January 5, 1992

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

[Group] Greetings, Samuel.

S: Gifts. Good, aye.

On the way over tonight, I was thinking about a skill in behavioral psychology, where a child is learning to walk holding onto a rope, and very slowly they shorten the rope, then they cut the rope so the child is actually walking around with shreds in its hand, until it finds that it can walk. On the drive over, I felt myself emotionally release a shred. I’m not really sure what it means, but it was a nice gift.

S: Darling, it means you’re ready to walk on your own. That’s what it’s about.

Another. Aye.

I was talking about how important it is when I come out on Sunday night, and I get all filled with this energy and committed, and it’s wonderful, and the message is great, and I’m gonna do it. And Monday morning I get up and life is there, and it hits me in the face. And then I go through … it seems like my pattern is, oh, I should have done this, or oh, I remember hearing this—I could have handled this better. And so it seems like such a long period of time there when I was going, oh, I know better, I should do it, but, you know. Finally, one day, I was not having a particularly good day; I was really angry and frustrated and, I was just all mad I’m gonna be mad, I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m gonna be. And I got in the car. I’ve got to go get gas. And I just thought, wait a minute, you really want to be mad. And I thought, no, I really don’t want to go around grumpy. I just really don’t. Then what do you do? And that’s when all of the teachings and lessons came in. Now is when you make the conscious decision. Now is where you say sit up straight, change your body posture, put a smile on your face. You know, this person I’m meeting in traffic doesn’t need to see me furiously going down the road. So I started smiling, and then I started laughing, thinking I probably look pretty silly. I’m really happy. It works, because by the time I got to the gas station I was really thrilled, and they were like waving at me, seeing me come in. So I find that it’s okay to have these realizations where you’re going, well, I’m not perfect, I didn’t exactly do everything the way maybe intellectually I know; but as long as you make that step and start that process—it’s really made a great deal of change in my life.

S: The world has an amazing way of trying to convince you to be average. It’s safer. Everybody else would complain about this; everybody else would be angry about this; everybody else would cry here. That’s a very normal response; don’t worry at all. And you allow yourself to fall into the trap—and that’s what it is—to fall into a trap as even your physical body proves out: things aren’t good. And you become a being who is simply a response factory for your emotions. You are controlled by your emotions. You have given up the power of your choice.

Donna is saying she stepped back for a moment and took a look at that and said, “Wait a minute. Maybe I’m not going to change the emotions that are rumbling along inside of me, but I do know that I can change the outpouring, the action, and see what happens. And what happens is you become a magnet. You are always a magnet, you know. What you are on the outside draws to you the like in others. So if you find you’re in a room full of frowning people, it’s probably because you are one yourself. When they’re happy and smiling, you’re likely to be, also. So she straightened herself up so that her energy could flow as easily as possible. She put a smile on her face. You know what a smile does, don’t you? It actually stimulates some of those energy systems that run through your head, allowing your body to work on a more easy biochemical system. You’re pumping things that way. Aye, and it draws like. And if those whom Donna has seen had said, “How are you feeling?” she’d have said, “Awful. But it seems to be getting better.” And it does.

Be aware that you have choices. You choose how you are out there. One of the most powerful places for “fake it till you make it.”

One more.

Last week Lea was teaching us about treasure mapping, and we were actually making treasure maps, but I didn’t have my goals and dreams quite organized enough to be able to get very far on it last week, so what I found happening this week was that I felt compelled to redecorate my office at work, and I started taking down all of the negative things—you know, the old Murphy’s Laws and jokes and how everything always goes wrong—and started replacing them with some old calendar pictures of angels and fairies and light beings and magical places, and the more I did it, the more of the negative stuff I took down, until I was finally taking down phone lists and [laughter], and now I’m completely surrounded by all of this magic, and I pulled out all of my personal pictures that I had of special people and special places, magical trips that I’d been on, and have given them very prominent places in my office. And so I’ve turned it into a living dream surrounding me, and from there I’m starting to add onto it the future dreams to go along with the past dreams that I’ve had. It’s really beautiful. I really can’t go into my office without developing this huge smile on my face and a very positive feeling. And it’s just wonderful to see all of the dreams that I have had come true and the power that there is to have more come true.

S: Where you work tends to be one of the major aspects of your life. You spend a lot of time there; you’re greatly affected by the people who are there if you work with others. The environment affects you. It’s another opportunity for choice. You can make it a sanctuary.

“Oh, now, Samuel, I don’t have an office of my own, and I’m not able to put pictures up and do that sort of thing. What about me?” What about you? What’s something you can do? I’m asking.

Put something in your car.

Wear something that reminds you, that makes you feel good.

Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

S: All right. Take charge of your actions, and treat others…. Perhaps you can at your own work station put something meaningful to you.

In your drawers.

S: Good. [Laughter] I knew that. In your desk drawers, you can do that. Put something very meaningful to you. You can in your other drawers, too. But I think that works with dressing to make you feel good, don’t you?

Make your life a sanctuary. Seek opportunities to make your space sacred, sacred to you. Anything you can do to remind yourself of the true nature of your heritage, of your work. The more you do then the more you’re going to be able to act it out. It’s not hard. Challenging sometimes, but not hard.

Good work.

You’re working on the unified movements. Any stories for me? Nay? All right.

What’s happening now? You’ve got visitors knocking at the door. That’s a very lovely, airy-fairy sort of thing to say. What does it mean? Visitors. Why ever would you need visitors? What sort of visitors?


S: Good. Aye. Any gray people coming from other dimensions to try to—they call them gray men, you know that? Because no gray woman would do such a thing. The gray men whose work is to come and seed dissension into the hearts of humanity in order to make sure that this does not become an outpost of light, that it be taken over by the [dramatic whisper] forces of darkness. [He pauses, then utters a soft Bronx cheer] Good metaphysical word, that. You need it a lot in this day and age, don’t you? And the nerve to use it.

Who’s coming? Strangers? Well? If they’re not strangers, why aren’t they strangers? Is it perhaps they’ve been here before?

They’re returning.

S: Returning. Who?




S: All right. Your spiritual parents, when this planet was young, chose to come here and help in the spiritual development of that growing changing energy called humanity. They were called Great Ones and Shining Ones and Kings and Gods and Giants, Helpers. And when humanity had reached that point where it was time to learn on its own, those Helpers moved out of the physical presence of earth, and the energy of the planet itself, which, in alignment with the energy around the planet, literally created a roadway here—inter-dimensional travel sounds so outrageous, but you do it every time you have a true dream. The roadways were shifted just a bit. Didn’t have to shift much, what was a door was now a wall, it doesn’t matter.

A sneeze.

S: Essentially. And for eons the energy has been learning to work in unity.

You’ve gone through very many different stages of that work, haven’t you? Times in which what was required was teaching that was extremely disciplined, very narrow, that literally said, “If you don’t do it this way, you’re just not going to get it,” because humanity’s mind at that point needed the step-by-step program, to the point where it was, “You know, it seems there are many paths to the truth, many translations of the one.” You’ve come a long way. And every one of you in this room right now can attest to that leap in your own life in a microcosmic way. You, in your own life, can look back to a time when your thinking was very constricted, very narrow, very oriented toward emotional survival, to the gentle shove that brought you to the point where you’re willing to say, “There is within me, you. There is within you, me. And we are all a part of that which is greater.” In which you recognize that the driving force of this planet must be love. And where you reach the point where you choose to act with love.

You have seen the whole spiritual evolution of humanity in your own life, and you have been at a point, for a very long time, at which you have been saying, “All right, but now what?” And for the rebellious among you, it has been, “All right, so what?”

Thinking is good for you, when it’s attached to acting. Thinking is only skeptical rubbish when you don’t put action to it. That’s all right. So what … now what? And you begin to watch humanity make some changes.

You’re living in a time that perhaps, in your next life, you’ll learn about as a very powerful Golden Age. “Wait a minute Samuel. There’s so much fear and so much war and bloodshed, and so much change.” There is not one structure in your society that has not been either toppled or at least knocked pretty hard. You’ve learned to question—to question government, to question relationships, to question how things work … when they don’t.

You’ve learned to question the spiritual hierarchy—there’s the common model and even the New Age one. Good for you. You’re not here to follow the old and familiar, and you know it. You’re not here—you’re not here—to follow the new. You’re here to make it, to create it—to take what has been and make it new. Your destiny, your thorn, your burden, as you know, is that you’re here to pioneer in everything that you do, because your unique perspective allows you to connect with a different way.

The next step beyond—you’re healers. Maybe not with your hands through your body—maybe so—maybe not through your words and your lovely communication and your well-trained mind. Maybe not that way, either. You are healers because the energy that you are has an effect where you are, and sometimes that effect is extremely disruptive in the lives of those that have learned to settle for second best; sometimes it’s very gentle for those who have wearied and worried. Maybe it’s challenging. But because you are a clear expression of pure Source Light, it is always effective. A proper definition of healing is “working toward wholeness,” and, because you are always consciously working toward your unique wholeness, that healing energy spills over and affects others, and it does it whether you have visualized it or not. It’s simply that it’s much more effective when you are consciously using it.

Which brings us to this coming Gateway. The living planet spirit is also moving on its path, enhancing the energy upon the planet. The energy upon the planet—that’s you—is consciously working now to enhance the planet. All of a sudden a balance that has never happened before, causing a speeding up of the natural progression. This Gateway will open without you, farther down the road. You, by your conscious intent, by your choice to use what you know you are here to do, make a difference. You are allowing that doorway to open in advance, allowing, essentially, a head start in the foot race.

Saturday you are planning on creating radical change—radical change—in yourself and on the planet. A representative portion of humanity, consciously, clearly, specifically, in thought, in sound, and in action, sending forth the particular work that creates an inter-dimensional doorway, requiring ascended beings only to do it, allowing the seeds of ascension thereby to be planted on the planet and in every being that comes from there on. Your first aware act in unity, as an ascended being, will change your life from that point onward.

You see, it’s “All right, I accept that I’m working in an ascended body—it still gets sick; it still gets unhappy; I don’t seem to have control over it. All right, Samiel, you’ve told me that I’ve got a million dollars in the bank.” Saturday you’re going to write the check and get the stuff. Saturday is your opportunity to realize what you really are.

A good place for avoidance, eh? A good place to just back off and put it on a shelf and skeptically watch it and not give it a chance, because you know what happens if you do realize you are an ascended being in form. You know what happens, don’t you? You’ll get responsible for it, and that’s why you’ve avoided something that’s been here for you all the time: You didn’t want the responsibility it brings.

Well, what is the responsibility? Let’s chat just a bit about that. What is the responsibility of an ascended being?

The responsibility is to do the best you can where you are with what you have. You are responsible for doing the best you can, wherever you are, with what you have. Oh! Sounds hard. Sounds familiar. Because it sounds familiar, and you know how you’ve done with it so far, you know it’s hard. It means letting go of the rope, letting go of the string. It means consciously choosing behavior that honors what you know you really are, not the costume for survival that you’re putting out there. It means making your life the sacred space not only for yourself, but, out of that flow, for others.

Nineteen ninety-two is the Year of Completion. A Year of Completion. What does that mean? It means the world’s going to be finished? It means that everything that you’ve set out to do is going to be over with? Completion—what does that mean?

You start reaping what you’ve been sowing all these years.

S: That’s one thing. It means that you’re going to harvesting the [fruits of] the labor you’ve been putting out for so long. Beware the harvest, darlings.

That’s one thing. What else?

It means that you’re ready to take another step. You’ve finished one step, and you’re beginning the process to move on.

S: In a very big way. In this coming year, the Completion speaks of a major change across the board, in every construct. “New” is coming: new thinking; new worshipping; new working; new being.

New beginnings.

S: And new endings. But it’s talking completion, and so it’s not an ending in which there is simple separation—I’m mad; let’s go. It is complete—the compact has been fulfilled—consciously fulfilled.

Hopefully it means that there will be a completion of the promise of the Shining Ones returning.

S: And indeed that. Aye.

Maybe completion meaning a willingness to let go of things that don’t work anymore.

S: That’s part of the endings, letting go of the beliefs that don’t work. Completion, unity. Completion speaks of thanksgiving. Never forget that; you’re not finished with a thing until you can be honestly thankful for it.

Sweet souls, 1992 is going to be your Year of Celebration, of Thankfulness, of Gratitude. You have a Year of Completion because your eyes have opened and you can see the gifts that are always there for you—the flow, the connection, the movement of spirit with form in your life.

In the sexual act, is there completion? When you’re exhausted from the ecstasy. Think of that this year. “Universe, I’m ready to be exhausted from the ecstasy. Ecstasy, did you get that? ECSTASY!”

An ascended being is one whose spiritual self has synthesized with its physical self. Physical expression is the mastery of will. Let me change those words so as not to frighten you. Physical mastery is the ability to consciously—or with intent—to choose—that’s will; “I choose; I’m in charge here. I’m in charge of smiling, of how I respond or how I react. I choose.” It is the intent to love, and the experiences, that make you what they call a wise one. “I choose to act to the best of my ability. I choose to make harmony where there is conflict. I choose to learn all that I can about where I am and who I am and how I am and how it affects those about me, to work with that knowledge until it becomes innate within me, and I have moved from an instinctual being, working out of fear and survival, to instinct on a higher level. I choose to learn about the power I am, until my innate response is, I instinctively know I am not alone, I instinctively know that it is a part of the flow and it’s going to work.

You master form by choosing to follow that which works—which speaks also then of letting go of those things that don’t, to devote yourself to what works instead of to devote yourself to seeing just how hard you can kick yourself.

And, finally, choosing balance. You make those choices every day. “I choose to act in love—Will, Love/Wisdom, and Active Intelligence/Intelligent Activity. I choose to find the harmony, and I do that by devoting myself to learning what balance is.”

There’s not a one of you here that would say that’s not your desire. That’s the mastery of form.

There are five other Rays. The mastery the spirit has. And I’ll tell you, when was the last time you chose to release your energy through the Gate, to allow it to experience the building through the Furnace, to move into the dimension it was going to work through as a dualistic energy, reflecting, for this particular case, masculine and feminine and the synthesis it is designed to be, consciously putting yourself into the Void to recreate, and then put yourself through to form. When was the last time you did that? This life? Last night, maybe, eh?

The spirit you are did it to come here. The mastery has already happened in order to come here. You are consciously living the mastery of form, and you have already mastered the Law of Spirit. Therefore, it is as you allow yourself to realize that that your actions totally change. I tell you, you have the ingredients for an ascension cake. Mix them together, bake it, and you can eat it; it will nourish you. And you say, “All right, fine, good.” And you go home, and you get angry, and you wake up on Monday morning and you’ve lost it.

So remind yourself, constantly remind yourself. And don’t fall into the trap of kicking yourself when you don’t remember to remind yourself. Remind yourself, and pick up and keep going. You are an ascended being. The only thing you lack is the belief that comes from practical experience as an ascended one. And I want to remind you that, as long as you tell yourself that the actions that will convince you are those of Mother Theresa and Gandhi and Martin King and so forth, sure enough, you’ll get to sabotage yourself one more time.

The actions are your knowing that you are doing the best you can where you are with what you have, until it becomes instinctual.

More than 144,000 people across the planet have scheduled their day Saturday. If ten percent of them come, it will be lucky. What about you? Have you committed? Have you made time? You see, what happens is you do the planning and you come up with a reason you can’t make it, and you wake up and you say, “I can’t do it,” or, “It won’t matter; there’s enough.” And the problem with that is there’s a whole bunch of you that will say that, and then there won’t be 144,000. In order to get any particular number, you must go a quarter over for those that never show up. There’s not twenty-five percent over that number. You’re needed. No excuses.

It’s an act of unity. It’s a statement. It’s a promise. It’s a work from the heart. You’re needed.

In detail, Friday I’m going to be discussing the particular images for each particular participant to move with. And it will be determined at that point just how far, how often, it will be. For instance, will the processional work, the star formations, will it make eleven revolutions, will it make eight.

The energy that’s building up now is unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced—promise. It’s yours. Anybody in this room that has felt within their heart that they’re here to do something special—something—any of you that have felt that you’re a part of a bigger plan and you knew that somehow you have an effect in it, this is an opportunity for you to see the difference you can make, to get you started with a success that will allow you more.

Know that I am concerned. If you don’t show up, as closely connected as you are, why would anybody else? You are needed.

All right. This is our final gathering. I will never again see you as you are. I love you, sweet souls. With whatever choice that you make, remember this: I have enjoyed working with you. And after this weekend, you will enjoy working with me, because the work of 11:11 is to break the resistance. That’s what opens the door.

Until then, sweet souls, make this week count. Make it count. Consciously put forth your ascended being-ness. Live love. You’re not alone. You have all of the help that you want. Legions beyond legions, at the door.

Work with your energy consciously. Thursday and Friday and Saturday remember to allow your energy to be working on things other than digesting a lot of hard food. Keep it as liquid as possible. Don’t be hard on yourself; don’t be judgmental. Work together; share energy as much as possible. Work to cultivate positive behavior and activity. You might consciously work on letting go of some of those things that feed your mind with negativity. That may mean camping until this weekend, eh? Come back Friday glowing. Let’s bounce.