February 2, 2003

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Ready? If you could have anything you wanted—anything, no limitations at all—if you could have anything you wanted, what would it be? Now, just answer that into your own self, your own mind, right now. All right. Anything. What would it be?

And why? Why is that what you would want? Again, just keep the thought to yourself right now. If you could have anything without any limitations, what would it be, and why is that what you want?

And now, let’s move it another step. Looking at what it is you want, and why it is you want it, how long have you wanted it? Now, that one you can answer out loud. I just want to hear a few different [answers] of you. Just call it out. Is it something you’ve wanted all your life? Something you’ve wanted the last six months, the last two minutes? What?

All my life.

S: All your life. All your life. Most of you! All your life? Anybody got anything brand new, just out of the head?

I just wanted my coat.

S: Got it off, tossed it aside. No, put it on. Cold in here already. So with the exception of “I wanted my coat, reached over and got it. I am a magician of great renown,” generally, how long have you wanted it?

It keeps transforming, I guess.

S: It keeps transforming. Are you saying essentially that it’s different versions of the same thing?


S: All right. All right. I can go with that, but keep holding on to it.

Realize, just off the top, what you want is not only something that is accessible to you, it’s not only something that you have the power to have, but it’s also something you already have. And ultimately what it is you want is a version of yourself.

Now, all of that put aside—that’s the nice airy-fairy, “everything you need you have in you” sort of thing, and you’ve had a lot of that in your life. What I want to talk to you somewhat tonight about is why it is you’re wanting it instead of enjoying it. Why don’t you have what you want? Is it because what you want is too much? Or, to look at that another way, are you too small for your big want? Or is it because you don’t deserve? Why don’t you have what you want?

Is it possible it’s not really what you want, because here comes the next piece: You have everything you want? If you don’t have it, it’s because you want something else more. So, indeed, it is true that one way to become very, very rich in this life is to want what you have. And, indeed, we’ll put that one aside in the airy-fairy corner, because it’s a very, very true statement. There’s a lot of levels that go with it. It’s not where I’m going, though.

Now, all that we have just discussed and talked about, hold on to it for a moment. All right? I’m going to move in a different direction now. [Looks at table next to him.] I feel crowded up here.

You’ve got a holiday here, what is it?


S: Good bunch of pagans. Don’t you love that answer? Here it is the middle of winter and you say to this group in the month of February, you say, “What’s the holiday here?” And do they say, “Valentine’s Day.” No, they say, “Imbolc.” Again.

It’s Groundhog Day.

S: Ground hog. That’s pork sandwiches. Ground hog. Do you know I encourage you to be vegetarians just for that reason?

Ground hog. I know, that’s Pochtuwanie.


S: Punksatonie. Punksawanny.

Whatever you want.

S: It’s that little creature that they stuff in and out on early mornings.

His name’s Phil.

S: Phil?

Punxsutawney Phil.

S: Punxsutawney Phil? I only know it because Pittsburgh gets very, very happy about, apparently, their proximity to that creature. So in workshops that are happening around the time of your Groundhog Day . . . what’s a woodchuck?

It’s the same thing.

S: Same creature? And a hedgehog, too?

No, that’s different.

S: Woodchuck. Or groundhog. I think woodchuck is better. Woodchuck sounds like a carpenter creature, don’t you think? Here’s a woodchuck. Or a chuck of wood. Ah, Kentucky, you chuck the wood. Right.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

S: Say it again.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

S: Why, Jim, that’s a wonderful question. And whatever would be the answer?

I don’t know the second verse.

S: There is more? And do several of you know this, is that it? What’s the second verse?

He’d chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

S: Say it again.

I’ll say it slower. He would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

S: Oh, you’ve got to love it, don’t you? You know, these are the sorts of things that you just don’t think about do you? It’s been a part of your own heritage for so long that you don’t think about how absolutely fantastic it is. Woodchucks.

[…] at the Source Convention.

S: No, not the last one, but, believe me, at the next one. Aye, well you want to know what they’re doing at Earth now? They’re chucking wood with the groundhogs, or they’re grinding hog with the woodchuck—something like that.

We were talking about pagans saying, “It’s Imbolc.” What’s Imbolc? Mary Claire.

It’s a cross-quarter holiday—earth holiday. It’s a fire festival, and it’s the beginnings of the stirrings of life.

S: That’s the one I’m after. Say it again.

Beginning of the stirrings of life.

S: And, of course, there are those in another part of the world that would say life has been stirring, in fact, it’s winding down right now. But for this hemisphere, for your particular culture especially—and western society and culture—you are at a place where your winter is beginning to wind down. And in those cultures that have functioned because of their work on the land and their work with the creatures—probably not groundhogs and woodchucks, but more likely lambs and calves—this is a time in which the stirring of life is felt. Now, what does the stirring of life mean? There is a great cauldron, and you dump in a bit of this and bit of that, and stir it around and you’re stirring up life.

It’s the beginning of spring.

S: The beginning of spring is one of the very best stirs of life, isn’t it? Mary Claire.

Well, if the earth is […] meaning the spring, but the earth is starting to come out of a very passive state.

S: Good.

It’s the beginning of the […] starting to move again within the earth.

S: Good. Good, good. And as the movement of the earth, or within the earth, or the life force of the earth in this area, is beginning to pick up, two amazing things begin to happen, and you cannot get away from it as hard as you might try. You can try to ignore it, but it’s going to continually come back to you. One of the first ones is you are going to begin feeling stirrings yourself—stirrings of life. And, I’ll get to that in just a moment, because if you’re not feelings stirrings of life, that’s a really bad sign. And there are just a few easy changes that can make a difference.

Along with the stirring of life there is another thing that goes on as a part of Imbolc, what’s recognized as this particular festival by the ancients, it’s also something that’s a very natural part of the process. Anybody, can you think what I might be referring to? You’re right. Do you have the nerve to mention it? I’ll give you a hint. Life stirs because of this.

Well, it’s the first milk.

S: Well, all right, all right. There’s a lot of new birth happening from this time forward, but I actually was going to the procreative force. Had to work very hard to say that right, because, you know, the way I would have said it would have been the procreative force [pronounces it “farce”], which is what most of you experience. But I was trying to make reference to the procreative force, you see. The stirring of life, the recognition of life force and the desire to be fruitful and multiply.

With creatures, it’s a time of mating in order to make a bigger herd. Why would they want to do that?


S: Survival. Absolutely. Survival. Why do humans want to do that? Also, survival, but probably a different sort than the cows and the sheep. For most of you, anyway.

Now, what does it mean when I make reference to your feeling the stirring of life? And one of the things that I said was if you’re not feeling it, that’s not a good thing. Suzanne.

I’m going to go with feeling the stirrings of creativity, something new, something being born in you, some ideas that are starting to bubble up to the surface.

S: Good. Yes! Yes! For those that are functioning from a place outside of basic security, for those that have moved one step beyond, or eighty steps beyond, for any for whom your basic physical security is not the only thing you’re worried about—and you know that in this world there are those for whom that sort of security is all they’re looking for, and that’s why you’re here—for those that are not simply looking on survival as their need, you are functioning at a place in which you are working at a slightly higher version of what life is for.

When you feel the stirring of life force, it’s a creative force, ultimately. The higher your function, your frequency, your use here, the more creative it is. And I am not saying that what that means is you are going to write a book or paint a picture, that you’re in a frenzy to go and make a quilt. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying that the creative force awakens.

How does the creative force show itself in you? There ought to be as many answers as there are you. Heidi, then Paula.

Last year I grew this beautiful passionflower, and had seed pods that I carefully saved. And yesterday I got out my little peat pots, and my little terrarium that they’ll grow in, and I started the seeds to create new plants for this year to plant in April.

S: Passion. Heidi planted passion. I really like that. So one version is that you decided that you’re going to nurture a plant, one that you enjoy its beauty; you’re going to take care of it and help it grow into something that you want. Yes, that’s a good use of creative energy.

For me, it’s spring cleaning. This makes David cringe, but I start painting rooms, I start moving furniture around, I start getting rid of things I don’t want anymore. And it’s just a kind of letting go of things and creating something different in my environment.

S: Lovely. Do many of you do that? Do you find that nesting sort of thing going on for you? That’s actually a very good sign, truly, because what you’re doing, as Paula said, is you’re opening a way for more to come into your life. Changing the furniture around so that you are no longer walking in the same habitual patterns can be a wonderful thing to open up creativity.

You are stuck in the middle of a paragraph and can’t get any further, shift your office around, because you are putting yourself into a different physical space that’s going to have an effect upon your mental space because of it. Sure.

But that part of wanting to clean it and have it fresh, new, open, is perfectly Imbolc, because it’s recognizing life force. But one step beyond that, the one you have been forgetting so very long, recognizing life force and then giving it a place in your consciousness, in your life.

Lillibeth, you had your hand up as well.

Well, I was thinking that—this is much like Paula’s—that oftentimes it’s shedding something that’s needed completion.

S: Good.

And allowing that wholeness to occur, and then it seems like all kinds of new ideas just start coming into your mind, and approaches to things maybe that you did in an old way, you have a new way of doing them. A lot of them can come in your dream state, it can come in just thoughts, all of that.

S: Very nice. Very nice. By completing what has been incomplete, doing those things that have been nagging on you, that you have been putting off, getting them over with so that you have a clean slate, once again. These are very, very helpful, because they open a door for you to be able to move on to the next best thing.

You always avoid change when you fear change, when you think you have nothing to move to. Change is a natural response of being alive. Change continually happens to you. You know you’re alive because things are still changing. It’s a grand thing, but when you stop seeking change, you have started seeking death.

Furthermore, when you are winding yourselves, flowing with, the natural expression of life through your year, as the old power days were about—you had a society that lived off the land and so the issues of the earth and the cosmos were very much a part of their spiritual system and their emotional system. And their relationships, everything that they knew and did, related in one way or another to that flow. Well, this society is quite distanced from that in many, many ways.

However, you can still take the example, because the very same energy that caused those ancient ones to say, “This is the beginning of the year. This is the time when procreative energy is out at its most full. This is the beginning of new life,” is just as transferable, translatable, for you in your life even if you don’t herd the sheep and spin the wool and plant the crops, because you have your own versions of that in your life. You herd the sheep, don’t you? And you do indeed plant many, many things. And you do have a very strong awareness of your response to life force, be it “I feel very alive. I feel very dead.”

Now, remember where we were at the very beginning of our conversation when I said, “What is it you want?” I want to apply that to Imbolc. Whatever it is you thought you wanted, if it represents for you a new beginning, you’re going to be much more likely to have it come into your life now than if it’s the same thing you have been wanting since you were two years old.

Jean said, “Well, it’s a different version of basically the same thing,” and that’s perfect. A different version works. Now, why does that work, whereas the same thing does not?

Because once you’ve had something in your life, you can only go where you know and then you can expand from there. And so you pull something to you and you see it and you understand it, and then you get more ideas from it and move on.

S: Because as you change, what you want changes. What you need changes. What you draw to you changes. Yes, indeed, absolutely. What is it you want? If there are no difficulties, if there’s nothing stopping you from having it, what is it you want?

Now, just a moment ago I said that if what you want has to do with fresh, new, an act of creation, you’re much more likely to get it. But I’m going to take that one step further now. Those things that you start in your life now, those things that have to do with your truest needs, you will have them. Promise.

That is a promise and that is a threat, because if you are not capable of having what you want, if you’re still stuck in “should not, could not, not worth it, not good enough, it’s too much, I’m too little,” and you get it, it’s going to continue a cycle that’s very, very dangerous for you in your life. It’s going to continue a cycle that is spiritual suicide, because it sets up a situation in which you get to have guilt, and guilt creates anger, and anger establishes distance, separation. Separation creates more guilt, but this time it’s a guilt that’s outward instead of the guilt that’s inward. That establishes more anger. This time it’s the anger that’s outward instead of inward, and by the time you have both your total inner world and your total outer world estranged from you. It’s time to break that cycle.

This month of Imbolc is also the month in which there is a celebration of . . . oh, probably ten different versions of a story that has to do with nothing about Saint Valentine. Nothing. But the idea coming out of that is it becomes a day of love. When I asked you, at the very beginning when I asked you, “What is it you want more than anything. If there were no limitations, what would it be?” I would say to you that in one way or another, that is what your answer was about. In one way or another, even if your answer was “I want a new job,” it had to do with love.

If you can take just a moment and put that together, how is it what you want is love? How do you filter it down to that common denominator that is love? Perhaps for some of you it is very obvious that that’s what it was, it’s love. Maybe what you wanted was a relationship. You want to get married this year. You want to find yourself in a committed relationship that satisfies you mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally—all at the highest levels. Get a dog.

Aye now, you think I’m kidding and I’m not. A cat works. It’s different though. You want to learn how to give love, get a cat. If you need to learn how to receive love, get a dog. It is true. And those tend to be the two reasons why you don’t have it in your life. You don’t know how to give it or you don’t know how to receive it.

Now, that’s really not where I’m going tonight, but I will hit a bit more on it here and there. What I said was, everything boils down to, in one way or another, love as being what you want, and the reason that I say that, looking across this audience, I say that so confidently, even though in your head it was, “I want a new car.” I say that because it’s the only thing that fills you.

Anything in your life that does not bring to you a greater awareness of love—be it your loving nature, the loving nature of somebody else, your awareness of beauty, which is a function of love, your willingness to encourage life and life force, which is a function of love, because love is the only thing that fills you. But the love which fills you is not necessarily the love that brings to you the fulfillment of that procreative desire that Imbolc tends to bring about.

Did I say that nicely? Do you think that got the point across still? It’s understood what I was saying there? Many different forms of love.

And now to say something I hope not very surprising at all, but rather blunt: right now, more than ever before, what your world needs is for you to be in love. More than ever before, what your world needs is for you to be in love. And in order for you to be in love, there are a few things that need to happen.

The first one is your creativity needs to be expanded. Unfortunately, the energy of this time right now is that of a wellspring of creative energy of all sorts. It’s raining outside. Every raindrop is a different version of creative life force. Pick one. Every breath you take fills you with it. Your creative doorways need—I try not to use imperatives much; this is one of those times to do it—your creative forces need to be stirred.

Do you know that your spiritual connection is a creative connection? The creative force of Source itself is a part of your heritage. That which Source is expressed to—down the line—eventually ends up as you. That is creative. Creative energy gives birth to wisdom. It’s not the other way around. Source creates wisdom.

So for you to experience love in your life, to get what it is you truly want, which is in one way or another love, the very first thing that you need to do in your life is open your creative doorway. And there are many ways that you can do that, many ways that you can do that which will work well to grease the pump. And I think that’s a workable illustration there.

Prime the pump.

S: Prime the pump. All right, that too. Grease the wheel?


S: All right, once upon a time you had the Wizard of Oz story, all of that, and you had the tin man. And you squirted him to make him work again. Was that priming?

No. that was oiling.

Oil the joints.

S: Oil is grease, yes? So that’s grease it. That’s the one I meant. I meant grease the pump so more comes out. Close enough. It’s close enough. It fits very well with, “Don’t bother opening the barn door, because the milk is already under the bridge.” Right? It’s your language!

All right, where were we going before we greased the pump? Your creative experience of any type—now give me a few creative experiences, such as . . .

Well, I think a real pure expression of creativity is to see a solution to something.

S: You’re right, that’s a very creative work.

Sometimes when something is going on, I think, “Oh, I can make this better. I can use something and change this and make it better, whether it be a system or whether it be just in that moment, a process of something—switching gears and trying something different.

S: And in that sense, Paula’s recognition that wanting to clean up and clean out is an act of creation, yes, indeed it is.

Seeing the possibility for change is a healer’s work. That’s what a healer does, isn’t it? They see potential; they see what wholeness would look like. When that healer’s energy, when the creative flow of it, is stopped and they don’t see the wholeness, they see the problem—in your life, your focus on what’s not working, your focus on what’s negative and wrong, is keeping you from love, from having what you want, from being a part of a creative flow that brings to you what you want. So creativity is enhanced with possibility, and one of the greatest expressions of creativity—the power of creativity, the power of Source through creative force—is a healer. And absolutely one of the things your world needs very much of right now is healing.

And when I say healer, there have been times in the history of your world in which, in order for spiritual power to be announced through the creative sense, that healing was to reach out and put a hand on that which was broken and take the hand away and have that which is fixed. But in your world right now, that’s not the answer.

Oh, wait a minute, Samuel, I know a whole lot of people that could use that, could really need it. Why do I say that, right now in your world, that’s not the one that works?

Because it’s not empowering. It puts the power outside of the person […].

S: That’s very true. That’s very true and very good. When I can do my magic on you, you don’t learn how to do the magic yourself. Yes, that’s true. Yes.

There is emotional and psychological healing, healing of our perspective and our . . .

S: You’re one step ahead of me. Janet.

I was going to say it’s not the physical healing that’s needed right now as much as it is the healing of the beliefs that aren’t working.

S: Very true. The two of you should sit together, because you are both one step ahead of me. That’s right.

Not only does healing if I do it to you disempower you, but right now in this world, you can explain away anything. You can not-believe anything. You putting your hands on your friend and making that headache go away is not a miracle. It’s nice. It’s handy. Keep you around.

But as both Steven and Janet said, those aren’t the pains that are the hardest to take care of. The one that is hardest to take care of is why what healers are doing now is so important. What healers are doing now is to move off of what Suzanne said, they are teaching others how to empower themselves. They are working with beliefs, with the emotional self, with the mental self.

Your mind stops you from experiencing love, the creative force. Although I would never ask you to talk about your patients, I will say to those of you in here who work in that sort of counseling position, would you say that the work that you have to do now—working with those who have needs in this world—that working with the mind, the emotions and with the belief structure is more of an answer than simply healing the disease? It’s so important: Physician, heal thyself. Don’t forget that.

Creativity opens the door, and I said just a moment ago, creativity opens the door to wisdom. And healing of the mind, of the beliefs, of the programming, the brainwashing, those things that have convinced you that you are not enough, can’t have, should not do, those are the things that need healing. Those are the things that are keeping you from wisdom. Those are the things that are keeping you from love. And that sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Let me keep going. The other aspect of life force at this time, the recognition of love, the desire to create, to make new, the recognition of love, as in establishing a relationship that brings to one form or another of procreation. If you were a sheep, it would be making baby sheeps, just so you get my point. All right.

And that leads to, “Yes, Samuel, that is the kind of love that I was saying I wanted in my life, and why is it that that’s not there?” Well there’s a couple of reasons. And the answers to them are pretty much what we’ve already discussed, and that is being open to creativity, that is establishing a point of healing in your life—particularly of the mind, the emotions, and the beliefs.

But let’s talk, for a moment, about love that expresses itself through relationships with others. When I am talking about life force energy, as I have thus far tonight, and I talk about what you need to do to bring love into your life, it’s very easy, being the beings of spirit and love that you are, to immediately recognize that the love that I need in my life is love for myself. So let’s go ahead and put that down there, all right? That’s the foundation for it all: love yourself. Let’s get that over with. Love yourself. All right? It’s worth it. Do that. It’s a good thing to do. Love yourself.

But one of the ways that you convince yourself that you are worth loving is when there are others who love you. That’s sick. That’s sad. That’s the way it works. It is. All of those, isn’t it? You judge yourself by your relationships. You think of yourself as not enough, because somebody else’s free will could not be lassoed in and controlled by you. “Well, Samuel, I did not quite think of it that way. I thought I was just left for somebody younger, richer.” Whatever.

You judge yourself by your relationships, and because you do that, let’s just put aside the nice spiritual talk that says you know you really need to love yourself first. Let’s talk about those relationships for a moment, so that that’s not an excuse any more.

I said earlier, you really do have what you want, and that’s really quite an awful thing to tell somebody who’s unhappy. Kind of cruel, maybe. But actually that’s the way manifestation works in this world. The fact is, it might be that you don’t want to think of yourself as somebody who wants a kick in the behind, but because that’s what you’re getting, you need to take a look at why it is you want that. What you’re going to come around to with that is a realization—back to the beginning of where we were going—that there are parts of you that do not believe you deserve the happiness and the joy and the goodness, that believes you should have the kick in the behind or the pat on the back, or whatever it is that you’re getting in your life. You enjoy to get more. That’s the foundation of all manifestation on this world. You get more of what you enjoy. That should be very frightening to those of you who feel like you are getting a whole lot of really reeking stuff in your life. Why is it you enjoy that?

Earlier I said, in different words, that there are essentially two types of people here: those who are working on security for their physical nature. That means needing to have your physical body secure. Don’t run off into the woods in the dark lest the boogie bears get you. Don’t chase the lion, because it might eat you and you will be dead. The mental self, your view of yourself. A person in a security mode does everything they can to establish themselves as a factor of strength and power and control in their world. The problem with that, of course, is that that will keep you from relationships with others, because you are working so hard to establish yourself as a function of strength and control that you’re no fun to be with. It is real sad.

You, on an emotional level, on a mental level, can play some of those games of “I am spending all of my time learning who I am and getting what I want and doing what works for me,” and sort of like a child, there comes a point where you’re finished with the first-grade primer, and it’s time now to go to second grade. But some people get so much fun out of learning to manipulate themselves and those around them that they never move out of the first level, the child version, the terroristic two-year-old. Those of you who are parents know what I’m referring to there: the child that’s learning to function in the world, and everything has to do with that child. There’s a lot of adults like that, isn’t there? And it’s because they’re not secure in their mental and emotional selves. They’re still functioning on taking care [of] their daily survival.

How do you get out of that? Well, obviously, the answer is, you stop caring about yourself, right? Which? You are very on tonight, my love.

[…] including wisdom.

S: Pouring all over you, thank you very much.

We’ll see if you think this is wise. I think it’s . . .

S: I do, love.

Thank you. You don’t need to. You don’t stop caring about yourself. You just expand that caring to include others.

S: Perfect. But you can’t do that when everything you are about is securing yourself in this world, [when] you only see others for what they give you, do for you, make for you. And as long as you do that, you’re not going to be in a satisfactory relationship, whether that relationship is parent-child, lovers, coworkers. As long as your focus is on one, be that one yourself or be that one totally the other, it won’t work. And that is where Imbolc in 5:3:2 comes in; that’s where a magnificent year of manifestation comes in; that’s where getting what you want comes in.

Right now, if you are like most people in your culture, you grew up knowing that you needed to take care of yourself first, and then you look to others. Some people grew up knowing that if they took care of others they would be all right, and that’s a whole other line of special counseling studies. And you know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

But the answer now, the answer to love, to bringing into life what you want, the answer to everything that I’ve been playing with up until this point, the big “here is what you’re here for,” when you’re at that place in which it’s not only you or only that person, but seeking—and that’s the key word there, I did not say having, I said seeking—what happens when two come together—you have a word for that, when two individuals become one? I’m not looking for marriage. Synergy. Separate things come together and create something new; that is the key. It’s not just what you want, but it’s how what you want works with what the other wants, and you key into a vital human trick—which is a lot better than stupid human tricks—the vital human trick that shows itself up as reciprocity that actually works with the cosmic principle of attraction and repulsion. Here it’s reciprocity.

I give to D.C. because I want to, because I love seeing her smile, because she fills my heart with joy. I want to give to her. I want to give to her, because what she does makes me happy so I want her to keep doing what she does, because it makes me happy. That really works. I give—whatever it is that I’m giving—not only because of me.

Seek that which brings wholeness to both and you have guaranteed the establishment of it. Seek that which creates in both love, in whatever version of the label you need to use.

Have you been in a relationship before in which it was wonderful, it was so much fun when you started? You did so much; it was just really delightful. You were very creative. You wrote really sticky poetry, and you saw beauty in every sunset, and you just loved life so much. It was so good. But as the relationship kept going, and you sort of began falling into routines that sort of became ruts, pretty soon you started thinking, “I have no idea what they want. I have no idea what they want of me. They have no idea what I want.” Because you’ve stopped looking for what brings love into their life, because that brings more love into your life. And if you would like one quick test to know where you are in a relationship like that, [say,] “Do I love more because of this?” Are you better because of this?

Sometimes “better” means this is a hard part right now, but I’m finding myself experiencing more compassion. And that’s a lot different than that child you were who was, “this is a hard time right now and I’m just sick of it! I can’t take it any more. I’m out of here.”

You’re only having a relationship with yourself when all you care about is how you’re doing. You are experiencing love when what you care about is how the other is doing because it makes you do better, too.

And in this world right now, that energy so incredibly needs to be put into the world. This is Imbolc, a time in which the switch for creative life force is turned on and into your life. Seeking creativity opens doors for wholeness and healing. Creativity, in any form, will open the door. Now, if all you do is sit in your room and paint, eventually you will start painting your inner landscape, and eventually you will start seeing things about yourself, and I hope you live long enough to do it all there in your little room. Eventually, it will come. It’s a lot faster when you open your door and step out into the world and you are able to move that creative process into relationships, and when you move it into relationships, to reach step one: it’s all about me, you make me happy; step two: it’s all about you, you make me happy.

You’re not awake enough. Do I need to do that again? Step one: it’s all about me, make me happy; step two: it’s all about you, you make me happy. All right. Get the tape. It will make sense later. Step three: when I am happy and you are happy, something incredible happens. Let’s go for that all the time, at work.

Now, the way what makes me happy, what makes you happy, what happens when the two of us are happy together, is a bit different there than it is with your sexual partner, isn’t it? Some of you might have to think back a ways to answer that. “I think that’s true. I don’t really remember.” But essentially different, right? But keep your focus on what’s needed to be happy.

Love is a healing function. Creativity opens the door for the fulfillment of love in your life, and ultimately love in your life is what is going to bring you everything you want, mainly because it is everything you need.

The way that you create something new is going to show you what makes you happy in this world.

“Hold up, Samuel! What was that one?”

In your relationships with others you will begin to notice, if you give yourself a chance, that there is a pattern behind what seems to work in any different sort of relationship. There seems to be a pattern. These are the things that work for unity in your life. When you see that pattern, you’re going to be able to see what it is those things that you could be doing, should be doing, would be doing, those things that serve you, that allow your talents and your gifts to be expressed. They are the way that you serve yourself and others in the world.

Can anybody give me an example of something? What is it? What’s one principle only, perhaps, that you realize when the flow is really going in this work situation, it’s really the same things that I’m doing in this marriage that I’m in? What might something like that be?

Having gratitude and thankfulness for the person, and they in turn have that for you.

S: Yes. That goes to the reciprocity, doesn’t it? You give it, you get it back. You realize that one of the signals, one of the things is, an attitude . . . oh gosh, almost went there. Say it.

Attitude of gratitude.

S: Yes, it works. All right. You never know what’s floating around in here. Sometimes they just pop out. Greasing the pump worked earlier. Attitude for gratitude; well, all right.

When you realize that gratitude is one of those things that brings more into your life, that allows you to recognize that you are a more loving, a more whole, person, then you can put that into work in your life to make other relationships and other activities easier, better, softer.

But what I’m going for is more along the lines of, you find that pretty much what really helps calm things when they’re getting difficult is taking a total break, getting out of the space together. Not walking out on your own, but just going out together. “Let’s go take a walk around the block. Let’s go a weekend away, and just not think about these things. Let’s get out into nature.” Now, there’s a whole lot of other things that could be the pattern. I’m just using that one because it’s easy and because there’s several of you in here for whom that becomes the way that you re-evaluate what’s going on, and get yourself in a better connection.

How can that show up in your life, to use your gifts, to use your abilities to the very best? How is it that something like that can show you what you should be doing? Well, one of the things it will tell is that locking yourself up in a skyscraper—five stories, or fifty, or five hundred, it doesn’t matter—locking yourself up in a building and putting yourself in a box with wheels surrounded by other boxes with wheels to get you from that building to your house, and then locking yourself in the house with a box with people in it for hours is not going to serve you. You know that, and you’re able to start making changes; you put into the relationship, “once a month let’s get away.”

Louise, you hike all the time. You pack up and you go hike, yes?


S: And it feeds you.


S: And you get in touch with people. You say, “Jean, let’s go hike.” And it makes the relationship stronger, because it’s something that feeds you, because it’s a place where you’re doing well. Well, all right, what are the landscapes of your pleasure? What are the things that you do that fill you up and make you creative and wise and healed? And when you are in a relationship, how can you translate that into that relationship, so that instead of there being one and one, you have three instead of two. Or you have one that has become more than one, because that’s love, that’s the truest love. Love that takes what is beyond to what could be.

I’ve got an example of that.

S: Good.

I like to knit, and there are a lot of people in here, too, who like to knit. And it’s a solitary occupation, I mean you just do it. But a group of us got together a few weeks ago, and decided to do it together. And we had a wonderful time.

S: Yes.

We talked, we giggled, we laughed, we shared knitting patterns, we oohed and ahed over each other’s projects, and I can’t wait to get together again. And more people are starting to get interested, and that energy is starting to grow—it adds.

S: And that is so beautifully a perfect . . . you’re doing something that’s good for you, and it’s good for the others, and you’re enjoying what comes out because of that. It’s something you need; it’s something they need; something stronger comes out of that. You’re lonely when you knit, you like to knit, though, so you ask somebody if they want to knit with you, and you knit a friendship.

You are, right now, for the next ten or twelve days, you are standing on the edge of a cliff. The potential right now is what you have been waiting for for a very long time. Creative acts of love will open the doors that you are needing to be whole and fulfilled and to give this world the right work of love, the right understanding of power that it needs, because what you do sort of falls into the gene pool. [He points to two people named Jean sitting together.] And that’s the Jean pool right there. Aye, aye, aye, aye.

In your life you have never looked into the face of greater potential than what you are looking at right now. And I don’t mean this one, I mean in your world, the energy right now.

A lot of you feel it. A lot of you know it. Some of you recognize it because it’s a longing for love. Turn it around a step, expand it a bit. Creativity opens these doorways. Creativity plus love equals unity. Unity back to love creates, indeed, something brand new. It’s time for you to have brand new, because brand old wasn’t working, not enough.

This is a time of recreation, of letting go of the old that does not work, of cleaning out the cobwebs of old thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you, of opening your heart. This is an incredible time. It really is a time of planetary transformation. And there is a big sign on the door to planetary transformation that says, “Keep up or keep out.” Open that door. Choose love. ‘Tis the season.

Glochanumora. Happy, love-filled experiences of joy and growth and delight, because what you are—no, let me change that—because what you know you are, what you are willing to be, is what you get. Happy trails.