December 1, 1991

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: I very often, in that stretch [of Lea’s body as he enters] feel like a duck looking for a bug under water.

Very important night this night, because tonight you, who are the foundation for this particular spot, are going to be making the connection that absolutely reminds you why you are here. We are going to be working through the ritual this night. Prepare to have fun.

All right, one gift. Aye.

Well, this morning, it started to rain when we were ready to come, and we decided we’d better leave fairly quickly because we had to ford two streams to get out, and the water was rising in the streams, and it rises very quickly. And we determined that we should try to start our truck, which hadn’t started for over a month, in order to get through the streams, because we didn’t think we could get out in the car. And, lo and behold, the truck worked, and we got out, and we’re here.

S: Did you ask for help?

I think Ken did.

S: Absolutely. And there it was. Good. You know, if you’re not creating miracles in your life, you’re not living.

Very important month you’re about to start into. What happens this month?


S: That’s one thing.




S: Aye, that eight days. Do you celebrate it?


S: Very good.

The calendar year ends.

World Healing Day.

S: Goodness.

The form’s birthday.

S: Oh, well, good. Aye. Actually many birthdays this month, many of you. Randy spring parents, eh? It’s a month filled with beginnings, filled with opportunities to focus, to set goals, to figure out what it is you’re going to be doing with the rest of your year. Furthermore, for this particular area, it is the beginning of your practicing the ritual that is going to open the gateway of 11:11.

So this is a month of involvement, involvement first with yourself, because—I want to be very honest with you—some of you are getting fairly discouraged by your response to the energy. Anybody here tired or feeling angry? Feeling frustrated? Why do you think it is that you are feeling frustrated, separated, angry?


S: For one thing, good.

Others don’t understand.

S: Because others don’t understand what’s going on with you, and so you’re getting some resistance that way, too.

Well, when something wonderful is going to happen soon, a lot of times the anticipation—waiting for it to happen—creates frustration and anxiety and wanting it to come faster.

Shedding the old is difficult.

S: Aye. Letting go requires practice. If you understand why you’re feeling it—don’t you think that will give you better control over how you’re responding to it? It should. As you are moving toward one of the greatest expressions of wholeness that this planet has ever seen, you are becoming extremely aware of that which is not in wholeness, of that which is separated, of the areas of your life that are not in wholeness, and that around you which does not seem whole.

Now, big picture: The truth of it is, everything is whole, everything is perfect, everything is as it should be, isn’t it? The working out of it is … sure, what life is he talking about? And so essentially what you are dealing with in a very big way right now is the conflict that you experience in your life as you are more and more able to see, because your sensitivity is so tuned, your focus is so directed, more and more you are able to see your innate wholeness, your personal perfection. All right, you don’t wander around the town thinking, oh, look how perfect I am right now. But within you, you have an awareness of a powerful spiritual connection. That wholeness. And as a result of that you are very aware of what is not in that spiritual connection.

And, sweet souls, that can be very hard to deal with. Here is this wonder, this beauty, this excitement, this hope; here is this rubbish—now what? The key to this time right now is to remember what it’s like to learn something new, what it’s like to learn to walk, to learn to read. Do any of you remember that process. [A baby in the audience makes some sounds.] One does—in the midst of it now. All right, she’s perhaps not quite that far along.

It’s that fall-pick up-keep going; it’s try to read, but it looks like nothing. Eventually something seems to click. You must hear that. There are so few spiritual imperatives. You must give yourself the opportunity to allow this awareness to grow in you, to grow in you, rather than beating yourself up because you’re not there yet. Remember, you are there; it’s a matter of realizing it in the real world.

Once upon a time there was a group of rugged warriors who had determined they were not going to succumb to the monarch—meaning current battle leader—of the time, who said that all worship would be directed toward that particular monarch. And to prove the point, that monarch took the sacred places of that group and started tearing them down or making them available for other sorts of gatherings. In very many ways, that’s exactly what you have going on in your life—the ruling class wants to tell you that what you see as true and right for you isn’t worthy, isn’t good. They want to tell you that that sacred place with wonderful trees and that lovely lake should be a parking lot. But if you do not worship exactly as they do, then you should stop doing . . .

These particular warriors fought, and eventually won their battle, and when they went back to cleanse and purify their holy place, they found that they did not have enough oil for the lamps of purification, which were to burn throughout the purifying process. They did not have enough of what was needed to cleanse the damage that had been done.

So they had some options before them, didn’t they? One option was—hear this one—give up. That’s always an option; remember that. You have an option; you can give up. It doesn’t have to matter to you. It’s a lot easier to be average than it is to rise above. You can give up.

Another option is to change the way you used to do things and say, “All right, we don’t have enough oil, so we just won’t do the oil. We won’t light the sacred lamps. We won’t follow through with the ritual.” And that’s a perfectly reasonable thing, don’t you think? Of course, it makes you feel like you got up and didn’t brush your teeth; something’s missing all day. It makes you feel that something that’s very precious to you is lost. And when you must adapt—and adapting is a good thing to do—but when you must adapt because of loss, you feel deprived, and it makes you angry. And so eventually you find that that really isn’t a great choice, either, even though it is a choice.

There are other options, and among them is the one which says, we’ll do the best we can where we are with what we have.

And those warriors lit the oil in those lamps and started the process to renew what was sacred to them.

They said that the miracle is that the lamps burned throughout the eight-day purification process. I tell you the miracle is they chose to do the best they could where they were with what they had, and lit those lamps.

You have a link with that story, because you have before you the opportunity to bring light toward a sacred purpose. You have that opportunity every day in your life, and you have many choices. You can give up—”This world is so light my small light isn’t going to make a difference.” You can choose not to express your light in the way that is meaningful to you, but instead cover your light over, as it’s written, hide it, go in the closet and never truly speak about the light and out against the darkness. You can do that. That’s a choice. You can change your message to fit average, and make your message average; you can do that.

Or you can say, “I know what makes me happy; I know what works for me. I cannot speak for everybody else, but I can remain true to this.”

[Tape break. Samuel is now coaching the group through the 11:11 ritual.]

. . . Lower your right hand to your heart. Then you commit; then you raise your left hand, then you turn.

[Frank:] When all eleven have completed, as a group raise your right arm. Both arms are now up. Flower them out and down, grasping hands.

S: Grasping when your hands are down. All right, this is the hardest part of the whole ritual, because you’re going to run your hands into one another if you do not synchronize yourself. You are realigning energy and bonding.

So go ahead. You had your left hand up. Now, raise your right hand, flower it out and down, and then take hands. Let’s try for no true damage here.

[Frank:] If there is more than one wheel, move together at this time to form one wheel, and quickly choose another pattern master to finish the ritual.

S: All right. Form one great circle now . . . [break] . . . center, and make a circle.

I want you now to go around for three revolutions quickly. Now you see, you are going to be able to do that. Now you know that that’s going to throw you off balance. You need to be sure you’ll not get motion-sick. And then you’re going to do it in the other direction.

All right, don’t do it. Thank you. I just wanted that to be seen.

All groups stop. Take three deep breaths.

S: For those of you who do not know what your sacred sound is, you need to come to a practice, so that you can find out how to establish it, and do it—your unique sound.

[Frank:] End part one; begin part two. Realignment. Realignment will need pattern masters to hold a pattern at inner and outer points, and four masters of the pattern to facilitate the building of the pattern. All guardians form a single circle inside the foundation workers, facing inward.

S: At this point, the wheel is joined with the sun and the moon circles. For the second part of this ritual, you are simply establishing that bond into a specific form. You are moving back into this dimension as new beings. The particular form that you are choosing is that of a star. You always knew you were to be a star, now didn’t you? And here it is; it’s coming.

No matter what it is that this particular paper says, having taught this through several groups, the easiest thing to do is to count off in groups of six. So I want whoever was the pattern master for each circle to name themselves as pattern master, and then begin counting off six—1-2-3-4-5-6-1-2-3-4-5-6—all the way around the circle.

Hold hands; do not let them go. What you are going to be doing is flowing into points. Number four will be the head of the point, toward the center of the circle. And that will cause three and two and five and six to be behind them, slightly at angles. Number one, stay where you are; number four take four steps forward.

Do not drop hands. This needs to be moving you into points. Your number four steps need to be big steps, in order to insure that you have number one, and then a two and a three directly, diagonally out, moving toward number four.

Look how quickly you’ve moved into that. Very good.

Pretty clear? Drop your hands. In each group of six, the inner point is held by number four. The outer point is held by number one. Ones and fours look toward the center of the circle. You also have a two and a three, and a five and a six. The two/three and five/six look at one another, so that you look at one another across the [point of the] circle.

So that you have number one at the edge of the circle, and number one would be touching a two and a six. Two and six are facing each other. Three and five are facing each other. Got that?

This is—believe it or not—a star. You may—through practice—be able to hold this star for eleven revolutions. This is drill team. Give it one [revolution] to try.

The ones and the fours will be walking as crabs; they will be moving sideways. It means that two and three, as they move clockwise, will be the only ones who move forward. And five and six will actually be walking backward.


S: So what is required?


S: Unity. Absolutely. Unity.

As people on the planet who are aware and awake and acting in unity to bring this about.

S: Unity of what.

Of thought and action.

The physical preparation for it permits the body to change the cellular structure.

S: Unity in physical preparation, in order to help accelerate the change in physical structure.

Who is going to go through the gate?


S: One. That’s right. One. Who, which one of you will it be?

All of us, as one.

S: The unified whole, that which is thinking and doing and flowing.

Now, does that one move through that doorway and is never to be seen again? Are you going at the opening of the Gateway to ascend bodily off this planet and get to go back to . . . Kansas, or Oz, as the case may be? Is that what you are going to do? Are you going to—as a mass group—move through that door and be finished with the earthly work?

It might be a door opening inside of you.

S: You absolutely better not, because this is a work which requires individuals who are at the highest levels of awareness. It is a work that requires individuals who are sensitive and awake and aware. Those beings are drawn to this only who are aware that they have specific service to this planet, to their fellows—only. This is not a work for those who aren’t awake or who are just beginning to awaken. They don’t have the focus that is required. Very often they are unable—and just look at your own life; you have this in your life at one point, so you can relate to it—very often they are unable to look at a big picture. They’re in the throes of “everything has to be exactly my way, and so I’m going to do 11:11, but I’m going to do it my way, by myself, elsewhere.” They don’t know how to translate.

This is a work for those who not only are capable, who are ready, who are willing; [emphatically] this is for those who are committed to doing something. Indeed, who couldn’t not do it.

The response across the planet is amazing.

So we have, over many months, been talking about this work—what it involves, what is needed, why it’s happening. You can get that information; you can read the information that has been put out already. Now it’s time to learn the ritual, the particular movements that are designed to unify its structure. Those of you who resist structure aren’t going to have a good time.

Furthermore, there is a great danger involved in this work, and that danger is that what you’re doing is going to have an effect upon your physical being. I’m very sorry for that. Many of you are very familiar with sacred movement, dance. You know that sound and movement can literally affect the body. You are also aware that, at the beginning of your spiritual path, you shivered and you judged how good you were getting it, because you could see more in your head and get better goose bumps than the person next to you—and you grew out of that. Right? You grew out of that. [Laughter] Because, as is the case with so much physical response, it can become a detour, rather than a signpost.

These movements are based on body movement that for literally ages has affected the physical response to a spiritual premise.

So I want you to be aware and be warned. The idea is to learn the movement so well that you do not think about it at all, that you literally reach that point where you do feel it but don’t get caught up in the feel of it. Be careful.

In the work of unity, you are asked to wear white. Now, Elise, dear, would you call that white? Next to David, you probably would not, would you? But that’s fine. On the other hand, Cathy, forget it. White’s in it [what you’re wearing, but it] doesn’t work. You get the idea. Wear white.

White represents purification; it represents unity. I’m asking that, on the three days prior to the eleventh—that is the ninth, the tenth, and the eleventh, so that’s the two days prior and the day itself—that you allow your body’s energy focus to be 11:11, unity, oneness, preparation. Therefore, I’m asking that you do not eat heavy meals. Every one of you in here has a fairly good idea of what would make changes for the better in your own diet. At the very least, eliminating a lot of the unnecessary chemicals could make a pretty powerful difference, but everybody here has a good feel for what would be helpful in your diet. Make those changes, and for those three days allow yourself to be on a fast. The fast does not mean no food. In fact, what it does mean is simply food that does not require chewing. Now, what might that be.


Fresh juice.

S: Good. What else? Ice cream? Pureed food.

Mashed foods.

S: Mash it pretty good. Mashed potato consistency. Allow yourself some brown rice; it doesn’t take too much to digest that; and, although that would be chewing, it will not require your energy to focus on your body when you’re wanting it to focus into the cosmos.

And also refrain from sexual activity for those three days. Now, I have been asking you to absolutely have as much practice as you can in that arena, to remember what wholeness is about. But at those three days, fast sexually, because I want that tension, that energy, to be released at the Gateway.

The upcoming newsletter is going to have a schedule of that particular day. Essentially, 11:11 AM and 6:11 PM are the two major rituals. They don’t start then; they are in action then. And here is what you’ll need to be doing.

The very first thing that is going to be created is a circle of foundation workers. The foundation workers have an extremely important job. They are asked to anchor the energy, to act as the sentinels, the focus. Those who choose to take the work of the foundation workers will show up in two particular arenas: twelve will be chosen, and if you know that you are going to be a foundation worker, and if you understand the twelve Rays, volunteer to be one of the twelve who represent the twelve Rays. The Rays represent, as you remember from our last two times together, the particular passage to that Gateway. Therefore, individuals who have the ability to see the Rays as a process of energy moving through form back to sacred conclusion would be those who should represent the Rays. They will station themselves evenly around the room in a circle.

Sitting in between those twelve are those who desire to be foundation workers, but who, for one reason or another, choose specifically not to be within the inner groups. Those foundation workers may be individuals who simply do not have the physical ability to stand through a ritual. They will sit in between those twelve. They may be those who did not complete the fast. They may be those who did not wear white.

There are no observers at 11:11. It’s all participants.

So the foundation workers hold the first circle. Their work specifically is to concentrate a wall of energy designed to empower the proceedings. You are needed.

Another group is formed directly inside the foundation workers. It’s the first group of guardians. The work of the guardians is to actually enact the unified movements. The guardians need to know the ritual. The first two circles have a simpler work. The inner circles, the wheels within the wheels have a more complicated work.

The first circle inside the foundation workers represents the sun—it is the sun circle—that which nourishes, that which instigates life in this dimension. They are facing in to the center of the circle.

Another ring forms inside the sun circle, facing the sun circle, or facing outside. They are the moon. The moon is a reflected energy. The life that it expresses is that which is specifically the result of empowerment from another place. A very beautiful representation then, the sun and the moon circles, of Source energy and that which has separated from the Source but reflects its light—form, dead on its own, glowing when touched by the Source.

The sun and moon circles’ work is to, after the unified movements, [move in a] circle—sun clockwise, moon counter-clockwise; or, if it helps, both moving to their left-to look into the faces of those whom they pass—sun circle at moon circle, moon circle at sun circle—and send thoughts of love, of unity, of one. They are the second ring of power. After the foundation workers establish the ring of power, which holds the energy, the sun and moon circle are the second ring, which works to use that energy to begin the process of creation. Throughout the ritual, they will be circling, so, although they will not be in the sacred dance that the wheels within the wheels are taking part in, they will be active throughout.

The wheels within can be up to three groups of eleven. That means no more than thirty-three individuals who perfectly know the ritual. Sweet souls, I want . . . [end of tape side] . . . drive, you don’t think about it anymore, do you? Sometimes you should, but . . . So that you literally can be a receiving/sending station. So that you don’t have to think; you can simply do.

If there are not three groups of eleven, one is fine; two is fine. No more than thirty-three.

It begins with the process, first, of removing yourself symbolically—all of this is symbolic work—removing yourself symbolically from this dimension, moving yourself out of earth consciousness, which you do by releasing, negating, banishing time, space, and duality [demonstrating hand movements]. I will show you those rituals in just a few moments. At that point, the sun and the moon circles begin to revolve, putting the second ring of power into effect, and the wheels within the wheels begin their dance, beginning with a step forward, and then a process of revolution, of moving from place to place, representing, in that particular dance sequence, the re-creation of your existence.

It’s very simple; none of it is hard. There simply is a lot of it.

I’m going to ask that the groups prepare to actually walk through it tonight. And it does not take long.

But first, let’s work at the unified movements. Again, this ritual is written out for you, and will be given to you. The purpose for that is so that, by looking at it regularly, you’re going to engrain it in you. Furthermore, practice is offered. Sunday nights here, before the meetings, at 6:30 to 7:30. Coming together and enacting the ritual. Sweet souls, you need the practice; you need it consistently. Not only are you uniting with others across the planet in mind and action, in sound; you are uniting, bonding, with one another in order to do this. The practice allows that. Furthermore, it allows you to experience every particular facet of the work, in order to determine where you feel most called. Allow yourself to take part here. Know this ritual. Come and let yourself experience the physical change that is the result of working it through. Connect back.

To banish time: Time is between your hands. It is the nature of this reality. As you hold your hands at the level of your nose, your ears, you are holding time between your hands, and you gently move your hands apart to approximately shoulder width. Once you are there, you put your palms forward in the banish ritual. Be careful here; your hands do not move palm forward until you have established time, separated it from you, and banished it.

Once you have banished time, you only are in space, so it’s time to banish space. You separate from it, keeping your palms forward, not sideways, not half-way sideways. And if you find that it is not possible for you to keep your palms forward, just move your hands in a bit. It doesn’t have to be hard. It will be a smooth, continuous work anyway, so it doesn’t matter if your arms are not all the way stretched out as far as you can go.

Now, move it back in from the elbows, fingertips together, turn it in toward you. And now you are going to slide one palm on top of the other—it doesn’t matter which one—in order to create a triangle—sacred movement, you see. Move it in to your heart and put your elbows down, so that all space has been separated, compacted, and you are at you.

Banish duality, which is your separation. You are no longer separate. You are in the mode of the synthesized, ascended body. Hold your triangle. To banish duality, the first thing that you want to do is establish that which is spirit and that which is form, the separation [by extending the right hand over the head, the left hand down, palms forward]. Very simply, you banish separation by [bringing your palms together, in front] coming together.

It’s not hard, and as you learn the movement of it, you will find it very, very meditative, empowering. Some of you are finding it fizzy.

When you are establishing duality, right hand up, left hand down.

All right, there is an important reason for all of that, which I will share with you at the Festival of Lights, when I give you the particular mental visualization to open the Gateway. So be prepared for that.

Then you are going to symbolically close the door to the old and open the door to the new. Again, this is very simple. After the Festival of Lights, the winter solstice, you will understand what it is you are imagining that gives you the reason for the old to be represented by the left hand up, the right hand down. You bring them together, and you have closed the door of the old. To open the door to the new, you must create it. Therefore, turn your hands over, and open the door [by raising the right arm and lowering the left]. That will, across this planet, open the Gate—with positive focus, proper mind, complete action, preparedness.

All right [demonstrating] banish time, banish space, banish duality, close the door to the old and open the door to the new.

At this point the inner wheel will move forward with their hands still upright, while the sun and the moon circle begin their revolution and slowly lower their arms to begin their circling. From here on, the dance is that of the inner wheel.

Frank is going to read out the process while you actually act it out. The reason for that is that I want you to get a feel, first, for why it’s so important to practice, second, for what happens to the energy of the place when you are doing it, even without the proper focus—simply through the alignment of these ancient sacred movements. I want you to have fun here.

Now, let’s create a space.

[All the chairs are moved out.]

The best thing to do is to get into groups of eleven—more or less doesn’t matter. I just want you to get the feel of this.

Around the room is a circle of foundation workers, twelve Rays and those who sit between them, who are called the Comforters. Then there is the sun circle, and then the moon. So essentially, if you are a wheel within a wheel, you have three different groups lined up around you. The sun and the moon circles are revolving. The wheels within wheels have a particular work to do. Now Frank and I have worked out a routine. He is going to tell you the steps to dance, and I’ll do the color commentary.

I would like to be sure that there is an assistant who knows the ritual in every circle. I do not want too many assistants in any one circle. If there is more than one assistant in each group, choose who will be the pattern master.

All right, banish time. Banish space. Banish duality. Close the door to the old, and open the door to the new, and leave your hands up. You should have your right hand up and your left hand down. Have your hands as vertical as possible. The whole group—sun circle, the moon circle, and wheels within wheels—have just done this, and now, Frank, wheels within wheels . . .

[Frank:] . . . take one giant step inward.

S: Maintain your circle as you do this.

[Frank:] Do your sacred sound eleven times.

S: I know that there are many here who do not have the slightest idea what your sacred sound is. At practice, you will learn it. It is the sound based upon the crown, your solar connection; your solar plexus, your earth connection; and your heart, the transformation point. It is simply your using the physical body as a vibrating instrument at the particular places of connection that you are consciously vibrating. Vibrate the top of your head. Vibrate the solar plexus. Vibrate the heart. You are consciously vibrating those areas, and you are going to find that you have a particular sound that always does it for you. It’s very simple to do, but in the meantime, go ahead and do one sonic meditation based upon whatever feels good to you right now. Just take a deep breath, and let yourself move with “aah” or “eee” or “ooh” or any vowel sound, so that you can help release some of this energy that you are building up. And do that through about three breaths, so that you get the feel for that. Take a deep breath, and begin.

[Sacred sounds.]

I’m sure that you can get the feel that moving through that feels good. It helps you release what you’ve built up here, and by using your sacred sound, your personal frequency signature, which you will know by that time, you are going to find that it’s a very powerful building and releasing and building and releasing. You’re not trying to make music. You’re not trying to be in harmony with the person next to you. In fact, it’s a lot better if you just pull yourself into your own space and sing out, because naturally what happens is you fall into unity. Very, very good.

That completes the ritual. When you have done that through eleven cycles, that completes the ritual, and, as you can see, it will not necessarily take a long time to do it, once you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, the key is “once you know what you are doing.” So everybody here needs one of these papers, so come and get it.

[break] . . . do this, it is the creation of a spiral pattern and an act of unity. It’s very, very lovely.

Remember, assistants, if you already have one, don’t get another. Make sure everybody has one.

But to do a facsimile of that spiral pattern, gather together into one large circle again. Form a large circle. Essentially, when you receive the squeeze, then you send it along. Let’s practice that. But when you send your squeeze, send love—think love as you send it. Do not send until you have been squeezed.

And once the final squeeze has been made, it returns the way it came. Remember to think love. Just “I love you.” Send it on.

You are the light of the world. You are the light and darkness. You turn on the light because you need to see the way it affects others. This world needs your light.

This month, consciously practice unity. Commit. Decide what you are going to do about this opportunity, and if you’re going to do it, commit to it. You’ve got a bit over a month of having the opportunity to really give yourself this chance, to practice it. And that means working your schedule around it in the busiest time of your year. This Gateway is worth it; your planet is worth it; you are worth it.

144,000 committed, positively functioning, prepared beings are needed for this. Your city is going to be beacon in your country. Individuals are coming from the whole eastern seaboard. It is what you have been waiting for. It is the formula for moving into the next dimension. Use it good.

Happy, happy trails.