September 3, 1995

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Do you have a sense right now that something really big is about to happen? Over the last week, perhaps, have you been feeling sort of … pushed, maybe? Aye, have you been feeling more of that sense of more, faster, hurry, do? It’s the planet talking to you. I’ll talk more about that later.

All right. I want to hear a story about healing. About healing. Now, there are all different sorts of healing. Healing work. It’s not only a work of the physical body, but it’s also a work of the mental, emotional. It might be the planet, it might be your car—doesn’t matter. I want a story about healing. A gift of healing. I’ll give you a moment to think about it. And in minds all across the room is, Could I call that healing? I’m not sure if that’s it.

Lillibeth. Yes, I would say.

About a week ago I had some surgery done on my face, and prior to that I put myself on the hotline and I asked for some assistance for it to heal rapidly and to not scar, and to just give me general overall healing while this was going on. And it healed in about half the time as the same procedure that I had had done before, and it looks like there are not going to be any scars. And it was such a gift, and I want to thank all those who gave that energy out, because it really works. And it was a gift to me, I mean, I know that this works, but it was a gift to me because it reminds me that what is in our thoughts, in our minds, about another person is extraordinarily powerful and it can go out and actually have an effect. And it’s tangible, it’s physical, and it’s just a constant reminder to me to always have my thoughts that clear.

S: Very nice. Aye. Good. Give me another. Aye.

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other night, and things were said that were sort of unkind. I didn’t understand what had happened, and ending that conversation I just decided, All right, I’ll just take a look at what’s mine in here and what isn’t. And I just said, I’m not going to be angry, because I don’t understand enough about this to even be angry about it. And so about three days later they called back and said, I was really in a bad place. I really felt terrible. You were the only phone call I made. I took it out on you and I’m very sorry. And as we talked, they said, It’s really a blessing to have a friend in my life like you who took what happened, just looked at it for what it was and didn’t get really upset about it. And they expressed that that was really healing to them in their situation. They felt very connected and very healed just from our contact. And so I think we can heal one another by not jumping to conclusions and by understanding. Or by waiting to see if we understand.

S: By not jumping to conclusions. By not having to defend and react. To be willing to wait with power. What’s a “wait with power?” What were you doing? Were you just sitting back, and then just let it go and forgot it altogether?

No. I was asking my angels to talk to their angels.

S: Cosmic communication system there.

And saying, I knew I was okay, and that I hadn’t done anything to cause this, and I was just all right with it. I felt very powerful, and I felt I still loved this person and nothing had changed for me, and that they needed to see where they were.

S: What about a healing of heart, mind, emotions. Aye. Waiting with power. Aye. Good. Could not have happened at all, of course, if there had not been a healing within yourself to provide that strength to begin with. Good. And one more healing. Aye.

About a week ago I hurt my shoulder. I don’t know how I did it, but it was very painful. Every time I moved it it hurt, and I just felt really upset about it, because I tend to get angry at my body when it’s not working properly. And so I let that go and I started using homeopathics and herbs on it. And before I went to sleep, about two days after I’d done it, I said, If there is anyone there who can heal me while I’m asleep, I want to be healed. And that night I had a dream that the four archangels came to me, and I woke up and the shoulder was perfectly healed. And the gift is, I said, “Thank you.” I didn’t say this couldn’t have happened, this couldn’t be, it must be something else. I said, “Thank you.” And for me that was a real miracle.

S: And although it may sound as though that’s the story of a shoulder being healed, it’s the story of a life having healed to recognize what you’re about, to accept what comes your way. Good work. Good work.

Now, three different sorts of gifts you got there, all about healing. Did any of you get a gift, a reminder, a touch, from any of that. [Pause] Totally ineffective. Too bad, then. Aye, dear?

I got a really good reminder I guess from all of them, but from Elizabeth’s—the gift reminded me that it helps if you let people know what’s going on with you and then you get immediate feedback. It’s not just putting it out to the Universe, which I always do, but it’s really nice to let other people know and then you’re getting some physical feedback on top of it. So that was a good reminder.

S: Aye. Good work. Aye?

One gift I got was that you can accept as if it’s already occurring. You’re not thinking, Now, please, please, please. And like when Paula, when it happened, she immediately said thank you, and thank you opens the way for more.

S: Aye. Good. Aye?

I got something in listening to Joy, because I’ve had a similar kind of situation at work where it was all this stuff—let’s say unwanted feedback—coming to me that I felt was a little bit unfair, and I spent a lot of time and talked to several people trying to understand it, and we all came to the conclusion that no, it’s not yours. And in listening to her, it was kind of like just accept this, don’t react in anger or in old patterns. Just accept it and send love and light to the people involved and stay cool and go with what you’ve got. That’s very different from …

S: And that represents a healing. Aye. Good work, everybody. Good work, because it is your ability to see the gifts in your life that allow you to live with power. Because it’s the opportunity to experience those successes, to see your everyday world as success after success after success. To see that it’s not so very hard and strange to live the life of … well, I was going to say a saint, but I decided that was strange. Although, a lot of you are after your martyr’s crown, but that has nothing to do with it. To live the life of a being of pure spirit functioning in the world. Your ability to see the power as it comes to you is a sign of that natural response—spirit working in form as it should.

Healing is one of those gifts that many people think is just so far beyond and so far above that they can never truly grasp it, and yet the truth of it is every one of you is a healer. The very nature of your being is to regenerate, to recreate. When your cat scratches you, do you have for the rest of your life an oozing wound? Why not? Bingo. It healed. You get that terrible winter cold and you’ve got it for the rest of your life once you get it, aye? Why not? And yet many individuals forget that that ability to self-heal covers much more than simply making new skin or getting rid of an infection within the body. Healing is making whole. And most individuals are, perhaps, emotionally sick, are drained, are overwhelmed. They are unable to function in wholeness around certain groups of people, or certain situations take away their sense of pure joy, and move it instead into sickness—something other than whole—because that very same ability to recreate is not brought into the personal life.

I’m doing a workshop very, very soon here. It’s about healing. Truly. Healing relationships and finances so that you can be whole again. And judging by the response that I had in Atlanta it’s very, very obvious to me that these are two particular areas that are so important in your life for the way that you recognize your power and your way of functioning in the world that—very bluntly speaking—to give all of the information only in the workshop would be unfair, considering all that’s going on right now in this world.

So it’s my desire this night to talk essentially about—with the idea of finances and relationships being that great common denominator, why you don’t have what you want. Now, you can come to the workshop and I will be absolutely delighted to talk to you about why you do, and we can go into all sorts of things, but the bottom line I want to give you tonight, because this is too important a factor in your life for me to count on your willingness to come. Come for more, but don’t miss this in your life.

[To Frank] I know, dearest, I’m not very good advertising for a workshop, am I? Frank’s sitting over here going [makes grimace]. Relationships and finances essentially work on the very same premise. You have because you believe you deserve it or you have not for the very same reason. You have the relationship that you desire because you believe that you deserve it. You have the money that you want because you believe that you deserve it. Perhaps you believe that you deserve it because you have worked very hard and you have earned it, by gum! Or because you have done all of the right and proper spiritual things and you are now living a conscious, awarized life in everything that you are doing, and therefore these things should automatically come to you. And both of those are the attitudes that keep you from having.

In your life—which is what makes this a proper Sunday night meeting—in your life—but specifically you can apply what I’m about to say to the big holes in your financial pockets or in your heart—in your life you don’t have what you want, because you don’t know what you want or you don’t believe you should have it. You have what you want because you knew what you wanted and you went for it, because you allowed yourself to have it, because you deserved it. There is much to be said about personal relationships in regard to you allow yourself to have what you want based upon a desire for particular magic in your life. You allow yourself to have what you want with relationships because you are attracting like to you. That’s not my point. When you don’t know what you want, you get to have what you get. In regard to your money, when you don’t know what you want, you get to have what you get.

In these two areas of your life, these are the directions by which you judge, you value, yourself. Now that’s a very scary thought, don’t you think? Who you are and how you function is based upon how much money is in your pocket right now, because that puts you into a particular level of understanding or work with others. The relationships that you have allow you to value yourself, especially if you have a good, close, intimate lover who functions at the same level you do, letting you know that you’re all right. And when you don’t, of course, it means what? That you’re not. And even sitting here, hearing it, when you know that those are inaccurate statements, the brain says, No they’re not. The part of you that works here in this world, that goes to the movie by itself, says, Something’s wrong here; must be me.

The next … about three weeks, your planet is going to be working with very large amounts of change. Now, how do those two fit together?


Finances and relationships often deal with our security issues, and when we’re talking about change, we’re also talking about security issues.

S: Excellent, Stuart. Excellent.

Just, for example, when you said change, even though I knew you meant change, I thought of the change. You know, monies, change, coins.

S: Ah!

When you said that, I immediately had that image of the coins.

S: Planet is going to be in for lots of quarters and nickels and pennies. Change. Yes. Yes.

Well, that wasn’t exactly where I was going, love, but good reference there.

Well, with relationships and finances, as you said, we get what we think we deserve, and so often when you talk about change, I’m embarrassed to say my first reaction is that it’s going to be a hard time. And with change we also get what we think we deserve, and if we look at that as saying, Oh wonderful, a lot of wonderful things are going to be happening in the next three weeks, we can help that energy be bringing about changes that we see as positive changes. Changes that we see as growth, rather than the other things.

S: How many of you, when you hear somebody say there are big changes coming, do the very same maneuver, go uh-oh.

Lighten up!

S: I’m talking to you about relationships and finances, and I am bringing to you the awareness that the next three weeks on your planet are going to be … very unsettled. This works together. And I want you to remember that the focus of the gifts that I asked you to think about this night was what?


S: Good. Healing your image of yourself, what you should have and what it means with what you have now, is a very big key to your being able to draw into your life what you want—the money, the relationships—and, therefore, to take that success and move it into the world where money and relationships are going to be making some very strong statements.

Very quickly, what can you do specifically? The first thing that I recommend is that you don’t make any specific plans. See if you cannot put them off a bit. See if you cannot hold off on making strong decisions until after the equinox. Do you understand what I mean by that? Don’t quit your job. Don’t move. Hold off on saying yes to the three people that have asked you to marry them.

All of them?

S: That’s not acceptable here, is it? Sorry. Wrong time zone.

I’m not a prophet of doom and gloom, because you create your responses to the reality that you live in, and your happiness and your acceptance and the way that you live in the world determine the happiness that you have. It’s a choice that you make with what is given to you your way. And so although I would never let you get away with the idea that bad times are coming, because it’s not at all accurate, it is extremely imperative for the sake of the planet that you understand what is going on, that you might be able to work with it and through it. And if you seeing the model of getting more money in your pocket and having the love life that you want is going to do it, empower you by having what you want to show you that you can use those same techniques of healing—because that’s what they are—for others as well, then I have succeeded this night. You see?

The planet itself needs your attention. And as there are unique perspectives for every one of you, so there is a unique focus that can be given to the planet by you. The translation of that pretty statement? If you see something that needs doing, it’s because you can do it. Another translation of that statement. Just because your focus is Bosnia, and the person next to you’s focus is the weather patterns that are changing so drastically, that does not mean that either one of you is wrong. It’s that both of you are right. And the power of it is that, because there are so many different, unique perspectives, it covers more … bases? Bases. Therefore, what you think of when you think, Well, what can I be focusing on now? is the answer. What you recognize as a place needing help is because it resonates with the help you can give.

In your life with relationships and finances, the areas that you see need work, you see because it’s something you can do now to make a difference. So even without a workshop that goes into—forgive this word—the metaphysics of it all, and shortcuts through it, even without that, you can ask yourself, What is it that I’m not doing right? What do I need to put more attention to? Where can I focus better? And you are going to give yourself information that makes for a wholeness. That’s how it works.

Now let me get specific, all right? I said that there were two things that kept you from having. What were they?

Thinking you don’t deserve it.

S: Thinking that you do not deserve it is one of them. That’s right.

Not knowing what you want.

S: And not knowing what it is you do want. That’s right. Well, actually they work: first, you’ve got to know what it is you want before you can bring it your way, and then you’ve got to believe that there is space for it in your life, that you should have it in your life, that you are equal to experiencing it. I’m trying to come up with different ways of saying “to believe that you deserve it,” because one of the all-time great difficulties that I have seen with those whom I work with is the [attitude], Well, I’m afraid that I might misuse power. So why should the Universe give you money? I’m not sure that I have a good relationship with my parents, with my children. I still have issues with lack of forgiveness and I harbor grudges with this person and that person, and I have been dishonest at the grocery store when they did not charge me enough and I did not give them their money back—even though you’re quick to tell them when they charge you too much. And the Universe looks at those relationships and says, And you want another?

Trouble in paradise. Too many individuals are allowing themselves—how can I say this?—to cheat on the small things and then have the nerve to wonder why they do not get the big ones.

You don’t know what you want. You don’t believe you should have it. Therefore within your life as it is, you do not honor what you do have. The ultimate bottom line, the issue that needs the healing, the one change that will have the greatest effect in keeping center and balance established here for you personally and the planet itself, and one of absolutely the greatest needs that I’m seeing right now: You’re living your life not by doing the best you can, where you are, with what you have at the time, but instead in “if only,” “when this happens,” I will be able to do this. You are living your life, not cherishing the relationships that you have right now. Caring for and honoring the money that you have so that you can live in a way that shows your responsibility and becomes a lesson to others. No, darlings, you’re being unwise. Although you are unwilling to become who you want to draw to you, you are very willing to fight that you do not already have it. Although you are unwilling to learn to function and be happy with what you have now, you are very willing to pull out the plastic money and pay it off in tiny increments that keep you jailed forever. You are so unhappy with who you are and what you have now that you are incapable of living in this moment, which is the only place that the power is. And because your life is centered around avoiding you, and the circumstances that this you is living in the midst of—I know Sunday nights are supposed to be light and pleasant and funny, and you’re sitting here saying, Are we dead yet? Because he’s killing me slowly!—and the life that that you has created, so unhappy with that that you have no power to move beyond.

Two things that I see that cause that sort of … the nice word is plateau. Rut fits. I said to somebody in Atlanta once, “If I handed you a shovel, would you know what to do with it?” He said, “A shovel?” And I said, “Yes, because maybe you can dig yourself out of this hole that you’ve put yourself in.” I’m handing you a shovel here tonight, beloved ones. A shovel. Dig!

The first thing is—and these relate, by the way, to you don’t know what you want and you don’t believe you deserve it—the first thing is, at the beginning of your awakening to spirit there are so many choices in front of you that it’s very, very hard to explore your greatest gift, because there’s such an easy tendency to scatter. I think I said that very nicely, don’t you? You cannot know what it is you want as a baby, because the whole world is ahead of you. There’s so much to learn. So much to do. So much to connect with. And as a baby empowered being, that is also true. The inability to focus, to organize, to know what you want, to set goals, to prioritize, the inability to do these things is the response of a baby. Hint. You are not here, you’re not hearing this down the road or seeing it down the road, you are not here because you are a baby. Surprise.

Your spirit knows. Like is attracting itself to like. I don’t work with babies. They don’t last long. It’s too frustrating. Too much of that sense of he always wants me to do stuff, to change my life. That unpleasant “I could be over all of this stuff, couldn’t I?” You see? Babies run from that. Baby ostriches. And yet, perhaps because it worked in childhood, and it is absolutely the most marvelous defense—read that as sabotage—it is the most marvelous defense from having what you want. What’s the danger, somebody tell me please, in having what you want?

You have to be responsible.

S: Aha! One must be responsible for it. That’s the danger. And in a world where you’re already so responsible—oh, think about it, dear ones, you are responsible for the happiness of everybody in your house. You are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your cat and dog and bird and of the planet you live on and … and of your parents, and of your mother feeling good and of your father being proud, and you are responsible for your lover feeling amorous. and you are responsible for all of it! Goodness knows, it’s by far too great a risk in this world to take on anything else that might bring one more piece of responsibility. And as a result it’s much safer to simply stay exactly as you are than risk change. It’s much safer to stay innocent because it’s so cute, and when you’re innocent you don’t have to be responsible, because someone will come and take care of you. Someday my prince will come! And unfortunately your prince is sitting back saying, Someday my prince will come. Something like that.

Well all right, the point was “sitting back,” not the rest. Is also sitting back and as a result nobody’s doing anything. You’ve found it to be so? Aye. Nobody taking action, because it’s so much safer not to. And although it might be confusing, and you might feel overwhelmed, and you might notice that there’s a whole lot of your dreams that you never, ever, ever get to have, you look around at the world and you notice that that seems to be normal. So you must be doing okay. This is how a baby works. This is how a baby works.

Anybody here have an infant anything? Baby cat, dog, doesn’t matter. Aye. And you find, isn’t it true, that that child or dog or cat watches all the time. Watches you. Wants to see how you’re doing it. Mimics. That’s true for dogs, isn’t it? That’s true for children, isn’t it? Mimics. And that fashion of staying safe teaches you that average is enough.

Average in this world is really scary. Have you read the paper lately? The average news. Have you gone out in just crowds lately? No, no! Don’t make me! Let’s see, when it comes near holiday time and you’re going to the shopping malls to buy your gifts. Remember, that’s average. Yes, I will kill you for this parking place! I will run you down! And that’s just Frank. [Laughter] Because allowing yourself to remain a baby allows you to remain safe. It allows you to remain average. It allows you to see yourself as incapable enough to be taken care of. You don’t have what you want because you don’t know what you want. You don’t know what you want because you have taught yourself that not knowing is a whole lot easier than knowing and maybe not getting. And the world lives with that one. The world accepts that one. Well, it’s a whole lot better to be a pessimist, because at least then you’re not disappointed. Somebody’s told me that. So rather than going back to school and getting retrained into something that’s going to be useful in the world now instead of what it was thirty years ago, rather than risking needing somebody new, rather than change, the baby learns to just scream until it’s taken care of.

The second thing I see is something that happens not with babies. And this is, perhaps dearest ones, the scariest of all, because this is what happens to individuals like you who are purposefully, consciously, choosing the best they can to live a spiritual life—you. And what happens to them is they settle. They settle for less. What do I mean by that? Probably not what you’re thinking right now. What I mean by that is, “Samuel, I have done the very best I can, where I am, with what I have, and I have finally learned how to be conscious of all things. And sure enough, just like you said, I have indeed found in my life that it is no longer me getting in my way, because I am working at such an awarized state of being”—bless your soul—”it’s not me anymore, it’s all those other free wills out there that are affecting me, making me incapable of doing my very best. Because as long as I have this wall that keeps getting put up in front of me, I just cannot do any more. However, don’t you worry, Samuel, because I am staying conscious of everything I do. And I’m doing my best where I am.”

And I’ve heard that so much that it’s occurred to me that I’ve done you a great disservice, and I absolutely will ask that this breach be healed by your forgiving me for giving you the impression that you were such a paltry, pitiful, powerless being instead of the magnificent being of light you are that does not have those excuses available to you. Because, beloved ones, “the best you can” is the key. Not the “where you are with what you have at the moment.” Those are the tools that allow your best to be better, but you cannot have the relationships you want, you cannot get rich, and both of these are things that the Universe desires for you, because, dear ones, wouldn’t it be a whole lot simpler for us if you were a whole lot happier? [Laughter]

No whining!

S: Aye. Don’t you think that that’s part of the program? For you to come here and be a shining example to others that, yes, it can be done, to be the bridge that moves out of average into glowing, magnificence. “You can do it too; here is how.” You think the Universe doesn’t want this? That the Universe is keeping you impoverished and alone, because it’s fulfilling some interesting, sadistic fantasy that the Universe has going on? Aye. Your version of God is wearing leather and chains? That is a pretty interesting picture, isn’t it?


S: Chaps, she says.

Leather worker?

S: Leather worker. Aye.

I’m sorry.

S: And yet it obviously is you do not believe anything that I’ve ever taught about the nature of power available to you. You obviously have no conception at all—yes, I’m being extremely dramatic, but it’s for a purpose—of what you truly are. When that still small voice inside of you says, “You’re so much more. Go ahead. Try. Jump off the cliff, fly,” you’ve gotten so good at just putting that aside and saying, Well, yes tomorrow I might can do that, but the best I can, where I am, with what I have at this moment is an extremely difficult situation that cannot allow me to use my power; therefore it is my best power to go ahead and … What is it, Frank? You have just written about this, love. To go ahead and have the hot fudge sundae, because it will comfort you here, now, and the very best you can do with what you have at the time is to go ahead and—let’s fill in some blanks—not take care of your physical body, not forgive, not let go, not heal; the best you can do where you are with what you have is not to speak out, but to stay quiet when injustice is done around you.

It’s not just that there is an act of power that you alone can do. There is also an excuse unique to you. What is your favorite one? Because when you are truly working at the highest potential that you are capable of your best changes.

And who would satisfy as a lover when you are fourteen is not nearly the same as when you are forty, and you know better. Why is that so different all of a sudden? It fits for everything but your spiritual life and the work you can do, and the power that you have and how you can use it?

And finally he made that statement that scared us all, and it was, “You’re not going to have anything”—I’m not going to say you’re not going to have anything different than what you have right now, please notice that—I’m saying that unless some pretty serious healing is done real soon, you’re not going to have anything but your belief in your power real soon. And I cannot tell you what a scary thought that is.

Right now the focus of massive change is a planetary good thing. But how many people thought the Los Angeles earthquakes were good when they were in the middle of it? I’m seeing both earth change and physical destruction. Greater war. Greater misuse of the human spirit. In the very same way that mass consciousness moves toward light and there is that idea of being a critical mass that becomes reached and then there is more going toward the light, there is a very real possibility, beloved ones, a very real possibility that these next few weeks can amplify the heartache, rather than the power, slowing things tremendously. Let your imagination tell you what that means, because your imagination will be a far greater motivator than any limiting words I might use.

This is a year of threshold. What that means is that structure is changing. No doors to walk through. No opportunities before you. That means leaving the old. Free will allows that there is not something which says there is going to be earthquakes and typhoons and greater war and tribal destruction creating a ripple effect that has massive effects on the money markets across the planet. That cannot be said. But consider that a big hint, all right?

And you see, dear ones, my point this night is, if you cannot make changes in your own life to bring about what you want to be happy, what hope is there that your energy will have any effect in the next few weeks when it’s so desperately needed. When you do not have the relationships you want and the money you need, when you do not have it because your baby mentality and your choice to resist your power and the responsibility it entails keep you from it, what hope is there, what’s left over for the planet once your belief system is proven wrong?

You know me now or you remember me from before. You know that I am not being simply dramatic. It’s not doom and gloom to motivate; it is instead doom and gloom to motivate you. In ten years of working through this form, this is only the second time ever that the course of the planet has needed your help this much. This much. But I’ve seen too clearly lately that the life you’re living now, the choices for powerlessness that you’re taking now are going to continue to keep from being effective enough outside of you.

What can you do? Samuel, I will lead a group that meets here on Monday nights and sits sending energy to the planet. Yes, that’s a very good idea. Do that. Sure. Go ahead. That’s good. It’s needed.

I commit every day at noon to be sending energy to the planet and the life force upon it. Yes. Do that. That’s very good. It’s being done in other places. It’s a good thing, do that too.

How about figure out what it is you want and allow yourself to recognize why it is you deserve it, because when you are working at your highest levels what you want is a sacred knowing. And why you deserve it is based on your sacred self. So instead of those two reasons being baby food, they go much further and much deeper. What do you want at your highest level? And what are you that you should have it? Because those are the knowings that can turn around the destructive impact of these coming changes. When what you want is based on the higher picture, it’s because you are a part of a higher picture and deserve what you’re asking for.

Enjoy your month, dear ones.

Oh sure.

S: I hope to see you next month. All right, that’s not the sort of change I’m talking about. The point simply being, you can make a difference, but you know that. Do. Risk. Do. Do.

Glochanumora, friends. Make them happy, happy trails.