakened humanity and those to come, I beg you to respond.

Happy, happy trails, my souls. And glochanumora.